The House of Troy Home Page:

(Wherever I go and whenever I roam, I come back to find there's no place like home.)

WELCOME! Welcome to my humble home–my place where I have lived alone.
My space inside my little mind, I hope you will not find unkind.
My door is open. Please come in. Perhaps we can begin again
To drive the Darkness from our lives–to end the heartache and the lies
That bind us in our lonely gloom–that cast us in our separate rooms.
To come together in the Light, I hope we may. I hope we might
Escape from this oppressive night–replace our blindness with our sight.
Truth’s a Light to show the way. Truth is what we need today.
Truth’s a Word I hope to say. I think I might. I think I may.
Thoughts can wound and thoughts can heal. Thoughts can change the way we feel.
What we think is what we do. Thoughts can stop bad habits too.
So come to visit. Come to stay. Come to wipe your tears away.
Come to cut the lies that bind. And stay if it’s the Truth you find.

When a song is a "psalm" and peace, "sallam,"
Seek and find your answers at the house of Troy dot calm.

("Good-News Paper, Mister?" "Cheap!?")

Attn. Web-Masters all the World-Wide, whether from this, that or the other side: As the forces of Evil, Darkness and Deceit are everywhere raging against Truth and warring against Light, feel free therefore, if you damn-well please, to re-produce or to "mirror" this site.