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Table of Contents:

TWIN PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS, BOTH POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC/MONETARY:.................................................................................... 1

Part II: The Economic or Monetary Problem, (and a Suggested Solution)......................................................................................................... 1

I.) Introduction:.......................................................................................... 4

A.) Preface.................................................................................................................... 4

B.) What is “Taxation”?............................................................................................... 9

C.) The (old-fashioned) “Sheriff’s Sale”.................................................................... 12

D.) The two Kinds of Money...................................................................................... 15

II.) The Monetary Problem in Detail:.......................................................... 22

A.) Power Dictates (what’s what).............................................................................. 23

B.) The Monetary Crown or King (Council, Committee, “Soviet” or Corporate “Board”)…............................................................................................................................ 25

1.) The four Historic Steps to the Devil’s Monetary Throne................................ 28

a.) Beauty Verses the Monetary Beast.............................................................. 29

C.) “The borrower is servant to the lender.”–(Proverbs 22:7)................................. 31

D.) Debt- vs. Debt-Free Token Money?................................................................... 36

1.) One-Time only, or Countless and Perpetual Monetary Thefts?.................... 39

E.) The Satanic “Justification” or self-Deification of the Devil’s “Royal” or “Central” Devotees............................................................................................................................. 41

F.) (The Debt-Token Monopoly-Money Trap, and the National Gentile Traitors Who Make It Work for their SuperNational Money-Masters)........................................... 42

III.) Honest Gentile Token Money vs. “jewish” Debt-Token Theft-Money...... 49

A.) Honest Token Money.......................................................................................... 50

1.) …and its ever-Vulnerable (Inflatable) “Achilles’ Heel”................................... 51

B.) …vs. “jewish” Debt-Token, Trap- and Theft-Money......................................... 53

1.) The Impossibility of Repayment....................................................................... 58

a.) An Illustration................................................................................................. 59

2.) The Intrinsic and Characteristic Instability of All Debt-Token Money.......... 64

3.) The Unpayable Debt, the Annual Deficit and the Infinitesimal Currency-to-Debt Ratio........................................................................................................................ 66

IV.) Beware the Satanic “jew’s” Debt-Token Money Trap: The “jewish” “Central” (and “Commercial”) Banks Verses the Gentile “Savings & Loans”.......... 72

A.) The “jewish” “Abominations of Desolation” called “Central Banks”................ 78

B.) The “Legal Tender” of the “Central” (and Supernational) “jewish” Banksters........................................................................................................................................... 100

C.) The “Central” Banksters’ Tyrannical, Wolfish Face ever-Lurking under their “Democratic” Shepherd Mask......................................................................................... 101

1.) Protocols of “jewish” Misdirection and Political/Economic Benightenment (of Gentiles)......................................................................................................................... 103

D.) The Presidential Traitors, the “jewish” “Central” Banksters and Satan’s Anti-Christ, SuperNazi, Sinagogic “Beast” and Its Monopoly-Money “Mark”....................... 105

1.) The Gentile Puppet-Gov’t’s “Bonds” Dutifully Surrendered to, Held, and Sold at Will by the “jewish” “Central Bank”.......................................................................... 108

V.) And the “jewish” “Commercial” Bank(s)............................................... 110

A.) The Fraudulent Origin of “Fractional Reserve” Lending/Banking................. 111

1.) “Red Symphony (X-Ray of Revolution)”......................................................... 114

2.) On the Folly of Crediting “jewish” Falsehood and Fraud............................. 116

3.) Distinguishing “Central Bank” Debt-Tokens from “Commercial Bank” “Credit-Money”.............................................................................................................. 125

a.) The “Commercial” Bank “Credit-Money” Fraud, Scam, Theft.................. 128

B.) How the Corporate Crown Controls and Manipulates Its “Royal” or Monopoly Supply of Debt-Tokens: (Let us Count the Ways).......................................................... 131

VI.) (The “jewish” “Central” and “Commercial” Banks(ters) Verses the Gentile “Savings & Loans”........................................................................................... 133

A.) …with “Checking” Accounts?........................................................................... 135

B.) …and Usury?..................................................................................................... 136

VII.) “jew”-Money Manipulation: the “jewish” “Boom and Bust” “Business Cycles”........................................................................................................... 137

A.) Monetary Manipulation: “Inflation” and “Deflation”........................................ 138

B.) Barter-Town Is To Be Found Within Every Money-Desert Round................. 138

C.) The Cyclical “jewish” “Booms” and “Busts”..................................................... 140

D.) Predatory Monetary Speculation via Monopoly-Money: the Ultimate Speculative Tool............................................................................................................... 140

1.) Speculative Tricks: Cornering, Hoarding and Dumping.............................. 143

a.) Economic Sabotage via Official Price-Limits or “Ceilings”......................... 145

b.) And “Officially” Creating a “Legal” Scarcity................................................ 146

E.) Money: the Speculator’s Ultimate Commodity, Tool and Weapon in his Cyclical War against his “Boomed and Busted” Public............................................................... 146

1.) Phase One: the (“Inflationary” Monetary) “Boom”........................................ 148

2.) Phase Two: the (“Deflationary” Monetary) “Bust”......................................... 151

3.) The Repetitive, Speculative, Predatory “jewish” “Business” Cycle............. 155

a.) The Monetary-Tide is (by its Monetary Sun or Moon) Turned again (from Low to High)................................................................................................................ 157

b.) The Monetary-Tide (by its Majestic Monetary Moon) is again Turned again (from High to Low)....................................................................................................... 161

c.) High (Money-)Tide, Low Tide, High Tide, Low Tide, “Booms” and “Busts” and on and on until Someone stops this Endless, “jewish,” Predatory or “Speculative” “Business Cycle”................................................................................. 165

i.) The “Central” Crown’s “Elastic” yet Elusive Money Supply–(whenever in hell you need it most?)........................................................................................ 168

VIII.) The Supply and Demand of Money................................................... 169

A.) Monetary Volatility or Stability?........................................................................ 174

B.) Our Monetary Choices...................................................................................... 176

IX.) Monetary Instructions from U.S. presidents Lincoln, Jackson and Jefferson......................................................................................................... 177

A.) Jackson.............................................................................................................. 179

B.) Lincoln............................................................................................................... 181

C.) On “Honest” Abe & Lord Adolf’s Shining but short-lived “Cities on a Hill”... 185

D.) On Uncle Satan’s (or “jewish”-Amerika’s) Presidential Whores and National Traitors.............................................................................................................................. 191

X.) And the Monetary Solution ( ?)............................................................ 192

A.) The Honest Coin of the County Realm............................................................ 197

1.) …Is Never a Debt-Token............................................................................... 197

2.) …And hence is Never Lent, but simply either Given or Spent (into Circulation).................................................................................................................... 198

3.) But how Many Debt-Free Tokens per County Resident?............................ 199

a.) A Commodity Standard of Token Value?................................................... 202

4.) …And Never a Monopoly Coin of the County Realm................................... 203

a.) Money as a Governmental Monopoly? (Well-Intentioned Quotes from the American Past)............................................................................................................ 213

B.) How to Discourage or Prevent, Slow down or even Stop Monetary Treason, Token-“Inflation” or Counterfeiture by the (County) Gov’t............................................ 216

1.) Serially Numbered Tokens?........................................................................... 218

C.) And the Modest Tax of the County Realm: The Fair, Modest and “Equitable” County-Tax (of Our Modest and Slender Gov’t)............................................................. 219

1.) On Minimizing “your” Government’s Tax-“Bite” out of You and Yours, out of your Productivity and Willingness to Work.................................................................. 221

2.) The Mosaic “tithe”........................................................................................... 223

3.) And Unofficial Argument against any Official (Gov’t) Monopoly................... 225

4.) Lower Money Costs = Higher Annual Citizen-Profits = Higher Annual Profit-Tax Revenues................................................................................................................ 228

5.) Businessmen as Taxmen? Should Businessmen be Compelled to Collect Taxes for the Treasury as a Condition, Price or Cost of (the Privilege of) Doing Business within the County?........................................................................................ 230

6.) Against State Lotteries (or Gov’t Gambling Houses)..................................... 232

XI.) Summation/Recapitulation................................................................ 233

XII.) Conclusion....................................................................................... 238


*  *  *  *  *

…The two Kinds of Money (I,D; p.15)

The complete Title of this Chapter is: The two Kinds of Money: “Specie” (Gold and Silver Coin) and “Fiat” (or “Token”); and the two Kinds of Tokens: “Debt” and “non-Debt”; (and if you must choose one, choose the latter only)

Know (if you will) that “depression” (i.e. scarcity of money) is a deliberate crime of economic sabotage, intended to seize all the bank-mortgaged property (i.e. “collateral”) of all the debtors or borrowers. Think of a machine. If the oil therein is withdrawn, the machine naturally and inevitably grinds to a halt–either gradually or immediately–depending on how rapidly the oil (or money) is taken out of the machine (or marketplace, or “economy”).

Without sufficient money to make exchanges, exchanges simply cannot be made. Thus folks are reduced to barter or bartering–to trading (not money but) things (or services) for things (or services). Therefore each has to find customers who make what he needs and who need what he makes. And since this is not so easy to do, and takes up so much time and effort (formerly used to produce things), productive inactivity or economic stagnation are naturally and unavoidably a resultant part of a “barter economy.” Fewer things are made, and fewer services are traded in a barter (or non-money) system, marketplace or “economy.”

So “money” or a medium of exchange is a necessity–otherwise we are reduced to barter, and hence stagnation (of activity, production and trade). But what kind of money? That is the question.

(“What? There are kinds of money”?)

Yes, and the best kind of money is called “kind” or “specie.” (Recall in Moses’ myth or story of the flood, Noah gathered up two of every species or “kind,” one male and one female?) “Specie” is gold or silver coin. (One naturally prefers to be paid in “kind” or “specie.”)

Etymologically speaking, “specie” is from the Roman verb, “spectare,” “to see.” And so, by the light of our eyes, we see distinguish or discriminate between the various kinds of worldly things. And by the light of our minds, we see or notice the vast chasm or difference between the worthy and the worthless, or between precious metals and paper. And so whenever we have a choice, we naturally prefer the former and reject or eschew the latter. I.E. whenever and wherever “specie” (gold or silver coin) yet circulates, and paper-“money” is not yet “fiat” (“commanded,” coercive or imposed “legal tender [i.e. money–Ed.] for all debts [i.e. payments–Ed.] ”), one naturally prefers real value to false, gold to paper, “specie” to “fiat.”

For (unlike cheap metal or paper-“money”) “specie” has inherent or intrinsic value. And unlike paper-“money,” one simply cannot create infinite amounts of “specie” via a printing press–(nor within an “alchemist’s” cauldron). And that’s a good thing, and an effective check upon “monetary inflation,” and its consequent (monetary) worthlessness or “devaluation”–due to the natural law of supply and demand–(i.e. of over-supply, and hence lesser-demand). Don’t you think?

And don’t be fooled nor cheated, as only the fool can be (cheated)–(as in every other “confidence game”). The fool’s foolishness is necessary for the cheat to cheat him. (Otherwise the cheat must thieve, rob or leave him be secure within his property.) And many is the cheat who instructs or encourages the fool within his foolishness. For a fool and his specie are soon parted.

 Know then that paper is not gold–never was, never shall be. And so naturally “paper-gold” (paper-promises to pay gold) has cheated many a man out of his gold. For “paper-gold” can be printed in piles reaching up to the sky. But gold cannot. And one gold piece in the hand can be worth a thousand or more pieces of “paper-gold.” And besides, gold never tears nor burns to ash. It merely melts. Gold is indestructible, incorruptible, rustless, eternal, and hence trustworthy. (Do you know anything or anyone like that, dear reader?)

Wise men have always preferred gold (and silver) because they are the closest things on earth to the eternal–the most lasting earthly things–and hence most trustworthy. They don’t even rust. And hence they are “precious metals.” And so that’s exactly what every man wants–a thing of value to last forever, one that shall never burn nor rust nor shrink, (though thieves may indeed break in and steal–Matt. 6:19-21), so that when he wants to trade his eternal coins for whatever he wants (to buy with them), they are every bit as valuable as the day he traded his produce or his services, (or his blood and sweat and tears) for them. Do you, dear reader, know anyone like that self-provident man?

*  *  *  *  *

And so golden and/or silver coins are by far the best money of all. And so I must ask you, dear reader, do you have sufficient gold and/or silver for us to make enough coins for all the citizens (within our little kingdom, city-state or county, which we have carved and wrested from God’s god earth) to make all the exchanges or trades we could ever possibly desire to make, and hence to never again be reduced to barter–even if we all worked and produced most all the time, and every day?

Me neither. What then? Then we simply can’t employ the very best “kind” of money, “specie,” simply because we don’t have any, or not nearly enough. Should we then go back to barter, stagnation and despair?

Hell no! What then? Perhaps with a little common sense, common knowledge and vigilance we can successfully, profitably and prosperously use another kind of money.

(“What other ‘kinds’ of money are there, then.”)

There’s really only one other kind of money–other than the kind (“specie”) that has internal and eternal value within itself. And that is the kind of money that doesn’t–the kind that you (being an sensible fellow, and nobody’s fool) have to be commanded, forced, or coerced into taking or accepting as payment for you genuine values–(again, because it has no real or internal value within itself). And this money takes its name from the coercion which it essentially and intrinsically is, and by which it is (unwillingly) “accepted.” And hence this other kind of “money” is appropriately called “command” or “fiat.” (For “fiat” is Roman for “command”; specifically the imperious command, “let it be done, or made.”)

*  *  *  *  *

But I must here insist there are two kinds of “command” money–of money which you, me and we might, may or must be commanded, coerced or forced to accept or take (in exchange for our truly valuable products and services). And the difference between these two “fiat” moneys makes all the difference in the world. For one kind possibly leads upwards. But the other most certainly and necessarily and intrinsically leads downwards. And which kind of “fiat” money, dear reader, do you think this whole Satan- and “jew”-damned world has been “commanded” to take, accept, use?

Let me, dear reader, here exchange the word “token” for the word “fiat” (money). This is not a trick. For “token” (like “fiat”) by its very name (if not its face also) proclaims its utter worthlessness. And yet again, one of the two kinds of token or fiat money might possibly be useful, profitable, beneficial.

(“OK, so what are the two kinds of ‘token’ or ‘fiat’ money?–one of which may be good, but the other of which must be evil?”)

The possibly good token-money is not lent or borrowed into existence, but the certainly evil token-money is. The former is therefore a “debt-free token-money,” and the latter a “debt-token-money.” And the former may lead up. But the latter must lead down.

Just think about it: If the money (unlike gold or silver “specie”) has no real value (being mere paper, plastic, wood, worthless metal or what-have-you?), then who but a crazy, foolish or terrorized citizenry would borrow such a worthless “token” or “fiat” money into existence?–instead of simply creating their own token-money for free?–or the tiny cost of producing these tokens?

*  *  *  *  *

Considering those wooden, plastic or metal gambling tokens or “chips” use by gambling houses or “casinos”: Are they not valued or “worth” far more than they cost to produce? Is their “face value” not far higher than their intrinsic or true value, and therefore false? And so only an enormously foolish casino owner would buy or borrow his tokens at their “face value” (their nominal, imaginary, conventional, commanded, dictated or decreed worth or price) rather than simply making them himself (or having them made) for next-to-nothing. For there is a great gulf or difference between the “face-value” of the token and its cost to make or manufacture, and hence its true worth or value. The gambling-house owner or manager doesn’t pay the manufacturer of his gambling tokens the “face value” of those tokens. Instead he commands him what “face values” to stamp or print upon those tokens which he orders and buys from him. And he pays only the cost of their manufacture–of their “raw” material (e.g. cheap or common metal, plastic, wood, paper, etc.), the requisite machinery, labor, etc.–plus sufficient profit besides or atop all the manufacturer’s costs to attract or “interest” him in making or manufacturing such tokens.

What a great profit, steal and theft (or robbery) it would be for their maker to receive, charge or extort the “face value” of such intrinsically worthless tokens! It would again be as great a steal or robbery as the difference between their “face value” and their cost of production or creation! And yet some “central” monetary crooks get that much “profit” (or rather extortion), and yet much more besides or atop! For they coercively or monopolistically lend their tokens to their monetary victims, and are therefore paid their “face value” not only once, but again and again and again (in “principal” and “interest” payments) for as long as the debt-tokens are used! (Bummer!) For such is “debt-token, monopoly-money”! And such is “fiat,” or the kind of money which its subjects (or rather its maker’s subjects–i.e. you and I) are officially commanded or “legally” compelled to accept and use–and at its “face-value”–i.e. at its full, nominal, fictional or imaginary, political or “legal” “price” or “value”–at its officially dictated or governmentally commanded “worth”–as set by its creators (the “central” banksters) by their chosen “interest” rates and by their chosen debt-token amount, volume or number in public circulation at any and all times.

Now imagine the citizenry or the public to be that casino owner or manager: Why then should they foolishly (indeed self-ruinously) borrow their tokens of exchange (their “money”) into existence when (if only they were politically, economically or  monetarily free) they could just as easily make or create their very own tokens (or have them made) for darn-near next to nothing?–and henceforth own no one (no “royal” monetary lord nor “central” master) neither “principal” nor “interest” for their long-term public use–i.e. for the public’s use, usage or “usury” of their debtless or debt-free token-money? And yet (via treacherous “representatives” and/or traitorous “public” officials) the citizenry do indeed borrow their tokens (thus monetarily/politically damning themselves and their descendants under mounds of unpayable debt) instead of simply making or creating their very own token money! And thus do the public employ a “debt-token money,” when all the while (if only they were free to do so) they could have made and used a “debtless” or “debt-free-token money”–and hence have paid or owed next-to-nothing for the like of all those money-tokens which they are presently forced to accept and use within their town and country, city and county–no more than casino owners have ever owed or paid “face value” for the gambling chips or tokens which they presently, as formerly, employ as table money within their dodgy establishments!

*  *  *  *  *

But why does the public thus monetarily damn themselves into debt?–or else allow themselves and their descendants to be so hopelessly ensnared and condemned by the very money they (borrow and) use? Is it not for “lack of knowledge”? For surely they don’t hate themselves and thus desire and cast this (monetary, political, economic) condemnation upon themselves and their loved ones! But why are the people thus monetarily and debtfully “destroyed for lack of knowledge?” (Hosea 4:6) Have they no real and true leaders to lead them, nor teachers to teach them? (“Evidently not!” said the frog.)

And what else but a predatory and wolfish pack of governmental or official robbers or thieves would ever even offer to lend (much ever less force or “command”) “their” citizenry, subjects or public to borrow such a “money” (as these debt-tokens) to use as their currency? Imagine a citizenry, a county, a city, state or nation, paying, say, 5 or 10% of their annually produced wealth merely to rent the tokens they used to make exchanges during that year, when they could have just as easily (and much better, and more honestly–if they only knew how) have made their own tokens of exchange for next to nothing, and thus have kept that annual 5 or 10% money-rent or “usury” for themselves? Why give the monetary vampire a periodic percentage of your county’s life-blood?

Its all about knowing the difference between real money and false, between genuine money and token money, between “specie” and “fiat,” between gold or silver and paper, wood, plastic or copper, between “debt-token” and “debt-free token money.”

The cheat or thief wants to exchange or lend his false for your true values, his “fiat” for your “specie,” his debt-token money for your real and true property, blood, sweat and tears. But why ever be his monetary fool, or his servant? For “The borrower is servant to the lender.”–(Proverbs 22:7)

*  *  *  *  *

And so currently, dear fellow-citizen, within this dark and “jewish” state or kingdom, your real and honest blood, sweat and tears perforce must be exchanged for this worthless “debt-token” paper-money–this unrefusable “legal tender for all debts public and private.” And there’s the theft. But that’s not all the theft. (For to be truly seen for what is really is, this “debt-token” monetary “beast” must be perceived from all angles or perspectives, from front to back, and side to side, and from its beastly approach to its beastly wake, to be truly seen, recognized and appreciated for the genuinely evil monster it really and truly is.)

And there also is “your” puppet-gov’t’s consequent “national debt” to your real but hidden gov’t–the money-creating and lending gov’t, crown, king and dynasty which you, dear citizen, probably do not even know exists–as it/they intend. For this debt-token-money loan (or “principal”) must contractually be paid in full, plus non-existent “interest”–(which is of course impossible, as the “central bank”-lender (or rather trapper) well knows). And the loan is in fact initially repaid at the time of its lending–in puppet-gov’t bonds or promises to pay (in future) even more of this non-existent debt-token-money. And even that’s not all of the monetary evil of the debt-token beast. But that’s enough evil to mention for now. (Don’t worry, dear reader, if you don’t yet understand. My purpose here is merely to show that debt-token money is no way to go.)

And so, long story shortened, the adoption and use of “debt-token” money is the sure road to debt, enslavement, earthly-perdition or worldly-damnation. It is a Satanic and a “jewish” road down to economic/political bondage, enslavement and hell. And if you notice, you are by Evil (and Its monetary “beastly” “jew”) not given a choice of which monetary road to travel. Evil’s debt-token money is simply imposed, commanded, “fiated” on me and you. We are not even supposed (or permitted?) to know that debt-free token-money is even possible. Or where and in what school, dear reader, is this simple knowledge taught?

And why don’t “our” presidential “leaders” warn us of all these monetary dangers and debt-traps? Because they are ignorant? Or because they are the purchased and traitorous agents of Evil?–the Devil’s pied pipers presidentially-misleading all fools who follow into earthly debt-damnation?–nominees or appointees of Satan’s sinagog, paid in their beastly mark and with the privilege of ruling under it/them for an hour or so. (Apo./Rev. 13:16-17 & 17:12-14) And that’s who “our” misleaders in office really are.

(“But just governments govern only by free consent of the governed.”)

Yes, precisely! So let’s escape this coercive, predatory “beast” and govern ourselves (with our own consent).

*  *  *  *  *

And so, since debt-token money leads far worse than nowhere, that leaves us only debtless, non-debt or “debt-free-token money” to employ for our own. (For recall, dear reader, that between us we have insufficient gold or silver to coin for county circulation. And yet we want to have a money, because we want to avoid barter.)

(“And so what are the precise and specific conditions whereby a “debt-free-token money” shall always be benign, good, helpful or beneficial, and never evil, harmful, ruinous or predatory?”)

Good question: It must keep its value over time, years, generations, lifetimes.

(“But how?”)

The debt-free token-money must be both ample and stable.

The amount or volume of the city-state or county’s “debt-free token” money must more than sufficient for all possible exchanges at full production. There should never ever be a shortage of tokens within the county, thus forcing citizens residents or visitors to resort to bartering to make all desired exchanges among them.

And the number of county tokens should be constantly tied or ratioed to the number of county residents, users, buyers, sellers. When the number of residents rises or falls–(as reported e.g. by census), the number of county tokens must likewise rise or fall accordingly. For this constant or stable token(s)-to-resident ratio is precisely what makes the value of the token stable over time, and hence trustworthy.

*  *  *  *  *

Furthermore all tokens must remain within the county, and hence in potential circulation. For to lose tokens decreases the ample supply (necessary to make all desired trades), and it also disrupts the token(s)-to-citizen ratio (necessary for stable tokens and hence stable prices). For by the simple law of supply and demand, a reduced (or “deflated”) supply of tokens would increase each token’s individual value, while an increased (or “inflated”) supply of tokens would decrease each token’s value.

That’s why, by the way, money “speculators” hate monetary stability, constancy, trustworthiness, honesty. For they cannot possibly “buy low and sell high” tokens which perpetually remain at the exact same level, value, worth or price. (You see?)

So, to keep all tokens in the county, all county-tokens owned by foreigners (i.e. neither county citizens nor residents–whether they be manufacturers, importers, traders, or whatever) should by county law be left and kept (at interest?) at the county-mint and tax office. For in this way the county tokens shall never leave the county, but always remain in potential circulation–thus maintaining the critical tokens-per-resident-ratio, necessary for token stability of value over time–their first, last and middle monetary purpose, intention and end.

Now, you can’t stop citizens from saving their tokens for their future “rainy days.” Indeed a stable, trustworthy token encourages savings–as surely as an unstable and “inflating” (i.e. volume-increasing–and hence value-decreasing or shrinking) token punishes or discourages saving and encourages spending (before it becomes completely worthless.)

And so (via personal savings) some percentage of the tokens are going to be out of circulation at any time, and all the time. And thus all the more reason to mint and distribute a far more than ample (and yet ever stable) number of tokens per county resident.

*  *  *  *  *

(“But just how many (ample and stable) county tokens per resident should there be?”)

100 or 200 or 300, perhaps–with many divided into appropriate fractions for making easy “change” for exchanges–i.e. half-tokens, quarter-tokens, tenth-tokens, hundredth-tokens–and maybe even half-hundredths, depending on the value of the token.

(“How valuable then should the token be”?)

Its an arbitrary matter of public preference–as long as the token’s value remains constant or stable over time, via the maintenance of that chosen token(s)-per-resident ratio.

At 200 (tokens per county resident) each token shall therefore be worth half as much as at the 100 level. And at 100…twice the 200 level. At 300 tokens per resident, each token shall be worth on-third as at the 100 level. And at 100…three times the 300 level. Again the main and necessary thing is that the (ample) token number per resident (i.e. user) must be constant over time. This constant ratio is what keeps the county money from ever rising or falling. This constant ratio is what makes the token-money constant, stable, honest and trustworthy.

The old Swiss “franc,” e.g., was worth far more than the old French “franc.” But more importantly, the Swiss was the more stable (and hence trustworthy) “franc.” But both francs varied in value over time, do to their aggregate or total increase and decrease (“inflation” and “deflation”), and due to no gov’t attempt whatsoever to maintain a constant token-per-user ratio.

(“And is the new ‘Euro’ a ‘debt-token’ or a ‘debt-free’ token-money?”)

The former, and there the everlasting rub! But I understand some of them can read English. So maybe there’s (monetary, and hence political) hope for them too!

*  *  *  *  *

All county citizens must come to clearly see and hence to know this simple truth of the direct and causal relation between the constant or stable ratio of debt-free token(s)-per-resident, and the stability or constancy of each token’s value over time, so that they may know precisely how and why their county money (hopefully) never rises nor falls, and so is stable, constant, honest, trustworthy and “sound as the dollar” (used to be–once upon time, so long ago, and in a state so very far away).

In this way all will plainly see and clearly recognize anyone proposing a policy of token volatility (however “benevolently” disguised) as if clearly seeing a wolf (or “speculator”) approaching the hen house in broad daylight.

For it is precisely via this monetary inconstancy or volatility that past and present day speculators “speculate.” Their monetary strategy or trick is to “buy (money) low and to sell (money) high.” And by “buying” (trading for) a volatile money when most plentiful (and hence most cheap or worthless ), and then by hoarding, waiting, watching or “speculating” for when this volatile money is most scarce (and hence most valuable and expensive), they then “make a (monetary) killing” by buying up the whole money-parched country with their volatile and hoarded money–both now, as before, during the monetary drought, scarcity or “deflation” (and hence “depression”) of the 1930’s.

But a stable (non-volatile) token money would put an end to this “speculative” monetary predation. And so predators will surely propose (if not impose) an end to this honest and stable county money–(without honestly saying why, of course). And so unless you and your children, dear reader, well know what makes (debt-free) token money stable, constant and honest, you might just fall for these foxy predators’ lies. And I wouldn’t want that. And that’s why, dear reader, I say what I say, and hope you listen and understand.

And anyone seriously proposing to institute a debt-token-money (whether to be owned, created and lent by himself, or by some hidden and unnamed employers) should not be taken out and shot at once. For those who sent him with this “monetary proposal” should first be publicly identified, one and all.

*  *  *  *  *

And does your sheriff, dear reader, know all this? (Probably not.) And should he? (You betcha!–for your own and your fellow citizens’ sake.)

And should your sheriff want to know all this?

Yes and No. Yes if he’s a shepherd at heart, and No if he’s a wolf. And not if he’s a mercenary agent and official whore of the supernational bankster gangsters, and yet simultaneously wants to imagine himself something other than a sociopathic enemy of his sheriff-victimized, thieved, robbed and besieged citizenry.)

*  *  *  *  *

And that’s really all you need to know about the ample and stable debt-free token money which you, dear citizen, need to coin and distribute or spend into county circulation.

But why take my word for it? For belief, faith or trust (in falsehood, lies and their untrustworthy sources) is well-down the road to being well-deceived. And so one has to be very careful what one assumes is true. For belief is one false premise cannot fail but lead to false (and perhaps ruinous) consequences. (See e.g. the “debt-token-money” trap.)

And so, perhaps I should elaborate on why this “debt-token” money is such a predatory trap–to be avoided like the plague, the Devil, or Its SuperNazi “jew”- banksters.

*  *  *  *  *

P.S. from protocol #20 of the conspiratorial, “jewish” and Satanic Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion:

The present issue of money in general does not correspond with the requirements per head, and cannot therefore satisfy all the needs of the workers. The issue of money ought to correspond with the growth of population and thereby children must absolutely be reckoned as consumers of currency from the day of their birth. The revision of issue is a materiel question for the whole world.

You [“jewish” initiates–Ed.] are aware that the gold standard has been the ruin of the States which adopted it, for it has not been able to satisfy the demands for money, the more so that we have removed gold from circulation as far as possible.

With us the standard that must be introduced is the cost of working-man power [the price or worth or an unskilled laborer’s day or hour?–Ed.], whether it be reckoned in paper or in wood. We shall make the issue of money in accordance with the normal requirements of each subject, adding to the quantity with every birth and subtracting with every death. [pr. 20]


When we [“jews”–Ed.] ascend the throne of the world all these financial and similar shifts [fluctuations, inconstancies, changes, rises and fallings (by which monetary predators “speculate”–by “buying low [i. e. when most plentiful] and selling high” [i.e. when most scarce])–Ed.], as being not in accord with our interests, will be swept away so as not to leave a trace, as also will be destroyed all money markets [i.e. “money-changers” (buyers and sellers or “speculators” in various volatile moneys or currencies)–Ed.], since we shall not allow the prestige of our power to be shaken by fluctuations of prices set upon our values [i.e. monopoly-money, tokens–Ed.], which we shall announce by law at the price which represents their full [commanded, dictated, “fiat”–Ed.] worth [i.e. their money’s “working man” “standard”–Ed.] without any possibility of lowering or raising. (Raising gives the pretext for lowering, which indeed was where we made a beginning in relation to the [monetary–Ed.] values of the goyim.) [pr. 21]


E.G. the American “dollar” was first declared to be worth so many grains or gold and/or silver, and later changed, and later changed again. (For decades now it is not worth even one single grain of gold or silver. (Go figure!)

It is not necessary to set a money “value,” “price” or “standard” (and hence be perpetually compelled to manipulate money volume to maintain it, or else be compelled to prosecute all who buy or sell above this gov’t dictated prices of all things–as reckoned by and related to the “standard.”)

It is merely necessary to provide the public (or marketplace) with an ample and stable money supply. This ample money will then seek and find its own value, standard, “price”–just as water falling on rocky ground will seek and find its own level. It is merely necessary to maintain the constant ratio of tokens per county resident or user. For this alone is what keeps the token’s value or “price” stable over time, year, decades, lifetimes.

*  *  *  *  *


…Honest Gentile Token Money vs. “jewish” Debt-Token Theft-Money (III; p.50)


When it is a question of money, everybody is of the same religion.–(Voltaire)


Au contraire, mon Voltaire! You cannot convince me that the pious devotees of debt-token money are of the very same religion as the debt-free variety.

*  *  *  *  *

Honest Token Money

An honest token money (costing little or nothing to coin or to print–as its substance is worth much less than its face (political, dictated, commanded or “fiat”) value, is thus not loaned into circulation, but spent and/or freely distributed into circulation, as described. Thus the coins are not and do not represent a debt. Thus they are not a “debt-money.” There is no need to repay the tokens (with usury) to their creator and lender, because they are not lent, but spent or given away. Thus they are the public’s tokens owned free and clear by the citizenry. And hence there is no token-rent (usury or “interest”) to ever pay, nor ever “principal” to repay. This is because (as their name suggests) debt-free tokens are (be definition) not loaned into existence (by the monetary crown, as is the present predatory practice), but merely spend or freely distributed into existence.

And so at most an honest token money is paid for by the populace only once, when they are first spent into circulation by the crown (government, money-creating power). And thus (as with taxation) the state or county government hereby gets “something for nothing” by this initial monetary “tax” at the outset of the token’s issuance–(instead of waiting for the tax or tithe time at the end of the first or second year of the new token’s mass-issuance).

And clearly debt-free tokens are not even once paid for (by the public) if they are simply given away or freely distributed (as afore-described–again, with x number of ample and constant tokens for each and every resident within the realm (state, county, kingdom).

Or else some combination or ratio of both crown-spending and free-distribution of the new and honest token money may be decided on by a treasureless gov’t or crown thus in immediate and dire need of something(s) for nothing, for to pay its officers (sheriff & deputies; mint-man/taxman; and other employees).

*  *  *  *  *

And as there is no loan of the tokens of exchange by the crown to the populace, therefore there is no collective (public or “national”) debt to repay for their creation and existence, and no rent (”interest or usury) to pay for their use. There is no need to repay the tokens to the crown simply because they are not the crown’s tokens, or rather the public themselves are the crown, and hence have (via their employee, the mint-man) created and issued their own (honest, ample, stable debt-free) tokens to themselves. Thus there is no “principal” nor “interest” for the people to pay simply because there is no loan nor usury for these honest public tokens of exchange.

*  *  *  *  *

“Honest” tokens of exchange are (by definition) not loaned into existence. (Forgive my repetitiveness, but as this idea is new (in this crooked old world), it often bears repeating.)

But their debt-freeness is not all or everything which makes the debt-free tokens honest, and hence worthy of the citizen’s trust. The debt-free tokens must also be ample and stable. For sufficiency and stability of token volume or number (via so many specified tokens per user, as explained) is necessary for the honesty and trustworthiness of token money. For this constant tokens-per-resident ratio is precisely what makes for the constancy of the individual token’s worth over time, years, decades, generations–and hence the token’s stability, honesty and trustworthiness.)


*  *  *  *  *

But debt-tokens (by definition loaned by the (monetary) crown into existence) are plainly predatory, untrustworthy and dishonest. And surely a debt-money crown is as evil as its money. For the monetary fruit is of this poisonous and predatory tree. Debt-tokens are clearly a theft-money and an economic trap, of which I am feebly trying to warn you away, dear reader.

Imagine the economic stupidity and insanity of voluntarily borrowing or renting your own tokens of exchange instead of simply creating your own tokens (for next to nothing)!–and thus owing no lord or master (no crown, no king, no anonymous “corporation”) for their “benevolent” creation and existence, nor for your “vouchsafed” use (of them) to buy and sell! For in creating your very own tokens you (and your neighbors, free-associates or fellow citizens) have vouchsafed, endowed and bestowed them upon (and hence monetarily and/or economically blessed) yourselves. But debt-token money is a sure curse.

Imagine the enormous, predatory crime (whether by coercion or deceit) of loaning out token money!–as if it were real money, value, gold or silver! Surely such a “government” (crown, throne or king) is as far from a good and protective shepherd as any “authority” could possible be, being thus the very worst of wolves. Can you clearly see that? It is most important (for the freedom and prosperity of you, your loved ones, and your little county kingdom or state) that you can and do clearly see so!

By definition, you cannot possibly do the impossible, nor safely trust the untrustworthy. A debt-token-money is by its very nature or essence a theft- and trap-money which has never and can never be honest, and hence should never be trusted, nor tolerated. Debt-token money is a Satanic concept, creation and economic/monetary crime.

A debt-token-money “trust” or “central bank” (monopoly) is therefore a contradiction (“oxymoron”)–like trusting wolves with the care and feeding of sheep, or the Devil and/or Its Children (with your life, your children, and/or your crown, your throne, your money-power, your power to create your very own money). How can you ever trust the Devil or the “jew” not to ever harm you? Impossible!–even for a moment! For the moment you take your eyes off of Evil, is the moment It pounces upon you!

*  *  *  *  *

…and its ever-Vulnerable (Inflatable) “Achilles’ Heel”

Without golden, silver or token money we are all reduced to barter, and hence to economic inactivity or stagnation of production and trade. (For why make products you can’t even sell, trade, exchange? And without money you can’t even pay for your supplies to make your products in the first place.)

And so without gold or silver coins one resorts to worthless tokens, simply because one must, because tokens are better than nothing, better than barter, and hence stagnation. But which kind of tokens, dear reader: Debt- or debt-free tokens? One token-road leads downward to indebted bondage, dispossession and poverty, and the other leads upward to debt-free prosperity and independence. And it’s in your interests, dear reader, to know the difference.

But the ever-present problem with token money is that (being intrinsically worthless metal or paper) it can at any time (at the whim of the monetary-god, creator, crown, king, “authority”) be created, spent and circulated ad infinitum, and hence into worthlessness. But you can’t ever do that with gold or silver–though “alchemists” have forever tried. And that is precisely why precious metal or “specie” has always and everywhere been trusted as money, and why “fiat” or token money always not. And that is right and correct. For “fiat” is infinitely “inflatable.” And no token money I know of has not gone the way of all others before it: inevitable inflation into worthlessness.

But it is indeed possible for a token money to be honest and serviceable–if only it be debt-free, ample and stable–and only for as long as it remains so. And my purpose is to show you what honest token money is, and under what strict conditions it is indeed possible. And if enough of the populace understand this, then they will at last demand this.

*  *  *  *  *

As Abe Lincoln (American president, 1860-64) once expressed it: “The people can and will be furnished a [debt-free token–Ed.] currency as safe [trustworthy–Ed] as their own [elected–Ed.] government.

But where is there to be found such a trustworthy king Midas who can safely be anointed token-money-god, because he shall never, ever take advantage of his divine power, never enrich himself nor his friends (bribers, buyers or blackmailers), never seek to acquire for free whatever his worldly heart desires (by over-creating and hence over-spending his token-money)? Or how shall “government” forever be kept from inflating token money to get for free whatever it wants whenever it wants it? That is the ever-present problem and the challenge of token money.

Yes it is indeed dangerous to ever trust an office (authority, badge, crown or throne) to do anything at all. Indeed, it is not Godless idolatry to ever do so?–to worship a throne (chair, crown, badge or office) as God–though the Devil Itself (or one of its demonic minions, children, vicars) sit upon it. Furthermore, the more power you grant an office, the more dangerous it then becomes.

*  *  *  *  *

And yet if without gold or silver, to avoid barter and stagnation we yet indeed need honest, sufficient and stable tokens of exchange. But how are we to acquire them?–unless you trust me or I trust thee to create and issue a debt-free token-money or currency–a money by definition not loaned, but merely spent or distributed into existence and circulation. And thus a money with neither “interest” (money-rent) owed nor “principal” (loan) to be repaid by the citizenry for the mere rental and use of these tokens of exchange. For debt-free tokens are indeed used, but (by definition) never rented into existence.

And yet even a sufficient and stable debt-free token money, once instituted and circulated, may at any time be “inflated,” upset and hence destroyed by the monetary-“authority,” crown or trustee. That is, a debt-free token money crown, in pressing need of money, of values (e.g. to wage (offensive or defensive) war–and how often the former is presented and disguised as the latter–as Amerika’s two world wars against Europe can amply attest), can at any time simply create as many new tokens as it pleases, and spend them into circulation to get for free whatsoever it desires from the populace and the marketplace, thus increasing or “inflating” (with empty monetary air) the token supply to that precise extent, thus upsetting the token-to-citizen ratio and balance, thus slaying token stability, credibility, honesty and trustworthiness, and thus in fact slaying the token. This constant inflatablility of token money is the ever-present problem.

*  *  *  *  *

What but the honesty and integrity of the entrusted monetary official, and what but perpetual popular monetary knowledge, awareness, vigilance and oversight can possibly perpetually prevent a less-than-honest government from “inflating” an already sufficient and stable debt-free token money into worthlessness?–from coining and spending extra tokens to steal whatever it desires whenever it desires it?–via this subtle theft, via this extra and secret tax against the public?

For power often tells itself it has the “right” to do whatever it has the power to. And this constant “inflatability” of the token money (quite impossible with silver and gold, but never with “paper-gold” or “-silver”) is a constant temptation to the official(s) in charge, and an ever lurking possibility and danger for the citizenry. But then again official usurpation has always been the curse of office, and ever shall. All the more reason to never idolize or deify thrones (offices, badges). For only God is God. And so all others are demonic impostors unworthy of your trust. Is this not so?

*  *  *  *  *

But remember, without sufficient “specie” (gold or silver) coins for full production and exchange, a (debt-free) token money is better than none (i.e. barter). But how then do you keep such a money (and crown, and coin of the realm) honest? That is the question. What is the answer?

How do you keep the monetary crown or office from thus inflating or counterfeiting the county coin?–from thus defying and disobeying its mandate to maintain an ample, stable and honest token money?

Other counterfeiters are perhaps hung or otherwise “executed” within your realm? Shall you then hang your treacherous monetary king as well?–and/or the majority stockholders of “your” “central bank corporation”?–those presently perpetrating their debt-token money trap, fraud theft and upon you and yours? If so, how many lampposts shall you need? And do you have enough?

*  *  *  *  *

Again, I must stress, it is possible for a token money to be serviceable–if only it be debt-free, ample and stable.

And an honest token money is much more certain to be instituted and maintained if only the general public or citizenry clearly and continually understand these few simple monetary truths. Hence thus my humble essay. And pardon dear reader, if you possibly can, my catechistic repetition of the problem and my plan.

But Darkness will forever try to cloud out all Light and silence all Truth. And Darkness has indeed forever succeeded in fooling most of the people most of the time. (And there’s the Devil’s ever-lurking “democratic” mob. And there’s the ever-present danger of truthlessness, lightlessness, ignorance and demonic deceit.)

But if most of the populace (or at least those who were not within Its pay) knew of the Devil’s monetary damnation and deceit, would they then applaud for more of the same, or at last cry out loud for an honest coin? Or better yet, simply create their very own–as their very own political and monetary authority or crown? For they’ll never ever get honest money from the Devil or Its “jew.”

*  *  *  *  *

Finally, unlike gold or silver coins (“specie”), any and all token or “fiat” money can indeed be fraudulent, fabricated, counterfeited, inflated into worthlessness. (Heck, even golden and silver coins have been counterfeited and accepted as specie by those who evidently couldn’t tell the difference between gold and “fools’ gold,” or between gold and “paper-gold.”)

Honest, “debt-free” token money is a kind or “species” of token money, and is therefore as subject to counterfeiture and inflation (or excess creation) as “debt-token” money. Honest token money is neither more nor less counterfeitable than the dishonest, fraudulent, debt-token money which currently “rules” the world–or rather whose “jewish” corporate “crowns” currently rule the world–via the ignorant or impotent (involuntary or coerced) acceptance of this “jewish” theft- and trap-money by the monetarily unwise, duped and officially-betrayed Gentile nations. (Hence this instructional book.)

But there’s nothing more (or less) counterfeitable or inflatable about my honest tokens than all these current dishonest ones, these debt-tokens. And so the true and valid argument or objection that my proposed honest tokens are counterfeitable and inflatable is every bit as applicable against all the dishonest token moneys currently dominating the modern world. And so, since nearly all the modern world’s money is token money, (and therefore infinitely inflatable and counterfeitable), why not make them honest, ample, stable, voluntary, debt-free tokens instead of their current antithesis–these dishonest, unstable or volatile, mandatory or monopoly debt-tokens?

*  *  *  *  *

…vs. “jewish” Debt-Token, Trap- and Theft-Money

Real value for real value is not theft, but trade. But imaginary and false values for real and true is either coercion and robbery (if recognized or known), or else theft (if not). Likewise, coerced trades are always robberies–(as in “[give me] Your money or your life.”) “Free trade” (like “free association”) is just that: free, voluntary, uncoerced.

Because token money (by definition) is intrinsically of little to no value–(its substance (paper, plastic, nickel or steel) being plentiful and hence cheap to obtain (by the natural law of supply and demand)–therefore token money is exceedingly cheap to print or to coin. And therefore the loaning (as distinct from the one-time spending) of such token money into existence (by its maker or creator, and hence the king, the crown, the supreme power of the realm (of his debt-money coin) is always and necessarily dishonest and predatory. And likewise this “crown’s” “royal,” ”legal” or ”authoritative” monetary, economic and political predation is necessarily based either on public ignorance or coercion.

For the tokens the monetary crown creates and lends it’s monetary subjects cost it next to nothing to create. And yet the tokens cost you and me plenty to obtain–as they are not given to us. The tokens cost us our labor, our properties and our values–our blood, our sweat, and our tears. And the thieving/robbing crown thus pockets the difference between what he and we pay for his debt-tokens.

Therefore a debt-token-money crown (via money-rent or interest payments–not to mention the impossible payback of the “principal” loan) is quietly exchanging its worthless tokens for the real and true values the citizenry must exchange or “pay” to procure them. Thus the debt-money crown perpetually gets something (indeed everything) for nothing–our everything for its nothing–your and my real values–the values of our labor, products, services–for its worthless, its imaginary or its non-values. Is this monetary scam (if not a well-known and open robbery), not therefore a well-concealed, secret and unknown theft? (But hopefully not for much longer!)

Then how are the public to be made aware? (Can you, dear reader, see the ever-present menace and danger which freedom of speech (and hence the possibility of truth) holds for these fathers of falsehood, deceit, and tyranny? And hence their “censorship.”)

*  *  *  *  *

For unlike a thief an “honest” robber (other than perhaps masking his face) does not conceal nor deny what he is and what he is doing. Nor does an honest taxman pretend he is other than a “sacred” robber or “legalized” extortionist, nor does he pretend that “our” taxes are “voluntary” “contributions.” Nor does the honest “legislator” (whether an individual king, or a Parliamentary or Soviet group, committee, assembly or congress) pretend we their subjects are free to disobey his or their dictates, commands, decrees, (“laws”). But at most merely profess that we are “criminals” for any disobedience or “disloyalty” to them, our lords.

(And yet it was only by “crime” that we ever free ourselves or escaped from the Christian kings. How else then can we realistically hope to ever escape from these Godless, anti-Christ, communist “jews”?–(not to mention their prototype, creator, god and father). (John 8:44)

And an honest crown issues an honest, ample, stable token-coin of its/his/their realm. But a dishonest crown loans its tokens into circulation. What does this mean? What does this entail? What is the body and tail of this debt-token serpent or beast? Who and what does it devour? and how? and what (if anything) does it leave in its wake? In short, what the Dickens is a “debt-token” money? For to recognize the poisonous snake in the grass is to avoid it, if not also to stamp it out.

*  *  *  *  *

Again, a “token” money (by definition of little to no intrinsic or real value) therefore costs little to nothing to coin and spend or freely distribute into existence or “currency” among the citizens–(the buyers and sellers within the “marketplace,” kingdom or state).

But a “specie” or real money (of precious metals–gold, silver, platinum) is coined from a (scarce and desirable) substance of real and intrinsic value. Now, if the king of the realm or “market” has no bullion (bars of precious metal(s) of his own to coin, and if his people demand nothing less than specie–(eschewing token money as (at least potentially and inevitably) false, treacherous, larcenous and untrustworthy), then this precious and valuable bullion will have to be borrowed from someone somewhere, before the crown can coin its “specie” “coin(s) of the realm.”

Thus here we have a “debt money”–a money loaned into existence–a money which will have to be repaid–a money whose “specie”-substance will have to be repaid “in kind” (and no doubt with profit, increase, “interest”) to the “interested” party(ies) who loaned the bullion to and for the crown to coin. And so gold will have gold for repayment (plus profit or “interest” atop or besides).

But there is no reason whatsoever (other than fraud, theft, and predation) for a token money to be a debt-money–a money loaned (and so not spent or distributed) into existence. How should a money, coined from a substance of little to no intrinsic worth (stainless steel, nickel, even mere paper), be loaned (and thus not either spent or simply given, distributed) into existence? Is this not wolfish governmental predation upon defenseless citizen-prey or sheeple?

And remember: Any “money” which is, e.g., 10% gold-“backed” or “fractioned” is therefore 90% token-money. So borrow the golden 10% if you absolutely must (at the best usury-rate you can possibly obtain), but never the remaining 90% paper, plastic or junk-metal token-money. (For realize the “jew”-thief’s purpose in perpetrating his “paper-gold” is to exchange his paper for your gold–i.e. to steal your gold.)

And why ever, ever borrow tokens of no real value?–tokens which you can easily create for yourself for free (thus owning neither “principal” nor “interest” to some monetary lord or god)?–unless you have a royal, governmental and/or bankers’ gun pointed at your head? In which case the extortionate monetary “deal” is invalid, and the “loan” from the onset is/was illegal and a monetary crime. And hence this pseudo-“debt” (which never really was) should be repudiated as soon as practicable. And punitive retributions and monetary “reparations” should perhaps also be sought, exacted and obtained from these monetary robbers and/or thieves to boot.

*  *  *  *  *

From the 20th “protocol” of the SuperNazi sinagog of Satan:


Every kind of loan proves infirmity in the [Gentile–Ed.] State and a want of understanding of the [taxation–Ed] rights of the State. Loans hang like a sword of Damocles over the heads of rulers, who, instead of taking from their subjects by a temporary tax, come begging with outstretched palm to our [supernational “jewish”–Ed.] bankers. Foreign [i.e. “jewish”–Ed.] loans are leeches which there is no possibility of removing from the body of the State until they fall off by themselves or the State flings them off. But the goy [Gentile–Ed.] States do not tear them off [because their presidential & Parliamentary leaders are secret “jewish” agents (or “agentur”)–Ed.]; they persist in putting more on to themselves [i.e. borrowing/loading more and more “jewish” debt-money upon their nations’ backs–Ed.] so that they must inevitably perish, drained by voluntary blood letting. [pr. 20]


“Voluntary” (self-bleeding) because the Gentile “States,” nations or peoples (in foolishly following “their” “jewish”/Gentile misleaders and public enemies in public office) do not repudiate “their” national debts to supernational “jewry,” and thereby “fling off” “their” bloodsucking, “foreign,” “jewish,” “leeches”–(i.e. the dynastic corporations of the Satanic, vampiric, SuperNazi banksters).

(But let us dear readers attempt to remedy our Gentile “want of understanding” this anti-Christ, Satanic or “messianic” “jew”, and hence to perceive and remedy his spiritual and material, political and economic (or monetary) deceits, lies, tricks and traps.)

*  *  *  *  *

The creative monetary “authority” of any kingdom, realm or state, the sole creator, printer, minter or coiner of all its money, (whether “specie,” token or “fiat”), is its “royal” crown or its “central bank corp.”

And the sole origin or source of all debt-token monopoly-money (within any particular monetary/economic/political kingdom, realm or state) is also the final and inevitable destination of all this “money,” all these debt-tokens.

For that is the nature, meaning, essence and character of this kind of “money.” That is the nature, character, spirit and practice of the imperial or SuperNazi “beast” and its monetary creation or creature, its debt-token, monopoly-money. (Apo./Rev. 13:16-17) The sole origin or source, the only creator, stamper or “marker” of this imperial or “beastly” monopoly-money or “mark,” is also its sole destination or destroyer.

For a debt-token is and represents a debt and a loan (of tokens). And debts and loans must be repaid, and perhaps with “interest” (rent or usury) atop or besides, and certainly with “interest” if the lender or creditor is a “jew.” For what else would ever motivate or “interest” a Talmudist, a Pharisee or an anti-Christ to ever help out a Gentile?

And so how could a token, which is created and loaned into existence, not eventually be repaid back to its source and origin?–thus returning to its creator(s) and original lender(s)–thus leaving the borrowers where they started from, without money to make deals, trades or exchanges with–(unless of course they were to smarten up, live and learn, and collectively create (and hence own) their very own (debtless and public) token money, thus owing no individual nor group nor corporation, no monetary crown nor king nor “central” bank, neither “principle” nor “interest” for their free and public use from the day they are minted and distributed to the day they have been so publicly used and worn out that they must be replaced (with newly-minted debt-free tokens).

But actually the token-borrowing public (people, county, state or nation) will be far worse off (i.e. far more moneyless and more indebted) than they were when they (or rather “their” traitorous “representatives,” “public servants” or government) had first borrowed the (debt) tokens from “their” state or kingdom’s royal or “central” monetary-crown. For even after all the monopoly debt-tokens had been repaid to the crown (their only source and eventual destination) as token-rent, usury or “interest,” the loan itself, the “principle” would still be owed by the public (according to the crown).

For at the time of the loan, the “central” crown demands and receives from its puppet-gov’t “bonds” (paper-promises to repay the debt- tokens) as “collateral” or “surety” for the (entire repayment of the) loan of its debt-tokens. And these “bonds” are for the exact same amount of the loan or “principle,” i.e. for the precise number of debt-tokens loaned (by the “central” crown via its puppet-gov’t to the monetarily damned public).

For these “bonds” are paper-promises by the puppet-gov’t to return or repay the entire “central” loan (of debt tokens) to the crown at a specified future date–(just as if this loan were of something of real or intrinsic value, of gold or silver coins, e.g.). And these ‘bonds” are also puppet-gov’t promises to make “interest” payments (to the crown, in debt-tokens) during the entire course of this “central” loan, “bond,” “mortgage” or debt-bondage (of the Gentile nation or public). These token-rental, -usage, usury or “interest” payments (to be make in debt-tokens) are usually “due” or demanded twice a year, and at an annual rate or % of the entire token loan or “principal” as set or dictated by (who/what else?) the “central” crown, the incorporated creator(s) and lender(s) of these monopoly debt-tokens. And as aforementioned, in time these bi-annual “interest” payments alone are enough to exhaust the entire debt-token loan.

And that’s why the public are far worse off a under debt-token money (and therefore crown) than wherever they started from, because “their” crown (or “central bank”) is in fact a conception and creature of Satan, Its sinagog and/or Its “chosen people,” a corporate “jewish” predator, a cannibalistic Talmudic monster, a man-devouring “jewish” “beast.” And its/their “beastly” “jewish” “money” is in fact a Satanic trap of hopelessly unpayable public indebtedness demonically intended for Gentile nations to fall into and never escape from. Or so Satan’s SuperNazi sinagog “religiously” or fervently hopes and prays to their god and father, what’s-Its-name? (Apo./Rev. 13:16-17, 2:9 & 3:9; John 8:44)

*  *  *  *  *

So you do the math for yourself and your people, dear reader: Any number of debt-tokens loaned and borrowed at, e.g. 3.33% usury or “interest” per year and “backed” or “collateralized” by a thirty year “bond” (or national “mortgage”) would at the end of 3O years have all been repaid (back to their “central” source…and ultimate destination), just in time for the nation to pay the “mature” or “due” “bond” or paper-promise to repay the entire loan or “principle” back. But pay with what? With non-existent tokens, that’s what! Can you smell the giant “jewish” rat yet, dear reader?

Hence, because the Gentiles possibly cannot pay an unpayable “jewish” debt, the “central” “jewish” crown can then “legally” “foreclose” on the “defaulted” Gentile people, county, state or nation, seizing their property as repayment of tokens which could never possibly be repaid because they never really existed in the first place (except as a mirage or an illusion). For the Satanic “jewish” crown is (or would be) demanding twice as many debt-tokens as ever even existed, i.e. twice as many debt-tokens as they ever even created (or printed) and lent their debt-money entrapped Gentile public or nation via their traitorous puppet-gov’t. And that’s why any Gentile nation or public parliamentarily, congressionally, “legally” or officially damned under any debt-token “jew”-money shall gradually become worse and worse and worse off in time under “their” “jewish” “central bank” or crown, like a Gentile stuck in “jewish” “quick-sand.” For this is the nature of Satan’s imperial “beast” and its/their “money.”

Can you see, dear Gentile, what a diabolical trap, scam and fraud this “jewish,” debt-token, monopoly-money is? You’d better, dear reader, for your own sake, and that of your loved ones and/or countrymen.

*  *  *  *  *

What monetary remedy then? Perhaps an honest money then! One that won’t fall irretrievably into mysterious “central” cracks. One that won’t evaporate, dissolve or disappear via the mere public or private use of it!

“Love lost, such a cost!/ Give me things that don’t get lost,/ Like a coin that won’t get tossed,/ Rolling home to you.”–(Neil Young)


*  *  *  *  *

Monopoly money by definition has only one source. And if that money be a debt-token, then only one destination. (National bummer!) For all such loans must be repaid, plus (non-existent and hence unpayable) “interest.” And all monopoly money is the “central” crown’s money, and only the crown’s money. Therefore the monopoly-money source, “authority,” power or crown has power to make money plentiful or scarce. At its will and pleasure it (he, they) can create monetary (and hence economic) feasts or famines, floods or droughts, “inflations” and “deflations,” also known, disguised or euphemized as “business cycles.”

But why, dear reader, would you want to give anyone (“jew” or Gentile) such an awesome power over you and yours? And especially someone whom you don’t even know? nor even know whom he is/they are? (being corporately masked, concealed, hidden) nor what they do to yours and you?

And why do they thus corporately mask themselves, but because they intend to perpetrate even more evil upon you and yours, and never want you to know whom they are, that they may avoid justice, and your just wrath, retribution or punishment? Is that not why your state’s “central” banksters are yet still corporately self-concealed, masked, hidden? Is it not Evil or Darkness which/who hide in the darkness, while Godness or Light fear not the light? (John 3:20-21)

Is it not true that just like their father Satan the Devil, the corporately-masked “central” banksters do not want you, dear Gentile, to know whom they are, nor what they do (to yours and you), nor even that they exist?

Who but the Devil’s “chosen people,” dear reader, could conceive, create and perpetrate such a demonic swindle and trap as I have clumsily described in these very pages? Do you, can you “see the glory of the royal [or ‘central’] scam”?

*  *  *  *  *

The Impossibility of Repayment

A “debt-token-money” by definition, and as its name suggests, is not spend nor freely-distributed, but is instead loaned into existence. And there’s the hidden trap: the loan is loaned, and yet more than the loan is demanded in return.

(And this “more” is the “collateralized” or “mortgaged” property of the debtor to the debt-token lender. And the debtor is the entire Gentile nation under the Satanic-“jewish,” debt-token, “central bank” corp.)

In “jew”-usurer language, “principal” is created and loaned, but yet “principal” and “interest” is demanded in return. But how can tokens be repaid which never even existed? Therefore the debt-token money loan (of “principal”) and debt (of “principal” and “interest”) can never, ever be repaid. Therefore it is a trap, a debt-money trap–intended to hopelessly entrap you and all your countrymen, and to seize the “mortgaged” “collateral” (i.e. the nation and everything in it–and especially the citizenry)–the national “collateral” which neither you nor I ever pledged to the vipers for their debt-tokens of exchange–their money trap, but which the vipers’ secret agents (and “our” treacherous Parliamentary “representatives”) indeed did.

Let’s do the math together. If the crown, (the king, the monopolistic debt-token-money power, creator, lender, the anonymous “central bank corporation”) lends 100 (million, billion or zillion) tokens into circulation at 10% rent or usury per year, how many years of “interest” payments will it take before there is no principal (i.e. no debt-token money) left from which to even pay the “interest” on the loan–never mind the loan itself?

100/10 =10 years after which the entire principal is still owed, yet not a token in existence to begin to repay the loan itself. And thus the borrowing nation is again back where they started from, with no money to make exchanges. And hence they are reduced again to barter and stagnation, except that they now owe 100 (million, billion or zillion) non-existent debt-tokens. Is that not a deal with the Devil (or Its children or demons) which lands the borrowers into hell on earth? So how, dear reader, do we get the hell out of here?

Again, though only “principal” is (by the debt-token money crown) created and loaned, and yet “principal” and “interest” is demanded in return as repayment. Thus the debt-token loan is unrepayable. And thus the loan borrowers’ “mortgaged” “collateral” cannot fail but be eventually and inevitably “foreclosed” and seized for “default” by the debt-token lender. (Did you catch that, dear reader? It’s not the “fault” (or “default”) of the lender that he demands more debt-token money than even exists, but of the borrower for his inability or “failure” to find and pay this non-existent debt-money! Or so says the Satanic “jew.”

How about at 5% annual “interest”? 100/5 = 20 years of usury or money-rent payments thus gradually, annually diminishing the entire debt-token volume (in a gradually-worsening money drought leading directly to a monetary desert), after which the entire loan or principle is still owed, and people are then again reduced to stagnant barter within a worse “depression” than the “great” one of the 1930’s. (For they at least had a little money to make some trades.)

Do you think the “jewish” “central bankers” would then have the “hootsba” to continue their demands of “principal” repayment after all their debt-token monopoly-money were paid back to them in “interest” payments? I do. They call it loan “foreclosure” and seizure of “mortgaged” “collateral.” And the “mortgaged” “collateral” to be “jew”-seized is the debt-tokened nation itself–i.e. its land, its moveable properties and, last but not least, its inhabitants, its (Gentile) “human resources,” “goyim,” “livestock” or “cattle.”

Do you, dear reader, clearly see why debt-token money is a trap?–an economic, political and monetary trap? (It’s rather important for you that you do.) And do you think the inventors and implementers of this scheme of theft and economic sabotage well knew all along what they were intending and doing? Or did they all along intend the exact and benevolent opposite of what they perpetrated, but somehow failed miserably by virtue of some honest, loving, benevolent and well-meaning mistake in their monetary favor?–like some unexpected and profitable windfall from God?

But no. Methinks, as the rat-trap was made by men for rats, so the debt-token-money-trap was made by rats for men. (And you can take that liberating and valuable truth all the way to the rat bank, and demand your values, labors and “foreclosed” properties back with “interest.”)

(“When the rats take over, call the Exterminator!”)

(“Here I come to save the day!/ Mighty Mouse is on his way!”)

*  *  *  *  *

An Illustration

And so therefore the only moment such a debt-token loan could ever be repaid (to the Satanic crown or “jewish” king), is the very moment the entrapping loan was made–(i.e. only before “interest” ever accumulated or “accrued,” could the loan’s “principal” have ever been repaid in full), thus again leaving the moneyless nation right where they started from, in “barter-town.” So again, why bother?

(And surely it has always been clear from the very first that debt-tokens were never the monetary answer, but in fact the monetary/economic problem. And hence the citizenry (if not their “representatives”) should have always been looking for another (monetary answer). And if you find (as I do) that you have insufficient gold or silver to use as money, then try or see the “debt-free token-money” “solution” if you please. For you can literally lead a man, horse or centaur to monetary water, but you cannot make him drink thereof.)

But the more time passes from the time of the debt-token loan, the more the loan (i.e. the debt-tokens) evaporate(s) in annual “interest payments,” thus creating money-drought or “deflation,” and hence stagnation, “recession” or “depression.” And this money-drought can only be alleviated by yet more “central-bank” corp. debt-token loans to its puppet-gov’t. For again, the debt-token crown is the only source of water-money, which evaporates at whatever “interest” rate it dictates. So who in hell wants to go live there?

*  *  *  *  *

Now let’s assume a 20 year “central” bank (to puppet-gov’t) loan of 100x (i.e. thousand, million, billion or zillion) debt-tokens at 5% annual interest. At the end of the 20 year loan there wouldn’t be a single debt-token left (within the crown’s kingdom) to use as money. For during those 20 years all tokens would have gradually and entirely disappeared from circulation and returned to their “royal” source (and destination)–AT THE END OF WHICH (20 year) TIME, PERIOD OR ‘TERM OF LOAN’ THE $100x BOND WOULD BE “DUE,” ‘MATURE,” “PAYABLE.” For 5% of the debt-tokens would be lost every year, thusly: 100x, 95, 90, 85, 80…20, 15, 10, 5, 0 debt-tokens left after 20 years, and when the 100x debt-token “bond” (“principal,” loan) is due for payment, with nary a token to even begin to pay it. (Bummer!)**

Do you see, dear reader, what a monetary (economic and political) trap debt-tokens really and truly are?

*  *  *  *  *

Yes, we haven’t even considered, counted or figured in the repayment of debt-token loan “principle.” And yet the traitorous Gentile puppet-gov’t repays this “principal” by paying the “mature” “bond” which it had formerly paid the “central bank” “jew” the at the time of the initial debt-token loan, but not as “security” or “collateral” as falsely pretended, but in fact as prepayment disguised and misnamed as “security” or “collateral” to hide this “royal” scam. (“See the glory of the royal scam.”)

For a “bond” is the “principal” amount of any loan. And it is due to be repaid in full at the end of a specified number of years, during which time the lender/holder receives a specified annual % of profit or “interest.”

Normally, it is true, a loan is “secured” by “collateral” (such as the “mortgaged” deed to a borrower’s house, business or farm) to be seized and sold by the creditor/lender (in order to receive full repayment, plus interest) in the possible event of the debtor/borrower’s inability to repay, or loan “default.” And always a bond is a borrower/debtor’s formal promise to pay the borrowed money on time, with a specified periodic “interest” rate or %.

But here the wily corporate crown “jew” has combined both these concepts and practices to conceal his theft and fraud. He pretends his puppet-gov’t bonds (traded for his debt-tokens at the time of the loan) are not loan pre-payment but “collateral”–as if the borrower/debtor (the puppet-gov’t/citizenry) could ever possibly repay them.

And unlike all other loans or bonds (with the exception of the “credit” “money” “loaned” by “commercial” banks), nothing of real value has been lent by the crown to its puppet gov’t. For the debt-tokens (of paper or whatever) cost the crown nearly nothing to make. But whenever you or I, dear reader, lend the gov’t money, and hence receive its bond(s) in return, we did not get that money for free, nor did we print or counterfeit it.

And a bond (or promised future payment) is for the precise amount of the loan, or “principal.” It is a formal written promise to pay the “principal” in full at a specified future date, usually with specified “interest” rate and payment dates along the way to its “maturity” or repayment in full.

But by the time the puppet-gov’t’s crown-held bond is due, as in our example, no more debt-tokens shall even exist to even begin to pay it. And both contractual parties know this–i.e. both monetary crown and puppet-gov’t, both servant and master, both bond-writer and receiver. And so we see this bond is in fact “up front” payment disguised as “collateral, because both parties (master and servant, “central” bankster and puppet-gov’t (i.e. president and Parliament) both know this loan, this bond, cannot possibly be repaid (with non-existent debt-tokens). For, as in our example, by the time the bond is “mature” or the “principal” is due to be repaid, all debt-tokens have left circulation/existence as “interest” payments on this plainly and obviously unpayable “principal.” Do you see? And so the puppet-gov’t’s bond given to the crown for its debt-token loan, is neither “collateral,” nor “surety,” but payment or pre-payment disguised as “collateral.”

And so of course by the time of these successive bonds reach payment-date or “maturity,” the puppet gov’t, have would have to have borrowed enough debt-tokens (from the crown, Where else?) to repay the crown this “principal”-debt, this “bond” upon its “maturity.” And both dark parties know this also. I.E. the crown’s puppet-gov’t well know they are dealing with the sinagog of Satan, and damning their Gentile citizens into debt-bondage and enslavement, in order that they may “rule for an hour with [or rather under] the beast.” (Apo./Rev. 17:12)

(And also new borrowings are necessary besides or atop that required for this “mature” bond repayment–new borrowings clearly necessary to procure at least some (if insufficient) debt-tokens to all the while as use money within the debt-token crown’s realm, kingdom, state or market-place to keep this “royal” scam going, continuing, proceeding, perpetuating.) And these new, almost annual borrowings (deftly disguised as “budget deficits”) also serve to fog and conceal what is really happening–which for purposes of clarity I shall present (admittedly unrealistically) as singular and successive 20-year bonds, loans, “principals.” In other words, the crown would never lend its debt-tokens this precise way. But the debt-token principle, thus clearly illustrated, holds true. And that’s the point, purpose, intent.

*  *  *

E.G. a debt-token loan of 100x (i.e. thousand, million, billion, zillion) debt-tokens at 5% annual interest would have gradually and entirely returned to its “royal” source (and destination) within 20 years–AT WHICH TIME THE $100x BOND WOULD BE “DO,” ‘MATURE,” “PAYABLE”–assuming (for simple example or illustration) it were a 20 year “bond”–i.e. a promise to repay the entire loan or “principal” upon (its 20 year) “maturity.” See what trap debt-tokens are?

And so of course within that 20 year period the puppet-gov’t would have had to have borrowed more debt-tokens from the “central,” corporate crown, (their only source and destination), not only to pay this 20 year “bond” upon its “maturity” (i.e. its 20 year birthday/deathday) but also to have avoided gradual token scarcity, drought, “recession,” “depression” and economic inactivity and stagnation during those 20 years of gradually lessening tokens. For 5% of the debt-tokens would have been lost every year thusly: 100x, 95, 90, 85, 80…20, 15, 10, 5, and 0 debt-tokens left after 20 years time, when the 100x debt-token “bond” (“principal,” loan) is due for repayment, with nary a token to even begin to pay it. (Bummer!) But this “principal” can’t possibly be repaid, because it was already repaid as “interest.”

*  *  *

But let’s “go figure.” Let’s do more math to see where this debt-token money takes us. Let’s assume the same 5% interest rate, and the same 20 year “term of [the] loan,” or bond. And let’s ignore the incremental loans, bonds, “principals” necessary to avoid monetary “deflation” (and hence economic stagnation) during each 20 year “term of loan.”

We saw the initial crown loan of 100x debt-tokens at 5% annual “interest” is entirely depleted in 20 years, at which time the 100x bond/principal/loan is due. And so the puppet gov’t must now borrow 100x debt-tokens to pay its crown before it can begin to borrow more for itself and its citizens to use as tokens or exchange, as money. So how much (over 100x) should be borrowed for this second “term of loan.”

How about 200x, or 100x more than the “mature,” “due” or “payable” “bond”? So that leaves 100x to use as money (for production and trade, i.e. for the “economy”), just like the first loan. But though the (5%) interest rate (for simplicity’s sake) remains the same, the amount of interest payments doubles, because the “principal” or total debt (i.e. “national debt”) has doubled, from 100 to 200x.

So let’s do the math. 5% of 200 is not 5 but 10x debt-tokens per year thus leaving the market-place or “economy” every year (in “interest” payments), and hence gradually deplete all (debt-) tokens within 10 years, leaving 10 more years of total monetary drought. So surely the puppet gov’t must borrow more than 200x to (nominally, barely, technically) last out this second 20 year “term of loan” or bond.

So how about 300x?–thus leaving 200x to last as money for 20 years? Yes, at 10x debt-tokens lost per year (in “interest” payments), 200x tokens will just barely last 20 years, just like the first “term of loan.”

So the “national debt” (i. e. the puppet gov’t’s debt to the nation’s corporate crown, king, or “central bank”) tripled during the second “term of loan” from 100 to 300x. Shall we take this as a principle, and assume the same for the third “term of loan”? Shall the “national debt” at least triple every “term of loan”?

For after the second bond and term of 20 years, we left the “economy” without a drop of money. Surely the moneyless, “depressed,” bartering people (not to mention the puppet-gov’t) shall have needed more money “yesterday,” as they say. And assuming the pain of experience has not yet taught the public the evils of debt-tokens, and that no “representative” has yet showed them the benefits of debt-free tokens, perhaps in their profound ignorance they now clamor and petition their elected gov’t for a medium of exchange, unaware that their elective gov’t must petition its gov’t for it. For surely the public is (blissfully?) unaware that their elective gov’t (ever since it formally, legislatively elected to do so) is now in fact a puppet gov’t to a corporate monetary crown, king and dynasty, a “central” bank “of [debt-token money] issue.” For if the public understood debt-tokens and its crown, they would demand its end and head. Pity.

So how many debt-tokens should this puppet-gov’t petition its corporate crown to lend it to nominally last out the next 20 year “term of loan”? Shall we triple the second for this third bond? Thus 3 x 300x is a new bond of 900x tokens for this third “term of loan.” Is that too much, too little, or just enough to last out the next 20 years? 300x is immediately necessary to pay the second loan, “principal” or “mature” “bond.” That leaves 600x for 20 years of “interest” payments at an annual rate of 5% due a combined “principal” (or “national debt”) of 900x. So 45x debt-tokens must be annually paid to the crown (and hence lost to the marketplace). And if 20 x 45 = 600 then, as before, the debt-tokens shall be entirely gone via the very last “interest” payment on the 20 year bond and “term of loan.” Leaving a “national debt” of 900x debt-tokens (i.e. the third loan, “principle,” “bond”), and not one token to pay it.

And so the forth “royal” “bond” (for the fourth “term of loan”) shall be for 2700x entailing an initial “bond” payment of 900x (the last loan or “principal”) and an 5% “interest” payment of 90 debt-tokens annually.

And in following our pattern made uniform and easy for purposes of illustration, the fifth “term of loan” shall be for 8,100x debt-tokens at a yearly “interest” payment of 270 debt-tokens.

*  *  *  *  *

Note, dear reader, how the crown’s debt-tokens are (by the crown’s taxpaying subjects or “citizens”) paid for twice: once via “interest” payments (during the course of the “term of [the] loan”), and twice upon the (puppet-gov’t) bond’s “maturity,” when the “principal” loan must be repaid in full. (100% “interest” + 100% “principal”/bond = 200%) And so the Satanic or “jewish” corporate crown trades its worthless tokens (which cost it next to nothing to produce) for whatever it cost you, dear reader, to earn them. For you must surrender the tokens to your puppet-gov’t (via taxes), who/which then surrender them to the crown. And so “your” “central” crown (via dividends to itself) thus steals your life-blood, labor, sweat and tears. And so your something pays for the crown’s nothing…twice. And so the “central” dynasty gets paid two times over in real values for the valueless tokens it lent its puppet-gov’t (and the or “your” elected gov’t).

(But how can crown’s puppet-gov’t ever be “your” elected gov’t if you didn’t even vote for it?–or even against it? For does a woman raped truly ask to be raped? Or a lamb to be devoured by a wolf? Or a citizen to be debt-enslaved by a Satanic, “jewish” crown or king?)

*  *  *

And notice, dear reader, how the number of debt-tokens in existence or circulation generally keep rising over time, and with every new “term of loan.” E.G. the average or median # of debt-tokens (at the end of the 10th year, or half-way through the “term of the loans”) during the first loan period was 50x, then 100x, then 300x, 900, 2,700 etc. And thus prices of all things must likewise rise, for they are “bid up” by this more money within the marketplace, or within the pockets or purses of buyers. In other words, ongoing monetary “inflation” is necessary to keep this debt-token scam and system ongoing, persisting, continuing, progressing. And that’s why (with some “deflationary” periods of falling prices) all prices within a debt-token realm, state or kingdom generally keep rising over time. Just consider, e.g., the price of a loaf or bread or a gallon of milk from decade to decade to decade. The keep rising, rising, rising.

And so the number of debt-tokens keep rising with every new crown “principal” or “term of loan.” For new debt-tokens are always necessary to pay the crown’s past but currently due “principal,” loan, bond. But notice also that the “national debt” (of the puppet-gov’t to its crown) keeps rising even faster and higher.

And the difference between the two (debt-tokens extant and the “national debt”) is the total amount of “interest” ever paid and of “principal” ever repaid to the “central” corporate crown. For (aside from “central” bank stock-holder dividends and bank costs and salaries) all these debt-tokens have thus gone out of circulation, use, existence. And so there’s the gap, shortage, impossibility of repayment.

Let’s do the math. Let’s go, e.g., to the very beginning of the term of the fifth loan period, or “royal” bond. Of the 12,000x debt-tokens (100 + 300 + 900 + 2,700 + 8,100) thus far created and lent by our “central” crown to its puppet-gov’t (in these five “royal” loans, “principles” or terms), 2,700x (100 + 200 + 600 + 1,800) have so far been paid back in as “interest,” and 1,300 debt-tokens (100 + 300 + 900) have so far been repaid as crown “principal” or “mature” “bonds.” (And so these 4,000 debt-tokens are thus taken out of circulation and existence.)

And so at time of the beginning of the fifth loan and bond, of the 12,000x debt-tokens so far created and lent by the crown to its puppet-gov’t, and hence (through them) to its “royal” citizen-subjects, 4,000x (2,700 +1,300) have already been repaid (as “interest” and “principal”/“mature bond”), and thus 8,000x (or 66.6%) remain for the puppet-gov’t the public and the “economy” to employ as tokens of exchange or money. Thus at this point in time the “national debt” is 33.3% more debt-tokens than even exist. In other words the total debt is 33.3% unpayable.

But if we go to the middle of this fifth loan period, at the end of the 10th year, then half of the extant debt-tokens have been repaid as “interest,” and hence only 4,000x debt-tokens remain or exist to use as money, and/or to repay this impossible “national debt” of 1,200x. Thus, at this time the “national debt” is three times the number of debt-tokens in existence, or three times (or 300%) impossible to pay. AND THIS IS IGNORING OR NOT COUNTING THE 8,1OOx DEBT-TOKENS WHICH SHALL BE DUE FOR PAYMENT WHEN THE FIFTH LOAN PERIOD IS OVER, AND THE FIFTH “BOND” REACHES “MATURITY ON ITS 20TH BIRTHDAY.”

And see, dear reader, how the crown’s “principal” is always paid, and yet isn’t? For each successive “principal” is paid for only by a new “royal” loan or bond? The first “principal”/loan/bond of 100x was paid for only by the second (of 300x); and this second only by the third (of 900x); and this third only by the fourth (of 2,700x); and this forth only by a new loan, “principal” and bond of 81,000x “royal” debt-tokens. And so “principal” has been repaid, and yet hasn’t, because the puppet-gov’t has to keep borrowing more and more “principal” to repay each successive and growing “principal.” And each new “principal” loan or bond must also include “interest” (and even more tokens besides or atop to use all the while as marketplace money) to monetarily survive until the very next crown loan, “principal” due date or bond “maturity.” And hence “principle” (or total debt) keeps growing–indeed, multiplying.

*  *  *  *  *

And so it goes. For every “term of loan” the “national debt” triples, at the very least. The total “interest” payments likewise triple, as do the “principal” or “bond” repayments. I say “at the very least,” for our example, though truthful in principle, was, for sake of clarity, unrealistic. And yet our figures, high as they were, could not have been smaller or more conservative. For recall our debt-tokens were completely repaid, depleted, exhausted, evaporated at the end of every “principal”/loan/bond period. Whereas realistically, the puppet gov’t would have had to borrow many more tokens within each period (to use as money), and hence more “national” debt, and hence a higher multiple than our most conservative, rock-bottom, and minimum tripling every “term of loan” period.

It was no coincidence that national income taxes were inaugurated in “jewish”-Amerika (and elsewhere) at the very time of this “central” bank’s bastard-birth. For where else were these “interest” payments to come from? For surely the puppet-gov’t makes or produces nothing of worth or value, but takes or seizes much. And note also how via (borrowing and) spending all this “royal” debt-token money, the puppet-gov’t or officialdom becomes HUMUNGOUS, while the citizen or non-official shrinks into insignificance. And also the national puppet-gov’t grows gigantic, and the local govt’s shrink down into nothingness. (And so why not a revival of local (county and/or individual) “sovereignty,” autonomy, independence?)

And though ’tis true “He who pays the piper calls the tune,” ’tis truer that “The borrower is servant to the lender.”–(Proverbs 22:7) And hence the national puppet-gov’t dutifully spends the crown’s debt-tokens precisely as it is “royally” directed. In other words the nation is transformed (via the puppet-gov’t) into the “central” bank’s “vision,” will, desire, creature, beast. See how the warlike Amerikan beast has roared and devoured all the world since the “royal” bastard’s crowning birth in 1913.

Thus the more you use (or are forced to use) debt-tokens, the more mired in debt you (your family and nation) get. Think of a mastodon in a tar pit, or you and yours in quicksand.

But do not despair. For you owe nothing, but are “royally” owed much. And honest token money is possible, if only its debt-free, ample and stable. (Gold and silver, we all know, is always honest, or always honestly what it is.)

Thus debt-token money is a Satanic man-made trap, designed and perpetrated by a demonic trapper, with more than a little help from (his “messianic” father or “uncle Satan” and) “your” traitorous (local and national) gov’t. So why not throw the official enemies (tyrants, usurpers, robbers, thieves) out of you official chair(s), both locally and nationally? And while you’re at it, dear reader, why not demolish your “sacred” chair altogether, and hence be free of it forever? For surely idolatry is a hellish road downward. Why not forever shrug off the dead weight of your faith and credit in the Devil’s anti-Christ or “jewish” wiles, tricks, lies and pretensions?

Luther threw the “false prophet” off the Devil’s imperially “beastly” chair in Rome. Who then shall throw the SuperNazi “jew”-demon off the Dragon’s beastly chair in Jew York City?

*  *  *  *  *

And so as more time passes from the time of the initial loan, and as the puppet-gov’t’s “national debt” gradually soars to several times or more the number of tokens in existence at any one time, it becomes more and more obvious (even to a moron, “economist,” “professor” or puppet-gov’t official) that this “mortgaged” nation’s “national debt” can never ever be repaid–at least not in these (non-existent) debt-tokens–but maybe in “royally” seized land, natural resources, citizen-slaves, etc. But again this unpayability of debt-token monopoly-money is theoretically deductible or mentally visible from the very start of this “central” or “royal” scam, or even before–“a priori,” as they say.

In fact, the total of “interest” and “principal” or “bond” payments ever made by the puppet-gov’t (i.e. the taxpayer) to the “central” bank is the total gap or distance between all circulating or extant debt-tokens and the total puppet-gov’t’s “royal” borrowings, and hence debt, i.e. the “national debt.” In other words, the more (debt-token) “interest” is paid to the debt-token crown, the more impossible it becomes to pay all the totaled “royal” “principals” or (debt-token) loans. For again all “interest” (whether puppet-gov’t or “commercial” bank) is and must be taken from crown “principal(s)”–the only or monopoly source of the debt-tokens. For again only “principal” (temporarily) exists, and never “interest.” And so the more interest is paid, the more impossible it is to pay “principal.” In fact, the precise amount of these “interest” payments, is the precise amount of this unpayability gap between debt-tokens extant and owed to the “central” crown or king.

Thus all debt-token money is itself a trap, and its inventor, creator and lender a psychopathic trapper (disguised as a “central banker”). To use debt-token money is thus to be abused, entrapped, thieved and robbed by it, or rather by its sociopathic perpetrators or Satanic banksters–however “royal” or “central.” You, dear reader, clearly need to clearly see this debt-token trap. For your (monetary, economic, political) future depends upon it.

*  *  *  *  *

The Intrinsic and Characteristic Instability of All Debt-Token Money

An honest token money is a plentiful and stable (and of course debt-free) token money. A stable token money is one that keeps its value over time, one whose tokens do not ever rise nor fall in value. And honest token money is one which (aside from being far more than plentiful, numerous or ample enough to satisfy all exchanges possibly desired within the realm at full production and trade) also maintains a steady, unfluctuating (indeed sacrosanct) ratio of tokens-per-residents or users (buyers and/or sellers) within the marketplace and/or realm–again so many tokens per resident–(i.e. 100, 200, 300, or whatever). The point is, the chosen level or ratio (of tokens-per-resident) must remain stable, constant or unchanging forever, and so shall each token’s value. And there’s your honest, ample, stable, debt-free token money. Is it not worth it’s weight in gold, or even more?

But, on the other hand, and on the dark side, a debt-token money is characteristically, inherently, intrinsically and unavoidably unstable, inconstant and changing. And thus the debt-token’s value is never stable. But why not?

Even if we for the moment ignore the “little” problem of the repayment of the “principal” of the debt-token money-loan, the volume or number of debt-tokens in circulation (indeed, in existence) must annually decrease (“deflate”) by whatever (fluctuating) usury (rent or “interest”) rate the debt-token crown (creator and lender) demands, commands, requires, dictates. For the debt-token monopoly-money scheme or beast entails annual interest payments (in debt-tokens) being periodically re-paid back to their only source and creator–(this predatory crown, king, corp. and/or beast). For usury payments are the nature of loans and debts. And this periodic profit is the lender’s motivation, purpose and “interest” in lending (to the borrower).

Therefore debt-token money is inherently, intrinsically, characteristically volume-variable, inconstant, changing and hence unstable. And hence a debt-token’s value is always changing, and hence ever untrustworthy. Thus there is not (and cannot be) an unfluctuating, constant or stable number of debt-tokens-per-citizen, but only a constantly decreasing one–like a gradual drought without rain (i.e. new debt-token loans) but with continuing natural evaporation (i.e. annual debt-token “interest” payments)–except that this gradual money-drought (of annual “interest” or usury payments) is not at all an act of God, nor divinely nor naturally caused, but is in fact the exact opposite. Debt-token monopoly-money is a dark, deliberate and malevolent act and trap of the Devil’s beastly sinagog (of you-know-who/what). (Apo./Rev. 2:9, 3:9 & 13:16-17)

*  *  *

Like surface-water, debt-money gradually evaporates (via annual “interest payments” back up to its creator/lender). But unlike natural cloudbursts of rain, debt-money does not naturally and inevitably re-fall down to earth (as if a natural act of God), but only upon the pleasure and command of the debt-money god(s) via new loans (i.e. greater debt, and greater payments (of loan “principal” and “interest”). And so the debt-money drought (by Satan and Its thieving demons!), might last indefinitely, and go into “recession,” “depression,” stagnation.

(But if they only knew how, the money-parched people could make it rain “pennies from heaven” at any time. They just need a “rain maker” to show them how. Know anyone like that, dear reader?)

And to complete this metaphor, like water seeks its own level, a debt-free money (at e.g. 100, 200 or 300 tokens-per-resident) seeks it very own level, value, cost, price. Debt-free money is like a rain that falls on a rock-hard ground in a land or kingdom without an evaporating sun. And thus debt-free token money is lost neither to the ground nor to the sky, but remains in circulation and keeps its value indefinitely–as long as the chosen ratio is faithfully maintained.

*  *  *

But this annually decreasing (or “deflating”–think of a balloon) volume or amount of debt-token money increases whenever the puppet-gov’t borrows (i.e. is permitted to borrow) more debt-token money from it’s well-hidden puppet-master. For if not, there would eventually be no more money at all–again due to periodic, debt-token “interest” payments.

But how is this done? How is the puppet-gov’t directed (by its monetary (economic and political) master) to borrow more debt-tokens?

(So as least to ever be noticed doing so. For such might lead John Q. Public to question why these annual new borrowings are perpetually necessary. (“Where is the money going? Why is there this perpetual money shortage?”) And thus perhaps even come to understand the true nature of this debt-token monster or beast.)

The puppet-gov’t is directed, told, commanded (by its monetary master) to knowingly propose and approve insufficiently false budgets almost annually, and hence to deliberately overspend, again almost annually. (See “deficit spending.”) The puppet-government thus annually, stealthily, surreptitiously, borrows more debt-tokens in the fiscal dark, thereby increasing (“inflating”) the debt-tokens in existence and circulation.

The pretense, pretext or deceit is that this nearly annual borrowing is necessary to pay for last year’s governmental creditors still patiently awaiting to be paid for their goods and services rendered to the puppet-gov’t during the preceding fiscal year–wherein the (puppet-government spend more than it planned to (“budgeted”), and even more than it took in via taxation-extortions, confiscations, fines, etc. I.E., via its nearly annual and deliberate overspending and hence “deficits,” the Parliamentary and presidential puppet-gov’t thus obeys their hidden crown, king and master. And new debt-token money thus secretly and surreptitiously enters the debt-currency and “stimulates the economy.”

And this debt-token “inflation” (via new borrowings to pay off deliberate deficits) is the opposite monetary fluctuation from token “deflation.” And it likewise destabilizes or changes the token-to-citizen ratio. (An volume-increased or “inflated” token is worth less, and a decreased or “deflated” more–according to natural law of supply and demand.) But both (debt-token “inflation” and “deflation”) add up to constant token instability, volatility, inconstancy, changeableness.

And so we see a debt-token money is inherently, intrinsically, characteristically unstable, and cannot possibly be stable, much less honest. (But then how could a debt-token or theft- and trap-money ever be honest?) (And of course thieving and manipulative speculators cannot possibly speculate (nor predators prey) upon a unfluctuating or stable money or currency.

Methinks this need to pump more and more debt-tokens into an “interest”- and “bond” or “principal”-depleted token supply to be the real and true reason or cause for the persistent, yearly, annual “budget-deficits” of the puppet gov’t. But have you ever heard this explanation before, dear reader, either from Parliament the president, or any other puppet-gov’t official?–and hence public enemy in office? Me neither. And is this because this “deficient” explanation is false? Or because it is true?

*Again, a debt-token money (a token-money loaned into existence or circulation) is by nature volatile, simply because periodic payments of loan-usury or “interest” (as well as repayments of loan-“principal”) are periodically taken out of the money supply, thus gradually reducing, “deflating” it or drying it up, and eventually completely. Furthermore, the periodically necessary new (“principal”) borrowings (to avoid total or complete tokenlessness) also vary, increase (“inflate”) the supply of money, thus creating more volatility of money-volume (and hence of value) in the other direction.*

Thus a debt-token money characteristically, necessarily and unavoidably creates volume volatility both ways–up and down, more and less, “inflation and deflation,” flood and drought, “boom and bust,” “prosperity and depression.”

Hence debt-token money can never be trusted to keep its value, not even for a short while, simply because its volume (and hence value) is constantly changing.

*  *  *  *  *

The Unpayable Debt, the Annual Deficit and the Infinitesimal Currency-to-Debt Ratio

All debt-tokens must inevitable return to their creator, lender and source. The source of all debt-tokens is also their destination. This is their nature, essence, meaning.

And so because every year the volume or number of debt-tokens in circulation is reduced via rent, usury or “interest” payments to the monetary crown–(the debt-token creator and lender), therefore every year is a gradual money-evaporation, gradually leading to a monetary drought, unless the money power (the crown, the king) graciously allows more debt-tokens to be loaned into existence and circulation (by him) to his victim-people–his sheeple–his collective prey (via “their” gov’t–which is in reality the crown’s puppet-gov’t).

*  *  *  *  *

Here again we see the cause and reason for the annual “deficit spending” of national, Gentile puppet-governments. Here we see why the “people’s” national “representatives” keep surreptitiously borrowing (by the fiscally-hidden back-door) yet more and more debt-money almost every year. This again is to keep the gradual and “depressing” money-drought at bay–the drought worsened every year by the dutiful payment of the annual “interest,” rent or usury on the debt-token money. (By the way, this annual “interest” payment is euphemized as “debt-servicing.”) And this debt-token rent or usury is the “first priority” debt (or the most important “bill”) which the puppet-gov’t must always pay before and above all other debts. (For the servant must serve his master above all others, and first and foremost pay his master his due.)

And high taxes are of course necessary for the puppet-gov’t to make these annual “interest” payments to its “royal” debt-token crown. (For like its monetary master, the puppet-gov’t produces nothing, but demands and seizes much. It makes no wealth, but takes much wealth from those who do.) And it was no accident that “income” taxes were instituted (or rather perpetrated) at the same time as the “central banks.”

And so the nearly annual borrowings (and hence the annual budget-deficit) of the national puppet-gov’t (from its monetary master) are necessary to keep debt-tokens in existence, to annually “service the debt” (pay the token-money rent) and to keep this national lender of the national debt (i.e. the “corporate} crown) from “foreclosing” on the nation, and hence seizing all the nation’s “mortgaged” “collateral”–i.e. the nation itself–the land and the people. But of course this national “foreclosure” and “confiscation” can only be averted if the real and true national gov’t (the money-crown) permits it–i.e. if it permits its puppet-gov’t to borrow more of its debt-tokens in order to continue paying the annual “interest” payments (“servicing the debt”). For otherwise the debt-tokened nation must eventually run out of debt-tokens necessary to pay the yearly usury (much less to make exchanges among themselves), and hence must fall into loan “default,” “foreclosure” and confiscation of all national “collateral.”

(For at, e.g., a 10% annual debt-token rent, usury or “interest,” (and barring new borrowings) there shall be no more debt-tokens after only 10 years (of “interest” payments). And so though the annual “interest” has been duly paid, there is no money at all left to make exchanges. And yet the entire “principle” of the debt-money loan is still owed to the debt-token crown. And yet there are no tokens left to begin to pay it. And thus the “jewish” “central bank,” the Gentile nation’s corporate “jewish” crown, can then “legally” declare Gentile national debt-“default,” “foreclose” on the national loan, and seize the nation’s “collateral”–i.e. its land, natural resources, etc.–(perhaps indirectly via the supernational banksters’ or crowns’ “jew”-N, “world bank” or “I.M.F.”).

Never have I heard a single “people’s representative” thus explain this most pressing cause and reason for his Parliamentary colleagues’ almost annual national gov’t “budget deficits,” and hence the annually and enormously-growing “national debt.” Why is that? Why don’t the puppet-politicians explain the real and true reason for their nearly yearly “budget deficits”? (Because a budget deficit means (and conceals) a new debt-token loan (from the debt-token crown) to pay for it.) Why are these public enemies and traitors in office forever silent about this simple truth? Because they know what they are and whom they serve?

Logically there are two possible explanations: Either because they do not know, or because they do. Either because they (like some economics professors or “economists”) simply don’t know why, and hence, (being frauds thus pretending to know what they in fact do not), simply do not belong in office, power or classroom, and so (do to their personal ignorance and incompetence) cannot possibly ever help the victimized citizenry out of the trap of debt-token-money–at least by explaining what it, is why it is, whom it serves and whom it does not.

Or else because they do know, but are dutifully silent because they know whom and what they secretly are and serve, faithfully performing what their crown, their money master, their “central bankster” requires, demands or commands of them–his political “representatives,” and our public enemies in our public offices.

*  *  *  *  *

Again, as long as public office is auctioned off to the highest bidder (via political propaganda, a.k.a. “advertising”), so long shall only political prostitutes and public enemies occupy public office, and therein, thereby reign over us. And thus economic/political conditions can only continue to get worse and worse, as these our public betrayers shall of course continue to officially and “legally” surrender more and more public power to their hidden masters, purchasers, pimps…and our social, racial, political, economic and monetary enemies. For the more the official (and of his puppet-master) grows, the more and more we non-officials shrink.

For consider: Who has more money to outbid the citizenry (and all other possible bidders) and thus to buy (what else but?) the political prostitutes who run for office? Who else but he with the deepest pockets to thus buy, blitzkrieg and catapult his hirelings (and our enemies) into public office?–as if these political prostitutes were our “representatives” and not their concealed, masked and unknown pimp’s private property and secret agents? Who indeed has more money to outbid all the others and thus buy all the political whores of public office, but he who personally creates all the money? Who but the money manufacturer, the corporate crown, the “central bank,” the concealed “jew”-king and his “banking”-family dynasty?

*  *  *  *  *

Let’s do our math again: Simply place (if you can find and trust the number so given by your puppet-gov’t) the number of debt-tokens presently in existence (i.e. circulation) within (or even without) your state, over (or divided by) the entire “national debt”–(each and every debt-token presently owed to the crown), and you will plainly and clearly see the terrifying truth of the currency-to-debt fraction or ratio, and the impossibility (several times over) of ever paying this debt. If, e.g., the national debt were 40 times the number of debt-tokens in existence, then the national debt is 39 times impossible to pay, (or impossible to pay, 39 times.)

For again, only “principle” is created and lent by the debt-token crown, but “principle” and (or plus) “interest” is demanded in return. Thus only at the instant the debt-token-money was first lent (i.e., before time first began to pass and hence (non-existent) “interest” began to accumulate) was it ever possible to pay this debt-token debt.

And this instant repayment of the debt-token money and debt would of course be a pointless exercise in futility–thus leaving all the citizenry precisely where they started from–without tokens of exchange (money), and hence again reduced or returned to bartering (or moneyless trading thing of for thing). And methinks this example likewise illustrates or shows the utter futility, absolute trap and Satanic evil of all debt-token moneys.

But as “time is money,” so more time is or equals more and more debt-token money owed and due to the economic/political god of the debt-tokened nation. And (as we saw above at 10%) as the annual rent-payments gradually reduce the debt-token-money available to pay the total or “principal” debt, so the mathematical impossibility of total loan repayment becomes ever more and more apparent over time. And as nearly annual “deficit” borrowings (to prevent a money dry-up) increase not only total (or “principal”) debt, but also rental (or “interest”) payments, and hence annual debt-token depletions, reductions, losses, the impossibility of repayment here again becomes more and more obvious year after year.

(But again this mathematical impossibility was deductible, knowable, recognizable from the very beginning. Did your corporate crown know that, dear reader? How about your national president, Parliament, treasurer, tax-man, etc.? How could they not know?)

Again, if the total or “principal” debt presently owed (by the ensnared, entrapped, enslaved public) to (“their” crown–i.e. “their” debt-token creator, manufacturer and lender) within (or rather above) their state is presently, say, 50 times all the debt-tokens currently in existence or circulation–this means if all this extant debt-token money were immediately re-paid to its creator/lender/king–a mere 2% or 1/50 of the total debt would have thus been be paid, thus leaving 98% or 49/50 of the debt-tokens yet owed. And you know what? Each and every token of that remaining debt represents tokens that never even existed.

And so what are you to think, dear reader, when you hear your own or other national presidents or Parliamentarians talk about paying down the national debt?–or even of paying it off completely? Is it not obvious they are either ignoramuses or gigantic liars and secret agents in the pay of the unknown crown atop the corporately masked and hidden king or dynasty within (or rather above) your particular kingdom or state?

Thus all the debt-tokens in existence or circulation keep shrinking compared with all the debt-tokens owed to the debt-token crown, creator, source and destination. (For recall that a debt-token’s source is also its inevitable destination. That is the very nature, meaning and trap of a debt-token money.) Thus the currency-to-debt fraction (or ratio) keeps shrinking. And thus the debt-to-currency multiple (or ratio) keeps growing.

What remedy then? One must first recognize the disease to prescribe a cure. One must first see how the trap is sprung or the cage is closed to ever release those entrapped within–(should one be of such a mind, spirit, intent).

*  *  *  *  *

Think of a mastodon hopelessly-entrapped within a (debt-money) tar-pit. So are we, collectively, via “our” debt-token money and our annually-growing “national debt.” And with every passing year we monetary victims and fools sink ever deeper and deeper into debt-token debt via “our” puppet-gov’ts’ nearly yearly “budget-deficit” borrowings,” annually necessary to stave off the annually-worsening money drought, due to the annual debt-token-rent payments (euphemized and concealed as “debt-servicing”).

In other words, the currency-to-debt fraction or ratio keeps shrinking. As I showed above, even from the onset it was evident “a priori” that any debt-token loan can never, ever be repaid (with debt-tokens–as distinguished from the nation itself, its landed, natural and “human resources”)–as all the money to be owed never even existed in the first place to ever be repaid back to its sly, secretive, sociopathic source. And this difference or discrepancy between the debt and all debt-tokens extant to pay this (annually growing) debt likewise keeps annually growing–again due to the yearly money-rent payments, and hence the yearly reduction, shrinkage and depletion of the debt-token supply. And so with each passing year, and with each new debt-token loan, and with the annually growing debt-to-currency ratio or numeral (and/or the shrinking currency to debt ratio or fraction), the truth becomes even more obvious to and undeniable by all but the biggest fools, and the greatest paid-liars of the debt-token crown, (and hence the greatest enemies of the people–and I especially mean those officials occupying the highest (auctioned-off) offices of the mortgaged Gentile nations), that this national debt-token money-debt is infinitely unpayable, and was from the very beginning of the confidence game or trap.

*  *  *  *  *

The totality of all unpaid “principal(s)” or debt-tokens loans by the national crown to its national puppet-gov’t is called the “national debt.” And the present “central” loan or “principal,” the present “central” “bond” or national “mortgage,” is the approximate sum total of all these former loans or “principals” (of the crown to its official and elective national puppet). And it is the “centrally”-alleged “national debt.”

For again little more than the “interest” on these “principals” can ever be repaid (to their only “central” source and destination). And in time even these payments shall exhaust or evaporate all current or extant tokens. For only “principle” tokens are created and lent by the “central” corporate crown to its national puppet-gov’t.

Thus each new “central” loan or “principle” is essentially added (“piggybacked” or “rolled over”) onto all those contracted before it–much like a man standing upon a man standing upon a man, only reversed, with the smallest man at the base and the largest man at the top–he representing the latest (and hence largest) “central” loan, the current (and hence greatest) “principle” or “bond,” the accumulated national “lien,” “mortgage” or “debt” “centrally”-alleged against the entire Gentile nation, against all those betrayed, sold or mis-“represented” by “their” national puppet-gov’t.

Thus the current “principal” or ‘bond” is not merely the sum of all debt-tokens lent (and thus circulating or current) at any one time; it is the sum total of all such loans lent to the successive national puppet-governments or administrations since the treasonous legislative creation or parliamentary bastard-birth of this national or “central” corporate monetary crown.

Thus the current “principal,” loan, “bond” or “mortgage” is the current “national debt.” It is the approximate sum of all the former loans, of all debt-tokens ever lent by the nation’s monetary crown to its puppet-gov’t. That’s how much is allegedly owed by the puppet-gov’t (i.e. its representees, the people) to this real and true but hidden gov’t.

For mostly only “interest” is ever paid by the puppet-gov’t, and hardly ever any “principal.” For (barring new loans, new “principals”) even “interest” payments would totally deplete the debt-token supply in a few short years.

And therefore whenever these new debt-token loans, debts, “principals” or “bonds” (i.e. puppet-gov’t paper-promises to repay all the debt-tokens at a certain future date) are “mature” and hence “due,” the puppet-gov’t simply borrows more debt-tokens from its “central” crown (and perhaps some from the public) to repay these “due” debt-tokens, to meet these “principal” debts or “bond” obligations. And hence most debt-tokens from every new loan, “principal,” “bond,” injection or installment of debt-tokens (from the “central” bank to its national puppet-gov’t) never ever see the light of day. For they are used to repay the former “central” loan or “principal” whenever its “bond” is “due.” Hence most of the latest batch of “centrally” borrowed debt-tokens are never even printed up. They never even circulate for a moment. In fact they never even exist except as figures on the “central” bank’s ledger-book or computer.

And hence the accumulated “principal(s)” or “national debt” keeps growing, growing and growing, or going up, up and up, as do the total annual (crown-dictated) “interest” payments on that accumulated “national debt.”

And this annual payment (of the puppet-gov’t to its “central” master or crown) is euphemized as “debt-servicing.” This term refers not merely to the “interest” % or rate(s) set by the “central bank” for any particular year, but to the total payment of the national puppet-gov’t to its “central” bank or crown for that particular year. For “debt servicing” is a (crown-dictated) annual percentage to be paid on the total loan, the total “principal,” the total “national debt.”

*  *  *  *  *

Thus the national puppet gov’t is “graciously” allowed or permitted (by its “central” monetary crown) to “roll over” or accumulate its loans or “principals”–(as these cannot possibly be paid in any case, and for the aforementioned reason)–into an ever-growing (and far more unpayable) “national debt.”

But this “rolling over” or “piggy-backing” of debt-token loans is not the case with the crown’s loans to “commercial” banks, who in turn loan these royal or “central” monopoly debt-tokens to the public.

And these “commercial” loans must be repaid to the crown in full and on time, plus all “interest” besides, or the bank(s) could be “legally” “foreclosed,” “bankrupted” and seized by the crown for loan “default.” (And I’ll bet, for secretive purposes of maximum “central” “jewish” control, power and profit over the debt-tokened (and hence monetarily, economically and politically oppressed) Gentile peoples, nations or states, the largest “commercial” banks within the nations are in fact secretly owned by these secretive supernational monetary crowns, these corporate (hence anonymous or unknown, and irresponsible or unliable) “jewish” “central banks.”)

And all “interest” tokens paid on these “central bank” loans to these “commercial” banks must come from, or out of, where or what else but their only possible source?–the supernational (SuperNazi) or imperial “jewish” monetary crown(s)–and hence from the “principal” debt-tokens loaned out to the various traitorous Gentile puppet-gov’ts. Thus these “principal” debt-tokens are reduced or evaporated not only by the all “interest” payments of the puppet-gov’ts, but also by all the “interest” payments of all these “commercial” banks, thus further contributing to the vast difference, gulf, chasm or abyss between all the monopoly debt-tokens extant or in circulation within any given Gentile nation, and all the debt-tokens allegedly “owed” back to their only possible source and destination, the monetary crown of that monetarily-damned nation, its deceitful, fraudulent, Satanic and predatory “jewish” “central” bank.

*  *  *  *  *

And although the fraction, proportion or % of extant debt-tokens to the (“central” bank and puppet gov’t’s) “national debt” continually decreases over time (e.g. 50%, 25%, 10%, 5%, 2%, etc.), the actual number of debt-tokens continually increases or “inflates.” (And hence prices generally and gradually rise, rise and rise over time. Just compare today’s prices of eggs or milk when you, dear reader, were a boy or girl.)

And why this continual increase in the numbers or amount of debt-tokens but an even greater increase in the puppet-gov’t’s “national” debt? Because whenever the puppet-gov’t’s “bonds” (printed, tendered or paid “up front” by the puppet-gov’t to the corporate “central” bankster, king or crown for every new debt-token loan or “principal”) are contractually due to be paid (i.e. have “reached maturity”), where are the debt-tokens to come from but from their only source (and inevitable or ultimate destination)? And so with every new “roll over,” with every new “central” loan, “principal” and “bond” the puppet-gov’t borrows more debt-tokens from the crown to pay the crown for the now “mature” bonds it formerly paid the crown for its previous debt-token loans or “principals.” And so with every new “rolled over” “central” loan or “principle,” the puppet-gov’t prints up and signs “bonds” or official promises to pay the crown debt-tokens which don’t then or won’t even exist when these very bonds are “mature” or “due” to be paid.

(Recall or review the example above in “The Impossibility of Repayment: An Illustration.”)

And so every time the crown must print up (or rather have its puppet-gov’t’s “treasurer” print them up, and perhaps sporting the official seal of the national “treasury” and the facsimile signature of the “treasurer”) more and more (paper) debt-tokens for its puppet gov’t to borrow to pay off its “bonds.” And so though more and more debt-tokens are crown-created, lent and circulated over time, (thus “inflation,” and thus “inflated” or higher and higher and higher prices), the “national debt” is growing even faster.

For the “national debt” is approximately all the debt-tokens ever “publicly” or “officially” borrowed from the crown (by its puppet-gov’t), or in other words, every crown loan or “principal” cumulatively added up.

But, on the other hand, all debt-tokens in existence or circulation are merely those which have not yet been paid back to their creative crown in “interest.” For again the debt-token crown is the source and destination of all (debt) tokens. Are you beginning to perceive and understand this debt-token fraud, crown, monster or “beast”?

*  *  *

So though debt-tokens must dramatically “inflate” (indeed multiply) over time, they need not, indeed cannot, be nearly as numerous as the total amount (of debt-tokens) alleged to be owed to the national crown, the anonymously and irresponsibly incorporated “central” banksters.

(Again, this “total amount” is “centrally” euphemized as the “national debt,” and all puppet-gov’t payments to their monetary crown (whether “bond” “principle” or “interest”) is euphemized as “servicing” this “national debt.”)

And there are again two reasons for this (as far as I can see):

1.) At every new bond cycle or “national debt” “rollover,” the entire “principle” of the last and now “mature” bond (though borrowed by the puppet-gov’t to pay this old and “due” bond) never really sees the light of day, never becomes part of the money supply, but is simply paid or transferred (and probably not even in real paper money, but merely in ledger-figures or computer-numbers) from the puppet-gov’t to their royal master–their “central” “jewish” king, crown and dynasty. And so only the remainder of this new loan, “bond,” “mortgage” or “principal” is available for puppet-gov’t use or expenditure (into circulation). (Again recall the “illustration” above.)

And also (2.) if the national “jewish” crown “temporarily” permits its debt-money damned nation to “service” (pay “interest” and “principal” on) only a fraction of the total “national debt,” loan or “principal,” the debt-money need not be “inflated” to the size of the “national debt” with every new “roll-over,” “principle,” loan or “bond.” For over time this monster necessarily grows, indeed multiplies. And so unless the predatory crown-spider “graciously” grants its national fly this temporary and partial “reprieve” from its/their debt-bondage, the paper-money must be inflated into total worthlessness.

And so in this way it is possible for the “national debt” to soar to become a ridiculously and obviously unpayable amount–e.g., up to 50, 75 or even 100 times or more the total amount of debt-tokens in existence.

*  *  *  *  *

Debt-bondage and enslavement of entire Gentile nations by Satanic “jews”: That is the very nature, meaning, purpose and intention of this debt-token money, and of its obviously Satanic creators and perpetrators, the beastly “jewish” trappers and their beastly “jewish” trap. (Apo./Rev. 13:11-12 & :16-17)

And did the Talmudic and rabbinical father of Marxism not publicly confess that [“jewish”] “capitalism” leads inexorably and inevitably to [“jewish”] “communism”?–which is no less than the “jewish” ownership of all Gentiles within their demonic grasp as if human livestock, cattle or “goyim.” (See their “Soviet Union”…and the appendix.)

*  *  *

What then? Then either the debt-token entrapped Gentile nations escape this beastly, SuperNazi “jewish” plot, or else they do not. (I myself kinda hope they do. How about you?)

But as for the demonic and beastly “jew,” what else has he planned for the Gentiles but phase two of his Satanic debt-token-money trap? I mean the supernational “foreclosure” of entire Gentile nations–(and perhaps via “world bank” or “I.M.F” of the Satanic bastard’s Jewnighted Nations Org.). I mean the “jewish” “central” banksters’ seizure of national Gentile “collateral”–i.e. the “mortgaged,” “bonded,” debt-ensnared and –debt-enslaved Gentile nations: the seizure of their lands, their natural resources and even themselves as (enslaved or “communized”) “jewish” “livestock,” “goyim” or “cattle”!)

*  *  *  *  *

(“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:…”–Hosea 4:6)

*  *  *  *  *

…And the Monetary Solution (?) (X; p. 196)


No thing in use by man, for power of ill, can equal money. (Sophocles, ancient Greek playwright, 496-406 B.C.)


Can we possibly ever remove money’s “power of ill,” its venom, its sting? How? For we need to know, perhaps more than we know, of money’s “power of ill.”


Money is a handmaiden, if thou knowest how to use it; a mistress [whore, prostitute or Babylonian queen–Ed.], if thou knowest not.–(Horace, 65 B.C.-8 B.C., Roman poet & philosopher)


Money is certainly a creation of mankind. For money never grew on trees nor fell out of the sky, like “pennies from Heaven” or Moses’ “manna.”


Money is the creature of law,…” (Abe Lincoln, 1809-65, 16th American president, from 1861-65)


Money was made, not to command our will,/ But all our lawful pleasures to fulfill. /Shame and woe to us, if we our wealth [money–Ed.] obey; /The horse doth with [take–Ed.] the horseman away.–(Abraham Cowley, 17th Century English writer)


And so since money is our human creation, why not make money our servant instead of our master, our mere means toward our selfish ends, rather than an independent end in itself–a (monetary) master, god or idol for us foolish idolaters to serve, to worship, to sacrifice and live for?


Money is a good servant but a poor master.–(Dominique Bouhours, French Author & Jesuit, 1632-1702)


Money will cease to be the master and become the servant of humanity. Democracy will rise superior to the [tyrannical, imperial, SuperNazi, “jewish”–Ed.] money power.–(Abraham Lincoln, American president from 1861-65)


Let’s hope so. But again, how? And hasn’t old “honest” Abe already shown us all the way via his debt-free “greenbacks”–i.e. the national currency or paper-money he didn’t borrow(from “jews”) but simply printed and spent into national circulation?

*  *  *  *  *

The Money-Creation-Power (as always) Remains the Crown, the King, the Government, but why not, Fellow-Citizens, a Power of our very Own?–instead (as now) of being Owned?

(Can ya dig it, dear reader? I knew that you could!)


My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:… (Hosea 4:6)


Where (there is) no vision, the people perish:… (Proverbs 29:18)


Neither a borrower nor a lender be. (William Shakespeare)


All the perplexities, confusion, and distress in America rise, not from defects of the Constitution of Confederation [of states–Ed.]; not from any want of honor or virtue, as much as downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.–(John Adams (2nd American president, 1797-1801) in a 1797 letter to his vice-president, Thomas Jefferson (3rd American president, 1801-09)


If the American people knew the corruption in our money system, there would be a revolution before morning. (John Adams, American president & Henry Ford, American industrialist, philanthropist, author and publisher)


I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. (Thomas Jefferson, 3rd American president, 1801-09)


Government, possessing the power to create and issue currency and credit [i.e. token-money–Ed.] as money, and enjoying the right [i.e. “possessing the power” (to tax-rob)–Ed.] to withdraw both currency and credit from circulation by taxation and otherwise, need not and should not borrow capital [i.e. money–Ed] at interest as the means of financing government work and public enterprise.–Abe Lincoln)


The Government should create, issue and circulate all the [non-debt or debt-free–Ed.] currency and credit needed to satisfy the spending power of the government and the buying power of consumers. The [supreme, ultimate, kingly, sovereign or “royal”–Ed.] privilege of creating and issuing money is not only the supreme prerogative [i.e. “right,” power or “authority”–Ed.] of government [elected, recognized, known or not–Ed.], but it is the government’s greatest creative opportunity. By the adoption of these principies, the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. [Not to mention “principal.”–Ed.].–Abe Lincoln)


The people can and will be furnished a [debt-free, paper-token-money “greenback”–Ed.] currency as safe as their own government.–Abe Lincoln)


No duty is more imperative on the government than the duty it owes the people to furnish them a sound [debt-free, ample, constant, honest–Ed.] and uniform currency, and of regulating the circulation of the medium of exchange, so that labor will be protected from a vicious [i.e. “jewish,” predatory, thieving, entrapping, inconstant, volatile, untrustworthy debt–Ed.] currency, and commerce will be facilitated by cheap and safe exchanges.–Abe Lincoln)


*  *  *  *  *

From Max Stirner’s The Ego and His Own, (or “The Only One and His Property”); Leipzig, Germany, 1845:


If it is said that competition throws every thing open to all, the expression is not accurate, and it is better put thus: competition makes everything purchasable. In abandoning it to them, competition leaves it to their appraisal or their estimation, and demands a price for it.

But the would-be buyers mostly lack the means to make themselves buyers: they have no money. For money, then, the purchasable things are indeed to be had (“For money everything is to be had!”), but it is exactly money that is lacking. Where is one to get money, this current or circulating property? Know then, you have as much money as you have–might; for you count for as much as you make yourself count for.

One pays not with money, of which there may come a lack, but with his competence, by which alone we are “competent” [and wealthy–Ed.]; for one is proprietor only so far as the arm of our power reaches. [p. 266]


Whether money is to be retained among egoists [or freemen–Ed.]? To the old stamp an inherited possession adheres. If you no longer let yourselves be paid with it, it is ruined: if you do nothing for this money, it loses an power. Cancel the inheritance, and you have broken off the executor’s court-seal. For now everything is an inheritance, whether it be already inherited or await its heir. If it is yours, wherefore do you let it be sealed up from you? Why do you respect the seal [the stamp, the mark of the crown, the king, the “central bank” corp.–Ed.]?

But why should you not create a new money? Do you then annihilate the [current–Ed.] ware in taking from it the hereditary stamp? Now, money is a ware, and an essential means or competence. For it protects against the ossification [stagnation–Ed.] of resources, keeps them in flux and brings to pass their exchange. If you know a better medium of exchange, go ahead; it will yet be a “money” again. It is not the money that does you damage, but your incompetence to take it. Let your competence take effect, collect yourselves, and there will be no lack of money–of your money, the money of your stamp. [p. 274]

*  *  *  *  *

OK, so why then don’t we “let our competence take effect,” and make an honest (i.e. unborrowed or debt-free, ample and stable) token-money of our own, one of our very own “stamp”?

Unless you’re “holding out” on me, dear reader, or vice-versa, we presumably lack sufficient gold or silver to coin enough (“specie”) coins for our common money within our county or state–enough so that we’d never have to resort to barter for lack of money, even at full production and trade. And therefore that leaves us goldless cowpokes either “token” money or barter to make all our exchanges or trades, and therefore token-money, for barter is most unsatisfactory, as aforementioned and explained.

But what kind or “species” of token-money: debt-tokens or debt-free tokens? (“And what’s the difference?”) All the difference in the world, I’m afraid. But don’t take my word for it, dear reader, reread the expose above. And thus only the debt-free variety do I recommend for me and thee. For debt-token money (“fractionally”-golden or not) is the fraudulent and Apocalyptic monopoly-money “mark of the [imperial or SuperNazi anti-Christ or “jewish”] beast” which has reduced us to our present debt-bondage. (Apo./Rev. 13:16-17)

So why on earth should we (and what else but Evil would possess or force us to?) continue to borrow our money-tokens (hence “debt-tokens”), when you, I, and the other guy, for next to nothing, can ourselves create or coin our very own debt-free token-money out of cheap metal (plastic, wood or even paper)? But then let’s not lend, nor even spend, but simply and freely give or distribute these tokens into public (county or state) circulation–and at a rate, ratio or proportion of so-many ample tokens per county resident (citizen, user, marketplace denizen, buyer or seller).

Why owe both “principal” and “interest” on tokens which we can create ourselves for next to nothing but the cost of cheap metal, of coining and of distribution? Simply reconsider the foolish madness and monetary (economic/political) trap of borrowing (debt-) tokens (at “principal” plus “interest”)? For to do so is to owe our “central” “jewish” crown more tokens than it ever “royally”-created and lent us monetary, economic, political losers, dupes and fools in the first place? (Only token-“principal” is “centrally”-created and lent us. But token-“principal” and “interest” is “royally”-demanded from us in return. And thus our “central” crown and king is either the smirking Devil or the wily “jew.”)

Perceive the “royal” or “central” bankster’s debt-token trap, even before jumping therein, and thus save yourself and your loved ones the damnation and trouble waiting for you therein. For to use or employ debt-tokens is to owe (as “principal”) each and every token in existence (each and every debt-token ever created or lent) back to its private, anonymous, “royal” and “central” source, plus “interest”-tokens which this “your” corporate crown never even created nor lent its poor public victims in the first place? Surely each and every debt-tokened state or kingdom is a monetary (economic and political) hell on earth–as “centrally,” royally, demonically intended by the Satanic “central” bankster(s)!

To collectively borrow monetary tokens it to owe more tokens than we borrowed. So why bother? Because debt-tokens are better then no tokens? (Simply not so. Try non-debt, debtless or debt-free tokens.) Borrowed tokens are temporary tokens–tokens which must soon be repaid to their creative or “divine,” “central” or “royal” source…and destination. So why should we collectively borrow temporary tokens? and thus (monetarily, economically, politically) damn ourselves with tokens which are here today and gone tomorrow?–tokens which constantly vary in quantity and hence quality?–in number and hence value?–in amount and hence price? A debt-token is a temporary and inconstant, volatile and untrustworthy commodity. But we need the permanent, constant and ample variety.

So why not collectively create permanent tokens instead? Why not collectively coin and thus collectively own our very own and hence permanent tokens? Why have tokens of exchange only part of the time? Why suffer ourselves to produce and trade only some of the time?–i.e. whenever our monetary crown, god or king is pleased to thus “graciously” permit us to do so?–via the temporary monetary “blessing” (i.e. curse) of his debt-tokens?

Debt-tokens are a Satanic invention, a demonic creation, a “speculator’s” ideal and a predator’s dream. Are we, dear reader, Satanists, demons or predators? (Pray ask neither the chickens nor their eggs.)

But let us therefore coin and distribute a debt-free token money. And therefore let us elect a trustworthy county mint-master/taxman/treasurer in the same way we shall, if we please, elect a trustworthy county sheriff–thus creating an economic office along with a political or legal one, and electing the officials to temporarily reside therein–as long as we shall be collectively pleased or served in allowing both offices, our “official” creations or creatures, to exist.

*  *  *

For the two county offices go together, and compliment one another. For without an honest sheriff’s badge or office, one not placed upon the county auction block, one not auctioned off to the highest bidder, we shall continue to have what he have and suffer under today–a bought or hired gun, a political prostitute in political office, an arrogant, violently officious, citizen-disarming thug with a desecrated sheriff’s star on his tyrannical chest, a bounty-hunting gunslinger with a badge at the murderous beck and call of his “jew”-bankster buyers, owners and masters.

(“I shot the sheriff. But I did not kill the deputy.” Bummer! I hate when that happens!)

And without an honest money, the county sheriff, as before, and even today, becomes the sociopathic or criminal agent of the “central” bankster robber-barons. And such bankster-evils Jesse James never did–on the contrary. For without an honest county coin, and the knowledge of it–(to be abundantly supplied by your county coiner/taxman/treasurer–and perhaps your humble local editor/pamphleteer), the banksters’ county gov’t (via their puppet-sheriff) would (as before) be seizing and presiding over “sheriff-sales” or “sheriff’s-auctions” of the bank-, county-, or tax-“foreclosed” property of innocent, monetary victims residing within the money-starved county, perhaps including ourselves and our loved ones. And that’s not good for us, nor for anyone else–but the banksters and their “insider” cousins or brothers, and their hand-picked and purchased “public” officials, and hence public enemies.

And without an honest county coin of our own, dear reader, we would again (as before) be subtly made the economic and political subjects of foreign or extra-county powers, offices, badges, authorities and thrones–dark, predatory, invasive and tyrannical. And that’s not good neither.

An honest coin or money is vital, necessary and prerequired for the economic and political independence of any group of people. Any group of people who elect to draw their wagons in a circle, to stand together, and build a protective wall against the violence of the world need an honest, ample and stable money to help them do so. For without it, they’re sunk, as we are now, here, today, at this debt-pressurized bottom of “Davy Jones’ locker”–deep down underneath this hopelessly (even demonstrably) unpayable debt, and hence deep down under this political or officious oppression or tyranny of “our” traitorous national puppet-gov’t of “our” national lender or “creditor”–i.e. “our” “central” crown and corporate banksters.

*  *  *

Then let us take a head-count or census within our county-kingdom–counting all residents, both adults and children, citizens and foreigners. And let us charge our elective county mint-master with minting or coining so many ample tokens per county resident (of whatever age). And let us command him to place them in each citizen’s “account” within the county mint, tax office and “treasury.” (For how can mere tokens truly be treasure?) And therein have each citizen personally pick up his free tokens, and/or mail them out to him–requiring merely a signature for the tokens upon pick-up or delivery.

And let us save or withhold a few tokens per citizen to be kept within the county “treasury” chest against needful county expenses to be paid during the year before the first modest tax is due–(again to be perhaps no more than a mere Mosaic 10% of every citizen or resident’s county profits or “increase” during the year past). If, e.g., your county collectively elects to coin and employ 100 tokens per resident, then simply command your mintman/tax-man/treasurer to mint 100 tokens per resident, but to distribute, say, only 90 tokens per citizen, thus keeping the remaining tokens within the county treasury for needful expenses. (And “remaining tokens” include not only the remaining 10 tokens per citizen, but 100 tokens for every non-citizen resident included in the census.) (And as to whether or not a child of a county citizen is to become an automatic citizen at birth, or at a certain age, or after other conditions are met, is another question for you, dear reader, and your fellow county-electorate to answer.)

And let us instruct our elected county mint-master/tax-man/treasurer that all county taxes (and fines?) must be paid in no other money but these our honest, ample, stable, debt-free county tokens–instructing him to reject even gold or silver coins as substitutes for county tokens. For it is the citizens’ (county government’s or taxman’s) demand for these debtless tokens (in addition to their ample, stable, honest and permanent worth) which makes them desirable, worthwhile, even valuable, because necessary to avoid the county sheriff’s just seizure and auction of one’s property toward one’s (modest) county-tax payment. (And hopefully the county sheriff would be forbidden by county law from seizing or auctioning off any county-citizen’s property for payment of taxes or other debts owed to an non- or extra-county power, gov’t, official, citizen or corporation.)

And as the Mosites were commanded (by their ancient Fuhrer) to pay as taxes no more than a “tithe” (or 10%) of their annual profits or “increase” (i.e. income minus all expenses–both living and business costs), why then should we ever suffer or tolerate paying more? For are we not as least as Godly or worthy as the “stiff-necked” non-Mosites Moses abandoned in Moab, and the guileful or deceitful “sons of the Devil”? (John 1:47 & 8:44)

*  *  *  *  *

The Honest Coin of the County Realm

…Is Never a Debt-Token

Again, a “token” money (by definition of little to no real or intrinsic value) therefore costs little to nothing to coin and to freely distribute or spend into existence or “currency” among the buyers, sellers or citizens of the market-place, kingdom or state.

But again a “specie” or real money (of precious metals–gold, silver, platinum) is coined from a scarce and desirable substance of real intrinsic value. I.E. real money is real value. But “false-” “pseudo-” “imaginary”- or “token” money is not real and true value. And that is precisely why intelligent folks have be forced, coerced or compelled to accept false- “fiat”- or token-money as money. And that is why they never credit, trust nor believe paper-“money” to be money.

Now, if the king of the realm or “market” has no gold of his own to coin as money, and if his subjects demand nothing less than “specie”–eschewing “fiat” or token-money as (at least potentially and inevitably) false, treacherous, larcenous and untrustworthy, then this precious, valuable and golden commodity will have to be acquired (mined, begged, borrowed, stolen, robbed) from someone somewhere, before this king or crown can coin his “specie” “coin(s) of the realm.”

And if the kingdom’s golden coins are indeed borrowed, then we have a “debt-money”–a money loaned into existence–a money which will have to be repaid–a money whose “specie”-substance will have to be repaid (no doubt with profit, increase or “interest” beside or atop) to the “interested” party(ies) who loaned the gold to the crown for to coin. For gold must surely be repaid with gold–and perhaps even with extra gold as profit or “interest” for the lender. For who but a thief or a wily “jew” would think to pay paper or nothing in return?

But there is no reason whatsoever (other than fraud, theft, and predation) for a token-money to be a debt-money–a money loaned (and so neither spent nor freely given or distributed) into existence.

Precious metal has real value. And so one cannot be expected to give it away to whoever asks or begs it of him. Perhaps the most a stranger can hope is for the rich man to temporarily lend him his values, and perhaps at profit or “interest” to the rich man-lender. But common metal has little to no value, and so can be bought (and coined) for little to nothing. And so such “token-money” should never be loaned into existence, but should be freely distributed or at most spent into circulation. For me to loan token-money to you, or vice-versa, is one thing. But for a (“royal”) individual or (dynastic) group to lend such a money to their subjects, or for us all to collectively borrow such a merely imaginary- or token-money into existence is something completely different, and completely and collectively ruinous–the evil ramifications of which I have tried to illustrate above.

And so I say again, there is no just nor good reason for a token-money to ever be a debt-token money. Just ask yourself: How should a money, coined from a substance of little to no intrinsic value or worth, (e.g. copper, nickel, stainless steel, plastic, wood, paper), be loaned (and thus neither spent nor freely distributed) into existence? Is this plainly not wolfish governmental predation upon defenseless citizen-prey or sheeple?

Is it not enough that a gov’t gets full value for their tokens whenever they spend them into circulation?–like some undetected counterfeiter? To ask “Why shouldn’t a gov’t create and loan its tokens to its people?” is to ask “Why shouldn’t a gov’t be a wolf, a predator, a devourer or consumer of its people?”

And if this debt-token, money-creating power or crown within (or rather above) the state is not the elected gov’t of that state, then clearly this elected gov’t is merely the puppet-gov’t, official, servant and mask of this masked state-crown or money-power. And hence that elected puppet-gov’t must in reality be public enemy #2–right after its concealed crown and monetary-master–public enemy #1.

Can you see that, dear reader? It’s rather important that you do. For all else follows therefrom (this simple perception or recognition of truth and reality).

*  *  *  *  *

…And hence is Never Lent, but simply either Given or Spent (into Circulation)

Now an honest gov’t or crown’s ample, stable and debt-free tokens can be placed into circulation in two ways: either by spending them or giving them away, (or some combination of the two).

If spent into existence or circulation the citizenry shall indeed have to pay for the coin of the realm–but only once–via their goods and services being thus purchased by the crown or gov’t’s via its brand new debt-free token-coins. Thus all the other citizens must trade with these with whom the crown first trades to obtain the kingdom’s tokens of exchange. Thus all crown-created coins spent into existence “trickle down” or circulate to all the citizenry.

But free distribution is much more desirable and “equitable” than spending the crown’s (the gov’t’s) token money into existence and circulation. In the preferable free distribution method of debtless or debt-free token circulation, an account of x number of ample tokens are coined and kept in the county bank (or treasury) for pick-up by (or else “postal” delivery to) each and every citizen of the county–even infants. Again, this is more “equitable” and efficient than the “trickle down” method of coinage circulation–whereby the crown nearly all at once at once spends nearly all the token-money into existence (x tokens times the number of residents). And so this free-distribution way the citizenry do not even once pay for their tokens.

And there’s the citizenry’s ample, stable, honest, debtless token money–which unlike debt-tokens never again return to their “royal” source–except as (hopefully minimal) taxes. Debt-tokens are monetary “boomerangs” forever returning to their “royally”-creative source (and ultimate destination) as “interest” and “principal” (and yes, tax) payments. But debt-free tokens return to the crown or gov’t only as tax payments, and remain in circulation as long as they do not wear out, or are not lost. For they belong to us. And so they stay with us.

All I’m saying is: Let us now dethrone our concealed and unknown but wolfish, predatory and Satanic king, crown or “central bank corp.” And let us be our very own creative source or crown of our very own debt-free token-money. And let us not make our money mandatory nor monopolistic. Let us leave ourselves free to create and use any other kind, brand or stamp of money we damn-well choose or please. But let us insist our taxes be paid only in our common token or coin. In this way our money becomes minimally mandatory. And in this way there is always an honest, ample, stable, debt-free money for all the citizenry to fall back on, should their own private moneys prove unsatisfactory. And in this way we thus may perpetually avoid a monetary-shortage, “depression” and barter within our common realm, county, kingdom or state.

Can you dig it? And can you coin it? (I knew that you could.)

*  *  *  *  *

But how Many Debt-Free Tokens per County Resident?

But how Many Debt-Free Tokens per County Resident? That is the Question.

*  *  *

False, pseudo, imaginary, political, command, enforced, “fiat” or token-money is obviously (and by definition) vastly inferior to real and true money–i.e. money made of real, intrinsic value–like “precious” metal. And this of course excludes mere (verbal, written, printed or paper-) promises to pay real and true money–like e.g. “fractional-gold” paper-“money” or “paper-gold.” So real and true money is far better than false or token-money. But an ample, stable, honest, debt-free token-money is vastly superior to none at all–(i.e., to barter).

Now a “stable” money (by definition) does not ever fluctuate in number (amount, volume) and hence in value, but instead perpetually retains its number and hence its value over time. A “stable” money neither “inflates” nor “deflates,” neither floods nor droughts, increases nor decreases, grows nor shrinks. Where on God’s good earth, dear reader, can we find such an honest and trustworthy (because stable) money?

I have no kingdom and I have no gold (silver, platinum or palladium). But I ain’t dead yet, and if I had the former, I would coin and circulate an honest (because ample, stable and debt-free) token-money, until (by surplus trading with neighboring city-states, or otherwise) I had acquired enough precious metal to (entirely and all at once) replace all my token coins with gold or silver ones.

Now the way to have an honest (because ample, stable and debt-free) token-money is to create, to circulate and to perpetually maintain x number of ample tokens-per-resident–(i.e. citizens plus strangers, visitors or foreigners); and therefore to increase or decrease the token supply with the population flux (known to all via periodic census); and to annually replace permanently lost coins (somehow fallen between the cracks)–estimated at perhaps one or two (replacement) coins per-hundred per-year. Thus x number of tokens-per-resident is perpetually maintained. Thus the token-coin of the realm is stable, and thus honest–i.e. it keeps its value over time–(as does gold without even trying)–and is thus trustworthy, and so can be safely saved, and safely built upon (like solid rock or gold)–as long as the chosen ratio of x ample and stable tokens-per-resident is strictly maintained.

How many (stable) tokens per resident, then? Surely at least enough to make all exchanges (trades) necessary for maximum (“24/7/365”) activity, productivity and trade within the realm, kingdom, county or state. For (as we’ve seen) any fewer tokens than this would naturally stifle exchanges, trades and commerce (like a noose or garrote stifles breath, or a tourniquet stops blood-flow)–to the precise extent of this token restriction or shortage–the more so, the more so. And this money shortage is again termed “deflation,” “recession,” “depression,” and “stagnation”–all leading towards “barter town”–a place we’d presumably all like to avoid. And so token shortage we’d like to avoid. And because it’s so easy to do so, there’s really no good excuse for ever not doing so–for not having more than enough tokens.

And so the realm’s “market-place,” “economy” or citizenry must at least have enough tokens to breathe easily, fully and deeply at full production, activity, dash or sprint–and then some more besides or atop for “good measure.” And how many tokens per-resident above and beyond that, then? Or how much monetary “insurance” should we employ?–a little, a moderate, or even a lot? Up to a reasonable point, there cannot possibly be too many (stable) tokens. But there can easily be too few. Far better to err, then, if err we must, upon the side of plenty. What the heck, they cost us almost nothing to coin, to employ, to use, to make, to create, to circulate!

Consider the Swiss and the French tokens; they are (or were) both called “francs.” (Let us ignore for the moment that the Swiss franc (having had some “fraction” of gold “backing”–like the new “Euro”) was not a completely token-money–and that both francs (especially the French) were not nearly as stable as I propose and intend–i.e. near-perfect and permanent stability.)

A single French “franc” is (or was) of far less individual worth than the Swiss “franc.” Why? Simply because there were far more of them–i.e. far more French francs per French citizen (or resident) than Swiss francs per Swiss citizen (or resident). In other words, because the number of Swiss tokens-per-citizen had traditionally been much lower or far fewer than French tokens-per-citizen, the former “francs” were individually worth far more than the latter–to the precise extent of their token-to-user ratio difference–and according to the natural law of supply and demand.

For a desirable thing (e.g. money) is less desirable (and hence less costly or valuable) when plentiful than when scarce. And that’s why individual Swiss “francs” were always worth more than French ones.

So then, as long as the (stable) tokens are always ample or more than sufficient for full activity, production and exchange at all times, and especially peak times–(their very monetary purpose–without which barter and inactivity ensues), the number of tokens per-resident beyond and above this “full employment” level is therefore arbitrary. In other words, as long as you have an ample (and stable) “franc” within your kingdom–what matter if it be Swiss or French?

And once sufficient debt-free tokens rain down upon the rock-solid ground of the kingdom, they (like water) naturally seek and find their own level (individual value, worth, cost, price)–which is thus perpetually maintained as pre-explained. And hence neither flood not drought need ever again visit the kingdom.

And naturally to facilitate trades or exchanges a fraction (perhaps a third) of the ample and stable tokens would be sub-divided (by the decimal system) into 1/2, 1/4, 1/10 and 1/100 tokens–i.e. halves, quarters, tents or “dimes,” hundredths or “pennies” or “cents.” And depending upon the value of your particular county token, you may even find it useful (as once did the English) to even coin a “half-penny”–i.e., 1/200 of a token, or even less. (“…And if you haven’t got a half-penny, then God bless you.”)

(I myself believe and hereby decree that all the preceding makes “cents” to me.)

Study the counties around you. Learn from their experience. If county A’s 200 tokens per-resident have sought and found their token’s level, value or price to be worth so much, and the 100 tokens of county B to be this much, and county C’s 300 that much, then deduce (before your monetary rain has fallen, or your dust has settled) at what level, value or price you and your county can reasonably expect to find your token-money to be worth, at your collectively-chosen ratio of so-many tokens per resident?

County B’s (100) tokens should be worth three times as much as county C’s (300–in milk, eggs, bread, silver, gold or what-have-you?) and twice as much as those (200) of county A’s.

*  *  *  *  *

The ample stable debtless tokens should be minted, spent and/or freely distributed into circulation (by the county mint/treasury). But all coins (for I myself for lots of reasons would eschew mere paper-money) must stay within the county-realm, state or kingdom. Thus I suggest you decree it a “crime” (with penalties) to (beyond a certain minimum) move or export the “county” coin out of the county–with some allowance for those residents of adjoining counties, and especially those nearby your border. For, by the law of supply and demand, and the set ratio of tokens-per-resident, this token-exportation decreases or “deflates” the token’s number, thus destabilizing (and increasing or “appreciating”) its value. And that’s not good.

And all the more reason then to have more than sufficient (debtless and stable) tokens in county circulation. But then, as mere tokens (and not “specie”) the county coins would have no “purchase value” elsewhere–and yet they would. For though a token-coin (as distinct from a specie coin–which is good anywhere, by virtue of its virtuous or “precious” weight) can only purchase goods within its realm, a honest and trustworthy token (because retaining its value over time) is as desirable as an honest man, and good to know and to keep by one’s side for whenever you are passing through the realm of the honest token (and county). But why not wait until you are actually passing through to exchange your foreign token-money for the “token of the realm” at the county-treasury/bank?

But to take tokens out of the county-realm (and hence circulation) is to decrease the number of tokens-per-citizens, thereby straying from stability (though increasing or “appreciating” the token’s value), and traveling toward shortage and hence stagnation. And that’s not good. (Again by the simple and understandable law of supply and demand, monetary “deflation” increases or “appreciates” and “inflation” reduces or “depreciates” the value (or “purchasing power”) of every single “coin of the realm.”)

And so to maintain token-money stability, by far the greatest monetary value of all, the “accounted” tokens of (absent) foreigners should safely stay within the county bank or treasury, (and perhaps even without increase or “interest”–see below and appendix), and should not be unlimited in number, but limited in individual or collective foreign “accounts”–(i.e. of corporations or of foreign govt’s or neighboring county treasuries/banks–which can easily mutually exchange their tokens periodically–in the same way banks today periodically “balance” their respective “accounts” by mutually “clearing” their “checks”).

But beyond or above the limits in number and/or in time imposed by the county on foreign individuals and corps., the tokens in the county bank/treasury owned by foreign individuals or groups must be spent (back into circulation)…or else forfeited (to the county treasury). This is to prevent the economic sabotage of simultaneous and massive “dumping” of county-tokens by a foreign power or powers–whether individual, corporate or governmental. I mean a deliberate, massive and simultaneous spending of foreigner-owned tokens of the county realm–thus radically destabilizing (and reducing or “depreciating” the value of) the county coin–again according to the natural law of supply and demand. “For a desirable thing (e.g. money) is less desirable (and hence less costly or valuable) when plentiful than when scarce.”

Believe me (or else do not), there are such dark creatures in the world who would do their utmost to destroy Light wherever and whenever it shines in the world. (See the lost kingdoms of Gentile America and goodly Lord Adolf.) For Light, you see, not only shines into the Darkness. Light also exposes the Darkness for what It is–thereby showing all spirits with eyes to see (and thus compare or contrast) the vast difference, indeed opposition, between Light and Darkness. For the latter thrives best in the absence and over the corpse of the former. And for this reason Darkness always curses the Light and strives extinguish His flame, if only burning merely within a human body, book or candle.

*  *  *  *  *

And too many (honest) county-tokens lying dormant within the county-treasury likewise “deflate” the county-currency. And perhaps (as coins are said to “burn holes in the pockets” of profligates) they even “cry out” to be officially spent by officious ears far more sensitive to the siren songs of Money than yours or mine, my dear Odysseus. Should they then be lent out instead of spent out? And besides, is any great surplus of tokens within the county treasury not a sure sign of too-high taxes?

But whether the county bank/treasury is to engage in usury (or if it is to be at all permitted or tolerated within your county) is yet another question for the citizenry to answer. (See Appendix.)

*  *  *  *  *

A Commodity Standard of Token Value?

(Doubtlessly some “smart Alec” “economist” will inevitably suggest that instead of multiplying by the number of county residents by x number of ample, stable and debt-free tokens, the citizens’ tokens should be created, circulated and increased or decreased according to the (token) price of some commodity–such as gold, which is said to be the most stable and constant thing on earth. I mean increasing the supply of tokens when the token-price of gold falls, and decreasing them whenever gold rises. (But by how many?)

Two difficulties or objections: What could be simpler and more precise than simply counting and going by the county residents and multiplying that by the chosen number of ample (and thus stable) tokens-per-resident?

And besides, this commodity-policy gives way too much speculative power to the mint-man/taxman/ treasurer. It unnecessarily introduces an undesirable element of speculative guesswork and experimentation. (Again, how many tokens shall be increased or decreased?) It takes too long for the added or subtracted tokens to change the token-price of gold (or whatever commodity, or even service) to judge if the token-adjustment (up or down) was sufficient, or if more speculative manipulation is necessary.

And such monetary tinkering starts the boll rolling toward monetary instability and speculation (via token “inflation” and “deflation”), first gradually, slowly and narrowly, but inevitably quickly, widely and radically–as always secretly intended by economic predators and would-be conquerors. For token number (and hence value) variation or instability is precisely how monetary predators prey or “speculators” “speculate” (by “buying low and selling high”).

Hence beware of monetary tinkering and the precedent it establishes.

From Satanic protocol #21,


When we [“jews”–Ed.] ascend the throne of the world all these financial and similar shifts [fluctuations, inconstancies, changes, rises and fallings (by which monetary predators “speculate”–by “buying low [i. e. when most plentiful] and selling high” [i.e. when most scarce])–Ed.], as being not in accord with our interests, will be swept away so as not to leave a trace, as also will be destroyed all money markets [i.e. “money-changers” (buyers and sellers or “speculators” in various volatile moneys or currencies)–Ed.], since we shall not allow the prestige of our power to be shaken by fluctuations of prices set upon our values [i.e. monopoly-money, tokens–Ed.], which we shall announce by law at the price which represents their full [commanded, dictated, “fiat”–Ed.] worth without any possibility of lowering or raising. (Raising gives the pretext for lowering, which indeed was where we made a beginning in relation to the [monetary–Ed.] values of the goyim.) [pr. 21]



Always remember, there will always be sociopathic, speculative and predatory minds or souls yearning to do just that to you and yours–to destabilize your token and hence your “economy” marketplace and state. And hence such predators in shepherd’s disguise shall forever be making apparently innocent and well-meaning suggestions (probably, as in the past, via popularly-trusted front-men, agents or mediators) to move you and your money, if ever so slightly, in their malevolent direction–toward their predatory claws, jaws and bellies.)


*  *  *  *  *

…And Never a Monopoly Coin of the County Realm

*  *  *

(Aside from gold or silver, which is presumably acceptable by nearly everyone everywhere and at any time, why would any honest token money need to be forced upon anyone? Why would others need to be forced to accept or use any truly honest (debt-free, ample & stable) token-money? (Because of their unfounded doubt, ungrounded disbelief or unwarranted skepticism?)

But to be confronted with public skepticism is every good (bad or mediocre) thing’s original position. And initial doubt or skepticism is every good man’s impediment and obstacle, the overcoming or quieting of which thus becomes his personal task. All prospective players must first show the coach their skill before he’ll let them join his team and take the field. Surely it is no fault in you, dear reader, that you do not blindly trust or believe me, nor I you. If anyone or anything (a token money, e.g.) is to have a good name or reputation, then he or it must simply earn or deserve that public trust or that good repute. Others don’t owe you their trust, dear reader., Trust, belief or faith must be earned and maintained. (“Once, shame on you; twice, shame on me”; “No one believes a liar even when he tells the truth”; etc.)

And surely public trust and a good repute cannot be commanded nor coerced. Who or what but Vice Itself would ever even try? And you know why. For how else but by coercion or terror, masks or deceit is Vice ever to obtain or maintain a Virtuous name? Intimidation or terror can indeed cause others to submit or obey, and to pretend to believe and trust in (the “righteousness” and “authority” of) the terrible one, but they really don’t and won’t. For though the pubic can indeed be terrorized or deceived, they cannot be compelled to trust or believe.

Furthermore, unlike an evil soul, a good soul does not attempt to dictate, coerce or enforce his “good reputation” upon others. Nor does a good soul persecute (“legally” or otherwise) those who doubt or disbelieve in him as he glowingly or virtuously presents himself as if they were “slanderers” of his “good repute.” (On the contrary.)

Neither a man nor his services, products or goods, money or credit are truly good merely because he says they are. For there are many liars in the world who not only whitewash their own untrustworthy and deceitful selves, but who even slander God or Goodness, and their goodly or Godly opponents. (See or hear, e.g., the slanderous “holocaust” of “God’s” (i.e. the Devil’s) “chosen people.”–John 8:44)

And so, like a good and honest man, a good and honest money must first prove itself to be so to a wisely skeptical public who have been cheated far too many times to foolishly believe, trust or credit all and sundry. And therefore public belief and trust in your honest county token-money shall surely take some time to move from that initial public skepticism or distrust.

But, on the other (and crooked) hand, a dishonest token-money should be discredited, disbelieved and mistrusted just as soon as humanly possible, just as soon as it is realistically perceived or justly recognized to be dishonest (i.e. debt-token, insufficient, monopolistic, variable, inconstant or unstable).

And so I ask again: Why would the public ever need to be forced to accept or use an honest token-money? Why? (Because of their unfounded doubt, ungrounded disbelief or unwarranted skepticism?)

OK fine, but public skepticism is actually good for the public. For it keeps them from being cheated…yet once again.

But why would any honest man or king, gov’t or crown “legally” command or coerce the public’s faith, trust or belief in him and/or his money?–thus criminalizing and punishing (or rather persecuting) public doubt, distrust or disbelief in him, his “fiat” or “credit” money, and/or his monetary, economic or political claims, promises, lies or pretenses? Why?

Does God, e.g., coerce or demand our faith, trust and belief in Him and His sayings, His truths? Does God force us to accept His salvation? (Hell no!) And how about truly Godlike souls, do they coerce our faith or trust, and so behave contrary to God? (Certainly not, by definition!)

But on the other and opposing hand, what about the Satan and/or Its “chosen people”? Do they not enforce their “truths” (e.g. their “holocaust,” their “divine” (self-) “chosen people” status, etc.) and their “salvations” (their “workers’ paradise,” their “beastly” Jew N., their evil money, etc.) upon us Gentiles? Do they not “legislatively” or “legally” force us to pretend to trust and believe in their lies, slanders, blasphemies and frauds as if they were God’s sacred gospel instead of the demonic dogma of Satan’s sinagog? (Apo./Rev. 2:9 & 3:9)

(See e.g. their fraudulent debt-token monopoly-money, on which they have boldly written, “IN GOD WE TRUST”. (But God is not a fraud, and this is not His money, but Satan’s “chosen people’s,” and hence yet more blasphemy.) And see also the slanderous “Holocaust” dogma of those false, slanderous, Satanic, intolerant, fascistic, dictatorial, tyrannical, terrible, torturous and persecutive “jews.” For all slanderous fruit must ever be the fruit of its very devilish tree. (John 8:44)

Who but a demon would persecute your doubt or disbelief in him? Who but an anti-Christ or enemy of God would coerce your faith, trust and belief in him, and in everything he says, and about everyone and everyone he hates and slanders?–(such as Lord Adolf Hitler of “Nazi” Germany)? Who but a Satanic “jew” would intolerantly insist you believe, trust and have unshakable faith in all his blasphemous, slanderous and Satanic lies about God, about himself, and about all his (Godlike) opponents? (A Roman Catholic, perhaps?) Who else would thus want to possess your very mind, spirit or soul? Who else would be so dictatorial, so fascistic, so incredibly hateful and intolerant of all freedom of belief, of speech, and of “conscience”? And why, if not for the Liar to thus protect his lie?

And who but a fraudulent “jew” would ever thus force his false faith or “credit” (money) upon you?

*  *  *  *  *

And so for all these reasons and more, I hereby profess that any “legally” coercive, mandatory or monopolistic money is a sure sign or mark of a fraudulent money. (Apo./Rev. 13:16-17)

A “legal” monopoly money is, by definition, a “crime” to refuse or not to use–as is most subtly expressed (or rather subtly commanded) via the printed words of the “central” “jewish”-Amerikan bankster(s): “this note [i.e. this printed piece of paper–Ed.] is legal tender [i.e. is “legally”-irrefusable “money”–Ed.] for all debts [or payments–Ed.] public and private”, (i.e. for all debts, payments or transactions between all citizens and their puppet-gov’t(s), and also among all the citizens themselves). In other words, no other money may ever be (legally or non-criminally) used by any citizen. But this is monetary subjection of all the citizenry by (what else?) a monetary crown, throne or “central” “authority.” And so I must say, a coerced or “legal” monopoly-money is surely a false, fraudulent, predatory or theft-money, if not also a trap-money–as is every debt-money, i.e. every money loaned or borrowed into existence. (See “debt-token, monopoly-money.”)

(And since all “fiat” or “command” moneys are, by definition, coerced or “legal” monopoly-moneys, they cannot possibly be honest. For honesty never forces itself, but dishonesty never ceases to do so, whenever it finds it safe to do so, “legally” or not.)

For again why should or would any honest money (or opinion) force itself upon others, even all others, and even outlaw (criminalize, “prosecute,” persecute, silence or destroy) all others but itself? An honest money or an honest opinion, (just like an honest person–from whom honest opinions and honest money flow like honest fruit from an honest tree), need not (and do not) force others to believe, trust or credit them. What need has any honest man to command others to believe his words, or to trust or credit his promissory “notes” (i. e. his “money”)?

But how is it with the fraud or the liar or the hideous soul? Can he afford to show his real and true face? Can he afford to be publicly exposed (by freedom of speech) as what he really and truly is? (Hell no!) As every great liar must monopolize (control, censor) all speech (and especially the truth) to protect himself and his lies from public exposure, rejection, ridicule and justice, so the monetary fraud, predator and thief must monopolize all money by making his money a “legal” monopoly (i.e. by outlawing all others–and especially honest money). As the liar must outlaw the truth–declaring it a “crime” to speak or believe the truth, so the monetary fraud and thief must outlaw honest money, declaring it a “crime” to create or to use, to receive or to spend honest (i.e. ample, stable, debtless) money.

What has the truth-seeker and truth-teller to lose or to fear from the free “marketplace of ideas”? I mean the place or state wherein all others are free to hear his words, and hence to believe or disbelieve, trust or distrust, credit or discredit, accept or reject them. Surely the truth-seeker and -teller has nothing to fear and nothing to lose (but delusions, illusions, slanders, falsehoods and lies) and everything to gain (i.e. truth) from such freedom of speech for all citizens.

But the liar: What has he to fear, lose or gain from this freedom of speech within the “marketplace of ideas”? Similarly, what has honest money to fear from (monetary) competition? Or more precisely, since “money doesn’t grow on trees,” what has any honest money source, origin, spring or “crown” to fear from (monetary) competition? If (like one’s words or character) one’s money is honest, credible, trustworthy and true, then eventually some people will come to see that, and hence to trust, credit and use his money, just like any other product or opinion up for sale or adoption within the free marketplace or the free state.

As a speaker is trustworthy only so long and so far as his words are true, so a “crown” is trustworthy only as long and so far as his money is honest. And to be honest, a token money must not only be non-monopoly and debt-free, it must also be ample and stable.

By “ample” tokens I mean tokens sufficient in number, amount or volume to make all desired exchanges, deals or trades within the marketplace or state–(even and especially at “full production”). And therefore tokens far beyond this number are unnecessary, superfluous, redundant–even cumbersome, unwieldy, weighty, burdensome.

And by a “stable” token I mean one which keeps or maintains its value over time, indefinitely, perpetually. I mean by never rising nor falling in value (due, by the way, to “inflation” or “deflation” in token number, volume or amount).

Just as surely as a man is and remains trustworthy only so long as he is honest and true, so only a stable token money is honest, trustworthy and true. And such a money remains trustworthy only so long as it remains stable, or keeps its value over time, and not a moment longer, i.e. if and whenever it first begins to fluctuate in value (and hence volume). For token stability is no more and no less than the perpetual maintenance of an ample number of (debt-free) tokens per resident or user (within the marketplace, county, kingdom, state or “realm of the coin”.)

Finally, a “debt-free” (debtless or non-debt) token money is one that is not loaned into existence or circulation. It is not and does not represent a debt. Therefore it does not have to be repaid or returned (plus “interest,” usury or rent for their usage) to their monetary “authority” or “crown”–i.e. to the origin or source (and hence eventual destination) of the debt-token.

And therefore debt-tokens are constantly inconstant, unstable or variable in worth. And again this is because the number or amount of debt-tokens (and hence their worth or value) keep changing with every “deflationary” “interest” payment (back to up the “central” monetary crown), and with every “inflationary” new borrowing (by the puppet-gov’t from the very same “central” crown).

Debt-tokens are therefore untrustworthy not only because they’re debt-tokens, and hence fraudulent, false, dishonest and predatory, but also because they’re constantly inconstant, volatile, variable, unstable.

But so long as my, your or our county’s token-money is and remains honest (i.e. debt-free, ample, stable and non-monopoly) then for just so long (but not a moment longer) just such a token-money is trustworthy or creditable, and worth its weight at least in silver–regardless of who trusts or mistrusts it, credits or discredits it, believes or disbelieves in it.

And it is precisely just such a money which I am herein proposing, promoting and attempting to describe within these very “wicked” pages. (And therefore I say, dear reader, read on.)

*  *  *  *  *

Yes, the debt-free money I herein propose (to all those people, marketplaces, city-states, states or nations without sufficient gold or silver coins to use as money “for all debts public and private”) is not a coerced or “legal”-monopoly money. (One is free to refuse it or not to use it.)

For what need has any honest crown or money to “legally” declare itself “honest,” “trustworthy” or “true”?–or else to declare it a punishable “crime” for anyone not to trust, believer or credit it, or not to accept and use it as “lawful money” or payment “for all debts public or private”? What need has any honest and trustworthy token or crown to thus outlaw all others as “criminal”? Or what need has any good, honest and truthful man to criminalize and punish his doubters, disbelievers, contradictors or disprovers? (The good man, none; but the evil man, much. Can you clearly see that, dear reader?)

And therefore the non-monopoly, debt-free token or “coin of the realm” which I propose is coercive only in so far as it is exclusively required in payment of taxes.

I mean no other competitive moneys should be accepted as payment by the county electorate or taxman–not ever real money, i.e. gold or silver coin. And why? Because this tax-coercion is the only thing which makes the county’s money absolutely necessary for its citizens to obtain or acquire (in sufficient amounts to satisfy the county electorate’s taxman). But otherwise the citizens are free to use buttons for money if they so please. Why not? Free people are, by definition, free to think, decide and do as they choose.

And those (hopefully few) employees of the county, city-state or state are to be paid (out of the county tax-treasury) in this official “coin of the realm.” But the other citizens of the realm should never, ever be compelled to accept this official county coin as payment for anything. Why should they ever be, so long as the coin is and remains honest, stable, trustworthy and true?

But a dishonest, unstable, fluctuating, variable, volatile, untrustworthy coin: How shall it ever be “accepted” by the people but by force, coercion, “law”? And therefore I repeat, a coerced or “legal” monopoly coin is a sure sign or mark of a false or fraudulent coin. It is “legal tender for all debts.” It is “legally” irrefusable or a “crime” its “payment” to refuse or to decline.

But a trustworthy coin is not monopolistically coerced. Why should it ever be? And only the latter do I herein propose. And only so long as it remains trustworthy (debt-free, honest, ample and stable) should the citizens ever trust it. And only so long as the county coin is minted and circulated according to my few simple instructions, and only so long as all monetary rats, thieves, liars and frauds are kept out of the elective office of county mint-man, can and will the county coin be honest (debt-free, ample and stable) and therefore trustworthy.

The guiding spirit or principle here is minimum (monetary, political and official) coercion, compulsion, authoritarianism, fascism, officialdom, government. “That gov’t which governs least, governs best.” And that’s the gov’t for me and mine. And as for the gov’t you and yours, dear reader, that is your (political) choice…or else your (political) master’s’.

*  *  *  *  *

And so for all these reasons and more I ask again: Why on earth would any honest power (crown, king, “authority,” government or “county commissioner”) ever create and impose a monopoly-money?–ever “legally” force you and yours to use no other money than its money, its “legal tender for all debts” or payments? There is no good reason whatsoever for any honest money to force itself on unwilling hands. But there is every (evil) reason for every dishonest or fraudulent money to do so. For otherwise wise citizens will self-providently reject it, refuse it, scorn it–as well they should.

Surely every coercive or “legal” monopoly-money is a fraudulent money originating from (what else?) a fraudulent, predatory or evil source, origin, crown or “authority”! For who else but a robber (whether barefaced and hence known, or else masked or incorporated and hence anonymous) would force his “money,” his “payments,” his “exchanges” or his “deals,” upon you and yours?–as in the well-known robber’s command, “Surrender your money or your life!”) Any coin which is a “crime” to refuse or decline is itself a “legal” crime–the crime of robbing or coercively exchanging false or imaginary (token) values for real and true values (products, labors, services, etc.).

And therefore our current (debt-token) monopoly-money will not do. On the contrary, through it (or rather through its evil, predatory “central” crown banksters) we all find ourselves this day hopelessly damned within the bottomless pit of “national debt.” (Who or what can save or liberate us therefrom? God’s truth, perhaps?–John 8:32)

Is all this not so? And so all this evil money has simply got to go!–back into the Satanic “jewish” pit from which it came!

What then? A good, honest, trustworthy money, then.


If you know a better medium of exchange, go ahead; it will yet be a “money” again. It is not the money that does you damage, but your incompetence to take it. Let your competence take effect, collect yourselves, and there will be no lack of money–of your money, the money of your stamp. [Max, p. 274]


And yet to create a new money is not necessarily to “legally” or “legislatively” force or coerce others to take or accept it as “lawful money” or “payment for all debts public and private.” For such is monopolistic or “legalistic” robbery!

Therefore let every county citizen freely accept or reject the county’s token. If they trust it they will accept it, and if not they won’t. If it’s honest (debt-free, ample and stable) then they perhaps should trust it, but if not, they certainly shouldn’t. But that had best remain every citizen’s free and individual decision to make. And so let the citizenry accept and use the county token–(and perhaps even generally, popularly or near unanimously so)–but only if they so choose and please, and thus trust, believe or credit the token, and only so long as they are pleased to do so. But otherwise let the free citizenry reject and refuse the county token. For doubtless they have their good or bad, wise or foolish reasons for doing so. And let them use anything they want for money–even buttons or acorns or nothing at all (i.e. barter).

(This, by the way, is called (political/monetary/economic) “freedom.” And it is something truly strange and alien to every living Amerikan, having neither possessed nor enjoyed such freedom for generations, having lived under “royal” or “central” bankster “jews” for just so long. Is this not precisely so, dear reader? Or do I exaggerate just a jot or tittle?)

*  *  *  *  *

And so my proposed county-coin is clearly not a monopoly-money, being coercive only to the extent that it is exclusively demanded in taxes. It is therefore a “tribute money” or “tax-money.” (“Show me the tribute money [‘coin for the taxes.’–By.].”–Matt. 22:19)

Again this proposed coin is not and should never become a “legal” monopoly-money, i.e. a “crime” to refuse or not to use. For aside from any possible county conscription–(a thorny question for the county electorate to decide), surely no one (not even a county “convict” or prisoner?) is forced to work for the county, and hence to accept its token-money as payment. And yet the county’s employees or “public servants” are to be paid (out of the county tax-treasury) in this very county coin or token.

And only in this non-coercive (and yet self-interested or selfish) way, dear citizen, do you “interest” your county employees (within the sheriff’s office, judicial office, mint/treasurer/tax office, etc.) in the “credibility,” stability, integrity, worth, value, honesty and reliability of your county coin or token. I propose a token-money which the citizens are ever free to refuse, and hence clearly can and will refuse if they ever come to distrust it (for whatever reasons good or bad, wise or foolish), and a token which the citizens should refuse, avoid and shun if and when it ever becomes insufficient, variable or unstable (i.e. dishonest, fraudulent or untrustworthy).

Forever remember that any coin which is officially or “legally” declared a “crime” to refuse or not to use cannot possibly be an honest coin. Any coin which is a “crime” to decline is itself a crime to impose.

So, only so long as your county token is popularly believed to be honest (because ample and stable) will the free citizens of your county willingly accept it (as payment). And since all your county servants and “public officials” are to be paid only in this county coin, which is “legally” refusable and hence not a monopoly coin, these “public servants” thereby have a stake or “interest” in the honesty, integrity, stability, reliability (and hence popular acceptability) of this county coin. And thus you make all your “public servants” subject to and supportive of the stability or honesty (and hence credibility and acceptability) of your county coin. For it is in their selfish “interests” to see that your county coin keeps its value over time, and is therefore generally trusted, credited and accepted by the public. For what servants (“public” or private) want to be paid in tokens they can’t spend?

Of course they would have no official business whatsoever to do so, but “public servants” of your county would thereby have no general “interest” in “lobbying” or encouraging your county mintman to betray the public’s trust by secretly and criminally increasing or inflating your county’s coin above the chosen (token-to-resident) number or ratio. For this “inflation” would decrease every token’s value, and hence reduce the value or “purchasing power” of your “public servants’” weekly pay.

But on the other hand, and for the very opposite (selfish) reason, your treacherous “public servants” might just desire and strive to get your county mintman to secretly, criminally, treacherously reduce or deflate your county’s coin, thus increasing every coin’s value, thus increasing the “purchasing power” or value of their weekly pay.

(It is assumed a crooked, criminal, sociopathic or treasonous mint-man/tax-man/treasurer would simply falsify his periodically required public reports as to precisely how many county tokens (during the period reported) were minted, tax-collected, spent (into circulation) or kept in the treasury (out of circulation), etc. Surely a treasonous mint-man would officially conceal when, how and how far he had deliberately departed from his “sacred” public trust, purpose, command or charge: to maintain that “sacred” token-to-resident number or ratio by which the county-token is stable, and therefore trustworthy.)

But at any rate, any officially concealed token “deflation” would soon become public knowledge through an obvious increase in the “purchasing power” of the county coin, thus evincing criminal token manipulation by a treacherous county mint-man, or else some secret cabal of county-token saboteurs similarly hoarding or keeping tokens out of circulation.

And so this official “deflation” would indeed be a short-sighted gain. And far more importantly, it would destroy the invariability or stability (and hence the credibility) of the county-coin.

But then again “public officials” have always shown themselves to be extremely short-sighted, as well as treacherous. For they generally cannot see beyond (the time of) the next election, and hence “public officials” will generally cast off the public good or public interest (in honest money, limited gov’t, individual freedoms, state or county sovereignty, etc.) whenever it conflicts with their prospects for reelections. And this is most obviously true in every electoral system wherein “public” offices (and hence political prostitutes and public enemies) are essentially auctioned off to the highest bidders of political advertising or propaganda.

From Mark Twain’s (or Samuel Clemens’ 1835-1910) short story, “What Stumped the Bluejays”:


A jay hasn’t got any more principle than a Congressman. A jay [i.e. a Congressman–Ed.] will lie, a jay will steal, a jay will deceive, a jay will betray, and four times out of five, a jay [i.e. a Congressman–Ed.] will go back on his solemnest promise. The sacredness of an obligation is a thing which you can’t get into no bluejay’s head.


(“Many a true word is spoken in jest.”)

And so there should be no greater crime within the county than the official treachery of its highest “public servants”: the county mint-man/tax-man/treasurer and the county sheriff, and therefore no greater punishment.

Try ’em, convict ’em, condemn ’em and hang ’em high as their official reward for their official treachery, and as a public deterrent to all those who would likewise betray the trust of the public and the sovereignty of the county. And very good riddance to very bad public officials!


*  *  *  *  *

(“A word to the wise is sufficient.” But an encyclopedia to the unwise is not. And yet again I repeat myself.)

It is not for anyone to forcibly impose his “virtue,” his “truth,” his “principles” (or “money”) upon the world, and to pain or “punish” all those (within the tyrant’s grasp) without sufficient “faith” therein. No, it is for others to judge for themselves the value of all else, and hence to either doubt or believe my, your or the tyrant’s words, professions or assertions about x, y or z.

And so why, dear reader, should you ever trust my word, my promise or my money?–or I yours?–or us theirs? As I would not willingly suffer you to impose your monopoly-money upon me, nor you me, why then should we suffer them (the world) to impose their monopoly-money upon us both?

And though it is doubtlessly endlessly tedious for Virtue to forever await to be recognized as such, if ever, it indeed is Virtue’s way. For genuine Virtue seldom if ever declares Itself virtuous.

But on the other hand, the self-profession of one’s “virtue,” and the “prosecution” and “punishment” (or rather persecution) of all “faithless” doubters or disbelievers in oneself and one’s “virtue” is indeed the sign, character, act and method of Vice Itself. (For the mere word of the “Virtuous” is (self-alleged to be) sufficient.) (And therefore to doubt or think the “jew” a slanderous liar is a “jewish” “crime” against the “jewish” “law.” (See e.g. “holocaust” or “chosen people” doubt or denial.)

And so I say a monopoly-money (a “legal-tender for all debts” or payments), and especially a debt-token, monopoly-money is the mark or sign of the Devil and Its beastly, imperialistic, SuperNazi “jew.” (Apo./Rev. 13:15-17) For all the while such an intolerant money (or rather crown) is outlawing, condemning and slandering all others as “criminal,” “viceous,” “fraudulent,” etc., it is also thereby whitewashing and exalting itself alone as “virtuous,” “honest,” “trustworthy,” etc. Can you see that, dear reader?

And so I don’t propose we ever impose such an evil money over ourselves, our loved ones, our fellow-citizens or countrymen, nor even upon any other humans on this earth. For such an evil monopoly-money only strengthens and furthers the evil power(s) behind it, thus helping them to further control, oppress or even enslave their monetary subjects. Yes, all people living under a monopoly-money (or rather crown) are, by definition, its (political/monetary) subjects.

And so I propose this honest (debtless, ample and stable) county-token-coin of ours should never, ever, under any imaginable circumstances, become a monopoly-money–i.e. one which the county citizens are compelled by law, dictate or official decree to accept as payment or to use “for all debts, public and private.” Our public county-money crown, mint or “authority” should never become an absolute monarchy or monetary-monopoly. For this absolute power over money is something always craved, connived and schemed for by fraudulent, malevolent and tyrannical moneys, powers or crowns who “legally” insist upon thieving or robbing their (political/monetary) subjects by forcibly or coercively exchanging their false or fraudulent (monetary) values for real and true ones.

Yes, an officially-dictated, -coerced or –monopolized token-money is far too over-bearing and (potentially if not actually and presently) tyrannical. For surely down that monopoly-money road lies tyranny, and immediate and present tyranny if that monopoly-money, “legal tender” or “lawful money” is, as today, a debt-token. (See above for why on earth this truth must be forever so.)

And so I myself would never fully trust even a debt-free monopoly-token, (a.k.a. “fiat”), but would forever fear its “inflation” into worthlessness.

For every past token-money has historically been “inflated” into worthlessness. And therefore who on earth would ever want to be legally-bound to accept such a corrupted, “inflated” and hence “depreciating” or cheating token (as “his” monopoly-money)? Surely not I, and hopefully not you, dear reader.

But then your self-damnation is your own damn business, not mine. I am merely trying to point out to you these subtly hidden monetary-spider webs. But whether you and yours choose to recognize them and try to avoid them are simply not my decisions to make. These evil designs and monetary traps against your liberty and prosperity really and truly exist. Hence whether you know it or not, it lies within your selfish interests to know of these evil human spiders, and to recognize and avoid their monetary webs. But whether or not you actually do so is simply none of my doing.

I’ve pointed out the monetary crocodile hidden under the water and waiting for someone to jump in. But whether or not you do so is your decision to make, not mine. I won’t try to stop you. (“But won’t you try to save me if the crock attacks me?” No, that would be Tarzan–no relation.)

*  *  *  *  *

On the other hand, and unlike fraudulent, dishonest or evil money, honest money need never force itself upon unwilling hands–not a jot or tittle more than gold or silver. Similarly, Honesty, Goodness, Godness, Benevolence, Well-Meaningness or Virtue need not and do not force themselves upon others, i.e. their (unwilling) beneficiaries. But Evil, Malevolence or Predation always forces themselves, whenever their sweet lies, pretenses and promises are disbelieved or discredited, and therefore their malignant entrance is wisely and providently denied.

And Evil always imposes Itself under a constant barrage of self-righteous self-justifications. Just note imperial “jewish”-Amerika’s present (and permanent) world-“war against terrorism.” Who therefore but a “terrorist” could possibly complain, object or oppose it? Or who but an Iraqi gov’t supporter (or patriot) would or could ever oppose this current “operation Iraqi freedom” of this imperial or “beastly” “jewish”-Amerika?

But on the other hand, God does not force Himself or His divine truths or blessings upon others. Nor methinks shall God ever force others to enter into or remain within His Heaven or His Salvation. God accepts rejection, but His Enemy (and Its mutually “chosen people”) do not. But Satan always forces Itself and/or Its Damnation upon Its victims–all the while calling it “Salvation.” (What else? “Workers’ paradise” or “Liberation,” perhaps?) The Satanic Liar’s curses are always disguised and described as “blessings.” (What else?)

And so of course and naturally Satan’s money is the worst possible money conceivable by Evil (and/or Its kindred). It is a theft-and trap-money, a debt-token money, and (lest anyone simply dare refuse this monetary “blessing”) Evil’s money is certainly a “legally” coerced or monopoly-money.

Apocalypse speaks of a monopoly “stamp” or “mark of the beast,” without which “no man might buy or sell.” (Apo./Rev. 13:15-18) And I’ll bet you, dear reader, that Satan’s monetary-“mark” is a debt-token, monopoly-money! All the better for the Devil and Its (human) demons to damn all us Gentiles with! And if and because the Devil’s money is a debt-token (monopoly-money), therefore it is also the monetary “mark” or “stamp” of Its reigning demonic spawn, Its “messianic” or Satanic “sinagog of Satan,” Its imperialistic or “beastly,” supernatural or SuperNazi anti-Christ “jews”!) (John 8:44 & Apo./Rev. 2:9 & 3:9)

*  *  *  *  *

Again, people don’t have to be forced to accept whatever they believe is truly worthy, valuable, benevolent or good–even if it seems to take them forever to see and accept such goodness as such, or even if they forever wear Goodness’ patience out with their endless incredulity and distrust.

But Evil has no such patience with Its faithless doubters or disbelievers. (Do you see what It does to Its “holocaust” doubters, disbelievers or deniers?)

And people do have to be forced to accept whatever they truly believe is unworthy, deceitful, false or untrustworthy, fraudulent, malevolent, evil or harmful–such as e.g. any money which cheats or entraps it users or borrowers–for which very malevolent reason these poor folks are “legally” forced (via treacherous “public officials) to borrow and use such evil moneys.

And so for all these reasons and more I say that a coerced or monopoly-money is a sure sign of a untrustworthy (if not worthless) coin of a cheating and untrustworthy (if not malevolent, entrapping or evil) crown. Furthermore, a coerced or “legal” monopoly token-money is like a monetary “accident” forever waiting to happen, and like a perpetually open door or an official invitation to eventual official or governmental corruption via (monopoly) token-“inflation,” “deflation,” manipulation, “speculation” or predation. For otherwise the people could and would simply choose and use another money, another of the monetary “products” in the free market. The very fact that political subjects are legally- bound or forced to accept any particular token as money, and even to use no other (money as money), encourages sociopathic or predatory officials (and their buyers, owners or pimps) to “inflate” (etc.) the monopoly-token into worthlessness and the poor subjected people into dispossession, poverty and slavery.

Indeed the very dregs or worst of all humanity will ceaselessly crave and seek to obtain this very money-monopoly in order to begin their intended (monetary/economic/political) predations in earnest, and to complete them to their dark hearts’ content. (See “jewish” “communism” or Marxism.)

*  *  *

If you doubt this, dear reader, simply note the monetary history of the ex-Gentile American nation before it became the “jewish” empire it is today. From its very beginning and via Alexander Hamilton, America’s very first national treasurer, Evil tried to take over America’s money, thus to become its sole (or monopoly) money-power, throne, authority or crown, its sole “national bank” or “central bank”–which of course It is today–(and ever since 1913, and Its World-War I). And more than any other American public servant, it was general Andrew Jackson, the 7th president (1829-37) who drove those poisonous monetary vipers away…for a while. While on the other hand, it was general George Washington, America’s very first president (1789-97) who invited that very first snake into the treasury of his brand new nation, who then promptly helped his “jewish” masters found their very 1st “central,” “national” or monopoly-money “Bank of North America” in 1781, and (when that “central bank” didn’t become all they had hoped), their 2nd “central” or “national” “Bank of the United States” in 1791, whose 20yr. charter expired in 1811. A 3rd “national,” “central,” or monopoly-money bank was again in 1816 chartered for 20 years, and again named the It was this very bank whose charter renewal Jackson vetoed in 1832. In running for the presidency in 1828, Jackson directly and publicly spoke thus to those supernational “jewish” banksters (of this very “national” or “central” “Bank of the United States”) : “You are a den of thieves–vipers. I intend to rout you out and by the Eternal God I will rout you out.”

What in hell happened to American presidents or “public servants” like that? Why are good people like that hardly ever even in the running for national public office?

Is it because such offices are essentially sold or auctioned off to the highest bidders of political advertising or propaganda-money? And hence nearly only political prostitutes and national traitors are ever even in the running for such highly desired “public” offices, and consequently the only winners and occupiers thereof? (Yep!) And so can we rightly and justly name them, “whores of Babylon”? (Oui!)

*  *  *  *  *

In a word, when the people have no “legal” choice but to use Evil’s (monopoly) money, then all citizens must either fly, crawl, walk or run into Evil’s dark, hidden, deceitful and entrapping web–as malevolently intended. Who would want that?–besides “royal” or “central” Malevolence and Its “public servants”?

And so I say the county citizenry should always remain free not to use their county’s (hopefully honest) token-money among themselves, but should always remain free to individually choose and use any other money of their own preference, even one of their own making, or none at all.

The honest county token is demanded exclusively as taxes by the county electorate. (Hence it is a tax or “tribute”-money.) And hence all those county taxes or “public debts” assessed and demanded by the county electorate must be paid by every citizen (in the county coin) to his county tax-man/treasurer. But “for all private debts” or payments (among themselves) let the public use whatsoever money they damn-well please, or none at all, and hence barter. Yes, let them use buttons or barter if such is their pleasure. (But surely it wouldn’t be for long. For both are woefully unsatisfactory. But why take my word for it, dear reader?)

Yes, none other than the county coin should be required or demanded for all taxes or “public debts.” For this alone is what makes the county coin or tax-token necessary to obtain, to acquire, to exchange or trade for. And whenever, if ever, the citizenry see their county coin is actually honest (i.e. ample and stable), they may indeed freely choose to use it among themselves, to freely offer and freely accept it–if they, as today, haven’t enough gold or silver coins to use as money.

But the public should never be officially ordered or “legally” compelled by any county “official” to use the county-money “for all debts public and private”. No county electorate, county gov’t nor taxman/treasurer should ever, ever issue such a draconian dictatorial decree. For such official or “legal” monopolization is the first and necessary step toward the corruption of an honest (stable) token-money. Therefore let all citizens take note, beware, and remember, lest they ever again be cheated by the monopoly-money of “their” treacherous “public servants,” or rather by the well-concealed (political/economic/monetary) masters, pimps buyers or bribers of “their” treacherous “public” officials.

And recall that every historically known token money has eventually been “inflated” (created or counterfeited, and spent or circulated) into worthlessness. And hence to force any token’s acceptance would lead directly to no less than monetary theft or robbery. And therefore let the people remain forever free to credit or discredit, believe or disbelieve, trust or distrust and to use or abandon any token money, such as the county’s token. (And all dishonest token moneys should of course be publicly and individually refused, rejected, abandoned.)

Let the citizenry be compelled merely to pay their taxes or “public debts” (and possibly fines) in this honest county token, but neither propose not tolerate any more compulsion than this. This non-monopolization alone should perpetually discourage the county officials or gov’t from “inflating” the token of their realm (into worthlessness). For they would only reap in taxes what they they had “inflationarily” sowed–i.e. “depreciated” or worth-less tokens.

And hence I repeat that evil county officials must first make the county token a monopoly-money (“legally” mandatory “for all debts”) before they could best begin to corrupt, debase, “inflate” or ruin it (and the county citizenry). And again they would do so in order to get what any other counterfeiter, thief or robber desires: something for nothing. And so the citizenry must never, ever permit, tolerate nor suffer any political official(s) to “legally” monopolize their money.

Observe also, dear reader, how it is far easier politically for “public” officials to debase or corrupt the people’s token-money by official counterfeiture or “inflation” (whether secret or open), rather than for such officials to honestly and openly propose or demand any unpopular increases in taxes. This is because the people don’t recognize the value of an honest (i.e. stable, invariable or unfluctuating) money. Therefore someone must teach them, and always remind them, of the value of an honest token money, and of the public’s perpetual need for one–whether or not they even know of it. (Truth isn’t any less true just because the public doesn’t know it.) And therefore this all-important (monetary/economic/political) task cannot possibly be safely left to any “public official.”

But to perpetually prevent monetary (and hence economic and political) disaster, it is best that the public simply recall the few, simple monetary truths within this book: By the law of supply and demand the public’s debt-free and non-monopoly tokens must be ample or sufficient in number for all desired trades, exchanges or deals, and also perpetually stable or unchanging in value via being introduced and perpetually maintained at so-many (ample) tokens per resident–no more and no less, ad infinitum. It’s simple, really.

*  *  *  *  *

If the county coin is truly honest (ample, stable and non-monopoly), folks will eventually recognize it and accept it as such. But if it is not honest, folks will recognize that much sooner, and hence will “need” to be officially or “legally” forced to “accept” this fraudulent money (“for all debts public and private”) by (what else but?) public enemies in “public” office–by treacherous and predatory political officials.

And so for all these reasons and more I again say the county should never, ever, for any reason whatsoever, force its token upon the citizenry, but should merely demand (none other than) its token back in taxes. And though the county shall indeed pay its (county) employees and suppliers in county-tokens out of its tax-treasury, no citizen should ever be compelled to serve the county gov’t (unless perhaps via conscription against county invaders?–or perhaps as a county prisoner?), nor ever unwillingly forced to exchange or trade his goods or services to the county gov’t for the county’s coins. (For even though no less a general than George Washington repeatedly did so, such is no less than official robbery.)

And hence no citizen nor resident should (hardly) ever compelled or forced to accept the county coin as payment for anything–much less “for all debts public and private.” (Hence a non-monopoly token.) And yet, on the other hand, every citizen must every year obtain enough of these county tokens to satisfy the (hopefully minimal) demands of the county electorate’s taxman (treasurer and mintman). And just like that gov’t which governs least, that county which taxes least, taxes best. Amen?

*  *  *  *  *