Part II: The Monetary/Economic Problem, (and the Honest Money Solution)






















Table of Contents:


Part II: The Monetary/Economic Problem, (and the Honest Money Solution) 1

Introduction: 4

Preface. 4

What is “Taxation”?. 10

The (old-fashioned) “Sheriff’s Sale” 12

The two Kinds of Money. 16

The Monetary Problem in Detail: 24

Power Dictates (what’s what) 24

The Monetary Crown or King (Council, Committee, “Soviet” or Corporate “Board”)….. 26

The Four Historic Steps to the Devil’s Monetary Throne. 29

Beauty Verses the Monetary Beast 31

“The borrower is servant to the lender.”—(Proverbs 22:7) 32

Debt- vs. Debt-Free Token Money?. 38

One-Time only, or Countless and Perpetual Monetary Thefts?. 41

The Satanic “Justification” or self-Deification of the Devil’s “Royal” or “Central” Devotees. 44

(The Debt-Token Monopoly-Money Trap, and the National Gentile Traitors Who Make It Work for their SuperNational Money-Masters) 45

Honest Gentile Token Money vs. “jewish” Debt-Token Theft-Money. 53

Honest Token Money. 53

…and its ever-Vulnerable “Achilles’ Heel”: Creation ad Infinitum; Manufacture into Worthlessness; a.k.a. “Inflation” 55

…vs. “jewish” Debt-Token-, Trap- and Theft-Money. 57

The Impossibility of Repayment 61

An Illustration. 63

The Intrinsic and Characteristic Instability of All Debt-Token Money. 69

The Unpayable Debt, the Annual Deficit and the Infinitesimal Currency-to-Debt Ratio. 71

The Present American Treasury Debt Relative to (or Divided by) all American “Dollars” in Existence = the Monetary Truth. 76

The Debt-Money Faucet and Sink. 81

Beware the Satanic “Jew’s” Debt-Token Money Trap: The “jewish” “Central” (and “Commercial”) Banks Verses the Gentile “Savings & Loans”. 85

The “jewish” “Abominations of Desolation” called “Central Banks” 92

The “Legal Tender” of the “Central” (and Supernational) “jewish” Banksters. 117

The “Central” Banksters’ Tyrannical, Wolfish Face ever-Lurking under their “Democratic” Shepherd Mask. 117

Protocols of “jewish” Misdirection and Political/Economic Benightenment (of Gentiles) 120

The Presidential Traitors, the “jewish” “Central” Banksters and Satan’s Anti-Christ, SuperNazi, Sinagogic “Beast” and Its Monopoly-Money “Mark” 122

The Gentile Puppet-Gov’t’s “Bonds” Dutifully Surrendered to, Held, and Sold at Will by the “jewish” “Central Bank” 125

And the “jewish” “Commercial” Bank(s) 127

The Fraudulent Origin of “Fractional Reserve” Lending/Banking. 128

“Red Symphony (X-Ray of Revolution)” 131

On the Folly of Crediting “Jewish” Falsehood and Fraud. 134

Distinguishing “Central Bank” Debt-Tokens from “Commercial Bank” “Credit-Money” 142

The “Commercial” Bank “Credit-Money” Fraud, Scam, Theft 145

How the Corporate Crown Controls and Manipulates Its “Royal” or Monopoly Supply of Debt-Tokens: (Let us Count the Ways) 149

(The “jewish” “Central” and “Commercial” Banks(ters) Verses the Gentile “Savings & Loans”. 151

…with “Checking” Accounts?. 153

…and Usury?. 154

“jew”-Money Manipulation: the “jewish” “Boom and Bust” “Business Cycles”. 155

Monetary Manipulation: “Inflation” and “Deflation” 156

Barter-Town Is To Be Found Within Every Money-Desert Round. 158

The Cyclical “jewish” “Booms” and “Busts” 159

Predatory Monetary Speculation via Monopoly-Money: the Ultimate Speculative Tool 160

Speculative Tricks: Cornering, Hoarding and Dumping. 163

Economic Sabotage via Official Price-Limits or “Ceilings” 165

And “Officially” Creating a “Legal” Scarcity. 166

Money: the Speculator’s Ultimate Commodity, Tool and Weapon in his Cyclical War against his “Boomed and Busted” Public. 167

Phase One: the (“Inflationary” Monetary) “Boom” 168

Phase Two: the (“Deflationary” Monetary) “Bust” 172

The Repetitive, Speculative, Predatory “jewish” “Business” Cycle. 176

The Monetary-Tide is (by its Monetary Sun or Moon) Turned again (from Low to High) 178

The Monetary-Tide (by its Majestic Monetary Moon) is again Turned again (from High to Low) 182

High (Money-)Tide, Low Tide, High Tide, Low Tide, “Booms” and “Busts” and on and on until Someone stops this Endless, “jewish,” Predatory or “Speculative” “Business Cycle” 186

The “Central” Crown’s “Elastic” yet Elusive Money Supply—(whenever in Hell you need it most?) 189

The Supply and Demand of Money. 191

Monetary Volatility or Stability?. 196

Our Monetary Choices. 198

Monetary Instructions from U.S. presidents Lincoln, Jackson and Jefferson. 199

Jackson. 201

Lincoln. 203

On “Honest” Abe & Lord Adolf’s Shining but short-lived “Cities on a Hill” 208

On Uncle Satan’s (or “jewish”-Amerika’s) Presidential Whores and National Traitors. 215

And the Monetary Solution (?) 217

The Honest Coin of the County Realm.. 222

…Is Never a Debt-Token. 222

…And hence is Never Lent, but simply either Given or Spent (into Circulation) 223

But how Many Debt-Free Tokens per County Resident?. 223

The Historical American Experience. 225

A Commodity Standard of Token Value?. 230

…And Never a Monopoly Coin of the County Realm.. 230

Money as a Governmental Monopoly? (Well-Intentioned Quotes from the American Past) 242

Free Competition verses Monopolization of Monetary Creation. 244

How to Discourage or Prevent, Slow down or even Stop Monetary Treason, Token-“Inflation” or Counterfeiture by the (County) Gov’t 246

Serially Numbered Tokens?. 248

And if and Whenever You go from Token Money to “Specie,” Stay Somewhat Token. 249

And the Modest Tax of the County Realm: The Fair, Modest and “Equitable” County-Tax (of Our Modest and Slender Gov’t) 250

On Minimizing “your” Government’s Tax-“Bite” out of You and Yours, out of your Productivity and Willingness to Work. 253

The Mosaic “tithe” 254

And Unofficial Argument against any Official (Gov’t) Monopoly. 256

Lower Money Costs = Higher Annual Citizen-Profits = Higher Annual Profit-Tax Revenues. 260

Businessmen as Taxmen? Should Businessmen be Compelled to Collect Taxes for the Treasury as a Condition, Price or Cost of (the Privilege of) Doing Business within the County?. 262

Against State Lotteries (or Gov’t Gambling Houses) 264

Summation/Recapitulation. 265

Conclusion. 271



*  *  *  *  *






*  *  *  *  *

Now, in the first place, the discoverer of a great truth doubtless knows that it can be useful to the rest of men, and, as a jealous withholding furnishes him no enjoyment, he communicates it; but, even though he has the consciousness that his communication is highly valuable to the rest, yet he has in no wise sought and found his truth for the sake of the rest, but for his own sake, because he himself desired it, because darkness and fancies left him no rest till he had procured for himself light and enlightenment to the best of his powers.

He labors, therefore, for his own sake and for the satisfaction of his want. That along with this he was also useful to others, yes, to posterity, does not take from his labor the egoistic character. [Max Stirner, p. 132]


*  *  *  *  *

Close the door. Put out the light./ No, they won’t be home tonight./

The snow falls hard, and don’t you know,/ the winds of Thor are blowing cold./

They’re wearing steel that’s bright and true./ They carry news that must get through./

They choose a path where no one goes./ They hold no quarter./

Walking side by side with Death./ [The] Devil mocks their every step./

[The] snow drives back the foot that’s slow./ The dogs of doom are howling more./

They carry news that must get through/ to build a dream for me and you./

They choose a path where no one goes./

They hold no quarter./ They ask no quarter./

(“Well I’m cold! I’m cold! I’m cold!”)/ They give no quarter./

(“I hear the dogs of doom are howling more!”)/

[Led Zeppelin, from “Houses of the Holy”]


*  *  *  *  *

The love of money is the root of all evil.—(1 Timothy 6:10)

(OK Paul, but what about the knowledge or ignorance thereof? How Godly, good, Satanic or evil is the knowledge or ignorance of money?)


It is well enough that the people of the [“jewish”-Amerikan–Ed.] nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.—Henry Ford, American industrialist, philanthropist and Gentile patriot, (a.k.a. “anti-semite”)


*  *  *  *  *

No thing in use by man, for power of ill, can equal money. (Sophocles, ancient Greek playwright, 496-406 B.C.)


My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:… (Hosea 4:6)


I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education.—(Thomas Jefferson, 3rd American president, 1801-09)


John Adams (2nd American president, 1797-1801) wrote thus in 1797 to Thomas Jefferson (3rd American president, and Adams’ vice-president): “All the perplexities, confusion, and distress in America rise, not from defects of the Constitution of Confederation [of states–Ed.]; not from any want of honor or virtue, as much as downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.


If the American people knew the corruption in our money system, there would be a revolution before morning.—(Henry Ford, American industrialist, philanthropist and author)


*  *  *  *  *

And from the twelfth “canto” or “song” of Lord Byron’s Don Juan:

(All together now!)


0 Gold! I still prefer thee unto paper,                                                                   31

Which makes bank credit like a bank of vapour. [12:4 (i.e. canto 12: stanza 4)]


Who hold the balance of the World?

Who reign O’er congress, whether royalist or liberal?

Who rouse the shirtless patriots of Spain?

(That make old Europe’s journals [newspapers/jewspapers–Ed.] “squeak and gibber” all)

Who keep the World, both old and new, in pain

Or pleasure? Who make politics run glibber all?

The shade of Buonaparte’s noble daring? [No! ’Tis the–Ed.]

Jew Rothschild, and his fellow-Christian [?], Baring [ferocious financial teeth–Ed.]. [12:5]


Those, and the truly liberal Lafitte [?],

Are the true Lords of Europe. Every loan

Is not a merely speculative hit,

But seats a Nation or upsets a Throne

Republics also get involved a bit;

Columbia’s stock hath holders not unknown

On ’Change [the stock and bond (loan) sales-counter and exchange–Ed.]; and even thy silver soil, Peru,

Must get itself discounted by a Jew. [12:6]                                                          48


But if Love don’t [rule–Ed.], Cash does, and Cash alone:                                  105

Cash rules the Grove, and fells it too besides;

Without cash, [soldier–Ed.] camps were thin, and [kingly–Ed.] courts were none;… [12:14]


…Peruse! ’T is always with a moral end                                                               305

That I dissert, like grace before a feast:

For like an aged aunt, or tiresome friend,

A rigid guardian, or a zealous priest,

My Muse by exhortation means to mend

All people, at all times, and in most places,

Which puts my [Ed.—inSpired and winged horse] Pegasus to these grave paces. [12:39]


But now I’m going to be immoral; now I mean to show things really as they are,

Not as they ought to be: for I avow,

That till we see what’s what in fact, we’re far

From much improvement with that virtuous plough

Which skims the surface, leaving scarce a scar

Upon the black loam long manured by Vice,

Only to keep its [Whose: Virtue’s or Vice’s? Such is the political/economic subject of the poet’s “dissert”[ation]–Ed.] corn at the [high–Ed.] old [over]price.                                320


And if my thunderbolt not always rattles,                                                       697

Remember, reader! you have had before,

The worst of tempests and the best of battles,

That e’er were brewed from [“jewish” and/or usurious–Ed.] elements or gore,    700

Besides the most sublime of—Heaven knows what else;

An usurer could scarce expect much more—

But my best canto—save one on astronomy—

Will turn upon “Political Economy.” [12:88]


That is your present theme for popularity:

Now that the public hedge hath scarce a stake [in “patriotic” and “republican” “jew” debt-money loans (no longer to “jew”-decapitated Gentile kings but) to the ex-kinged “Gentile” “nations”–Ed.],

It grows an act of patriotic charity,

To show the people the best way to break [free of debt-bondage to fraudulent and thieving “lenders” and recollectors of worthless monopoly-, debt-, theft- and paper money–Ed.].

My plan (but I, if but for singularity,

Reserve it) will be very sure to take.                                                                  710

Meantime, read all the National-Debt sinkers,

And tell me what you think of our great thinkers. [12:89]



*  *  *  *  *

The [Ed.) anti-] Devil fools with the best laid plans.”—(Neil Young)

*  *  *  *  *

The word “economy/economics” (“oikonomia”) literally means “house management.” It is Greek. It comes from “oikonomos” (“manager”) and “oikos” (“house”).

And so “economy” is “house,” city-state or “marketplace”-management. And “economics” is merely the science or study of money, of the production of goods and services, and of their monetary exchange within the “house,” city-state or “marketplace” of all buyers and sellers.

But as popularly used, “an economy” is the total activity of a state, its production and trade. “Economies” are said to “expand” and “contract.” How? Why? (Via (production and trade or commerce’s) reaction to the expansion and contraction (“inflation” and “deflation”) of dishonest, volatile and “speculative” money.)

What then is needed for a permanently “healthy economy”? A productive and talented people, natural resources (for them to transform into useful products), and an honest, ample, stable money—(either coins of gold or silver, or debt-free tokens).

And “political economy” is the economy after the politicians are through with it—or how their policies (laws, dictates) effect the economy (production and trade). You know, via (laws, taxes, etc.) politicians encourage and promote certain products and trades (often their own, their friends,’ their supporters’ and contributors’), and discourage or even outlaw others. “Laissez-faire” (“let [them] do [as they please]”) is a non-political or non-politicized economy, a “free” or “illegal” economy, a “black market” economy. But a “political economy” is a dictated, regulated, politicized or “legal” economy. And the very worst things a “political economy” can do is to overtax the producers into hopeless inactivity; to seize (“nationalize”) all property and thus to enslave all citizens (see “communism”); and/or to impose a debt-token monopoly money upon the citizenry.

*  *  *  *  *

All most folks know about modern money is that, aside from a few goldless or silverless coins, modern money is merely paper. And therefore they know modern money is printed paper, and did not miraculously fall out of the sky like some monetary manna. But most folks assume this paper-money is printed by the elective government of the people, and then spent into circulation (or lent to private parties, banks, etc.). (For every thinking citizen would surely ask himself, “Why on earth would any elective government borrow its own printed paper-money from itself?”)

And so naturally the public would be outraged to know that their elective gov’t does not, in fact, print up and spend its own paper-money, but rather borrows it from a private and anonymous corporation euphemistically-entitled a “central bank.” And so modern-money is debt-money. It is a debt, a loan, which therefore must be repaid (both “principal” plus “interest”) by the elective gov’t (and therefore the people, the taxpayers) to the money-creator and lender, the “central bank” corp., the hidden state-crown.

And of the further economic/political implications of this monetary fact the public is blissfully (?) unaware.

But I intend to clearly show the reading public that their elective gov’t is not the real gov’t or highest power or institution within their state. For this highest power is the money-creation power, the crown, the “central bank” corporation. For “the servant takes the money.” And the monetary-master makes or prints the money which his elective-servant or puppet-gov’t borrows.

And the implications, complications and results of this borrowing I likewise intend to show: progressively weighty burden of governmental or “public” debt; periodic and “deflationary” public-debt or gov’t-loan-payments of both “interest” and “principal”; hence the monetary necessary of new and “inflationary” borrowings of the elective puppet-gov’t from its monetary master, the “central banking” crown; and therefore the chronic instability of this debt-paper-money, or debt-token money; and hence the stealthy monetary theft of the wealth produced by the public or the citizenry by this and hidden, publicly-unknown, anonymous and corporate monetary crown called the “central bank.”

*  *  *  *  *

If you divide the total and official debt of your government or state (a.k.a. the “national debt” or “public debt”) by the number of (living) citizens in your state, then you have figured your “share” of this “national debt.” (Can you, do you, see what a debtor you are, dear reader, thanks to your “public officials,” who routinely contract “public” debts in your name and “credit”—“public” debts (“obligations” or “liabilities”) which (according to “your” “public servants” and their money lenders, creditors or bond-holders) must be repaid by you, the public, plus “interest”?

This is the earthly damnation called (political) “representation.” This is what your (political) “representatives” can do (and in fact have done) to their political subjects, i.e. to you and your fellow citizens, dear reader. For surely a free or sovereign man “represents” himself, thinks, speaks, signs and decides for himself which contracts, if any, shall bind him now or in future. (Therefore what contracts unsigned by you presently bind you, dear reader?) Yet if you let them, “your” political “representatives” (a.k.a. “public officials”) can, will and do hopelessly indebt you and yours under any and all deals or contracts they have or shall make in your name or credit.

*  *  *

And the very worse deal these “representative” public enemies within public office can ever possibly make in your name is to contract for a debt-token monopoly-money to be created, lent and circulated within “your” state, i.e. to grant (or sell) a private group or corp. the exclusive “right” or “license” to create and lend the public this debt-token “money.” For in this way your political enemies (disguised as “representatives” or “public servants”) shall have “legislatively” instituted a secret and malevolent monarchy and dynasty, a concealed corporate crown and throne to rule, usurp, dispossess and enslave you and yours. Hence “public servants” are really “public traitors and public enemies in the secret service of this concealed corporate crown and throne, this “central bank,” this monopoly source (and only destination) for all the “public’s” money. And this book is an attempt to bring this dark and diabolical deal or contract to the attention of the distracted and indebted public, and hence to the light of day.

The “national” or “public debt” is incurred, contracted and created by these public enemies in public office by borrowing debt-tokens (in the public’s name, credit and obligation) from this highest power in (and hence over) “your” realm, state or kingdom, this “royal” or “sovereign” state-crown, throne or scepter, this anonymous, irresponsible and predatory “central bank” corporation, officially created and legislatively instituted by these very traitorous “public servants.”

And like every debt, every one of these “royal” monopolistic debt-tokens must by the public be repaid to the corporate crown, their only source and inevitable destination, plus non-existent tokens for rent, usury or “interest” on this “national” or “public” loan and debt. For only the loan itself (called “principal”) is created and lent. Yet these “principal” debt-tokens plus (non-existent) “interest” (rent or usury) debt-tokens are demanded in return as repayment. But clearly non-existent tokens cannot possibly ever be repaid. At 10% annual “interest,” e.g., (dictated of course by the “central” money-crown), there will be no more debt-tokens in 10 years, not one, and yet the entire loan or “principal” would still be owed (by the debt-enslaved public their to concealed, “central,” debt-token crown). The “interest” (rent or usury) alone would have devoured the entire loan in 10 short years; (Isn’t that “interesting”?); thus leaving the public worse off than where they stated from. For not only do they have no token money to make their deals, trades, exhanges. They now “owe” an entire loan of non-existent tokens. Hence your “public servants” have clearly contracted “on your behalf” with a corporate devil (or its “chosen people”), and have thereby obliged you and all your fellow-citizens to pay an unpayable loan and debt. And therefore debt-token money is a diabolical trap, scam, fraud and cheat. And over time this unpayability becomes more and more obvious and undeniable as the “public” or “national debt” becomes a higher and higher multiple of all (debt) tokens in existence, e.g. 10, 20, 30, 40, etc. What’s the national debt-multiple (the number of times impossible to pay) within your particular kingdom or state, dear reader?

And therefore your “public servants” are really and truly public enemies within public office. Can you see that dear reader? It is most important that you do, because your future security, life, property and liberty depend upon it.

(“But how can this ‘public’ debt have grown ten, twenty or thirty times or more the amount of debt-tokens in existence”?)

This is the monstrous nature, practice and consequence of debt-token money. The source or origin of all debt-tokens is also their inevitable destination. For debts must eventually be repaid. Hence the (“central” or royal) loan of a debt-token money is a “public” or “national” debt to be repaid, plus “interest.” This is the cumulative nature of “compound principal” and “compound interest.” This is the enormity of the debt-token beast. Look upon it from all sides. Get to know and to recognize this monetary monster (and its demonic creators) for what it and they really and truly are. (And see “The Unpayable Debt, the Annual Deficit and the Infinitesimal Currency-to-Debt Ratio.”)

*  *  *

Thus if citizens (such as you and I) didn’t have (allow, permit, tolerate or suffer) “their” peremptory, non-refusable, coercive, fascistic or predatory political “representatives,” they clearly couldn’t have been thus “represented” into and under this enormous and unpayable “national” or “public” debt. Therefore to liberate themselves (politically/economically/monetarily) the citizenry must “represent” themselves. And they must never damn themselves, nor ever again allow themselves to be thus politically damned by any such treacherous “representatives,” by public enemies in public office pretending to be the public’s servants.

(This is the political/economic/monetary curse of “democracy”: That the public, the majority of the electorate, (and/or their political “representatives” or “public servants”), can thus democratically damn everyone, i.e. each and every individual within their “democratic” kingdom, state or realm, i.e. you and me.)

Therefore, dear reader, don’t ever be “represented,” but always “represent” yourself, and don’t ever damn yourself (politically, monetarily or economically).

As the child must one day cast off his childish or minority status to take up his maturity or adulthood, to assume his inheritance, his power or “right” to possess his property, to speak, decide and judge for himself, in short to represent himself, so must every citizen grow up to become his very own representative, and thus to retake his “public” estate from such false servants, thieving “trustees,” and malevolent misrepresenters.

*  *  *

(“But I myself borrowed nothing, took no money, signed no contract. How then am I in debt?”)

You are in debt because you had (political) “representatives,” and hence were and are by them officially and legally indebted—or so your political enemies claim, allege, charge. You are (by “your” political “representatives” and their masters or creditors) officially-alleged to be in debt because they officially-indebted you (and all your fellow citizenry besides).

(“But I am not the public, and therefore the public’s ‘name and credit’ (and debt) is not my own. My name is not John Q. Public.”)

Good one!

But because you are one of the public you are officially commanded by its (or their) “public servants” to help pay the “public debt”—which is a euphemism for all debts incurred or contracted in the public’s name and credit by all state or government officials, “servants” or “representatives.”

If you simply divide “your” “public” or “national debt” by the amount of debt-tokens currently in existence or circulation (within your state or nation), you can see how many times impossible this national debt repayment is. If e.g. the “national debt” is currently ten times greater than all the debt-tokens in existence, then if all were at once repaid to the (monetary/political) crown, nine times more debt-tokens would still be owed (than exist). And hence the official, governmental, “national” or “public debt” would be nine times impossible to pay. Furthermore the public would then be without money, and hence right back where they started from when their political “representatives” first damned them (monetarily, politically, economically) by officially, (legislatively or “legally”) creating (instituting, authorizing or “licensing”) this mysterious “central bank” corp., by contracting for this national debt-token monopoly-money (in the citizens’ name, credit and obligation), by borrowing these debt-tokens into existence, and by obligating the public to repay all these officially-borrowed debt-tokens, plus (non-existent) “interest,” rent or usury, i.e. to repay all this unrepayable “national” or “public debt,”

And hence the state or nation’s (really the national corporate crown’s) debt-token money (and hence the “national debt”) is an official gov’t scam, a monetary, economic and political trap, and a legislative, parliamentary and corporate crime against the nation, public and citizenry. And hence there is no “national” nor “public debt” to be repaid by the citizenry. The citizens owe nothing. But they are owed much (plus “interest”?) by their official, unofficial and corporate predators, thieves and robbers.

But if the citizens would simply free themselves enough to create (mint or print) and distribute or circulate their very own (debt-free) tokens, there would be no “public” debt to repay, neither “principal” nor “interest.” Why borrow or rent tokens which you, dear citizens, can create yourselves? thereby owing no one (no individual, no group, no corporation, no crown, no “bank,” no one) “principal” for their creation, and no one rent, “interest” or “usury” for their use?

*  *  *  *  *

What is “Taxation”?


House and riches (are) the inheritance of fathers:… (Proverbs 19:14)

[“A house and goods are an inheritance from parents,…”—Byington trans.]


A good (man) leaveth [“will bequeath”–By.] an inheritance to his children’s children;…” (Proverbs 13:22)


And thus must it be a evil man who leaveth his inheritance to the taxman?

And if the evil taxman has his way, your house and land with him will stay.

*  *  *  *  *

 “Taxation,” is the legalized, authorized, sanctified or “sacred” robbery or extortion of a citizen or subject by a gov’t or official—(as distinct, e.g., from the robbery of you by me, (or vice-versa).

And if by “divine” authority (Levi. 27:30-34 & Deut. 14:22-25), Moses from his followers exacted or extorted no more “taxation” than 10% (a “tithe”) of their annual “increase” or profits—(i.e. all yearly income minus all yearly living and working expenses), then why should our taxation ever be a penny more? Are we not at least as good or Godly as a Mosite (or two)? Or has “God” since changed His Mind and His tax policy or law since Moses’ time? Show me wherein it is newly written. (The “Napoleonic Code of Law,” you say?)

The gov’t that governs [and hence costs–Ed.] least, governs best.

As long as you or I are going to tolerate officials or gov’t, rather than governing ourselves, officials must be strictly limited in all their “sacred” powers over us—including their powers to tax and spend, along with their powers to “protect” us from ourselves, each other and foreigners. (But who then shall protect us from these our official “protectors”? Who else but we ourselves?)

Just gov’t simply has no business robbing (“taxing”) Peter to pay (bribe, “subsidize,” “entitle,” or otherwise purchase the vote or loyalty of) Paul.

For this is merely mob-“demagoguery”—leading directly to democracy, mobocracy and tyranny, and has from of old brought down to the dust many a worthy and lofty kingdom and society.

(See e.g. the last three chapters or “books” of the Republic of Socrates, as recorded by his pupil, Plato.)

*  *  *  *  *

But note, dear reader: It is this precisely this “sacred” robbery of the citizenry by the tax-official or gov’t’ which makes a token money desirable, useful, valuable—even necessary for all the citizenry to acquire. (Yet another reason why I link, combine or identify the tax office and the mint office, or the tax-man and the mint-man or -master as one and the same elected official.) For the tax- and/or mint-man must require payment in no other coin but the county coin. For this tax requirement is precisely what makes the county-coin desirably and valuably necessary for every citizen to acquire in sufficient quantities to pay off his taxes—under threat and pain of suffering the customary penalty of seizure and auction of enough of his property to pay off this county tax (in this required county coin). (Remember, Gov’t or Law is “sacred” coercion, force or violence.)

And naturally, justly, self-providently and wisely the citizenry are skeptical or distrustful of any token or “fiat” money—(i.e. any money without intrinsic value, such as gold or silver). For such a token money can at any time be manufactured ad infinitum—thus rendering it worthless. Just try that, dear reader, with gold or silver—as “alchemists” always have, but to this day have always failed. Truly a golden coin in one hand can be (and historically has been) worth countless tokens in the other. And so the citizen is wise in distrusting all token or “fiat” moneys. For all have inevitably fallen in time, and none have survived the endless “inflation” to which they are ever subject. And of course whenever a kingdom is conquered or otherwise destroyed, its token money likewise becomes worthless. (See e.g. “Confederate”-American money.)

*  *  *  *  *

All gov’ts, states or crowns must declare their token money to be good for payment to the (sovereign or puppet-) gov’t, in taxes, fines, etc. This is what is euphemistically meant by “public debt”—i.e. debt of the citizen to his gov’t, or of the gov’t to its citizens or employees. For unless thus forced, people would simply refuse to accept and use the crown’s tokens—fearing fraud, inflation and depreciation. So the gov’t pays it citizens in its (or its crown’s) unrefusable tokens, and will accept them as tax payments in return, but would doubtlessly prefer gold and silver, as they are real value, worth or money.

But to declare a token money “legal tender [i.e. legally-unrefusable money–Ed.] for all debts public and private” is to make it a crime for any citizen to refuse the crown’s tokens as payment from any other citizen at any time. And thus the “private” realm of individual commerce likewise falls prey under the crown or gov’t’s almighty power, domain, dictate, authority.

A most predatory monetary authority or crown outlaws all other moneys but its own (specially marked paper-bills, notes and/or coins)—thus declaring a monetary monopoly, and thus decreeing it a “crime” for anyone within the state or kingdom to use any other money but the crown’s.

But a slightly less predatory crown would propagate a slightly less dictatorial decree—not quite declaring its brand of money a legal monopoly, but yet decreeing the crown’s money to be legally unrefusable within the state or kingdom by anyone at any time—such as, e.g., the euphemism, “this [money] is [to be] legal tender for all debts public and private”—(i.e. from every citizen to the (“public”) gov’t (as e.g. in taxes), and/or from every citizen to every other (“private”) citizen. Such a monetary dictate (in making its money unrefusable) stops just short or shy of declaring all other moneys illegal—i.e. of declaring a monetary monopoly—such as the following (Satanic) “minister of finance” or “treasurer”:


And he [the Apocalyptic “false-prophet-beast” and high “jew” (?) priest of Satan the “dragon” (13:11 & 19:20)–Ed.] caused all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their [credulous, foolish or gullible?–Ed.] foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast [“Washington”?–Ed.], or the number of his name. [Apo./Rev. 13:16-17]


But I herein advocate neither a monopoly nor a near-monopoly money. But I merely suggest (since we presently lack sufficient gold or silver to mint a sufficiently ample county coin) that an honest, ample, stable debt-free token-money be created, and distributed freely and equally to all county citizens—(or perhaps in small part spent into circulation (by the county gov’t)—and then exclusively required as payment for all taxes within the county-kingdom—preferred (indeed, required) even over gold or silver.

And though it may take years, once the citizenry see and are satisfied that the county money is truly honest (ample and stable), then they will perhaps be less adverse to accepting and using the county coin for other purposes than merely paying their fair and modest county taxes (during the annual tax time).

And even if at any time all other token moneys somehow failed, a honest, ample and stable county coin would prevent an economic stagnation or “depression” from occurring or striking within the county—(a “depression” due to the scarcity of tokens of exchange, or money). For the county coin could then be used, substituted, employed. And thus an honest county coin is all the while an ever-ready monetary net capable of stopping the free-fall of the county economy (i. e. the production and exchange or trade of goods and services) due to the failing of all other (token) moneys. (I say “token” or “fiat” moneys, for gold and silver never really fail, though at times they may be scarce indeed, and thus be no hedge nor net against economic stagnation or “depression.”)

And so, dear reader, can you now see how valuable an honest county-coin can be? As long as it is honest, and not a moment more, it is worthy of our trust, if we have no gold or silver, and even perhaps worth its weight in silver—but only so long as it is ample and stable and hence honest.

*  *  *  *  *

The (old-fashioned) “Sheriff’s Sale

The “sheriff’s sale” follows taxation like a cart follows its horse. You can’t have the former without the latter.

Have you all heard of a “sheriff’s sale”? That when and where the county sheriff seizes the farm, land, business, home and property of a citizen for public-auction to pay his back-taxes owed to the local, state or national government, and/or to repay a debt owed to a local (or even extra-county or foreign) money-lender or bank after this “creditor” or lender “forecloses” this his “debtor” or borrower’s “mortgage,” and thus (via the local sheriff’s office) seizes the “defaulted” borrower’s “real-estate” loan-surety, his loan-“collateral” or guarantee (to repay the loan plus interest on time and in full).

And so, like a “fire-sale,” whenever the debt is greater than the debtor’s total property-value, then “everything must go” : farm-land, farm-house, livestock and equipment; business land, building(s), equipment and inventories. For taxes and bank-debts owed (i.e. for “debts public and private”) the lands and buildings of farmers and business are forcibly seized by the sheriff and sold at auction (to the highest bidder(s). And so the gov’t gets their back-taxes and the money-lenders get their money. And so a “sheriff’s auction” is not a pretty sight to see.

And the sheriff’s deputies (if not the auction-bidders and buyers as well, or also) must feel more guilty than those who rob the dead. For they are robbing (or at least surely dispossessing and evicting) the living. But doubtless the sheriff and his deputies console themselves and their consciences with the thought that they are merely doing their duty and nobly upholding the law, and that their indebted and dispossessed victims surely deserve their dispossession and eviction, and so on. And sometimes a debtor does indeed deserve dispossession and eviction. (For, “Neither a borrower nor a lender be,” once said a father to a son in a play for all to see.) But not always.

But sometimes the sheriff (and/or his deputy) knows not what he does, nor whom he serves, nor whom he harms, nor how, nor why. And perhaps (like some mercenary or sociopathic hired gun or killer) the sheriff or deputy doesn’t even want to know these things which may bother his conscience or harm his self-respect—as long as his position and salary are secure. Let me explain.

*  *  *  *  *

In the 1930’s, e.g., there was a world-wide “depression.” And all during this “depression” there was no money. (And you now what? That’s why there was a “depression.”) But many a sheriff didn’t know that—(nor wanted nor cared to know that?) All he knew (and wanted to know?) was that such and such a bank or money-lender had “foreclosed” the “mortgaged” property of such and such a debtor, and that, armed with a judge’s warrant to seize and evict the ex-proprietor from his ex-property, his duty was to dispossess and evict the (former) owners off their (former) property. And the sheriff was likewise “judicially” ordered, commanded or “warranted” to do the same to citizens whose local, state or national governments had similarly “foreclosed” on their properties due to unpaid taxes.

But in any county wherein the sheriff is the supreme law-enforcement official, as I propose, there and then all judicially-ordered arrests of citizens, and seizures and auctions of properties, shall be subject to the sheriff’s discretion and decision—(though, to be sure, the electorate should watch the sheriff closely to see if he is arresting or “foreclosing” on everyone thus “judicially” condemned but his friends, supporters, backers or financiers).

What am I driving at, dear reader? When and wherever there is a severe money shortage (i.e. a “depression”), responsible and hard-working people (who have not sufficiently saved for this “rainy” (or rather “droughty)” day), naturally and necessarily can’t earn or acquire nearly enough money to pay off all their governmental taxes and/or bank loans. But this “default” is clearly not their fault. And so they should not be punished for a monetary crime they themselves did not commit. For they are more than willing to work—and even (since there is little to no money) merely for food to eat. And so it is unjust that these monetary victims should then be penalized (by the judge and sheriff) with dispossession of their property, forfeiture of their business, seizure of their farms and eviction from their homes.

And any sheriff or deputy who knew all this (about the why and wherefore of the money-drought or “depression,”) and yet “did his duty” to the banksters and their judges, was clearly a sociopathic agent and fellow-perpetrator of these economic and political (or “legal”) crimes and injustices against the citizenry and their properties.

*  *  *  *  *

Now I propose that (via this book) every citizen (and hence every sheriff and deputy) be well aware of this monetary problem, its causes, its perpetrators and its solution. For why shouldn’t the monetary victims know how and by whom they are victimized?—as least as well as their monetary predators know how and whom they prey upon. For every economic “depression” (or “recession”) is no less than economic sabotage, and its perpetrators are no less than criminal sociopaths who thus belong in jail, in strong cages like mad dogs or human wolves. And yet during the depression of the 1930’s all sheriffs and police chiefs were serving these sociopathic, economic and monetary saboteurs via seizing and auctioning off all indebted farms, businesses and homes via judicial, “legal” and “warranted” “bank foreclosures” after tax- or loan-“default.”

But a wise, just and benevolent sheriff (such as I suggest you all elect) would simply not enforce such property seizure orders from banks and/or judges during a monetary draught or “depression.” Why punish the victims? Why not punish the perpetrators instead? And why wouldn’t any respectable sheriff know (or want to know) the difference?

And, (unless I’m wrong, and I don’t see how), if you simply adopt and create an ample, stable debt-free token-money within your county (as I herein propose), then there shall never again be another “depression” within your county—(and even more good things besides). And what would that be worth to you, dear reader?—above and beyond the price of reading?

*  *  *  *  *

And methinks the sheriff of an honest-token county can justly foreclose or evict “defaulted” debtors and “deadbeat” tenants from their lands, homes, houses or apartments. For their default was not caused by dishonest, unstable or scarce money. And therefore it was the debtors’ own faults, negligence, incompetence or sloth, their own undesirability within the “marketplace,” their own disability or inability to earn a sufficient amount of the county coin to pay their debts and hence to keep the debt-collecting wolf (and sheriff) away from their doors.

Thus wherever it is not the money’s fault, deadbeat debtors have no one but themselves to justly blame for their coinless or penniless poverty.


In his labor-force [as in his (the citizen’s) property: his land, his livestock, tools, machines, etc.–Ed.] he has his competence [ability, means, power, force–Ed.], and, if he makes no use of it, that is his fault.… because with every stroke of labor [upon all his competitively desirable products or services–Ed.] an adequate supply of the needful [i.e. honest money–Ed.] is brought into the house. [Max, p. 273]


Who needs a “welfare,” “socialist” or “communist” state to rob the productive to feed the parasitical?

(“But if these ‘parasitical’ have the vote, they will simply vote to tax, rob or prey upon the rich and the productive. And there’s the end of your beloved ‘democracy.’”)

But let your one any only “social safety net” be your honest money/monies. And let he who is incapable of earning this honest, ample, stable and trustworthy money go to any charities to which prosperous citizens may willingly contribute—(e,g, church pantries, “salvation armies,” “goodwill industries,” etc. But why tolerate or suffer any public official to tax-rob you, dear “Paul,” in order to pay that lazy, unwilling or incapable “Peter” for not working?


Now we command you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye withdraw yourselves from every brother that walketh disorderly [takes to irregular courses–Ed.], and not after the tradition [“instruction”–By.] which he [“you”–By.] received of us. For yourselves know how ye ought to follow us: for we [did not live irregularly–Ed.] behaved not ourselves disorderly among you; Neither did we eat any man's bread for nought [“nor get our boards gratis from anybody”–Ed.]; but wrought with labour and travail night and day, that we might not be chargeable to [“for the sake of not burdening”–By.] any of you:….

For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat. For we hear that there are some which walk among you [“living irregularly”–By.] disorderly, working not at all, but are busybodies [“frittering away their time; but such we enjoin and exhort to work quietly and eat bread of their own.”–By.]. Now them that are such we command and exhort by our Lord Jesus Christ, that with quietness they work, and eat their own bread.

But ye, brethren, be not weary in well doing. And if any man obey not our word by this epistle [i.e. live “disorderly,” “irregularly,” parasitically, predatorily–Ed.], note that man [as a man not to be mixed up with–Ed.], and have no company with him, that he may be ashamed [“of himself”–By.]. Yet count (him) not as an enemy, but admonish (him) as a brother. (2 Thess. 3:6-15)


Is Paul not enjoining or exhorting your “freedom of association” toward the avoidance or evasion of human parasites or predators, however “Christian”?

For without human or social contact, human parasites, wolves or predators cannot possibly prey upon you and yours. So built a fence between you and yours and such as these, and so be safe. Give all you want to give, but don’t be taken or forced to “give.” For such is predation or robbery disguised as charity, voluntarism, “taxation.”


[“Brothers, if a person does get swept into some offense, straighten him out,”–By.]

Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault [e.g. some addiction, drunkenness, gluttony, lechery, sloth, parasitism, theft, predatoriness, robbery, etc.–Ed.], ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.

Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ. For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself.

But let every man prove his own work [and worth?–Ed.], and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in another [i.e. another’s labor, produce, work, blood, sweat and tears–Ed.]. For every man shall bear his own burden.

[“But let each test his own work, and then he will have his boast with regard to himself alone and not to the other man; for each will be carrying his own pack.”–By.]

[Gal. 6:1-5]


Why be “society’s” beast of burden? Why be every other “brother’s keeper”? For surely their combined weight shall ruin you and break you back.

Carry whom you will, carry your beloveds as long as far as you wish and can, but don’t be (officially, legally, constitutionally) captured, broken and ridden to death like some poor pack mule or delivery horse. For how would such service serve and further you and yours? Why let the pie-rats, predators or parasites eat out your substance? Far better to feed yourself and your own.

In other words, let down at once upon the ground all those “welfare queens” (and their countless bastards) who imagine they are the queen(s) of the Nile, and that we have no greater task nor purpose than to forever serve their royal majesties and their ceaseless bastardies, and to fulfill their every needs or wishes, and to forever carry their fat, lazy, useless, burdensome asses around. Let’s not, and publicly profess we were damn fools to ever do so.

For he who will not or does not work shall have no honest money to take care of himself. Or why feed, clothe or house those who will not feed, clothe and house themselves? And let those invalids who are incapable of work, and hence of caring for themselves, repair to whatever charities you and your fellow citizens voluntarily give to for that very purpose.

What am I saying, dear reader? I’m saying let there be no more “communistic,” “socialistic” or “welfare state,” no more “social services,” no more free housing, food, medicine, etc. if they are to be “legally” robbed, officially extracted or governmentally extorted from (what else?) unwilling and yet productive citizens.

But if such is your pleasure, dear reader, then by all means give all you want to the lazy, the unworthy or the incapable. Be as big a fool, benefactor, “humanitarian” or “philanthropist” as you damn-well please, and for whatever wise or foolish reason(s), and ye shall surely have your reward. (Matt. 6:1-7) But don’t suffer the poor (nor the rich) to rob you—neither directly (in your home or on the road) nor indirectly (via “socialistic,” “humanistic,” “communistic” gov’t officials—whom, if you notice, are very generous with other people’s property, especially when buying votes, but extremely niggardly with their own). Let public officials, like all other citizens, give all they want…of their own property, labor, time, etc. But don’t suffer them to tax-rob you and yours, dear reader—not even in the name of that great god, “Humanity” and/or “Society.” (See the “great Society” of imperial “jewish”-Amerika, and have a very good laugh.)

*  *  *  *  *

As the loving father said to his son: “Choose your friends; don’t let them choose you.” So likewise choose your associates, compatriots, countrymen; and don’t let them choose you. Or insist your choice be mutual, that you may be no other’s’ prey.


Under the aegis [god, shield, banner, flag–Ed.] of freedom you get rid of many kinds of things, but something new pinches you again: “you are rid of the Evil One; evil is left.” As own [self-owned or sovereign–Ed.] you are really rid of everything, and what clings to [or remains with–Ed.] you you have accepted, it is your choice and your pleasure. The own man is the free-born, the man free to begin with; the free man, on the contrary, is only the eleutheromaniac  [or freedom-wisher–Ed.], the dreamer and enthusiast. [Max. p. 164]


Unite with whom you will, and hence not with whomever you will not. The “union” is only for those who wish to be united, and only as long as they so wish. So good-bye imperial, predatory “Amerika,” and hello voluntary (“American”) union.

*  *  *  *  *

The two Kinds of Money

The complete Title of this Chapter is: The two Kinds of Money: “Specie” (Gold and Silver Coin) and “Fiat” (or “Token”); and the two Kinds of Tokens: “Debt” and “non-Debt”; (and if you must choose one, choose the latter only)

Know (if you will) that “depression” (i.e. scarcity of money) is a deliberate crime of economic sabotage, intended to seize all the bank-mortgaged property (i.e. “collateral”) of all the debtors or borrowers. Think of a machine. If the oil therein is withdrawn, the machine naturally and inevitably grinds to a halt—either gradually or immediately—depending on how rapidly the oil (or money) is taken out of the machine (or marketplace, or “economy”).

Without sufficient money to make exchanges, exchanges simply cannot be made. Thus folks are reduced to barter or bartering—to trading (not money but) things (or services) for things (or services). Therefore each has to find customers who make what he needs and who need what he makes. And since this is not so easy to do, and takes up so much time and effort (formerly used to produce things), productive inactivity or economic stagnation are naturally and unavoidably a resultant part of a “barter economy.” Fewer things are made, and fewer services are traded in a barter (or non-money) system, marketplace or “economy.”

So “money” or a medium of exchange is a necessity—otherwise we are reduced to barter, and hence stagnation (of activity, production and trade). But what kind of money? That is the question.

(“What? There are kinds of money”?)

Yes, and the best kind of money is called “kind” or “specie.” (Recall in Moses’ myth or story of the flood, Noah gathered up two of every species or “kind,” one male and one female?) “Specie” is gold or silver coin. (One naturally prefers to be paid in “kind” or “specie.”)

Etymologically speaking, “specie” is from the Roman verb, “spectare,” “to see.” And so, by the light of our eyes, we see distinguish or discriminate between the various kinds of worldly things. And by the light of our minds, we see or notice the vast chasm or difference between the worthy and the worthless, or between precious metals and paper. And so whenever we have a choice, we naturally prefer the former and reject or eschew the latter. I.E. whenever and wherever “specie” (gold or silver coin) yet circulates, and paper-“money” is not yet “fiat” (“commanded,” coercive or imposed “legal tender [i.e. money–Ed.] for all debts [i.e. payments–Ed.] ”), one naturally prefers real value to false, gold to paper, “specie” to “fiat.”

For (unlike cheap metal or paper-“money”) “specie” has inherent or intrinsic value. And unlike paper-“money,” one simply cannot create infinite amounts of “specie” via a printing press—(nor within an “alchemist’s” cauldron). And that’s a good thing, and an effective check upon “monetary inflation,” and its consequent (monetary) worthlessness or “devaluation”—due to the natural law of supply and demand—(i.e. of over-supply, and hence lesser-demand). Don’t you think?

And don’t be fooled nor cheated, as only the fool can be (cheated)—(as in every other “confidence game”). The fool’s foolishness is necessary for the cheat to cheat him. (Otherwise the cheat must thieve, rob or leave him be secure within his property.) And many is the cheat who instructs or encourages the fool within his foolishness. For a fool and his specie are soon parted.

Know then that paper is not gold—never was, never shall be. And so naturally “paper-gold” (paper-promises to pay gold) has cheated many a man out of his gold. For “paper-gold” can be printed in piles reaching up to the sky. But gold cannot. And one gold piece in the hand can be worth a thousand or more pieces of “paper-gold.” And besides, gold never tears nor burns to ash. It merely melts. Gold is indestructible, incorruptible, rustless, eternal, and hence trustworthy. (Do you know anything or anyone like that, dear reader?)

Wise men have always preferred gold (and silver) because they are the closest things on earth to the eternal—the most lasting earthly things—and hence most trustworthy. They don’t even rust. And hence they are “precious metals.” And so that’s exactly what every man wants—a thing of value to last forever, one that shall never burn nor rust nor shrink, (though thieves may indeed break in and steal—Matt. 6:19-21), so that when he wants to trade his eternal coins for whatever he wants (to buy with them), they are every bit as valuable as the day he traded his produce or his services, (or his blood and sweat and tears) for them. Do you, dear reader, know anyone like that self-provident man?

*  *  *  *  *

And so golden and/or silver coins are by far the best money of all. And so I must ask you, dear reader, do you have sufficient gold and/or silver for us to make enough coins for all the citizens (within our little kingdom, city-state or county, which we have carved and wrested from God’s god earth) to make all the exchanges or trades we could ever possibly desire to make, and hence to never again be reduced to barter—even if we all worked and produced most all the time, and every day?

Me neither. What then? Then we simply can’t employ the very best “kind” of money, “specie,” simply because we don’t have any, or not nearly enough. Should we then go back to barter, stagnation and despair?

Hell no! What then? Perhaps with a little common sense, common knowledge and vigilance we can successfully, profitably and prosperously use another kind of money.

(“What other ‘kinds’ of money are there, then.”)

There’s really only one other kind of money—other than the kind (“specie”) that has internal and eternal value within itself. And that is the kind of money that doesn’t—the kind that you (being an sensible fellow, and nobody’s fool) have to be commanded, forced, or coerced into taking or accepting as payment for you genuine values—(again, because it has no real or internal value within itself). And this money takes its name from the coercion which it essentially and intrinsically is, and by which it is (unwillingly) “accepted.” And hence this other kind of “money” is appropriately called “command” or “fiat.” (For “fiat” is Roman for “command”; specifically the imperious command, “let it be done, or made.”)

*  *  *  *  *

But I must here insist there are two kinds of “command” money—of money which you, me and we might, may or must be commanded, coerced or forced to accept or take (in exchange for our truly valuable products and services). And the difference between these two “fiat” moneys makes all the difference in the world. For one kind possibly leads upwards. But the other most certainly and necessarily and intrinsically leads downwards. And which kind of “fiat” money, dear reader, do you think this whole Satan- and “jew”-damned world has been “commanded” to take, accept, use?

Let me, dear reader, here exchange the word “token” for the word “fiat” (money). This is not a trick. For “token” (like “fiat”) by its very name (if not its face also) proclaims its utter worthlessness. And yet again, one of the two kinds of token or fiat money might possibly be useful, profitable, beneficial.

(“OK, so what are the two kinds of ‘token’ or ‘fiat’ money?—one of which may be good, but the other of which must be evil?”)

The possibly good token-money is not lent or borrowed into existence, but the certainly evil token-money is. The former is therefore a “debt-free token-money,” and the latter a “debt-token-money.” And the former may lead up. But the latter must lead down.

Just think about it: If the money (unlike gold or silver “specie”) has no real value (being mere paper, plastic, wood, worthless metal or what-have-you?), then who but a crazy, foolish or terrorized citizenry would borrow such a worthless “token” or “fiat” money into existence?—instead of simply creating their own token-money for free?—or the tiny cost of producing these tokens?

*  *  *  *  *

Considering those wooden, plastic or metal gambling tokens or “chips” use by gambling houses or “casinos”: Are they not valued or “worth” far more than they cost to produce? Is their “face value” not far higher than their intrinsic or true value, and therefore false? And so only an enormously foolish casino owner would buy or borrow his tokens at their “face value” (their nominal, imaginary, conventional, commanded, dictated or decreed worth or price) rather than simply making them himself (or having them made) for next-to-nothing. For there is a great gulf or difference between the “face-value” of the token and its cost to make or manufacture, and hence its true worth or value. The gambling-house owner or manager doesn’t pay the manufacturer of his gambling tokens the “face value” of those tokens. Instead he commands him what “face values” to stamp or print upon those tokens which he orders and buys from him. And he pays only the cost of their manufacture—of their “raw” material (e.g. cheap or common metal, plastic, wood, paper, etc.), the requisite machinery, labor, etc.—plus sufficient profit besides or atop all the manufacturer’s costs to attract or “interest” him in making or manufacturing such tokens.

What a great profit, steal and theft (or robbery) it would be for their maker to receive, charge or extort the “face value” of such intrinsically worthless tokens! It would again be as great a steal or robbery as the difference between their “face value” and their cost of production or creation! And yet some “central” monetary crooks get that much “profit” (or rather extortion), and yet much more besides or atop! For they coercively or monopolistically lend their tokens to their monetary victims, and are therefore paid their “face value” not only once, but again and again and again (in “principal” and “interest” payments) for as long as the debt-tokens are used! (Bummer!) For such is “debt-token, monopoly-money”! And such is “fiat,” or the kind of money which its subjects (or rather its maker’s subjects—i.e. you and I) are officially commanded or “legally” compelled to accept and use—and at its “face-value”—i.e. at its full, nominal, fictional or imaginary, political or “legal” “price” or “value”—at its officially dictated or governmentally commanded “worth”—as set by its creators (the “central” banksters) by their chosen “interest” rates and by their chosen debt-token amount, volume or number in public circulation at any and all times.

Now imagine the citizenry or the public to be that casino owner or manager: Why then should they foolishly (indeed self-ruinously) borrow their tokens of exchange (their “money”) into existence when (if only they were politically, economically or  monetarily free) they could just as easily make or create their very own tokens (or have them made) for darn-near next to nothing?—and henceforth own no one (no “royal” monetary lord nor “central” master) neither “principal” nor “interest” for their long-term public use—i.e. for the public’s use, usage or “usury” of their debtless or debt-free token-money? And yet (via treacherous “representatives” and/or traitorous “public” officials) the citizenry do indeed borrow their tokens (thus monetarily/politically damning themselves and their descendants under mounds of unpayable debt) instead of simply making or creating their very own token money! And thus do the public employ a “debt-token money,” when all the while (if only they were free to do so) they could have made and used a “debtless” or “debt-free-token money”—and hence have paid or owed next-to-nothing for the like of all those money-tokens which they are presently forced to accept and use within their town and country, city and county—no more than casino owners have ever owed or paid “face value” for the gambling chips or tokens which they presently, as formerly, employ as table money within their dodgy establishments!

*  *  *  *  *

But why does the public thus monetarily damn themselves into debt?—or else allow themselves and their descendants to be so hopelessly ensnared and condemned by the very money they (borrow and) use? Is it not for “lack of knowledge”? For surely they don’t hate themselves and thus desire and cast this (monetary, political, economic) condemnation upon themselves and their loved ones! But why are the people thus monetarily and debtfully “destroyed for lack of knowledge?” (Hosea 4:6) Have they no real and true leaders to lead them, nor teachers to teach them? (“Evidently not!” said the frog.)

And what else but a predatory and wolfish pack of governmental or official robbers or thieves would ever even offer to lend (much ever less force or “command”) “their” citizenry, subjects or public to borrow such a “money” (as these debt-tokens) to use as their currency? Imagine a citizenry, a county, a city, state or nation, paying, say, 5 or 10% of their annually produced wealth merely to rent the tokens they used to make exchanges during that year, when they could have just as easily (and much better, and more honestly—if they only knew how) have made their own tokens of exchange for next to nothing, and thus have kept that annual 5 or 10% money-rent or “usury” for themselves? Why give the monetary vampire a periodic percentage of your county’s life-blood?

Its all about knowing the difference between real money and false, between genuine money and token money, between “specie” and “fiat,” between gold or silver and paper, wood, plastic or copper, between “debt-token” and “debt-free token money.”

The cheat or thief wants to exchange or lend his false for your true values, his “fiat” for your “specie,” his debt-token money for your real and true property, blood, sweat and tears. But why ever be his monetary fool, or his servant? For “The borrower is servant [‘slave’–By.] to the lender.”—(Proverbs 22:7)

*  *  *  *  *

And so currently, dear fellow-citizen, within this dark and “jewish” state or kingdom, your real and honest blood, sweat and tears perforce must be exchanged for this worthless “debt-token” paper-money—this unrefusable “legal tender for all debts public and private.” And there’s the theft. But that’s not all the theft. (For to be truly seen for what is really is, this “debt-token” monetary “beast” must be perceived from all angles or perspectives, from front to back, and side to side, and from its beastly approach to its beastly wake, to be truly seen, recognized and appreciated for the genuinely evil monster it really and truly is.)

And there also is “your” puppet-gov’t’s consequent “national debt” to your real but hidden gov’t—the money-creating and lending gov’t, crown, king and dynasty which you, dear citizen, probably do not even know exists—as it/they intend. For this debt-token-money loan (or “principal”) must contractually be paid in full, plus non-existent “interest”—(which is of course impossible, as the “central bank”-lender (or rather trapper) well knows). And the loan is in fact initially repaid at the time of its lending—in puppet-gov’t bonds or promises to pay (in future) even more of this non-existent debt-token-money. And even that’s not all of the monetary evil of the debt-token beast. But that’s enough evil to mention for now. (Don’t worry, dear reader, if you don’t yet understand. My purpose here is merely to show that debt-token money is no way to go.)

And so, long story shortened, the adoption and use of “debt-token” money is the sure road to debt, enslavement, earthly-perdition or worldly-damnation. It is a Satanic and a “jewish” road down to economic/political bondage, enslavement and hell. And if you notice, you are by Evil (and Its monetary “beastly” “jew”) not given a choice of which monetary road to travel. Evil’s debt-token money is simply imposed, commanded, “fiated” on me and you. We are not even supposed (or permitted?) to know that debt-free token-money is even possible. Or where and in what school, dear reader, is this simple knowledge taught?

And why don’t “our” presidential “leaders” warn us of all these monetary dangers and debt-traps? Because they are ignorant? Or because they are the purchased and traitorous agents of Evil?—the Devil’s pied pipers presidentially-misleading all fools who follow into earthly debt-damnation?—nominees or appointees of Satan’s sinagog, paid in their beastly mark and with the privilege of ruling under it/them for an hour or so. (Apo./Rev. 13:16-17 & 17:12-14) And that’s who “our” misleaders in office really are.

(“But just governments govern only by free consent of the governed.”)

Yes, precisely! So let’s escape this coercive, predatory “beast” and govern ourselves (with our own consent).

*  *  *  *  *

And so, since debt-token money leads far worse than nowhere, that leaves us only debtless, non-debt or “debt-free-token money” to employ for our own. (For recall, dear reader, that between us we have insufficient gold or silver to coin for county circulation. And yet we want to have a money, because we want to avoid barter.)

(“And so what are the precise and specific conditions whereby a “debt-free-token money” shall always be benign, good, helpful or beneficial, and never evil, harmful, ruinous or predatory?”)

Good question: It must keep its value over time, years, generations, lifetimes.

(“But how?”)

The debt-free token-money must be both ample and stable.

The amount or volume of the city-state or county’s “debt-free token” money must more than sufficient for all possible exchanges at full production. There should never ever be a shortage of tokens within the county, thus forcing citizens residents or visitors to resort to bartering to make all desired exchanges among them.

And the number of county tokens should be constantly tied or ratioed to the number of county residents, users, buyers, sellers. When the number of residents rises or falls—(as reported e.g. by census), the number of county tokens must likewise rise or fall accordingly. For this constant or stable token(s)-to-resident ratio is precisely what makes the value of the token stable over time, and hence trustworthy.

*  *  *  *  *

Furthermore all tokens must remain within the county, and hence in potential circulation. For to lose tokens decreases the ample supply (necessary to make all desired trades), and it also disrupts the token(s)-to-citizen ratio (necessary for stable tokens and hence stable prices). For by the simple law of supply and demand, a reduced (or “deflated”) supply of tokens would increase each token’s individual value, while an increased (or “inflated”) supply of tokens would decrease each token’s value.

That’s why, by the way, money “speculators” hate monetary stability, constancy, trustworthiness, honesty. For they cannot possibly “buy low and sell high” tokens which perpetually remain at the exact same level, value, worth or price. (You see?)

So, to keep all tokens in the county, all county-tokens owned by foreigners (i.e. neither county citizens nor residents—whether they be manufacturers, importers, traders, or whatever) should by county law be left and kept (at interest?) at the county-mint and tax office. For in this way the county tokens shall never leave the county, but always remain in potential circulation—thus maintaining the critical tokens-per-resident-ratio, necessary for token stability of value over time—their first, last and middle monetary purpose, intention and end.

Now, you can’t stop citizens from saving their tokens for their future “rainy days.” Indeed a stable, trustworthy token encourages savings—as surely as an unstable and “inflating” (i.e. volume-increasing—and hence value-decreasing or shrinking) token punishes or discourages saving and encourages spending (before it becomes completely worthless.)

And so (via personal savings) some percentage of the tokens are going to be out of circulation at any time, and all the time. And thus all the more reason to mint and distribute a far more than ample (and yet ever stable) number of tokens per county resident.

*  *  *  *  *

(“But just how many (ample and stable) county tokens per resident should there be?”)

100 or 200 or 300, perhaps—with many divided into appropriate fractions for making easy “change” for exchanges—i.e. half-tokens, quarter-tokens, tenth-tokens, hundredth-tokens—and maybe even half-hundredths, depending on the value of the token.

(“How valuable then should the token be”?)

Its an arbitrary matter of public preference—as long as the token’s value remains constant or stable over time, via the maintenance of that chosen token(s)-per-resident ratio.

At 200 (tokens per county resident) each token shall therefore be worth half as much as at the 100 level. And at 100…twice the 200 level. At 300 tokens per resident, each token shall be worth on-third as at the 100 level. And at 100…three times the 300 level. Again the main and necessary thing is that the (ample) token number per resident (i.e. user) must be constant over time. This constant ratio is what keeps the county money from ever rising or falling. This constant ratio is what makes the token-money constant, stable, honest and trustworthy.

The old Swiss “franc,” e.g., was worth far more than the old French “franc.” But more importantly, the Swiss was the more stable (and hence trustworthy) “franc.” But both francs varied in value over time, do to their aggregate or total increase and decrease (“inflation” and “deflation”), and due to no gov’t attempt whatsoever to maintain a constant token-per-user ratio.

(“And is the new ‘Euro’ a ‘debt-token’ or a ‘debt-free’ token-money?”)

The former, and there’s the everlasting rub and monetary/economic damnation! But I understand some of them can read English. So maybe there is (monetary, and hence political) hope for them too! I hope so, for “mein volk’s” sake! For otherwise, “Mein Volk are [or shall again be–Ed.] destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6) So don’t be stupid, your Euros! Live, read and learn of the demonic wiles, deceits and snares of your Satanic racial enemies!

*  *  *  *  *

All county citizens must come to clearly see and hence to know this simple truth of the direct and causal relation between the constant or stable ratio of debt-free token(s)-per-resident, and the stability or constancy of each token’s value over time, so that they may know precisely how and why their county money (hopefully) never rises nor falls, and so is stable, constant, honest, trustworthy and “sound as the dollar” (used to be—once upon time, so long ago, and in a state so very far away).

In this way all will plainly see and clearly recognize anyone proposing a policy of token volatility (however “benevolently” disguised) as if clearly seeing a wolf (or “speculator”) approaching the hen house in broad daylight.

For it is precisely via this monetary inconstancy or volatility that past and present day speculators “speculate.” Their monetary strategy or trick is to “buy (money) low and to sell (money) high.” And by “buying” (trading for) a volatile money when most plentiful (and hence most cheap or worthless ), and then by hoarding, waiting, watching or “speculating” for when this volatile money is most scarce (and hence most valuable and expensive), they then “make a (monetary) killing” by buying up the whole money-parched country with their volatile and hoarded money—both now, as before, during the monetary drought, scarcity or “deflation” (and hence “depression”) of the 1930’s.

But a stable (non-volatile) token money would put an end to this “speculative” monetary predation. And so predators will surely propose (if not impose) an end to this honest and stable county money—(without honestly saying why, of course). And so unless you and your children, dear reader, well know what makes (debt-free) token money stable, constant and honest, you might just fall for these foxy predators’ lies. And I wouldn’t want that. And that’s why, dear reader, I say what I say, and hope you listen and understand.

And anyone seriously proposing to institute a debt-token-money (whether to be owned, created and lent by himself, or by some hidden and unnamed employers) should not be taken out and shot at once. For those who sent him with this “monetary proposal” should first be publicly identified, one and all.

*  *  *  *  *

And does your sheriff, dear reader, know all this? (Probably not.) And should he? (You betcha!—for your own and your fellow citizens’ sake.)

And should your sheriff want to know all this?

Yes and No. Yes if he’s a shepherd at heart, and No if he’s a wolf. And not if he’s a mercenary agent and official whore of the supernational bankster gangsters, and yet simultaneously wants to imagine himself something other than a sociopathic enemy of his sheriff-victimized, thieved, robbed and besieged citizenry.)

*  *  *  *  *

And that’s really all you need to know about the ample and stable debt-free token money which you, dear citizen, need to coin and distribute or spend into county circulation.

But why take my word for it? For belief, faith or trust (in falsehood, lies and their untrustworthy sources) is well-down the road to being well-deceived. And so one has to be very careful what one assumes is true. For belief is one false premise cannot fail but lead to false (and perhaps ruinous) consequences. (See e.g. the “debt-token-money” trap.)

And so, perhaps I should elaborate on why this “debt-token” money is such a predatory trap—to be avoided like the plague, the Devil, or Its SuperNazi “jew”- banksters.

*  *  *  *  *

P.S. from protocol #20 of the conspiratorial, “jewish” and Satanic Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion:

The present issue of money in general does not correspond with the requirements per head, and cannot therefore satisfy all the needs of the workers. The issue of money ought to correspond with the growth of population and thereby children must absolutely be reckoned as consumers of currency from the day of their birth. The revision of issue is a materiel question for the whole world.

You [“jewish” initiates–Ed.] are aware that the gold standard has been the ruin of the States which adopted it, for it has not been able to satisfy the demands for money, the more so that we have removed gold from circulation as far as possible.

With us the standard that must be introduced is the cost of working-man power [the price or worth or an unskilled laborer’s day or hour?–Ed.], whether it be reckoned in paper or in wood. We shall make the issue of money in accordance with the normal requirements of each subject, adding to the quantity with every birth and subtracting with every death. [pr. 20]


When we [“jews”–Ed.] ascend the throne of the world all these financial and similar shifts [fluctuations, inconstancies, changes, rises and fallings (by which monetary predators “speculate”—by “buying low [i. e. when most plentiful] and selling high” [i.e. when most scarce])–Ed.], as being not in accord with our interests, will be swept away so as not to leave a trace, as also will be destroyed all money markets [i.e. “money-changers” (buyers and sellers or “speculators” in various volatile moneys or currencies)–Ed.], since we shall not allow the prestige of our power to be shaken by fluctuations of prices set upon our values [i.e. monopoly-money, tokens–Ed.], which we shall announce by law at the price which represents their full [commanded, dictated, “fiat”–Ed.] worth [i.e. their money’s “working man” “standard”–Ed.] without any possibility of lowering or raising. (Raising gives the pretext for lowering, which indeed was where we made a beginning in relation to the [monetary–Ed.] values of the goyim.) [pr. 21]


E.G. the American “dollar” was first declared to be worth so many grains or gold and/or silver, and later changed, and later changed again. (For decades now it is not worth even one single grain of gold or silver. (Go figure!)

It is not necessary to set a money “value,” “price” or “standard” (and hence be perpetually compelled to manipulate money volume to maintain it, or else be compelled to prosecute all who buy or sell above this gov’t dictated prices of all things—as reckoned by and related to the “standard.”)

It is merely necessary to provide the public (or marketplace) with an ample and stable money supply. This ample money will then seek and find its own value, standard, “price”—just as water falling on rocky ground will seek and find its own level. It is merely necessary to maintain the constant ratio of tokens per county resident or user. For this alone is what keeps the token’s value or “price” stable over time, year, decades, lifetimes.

*  *  *  *  *

The Monetary Problem in Detail:

No thing in use by man, for power of ill, can equal money. (Sophocles, ancient Greek playwright)


John Adams (2nd American president) wrote thus in 1797 to Thomas Jefferson (3rd American president, and Adams’ vice-president):

All the perplexities, confusion, and distress in America rise, not from defects of the Constitution of Confederation [of states–Ed.]; not from any want of honor or virtue, as much as downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.


If the American people knew the corruption in our money system, there would be a revolution before morning.—(Henry Ford, American industrialist, philanthropist and author)


*  *  *  *  *

Power Dictates (what’s what)

Power trumps money. Only power is more powerful than money. (Hence in this book the political (problem) preceded the monetary/economic.) Only power or force can transform worthless things into “money.” Only power, force or coercion can make worthless things (paper, plastic, cheap or base metal, etc.) seem to be money, worthy or acceptable as payment. For (aside from “specie” which seemingly makes itself money) it is only power or force (of arm and mind, of coercion or persuasion—if not deceit) which makes all political, “fiat” or “command”-money money. For otherwise people would simply refuse to accept this worthless, imaginary, political, “command” or “fiat” money as payment for anything. For people must be forced to do what they’re otherwise unwilling to. (See taxation, conscription, etc.)

Therefore he who would change the “fiat” or token money of a kingdom or state (i.e. the king’s (or “central” bankster’s) “coin of his realm”) must possess more power or might than the king and his coin—i.e. more power than that which the king’s name or the state’s flag can command (of all loyalists or “patriots”), and more power than his “royal” token-coin can command (of all mercenaries within his kingdom, or without).

(And by the way, even the token-coin of a very unpopular king, state or gov’t has very great (political/economic) power. For without this “royal” or monopoly state-token the citizen-subject’s property is officially-seized (by the sheriff, the “I.R.S” or whoever/whatever) and auctioned off for back-taxes, etc.)

Tis no less than a greater power which creates and destroys all “fiat” (or “command”) money. That’s physics, politics, history. (See e.g. all “confederate” (paper) money and all “federal reserve notes.”)

And so power or might creates (coins, prints) and imposes or forces its worthless “fiat,” “command” or political money upon its conquered subjects or its (physically or mentally) impotent “citizens.”

*  *  *  *  *

Although (as we shall see) I do not propose it, a monopoly token-money is thus imposed on the citizenry by power, force, coercion. And therefore a debt-token monopoly-money is likewise imposed by the power of force, and also of lies, deceit, public ignorance (of the true nature of such a money), moral weakness, bribery and (official) treachery.

Debt-token monopoly-money is thus “worshipped” (or “credited” with real and honest value) by monetary fools who willingly sell (give or trade) themselves, (their labors or their products) for it—as if it were honest money—whether of gold, silver or token. (Apo./Rev. 13:16-17, 14:9-12 & 16:1-2) Yes token money can be honest, if and only so long as it is debtless, ample and stable.

“Where (there is) no vision, the people perish:…” (Proverbs 29:18)

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:…” (Hosea 4:6)

These gullible or credulous fools are to be distinguished and separated from those free-traders or “black marketeers” who do not “worship” this beastly monopoly-“money,” nor willingly accept (nor offer or “tender” it as payment?) “for all debts public and private.” (Apo./Rev. 15:1-4)

Diabolical, Satanic or “beastly” power of (brain and arm) thus creates and imposes its debt-token monopoly-money upon its subjects, which “beastly” money then buys, stupidity, gullibility, weakness, mercinariness and treachery in high places—i.e. elective puppet-gov’ts or public enemies within public offices who treasonably crave power to rule as kings for an hour with the beast. (Apo./Rev. 17:12)

*  *  *  *  *

So first recognize that power or coercion controls and dictates all things: atoms, electrons, planets, plants, animals and people. A nucleus is to its electrons what a sun is to its planets, their mindless master. For better or worse, the more powerful “authority” dominates or controls the weaker “subject”—as the parent does the child. For power makes and places both master and mastered precisely what and where they are. Power dictates “right,” “wrong,” “truth,” “falsehood,” “legality,” “criminality,” “war,” “peace” and “money.”

Hopefully, the power or “sun” which controls you is a benevolent one. But if not, you have the option (if not the power or the “right”) to try to depose it, and perhaps (as nature abhors a vacuum) even to replace the oppressive and malevolent power above you with a “big-daddy,” parent or “authority” of your own choosing—such as yourself. For only thus (as your own master) are you truly free, independent, autonomous, sovereign. And your would-be “sun”-kings will (as always) vilify your autonomy, sovereignty, self-mastery as “anarchy.”

*  *  *  *  *

Now a dominant power has the power (if not the “right”—whatever that is) to impose its stamp upon its coins, its currency, its money—whether “specie” or “fiat,” gold (and silver) or token, honest or not, trustworthy or not, constant and stable or not. And the monetary fruit must naturally and necessarily be of its tree.

And similarly, superior power has power to impose its money upon its (weaker) subjects. (It’s not “right,” its not “wrong,” it’s what is.) Power simply dominates weakness. That’s the law. Children are dominated by adults until they have sufficient power to live free and independently from them. But some people (retards, slaves, etc.) forever remain “children.”

And in requiring, demanding or commanding a specific coin, stamp or currency to be paid it in taxation, a power makes that particular currency desirable, necessary, valuable among its subjects, who must somehow acquire enough of that demanded money to satisfy this taxing power—or else suffer even greater, and penal, deprivations, pains or punishments at “their” “government’s” extortionate and violent hands.

(Yes of course taxation is violence. If I tax you or you tax me, it’s “robbery.” But if some gov’t official taxes us both, it’s “Law” and a “crime” for either of us earthworms to escape or “evade” it. Is this not so? No?! Then you have degraded the “official” down to your level, or below. Good for you! and congratulations! For one can never truly be free without first truly thinking free.)

But this coercive power to create, impose and demand “money,” and this extortionate power to “tax,” are among the greatest, most supreme, and thus most God-like, divine, “royal” or “kingly” of all possible powers—right up there with the power to dispossess, to “fine,” to punish, to pain, to imprison, to conscript, to enslave and to kill (power’s weaker subjects). There is no limit to Power but equal or superior Power. Power is its own limit. And only Power can check, stop or depose Power. Is this not so? (All the more reason to never surrender your gun. Yes?)

You and your group are limited only by your powers (against the limits of the powers of others). The relative “rights” of rulers and their subjects is determined by their relative mights. Think of arm wrestling, and welcome to the real world.

So therefore, the application here is that anyone who would replace a dishonest with an honest money must first have sufficient power to depose the dishonest money power—whom or which would almost certainly grant their subjects no such “right” toward this intended deposition, and this intended substitution of their own “monetary authority” (power, crown, throne) over their own realm, kingdom or state. For again the monetary or money-creating power is supreme, divine, kingly or “royal.”

He who has the power creates the money. And he who creates the money has power, if he so choose, to buy up the kingdom, his kingdom. Or else he can simply tax, rob, or tax-rob the [e]state into his possession.

My slanderous enemies will say I say these things because these things I intend to do to you. But I say these things because I see them done to you, because I see through the “virtuous” lies and sanctimonious pretenses of tyrants (official or public enemies in “public” office) to what they really and truly do to you and yours. And then I point these things out to you so you, in turn, can see them too. (Hardly the strategy or policy of a would-be tyrant, don’t you think?)

*  *  *  *  *

The Monetary Crown or King (Council, Committee, “Soviet” or Corporate “Board”)…


The complete title of this chapter is: The Monetary Crown or King (Council, Committee, Soviet or Corporate “Board”): For Good or Evil, for Better or Worse, The Money-Creating Power is Supreme in the Land, and is thus the “Crown,” Throne or King of that Kingdom, Nation or State.


The borrower is servant [‘slave’–By.] to the lender.”—(Proverbs 22:7)


The servant takes the money.” (Peter O’ Toole as Lawrence of Arabia (1967?) to Anthony Quinn as chief of the Howitat tribe of Arabian desert Bedouins.)

(And therefore the master pays the money.) And I might add, “The servant indeed takes, but the master of masters makes (i.e. creates, manufactures, and/or lends) the money.”

*  *  *  *  *

In the time before politicians and their humanistic feudalism, (which supplanted the “divine” feudalism of kings which existed when the world was (at least said to be) “God’s,” and before man became his own god and sovereign deity—or so he today imagines and professes), in that time kings alone had the “royal” power to transform gold and silver into coins. And (as today) only gold or silver (or platinum, etc.) was considered real and true money, because only these (as today) had real and true value. Kings “by divine right” arrogated to themselves this sovereign power or “royal” privilege of gold and silver coinage. Kings explained that their “royal” or exclusive “right” of weighing, forming and stamping all their kingdom’s coinage was necessary so all their subjects would know, believe and trust that all coins circulating within their realms (with the king’s stamp upon their faces) would always be pure and unmixed precious metals (i.e. unmixed with baser metals which thus cheated the receiver of so much gold or silver), and also that the stamped or “face value” on all these “coin(s) of the realm” (in specified gold or silver weight) would likewise be true and accurate. For the king’s personal stamp testified to the weight, purity and honesty of all the “coins of [his] realm.”

But this was not always true. Sometimes the kings’ coins were not pure gold or silver. And sometimes they weighed less (silver or gold) than they were “royally” stamped or proclaimed to weigh. Sometimes the kings (via their “royal” stamping and coinage) simply lied, and thus cheated their subjects of gold and silver—the very evil the kings had proclaimed their sovereign stamping, or their “divine” (or “royal”) and exclusive (or monopolistic) “right” to coin, was necessary to prevent from ever occurring within their “honest, honorable and trustworthy” realms.

Sometimes thieving kings would mix lesser or baser metals with the gold and silver they coined, and thus pocket the golden difference. And thus their coins would sometimes have less precious metal within them then stamped upon their faces. And the coin’s face was often the face of the very king doing the stamping and thieving—thus testifying to his and his coin’s honesty! And so thieving kings would thus pocket the golden or silver difference between their coins’ stamped or face value and their real or intrinsic value—again in gold and silver weight—the only real and true value. And the thieving kings would then expect, demand and extract from their cheated subjects the full value for their “debased” coins—as if they were pure gold and silver—unadulterated, honest and true. In other words, a thieving king would pay his subjects for their goods or services in his “royal,” debased and fraudulent coinage. (And how could his subjects refuse to accept them? Or he himself refuse to take them back as taxes? For “what goes around comes around.”)

And of course no thieving king could issue debased coinage for long without being found out. All a subject or citizen had to due was to weigh the royal coin, or else to melt it down to see how much of its actual content was true (or false) silver or gold. (But of course this melting down of “royal” coins was likewise proclaimed a “royal” crime—as “royal” a crime as making one’s own coins. What was the old world coming to?—that a mere or “common” man should undo what a “divine” or “royal” man had done! or claim the royal right to coin!)

Kings called this divine and exclusive right (prerogative, privilege) of theirs (to coin all coins within their kingdoms) their royal right of “seigniorage.”—(i.e. their “senior,” precedent or superior right to coin all coins within their realms, kingdoms, domains or states). And they charged a price for this “service,” which was more than enough to cover their costs of weighing, shaping, coining and stamping the precious metals submitted to them by their subjects for coinage. (For the king’s coin was the only coin, the monopoly coin, the “coin of [his] realm.”) And again if the king was also a monetary thief, his “seigniorage” fee also included the difference between the “face” (royally stamped or decreed) value (in gold and silver weight) of his coins, and their true gold and silver weight or content—the king secretly pocketing the precious difference.

*  *  *  *  *

My point is, the power of coining all “coin(s) of the realm”—(of making or manufacturing all money therein), was also the supreme power of the realm. Coining was (and remains) the supreme power of the kingdom, realm, domain or state—along with, e.g., starting or waging wars, taxing (“sacred” robbery), jailing or killing (“executing”) subjects, and so on. My point is, coining was (and remains) the supreme power in the land—the king’s power, the crown’s power, the throne’s power. Names may change, but essentials remain the same.

Likewise today, whoever has the exclusive power to manufacture all “your” state’s money is your supreme ruler, your king, your crown, your throne. That your monetary king perhaps does not call himself a king, or that you do not even know he exists, or that you are living under a monetary king or dynasty, or that you imagine you live in a “democracy,” is no proof, dear reader, to the contrary, but merely of the darkness reigning within your mind and within “your” kingdom or state. For you are being kept in the dark by (what else?) your reigning powers of Darkness. Is your monetary and hence supreme ruler anyone you ever elected, dear reader? or anyone you even know exists? If not, why not?

*  *  *  *  *

Because people of old were wiser about money than people today, rare to non-existent was the thieving king who could get away undiscovered and unrecognized with coining base metal (e.g. bronze or nickel), and calling, stamping, proclaiming them “gold” or “silver,” and demanding full precious value for them—as if them were really and truly were gold or silver. For these false coins were at once recognized by most subjects as “fiat” (Italian for “command”) or “token” coins. (For the thieving king “commanded” these his worthless coins be believed (or at least accepted—for stupidity cannot truly be commanded) as if gold or silver.) But his wiser subjects well knew they were being cheated, thieved or robbed. And so if ever a subjected people were “royally” forced to accept these known, recognized or discovered tokens or imitations of real money and true value, they always and everywhere felt they were being cheated, thieved, robbed—because they were, and they knew they were—because they knew the difference between “specie” and “fiat,” real value and false, real (gold and silver) money and token money. And of course they fervently wished to end their king’s monetary robbery, by ending their king’s reign.

And much less (than bronze or nickel) could any old king (crown, throne) get away with issuing mere paper as money—(but at most merely as a promise (an “I.O.U.” or “I Owe You”) to later pay some specified gold or silver weight). And people of old were very dubious about that paper promise too. For they well knew a golden coin in the hand was often worth more than several paper promises to pay one later.

For again, people of old were smarter (and hence less economically and politically cheated, subjected and oppressed) than people today. And much less predatory than the present, elective kings or “presidents” were those olden, self-appointed, “divine” or “royal” agents, kings or high priests of “God.” These “divines” of “God’s” olden feudalism were less demanding and predatory than these “sacred” (and often elected) agents of the present and “Human” feudalism, who reign over us “citizens” by “authority” of the false god or idol of Mankind or Humanity.

Again the names of rulers and their subjects may have changed, but the essentials have remained the same. Some god or other “authorizes” the kings (or “presidents”) to dominate their subjects (or “citizens”), and to compel them to accept their “royal” or monopoly money as real and true values. But when you see, dear reader, that the money-power, crown or throne over you is not your “president,” nor “representative,” nor any other elective official or office at all, then you shall at last see that all you’re life you’ve had a well-concealed dynastic throne and king reigning over you whom you’ve never even recognized, because all your life you have been carefully kept in darkness by (all together now) “the reigning powers of Darkness.”

*  *  *  *  *

And so grander, higher, greater and even more divine or Godlike than the olden king’s (crown’s, throne’s) “royal” power or “right” to coin gold and silver coin—(whether pure or somewhat impure, debased, adulterated), is the modern king’s “miraculous” power to coin or print completely worthless “fiat” tokens and demand and receive “specie” value for them—and all without public awareness, discovery, knowledge, resentment and near revolution. This, as I say, was a practically unknown crime for the kings of old. For they well knew their wise and wary subjects would simply have erupted and revolted. For they were neither complete and total monetary fools, nor willing victims of monetary “royalty.” But we moderns are (monetary fools and victims). For monetary fraud is a common (indeed nearly universal) crime perpetrated by our kings of today, whom we blinded modern fools can’t even see. And the stupider their modern subjects are (or can be made by years of mandatory government “education”), the easier these modern kings can get away with their monetary robbery and thievery.

But this “fiat-for-specie” theft (when and where cheated subjects are ignorant) and/or robbery (when and where they know they’re being cheated) can (as with any other “common” counterfeiter) only occur (and thus benefit the “royal” money-creating power) only once—at the first “royally”-fraudulent exchange. Only at that first exchange, at the first public acceptance or payment of these false “royal” values for true, can the monetary crown (throne, king) exchange its false and worthless coins for its subjects’ real and true products or services. And there’s the one-time or singular monetary theft or robbery! And ever afterwards the crown is then subject (along with all its subjects) to being mockingly paid back (as taxes or whatever) with its own “debased” or worthless “fiat” coin—and again, just as if it were real and true value, gold or silver.

(To avoid being cheated by his very own cheat, an unknown or undiscovered counterfeiter might perhaps venture to “discover” the counterfeit just before accepting his own false money as payment, but hardly a counterfeiter with his very own face upon the false coins offered him—the base metal bastards thus staring or glaring back at their “royal” father for all the sighted world to likewise recognize this family resemblance of fraudulent father and son.)

*  *  *  *  *

And every totally worthless command, “fiat” or token money I know of, was eventually created (“inflated”) in limitless numbers or volume, and hence into worthlessness. (See e.g. the French “assignats,” the American “continentals,” or the German “marks.”) For a undiscovered counterfeiter need not stop. And a counterfeiter once discovered or known (but unstoppable, powerful or “royal”) need not stop neither. And so both monetary thieves or robbers (both “common” and “royal”—if not by their victims stopped) simply do not stop, until they “flood the market” with their worthless ware, and hence reduce their monetary victims to trading via barter, and hence economic stagnation or “depression.”

But this monetary, economic and political fraud and collapse need not necessarily be the case, nor need this token or “fiat” money necessarily be false, nor need the money-creating power or crown necessarily be predatory—not if the crown is benevolent or Godly, and/or not if its subjects are monetarily wise and brave.

For wherever there is not sufficient gold nor silver to coin, what alternative (other than barter) is left but a token or “fiat” money?—which need not even be spent into circulation—(thus granting the money-crown “something for nothing” one-time only), but can also be freely and equally given, distributed or bestowed upon the subjects or citizens of the realm, kingdom, county or state.

*  *  *  *  *

The Four Historic Steps to the Devil’s Monetary Throne

We have reviewed the king or crown’s “royal” coinage of “specie” and “fiat” (or tokens). But the highest, supremest, most magical, miraculous, “Godlike” or “divine” (and also predatory, demonic and Satanic) of all money-making or creating powers is not merely the power to coin (or print) token (or “fiat”) money, but the power to lend it into existence—not spend it but lend it into existence and circulation.

(And what’s the difference between the two? All the difference within the world, and the difference between earth and hell on earth. And I hope to make this distinction (between “debt-token” and “debt-free” token-money) abundantly clear to you, dear reader, before you finish reading this book.)

Before this supreme (“debt-token)” monetary power the first two (“specie” and “fiat”/token) pale into insignificance. For this supreme and towering power dwarfs the former and far lesser “seigniorage” of kings and tokens or “fiat” of governments.

This supreme power (throne, crown, king—and thief) is more “divine” (or rather demonic) than any which and came (and went) before it. All thieves and robbers who ever came before this supreme demon were rank amateurs. And this supreme robbery or theft is again predicated and based upon the supreme stupidity and ignorance of its economic/political dupes and victims—who don’t even know this crown of crowns exists. And so far less do their monetary fools and victims know whom these their most Satanic kings or sovereigns are.

As intended and prearranged, their deceived subjects imagine their elected and visible government is their real and actual government, and the supreme or sovereign power in “their” state or kingdom. But these elected officials are merely traitorous servants and puppets of their real, true (but concealed) sovereign or king, crown, throne or government.

(“God save the queen, the fascist regime [who/which] made you a moron.”—says a punkish British tune.)

(But who, dear reader, was the king or queen who made the Euro or Amerikan such a monetary moron?)

So again, far above the honest sovereign power to coin gold and silver coin, and far above the power to coin and/or print “fiat” or token money, is this supreme magical power to lend the token money into existence—(and therefore neither to spend nor freely distribute it into existence and circulation).

And what shall we call this kind of token money but a “debt-token” money? And what shall we call the crown, king, throne, creator of this money but of the Devil Itself? (But this conclusion is premature, having not yet been demonstrated, proven or shown by the dear writer to the dear reader.)

But one more time (and with your kind indulgence): Let’s review the historic steps to the Devil’s current throne.

1.) The Crown’s Power to coin “specie” (gold or silver) money.

2.) The Crown’s Power to print paper-promises to pay “specie” coin, and to spend it into circulation.

3.) The Crown’s Power to coin or print worthless (goldless, silverless) “fiat” or token money, and to spend it into circulation.

4.) The Satanic Crown’s Power to coin or print debt-fiat or debt-token money, and to lend it into circulation.

*  *  *  *  *

And without #2, the crown could never have peacefully and deceitfully proceeded to #’s 3 and 4. “Paper-gold” must be “royally” introduced by the monetary crown before its goldless paper can be accepted by the public. For it’s just too big a jump to go from “specie” coin to worthless paper-promises to pay nothing, without first going through “paper-gold,” i.e. paper-promises to pay “specie” coin. For the people would clearly recognize the crown’s paper-money (fiat, tokens) was worthless as paper. But only via first getting the people used or inured to paper money promises to pay “specie,” can the crown then proceed to worthless paper-money, simply by quietly, deceitfully replacing its printed promise of the face of its paper-money from (the promise to) “pay to the bearer on demand” (so much gold or silver weight) to (the non-promise of) “this is legal tender [i.e. unrefusable money–Ed.] for all debts public and private.”

*  *  *  *  *

Beauty Verses the Monetary Beast

These royal monetary steps leading progressively down the proverbial “garden path” to public seduction, monetary debasement, public dispossession and economic ruination remind me of the sexual or romantic “bases” toward the “home base” of copulation. Certain progressive steps must be taken in their proper order. No steps may safely be omitted. The runner must proceed from home plate to first base to second to third and to forth base or back home. He may not jump any bases to reach his goal, or else he shall be called “out” of the game. Similarly the suitor must be introduced, must talk and perhaps dance with his romantic desire, he must hold hands with her, kiss her (1), touch her intimately above and below (2 & 3) before he can finally penetrate her, thus reaching “home”—i.e. his romantic or sexual desire, aim, destination. Should the suitor attempt to skip any bases toward his destination he would either have to be a rapist forcing himself upon an unwilling and resistant victim, or else a playboy or customer with a whore or prostitute. Only with a whore can one skip the preliminaries, the progressive romantic steps of the mating dance.

But the public which is used or inured to worthless paper-fiat is like that whore or prostitute. For “she” has been “royally” misled far from her original virginal state of the knowledge of the good and the true: that only gold, silver or “precious metal” has intrinsic value and hence is real, true or genuine money. (This was in her “golden age” before she came to know and to suffer the evils of false or fraudulent money.) But having been seduced to accept “paper-gold” or paper-promises as “good as gold,” the public is like that virginal maid who has come to accept her suitors’ false professions of love as real and true love.

(For surely “paper-gold” is always a lie and a fraud. For if one has gold to pay, one simply pays gold. But if one has no gold, and also neither conscience nor fear, he then “pays” his debts in mere paper-promises to pay gold which he doesn’t even possess (or is unwilling) to pay, or else he would simply have paid gold, instead of fabricating, creating, drawing or printing up his fraudulent paper-promises to later pay gold (or silver). Furthermore, the paper-promises to pay “specie” coins are always several times the number of coins extant and available to pay “upon demand.” And there’s the fraud again.)

And again the public could never have accepted nor believed that token money (much less debt-token money) could ever be “good as gold” or real money unless they had first been mislead to believe and accept the fraudulent precedent of this “paper-gold.”

And once the virginal maid permits her first, false, fraudulent suitor to reach his sexual goal, destination, “home,” to “love” her, she has accepted his false promises for true, and has perhaps confused his lust for her with love, or confused sexual pleasure with love. And once the latter is true, a series of false and lusty “lovers” may likewise come to “love” her.

She was a virgin safe at “home” when she well knew that only “specie” (gold or silver) was real and true money. But when her “royal” monetary seducer (master, king, crown or “central bank corp.”) had deceived her that his paper-promise to pay her gold was “good as gold,” he had reached “first base” with her. And her monetary seducer had stolen and reached her “second base” when he had dropped his fraudulent golden promises and yet still got her to accept and believe, trust or credit his pure- or mere-paper fiat, tokens and/or promises to pay nothing as real, true and honest money. Again proceeding step by fraudulent step or base by sexual base toward the public’s monetary seduction, mental and bodily debasement and total whoredom, the “royal” devil reached her “third base” when he introduced (and she accepted) his debt-token monopoly-money—his euphemistically-described “legal tender for all debts public and private” which her “royal” fraud and scam (“central bank corp.”) lends to her via his puppet-gov’t, which she foolishly imagines protects, works for and “represents” her instead of her corporate king, crown and throne which she doesn’t even know exists, and yet which reigns over her and “her” elective gov’t.

And the royal seducer will have reached his ultimate goal when she has been misled all the way down her whore-master’s “garden path” to the point of accept his “pure-credit” or totally-imaginary “money” (as money). For this “pure-credit” money has no existence whatsoever. It is neither “specie,” nor even paper. It is merely electronic or magnetic numbers written upon credit- or “debit”-cards whereby the totally-deceived, mislead and debased whore is paid for her sexual services by her “royal,” beastly whore-master. Or perhaps it shall be a computer chip inserted in her body or under her skin. And because she accepts, believes or credits this beastly monopoly-“money” or “mark [or “stamp”–By.] of the beast” it is said to exist in her foolish, credulous, gullible forehead, as well as in her hand when she buys and sells with it. And all other money and all other trading shall then be outlawed as “crime” and disparaged as “black market.” For by his “credit-money” and “credit-cards” or “-chips” her royal “beast” shall know all that she bought, and when and from whom. And no other moneys nor trades shall be permitted or allowed by her “royal,” beastly whore-master. (Apo./Rev. 13:16-18)

And when the monetary beast shall have finally reached his “home base,” his whore shall have totally lost hers, having become the totally-debased property and possession of her beastly whore-master. Yes, when this “royal” seducer shall have reach his ultimate goal of her “home base,” his whore shall have totally lost her “home base,” herself and her safely, having then become totally debased, seduced mislead and ruined monetarily, spiritually and physically.

In this gradual way, step by step and debasement by debasement, and by totally accepting his successive monetary-“mark(s),” the once virginal beauty has become as the hideous beast, being his totally-debased whore, bitch, servant, slave.

*  *  *

The above parallel between the “sexual and monetary bases” assumes a fraudulent or predatory money-crown, a crown which intents to cheat its (monetary) subjects, first of their “specie” (via its “paper-gold”), then of all else, (their properties and liberties) via its tokens, and especially its debt-tokens.

And debt-tokens can only be issued by an evil, predatory, malevolent crown. But this is not necessarily true of debt-free (non-debt or debtless) tokens—i.e. tokens not loaned into existence by the crown (through its “elective” puppet-gov’t) to the public to use as their money or monopoly-money. For it is possible for debt-free tokens to be honest (i.e. ample and stable). And this of course depends upon the tokens’ crown or creator(s). For the monetary fruit is of its tree or crown; and like proceeds from like.

*  *  *  *  *

“The borrower is servant to the lender.”—(Proverbs 22:7)


“Neither a borrower nor a lender be.” (William Shakespeare)


...thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow; and thou shalt reign over many nations, but they shall not reign over thee. [Moses (from Deuteronomy 15:6)]


The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low. [“The immigrant among you will come up and up over you, and you go down and down;”–By.]  He shall lend to thee, and thou shalt not lend to him: he shall [“come to”–By.] be the head, and thou shalt be the tail [of this metaphorically borrowed coin?–Ed.]. [Deuteronomy 28:43-44]


“Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” [Meyer Amschel Rothschild, (1743–1812)a great, big, fat, anti-Christ “jewish” leech; a blood-sucking, anti-Gentile, anti-Christ “patriarch” of a great, big, fat, anti-Christ, SuperNazi, Gentile-blood-sucking “jewish” family-dynasty whose “central banking” corporations thus usurped the thrones of the severed crowned heads of Gentile, Christian Europe, as well as the once free and sovereign Gentile American people]


The one aim of these financiers is world control by the creation of inextinguishable debts.—(Henry Ford, American industrialist and philanthropist)


Debt is the fatal disease of all republics, the first thing and the mightiest to undermine governments and corrupt the people.—(Wendell Phillips, American reformer)


*    *    *    *    *

And from the sinagog of Satan’s “Protocol” #20:


Thanks to such methods, [of “jew”-suggested government overspending, war-mongering, etc.–Ed.] allowed by the carelessness of the goy States, their treasuries are empty. The period of loans supervenes, and that has swallowed up remainders [government surpluses of tax income after (yearly) expenditures–Ed.] and brought all the goy States to bankruptcy.

You [“jewish” initiates–Ed.] understand perfectly that economic arrangements of this kind, which have been suggested to the goyim by us, cannot be carried on by us.

Every kind of loan proves infirmity in the [Gentile–Ed.] State and a want of understanding of the [taxation—Ed] rights of the State. Loans hang like a sword of Damocles over the heads of rulers, who, instead of taking from their subjects by a temporary tax, come begging with outstretched palm to our [supernational “jewish”–Ed.] bankers. Foreign [i.e. “jewish”–Ed.] loans are leeches which there is no possibility of removing from the body of the State until they fall off by themselves or the State flings them off. But the goy [Gentile–Ed.] States do not tear them off [because their presidential & Parliamentary leaders are secret “jewish” agents (or “agentur”)–Ed.]; they persist in putting more on to themselves [i.e. borrowing/loading more and more “jewish” debt-money upon their nations’ backs–Ed.] so that they must inevitably perish, drained by voluntary blood letting. [“Voluntary” (self-bleeding) because the Gentile “States,” nations or peoples (in foolishly following “their” “jewish”/Gentile misleaders and public enemies in public office) do not repudiate “their” national debts to supernational “jewry,” and thereby “fling off” “their” bloodsucking, “foreign,” “jewish,” “leeches”—(i.e. the dynastic corporations of the Satanic, vampiric, SuperNazi banksters).–Ed.]

What also indeed is, in substance, a loan, especially a foreign loan? A loan is—an issue of government bills of exchange [i.e. resellable (“liquid” or “negotiable”) “bonds”–Ed.] containing [a (yearly) usury or “interest” rate–Ed.] a percentage obligation commensurate to the sum of the loan capital. If the loan bears a charge of 5 per cent., then in twenty years the State vainly pays away in interest a sum equal to the loan borrowed, in forty years it is paying a double sum, in sixty treble—and all the while the debt remains an unpaid debt.

From this calculation it is obvious that with any form of taxation per head the State is baling out the last coppers of the poor taxpayers in order to settle accounts with wealthy [“jew”–Ed.] foreigners, from whom it has borrowed money instead of collecting these coppers for its own needs without [having to pay–Ed.] the additional interest.

So long as the loans were internal the goyim only shuffled their money from the pockets of the [taxed–Ed.] poor to those of the rich [Gentile citizen-lenders–Ed.], but when we brought up the necessary [“jew”–Ed.] person in order to transfer loans into the external sphere, all the wealth of States flowed into our cash boxes and all the goyim began to pay us the tribute of subjects.

If the superficiality of goy kings on their thrones in regard to State affairs and the venality of ministers or the want of understanding of financial matters on the part of other ruling persons have made their countries debtors to our treasuries to amounts quite impossible to pay, it has not been accomplished without on our part heavy expenditure of trouble and money.

Stagnation of money will not be allowed by us and therefore there will be no State interest-bearing paper [loans, bonds—Ed], except a one-per-cent. series, so that there will be no payment to leeches that suck all the strength out of the State. [Hear, see, perceive how well the “jew” knows himself!–Ed.] The right to issue interest-bearing paper [bonds, I.O.U.’s in exchange for money loaned–Ed.] will be given exclusively to industrial companies who will find no difficulty in paying [“interest”–Ed.] out of profits, whereas the State does not make interest [profit–Ed.] on borrowed money like these companies, for the State borrows to spend and not to use in operations [i.e. production (and hence profit-making—from which to pay “interest” to “State” money-lenders or bond-buyers)–Ed.].

Industrial papers [bonds–Ed.] will be bought also by the government which from being as now a payer of tributary loan operations will be transformed into a lender of money at a profit. This measure will stop the stagnation of money [within the treasury of the “messianic,” imperial and SuperNazi “jewish” “State”–Ed.], parasitic profits, and idleness [of usurious money-lenders or Shylocks–Ed.] —all of which were useful for us among the goyim so long as they were independent but are not desirable under our rule.

How clear is the undeveloped power of thought of the purely brute [animal–Ed.] brains of the goyim, as expressed in the fact that they have been borrowing from us with payment of interest without ever thinking that all the same these very moneys, plus an addition for payment of interest, must be got by them from their own State pockets in order to settle up with us. What could have been simpler than to take the money they wanted from their own people?

But it is proof of the genius of our chosen mind that we have contrived to present the matter of loans to them [i.e. Gentile kings and/or gov’t officials–Ed.] in such a light that they have even seen in them an advantage for themselves. [i.e. that they not displease their subjects or voters with higher taxes, and that some of the  “jew”-borrowed money may somehow or other fall into their own “official” pockets?–Ed.]

Our accounts, which we shall present when the time comes in the light of centuries of experience gained by experiments made by us [“jews”–Ed.] on the goy States, will be distinguished by clearness and definiteness and will show at a glance to all men the advantage of our innovations. They will put an end to those abuses to which we owe our mastery over the goyim, but which cannot be allowed in our Kingdom.

We shall so hedge about our system of accounting that neither the ruler nor the most insignificant public servant will be in a position to divert even the smallest sum from its destination without detection or to direct it in another direction [e.g. his pocket–Ed.] except that which [it was budgeted and accounted for–Ed.] will be once fixed in a definite plan of action. [pr. 20]


And from Satanic protocol #21:


To what I reported to you [“jewish” initiates–Ed.] at the last meeting I shall now add a detailed explanation of internal loans. Of foreign loans I shall say nothing more, because they have fed us [supernational “jews”–Ed.] with the national moneys of the goyim, but for our [SuperNazi, imperial, world-wide or “messianic”–Ed.] State there will be no foreigners, that is, nothing external.

We [“jews”–Ed.] have taken advantage of the venality [bribe-ability, treacherousness, (also blackmail-ability)–Ed.] of [Gentile–Ed.] administrators and the slackness of rulers [Gentile monarchs–Ed.] to get our moneys twice, thrice and more times over, by lending to the goy governments moneys which were not at all needed by the States. Could anyone do the like in regard to us? [Does the “jew” ever drink his own poison?–Ed.] Therefore, I shall only deal with the details of internal loans.

…But when the comedy is played out there emerges the fact that a debit [gov’t debt–Ed.] and an exceedingly burdensome debit has been created. For the payment of interest it becomes necessary to have resource to new loans, which do not swallow up but only add to the capital [money–Ed.] debt. And when this credit [“new loan”–Ed.] is exhausted it becomes necessary by new taxes to cover, not the loan, but only the interest on it. These taxes are a debit employed to cover a debit. [pr. 21]


You [“jewish” initiates–Ed.] know to what they [Gentile governments–Ed.] have been brought by this [fiscal–Ed.] carelessness, to what a pitch of financial disorder, they have arrived, notwithstanding the astonishing industry of their peoples. [pr. 20]


And where has all this “astonishing industry” of the Gentiles gone, disappeared, vanished? Into the pockets of the wily and predatory “jew.” Where else? Shall we now give back the “jew” one of his favorite words? “Reparations,” then?


But again, in order that freedom may once for all disintegrate and ruin the communities of the goyim [i.e. (Gentile) “cattle”–Ed.], we [“jews”–Ed.] must put [Gentile–Ed.] industry on a speculative basis: the result of this will be that what is withdrawn from the land by industry will slip through the hands and pass into speculation, that is, to our classes. [pr. 4]


At the same time we [“jews”–Ed.] must intensively patronize trade and industry, but, first and foremost, speculation, the part played by which is to provide a counterpoise to [and drainage of/from (Gentile)–Ed.] industry: the absence of speculative industry [(?) i.e., “jewish” predation–Ed.] will multiply capital in private [Gentile–Ed.] hands and will serve to restore agriculture by freeing the land from indebtedness to the land banks. [I.E. if we “jews” don’t steal the wealth created by the Gentiles, they will be wealthy, and not need us and our money and our “revolution” or “liberation” against “Gentile” “oppression”!–Ed.] What we want is that industry should drain off from the land both labour and capital and by means of speculation transfer into our hands all the money of the world, and thereby throw all the goyim into the ranks of the proletariat. Then the goyim will bow down before us. if for no other reason but to get the right to exist.

To completely ruin the industry [meaning both produce (products or production) and productivity (including the “Protestant work ethic”)–Ed.] of the goyim we shall bring to the assistance of speculation the luxury which we have developed among the goyim, that greedy demand for luxury which is swallowing up everything. [pr. 6]


*    *    *    *    *

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), 3rd American president (1801-09):

I consider the fortunes of our republic as depending on the extinguishment of the public [i.e. gov’t–Ed.] debt before we engage in any war. If the debt should once more [as during the revolution from England–Ed.] be swelled to a formidable size, its entire discharge would be despaired of, and we shall be committed to a career of debt, corruption and rottenness, closing with revolution.

We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our election between economy [debt-freedom–Ed.] and liberty, or profusion [of our own (debt-free) property or substance–Ed.] and servitude [toward our lenders or creditors–Ed.]. If we run into such debts as that, we must be taxed in our meat and in our drink, in our necessaries and our comforts, in our labors and in our amusements, for our callings and our creed [?], then we will have no time to think, no means of calling mismanagers to account [because ruling “mismanagers” shall be the hand-picked agents of the national creditors, and hence the “official” enemies of the American people–Ed.]; but must [like every Amerikan president since Woodrow Wilson (and 1913)–Ed.] merely be glad to obtain subsistence by hiring ourselves to rivet their chains to the necks of our fellow sufferers.


I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing [established, existing, permanent (inner-state)–Ed.] armies. Already they have raised up a money aristocracy that has set the government at defiance [i.e. defied the (citizen-elected American) gov’t–Ed.]. The issuing power [of money-creation–Ed.] should be taken from the banks and restored to the [elected–Ed.] government to whom it properly belongs.


And Jefferson was right, and thus gave good advice to his presidential successors. But unfortunately for America, only presidents Andrew Jackson (1829-37) and Abraham Lincoln (1861-65) ever really followed Jefferson’s advice. (They also foolishly or traitorously ignored Gen. Washington’s excellent farewell advice.) And there’s the presidential rub and the fall of the formerly free republic of America, (because formerly debt-free and formerly “unentangled” in “foreign-alliances”), and the rise of the anti-Christ, Satanist, communist, foreign “jewish” tyranny over (and of) Amerika. (See “Israel” and the “SuperNazi sinagog of Satan’s” foreign reign over “jewish” Amerika.)


*    *    *    *    *

And from Conrad Grieb’s excellent compilation, American Manifest Destiny and the Holocausts: An Historical and Sociological Encyclopedia of Domestic and Foreign Affairs; 1979, Examiner Books, N.Y., N.Y.; p.324-26,


President Lincoln and The International Bankers

During the American Civil War [1861-65)–Ed.] there was much international financial intriguing, that is certain. The facts are concealed. They are never written of. So strong is the influence of “make-believe” to make believe that something did not or does not exist because it is unpalatable to powerful groups—that up to now these facts are not admitted to have attained respectability in orthodox writings. La Vieille France [newspaper of one M. Urbain Gohier of Paris–Ed.] published in March, 1921 (No. 216) an article by Conrad Siem giving an account of a conversation with Bismarck [Otto von, “iron chancellor” of mien Germany from 1871-90)–Ed.] in 1876:


“It is not to be doubted, I know of absolute certainty,” Bismarck declared, “that the division of the United States into two federations of equal power had been decided upon well in advance of the Civil War by the top financial power of Europe (la Haute Finance). These bankers were afraid that the United States, if they were to remain entirely one and were to develop into one Nation only, would achieve economic and financial independence, and this latter would completely upset the capitalist domination of Europe over the world.

“Of course, within the ‘inner circle’ of Finance, the voice of Rothschild dominated. They foresaw the chance of Prodigious booty if they could substitute two weak democracies, burdened with debt, imploring the aid of the Jewish financiers, in place of the vigorous Republic, confident and proud, sufficient unto herself. Consequently they put their emissaries in the field to exploit the question of slavery, to open up an abyss between the two sections of the Union.

“Abraham Lincoln of course, had never suspected these undercover manoeuvres. He had always been anti-slavery; he was elected as such; but his very character made it impossible for him to be a man of (only) one party once he was in power. When he got control, he saw clearly that the sinister financiers of Europe wanted to make him the tool of their designs.

“The rupture between the North and South became inevitable; the masters of European finance employed all their forces to bring it about and to turn it to their own account. Lincoln’s personality surprised them. His candidacy had caused them no. alarm; on the contrary, they had counted on easily duping the gullible backwoodsman. However, Lincoln saw through their game, and he understood that the worst enemy was not the South, but the Jewish capitalism of Europe. He confided his fears in no one; he thought carefully, he watched for the signs of the Hidden Hand; he did not want to publicly expose questions that would have disturbed the unknowing masses of the people; he decided alone to eliminate International Finance by [printing and spending his own debt-free, paper-token-money called “greenbacks”–Ed.] setting up a system of loans that permitted the State to have the people (themselves) as loaners without intermediary. He had not studied questions of finance, but his great common sense told him that the source of all wealth rested in the labor and in the economy of the Nation. He opposed issues of paper negotiated by International Finance; he got from Congress the authority to lend directly to the people by selling them bonds of the State. The banks of the country were overjoyed to lend their approval to this system. The government and the Nation escaped the machinations of international finance. It then became a question of sticking to it until final victory of the North.

In proclaiming, in one of his early messages, that ‘Capital is solely the fruit of labor,’ Lincoln had no thought of launching a socialist smoke-screen (boniment); he simply made it known to the world that the United States had no need of alien capital in order to develop her resources; and this declaration of principle went hand in hand, in his own mind, with a concrete plan of economic organization.

“The ‘inner circle’ of International Finance (then) knew that the immense field, immensely rich, of the United States, was to be taken out of their control. The death of Lincoln was decided upon. Nothing was simpler than to find a dupe to strike the fatal blow.”

And Bismarck continued:

“The death of Lincoln has been the very greatest disaster for Christendom. There was no one in the United States of sufficient stature to fill his shoes. Now Israel [i.e. supernational, imperial or world-“jewry”–Ed.] has again begun their mad scramble for gold in the new world. I am fearful that the Jewish bank, with all its guile and torturous methods, may entirely control the exuberant wealth of America and use it to systematically corrupt modern civilization. The Jews will not hesitate to plunge all of Christendom into wars and chaos to the end that ‘the earth shall be the inheritance of Israel.’”


[(See e.g. W.W.’s I, II and now III.) (And from the same source, C. Grieb.)–Ed.]


Lincoln, in a letter to Wm. P. Elkin, Nov. 21, 1864:

It has indeed been a trying hour for the Republic; but I see in the near future, a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country.

As a result of the war, corporations have been enthroned, and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the [racial?–Ed.] prejudices of the people [to liberate the Negro and to punish the Southern European?–Ed.] until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands, and the Republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before, even in the midst of war.


See? Lincoln knew America had a monetary crown (and therefore monetary kings). And so the real and greater enemy was not the ex-independent or sovereign Southern states, but supernational “jew”-banksters and their paper-“money.” For the latter can and does indeed buy political whores, newspapers, military mercenaries, assassins, etc..

And so Jefferson (1743-1826) was right.


I believe that are more dangerous to our liberties than standing [established, existing, permanent (inner-state)–Ed.] armies. Already they have raised up a money aristocracy that has set the government at defiance [i.e. defied the (citizen-elected American) gov’t–Ed.]. The issuing power [of money-creation–Ed.] should be taken from the banks and restored to the [elected–Ed.] government to whom it properly belongs.


*  *  *  *  *

And soon after Lincoln’s “civil” war against the sovereign states, and his creation and spending of debt-free paper-money (“greenbacks”), and his violent death, the thunderous voice of the “jewish”-“European” money-gods was thus echoed within the London Times newspaper:


If that mischievous financial policy [of debt-free token-money–Ed.], which had its origin in the North American Republic during the late [“civil”–Ed.] war in that country, should be indurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money, without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of the civilized [Gentile–Ed.] governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed…


*  *  *  *  *

Debt- vs. Debt-Free Token Money?

(Debt- vs. Debt-Free Token Money?: Or Whether to Give, Spend or Loan Token-Money into Circulation?: That is the Question. What is the Answer?)

*  *  * *  *

To loan token money into existence or circulation is something I myself could never do, maybe you, and certainly “jew,” but this I myself could not never do.

*  *  *  *  *

A “debt-money” is, as its name suggests, a money which is a debt, which represents a debt, a money which is loaned into existence and circulation, and hence a money which has to be repaid, thus leaving the borrowers at least as moneyless as they were before the loan. For loans have to be repaid in their entirely, and often with extra “interest” to profit the lender besides or atop the return of all his money, his loan, his “principal.”

(“But of course loans have to repaid,” some reader might protest. “Surely it is no crime or offense for a lender to demand his money back, and perhaps ‘interest’ or profit atop his original loan or ‘principal’! If you lent me money, for example, wouldn’t you eventually want all of your money back, if not even more? For otherwise your “loan” would be a gift to me, or else my theft or robbery of you!”)

It is one thing for me to lend money to you, dear reader, or you to me, but it is quite another for the both of us, and the rest of our companions or compatriots besides, to commonly borrow all “our” token money from a single source or lender—i.e. for us all to employ a “debt-token money” as our common money within our common homeland, state or marketplace. For that one token source and lender thereby becomes our monetary and political master…and our eventual owner.

(“But if, collectively speaking, we haven’t enough gold or silver between us to use as our common money, what remedy then for us all to avoid barter and economic stagnation but for us all to use a common “token” money, and therefore for us all to borrow these tokens from one (or many) such token lenders or usurers, and hence to collectively be in his (or their) debt for both ‘principal’ and ‘interest’? What else can we do?”)

Something else indeed besides collectively borrowing our money tokens or token money. But where shall these lent and borrowed tokens come from?

(“Presumably from the lenders themselves; they shall make them and then lend them to us to use as our money.”)

And he or they shall demand rent, usury or “interest” besides or atop the return of their token-money? For otherwise why should they be interested in doing us a favor without profit to themselves?


And where shall this “interest” or these usury tokens come from? For the token lender(s) shall lend us only the tokens they lend us (i.e. “principal”). And yet they will demand in return more tokens than they lend us (i.e. “principal” plus “interest”), or else they will seize our “collateralized” or “mortgaged” properties” as repayment and as penalty for “defaulting” on their loans. But how can we collective debtors possibly repay debt-tokens which never even existed, because they were never lent to us? Can you see that debt-token money is a diabolical trap?

(“I don’t know where this extra ‘interest’ shall come from, except from the loans or ‘principal(s)’ of the lender(s). And so yes I can foresee a token shortage developing over time.”)

And can you also foresee that whenever the lender(s) demands his ‘principal’ back, (as otherwise it would be a gift from him to us—a gift of neither gold nor silver but of cheap metal, wood, plastic or even paper tokens), then we shall all be without tokens to make our trades, exchanges or deals, and hence right back where we started from, in economic stagnation and barter?

(“Yes, but what remedy then?”)

The remedy, our remedy, is a “debt-free token-money.” A money which is neither gold nor silver nor borrowed. A token money which is not loaned to us (by another, who shall in time become our monetary, economic and political lord, master and owner). A token money which we do not collectively borrow into existence. But a token money which we ourselves create and “issue” or distribute to ourselves at nearly no cost at all. A money which is not loaned into existence (from ourselves to ourselves), and hence a money which never needs to be repaid—neither “principal” nor “interest.” And there’s our “debt-free” money!

(“But how can money possibly be free?”)

Easy. Our present paper-money is clearly neither gold nor silver, nor even paper-promises to pay gold or silver. It is therefore a token money, worthless money, i.e. practically “free” money. Or how much does it cost to print paper?

And it is also a monopoly money. For we are “legally” forbidden to create, print or use any other. Therefore it is a “fiat,” “command” or “fascistic” money.

And it is loaned out to us citizens. It is loaned into existence. It is therefore a “debt-token monopoly-money.” Yes, this paper-money is collectively or nationally loaned out to us poor, benighted, indebted citizens (mostly via “our” puppet-gov’t). Is it “our” (or rather their) “debt-token monopoly-money” which they (via their puppet-gov’t) lend to us monetary fools as “our” national money—demanding both “principal” and (nonexistent) “interest” payments in return—and even periodic repayments of these entire loans (or “principals”) whenever the “central” banksters bonds are “mature” or “due”—bonds which were “centrally” demanded and received from the national puppet gov’t as dollar-for-dollar “collateral” for the loans of the national debt-tokens.

According to the dictionary “monopoly” [“to sell alone”—from the Greek “monos” (alone) and “polein” (to sell)] is an exclusive right, privilege or power of dealing in a particular product or service.

A money “monopoly” meant only one legal source of all money within the kingdom. This was the king’s or crown’s “royal” right or prerogative: that all coins in his realm must bear his “royal” stamp from his “royal” mint.

And the “jewish” “central” banksters are the royal deposers, usurpers and even murderers of the Gentile kings. And so they instead now possess and wield this supreme or royal power, this monopolization of money, within their (“jewish”) realms, kingdoms or states,. But their “royal” “jewish” money is neither gold nor silver coin, but merely paper or worthless metal tokens. And worst of all, these tokens are LOANED INTO EXISTENCE AND CIRCULATION! And hence they are a debt-token monopoly-money.

What does this mean, portend, entail? This means that the “jewish” “central” bank(sters), presently reigning as sovereigns or kings over the formerly free, independent and sovereign Gentile kingdoms or states, are not the only or monopoly source of all this debt-token money within their realms, they are also its only and inevitable destination. For all debts or (debt-token) loans must be repaid, plus (non-existent) “interest.” Can you smell the (“royal,” “central,” monetary) rat(s) yet? And can you see what a diabolical (monetary, economic and political) trap these sons of their father Satan have created and laid for us poor, benighted, Gentile fools?

And so from whom else would we self-damning fools be borrowing this “debt-token monopoly-money” but from our monetary/political overlord(s)?—however corporate, concealed, “central,” “federal,” imperial, “beastly” or “jewish”? And surely Satanic fruit must be of Its tree.

And again this paper-money is “free” as paper and ink and a printing machine to our common (monopoly) and “central” lender, “our” “central bank corp.,” our (monetary/political/corporate) crown, throne, king and dynasty. How much does it cost this “central bank” corporation to print this specially-marked paper of theirs? And yet we monetary fools should collectively borrow this paper-money instead of collectively creating (printing or minting) and distributing our very own (debt-free token-money) to ourselves for next to nothing!

(And we needn’t make our debt-free token-money a monopoly money, i.e. a crime not to use or to refuse. For free or unrestricted competition yields the very best product or service at the lowest or very best price. (And money, token or “specie,” is a product.) So why make our honest (ample & stable) token money a crime not to use? We need merely demand all taxes be paid only in our honest, debt-free, non-monopoly, token-money.

Besides, a sure sign of a thieving, criminal, fraudulent money is any Law declaring it a crime to not to use it or refuse it! Who but a crook or a criminal would make it a crime not to use his money? his “legal” monopoly-money, his “legal tender for all debts [or payments] public or private”? (i.e. all debts between private citizens and private citizens, and also between private citizens and “public servants” or “public officials”) This means a fraudulent gov’t or “central bank” has thus “legally” or officially permitted itself to “pay” its citizens (for their officially conscripted or enforced labor e.g., or as “compensation” for the official appropriation or “public” confiscation of their “private” property, including gold, as in 1933) in its fraudulent, untrustworthy, depreciated or worthless token (and monopoly) money, in its “legal tender for all debts.” And it’s a “crime” for the officially- or publicly-robbed citizen to ever refuse it! Bummer!)

“What remedy, then?” Surely we ourselves, “we the people” could print our very own paper-money or strike our very own base- or cheap-metal coins as cheaply as our “central” banksters presently do! We ourselves could create and circulate our very own (debt-free) token-money for next to nothing, and hence own no one for their use. Nor need we have (or rather suffer under) a monetary overlord! If we only create and use our own debt-free tokens, we need owe neither a “royal” nor a “central” monetary crown (creator/lender) “principal” nor “interest” for our use of their debt-token-money.

(“But the ‘central banksters,’ as you call them, know what they’re doing! We ‘monetary fools’ don’t!”)

Yes they do know what they’re doing, and we don’t. That’s their extreme advantage and our extreme disadvantage and misfortune. We are ruined for lack of (monetary) knowledge. So therefore we ought to find out as soon as possible, that we may come to know and to see our money-masters for what they really and truly are, and for what they really and truly do to us, their monetary/political subjects, fools and victims.

And surely any individual or group false, predatory, conscienceless or sociopathic enough to create and collectively lend any people or nation a debt-token-money is (or are) more than sociopathic enough to lie about it, i.e. to (have their agents) publicly profess their complete truthfulness and honesty, and to solemnly promise the perpetual trustworthiness or stability of their false, sociopathic, predatory money. (See e.g. the promising propaganda touting the “jewish”-Amerikan “Federal Reserve Act” of 1913. And note how the value of the “jewish”-Amerikan “dollar” or “federal reserve note” has fallen since that fatal year.)

(“You’re going to have to prove this to me. For I cannot, should not and will not blindly nor trustfully take your word for the dishonesty of our ‘debt-token monopoly-money.’ And surely we ‘monetary fools,’ as you say, would make a monetary mess of any ‘debt-free token-money’ we might ever try to create, distribute and employ. No, we’d best leave these monetary matters to the monetary experts. They know what they’re doing. We don’t! Have a little faith in the central bank and its monetary system. It exists for our common good, you know.”)

Are you sure? Or are you merely mindlessly, faithfully, “blindly and trustfully” repeating something you’ve heard again and again and again, like e.g. the “hollowhoax” of the slanderous and racist anti-Christs? And from whom have you heard these reassuring things about “our” debt-token monopoly-money but from the dupes or secret agents of these very “central” banksters, i.e. from their “public servants” or puppet-gov’t officials, i.e. from the president on down the infamous line of national traitors and political prostitutes? And so I must say, for the sake of you and yours, you had better read or hear from someone other than such misleading “teachers” about money or “professors” of economics!

Here then are my words for all eyes to read and all ears to hear! If it is your pleasure, dear reader, then listen and learn of another and far better monetary/economic way to go!

*  *  *  *  *

One-Time only, or Countless and Perpetual Monetary Thefts?

Remember a token or “fiat” money has no intrinsic or real value, and hence is generally forced (commanded or “fiated”) upon unwilling recipients.

And remember the money-creating power is the state or kingdom’s “crown.” It is the supreme political/economic being within the/its kingdom—the sovereign king, the sovereign dynasty, or the sovereign corporation (a.k.a. “central bank”).

But however obtained by the monetary crown, and thus solely possessed by an individual (king) or group (corporation), this sovereign and exclusive possession of the supreme or “divine” right to create (and hence to lend) a monopoly token-money within his (or their) kingdom (or state), might make one ask: “Why wouldn’t the crown simply create (coin, print, stamp) all the money it needs to buy whatever it wants whenever it wants it?”

And the answer is: “Because it is much more profitable for a (predatory) crown not to do so!”

One might just as well have asked, “Why wouldn’t a monetary crown simply create a debtless or debt-free token money, and spend it into circulation?”

And the answer is, “Because it is infinitely more profitable (and predatory) for a monetary crown to create and lend a debt-token money instead.”

“How so?” a puzzled and innocent questioner, unacquainted with “the depths of Satan”—Apo./Rev. 2:24), might ask. Some innocent who (unlike every demonic king or crown, never having fathomed and hence known “the [dark and hidden] depths of Father Satan”) had perhaps projected his relatively-honest self unto this debt-token money king or crown, and thus darkly imagined his very worst—imagined the greatest theft which he himself (or some other imaginary thief) could ever have power or opportunity (if not desire or will) to perpetrate, if only he somehow possessed this sovereign or “legal” “right” to create (manufacture, counterfeit or make) all the token-money in the kingdom or state.

*  *  *  *  *

Question: “What more possible harm could a thief loose in an opened bank vault do than fill his pockets with loot? Or what more possible harm could a counterfeiter do than spend his false money into circulation?” (And there’s the one-time theft.)

Answer: “He could lend his false money into circulation.” (And there’s the perpetual theft.)

*  *  *

The distinction or choice to be made by the monetary crown (of the city, kingdom, state or county) is between a token money simply spent (or freely distributed) into circulation and existence, and one loaned into circulation and existence—(i.e. between a “debt-free” and a “debt”-token money.)

*  *  *

Bound slaves and unfree men are owned and/or “represented” by their masters. But free and autonomous men are (by definition) “sovereign,” and hence represent themselves. Thus a free or sovereign man is his own king, with his own crown and throne—(if merely a baseball cap and an easy- or rocking chair). And thus the “crown’s” money is merely his own.

And thus the former is the monetary scheme which I myself recommend to those sovereign citizens without sufficient gold or silver to coin—that they create and spend (or else freely give or distribute into circulation) an ample and stable debt-free token money within their county-kingdom, state or city-state.

But the latter scheme is far more profitable (indeed, infinitely diabolical), than merely spending the new token-money into circulation—and thus stealing its value (or getting free money) one time only.

*  *  *  *  *

Even a child can clearly see that whenever a monopoly debt-money loaned out (by the crown) is entirely repaid (by its subjects), then there is plainly no money left for any transactions within the kingdom, and all subjects are thus reduced to barter, and hence in dire need of some medium of exchange—some “money”—(and preferably “specie” or an honest, debt-free money). Again, when the debt-token loan is entirely repaid to the crown, then there are no tokens left to make exchanges. And the citizenry are right back where they started from, without a money. And hence the whole business was an exercise in futility. Can you see that, dear reader?

Furthermore, a debt-token loan can never be entirely repaid to the crown. The rent, usury or “interest” payments alone will gradually devour the loaned-out debt-tokens in a few short years—(as the money draught gets worse and worse, or the monetary-noose gets tighter and tighter around every citizen’s neck, individually and collectively). Plus the “principle” loan itself will still be owed, without a token left in existence to even begin to pay it? Do you see what a diabolical trap debt-token money is? Does the debt-token money crown or dynasty know this? You betcha! Did they not (with its Father’s help or inspiration) design, implement and spring this debt-token money trap upon us all? It is, and they, not therefore diabolical, evil, Satanic?

A debt-token money-crown is a predator preying on its subject-citizens. But a debt-free token-money crown is a shepherd guarding his citizen-sheep—or rather the citizens guarding themselves. Can you, dear reader, see that yet? I want you to, and hope you do.

*  *  *  *  *

But if the monetary crown were not Satanic, wolfish and predatory, but instead Godly, Lordly and shepherd-like, and simply created and spend (or freely distributed) its token money into circulation, then the “coin of the [its] realm” would not be a debt-token money, but a debt-free token-money. Then (unlike today) there would be no loan to repay. Neither the loan itself (“principle”) nor “interest” on the loan would ever be owed or “due” to return to its monetary creator, power and source—the monetary crown, throne or king. For again, free and sovereign men make their very own money. And hence, if also ample and stable, this debt-free token money would never (as now) gradually disappear in a draught, nor would the citizenry ever find themselves (as now) within a gradually tightening monetary noose.

And if enough of this debt-free token money were spent (or distributed) into circulation by its creative source, then its subjects would never be reduced to barter for lack of money, the “medium of exchange.” And hence the debt-free citizenry could produce and exchange to their heart’s content. (This is called “prosperity.”) (Can you dig it?)

And if the non-debt money crown were neither sociopathic nor thieving, and hence did not periodically create and spend more money (“inflate” a monetary air balloon) whenever it needed money (in excess of its modest tax income) to buy whatever it wanted, then we could justly spell that just and honest kingdom’s prosperity with a capital “P.”

But here is the ever-exposed “Achilles’ heel” of all token or “fiat” money! Unlike gold or silver, it is forever creatable or “inflatable”! So forever beware and be aware! Be ever-mentally vigilant and shielded with popular knowledge against all monetary tricks, arrows, swords or spears of all monetary crowns. And so be forever watchful to keep your ample and debtless token-money supply also constant and stable via carefully, faithfully maintaining your chosen level of so many ample tokens per user, resident, citizen—no more and no less.

*  *  *  *  *

See e.g. the honest debt-free token moneys, and hence the just and prosperous cities and kingdoms of Lords Napoleon and Adolf. Kingdom—cities of Godlike light standing on hills (one in France and the other in Germany) for all the benighted world to see and bask therein for a blessed while. And see why the forces of Darkness and aggression conspired and combined in total and world-world wars to encircle and destroy these two Godlike kingdoms of Light—these two Godly houses upon heavenly hills (yet standing, I understand, somewhere in Europe) shedding their divine brilliance to all the world’s thus benighted eyes.

For Satan’s sons, in malevolent thought, slanderous word, and warring deed, whole-heartedly hate what is truly of God, Light, Truth and Justice. And all demonic wolves are ever rabidly, foaming, howling and railing against the Good Shepherd and His good works upon His good earth, and kingdom.

*  *  *  *  *

The Satanic “Justification” or self-Deification of the Devil’s “Royal” or “Central” Devotees

But what mythology would a demon-king or evil-crown perhaps expound to pseudo-“justify” or explain its debt-token monopoly-money? Perhaps that all (other) human races and nations (“Gentiles”) are in fact “animals” (“goyim”) to be captured, skinned and devoured? Perhaps that only he and his family, seed, race were human or divine, and were “once upon a Mosaic time” ordered by God to thus dispossess, devour and enslave all humanity by any and all means necessary, useful or effective?

(See the “jews’” Satanic bible called “Talmud,” and also their “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.”)

E.G. from Satan’s “jewish” Protocols of the Elders of Zion:

Because the Satanic “jew” has power to deceive (betray, murder, entrap, enslave) the Gentile, he tells himself the Gentile therefore deserves to be by him deceived (betrayed, murdered, entrapped, enslaved). It’s his god’s will, he says! What a “jew” is the “jew”! And what a genetically-faithful son of his father, Satan! (John 8:44):


In our hands is the greatest power of our day—gold: in two days we can procure from our storehouses any quantity we may please.

Surely there is no need to seek further proof that our [“golden”–Ed.] rule is predestined by God? [Surely, if “by God” the “jew” means Satan and/or the “jew” himself–Ed.] Surely we shall not fail with such [golden–Ed.] wealth to prove that all the evil which for so many centuries we have had to commit has served at the end of ends the cause of true well-being—the bringing of everything into order? [i.e. global “jewish” “communism,” SuperNazi “humanism,” imperial Satanism or “jew”-world “messianism” over all God’s usurped and conquered creation–Ed.] Though it will be even by the exercise of some violence, yet all the same it will be established. [pr. 22]


The supreme lord [anti-Christ or “jew”–Ed.] who will replace all existing rulers, dragging on their existence among societies demoralized by us, societies that have denied even the authority of God, from whose midst breaks out on all sides the fire of anarchy, must first of all proceed to quench this all-devouring flame…. This Chosen One of God is chosen from above…. They [the Gentiles (under “jewish” direction)—Ed] have overthrown all forms of social order to erect on the ruins the throne of the King of the Jews

Then it will be possible for us to say to the peoples of the world; Give thanks to God and bow the knee before him who bears on his front the seal of the predestination of man to whom God himself has led his star that none other but Him might free us from all the before-mentioned [“jewish”–Ed.] forces and evils. [pr. 23]


Remember the French Revolution, to which it was we who gave the name of “Great”; the secrets of its preparations are well known to us for it was wholly the work of our hands.

Ever since that time we have been leading the peoples from one disenchantment to another, so that in the end they should turn also from us in favor of that Kind-Despot of the blood of Zion, whom we are preparing for the world. [pr. 3]


…it is probably all the same to the world who is its sovereign lord, whether the head of Catholicism or our despot of the blood of Zion! [?] But to us, the Chosen People, it is far from being a matter of indifference.

Per Me reges regnant. “It is through me that Kings reign.” And it was said by the prophets that we were chosen by God Himself to rule over the whole earth. [Apo./Rev. 2:9 & 3:9)–Ed.] God has endowed us with genius that we may be equal to our [Satanic or “jewish”–Ed.] task [of deceit, treachery, theft, war-mongering, mass-murder, world-conquest or “revolution.”—Ed]. Were genius in the opposite [i.e. Gentile/divine–Ed.] camp it would still struggle against us, but even so a newcomer is no match for the old-established settler; the struggle would be merciless between us, such a fight as the world has never yet seen. [See e.g. “jewish” England verses Napoleon Bonaparte or “jewish”-Amerika and England verses Adolf Hitler (and hence World War II)–Ed.] Aye, and the genius on their side would have arrived too late. [pr. 5]


When the hour strikes for our Sovereign Lord of all the World to be crowned, it is in these same hands which will sweep away everything that might be a hindrance thereto. [pr. 3]


We shall surround our [imperial, “messianic,” SuperNazi, “jewish”–Ed.] government with a whole world of economists. That [“jewish” world-conquest & -gov’t–Ed.] is the reason why economic sciences form the principal subject of the teaching given to the Jews. [by whom/what? their Father Satan? (John 8:44)–Ed.] Around us again will be a whole constellation of bankers, industrialists, capitalists and—the main thing—millionaires, because in substance everything will be settled by the question of figures. [pr. 8]


And thus here (doubtless with their father’s inspiration—John 8:44) by inventing, creating and lending their debt-money, by buying up all mass-media and political officials or “representatives,” and thus by global war-mongering and super-national conquest, coming at last into domination of all Gentile nations, and thus ever possessing and lording over God’s globe as if God Himself? What an Satanic (and “jewish?) dream!

(And all demonic evils are always demon-allegedly perpetrated solely “for God’s sake”—as demons are always very pretentious, “holy” and “religious.”)

If all this is so, what Gentile could possibly that doubt but that the “God” of such demons could be any other than Satan the Devil Itself?


*  *  *  *  *

(The Debt-Token Monopoly-Money Trap, and the National Gentile Traitors Who Make It Work for their SuperNational Money-Masters)

Again, a debtless or “debt-free” token money system grants the money creator (the crown, the gov’t) “free-money” only once, when it is first created and spent into circulation—where it perpetually stays, circulates and serves for endless citizenry exchanges, until it is either lost or worn out, and hence replaced. Thus if properly and benevolently used, a debt-free token money is free, ample and stable. By constantly maintaining the aforementioned user-to-token ratio, a debt-free token money constantly keeps its value over time, and hence is honest and trustworthy.

But a debt-token money (a token-money loaned into existence or circulation) is by nature volatile, unstable and inconstant, simply because the periodic payments of loan-usury or “interest” (as well as the periodic repayments of the loan itself, the “principal”) are periodically withdrawn or taken up out of the circulating money supply, thus gradually reducing or drying it up, and (barring new loans) eventually completely, to the very last debt-token.

(E.G. at 10% “royal” or “central” usury or interest, in 10 years there shall be no more debt-tokens in circulation or existence!—no more money to make exchanges! And yet the entire loan “principal” shall still be owed! And thus what a trap debt-tokens are!)

Furthermore, the new “central” loans or puppet-gov’t borrowings necessary to avoid total national tokenlessness or complete money drought—(due to these deflationary” loan repayments of both “interest” and “principal”)—these necessary new borrowings (which of course increase or “inflate” the supply of money) also vary according to the whim of the “central” banksters, thus creating even more volatility or inconstancy of money-volume (and hence of money-value), but in the other (or “inflationary”) direction.

So debt-tokens are unstable and inconstant both ways: they decrease via the periodic loan repayments (to the debt-token crown), and they increase via the necessary new loans (from the debt-token crown). Thus there is never a constant debt-token-to-user ratio. Thus the debt-token’s “value” is always changing. Thus debt-tokens are never stable, and hence never honest nor trustworthy.

But then how can monetary predators or “speculators” ever prey or “speculate” without monetary change or volatility? Therefore let us would-be monetary prey pray instead for monetary stability, integrity, honesty.

*  *  *  *  *

And these new, annual, inflationary borrowings from the real power or government of the state or nation, the “central” crown, are secretly made at the back door of Parliament at the end of nearly each and every “fiscal” year, and hence far away from the public eye. These new borrowings are to pay for the annual and intentional “deficits” of the puppet government—deficits which are incurred at the command of the real government, the international (or rather supernational or “SuperNazi”) banksters. And why? So that more tokens might be borrowed to keep from running out, and so the puppet-gov’t may grow larger and larger, thus spending more and more of the “gross national product”—and all this spending is, of course,  secretly directed by the hidden “central” corporate crown. For he who pays piper (or the puppet-gov’t) calls the tune. This is the real and true (and yet never before heard) explanation for the perpetual, chronic, annual national “budget deficits” of all nations under “central” banksters.

Again these deficits are necessary for the puppet-gov’t to secretly, furtively, sneakily, stealthily borrow yet more debt-tokens from its/their master, the “central” banking crown, the real and true (but corporately concealed) national gov’t. For otherwise in a few short years the debt-money would gradually dry up or evaporate completely via annual “interest” payments alone—not to mention the periodic “principal” repayments of these loans whenever their “bonds” (promises to repay) become “mature” or “due”—bonds which are given by the national puppet gov’t as (dollar-for-dollar) “collateral” to “secure” each and every loan of these national (“central” or “royal”) debt-tokens.

E.G. at 10% annual “central” or “royal” rent, “interest” or usury, there would be not a drop of money left after a mere ten years, not a single debt-token to be found in all the deserted land. AND YET THE “PRINCIPLE” LOAN WOULD STILL BE OWED! For only the loan or “principle” is “centrally” created and loaned, and hence not the “centrally” demanded annual “interest” on the loan, which “interest” alone thus consumes the loan within a few short years. (Bummer!)

Can you now see, dear reader, how debt-token money is a trap, a theft, a robbery, and a crime? And are you beginning to understand how the only source of a national debt-token is also its only and inevitable destination?—much like a fountain which recycles its water—which shoots itself straight up into the air, and yet catches every descending drop within a basin below.

*  *  *  *  *

(“But surely the ‘puppet gov’t’ as you term it, can and does borrow directly from the public, thus leaving the central bank completely out of the deal and the loop! It happens all the time. It’s called the sale of brand new gov’t bonds—either directly from the national treasury or through some banking intermediary.”)

Yes this indeed happens, but does not at all increase the (debt-token- monopoly) money supply, but merely temporarily shuffles the tokens from the public or the citizenry to “their” nationally elected puppet gov’t. And when this elective puppet-gov’t does issue (“print”) and sell its bonds to (i.e. borrows money from) the public, the puppet-gov’t pays “principle” (at the very end of the bond or loan “term” when the “mature” bonds or loans are “due” to be repaid) plus “interest” twice a year—just as whenever it borrows from the “central bank” or crown (and hence pays it “principal” plus “interest”). But with two GIGANTIC differences: 1.) the public does not print up (or “issue”) the money they lend to “their” puppet-gov’t—(as does that national monetary fountain, crown or “central bank”). Instead the public has to earn that money “in the sweat of their brows.” Public loans to the puppet-gov’t represent public labor, while “central” loans to the puppet-gov’t represents “royal” or “central” ink and paper. And 2.) when puppet-gov’t’s loan, bond or debt is repaid to the public, these debt-tokens do not then go out of existence and circulation. They do not “die” or go back into the monetary womb (as they do whenever the puppet-gov’t’s bonds or loans held by the “central bank” are repaid—i.e. whenever the debt-token crown’s debt-tokens are repaid—whenever the money-water returns to its only source or fountain). But whenever the puppet-gov’t repays the public for their loans (to it) the debt-tokens indeed remain in public hands (and hence in circulation).

And that’s a good thing: That the payment of that debt is not the death or end of that debt-money. But here’s the monetary rub: All these (and all other) publicly-held debt-tokens must inevitably and ultimately return to their only creator, “issuer” and lender, the “central bank” corporation, the debt-token crown. For this “central bank” is the only source or origin for this national debt-token monopoly-money, and hence its only and ultimate destination. For this is the nature of all debt-token-money; it must all be repaid, plus (non-existent) rent, usury or “interest.”

And so these bond sales or borrowings of the puppet-gov’t from the public do not at all increase the total number of debt-tokens in existence, but merely shuffle them around temporarily (from the public to the puppet-gov’t). And thus the problem of debt-token shortage is not thereby solved, nor even addressed or recognized.

And so for a puppet-gov’t to borrow “central bank” debt-tokens from its public is like whistling past the “royal” or “central” monetary graveyard. It does not solve nor even address the (unsolvable) debt-token monopoly-money problem. For such a “money” is really and truly more than merely a “problem.” It is in fact a Satanic trap intended to ensnare, dispossess and enslave all Gentile individuals, peoples and nations. And one cannot escape such a diabolical trap by falling into it, nor by seeking economic or monetary “solutions” from inside it, i.e. by using it. For the money itself is a monetary/economic/political trap! To use it (or be forced to use it—e.g. via “legal tender” laws, dictates or decrees) is to be entrapped or ensnared by it! Hence you and yours must simply get out of it, i.e. never borrow nor use this trap-money, fraud-money, theft-money!

For again, a “debt-token monopoly-money” means (via some law or decree of a treasonous parliament and president) there is only one real source or origin for all the nation’s (debt) tokens…and hence only one ultimate and inevitable destination (for all the national (debt) tokens). I may borrow tokens from you, dear reader, or you from me, of the puppet gov’t from the public, but unless you, I or someone else (e.g. “our” puppet-gov’t and/or the “commercial” banks) borrows debt-tokens from their only creative origin and only real source, the national “central bank” corporation, we all shall eventually run out of them via those periodic debt-token repayments (of both “interest” and “principal”) going back to their only source or origin (and hence their only and inevitable destination).

For that is what a “debt-token” is, a debt, a “pubic” or “national” debt (of debt-tokens) due to a “central” or “royal” loan (of debt-tokens). And debts must be repaid. And therefore all debt-tokens must be repaid to their only source, plus (nonexistent) “interest” tokens besides or atop those loaned by the “central” bank or corporate crown to the people or the nation via “their” puppet-govt.

Or to view this Satanic swindle and trap from another angle, whenever this “principle” loan is repaid, there is not even one debt-token left in existence or circulation to serve as money, to make trades, exchanges, deals. For only this “principle” exists, or ever existed. Furthermore, this “principle” is clearly reduced by every rent, usury or “interest” payment. And yet these now non-existent “principle” tokens are still (allegedly) owed, thus “legally” guaranteeing the seizure (“foreclosure”) of national property nationally “mortgaged” or “collateralized” to “secure” or obtain this national debt-money in the first place. (Bummer!) For the loan is made by the Satanic national crown to its puppet-gov’t in the name and “credit” of the people or the nation, and therefore (is a claim or “lien”) against their national property and liberty. (Do you see?)

I said whenever the debt is “principally” repaid there are no more debt-tokens left (to use as money). But in fact this total repayment never really happened, because it is impossible. For there are in fact no debt-tokens but “principle” tokens. Only they are created, lend, and demanded in return (along with nonexistent “interest” tokens to boot).

And so in reality the only time this “principle” could ever have been repaid is at the very moment of the very first loan (of the national crown to the traitorous puppet-gov’t), only before any time and hence “interest”-debt had accrued or accumulated; in other words, only if this trap-loan of debt-tokens had never been contracted in the first place, only if this monetary bait had never been taken, and hence only if this debt-money trap had never been sprung or triggered. For every debt-token paid back to the crown as “interest” is a “principle” token which therefore can never be repaid, having just returned back to its dark and diabolical womb, back into nonexistence or death, back into its only source (and destination).

And over time this discrepancy between debt-tokens extant and debt-tokens “owed” (by the public or the nation to “their” national or “central” crown) becomes greater and greater and greater, until the Gentile people or nation are alleged to owe “their” Satanic or “jewish” “central” crown several times (or even tens of times) more national debt-tokens than even exist. And what does this Gentile national indebtedness portend but the dark and predatory nature, character, behavior and consequence of this corporate (and “jewish”) monetary creature or beast called “central bank”?

Can you smell the “central” rat yet? Do you perceive this debt-token trap yet? Did its dark, demonic, diabolical designer not know what he (or It) was doing, conceiving, creating and perpetrating, and whom It (and It’s “chosen people”) was debt-entrapping, tricking, thieving, robbing, dispossessing and ultimately enslaving? And so at last we Gentiles know whom and what we never owed. But let us calculate instead what cumulative or compounded debt such demonic humans as monopoly-debt-token “central banksters” owe us—plus “interest”?

This again is the futility, meaning, nature, craft, theft and trap of all “debt-token” money. This is the “royal” scam of the national monetary crown(s). This is the nature of the “central banking” beast. Take a good look at this corporate monster from all sides and angles. Get to see it, to perceive it and hence to know this debt-token, monopoly-money (or “legal tender”) “beast” for exactly what it is and has been. (Apo./Rev. 13:16-18)

*  *  *  *  *

For unlike debt-free tokens (which are not loaned into existence or circulation), debt-tokens or debt-money has no independent existence whatsoever, but merely represents (or is) a loan, which (like all loans) is to be repaid back to its lender (who in this case is also the debt-money’s creator)—and with non-existent usury or “interest” (tokens) beside or atop this “principle” loan of debt-tokens. And this repayment, as you know, is impossible, as malevolently intended, thereby monetarily entrapping (or hopelessly “indebting”) the Gentile people and nation.

For only debt-token “principal” is created and loaned (to the people or nation by “their” monetary crown). Yet “principal” plus “interest” is demanded as repayment (by this same national crown)! And so over time “interest” payments alone consume the loan(s) or “principle(s)” (i.e. all the tokens). And yet this entire “principle” remains “owed,” unpaid and demanded by the Satanic crown and by its/their traitorous puppet-gov’t who both damn well know this bogus debt is unpayable, and was from the very beginning.

Just do the math for yourself dear reader, and you’ll see the only way to escape this dark and diabolical debt-money trap is never to fall into it. And the only way to pay back this loan of debt-tokens is (or was) to pay them back at the very moment of the loan, i.e. before any time had passed, and therefore before any (nonexistent) “interest” tokens were demanded (by the national or “central” crown), “owed” (by the Gentile people or nation), and paid (by “their” traitorous national puppet-gov’t), thus reducing the “principle,” thus making this “principle” (entirely) unpayable.

For all “interest” tokens are really “principle” tokens (for only “principle” tokens are created and lent), and because so many “interest” tokens have already been repaid (to their a “central” source), therefore just so many “principle” tokens can never be repaid, since they no longer even exist, having been returned to their only source (and inevitable destination). And not only that, but every generation of so, (at the end of the “term” of every new loan or “principle,” i.e. at the “maturity” of its “bond or “mortgage”), the “central” bank demands their entire loan or accumulated “principle” be returned to them! And so the puppet-gov’t must borrow more debt-tokens to meet or pay these periodic “interest” and “principle” payments. And though the puppet-gov’t may borrow from the public, (and hence pay them back both “principle and “interest”), the only ultimate source of all debt-tokens is (what or who else?) the debt-token, monopoly-money crown, source and destination.

For that’s what “monopoly” means, that the only money is their “central bank” money. And because their money is a debt-money, therefore all money (and then some) is owed back to them. And because the Gentile nations cannot possibly pay back money which never even existed in the first place, the nations are “legally” “foreclosed,” seized and/or auctioned off by the Satanic, anti-Christ or “jewish” “central” banksters.

(And by the way, the “World Bank” and “International Monetary Fund” of the Jewnignted Nations’ Org. perpetrate much the same Satanic scam upon the Gentile nations whom they “foreclose,” seize and/or auction off to their fellow predatory and incorporated associates.)

*  *  *  *  *

So the only way to escape Satan’s diabolical debt-money trap is never to fall into it, nor ever be cast into it. I mean never to allow, permit, tolerate or suffer “public servants” (however “democratically” elected or appointed) to coax, deceive, trick, force, push or cast you and yours into such a trap. And if “your” “public servants” insist upon doing so, then you had better learn to live without “public servants.” For ’tis far better to have no such official “saviors” than to be forever damned by them.

And once officially, publicly, nationally cast into this hopeless, hellish trap of unpayable indebtedness—a trap conceived, designed, owed and operated by the Devil and/or Its “chosen people,” the only way to repay this diabolical national or public debt in its entirety is to reject, repudiate or renounce it (and its perpetrators) in its entirety.

Do you know any “public official” willing to do that, dear reader? Do you know of even one genuinely “public servant” or “public” official within your particular state of kingdom? Or are there none but public enemies within your public offices? And for these official national traitors to plead ignorance of the monetary and political facts should neither excuse them nor the incalculable damage they’ve done to you, your liberties, your properties and your loved ones.

And why do I say so? Why do I condemn the traitorous puppet-gov’ts along with their secret masters, the “central” banksters? Because they are national and racial traitors. Because of the initial debt-token loan which they willingly and knowingly contracted from the “central” monetary crown which they themselves “legislatively” and treasonably created, instituted, authorized.

(See e.g. old man Lindbergh’s warning to his Parliamentary or Congressional colleagues issued in their ears from the floor of the American “House of Representatives” on Dec. 23, 1913, the very day this monstrous, beastly and “jewish” “central” crown was Congressionally created, to reign over “jewish”-Amerika to this very day…(and beyond?): “When the President signs this act, the invisible government by the money power will be legalized…. the worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency bill.” (Was he kidding, lying, mistaken? You tell me, dear reader.)

And I condemn each and every one of the later (“jewish”-Amerikan) presidents and congresses because of the nearly annual new loans or borrowings which they (the national puppet-gov’t) subsequently contracted (in the Gentile people or nation’s name, credit, debt or obligation) from what they damn well knew to be the real and true gov’t of “their” nation-state, the corporate (and hence anonymous and irresponsible) “central” money-crown, who periodically create and lend their debt-token monopoly-money to their covert agents, their political prostitutes, their national traitors within “public office” or “public service.” And so all these traitorous puppet gov’ts, administrations and parliaments since Wilson damn-well knew who and what they were, and whom and what they were serving, furthering, strengthening, and whom they were betraying, destroying, dispossessing, enslaving. And therefore I say each and every Amerikan president since Wilson (1913) has been a national traitor, and every parliament or congress also, not to mention all the “supreme court justices” who declined to enforce the “nothing but gold and silver Coin” clause of the “U.S. constitution” they always pretended to uphold. (Art. I, Sec. 10) For all three “branches” of the national “jewish”-Amerikan gov’t have knowingly and willingly served and furthered this national debt-token crown, this sole (monopoly) monetary source and sole monetary destination called “central bank.” And hence all “federal,” super-state or imperial officials since Wilson have willingly betrayed and hopelessly ensnared, indebted, dispossessed and all but enslaved the American people and nation. (And that wasn’t very nice, was it?! Not to mention officially prolonging, perpetrating or instigating world wars I and II for their supernational or SuperNazi “jewish” or anti-Christ money-masters.)

*  *  *  *  *

And other such public enemies or “public servants” in as these official “jewish”-Amerikan swine have willingly and knowingly sold and betrayed their respective peoples, races and nations to rule for an hour as “kings” (or presidents) with (or rather under) the imperial, supernational or SuperNazi “beast.” (Apo./Rev. 17:12)

For these national traitors within public, presidential or parliamentary office damn well know those debt-token loans which they contract(ed) from their “central” crown in the name and credit of their people or nation can never possibly be repaid. For only the loan (“principle”) exists or existed. Only these tokens were “centrally” printed and loaned to them, the elective national puppet gov’t. And therefore all “centrally” demanded rent, usury or “interest” tokens on those loans do not exist, and never did. AND YET BOTH LOAN AND INTEREST TOKENS ARE “CENTRALLY” DEMANDED IN RETURN FROM THE POLITICALLY BETRAYED AND MONETARILY ENTRAPPED PUBLIC AND NATION AS REPAYMENT (for the loan of the crown’s specially-marked paper, its/their debt—paper, monopoly-money). Furthermore, “central” banksters allege the total debt owed them by the Gentile nation or public (the total “national debt”) is several times (if not tens of times) the amount of debt-tokens (i.e. “money”) in existence! So how could any public officials or public servants of any and all (Gentile) nations under a “central [or “jewish”] bank” not know they were and are in a national (indeed supranational) monetary scam, con or swindle? and thus that they are officially culpable, blameworthy and guilty?

As the Devil would be far less powerful without Its faithfully obedient demons, so the international (or rather supernational or SuperNazi) “jewish” “central” banksters would be far less powerful without their official “Gentile fronts,” their nationally, racially and officially traitorous subordinates, lackeys and whores in national “public” office have knowingly sold and willingly betrayed their respective peoples, races and nations to rule “as kings [(or presidents) for–Ed.] an hour with beast.”

Thus what monetary, economic and political crooks, robbers and racketeers “central” banksters are! For their national debt-tokens are a theft- and trap-money, and hence are national crimes against every public and nation thus officially “[mis]represented” by such public enemies in public office who treasonably contract to borrow such a unrepayable debt-“money” for their national “constituents,” their political subjects or citizens. These official lackeys within elective public office are the secret agents of the supernational banksters. Such national enemies within “public” office (whether “supreme,” presidential or parliamentary) are the elective masks or “Gentile fronts” for the anonymous, irresponsible, supernational and “jewish” “central banking” corporations. They are the puppet gov’ts or “Gentile fronts” of the Satanic, anti-Christ or “jewish” world empire.

*  *  *  *  *

But this is what happens whenever and wherever public office is essentially up for sale—being auctioned off to the highest bidder(s) (of advertising propaganda). This is the state or kingdom of “plutocracy” (“rule by wealth”) and/or of “oligopoly” (i.e. rule by “few [over] many”).(Socrates termed such a state (wherein money ruled as the highest value or “king” therein) as an “oligarchy,” meaning “rule by a [rich] few.”) This is the kingdom, state or rule of the richest few over everyone else—the state or “polis” wherein all offices (and hence officials) are up for sale, and hence are purchased by the richest few, and hence are owned, occupied or supplied with the nominated or appointed lackeys or agents (of the richest few). This is the corrupt, degenerate and decadent state of all nations or kingdoms wherein “public” offices are auctioned off to who else?) the richest few, and hence wherein “public” officials are traitorous mercenaries and bought whores who knowingly and willingly betray the public they have “solemnly” sworn to serve in preference for their monetary masters, buyers, purchasers or pimps—who desire their purchased political prostitutes within their (not our) “public offices” to officially (legally, legislatively, parliamentarily, judicially and/or presidentially) grant them (what else?) yet more official power and more wealth.

In such a “oligarchic,” “oligopolistic” or “plutocratic” state of corruption, decadence, official whoredom and treason the rich get fewer, richer and more (politically) powerful, while everyone else gets poorer, weaker, and more (politically) subjected—except, of course, the “public servants” or “officials” of the plutocrats, oligarchs or oligopolists.

*  *  *

(And the “World Bank” and “International Monetary Fund” of the Jewnighted Nations’ Org. perpetrate much the same dark scam and snare of collective indebtedness upon various Gentile nations. This is also accomplished via traitorous, corrupt and thieving public enemies in high national public office, who thus treasonably contract these international loans (and hence debts) in the name and credit of their respective race or people, i.e. the “collateralization” or “mortgaging” of entire Gentile nations (toward the eventual imperial, supernational or SuperNazi “foreclosure,” seizure and auction of those nations (i.e. their “defaulted” national properties and liberties) by the Jewnighted Nations’ Org. and its/their corporate allies and/or masters, the “jewish” “central” banksters.

*  *  *  *  *

Again, a debt-free token money system grants the money creator (the crown, the gov’t) “free-money” only once, when it is first created and spent into circulation-where it perpetually stays and serves for endless exchanges by monetarily free citizens within their free state or marketplace until it is either lost or worn out, and hence replaced.

But a debt-token money system grants the monetary crown (which is the real and true gov’t, though perhaps disguised or masked by a nationally elected or “centrally” appointed puppet gov’t) infinite amounts of free-money—and thereby grants the crown all the free things which its free money can possibly buy: land and houses, gold and silver, public offices and officials, national traitors and prostitutes, etc.

Remember the national debt-token monopoly-money supply is annually reduced by yearly rent, usury or “interest” payments to (and at a % dictated by) the debt-token crown—not to mention the national monetary drought created whenever the entire “principle” loan (the national “mortgage bond”) is “due” (to be repaid to its sole source…and destination)—i.e. when more than every single debt-token ever dropped into this world from its Satanic “jewish” sky above is “due” to return back up to its monetary source and sun. (Bummer!)

And more than this, the debt-token monopoly-money crown (or “central bank corp.”) can at any time create a money-drought simply by making its money too expensive to borrow. It does this in two ways: By directly raising its usury (“interest” or money-rent) rates way too high for nearly anyone to dare borrow; and/or by selling its puppet-government bonds to the public—thus taking those currently-circulating debt-tokens (used to purchase the bonds) right out of circulation, thus reducing the national money supply, and thus (by the law of supply and demand) making scarce tokens that much more difficult to acquire or expensive to borrow.

Thus the sociopathic, predatory, “jewish” hands of the national debt-token crown or king are always encircled around the national throat, for the malevolent purpose of squeezing out the national breath (or for cutting off the monetary circulation, and hence economic life of the Gentile nation) whenever that “royal” corporate bastard of Satan is pleased to do so.

And (as with any other borrower unable to pay his debt) the debt-money crown can at any time “foreclose” on its debtor nation at will. (See also the “World Bank” or “International Monetary Fund” of the “United Nations’ Organization.”) For almost from the very beginning, as explained, the entrapped debtor-nation “owed” its “central bank” corporation more debt-tokens than it could ever possibly repay, because more than ever existed, as darkly or malevolently intended. And as time passes this unpayability, this hopeless indebetedness, becomes more and more obvious and undeniable. Just calculate, dear reader, how many multiples of your nation’s entire money supply is your nation’s current “national debt.” See what I mean?

*  *  *  *  *

And so which money or monetary system, dear reader, would you prefer for your own race, nation, society, kingdom or state: a debt-token money or a debt-free token money? (And for your racial or national enemies?)

And what if you yourself were the (monetary) crown?—and hence could choose to exploit or not to exploit, to entrap or not to entrap, the entire citizenry of whatever nation? Would you monetarily skin ’em, fry ’em and eat ’em? Or would you let ’em loose to swim away for this and many another day?

*  *  *  *  *

Honest Gentile Token Money vs. “jewish” Debt-Token Theft-Money


When it is a question of money, everybody is of the same religion.—(Voltaire)


Au contraire, mon Voltaire! You cannot convince me that the pious devotees of debt-token money are of the very same religion as the debt-free variety.

*  *  *  *  *

(For “the servant takes the money,” and the master makes or creates the money. But what kind or “species” of money: A debt-free or a debt-token money? And the vast distance between the two is between the Gentile and the “jew.”)

(“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”—(Hosea 4:6)

*  *  *  *  *


Honest Token Money

An honest token money (costing little or nothing to coin or to print—as its substance is worth much less than its face (political, dictated, commanded or “fiat”) value, is thus not loaned into circulation, but spent and/or freely distributed into circulation, as described. Thus the coins are not and do not represent a debt. Thus they are not a “debt-money.” There is no need to repay the tokens (with usury) to their creator and lender, because they are not lent, but spent or given away. Thus they are the public’s tokens owned free and clear by the citizenry. And hence there is no token-rent (usury or “interest”) to ever pay, nor ever “principal” to repay. This is because (as their name suggests) debt-free tokens are (be definition) not loaned into existence (by the monetary crown, as is the present predatory practice), but merely spend or freely distributed into existence.

And so at most an honest token money is paid for by the populace only once, when they are first spent into circulation by the crown (government, money-creating power). And thus (as with taxation) the state or county government hereby gets “something for nothing” by this initial monetary “tax” at the outset of the token’s issuance—(instead of waiting for the tax or tithe time at the end of the first or second year of the new token’s mass-issuance).

And clearly debt-free tokens are not even once paid for (by the public) if they are simply given away or freely distributed (as afore-described—again, with x number of ample and constant tokens for each and every resident within the realm (state, county, kingdom).

Or else some combination or ratio of both crown-spending and free-distribution of the new and honest token money may be decided on by a treasureless gov’t or crown thus in immediate and dire need of something(s) for nothing, for to pay its officers (sheriff & deputies; mint-man/taxman; and other employees).

*  *  *  *  *

And as there is no loan of the tokens of exchange by the crown to the populace, therefore there is no collective (public or “national”) debt to repay for their creation and existence, and no rent (”interest or usury) to pay for their use. There is no need to repay the tokens to the crown simply because they are not the crown’s tokens, or rather the public themselves are the crown, and hence have (via their employee, the mint-man) created and issued their own (honest, ample, stable debt-free) tokens to themselves. Thus there is no “principal” nor “interest” for the people to pay simply because there is no loan nor usury for these honest public tokens of exchange.

*  *  *  *  *

“Honest” tokens of exchange are (by definition) not loaned into existence. (Forgive my repetitiveness, but as this idea is new (in this crooked old world), it often bears repeating.)

But their debt-freeness is not all or everything which makes the debt-free tokens honest, and hence worthy of the citizen’s trust. The debt-free tokens must also be ample and stable. For sufficiency and stability of token volume or number (via so many specified tokens per user, as explained) is necessary for the honesty and trustworthiness of token money. For this constant tokens-per-resident ratio is precisely what makes for the constancy of the individual token’s worth over time, years, decades, generations—and hence the token’s stability, honesty and trustworthiness.)


*  *  *  *  *

But debt-tokens (by definition loaned by the (monetary) crown into existence) are plainly predatory, untrustworthy and dishonest. And surely a debt-money crown is as evil as its money. For the monetary fruit is of this poisonous and predatory tree. Debt-tokens are clearly a theft-money and an economic trap, of which I am feebly trying to warn you away, dear reader.

Imagine the economic stupidity and insanity of voluntarily borrowing or renting your own tokens of exchange instead of simply creating your own tokens (for next to nothing)!—and thus owing no lord or master (no crown, no king, no anonymous “corporation”) for their “benevolent” creation and existence, nor for your “vouchsafed” use (of them) to buy and sell! For in creating your very own tokens you (and your neighbors, free-associates or fellow citizens) have vouchsafed, endowed and bestowed them upon (and hence monetarily and/or economically blessed) yourselves. But debt-token money is a sure curse.

Imagine the enormous, predatory crime (whether by coercion or deceit) of loaning out token money!—as if it were real money, value, gold or silver! Surely such a “government” (crown, throne or king) is as far from a good and protective shepherd as any “authority” could possible be, being thus the very worst of wolves. Can you clearly see that? It is most important (for the freedom and prosperity of you, your loved ones, and your little county kingdom or state) that you can and do clearly see so!

By definition, you cannot possibly do the impossible, nor safely trust the untrustworthy. A debt-token-money is by its very nature or essence a theft- and trap-money which has never and can never be honest, and hence should never be trusted, nor tolerated. Debt-token money is a Satanic concept, creation and economic/monetary crime.

A debt-token-money “trust” or “central bank” (monopoly) is therefore a contradiction (“oxymoron”)—like trusting wolves with the care and feeding of sheep, or the Devil and/or Its Children (with your life, your children, and/or your crown, your throne, your money-power, your power to create your very own money). How can you ever trust the Devil or the “jew” not to ever harm you? Impossible!—even for a moment! For the moment you take your eyes off of Evil, is the moment It pounces upon you!

*  *  *  *  *

…and its ever-Vulnerable “Achilles’ Heel”: Creation ad Infinitum; Manufacture into Worthlessness; a.k.a. “Inflation”

Without golden, silver or token money we are all reduced to barter, and hence to economic inactivity or stagnation of production and trade. (For why make products you can’t even sell, trade, exchange? And without money you can’t even pay for your supplies to make your products in the first place.)

And so without gold or silver coins one resorts to worthless tokens, simply because one must, because tokens are better than nothing, better than barter, and hence stagnation. But which kind of tokens, dear reader: Debt- or debt-free tokens? One token-road leads downward to indebted bondage, dispossession and poverty, and the other leads upward to debt-free prosperity and independence. And it’s in your interests, dear reader, to know the difference.

But the ever-present problem with token money is that (being intrinsically worthless metal or paper) it can at any time (at the whim of the monetary-god, creator, crown, king, “authority”) be created, spent and circulated ad infinitum, and hence into worthlessness. But you can’t ever do that with gold or silver—though “alchemists” have forever tried. And that is precisely why precious metal or “specie” has always and everywhere been trusted as money, and why “fiat” or token money always not. And that is right and correct. For “fiat” is infinitely “inflatable.” And no token money I know of has not gone the way of all others before it: inevitable inflation into worthlessness.

But it is indeed possible for a token money to be honest and serviceable—if only it be debt-free, ample and stable—and only so long as it strictly remains so. And my purpose is to show you what honest token money is, and under what strict conditions it is indeed possible. And if enough of the populace understand this, then they will at last demand this. And there’s an honest county coin at long last!

*  *  *  *  *

As Abe Lincoln (American president, 1860-64) once expressed it: “The people can and will be furnished a [debt-free token–Ed.] currency as safe [trustworthy—Ed] as their own [elected–Ed.] government.

But where is there to be found such a trustworthy king Midas who can safely be anointed token-money-god, because he shall never, ever take advantage of his divine power, never enrich himself nor his friends (bribers, buyers or blackmailers), never seek to acquire for free whatever his worldly heart desires (by over-creating and hence over-spending his token-money)? Or how shall “government” forever be kept from inflating token money to get for free whatever it wants whenever it wants it? That is the ever-present problem and the challenge of token money.

Yes it is indeed dangerous to ever trust an office (authority, badge, crown or throne) to do anything at all. Indeed, it is not Godless idolatry to ever do so?—to worship a throne (chair, crown, badge or office) as God—though the Devil Itself (or one of its demonic minions, children, vicars) sit upon it. Furthermore, the more power you grant an office, the more dangerous it then becomes.

*  *  *  *  *

And yet if without gold or silver, to avoid barter and stagnation we yet indeed need honest, sufficient and stable tokens of exchange. But how are we to acquire them?—unless you trust me or I trust thee to create and issue a debt-free token-money or currency—a money by definition not loaned, but merely spent or distributed into existence and circulation. And thus a money with neither “interest” (money-rent) owed nor “principal” (loan) to be repaid by the citizenry for the mere rental and use of these tokens of exchange. For debt-free tokens are indeed used, but (by definition) never rented into existence.

And yet even a sufficient and stable debt-free token money, once instituted and circulated, may at any time be “inflated,” upset and hence destroyed by the monetary-“authority,” crown or trustee. That is, a debt-free token money crown, in pressing need of money, of values (e.g. to wage (offensive or defensive) war—and how often the former is presented and disguised as the latter—as Amerika’s two world wars against Europe can amply attest), can at any time simply create as many new tokens as it pleases, and spend them into circulation to get for free whatsoever it desires from the populace and the marketplace, thus increasing or “inflating” (with empty monetary air) the token supply to that precise extent, thus upsetting the token-to-citizen ratio and balance, thus slaying token stability, credibility, honesty and trustworthiness, and thus in fact slaying the token. This constant inflatablility of token money is the ever-present problem.

*  *  *  *  *

What but the honesty and integrity of the entrusted monetary official, and what but perpetual popular monetary knowledge, awareness, vigilance and oversight can possibly perpetually prevent a less-than-honest government from “inflating” an already sufficient and stable debt-free token money into worthlessness?—from coining and spending extra tokens to steal whatever it desires whenever it desires it?—via this subtle theft, via this extra and secret tax against the public?

For power often tells itself it has the “right” to do whatever it has the power to. And this constant “inflatability” of the token money (quite impossible with silver and gold, but never with “paper-gold” or “-silver”) is a constant temptation to the official(s) in charge, and an ever lurking possibility and danger for the citizenry. But then again official usurpation has always been the curse of office, and ever shall. All the more reason to never idolize or deify thrones (offices, badges). For only God is God. And so all others are demonic impostors unworthy of your trust. Is this not so?

*  *  *  *  *

But remember, without sufficient “specie” (gold or silver) coins for full production and exchange, a (debt-free) token money is better than none (i.e. barter). But how then do you keep such a money (and crown, and coin of the realm) honest? That is the question. What is the answer?

How do you keep the monetary crown or office from thus inflating or counterfeiting the county coin?—from thus defying and disobeying its mandate to maintain an ample, stable and honest token money?

Other counterfeiters are perhaps hung or otherwise “executed” within your realm? Shall you then hang your treacherous monetary king as well?—and/or the majority stockholders of “your” “central bank corporation”?—those presently perpetrating their debt-token money trap, fraud theft and upon you and yours? If so, how many lampposts shall you need? And do you have enough?

*  *  *  *  *

Again, I must stress, it is possible for a token money to be serviceable—if only it be debt-free, ample and stable.

And an honest token money is much more certain to be instituted and maintained if only the general public or citizenry clearly and continually understand these few simple monetary truths. Hence thus my humble essay. And pardon dear reader, if you possibly can, my catechistic repetition of the problem and my plan.

But Darkness will forever try to cloud out all Light and silence all Truth. And Darkness has indeed forever succeeded in fooling most of the people most of the time. (And there’s the Devil’s ever-lurking “democratic” mob. And there’s the ever-present danger of truthlessness, lightlessness, ignorance and demonic deceit.)

But if most of the populace (or at least those who were not within Its pay) knew of the Devil’s monetary damnation and deceit, would they then applaud for more of the same, or at last cry out loud for an honest coin? Or better yet, simply create their very own—as their very own political and monetary authority or crown? For they’ll never ever get honest money from the Devil or Its “jew.”

*  *  *  *  *

Finally, unlike gold or silver coins (“specie”), any and all token or “fiat” money can indeed be fraudulent, fabricated, counterfeited, inflated into worthlessness. (Heck, even golden and silver coins have been counterfeited and accepted as specie by those who evidently couldn’t tell the difference between gold and “fools’ gold,” or between gold and “paper-gold.”)

Honest, “debt-free” token money is a kind or “species” of token money, and is therefore as subject to counterfeiture and inflation (or excess creation) as “debt-token” money. Honest token money is neither more nor less counterfeitable than the dishonest, fraudulent, debt-token money which currently “rules” the world—or rather whose “jewish” corporate “crowns” currently rule the world—via the ignorant or impotent (involuntary or coerced) acceptance of this “jewish” theft- and trap-money by the monetarily unwise, duped and officially-betrayed Gentile nations. (Hence this instructional book.)

But there’s nothing more (or less) counterfeitable or inflatable about my honest tokens than all these current dishonest ones, these debt-tokens. And so the true and valid argument or objection that my proposed honest tokens are counterfeitable and inflatable is every bit as applicable against all the dishonest token moneys currently dominating the modern world. And so, since nearly all the modern world’s money is token money, (and therefore infinitely inflatable and counterfeitable), why not make them honest, ample, stable, voluntary, debt-free tokens instead of their current antithesis—these dishonest, unstable or volatile, mandatory or monopoly debt-tokens?

*  *  *  *  *

…vs. “jewish” Debt-Token-, Trap- and Theft-Money

Real value for real value is not theft, but trade. But imaginary and false values for real and true is either coercion and robbery (if recognized or known), or else theft (if not). Likewise, coerced trades are always robberies—(as in “[give me] Your money or your life.”) “Free trade” (like “free association”) is just that: free, voluntary, uncoerced.

Because token money (by definition) is intrinsically of little to no value—(its substance (paper, plastic, nickel or steel) being plentiful and hence cheap to obtain (by the natural law of supply and demand)—therefore token money is exceedingly cheap to print or to coin. And therefore the loaning (as distinct from the one-time spending) of such token money into existence (by its maker or creator, and hence the king, the crown, the supreme power of the realm (of his debt-money coin) is always and necessarily dishonest and predatory. And likewise this “crown’s” “royal,” ”legal” or ”authoritative” monetary, economic and political predation is necessarily based either on public ignorance or coercion.

For the tokens the monetary crown creates and lends it’s monetary subjects cost it next to nothing to create. And yet the tokens cost you and me plenty to obtain—as they are not given to us. The tokens cost us our labor, our properties and our values—our blood, our sweat, and our tears. And the thieving/robbing crown thus pockets the difference between what he and we pay for his debt-tokens.

Therefore a debt-token-money crown (via money-rent or interest payments—not to mention the impossible payback of the “principal” loan) is quietly exchanging its worthless tokens for the real and true values the citizenry must exchange or “pay” to procure them. Thus the debt-money crown perpetually gets something (indeed everything) for nothing—our everything for its nothing—your and my real values—the values of our labor, products, services—for its worthless, its imaginary or its non-values. Is this monetary scam (if not a well-known and open robbery), not therefore a well-concealed, secret and unknown theft? (But hopefully not for much longer!)

Then how are the public to be made aware? (Can you, dear reader, see the ever-present menace and danger which freedom of speech (and hence the possibility of truth) holds for these fathers of falsehood, deceit, and tyranny? And hence their “censorship.”)

*  *  *  *  *

For unlike a thief an “honest” robber (other than perhaps masking his face) does not conceal nor deny what he is and what he is doing. Nor does an honest taxman pretend he is other than a “sacred” robber or “legalized” extortionist, nor does he pretend that “our” taxes are “voluntary” “contributions.” Nor does the honest “legislator” (whether an individual king, or a Parliamentary or Soviet group, committee, assembly or congress) pretend we their subjects are free to disobey his or their dictates, commands, decrees, (“laws”). But at most merely profess that we are “criminals” for any disobedience or “disloyalty” to them, our lords.

(And yet it was only by “crime” that we ever free ourselves or escaped from the Christian kings. How else then can we realistically hope to ever escape from these Godless, anti-Christ, communist “jews”?—(not to mention their prototype, creator, god and father). (John 8:44)

And an honest crown issues an honest, ample, stable token-coin of its/his/their realm. But a dishonest crown loans its tokens into circulation. What does this mean? What does this entail? What is the body and tail of this debt-token serpent or beast? Who and what does it devour? and how? and what (if anything) does it leave in its wake? In short, what the Dickens is a “debt-token” money? For to recognize the poisonous snake in the grass is to avoid it, if not also to stamp it out.

*  *  *  *  *

Again, a “token” money (by definition of little to no intrinsic or real value) therefore costs little to nothing to coin and spend or freely distribute into existence or “currency” among the citizens—(the buyers and sellers within the “marketplace,” kingdom or state).

But a “specie” or real money (of precious metals—gold, silver, platinum) is coined from a (scarce and desirable) substance of real and intrinsic value. Now, if the king of the realm or “market” has no bullion (bars of precious metal(s) of his own to coin, and if his people demand nothing less than specie—(eschewing token money as (at least potentially and inevitably) false, treacherous, larcenous and untrustworthy), then this precious and valuable bullion will have to be borrowed from someone somewhere, before the crown can coin its “specie” “coin(s) of the realm.”

Thus here we have a “debt money”—a money loaned into existence—a money which will have to be repaid—a money whose “specie”-substance will have to be repaid “in kind” (and no doubt with profit, increase, “interest”) to the “interested” party(ies) who loaned the bullion to and for the crown to coin. And so gold will have gold for repayment (plus profit or “interest” atop or besides).

But there is no reason whatsoever (other than fraud, theft, and predation) for a token money to be a debt-money—a money loaned (and so not spent or distributed) into existence. How should a money, coined from a substance of little to no intrinsic worth (stainless steel, nickel, even mere paper), be loaned (and thus not either spent or simply given, distributed) into existence? Is this not wolfish governmental predation upon defenseless citizen-prey or sheeple?

And remember: Any “money” which is, e.g., 10% gold-“backed” or “fractioned” is therefore 90% token-money. So borrow the golden 10% if you absolutely must (at the best usury-rate you can possibly obtain), but never the remaining 90% paper, plastic or junk-metal token-money. (For realize the “jew”-thief’s purpose in perpetrating his “paper-gold” is to exchange his paper for your gold—i.e. to steal your gold.)

And why ever, ever borrow tokens of no real value?—tokens which you can easily create for yourself for free (thus owning neither “principal” nor “interest” to some monetary lord or god)?—unless you have a royal, governmental and/or bankers’ gun pointed at your head? In which case the extortionate monetary “deal” is invalid, and the “loan” from the onset is/was illegal and a monetary crime. And hence this pseudo-“debt” (which never really was) should be repudiated as soon as practicable. And punitive retributions and monetary “reparations” should perhaps also be sought, exacted and obtained from these monetary robbers and/or thieves to boot.

*  *  *  *  *

From the 20th “protocol” of the SuperNazi sinagog of Satan:


Every kind of loan proves infirmity in the [Gentile–Ed.] State and a want of understanding of the [taxation—Ed] rights of the State. Loans hang like a sword of Damocles over the heads of rulers, who, instead of taking from their subjects by a temporary tax, come begging with outstretched palm to our [supernational “jewish”–Ed.] bankers. Foreign [i.e. “jewish”–Ed.] loans are leeches which there is no possibility of removing from the body of the State until they fall off by themselves or the State flings them off. But the goy [Gentile–Ed.] States do not tear them off [because their presidential & Parliamentary leaders are secret “jewish” agents (or “agentur”)–Ed.]; they persist in putting more on to themselves [i.e. borrowing/loading more and more “jewish” debt-money upon their nations’ backs–Ed.] so that they must inevitably perish, drained by voluntary blood letting. [pr. 20]


“Voluntary” (self-bleeding) because the Gentile “States,” nations or peoples (in foolishly following “their” “jewish”/Gentile misleaders and public enemies in public office) do not repudiate “their” national debts to supernational “jewry,” and thereby “fling off” “their” bloodsucking, “foreign,” “jewish,” “leeches”—(i.e. the dynastic corporations of the Satanic, vampiric, SuperNazi banksters).

(But let us dear readers attempt to remedy our Gentile “want of understanding” this anti-Christ, Satanic or “messianic” “jew”, and hence to perceive and remedy his spiritual and material, political and economic (or monetary) deceits, lies, tricks and traps.)

*  *  *  *  *

The creative monetary “authority” of any kingdom, realm or state, the sole creator, printer, minter or coiner of all its money, (whether “specie,” token or “fiat”), is its “royal” crown or its “central bank corp.”

And the sole origin or source of all debt-token monopoly-money (within any particular monetary/economic/political kingdom, realm or state) is also the final and inevitable destination of all this “money,” all these debt-tokens.

For that is the nature, meaning, essence and character of this kind of “money.” That is the nature, character, spirit and practice of the imperial or SuperNazi “beast” and its monetary creation or creature, its debt-token, monopoly-money. (Apo./Rev. 13:16-17) The sole origin or source, the only creator, stamper or “marker” of this imperial or “beastly” monopoly-money or “mark,” is also its sole destination or destroyer.

For a debt-token is and represents a debt and a loan (of tokens). And debts and loans must be repaid, and perhaps with “interest” (rent or usury) atop or besides, and certainly with “interest” if the lender or creditor is a “jew.” For what else would ever motivate or “interest” a Talmudist, a Pharisee or an anti-Christ to ever help out a Gentile?

And so how could a token, which is created and loaned into existence, not eventually be repaid back to its source and origin?—thus returning to its creator(s) and original lender(s)—thus leaving the borrowers where they started from, without money to make deals, trades or exchanges with—(unless of course they were to smarten up, live and learn, and collectively create (and hence own) their very own (debtless and public) token money, thus owing no individual nor group nor corporation, no monetary crown nor king nor “central” bank, neither “principle” nor “interest” for their free and public use from the day they are minted and distributed to the day they have been so publicly used and worn out that they must be replaced (with newly-minted debt-free tokens).

But actually the token-borrowing public (people, county, state or nation) will be far worse off (i.e. far more moneyless and more indebted) than they were when they (or rather “their” traitorous “representatives,” “public servants” or government) had first borrowed the (debt) tokens from “their” state or kingdom’s royal or “central” monetary-crown. For even after all the monopoly debt-tokens had been repaid to the crown (their only source and eventual destination) as token-rent, usury or “interest,” the loan itself, the “principle” would still be owed by the public (according to the crown).

For at the time of the loan, the “central” crown demands and receives from its puppet-gov’t “bonds” (paper-promises to repay the debt- tokens) as “collateral” or “surety” for the (entire repayment of the) loan of its debt-tokens. And these “bonds” are for the exact same amount of the loan or “principle,” i.e. for the precise number of debt-tokens loaned (by the “central” crown via its puppet-gov’t to the monetarily damned public).

For these “bonds” are paper-promises by the puppet-gov’t to return or repay the entire “central” loan (of debt tokens) to the crown at a specified future date—(just as if this loan were of something of real or intrinsic value, of gold or silver coins, e.g.). And these ‘bonds” are also puppet-gov’t promises to make “interest” payments (to the crown, in debt-tokens) during the entire course of this “central” loan, “bond,” “mortgage” or debt-bondage (of the Gentile nation or public). These token-rental, -usage, usury or “interest” payments (to be make in debt-tokens) are usually “due” or demanded twice a year, and at an annual rate or % of the entire token loan or “principal” as set or dictated by (who/what else?) the “central” crown, the incorporated creator(s) and lender(s) of these monopoly debt-tokens. And as aforementioned, in time these bi-annual “interest” payments alone are enough to exhaust the entire debt-token loan.

And that’s why the public are far worse off a under debt-token money (and therefore crown) than wherever they started from, because “their” crown (or “central bank”) is in fact a conception and creature of Satan, Its sinagog and/or Its “chosen people,” a corporate “jewish” predator, a cannibalistic Talmudic monster, a man-devouring “jewish” “beast.” And its/their “beastly” “jewish” “money” is in fact a Satanic trap of hopelessly unpayable public indebtedness demonically intended for Gentile nations to fall into and never escape from. Or so Satan’s SuperNazi sinagog “religiously” or fervently hopes and prays to their god and father, what’s-Its-name? (Apo./Rev. 13:16-17, 2:9 & 3:9; John 8:44)

*  *  *  *  *

So you do the math for yourself and your people, dear reader: Any number of debt-tokens loaned and borrowed at, e.g. 3.33% usury or “interest” per year and “backed” or “collateralized” by a thirty year “bond” (or national “mortgage”) would at the end of 3O years have all been repaid (back to their “central” source…and ultimate destination), just in time for the nation to pay the “mature” or “due” “bond” or paper-promise to repay the entire loan or “principle” back. But pay with what? With non-existent tokens, that’s what! Can you smell the giant “jewish” rat yet, dear reader?

Hence, because the Gentiles possibly cannot pay an unpayable “jewish” debt, the “central” “jewish” crown can then “legally” “foreclose” on the “defaulted” Gentile people, county, state or nation, seizing their property as repayment of tokens which could never possibly be repaid because they never really existed in the first place (except as a mirage or an illusion). For the Satanic “jewish” crown is (or would be) demanding twice as many debt-tokens as ever even existed, i.e. twice as many debt-tokens as they ever even created (or printed) and lent their debt-money entrapped Gentile public or nation via their traitorous puppet-gov’t. And that’s why any Gentile nation or public parliamentarily, congressionally, “legally” or officially damned under any debt-token “jew”-money shall gradually become worse and worse and worse off in time under “their” “jewish” “central bank” or crown, like a Gentile stuck in “jewish” “quick-sand.” For this is the nature of Satan’s imperial “beast” and its/their “money.”

Can you see, dear Gentile, what a diabolical trap, scam and fraud this “jewish,” debt-token, monopoly-money is? You’d better, dear reader, for your own sake, and that of your loved ones and/or countrymen.

*  *  *  *  *

What monetary remedy then? Perhaps an honest money then! One that won’t fall irretrievably into mysterious “central” cracks. One that won’t evaporate, dissolve or disappear via the mere public or private use of it!

“Love lost, such a cost!/ Give me things that don’t get lost,/ Like a coin that won’t get tossed,/ Rolling home to you.”—(Neil Young)


*  *  *  *  *

Monopoly money by definition has only one source. And if that money be a debt-token, then only one destination. (National bummer!) For all such loans must be repaid, plus (non-existent and hence unpayable) “interest.” And all monopoly money is the “central” crown’s money, and only the crown’s money. Therefore the monopoly-money source, “authority,” power or crown has power to make money plentiful or scarce. At its will and pleasure it (he, they) can create monetary (and hence economic) feasts or famines, floods or droughts, “inflations” and “deflations,” also known, disguised or euphemized as “business cycles.”

But why, dear reader, would you want to give anyone (“jew” or Gentile) such an awesome power over you and yours? And especially someone whom you don’t even know? nor even know whom he is/they are? (being corporately masked, concealed, hidden) nor what they do to yours and you?

And why do they thus corporately mask themselves, but because they intend to perpetrate even more evil upon you and yours, and never want you to know whom they are, that they may avoid justice, and your just wrath, retribution or punishment? Is that not why your state’s “central” banksters are yet still corporately self-concealed, masked, hidden? Is it not Evil or Darkness which/who hide in the darkness, while Godness or Light fear not the light? (John 3:20-21)

Is it not true that just like their father Satan the Devil, the corporately-masked “central” banksters do not want you, dear Gentile, to know whom they are, nor what they do (to yours and you), nor even that they exist?

Who but the Devil’s “chosen people,” dear reader, could conceive, create and perpetrate such a demonic swindle and trap as I have clumsily described in these very pages? Do you, can you “see the glory of the royal [or ‘central’] scam”?

*  *  *  *  *

The Impossibility of Repayment

A “debt-token-money” by definition, and as its name suggests, is not spend nor freely-distributed, but is instead loaned into existence. And there’s the hidden trap: the loan is loaned, and yet more than the loan is demanded in return.

(And this “more” is the “collateralized” or “mortgaged” property of the debtor to the debt-token lender. And the debtor is the entire Gentile nation under the Satanic-“jewish,” debt-token, “central bank” corp.)

In “jew”-usurer language, “principal” is created and loaned, but yet “principal” and “interest” is demanded in return. But how can tokens be repaid which never even existed? Therefore the debt-token money loan (of “principal”) and debt (of “principal” and “interest”) can never, ever be repaid. Therefore it is a trap, a debt-money trap—intended to hopelessly entrap you and all your countrymen, and to seize the “mortgaged” “collateral” (i.e. the nation and everything in it—and especially the citizenry)—the national “collateral” which neither you nor I ever pledged to the vipers for their debt-tokens of exchange—their money trap, but which the vipers’ secret agents (and “our” treacherous Parliamentary “representatives”) indeed did.

Let’s do the math together. If the crown, (the king, the monopolistic debt-token-money power, creator, lender, the anonymous “central bank corporation”) lends 100 (million, billion or zillion) tokens into circulation at 10% rent or usury per year, how many years of “interest” payments will it take before there is no principal (i.e. no debt-token money) left from which to even pay the “interest” on the loan—never mind the loan itself?

100/10 =10 years after which the entire principal is still owed, yet not a token in existence to begin to repay the loan itself. And thus the borrowing nation is again back where they started from, with no money to make exchanges. And hence they are reduced again to barter and stagnation, except that they now owe 100 (million, billion or zillion) non-existent debt-tokens. Is that not a deal with the Devil (or Its children or demons) which lands the borrowers into hell on earth? So how, dear reader, do we get the hell out of here?

Again, though only “principal” is (by the debt-token money crown) created and loaned, and yet “principal” and “interest” is demanded in return as repayment. Thus the debt-token loan is unrepayable. And thus the loan borrowers’ “mortgaged” “collateral” cannot fail but be eventually and inevitably “foreclosed” and seized for “default” by the debt-token lender. (Did you catch that, dear reader? It’s not the “fault” (or “default”) of the lender that he demands more debt-token money than even exists, but of the borrower for his inability or “failure” to find and pay this non-existent debt-money! Or so says the Satanic “jew.”

How about at 5% annual “interest”? 100/5 = 20 years of usury or money-rent payments thus gradually, annually diminishing the entire debt-token volume (in a gradually-worsening money drought leading directly to a monetary desert), after which the entire loan or principle is still owed, and people are then again reduced to stagnant barter within a worse “depression” than the “great” one of the 1930’s. (For they at least had a little money to make some trades.)

Do you think the “jewish” “central bankers” would then have the “hootsba” to continue their demands of “principal” repayment after all their debt-token monopoly-money were paid back to them in “interest” payments? I do. They call it loan “foreclosure” and seizure of “mortgaged” “collateral.” And the “mortgaged” “collateral” to be “jew”-seized is the debt-tokened nation itself—i.e. its land, its moveable properties and, last but not least, its inhabitants, its (Gentile) “human resources,” “goyim,” “livestock” or “cattle.”

Do you, dear reader, clearly see why debt-token money is a trap?—an economic, political and monetary trap? (It’s rather important for you that you do.) And do you think the inventors and implementers of this scheme of theft and economic sabotage well knew all along what they were intending and doing? Or did they all along intend the exact and benevolent opposite of what they perpetrated, but somehow failed miserably by virtue of some honest, loving, benevolent and well-meaning mistake in their monetary favor?—like some unexpected and profitable windfall from God?

But no. Methinks, as the rat-trap was made by men for rats, so the debt-token-money-trap was made by rats for men. (And you can take that liberating and valuable truth all the way to the rat bank, and demand your values, labors and “foreclosed” properties back with “interest.”)

(“When the rats take over, call the Exterminator!”)

(“Here I come to save the day!/ Mighty Mouse is on his way!”)

*  *  *  *  *

An Illustration

And so therefore the only moment such a debt-token loan could ever be repaid (to the Satanic crown or “jewish” king), is the very moment the entrapping loan was made—(i.e. only before “interest” ever accumulated or “accrued,” could the loan’s “principal” have ever been repaid in full), thus again leaving the moneyless nation right where they started from, in “barter-town.” So again, why bother?

(And surely it has always been clear from the very first that debt-tokens were never the monetary answer, but in fact the monetary/economic problem. And hence the citizenry (if not their “representatives”) should have always been looking for another (monetary answer). And if you find (as I do) that you have insufficient gold or silver to use as money, then try or see the “debt-free token-money” “solution” if you please. For you can literally lead a man, horse or centaur to monetary water, but you cannot make him drink thereof.)

But the more time passes from the time of the debt-token loan, the more the loan (i.e. the debt-tokens) evaporate(s) in annual “interest payments,” thus creating money-drought or “deflation,” and hence stagnation, “recession” or “depression.” And this money-drought can only be alleviated by yet more “central-bank” corp. debt-token loans to its puppet-gov’t. For again, the debt-token crown is the only source of water-money, which evaporates at whatever “interest” rate it dictates. So who in hell wants to go live there?

*  *  *  *  *

Now let’s assume a 20 year “central” bank (to puppet-gov’t) loan of 100x (i.e. thousand, million, billion or zillion) debt-tokens at 5% annual interest. At the end of the 20 year loan there wouldn’t be a single debt-token left (within the crown’s kingdom) to use as money. For during those 20 years all tokens would have gradually and entirely disappeared from circulation and returned to their “royal” source (and destination)—AT THE END OF WHICH (20 year) TIME, PERIOD OR ‘TERM OF LOAN’ THE $100x BOND WOULD BE “DUE,” ‘MATURE,” “PAYABLE.” For 5% of the debt-tokens would be lost every year, thusly: 100x, 95, 90, 85, 80…20, 15, 10, 5, 0 debt-tokens left after 20 years, and when the 100x debt-token “bond” (“principal,” loan) is due for payment, with nary a token to even begin to pay it. (Bummer!)**

Do you see, dear reader, what a monetary (economic and political) trap debt-tokens really and truly are?

*  *  *  *  *

Yes, we haven’t even considered, counted or figured in the repayment of debt-token loan “principle.” And yet the traitorous Gentile puppet-gov’t repays this “principal” by paying the “mature” “bond” which it had formerly paid the “central bank” “jew” the at the time of the initial debt-token loan, but not as “security” or “collateral” as falsely pretended, but in fact as prepayment disguised and misnamed as “security” or “collateral” to hide this “royal” scam. (“See the glory of the royal scam.”)

For a “bond” is the “principal” amount of any loan. And it is due to be repaid in full at the end of a specified number of years, during which time the lender/holder receives a specified annual % of profit or “interest.”

Normally, it is true, a loan is “secured” by “collateral” (such as the “mortgaged” deed to a borrower’s house, business or farm) to be seized and sold by the creditor/lender (in order to receive full repayment, plus interest) in the possible event of the debtor/borrower’s inability to repay, or loan “default.” And always a bond is a borrower/debtor’s formal promise to pay the borrowed money on time, with a specified periodic “interest” rate or %.

But here the wily corporate crown “jew” has combined both these concepts and practices to conceal his theft and fraud. He pretends his puppet-gov’t bonds (traded for his debt-tokens at the time of the loan) are not loan pre-payment but “collateral”—as if the borrower/debtor (the puppet-gov’t/citizenry) could ever possibly repay them.

And unlike all other loans or bonds (with the exception of the “credit” “money” “loaned” by “commercial” banks), nothing of real value has been lent by the crown to its puppet gov’t. For the debt-tokens (of paper or whatever) cost the crown nearly nothing to make. But whenever you or I, dear reader, lend the gov’t money, and hence receive its bond(s) in return, we did not get that money for free, nor did we print or counterfeit it.

And a bond (or promised future payment) is for the precise amount of the loan, or “principal.” It is a formal written promise to pay the “principal” in full at a specified future date, usually with specified “interest” rate and payment dates along the way to its “maturity” or repayment in full.

But by the time the puppet-gov’t’s crown-held bond is due, as in our example, no more debt-tokens shall even exist to even begin to pay it. And both contractual parties know this—i.e. both monetary crown and puppet-gov’t, both servant and master, both bond-writer and receiver. And so we see this bond is in fact “up front” payment disguised as “collateral, because both parties (master and servant, “central” bankster and puppet-gov’t (i.e. president and Parliament) both know this loan, this bond, cannot possibly be repaid (with non-existent debt-tokens). For, as in our example, by the time the bond is “mature” or the “principal” is due to be repaid, all debt-tokens have left circulation/existence as “interest” payments on this plainly and obviously unpayable “principal.” Do you see? And so the puppet-gov’t’s bond given to the crown for its debt-token loan, is neither “collateral,” nor “surety,” but payment or pre-payment disguised as “collateral.”

And so of course by the time of these successive bonds reach payment-date or “maturity,” the puppet gov’t, have would have to have borrowed enough debt-tokens (from the crown, Where else?) to repay the crown this “principal”-debt, this “bond” upon its “maturity.” And both dark parties know this also. I.E. the crown’s puppet-gov’t well know they are dealing with the sinagog of Satan, and damning their Gentile citizens into debt-bondage and enslavement, in order that they may “rule for an hour with [or rather under] the beast.” (Apo./Rev. 17:12)

(And also new borrowings are necessary besides or atop that required for this “mature” bond repayment—new borrowings clearly necessary to procure at least some (if insufficient) debt-tokens to all the while as use money within the debt-token crown’s realm, kingdom, state or market-place to keep this “royal” scam going, continuing, proceeding, perpetuating.) And these new, almost annual borrowings (deftly disguised as “budget deficits”) also serve to fog and conceal what is really happening—which for purposes of clarity I shall present (admittedly unrealistically) as singular and successive 20-year bonds, loans, “principals.” In other words, the crown would never lend its debt-tokens this precise way. But the debt-token principle, thus clearly illustrated, holds true. And that’s the point, purpose, intent.

*  *  *

E.G. a debt-token loan of 100x (i.e. thousand, million, billion, zillion) debt-tokens at 5% annual interest would have gradually and entirely returned to its “royal” source (and destination) within 20 years—AT WHICH TIME THE $100x BOND WOULD BE “DO,” ‘MATURE,” “PAYABLE”—assuming (for simple example or illustration) it were a 20 year “bond”—i.e. a promise to repay the entire loan or “principal” upon (its 20 year) “maturity.” See what trap debt-tokens are?

And so of course within that 20 year period the puppet-gov’t would have had to have borrowed more debt-tokens from the “central,” corporate crown, (their only source and destination), not only to pay this 20 year “bond” upon its “maturity” (i.e. its 20 year birthday/deathday) but also to have avoided gradual token scarcity, drought, “recession,” “depression” and economic inactivity and stagnation during those 20 years of gradually lessening tokens. For 5% of the debt-tokens would have been lost every year thusly: 100x, 95, 90, 85, 80…20, 15, 10, 5, and 0 debt-tokens left after 20 years time, when the 100x debt-token “bond” (“principal,” loan) is due for repayment, with nary a token to even begin to pay it. (Bummer!) But this “principal” can’t possibly be repaid, because it was already repaid as “interest.”

*  *  *

But let’s “go figure.” Let’s do more math to see where this debt-token money takes us. Let’s assume the same 5% interest rate, and the same 20 year “term of [the] loan,” or bond. And let’s ignore the incremental loans, bonds, “principals” necessary to avoid monetary “deflation” (and hence economic stagnation) during each 20 year “term of loan.”

We saw the initial crown loan of 100x debt-tokens at 5% annual “interest” is entirely depleted in 20 years, at which time the 100x bond/principal/loan is due. And so the puppet gov’t must now borrow 100x debt-tokens to pay its crown before it can begin to borrow more for itself and its citizens to use as tokens or exchange, as money. So how much (over 100x) should be borrowed for this second “term of loan.”

How about 200x, or 100x more than the “mature,” “due” or “payable” “bond”? So that leaves 100x to use as money (for production and trade, i.e. for the “economy”), just like the first loan. But though the (5%) interest rate (for simplicity’s sake) remains the same, the amount of interest payments doubles, because the “principal” or total debt (i.e. “national debt”) has doubled, from 100 to 200x.

So let’s do the math. 5% of 200 is not 5 but 10x debt-tokens per year thus leaving the market-place or “economy” every year (in “interest” payments), and hence gradually deplete all (debt-) tokens within 10 years, leaving 10 more years of total monetary drought. So surely the puppet gov’t must borrow more than 200x to (nominally, barely, technically) last out this second 20 year “term of loan” or bond.

So how about 300x?—thus leaving 200x to last as money for 20 years? Yes, at 10x debt-tokens lost per year (in “interest” payments), 200x tokens will just barely last 20 years, just like the first “term of loan.”

So the “national debt” (i. e. the puppet gov’t’s debt to the nation’s corporate crown, king, or “central bank”) tripled during the second “term of loan” from 100 to 300x. Shall we take this as a principle, and assume the same for the third “term of loan”? Shall the “national debt” at least triple every “term of loan”?

For after the second bond and term of 20 years, we left the “economy” without a drop of money. Surely the moneyless, “depressed,” bartering people (not to mention the puppet-gov’t) shall have needed more money “yesterday,” as they say. And assuming the pain of experience has not yet taught the public the evils of debt-tokens, and that no “representative” has yet showed them the benefits of debt-free tokens, perhaps in their profound ignorance they now clamor and petition their elected gov’t for a medium of exchange, unaware that their elective gov’t must petition its gov’t for it. For surely the public is (blissfully?) unaware that their elective gov’t (ever since it formally, legislatively elected to do so) is now in fact a puppet gov’t to a corporate monetary crown, king and dynasty, a “central” bank “of [debt-token money] issue.” For if the public understood debt-tokens and its crown, they would demand its end and head. Pity.

So how many debt-tokens should this puppet-gov’t petition its corporate crown to lend it to nominally last out the next 20 year “term of loan”? Shall we triple the second for this third bond? Thus 3 x 300x is a new bond of 900x tokens for this third “term of loan.” Is that too much, too little, or just enough to last out the next 20 years? 300x is immediately necessary to pay the second loan, “principal” or “mature” “bond.” That leaves 600x for 20 years of “interest” payments at an annual rate of 5% due a combined “principal” (or “national debt”) of 900x. So 45x debt-tokens must be annually paid to the crown (and hence lost to the marketplace). And if 20 x 45 = 600 then, as before, the debt-tokens shall be entirely gone via the very last “interest” payment on the 20 year bond and “term of loan.” Leaving a “national debt” of 900x debt-tokens (i.e. the third loan, “principle,” “bond”), and not one token to pay it.

And so the forth “royal” “bond” (for the fourth “term of loan”) shall be for 2700x entailing an initial “bond” payment of 900x (the last loan or “principal”) and an 5% “interest” payment of 90 debt-tokens annually.

And in following our pattern made uniform and easy for purposes of illustration, the fifth “term of loan” shall be for 8,100x debt-tokens at a yearly “interest” payment of 270 debt-tokens.

*  *  *  *  *

Note, dear reader, how the crown’s debt-tokens are (by the crown’s taxpaying subjects or “citizens”) paid for twice: once via “interest” payments (during the course of the “term of [the] loan”), and twice upon the (puppet-gov’t) bond’s “maturity,” when the “principal” loan must be repaid in full. (100% “interest” + 100% “principal”/bond = 200%) And so the Satanic or “jewish” corporate crown trades its worthless tokens (which cost it next to nothing to produce) for whatever it cost you, dear reader, to earn them. For you must surrender the tokens to your puppet-gov’t (via taxes), who/which then surrender them to the crown. And so “your” “central” crown (via dividends to itself) thus steals your life-blood, labor, sweat and tears. And so your something pays for the crown’s nothing…twice. And so the “central” dynasty gets paid two times over in real values for the valueless tokens it lent its puppet-gov’t (and the or “your” elected gov’t).

(But how can crown’s puppet-gov’t ever be “your” elected gov’t if you didn’t even vote for it?—or even against it? For does a woman raped truly ask to be raped? Or a lamb to be devoured by a wolf? Or a citizen to be debt-enslaved by a Satanic, “jewish” crown or king?)

*  *  *

And notice, dear reader, how the number of debt-tokens in existence or circulation generally keep rising over time, and with every new “term of loan.” E.G. the average or median # of debt-tokens (at the end of the 10th year, or half-way through the “term of the loans”) during the first loan period was 50x, then 100x, then 300x, 900, 2,700 etc. And thus prices of all things must likewise rise, for they are “bid up” by this more money within the marketplace, or within the pockets or purses of buyers. In other words, ongoing monetary “inflation” is necessary to keep this debt-token scam and system ongoing, persisting, continuing, progressing. And that’s why (with some “deflationary” periods of falling prices) all prices within a debt-token realm, state or kingdom generally keep rising over time. Just consider, e.g., the price of a loaf or bread or a gallon of milk from decade to decade to decade. The keep rising, rising, rising.

And so the number of debt-tokens keep rising with every new crown “principal” or “term of loan.” For new debt-tokens are always necessary to pay the crown’s past but currently due “principal,” loan, bond. But notice also that the “national debt” (of the puppet-gov’t to its crown) keeps rising even faster and higher.

And the difference between the two (debt-tokens extant and the “national debt”) is the total amount of “interest” ever paid and of “principal” ever repaid to the “central” corporate crown. For (aside from “central” bank stock-holder dividends and bank costs and salaries) all these debt-tokens have thus gone out of circulation, use, existence. And so there’s the gap, shortage, impossibility of repayment.

Let’s do the math. Let’s go, e.g., to the very beginning of the term of the fifth loan period, or “royal” bond. Of the 12,000x debt-tokens (100 + 300 + 900 + 2,700 + 8,100) thus far created and lent by our “central” crown to its puppet-gov’t (in these five “royal” loans, “principles” or terms), 2,700x (100 + 200 + 600 + 1,800) have so far been paid back in as “interest,” and 1,300 debt-tokens (100 + 300 + 900) have so far been repaid as crown “principal” or “mature” “bonds.” (And so these 4,000 debt-tokens are thus taken out of circulation and existence.)

And so at time of the beginning of the fifth loan and bond, of the 12,000x debt-tokens so far created and lent by the crown to its puppet-gov’t, and hence (through them) to its “royal” citizen-subjects, 4,000x (2,700 +1,300) have already been repaid (as “interest” and “principal”/“mature bond”), and thus 8,000x (or 66.6%) remain for the puppet-gov’t the public and the “economy” to employ as tokens of exchange or money. Thus at this point in time the “national debt” is 33.3% more debt-tokens than even exist. In other words the total debt is 33.3% unpayable.

But if we go to the middle of this fifth loan period, at the end of the 10th year, then half of the extant debt-tokens have been repaid as “interest,” and hence only 4,000x debt-tokens remain or exist to use as money, and/or to repay this impossible “national debt” of 1,200x. Thus, at this time the “national debt” is three times the number of debt-tokens in existence, or three times (or 300%) impossible to pay. AND THIS IS IGNORING OR NOT COUNTING THE 8,1OOx DEBT-TOKENS WHICH SHALL BE DUE FOR PAYMENT WHEN THE FIFTH LOAN PERIOD IS OVER, AND THE FIFTH “BOND” REACHES “MATURITY ON ITS 20TH BIRTHDAY.”

And see, dear reader, how the crown’s “principal” is always paid, and yet isn’t? For each successive “principal” is paid for only by a new “royal” loan or bond? The first “principal”/loan/bond of 100x was paid for only by the second (of 300x); and this second only by the third (of 900x); and this third only by the fourth (of 2,700x); and this forth only by a new loan, “principal” and bond of 81,000x “royal” debt-tokens. And so “principal” has been repaid, and yet hasn’t, because the puppet-gov’t has to keep borrowing more and more “principal” to repay each successive and growing “principal.” And each new “principal” loan or bond must also include “interest” (and even more tokens besides or atop to use all the while as marketplace money) to monetarily survive until the very next crown loan, “principal” due date or bond “maturity.” And hence “principle” (or total debt) keeps growing—indeed, multiplying.

*  *  *  *  *

And so it goes. For every “term of loan” the “national debt” triples, at the very least. The total “interest” payments likewise triple, as do the “principal” or “bond” repayments. I say “at the very least,” for our example, though truthful in principle, was, for sake of clarity, unrealistic. And yet our figures, high as they were, could not have been smaller or more conservative. For recall our debt-tokens were completely repaid, depleted, exhausted, evaporated at the end of every “principal”/loan/bond period. Whereas realistically, the puppet gov’t would have had to borrow many more tokens within each period (to use as money), and hence more “national” debt, and hence a higher multiple than our most conservative, rock-bottom, and minimum tripling every “term of loan” period.

It was no coincidence that national income taxes were inaugurated in “jewish”-Amerika (and elsewhere) at the very time of this “central” bank’s bastard-birth. For where else were these “interest” payments to come from? For surely the puppet-gov’t makes or produces nothing of worth or value, but takes or seizes much. And note also how via (borrowing and) spending all this “royal” debt-token money, the puppet-gov’t or officialdom becomes HUMUNGOUS, while the citizen or non-official shrinks into insignificance. And also the national puppet-gov’t grows gigantic, and the local govt’s shrink down into nothingness. (And so why not a revival of local (county and/or individual) “sovereignty,” autonomy, independence?)

And though ’tis true “He who pays the piper calls the tune,” ’tis truer that “The borrower is servant to the lender.”—(Proverbs 22:7) And hence the national puppet-gov’t dutifully spends the crown’s debt-tokens precisely as it is “royally” directed. In other words the nation is transformed (via the puppet-gov’t) into the “central” bank’s “vision,” will, desire, creature, beast. See how the warlike Amerikan beast has roared and devoured all the world since the “royal” bastard’s crowning birth in 1913.

Thus the more you use (or are forced to use) debt-tokens, the more mired in debt you (your family and nation) get. Think of a mastodon in a tar pit, or you and yours in quicksand.

But do not despair. For you owe nothing, but are “royally” owed much. And honest token money is possible, if only its debt-free, ample and stable. (Gold and silver, we all know, is always honest, or always honestly what it is.)

Thus debt-token money is a Satanic man-made trap, designed and perpetrated by a demonic trapper, with more than a little help from (his “messianic” father or “uncle Satan” and) “your” traitorous (local and national) gov’t. So why not throw the official enemies (tyrants, usurpers, robbers, thieves) out of you official chair(s), both locally and nationally? And while you’re at it, dear reader, why not demolish your “sacred” chair altogether, and hence be free of it forever? For surely idolatry is a hellish road downward. Why not forever shrug off the dead weight of your faith and credit in the Devil’s anti-Christ or “jewish” wiles, tricks, lies and pretensions?

Luther threw the “false prophet” off the Devil’s imperially “beastly” chair in Rome. Who then shall throw the SuperNazi “jew”-demon off the Dragon’s beastly chair in Jew York City?

*  *  *  *  *

And so as more time passes from the time of the initial loan, and as the puppet-gov’t’s “national debt” gradually soars to several times or more the number of tokens in existence at any one time, it becomes more and more obvious (even to a moron, “economist,” “professor” or puppet-gov’t official) that this “mortgaged” nation’s “national debt” can never ever be repaid—at least not in these (non-existent) debt-tokens—but maybe in “royally” seized land, natural resources, citizen-slaves, etc. But again this unpayability of debt-token monopoly-money is theoretically deductible or mentally visible from the very start of this “central” or “royal” scam, or even before—“a priori,” as they say.

In fact, the total of “interest” and “principal” or “bond” payments ever made by the puppet-gov’t (i.e. the taxpayer) to the “central” bank is the total gap or distance between all circulating or extant debt-tokens and the total puppet-gov’t’s “royal” borrowings, and hence debt, i.e. the “national debt.” In other words, the more (debt-token) “interest” is paid to the debt-token crown, the more impossible it becomes to pay all the totaled “royal” “principals” or (debt-token) loans. For again all “interest” (whether puppet-gov’t or “commercial” bank) is and must be taken from crown “principal(s)”—the only or monopoly source of the debt-tokens. For again only “principal” (temporarily) exists, and never “interest.” And so the more interest is paid, the more impossible it is to pay “principal.” In fact, the precise amount of these “interest” payments, is the precise amount of this unpayability gap between debt-tokens extant and owed to the “central” crown or king.

Thus all debt-token money is itself a trap, and its inventor, creator and lender a psychopathic trapper (disguised as a “central banker”). To use debt-token money is thus to be abused, entrapped, thieved and robbed by it, or rather by its sociopathic perpetrators or Satanic banksters—however “royal” or “central.” You, dear reader, clearly need to clearly see this debt-token trap. For your (monetary, economic, political) future depends upon it.

*  *  *  *  *

The Intrinsic and Characteristic Instability of All Debt-Token Money

An honest token money is a plentiful and stable (and of course debt-free) token money. A stable token money is one that keeps its value over time, one whose tokens do not ever rise nor fall in value. And honest token money is one which (aside from being far more than plentiful, numerous or ample enough to satisfy all exchanges possibly desired within the realm at full production and trade) also maintains a steady, unfluctuating (indeed sacrosanct) ratio of tokens-per-residents or users (buyers and/or sellers) within the marketplace and/or realm—again so many tokens per resident—(i.e. 100, 200, 300, or whatever). The point is, the chosen level or ratio (of tokens-per-resident) must remain stable, constant or unchanging forever, and so shall each token’s value. And there’s your honest, ample, stable, debt-free token money. Is it not worth it’s weight in gold, or even more?

But, on the other hand, and on the dark side, a debt-token money is characteristically, inherently, intrinsically and unavoidably unstable, inconstant and changing. And thus the debt-token’s value is never stable. But why not?

Even if we for the moment ignore the “little” problem of the repayment of the “principal” of the debt-token money-loan, the volume or number of debt-tokens in circulation (indeed, in existence) must annually decrease (“deflate”) by whatever (fluctuating) usury (rent or “interest”) rate the debt-token crown (creator and lender) demands, commands, requires, dictates. For the debt-token monopoly-money scheme or beast entails annual interest payments (in debt-tokens) being periodically re-paid back to their only source and creator—(this predatory crown, king, corp. and/or beast). For usury payments are the nature of loans and debts. And this periodic profit is the lender’s motivation, purpose and “interest” in lending (to the borrower).

Therefore debt-token money is inherently, intrinsically, characteristically volume-variable, inconstant, changing and hence unstable. And hence a debt-token’s value is always changing, and hence ever untrustworthy. Thus there is not (and cannot be) an unfluctuating, constant or stable number of debt-tokens-per-citizen, but only a constantly decreasing one—like a gradual drought without rain (i.e. new debt-token loans) but with continuing natural evaporation (i.e. annual debt-token “interest” payments)—except that this gradual money-drought (of annual “interest” or usury payments) is not at all an act of God, nor divinely nor naturally caused, but is in fact the exact opposite. Debt-token monopoly-money is a dark, deliberate and malevolent act and trap of the Devil’s beastly sinagog (of you-know-who/what). (Apo./Rev. 2:9, 3:9 & 13:16-17)

*  *  *

Like surface-water, debt-money gradually evaporates (via annual “interest payments” back up to its creator/lender). But unlike natural cloudbursts of rain, debt-money does not naturally and inevitably re-fall down to earth (as if a natural act of God), but only upon the pleasure and command of the debt-money god(s) via new loans (i.e. greater debt, and greater payments (of loan “principal” and “interest”). And so the debt-money drought (by Satan and Its thieving demons!), might last indefinitely, and go into “recession,” “depression,” stagnation.

(But if they only knew how, the money-parched people could make it rain “pennies from heaven” at any time. They just need a “rain maker” to show them how. Know anyone like that, dear reader?)

And to complete this metaphor, like water seeks its own level, a debt-free money (at e.g. 100, 200 or 300 tokens-per-resident) seeks it very own level, value, cost, price. Debt-free money is like a rain that falls on a rock-hard ground in a land or kingdom without an evaporating sun. And thus debt-free token money is lost neither to the ground nor to the sky, but remains in circulation and keeps its value indefinitely—as long as the chosen ratio is faithfully maintained.

*  *  *

But this annually decreasing (or “deflating”—think of a balloon) volume or amount of debt-token money increases whenever the puppet-gov’t borrows (i.e. is permitted to borrow) more debt-token money from it’s well-hidden puppet-master. For if not, there would eventually be no more money at all—again due to periodic, debt-token “interest” payments.

But how is this done? How is the puppet-gov’t directed (by its monetary (economic and political) master) to borrow more debt-tokens?

(So as least to ever be noticed doing so. For such might lead John Q. Public to question why these annual new borrowings are perpetually necessary. (“Where is the money going? Why is there this perpetual money shortage?”) And thus perhaps even come to understand the true nature of this debt-token monster or beast.)

The puppet-gov’t is directed, told, commanded (by its monetary master) to knowingly propose and approve insufficiently false budgets almost annually, and hence to deliberately overspend, again almost annually. (See “deficit spending.”) The puppet-government thus annually, stealthily, surreptitiously, borrows more debt-tokens in the fiscal dark, thereby increasing (“inflating”) the debt-tokens in existence and circulation.

The pretense, pretext or deceit is that this nearly annual borrowing is necessary to pay for last year’s governmental creditors still patiently awaiting to be paid for their goods and services rendered to the puppet-gov’t during the preceding fiscal year—wherein the (puppet-government spend more than it planned to (“budgeted”), and even more than it took in via taxation-extortions, confiscations, fines, etc. I.E., via its nearly annual and deliberate overspending and hence “deficits,” the Parliamentary and presidential puppet-gov’t thus obeys their hidden crown, king and master. And new debt-token money thus secretly and surreptitiously enters the debt-currency and “stimulates the economy.”

And this debt-token “inflation” (via new borrowings to pay off deliberate deficits) is the opposite monetary fluctuation from token “deflation.” And it likewise destabilizes or changes the token-to-citizen ratio. (An volume-increased or “inflated” token is worth less, and a decreased or “deflated” more—according to natural law of supply and demand.) But both (debt-token “inflation” and “deflation”) add up to constant token instability, volatility, inconstancy, changeableness.

And so we see a debt-token money is inherently, intrinsically, characteristically unstable, and cannot possibly be stable, much less honest. (But then how could a debt-token or theft- and trap-money ever be honest?) (And of course thieving and manipulative speculators cannot possibly speculate (nor predators prey) upon a unfluctuating or stable money or currency.

Methinks this need to pump more and more debt-tokens into an “interest”- and “bond” or “principal”-depleted token supply to be the real and true reason or cause for the persistent, yearly, annual “budget-deficits” of the puppet gov’t. But have you ever heard this explanation before, dear reader, either from Parliament the president, or any other puppet-gov’t official?—and hence public enemy in office? Me neither. And is this because this “deficient” explanation is false? Or because it is true?

*Again, a debt-token money (a token-money loaned into existence or circulation) is by nature volatile, simply because periodic payments of loan-usury or “interest” (as well as repayments of loan-“principal”) are periodically taken out of the money supply, thus gradually reducing, “deflating” it or drying it up, and eventually completely. Furthermore, the periodically necessary new (“principal”) borrowings (to avoid total or complete tokenlessness) also vary, increase (“inflate”) the supply of money, thus creating more volatility of money-volume (and hence of value) in the other direction.*

Thus a debt-token money characteristically, necessarily and unavoidably creates volume volatility both ways—up and down, more and less, “inflation and deflation,” flood and drought, “boom and bust,” “prosperity and depression.”

Hence debt-token money can never be trusted to keep its value, not even for a short while, simply because its volume (and hence value) is constantly changing.

*  *  *  *  *

The Unpayable Debt, the Annual Deficit and the Infinitesimal Currency-to-Debt Ratio

All debt-tokens must inevitable return to their creator, lender and source. The source of all debt-tokens is also their destination. This is their nature, essence, meaning.

And so because every year the volume or number of debt-tokens in circulation is reduced via rent, usury or “interest” payments to the monetary crown—(the debt-token creator and lender), therefore every year is a gradual money-evaporation, gradually leading to a monetary drought, unless the money power (the crown, the king) graciously allows more debt-tokens to be loaned into existence and circulation (by him) to his victim-people—his sheeple—his collective prey (via “their” gov’t—which is in reality the crown’s puppet-gov’t).

*  *  *  *  *

Here again we see the cause and reason for the annual “deficit spending” of national, Gentile puppet-governments. Here we see why the “people’s” national “representatives” keep surreptitiously borrowing (by the fiscally-hidden back-door) yet more and more debt-money almost every year. This again is to keep the gradual and “depressing” money-drought at bay—the drought worsened every year by the dutiful payment of the annual “interest,” rent or usury on the debt-token money. (By the way, this annual “interest” payment is euphemized as “debt-servicing.”) And this debt-token rent or usury is the “first priority” debt (or the most important “bill”) which the puppet-gov’t must always pay before and above all other debts. (For the servant must serve his master above all others, and first and foremost pay his master his due.)

And high taxes are of course necessary for the puppet-gov’t to make these annual “interest” payments to its “royal” debt-token crown. (For like its monetary master, the puppet-gov’t produces nothing, but demands and seizes much. It makes no wealth, but takes much wealth from those who do.) And it was no accident that “income” taxes were instituted (or rather perpetrated) at the same time as the “central banks.”

And so the nearly annual borrowings (and hence the annual budget-deficit) of the national puppet-gov’t (from its monetary master) are necessary to keep debt-tokens in existence, to annually “service the debt” (pay the token-money rent) and to keep this national lender of the national debt (i.e. the “corporate} crown) from “foreclosing” on the nation, and hence seizing all the nation’s “mortgaged” “collateral”—i.e. the nation itself—the land and the people. But of course this national “foreclosure” and “confiscation” can only be averted if the real and true national gov’t (the money-crown) permits it—i.e. if it permits its puppet-gov’t to borrow more of its debt-tokens in order to continue paying the annual “interest” payments (“servicing the debt”). For otherwise the debt-tokened nation must eventually run out of debt-tokens necessary to pay the yearly usury (much less to make exchanges among themselves), and hence must fall into loan “default,” “foreclosure” and confiscation of all national “collateral.”

(For at, e.g., a 10% annual debt-token rent, usury or “interest,” (and barring new borrowings) there shall be no more debt-tokens after only 10 years (of “interest” payments). And so though the annual “interest” has been duly paid, there is no money at all left to make exchanges. And yet the entire “principle” of the debt-money loan is still owed to the debt-token crown. And yet there are no tokens left to begin to pay it. And thus the “jewish” “central bank,” the Gentile nation’s corporate “jewish” crown, can then “legally” declare Gentile national debt-“default,” “foreclose” on the national loan, and seize the nation’s “collateral”—i.e. its land, natural resources, etc.—(perhaps indirectly via the supernational banksters’ or crowns’ “jew”-N, “world bank” or “I.M.F.”).

Never have I heard a single “people’s representative” thus explain this most pressing cause and reason for his Parliamentary colleagues’ almost annual national gov’t “budget deficits,” and hence the annually and enormously-growing “national debt.” Why is that? Why don’t the puppet-politicians explain the real and true reason for their nearly yearly “budget deficits”? (Because a budget deficit means (and conceals) a new debt-token loan (from the debt-token crown) to pay for it.) Why are these public enemies and traitors in office forever silent about this simple truth? Because they know what they are and whom they serve?

Logically there are two possible explanations: Either because they do not know, or because they do. Either because they (like some economics professors or “economists”) simply don’t know why, and hence, (being frauds thus pretending to know what they in fact do not), simply do not belong in office, power or classroom, and so (do to their personal ignorance and incompetence) cannot possibly ever help the victimized citizenry out of the trap of debt-token-money—at least by explaining what it, is why it is, whom it serves and whom it does not.

Or else because they do know, but are dutifully silent because they know whom and what they secretly are and serve, faithfully performing what their crown, their money master, their “central bankster” requires, demands or commands of them—his political “representatives,” and our public enemies in our public offices.

*  *  *  *  *

Again, as long as public office is auctioned off to the highest bidder (via political propaganda, a.k.a. “advertising”), so long shall only political prostitutes and public enemies occupy public office, and therein, thereby reign over us. And thus economic/political conditions can only continue to get worse and worse, as these our public betrayers shall of course continue to officially and “legally” surrender more and more public power to their hidden masters, purchasers, pimps…and our social, racial, political, economic and monetary enemies. For the more the official (and of his puppet-master) grows, the more and more we non-officials shrink.

For consider: Who has more money to outbid the citizenry (and all other possible bidders) and thus to buy (what else but?) the political prostitutes who run for office? Who else but he with the deepest pockets to thus buy, blitzkrieg and catapult his hirelings (and our enemies) into public office?—as if these political prostitutes were our “representatives” and not their concealed, masked and unknown pimp’s private property and secret agents? Who indeed has more money to outbid all the others and thus buy all the political whores of public office, but he who personally creates all the money? Who but the money manufacturer, the corporate crown, the “central bank,” the concealed “jew”-king and his “banking”-family dynasty?

*  *  *  *  *

Let’s do our math again: Simply place (if you can find and trust the number so given by your puppet-gov’t) the number of debt-tokens presently in existence (i.e. circulation) within (or even without) your state, over (or divided by) the entire “national debt”—(each and every debt-token presently owed to the crown), and you will plainly and clearly see the terrifying truth of the currency-to-debt fraction or ratio, and the impossibility (several times over) of ever paying this debt. If, e.g., the national debt were 40 times the number of debt-tokens in existence, then the national debt is 39 times impossible to pay, (or impossible to pay, 39 times.)

For again, only “principle” is created and lent by the debt-token crown, but “principle” and (or plus) “interest” is demanded in return. Thus only at the instant the debt-token-money was first lent (i.e., before time first began to pass and hence (non-existent) “interest” began to accumulate) was it ever possible to pay this debt-token debt.

And this instant repayment of the debt-token money and debt would of course be a pointless exercise in futility—thus leaving all the citizenry precisely where they started from—without tokens of exchange (money), and hence again reduced or returned to bartering (or moneyless trading thing of for thing). And methinks this example likewise illustrates or shows the utter futility, absolute trap and Satanic evil of all debt-token moneys.

But as “time is money,” so more time is or equals more and more debt-token money owed and due to the economic/political god of the debt-tokened nation. And (as we saw above at 10%) as the annual rent-payments gradually reduce the debt-token-money available to pay the total or “principal” debt, so the mathematical impossibility of total loan repayment becomes ever more and more apparent over time. And as nearly annual “deficit” borrowings (to prevent a money dry-up) increase not only total (or “principal”) debt, but also rental (or “interest”) payments, and hence annual debt-token depletions, reductions, losses, the impossibility of repayment here again becomes more and more obvious year after year.

(But again this mathematical impossibility was deductible, knowable, recognizable from the very beginning. Did your corporate crown know that, dear reader? How about your national president, Parliament, treasurer, tax-man, etc.? How could they not know?)

Again, if the total or “principal” debt presently owed (by the ensnared, entrapped, enslaved public) to (“their” crown—i.e. “their” debt-token creator, manufacturer and lender) within (or rather above) their state is presently, say, 50 times all the debt-tokens currently in existence or circulation—this means if all this extant debt-token money were immediately re-paid to its creator/lender/king—a mere 2% or 1/50 of the total debt would have thus been be paid, thus leaving 98% or 49/50 of the debt-tokens yet owed. And you know what? Each and every token of that remaining debt represents tokens that never even existed.

And so what are you to think, dear reader, when you hear your own or other national presidents or Parliamentarians talk about paying down the national debt?—or even of paying it off completely? Is it not obvious they are either ignoramuses or gigantic liars and secret agents in the pay of the unknown crown atop the corporately masked and hidden king or dynasty within (or rather above) your particular kingdom or state?

Thus all the debt-tokens in existence or circulation keep shrinking compared with all the debt-tokens owed to the debt-token crown, creator, source and destination. (For recall that a debt-token’s source is also its inevitable destination. That is the very nature, meaning and trap of a debt-token money.) Thus the currency-to-debt fraction (or ratio) keeps shrinking. And thus the debt-to-currency multiple (or ratio) keeps growing.

What remedy then? One must first recognize the disease to prescribe a cure. One must first see how the trap is sprung or the cage is closed to ever release those entrapped within—(should one be of such a mind, spirit, intent).

*  *  *  *  *

Think of a mastodon hopelessly-entrapped within a (debt-money) tar-pit. So are we, collectively, via “our” debt-token money and our annually-growing “national debt.” And with every passing year we monetary victims and fools sink ever deeper and deeper into debt-token debt via “our” puppet-gov’ts’ nearly yearly “budget-deficit” borrowings,” annually necessary to stave off the annually-worsening money drought, due to the annual debt-token-rent payments (euphemized and concealed as “debt-servicing”).

In other words, the currency-to-debt fraction or ratio keeps shrinking. As I showed above, even from the onset it was evident “a priori” that any debt-token loan can never, ever be repaid (with debt-tokens—as distinguished from the nation itself, its landed, natural and “human resources”)—as all the money to be owed never even existed in the first place to ever be repaid back to its sly, secretive, sociopathic source. And this difference or discrepancy between the debt and all debt-tokens extant to pay this (annually growing) debt likewise keeps annually growing—again due to the yearly money-rent payments, and hence the yearly reduction, shrinkage and depletion of the debt-token supply. And so with each passing year, and with each new debt-token loan, and with the annually growing debt-to-currency ratio or numeral (and/or the shrinking currency to debt ratio or fraction), the truth becomes even more obvious to and undeniable by all but the biggest fools, and the greatest paid-liars of the debt-token crown, (and hence the greatest enemies of the people—and I especially mean those officials occupying the highest (auctioned-off) offices of the mortgaged Gentile nations), that this national debt-token money-debt is infinitely unpayable, and was from the very beginning of the confidence game or trap.

*  *  *  *  *

The totality of all unpaid “principal(s)” or debt-tokens loans by the national crown to its national puppet-gov’t is called the “national debt.” And the present “central” loan or “principal,” the present “central” “bond” or national “mortgage,” is the approximate sum total of all these former loans or “principals” (of the crown to its official and elective national puppet). And it is the “centrally”-alleged “national debt.”

For again little more than the “interest” on these “principals” can ever be repaid (to their only “central” source and destination). And in time even these payments shall exhaust or evaporate all current or extant tokens. For only “principle” tokens are created and lent by the “central” corporate crown to its national puppet-gov’t.

Thus each new “central” loan or “principle” is essentially added (“piggybacked” or “rolled over”) onto all those contracted before it—much like a man standing upon a man standing upon a man, only reversed, with the smallest man at the base and the largest man at the top—he representing the latest (and hence largest) “central” loan, the current (and hence greatest) “principle” or “bond,” the accumulated national “lien,” “mortgage” or “debt” “centrally”-alleged against the entire Gentile nation, against all those betrayed, sold or mis-“represented” by “their” national puppet-gov’t.

Thus the current “principal” or ‘bond” is not merely the sum of all debt-tokens lent (and thus circulating or current) at any one time; it is the sum total of all such loans lent to the successive national puppet-governments or administrations since the treasonous legislative creation or parliamentary bastard-birth of this national or “central” corporate monetary crown.

Thus the current “principal,” loan, “bond” or “mortgage” is the current “national debt.” It is the approximate sum of all the former loans, of all debt-tokens ever lent by the nation’s monetary crown to its puppet-gov’t. That’s how much is allegedly owed by the puppet-gov’t (i.e. its representees, the people) to this real and true but hidden gov’t.

For mostly only “interest” is ever paid by the puppet-gov’t, and hardly ever any “principal.” For (barring new loans, new “principals”) even “interest” payments would totally deplete the debt-token supply in a few short years.

And therefore whenever these new debt-token loans, debts, “principals” or “bonds” (i.e. puppet-gov’t paper-promises to repay all the debt-tokens at a certain future date) are “mature” and hence “due,” the puppet-gov’t simply borrows more debt-tokens from its “central” crown (and perhaps some from the public) to repay these “due” debt-tokens, to meet these “principal” debts or “bond” obligations. And hence most debt-tokens from every new loan, “principal,” “bond,” injection or installment of debt-tokens (from the “central” bank to its national puppet-gov’t) never ever see the light of day. For they are used to repay the former “central” loan or “principal” whenever its “bond” is “due.” Hence most of the latest batch of “centrally” borrowed debt-tokens are never even printed up. They never even circulate for a moment. In fact they never even exist except as figures on the “central” bank’s ledger-book or computer.

And hence the accumulated “principal(s)” or “national debt” keeps growing, growing and growing, or going up, up and up, as do the total annual (crown-dictated) “interest” payments on that accumulated “national debt.”

And this annual payment (of the puppet-gov’t to its “central” master or crown) is euphemized as “debt-servicing.” This term refers not merely to the “interest” % or rate(s) set by the “central bank” for any particular year, but to the total payment of the national puppet-gov’t to its “central” bank or crown for that particular year. For “debt servicing” is a (crown-dictated) annual percentage to be paid on the total loan, the total “principal,” the total “national debt.”

*  *  *  *  *

Thus the national puppet gov’t is “graciously” allowed or permitted (by its “central” monetary crown) to “roll over” or accumulate its loans or “principals”—(as these cannot possibly be paid in any case, and for the aforementioned reason)—into an ever-growing (and far more unpayable) “national debt.”

But this “rolling over” or “piggy-backing” of debt-token loans is not the case with the crown’s loans to “commercial” banks, who in turn loan these royal or “central” monopoly debt-tokens to the public.

And these “commercial” loans must be repaid to the crown in full and on time, plus all “interest” besides, or the bank(s) could be “legally” “foreclosed,” “bankrupted” and seized by the crown for loan “default.” (And I’ll bet, for secretive purposes of maximum “central” “jewish” control, power and profit over the debt-tokened (and hence monetarily, economically and politically oppressed) Gentile peoples, nations or states, the largest “commercial” banks within the nations are in fact secretly owned by these secretive supernational monetary crowns, these corporate (hence anonymous or unknown, and irresponsible or unliable) “jewish” “central banks.”)

And all “interest” tokens paid on these “central bank” loans to these “commercial” banks must come from, or out of, where or what else but their only possible source?—the supernational (SuperNazi) or imperial “jewish” monetary crown(s)—and hence from the “principal” debt-tokens loaned out to the various traitorous Gentile puppet-gov’ts. Thus these “principal” debt-tokens are reduced or evaporated not only by the all “interest” payments of the puppet-gov’ts, but also by all the “interest” payments of all these “commercial” banks, thus further contributing to the vast difference, gulf, chasm or abyss between all the monopoly debt-tokens extant or in circulation within any given Gentile nation, and all the debt-tokens allegedly “owed” back to their only possible source and destination, the monetary crown of that monetarily-damned nation, its deceitful, fraudulent, Satanic and predatory “jewish” “central” bank.

*  *  *  *  *

And although the fraction, proportion or % of extant debt-tokens to the (“central” bank and puppet gov’t’s) “national debt” continually decreases over time (e.g. 50%, 25%, 10%, 5%, 2%, etc.), the actual number of debt-tokens continually increases or “inflates.” (And hence prices generally and gradually rise, rise and rise over time. Just compare today’s prices of eggs or milk when you, dear reader, were a boy or girl.)

And why this continual increase in the numbers or amount of debt-tokens but an even greater increase in the puppet-gov’t’s “national” debt? Because whenever the puppet-gov’t’s “bonds” (printed, tendered or paid “up front” by the puppet-gov’t to the corporate “central” bankster, king or crown for every new debt-token loan or “principal”) are contractually due to be paid (i.e. have “reached maturity”), where are the debt-tokens to come from but from their only source (and inevitable or ultimate destination)? And so with every new “roll over,” with every new “central” loan, “principal” and “bond” the puppet-gov’t borrows more debt-tokens from the crown to pay the crown for the now “mature” bonds it formerly paid the crown for its previous debt-token loans or “principals.” And so with every new “rolled over” “central” loan or “principle,” the puppet-gov’t prints up and signs “bonds” or official promises to pay the crown debt-tokens which don’t then or won’t even exist when these very bonds are “mature” or “due” to be paid.

(Recall or review the example above in “The Impossibility of Repayment: An Illustration.”)

And so every time the crown must print up (or rather have its puppet-gov’t’s “treasurer” print them up, and perhaps sporting the official seal of the national “treasury” and the facsimile signature of the “treasurer”) more and more (paper) debt-tokens for its puppet gov’t to borrow to pay off its “bonds.” And so though more and more debt-tokens are crown-created, lent and circulated over time, (thus “inflation,” and thus “inflated” or higher and higher and higher prices), the “national debt” is growing even faster.

For the “national debt” is approximately all the debt-tokens ever “publicly” or “officially” borrowed from the crown (by its puppet-gov’t), or in other words, every crown loan or “principal” cumulatively added up.

But, on the other hand, all debt-tokens in existence or circulation are merely those which have not yet been paid back to their creative crown in “interest.” For again the debt-token crown is the source and destination of all (debt) tokens. Are you beginning to perceive and understand this debt-token fraud, crown, monster or “beast”?

*  *  *

So though debt-tokens must dramatically “inflate” (indeed multiply) over time, they need not, indeed cannot, be nearly as numerous as the total amount (of debt-tokens) alleged to be owed to the national crown, the anonymously and irresponsibly incorporated “central” banksters.

(Again, this “total amount” is “centrally” euphemized as the “national debt,” and all puppet-gov’t payments to their monetary crown (whether “bond” “principle” or “interest”) is euphemized as “servicing” this “national debt.”)

And there are again two reasons for this (as far as I can see):

1.) At every new bond cycle or “national debt” “rollover,” the entire “principle” of the last and now “mature” bond (though borrowed by the puppet-gov’t to pay this old and “due” bond) never really sees the light of day, never becomes part of the money supply, but is simply paid or transferred (and probably not even in real paper money, but merely in ledger-figures or computer-numbers) from the puppet-gov’t to their royal master—their “central” “jewish” king, crown and dynasty. And so only the remainder of this new loan, “bond,” “mortgage” or “principal” is available for puppet-gov’t use or expenditure (into circulation). (Again recall the “illustration” above.)

And also (2.) if the national “jewish” crown “temporarily” permits its debt-money damned nation to “service” (pay “interest” and “principal” on) only a fraction of the total “national debt,” loan or “principal,” the debt-money need not be “inflated” to the size of the “national debt” with every new “roll-over,” “principle,” loan or “bond.” For over time this monster necessarily grows, indeed multiplies. And so unless the predatory crown-spider “graciously” grants its national fly this temporary and partial “reprieve” from its/their debt-bondage, the paper-money must be inflated into total worthlessness.

And so in this way it is possible for the “national debt” to soar to become a ridiculously and obviously unpayable amount—e.g., up to 10, 20, 30, 40 or even 50 times or more the total amount of debt-tokens in existence.

*  *  *  *  *

The Present American Treasury Debt Relative to (or Divided by) all American “Dollars” in Existence = the Monetary Truth

Let us look at the American experience. They presently “owe” more than 12 times more “dollars” than exist!—and not merely within America, but worldwide! In other words, the American “national debt” is over 11 times impossible to pay!

Do you doubt this? I don’t, and here’s why:

All we need are two true or accurate figures: The amount of “national debt,” and the amount of national (or imperial) debt-money in existence or circulation. (These are called “dollars.” And they are merely paper: paper-promises to pay nothing whatsoever!)

And we simply divide the former by the latter number to calculate how many times impossible this “national debt” is to pay.

And this again is the nature and practice of this “jewish” debt-money—this evil, “beastly,” Satanic, “jewish,” debt-token, monopoly-money. (Apo./Rev. 13:15-17)


*  *  *  *  *

The following data is from the United States Treasury, specifically from the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Bureau of the Public Debt.

Go to http//www.publicdebt.treas.govt/


The Debt To the Penny


Current           Amount


04/06/2006        $8,393,742,553,848.46


09/30/2005        $7,932,709,661,723.50

09/30/2004        $7,379,052,696,330.32

09/30/2003        $6,783,231,062,743.62

09/30/2002        $6,228,235,965,597.16

09/28/2001        $5,807,463,412,200.06

09/29/2000        $5,674,178,209,886.86

09/30/1999        $5,656,270,901,615.43

09/30/1998        $5,526,193,008,897.62

09/30/1997        $5,413,146,011,397.34

09/30/1996        $5,224,810,939,135.73

09/29/1995        $4,973,982,900,709.39

09/30/1994        $4,692,749,910,013.32

09/30/1993        $4,411,488,883,139.38

09/30/1992        $4,064,620,655,521.66

09/30/1991        $3,665,303,351,697.03

09/28/1990        $3,233,313,451,777.25

09/29/1989        $2,857,430,960,187.32

09/30/1988        $2,602,337,712,041.16

09/30/1987        $2,350,276,890,953.00


These are the amounts, in American “dollars,” of outstanding or unpaid U.S. Treasury bonds, bills, loans or debts.

And so, as you can see, as of April 2006, the national debt of the U.S. Treasury, and hence of the U.S. citizenry, was almost $8.4 trillion.

Note how rapidly this debt has increased since 1987, when it was $2.35 billion. This national debt has more than tripled in less than 20 years. Can “hyperinflation” be far ahead?—in order to pay or “redeem” these Treasury loans when they’re “mature” and “due”?

And so $8.4 trillion: That’s the first number we need. The second is the amount of U.S. “dollars” in existence with which to pay this “outstanding” $8.4 trillion national U.S. Treasury debt.

So how do we discover this second monetary number?

We could ask the U.S. Treasury Dept itself/themselves—specifically the Treasury’s printing-press dept. It’s called the “Bureau of Engraving and Printing” (BEP)

That’s what I did: I first did a search on their web site for “notes outstanding,” and their “search engine” replied:


Searched for: notes outstanding


Unfortunately, notes outstanding did not match any pages on this site. You may wish to try broadening your search using the root of a word (i.e. collect instead of collecting).

If you need additional information, you may wish to check the Frequently Asked Questions page or Contact Us form.


No documents to display


*  *  *

And so I took their advice and asked the following questions on their “Contact Us form”:


Question: (5, 9, 2006) How many paper dollars area in existence at present?

And how many paper dollars have you historically printed every year, going backwards from this year?


Mr. Troy


To which their machine said: “Thank you for your submission. A BEP Representative will contact you shortly.”

And here’s their reply—or rather non-reply: Note how my first question is ignored altogether:


Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 11:39:04 -0400

From: "BEP Customer Service" <>

Subject: Re: BEP Inquiry [BEP20060409000038042]

To: mistertroy1@——.com


Dear Sir:


Contact the American Numismatic Association of Colorado Springs

Colorad[o] for historical information.


BEP [i.e. the “Bureau of Engraving and Printing” of the United States Treasury–Ed.] [Isn’t that cute? They thus mock the American citizenry and laugh in their faces.)–Ed.]



Original Message


Questions: (5, 9, 2006)


How many paper dollars area in existence at present?

And how many paper dollars have been in existence every year, going backwards from this year?


Mr. Troy


*  *  *

Explanation: The American Numismatic Association is a private, non-governmental group of folks who publish a magazine about minting, coins and paper-money called The Numismatist.

(Roman, numisma, coin, from Greek, nomisma, coin, literally, “what is sanctioned by law,” from nomizo, to sanction, from nomos, law)

And this American Numismatic Association is supposed to keep count of how many paper “dollars” are being printed every year by the United States Treasury?

Apparently it’s not the business of the U.S. Treasury to keep its own damn count?

Can you believe that? Me neither. So I replied thus, and never got an answer:


Subject:Re: BEP Inquiry [BEP20060409000038042]

To:"BEP Customer Service"


Dear Sir,

Why are you referring me elsewhere? Are you not the U.S Treasury? Do you not print the paper dollars? Do you not know how many you're printed and circulated? Do you not know how many are presently circulating?

In 2004, your [under] Treas. Sec. John W. Snow said $670 billion worldwide. So what is the precise figure at present?

And how should the American Numismatic Assn. (a private group) know how many paper dollars your bureau has printed and circulated?

If you don't know, kindly refer my inquiry to a supervisor who does.




And so the United States Treasury doesn’t know, doesn’t want to know, or doesn’t want to tell me the answer to my question(s).

And so I must go with the quote from Secretary Snow which I found in the New York Daily News in December, 2004. (I did not note the exact date, but it was on a Sunday.)

It was in an advertisement from a private, non-governmental group called “The United States Monetary Exchange,” and they were selling 5 $2 bills for $19. (And the corporate code # of the ad was P0013 OF0036R-1)

Anyway, here’s the pertinent quote from the ad:


These crisp, new $2 bills are closely controlled by the Treasury Department’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing, makers of the nation’s paper currency.

The $2 bill makes up less than 1% of the $670 billion in genuine U.S. currency that circulates worldwide, according to the U.S. Department of Treasury under Secretary John W. Snow.


*  *  *

And so there’s the second number we were looking for: $670 billion worldwide.

So let’s do the math:

The outstanding or unredeemed national U.S. Treasury debt divided by the number of American “dollars” presently in existence (worldwide) is:


$8,393,742,553,848.46  ==   12.522



This means the U.S. Treasury debt., or the U.S. national (or imperial) debt is 12.5 times greater than every single U.S. dollar in existence worldwide—hence not merely all those “dollars” inside America.

(No sense in asking the United States Treasury the proportion between them. For even if they know, they wouldn’t tell. For they know whom they serve and disserve, and hence from whom they must keep the truth. But if you don’t, see The Great “Jewish”-Amerikan Gold Robbery of 1933: or the Tyrannical U.S. Presidential and Congressional “Anti-Hoarding Act”.)

What does this mean? This means that if some giant world-wide vacuum-cleaner could somehow magically suck up all these U.S. paper “dollars” wherever they existed in the world, and if they were all delivered in one great big bag to the U.S. Treasury—(from whence they were printed for their Super-Nazi “jewish” masters at the cost of a penny or so per “dollar” “note” or “bill,” no matter how many zeros are printed upon it, for ink is relatively cheap)—11.5 times more U.S. “dollars” would still be owed, and “interest” on these non-existent “dollars” would still be forever adding up, “accruing” or ticking away. And the American citizenry wouldn’t have a penny to make their own trades or exchanges.

In other words, this means the present national U.S. debt is over 11 times impossible to pay!

Again, if all the U.S. “dollars” in the world were to be paid to the holders of U.S. Treasury bonds, debts or promises to pay—(which bonds are traded, exchanged or given to the masked and anonymous “jewish”-Amerikan “central” banksters in exchange for U.S. “central” bank (“Federal Reserve Corp.”) “dollar notes”—which “dollar notes” are dutifully printed up by the United States Treasury for their Super-Nazi “central” bankster masters, for a penny or so each, apiece or per “dollar” “bill” or “note”—no matter how many zeroes added besides)—then the Americans would still (allegedly) owe over 11 times that amount. They would not have a penny amongst themselves to make their own exchanges, trades or deals—which is the purpose of all money. And the usury or “interest” on that alleged debt would never stop adding up or “accruing”—even though not even one single Amerikan “dollar” existed anywhere on earth.

Such is the nature of the Satan’s anti-Christ, “jewish,” “beast” and Its/his/their debt-token monopoly-money. (Apo./Rev. 13:11-12 & :16-18)

Do you get the picture?

(“Yes, we see.”)

Good. And so you don’t want this evil “jewish” debt-, theft- and trap-money for yourselves and your loved-ones, right?


It’s simply about knowing the difference between a token and a debt-token—between a token-money and a debt-token-money.

Again a debt-token-money is a money which “we the people” borrow (from our monetary, economic, political masters—whose names we don’t even know, being corporately concealed) instead of simply creating (manufacturing, coining or printing) them ourselves, and hence never owing any one anything for the use of our public money.

*  *  *  *  *

Debt-bondage and enslavement of entire Gentile nations by Satanic, Super-Nazi “jews”: That is the very nature, meaning, purpose and intention of this debt-token money, and of its obviously Satanic creators and perpetrators, the beastly “jewish” trappers and their “beastly” “jewish” trap.

And did the Talmudic and rabbinical father of Marxism not publicly confess that [“jewish”] “capitalism” leads inexorably and inevitably to [“jewish”] “communism”?—which is no less than the “jewish” ownership of all Gentiles within their demonic grasp as if human livestock, cattle or “goyim.” (See their “Soviet Union,” along with Jewish” Communism verses a True and Genuine “Labor,” “Populist” or “People’s” State.)

*  *  *

What then? Then either the debt-token entrapped Gentile nations escape this world-wide, “beastly,” SuperNazi “jewish” plot, or else they do not. (I myself kinda hope they do. How about you?)

But as for the demonic and beastly “jew,” what else has he planned for the Gentiles but phase two of his Satanic debt-token-money trap? First the Gentile fish is (“legislatively,” “democratically,” dictatorially) hooked (on this evil “jewish” money), and then he/they are reeled in.

I’m mean the supernational “foreclosure” of entire Gentile nations—(and perhaps via the “world bank” or “I.M.F” of the Satanic bastard’s Jewnighted Nations Org.). I mean the seizure, by Super-Nazi “jewish” “central” banksters, of entire Gentile nations as “collateral” for and “repayment” of their “bad loans.” I mean the national and international “foreclosure” the “mortgaged,” “bonded,” debt-ensnared and debt-enslaved Gentile nations, and the seizure of their lands, their natural resources and even themselves as (enslaved or “communized”) “jewish” “livestock,” “goyim” or “cattle”!)

I obviously don’t want this to happen. But such is the foregone and inevitable conclusion of this “beastly” “jewish” debt-token monopoly-money-trap.

Can I get a witness? And can I get an “Amen”?

*  *  *  *  *

(“My people [i.e. mien volk–Ed.] are destroyed for lack of knowledge:…”—Hosea 4:6)


(So get smart! Why don’t you? I sure as Hell ain’t stopping you.)

*  *  *  *  *

The Debt-Money Faucet and Sink

Here’s a metaphorical “jewish” debt-money explanation: And thought I’ve never read or seen it anywhere, nor heard it from anyone, I’m surprised it didn’t occur to me sooner.

Debt-token monopoly-money works like a faucet over a sink with a drain. There is a water-entry pipe and a water-drain pipe. The water enters the sink via the entry pipe, which can be turned on and off via a valve inside the entry pipe. And this valve or faucet controls or regulates the amount of water flow, anywhere from a maximum to a minimum flow, or no flow at all.

And the water from the faucet will naturally flow out of the sink and down the drain unless the drain is stopped, plugged or closed. And if the drain is open, the sink will shortly and drain out completely unless more water per second comes into the sink via the faucet than is leaving the sink via the drain-pipe.

And just as the only way the water enters the sink is via the entry pipe and faucet, so likewise the only way this “jewish” debt-money or debt-token monopoly-money enters the state, the marketplace or the “economy” is by being lent by the “central” banksters to their parliamentary puppets and our official public enemies—for “we the [Gentile] people” to repay in full, and with (nonexistent) “interest” atop or besides.

Again, all the “jewish” debt-money is existence has been loaned (and hence borrowed) into existence—loaned by the “jewish” “central” banksters, and borrowed by their parliamentary/congressional puppets, and our traitorous “public servants.”

The “central” faucet lends this debt-money, this monopoly-debt-money. For there is no other source or faucet. And the “central” drain drains or returns all this debt-money back to its only, “central,” monopoly source (and inevitable destination).

And the money-faucet or valve the is the “interest” rate. The higher the “interest,” usury or money rent, the more the money-valve is closed. And the lower, the more the money-faucet is open.

And the “central” banksters’ drain is always open and never closed or stopped, because their debt-money is constantly being owed, and hence constantly being returned to them in “interest” and “principal” repayments.

In other words, the monopoly source of all debt-money is also its only, ultimate and inevitable destination.

For such is the nature of debt. Debts must be repaid—plus (in this case) non-existent “interest” or usury.

For only the “principal” money is printed (by the traitorous “jew”-sucking, anti-American U.S treasury) and “centrally” loaned out (by the “beastly,” imperial, international, Super-Nazi, anti-Christ and anti-Gentile “jewish” banksters). But more than that (i.e. “principal” plus “interest”) is demanded in return.

And so go figure! The “interest” alone will mathematically consume or evaporate the entire loan (“principal”) in a matter of years. At 10% “interest,” 10 years; at 5% “interest,” 20 years; and so on. And hence not a “dollar” would be left to make any deals or exchanges, the entire “principal” would still be owed, and the “interest” would still be ticking away on it. So can you smell the “central” “jewish” rat yet?

And so just as a sink-hole shortly empties out all the water unless the faucet is turned on, all this evil, “beastly” or Satanic money will very shortly return to its only (monopolistic “central) source, unless as much or more of this money is lent to we the people—via “our” evil, “beastly,” anti-American “jewish” Congress/gov’t.

And this is precisely what happened during the American “depression” of the 1930s. What it really was was a money drought. Almost all the money “mysteriously” disappeared, and stayed down the “central” sink hole for years, until the “central” banksters once again monetarily oiled and gassed up their American war-machine for their World War II against God and Germany.

(And you’ll never read that in the pseudo-history books of the U.S. gov’t’s “public” schools. For that is the Historical Truth, which Evil cannot ever abide.)

So what happened in the 1930s was the money faucet was “centrally” and inexoplicably shut off by you-know-who. And this was done via a “tight-money policy” of high “interest” rates, money-rent, or usury; and via the “central” banksters’ selling of their U.S. Treasury bonds to the American public—(which the U.S. Congress and president gave (and give) their “jewish” “central”-bankster money-masters in exchange for their paper-debt-“dollars”)—thus secretly sucking or vacuuming truckloads of money out of the American nation, marketplace or “economy,” and thus keeping it out. Do you see?

And this again is what triggered, caused and maintained the “depression” of the 1930s. It was neither an “act of God” nor of nature, but of the Devil and Its Own. (John 8:44) And it was deliberate.

For money is the oil within the engine of the economy. Remove the oil, however obviously or mysteriously, and the engine of the economy soon grinds down to a screeching halt. And all the people in the marketplace are thus reduced to barter—or else to creating their own (and hopefully better) money. (Keep reading for instructions.)

And because the American and other Gentile peoples did not understand what, how nor who had caused their economic/monetary “depression” of the 1930s—(i.e. the debt-token monopoly-money of their international/supernational “jewish” “central” banksters)—they didn’t know how to fix, remedy or end it. And so in their monetary ignorance they were further mislead to believe that their elective govts could get them out of “their” “depression”—which was really merely a “centrally” and super-nationally orchestrated money-drought, a deliberate, world-wide, “jewish” debt-money-drought.

(For their elective gov’ts are merely the puppet-govts of (and the traitorous front-govts for) the international, supernational or Super-Nazi “jewish” “central” banksters. For without money “our” “public officials,” like us, can do nothing, but barter.)

And so, not knowing any better, and constantly mislead to know even less, the Gentiles ignorantly and hopelessly hoped for salvation from the every people who deliberately created and orchestrated their earthly, monetary and hence economic damnation: the Devil and Its “chosen people.” (John 8:44)

But really the most the Gentile puppet-govts were allowed by their “jewish” “central”-bankster masters to do—(and after years and years of a “centrally” parched earth/scorched economy policy—via their prohibitably high “interest” rates)—was to borrow and spend yet more of their evil “jewish debt-money on public works and “social welfare” programs, thus driving up the “public” or “national debts” of the (hopelessly debt-enslaved) Gentile nations, and thus increasing gov’t to a monstrous, “communist,” “jewish” size. (“All the better to ‘help’ us Gentiles”?)

(But the fools didn’t care because they were dying of monetary thirst, and were eternally grateful to their Satanic “jewish” fuhrer for all those Rosenveltian debt-“pennies from Heaven.” Whereas if they had simply open their eyes and looked at God’s Germany they could have seen that they too could have made it rain anytime they wished. And their genuine debt-free “pennies from Heaven” would not have been falling from the Devil (nor Its own), but rather from God and from themselves.

(Ignorance is not necessarily bliss. And the Devil never tells you where your deals with It will land you—in this case into the hopeless monetary, economic and political damnation of “jewish” or anti-Christ Amerika.)

For how can anyone, any group, any people or any nation ever hope to be anything but hopelessly debt-enslaved when the very money they use—(or are “legislatively,” dictatorially, parliamentarily or “democratically” forced to use)—is a debt-money?—a God-damned, “beastly,” “jewish” debt-money? Isn’t it obvious?

Vanity of vanities! And most foolish foolishness? Why ever collectively borrow money which “we the people” can easily create or manufacture ourselves? After all, it’s only paper, cheap-metal or what-have-you? (I recommend cheap metal coins.)

Are we retarded? Or merely (politically) enslaved?

And one thing is almost always certain within this “jewish” debt-money trap: The debt-money-value (or “purchasing power”) is never stable, constant, dependable nor trustworthy. For the money-water level in the economic sink is constantly changing, varying or fluctuating. The amount or volume of debt-money (in the economic sink or sinking economy) is always fluctuating—via all the incoming (newly-borrowed) and outgoing (draining, returning) water. The money-level (both collectively and per person) is always either rising or “inflating,” with gradually decreasing “purchasing power”—or else falling or “deflating” via a mysterious monetary “evaporation,” via the inevitable return of the debt-money to its only, “central” monopolistic origin (and hence final destination) via “interest” payments and “principal” repayments. Think of “inflation” and “deflation” as a balloon filled with monetary air. As with water in a sink, the air is easily (but mysteriously and “centrally.”) added and removed.

(Monetary ignorance is not necessarily bliss, and the very pre-requisite for all of this.)

*  *  *  *  *

But a good, honest trustworthy token-money is obviously one which keeps its value over time. It is therefore an ample, stable non-debt money.

Honest money is ample. There is always enough of it to make all desired exchanges (deals, trades, purchases) at all times.

And honest money is stable in its amount, number or volume, and hence in its value. It keeps its value over time. And the amount of it changes only with the population, according to a set ratio of so many (ample) tokens per person—such as 100 e.g.

There’s always the same level of money in the honest-money sink. And there is no drain. And so prices or the general “price level” always remains the same—although, as always, this or that specific commodity may rise or fall in price, as e.g. eggs rise whenever the chickens go on strike, and fall when they go back to work.

And so honest money can be trusted over time to keep its value, or to be worth every bit as much when you finally decide to spend it as when you put it into your pocket, your saddle-bag, your mattress or your piggy-bank. For otherwise it wouldn’t be honest. And so honest money can safely be saved.

And of course an honesty money is never borrowed into existence. Nobody loans it to us. We create, print or manufacture it ourselves. After all, it’s only paper, cheap-metal or what-have-you? (I recommend cheap metal coins.) It is never borrowed into existence by “we the people”—nor some evil parliament, congress or gov’t acting and borrowing it “for” we the people, and in our good name, our credit, and our liability to repay it, plus “interest.”

(I don’t mean you borrowing from me, or me borrowing from you—regardless of Shakespeare or in defiance of Polonius. I mean all of us or “we the people” borrowing “our” monetary tokens of exchange from “uncle” Satan-knows-who—which would therefore and by definition be a debt-token—and if from a single or a “central” source, a monopoly debt-token, such as what we have today, and by which we are both plagued and enslaved.)

And again, just as the only way water enters the sink is via the entry pipe and faucet, so likewise the only way this “jewish” debt-money or debt-token monopoly-money enters the “jewish” state, marketplace or “economy” is via being lent by the “central” banksters to their traitorous parliamentary puppets—for “we the [Gentile] people” to repay in full and with “interest.”

(And again, this “interest” doesn’t even exist. Only the original loan or “principal” exists—(having been lent or borrowed into existence)—and only so long as the term or duration of the loan, at which time this “principal” must be returned or repaid in full, but at which time this “principal” or original loan no longer exists—having been mostly (if not completely) returned to its “central” monopoly source via all the periodic money-rent, usury or “interest” payments.

So go figure, and perceive what a Satanic trap this evil, beastly “jewish” debt-money is. For example, at 5% money-rent, usury or “interest,” the entire loan or “principal” will have completely returned to its “central” source in 20 years. (Think of those nature films of a long and gradual drought, and with all the animals dying of thirst and fighting over water.) And yet even though it doesn’t even exist any more, this entire “principal” would still (allegedly) be owed (by us to them), and the “interest” on it would forever continue to increase with every tick, tick, tick of the clock. Isn’t it monstrous? And that’s the beastly debt-money of Satan and its “chosen people” for you. Apo./Rev. 13:16-18)

Perceive this “jewish” theft of thefts—this thieving “jewish” “holy of holies”!

(A theft is being robed without knowing you’re being robbed. To be thieved is to be robbed secretly or covertly.)

*  *  *  *  *

But because our honest Gentile money is not a debt-money, it needn’t ever be repaid. And because “we the people” didn’t borrow this money, but rather created, printed or manufactured it ourselves, we forever owe no one any “principal” nor “interest,” usury or money-rent upon it. And therefore there is no mysterious money-sink in our national “economy,” our honest, Gentile national economy.

And so there’s America’s never-ending economic problem: It is a monetary problem. The American money is an evil, Satanic, “beastly” “jewish” debt-money. And other world currencies are “jewish” too. In fact, every so-called Gentile state that has a “central” bank is likewise secretly ruled by Satanic “jewish” “central” banksters via their Satanic “jewish” debt-money.

And the monetary, economic, political solution?

Honest money of course. (See below for all particulars, directions and instructions.)

For all “we the [Gentile] people” need do is create and circulate a certain number of honest, ample, debt-free tokens; to manufacture and distribute a chosen ratio of (debt-free) tokens per resident (say e.g.100 per capita, including children); and to simply keep or maintain that (money) level or ratio over time (years, decades, etc.).

And by the law of monetary supply and demand, the value or “purchasing power” of our very own honest (debtless, debt-free, unborrowed) Gentile token-money will thus always, perpetually and mathematically remain the same.

And so long as it remains so, and not a moment longer, such an honest (ample, stable, debt-free) money is worth its weight in silver, if not gold.

*  *  *  *  *

Beware the Satanic “Jew’s” Debt-Token Money Trap: The “jewish” “Central” (and “Commercial”) Banks Verses the Gentile “Savings & Loans”


thou [Mosites or Hebrews–Ed.] shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow; and [thereby–Ed.] thou shalt reign over many nations, but they shall not reign over thee. [Deuteronomy 15:6]


For, “The borrower is servant [‘slave’–By.] to the lender.”—(Proverbs 22:7)


The Lord shall open unto thee his good treasure,...and thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow. And the Lord shall [thereby–Ed.] make thee the head, and not the tail [of this metaphorically borrowed “jewish” coin?–Ed.]; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath;... [Deuteronomy 27:12-13]


Surely “the Lord” of this passage and of such a “chosen people” is the enemy of God and the Devil Itself. Or do I misread this (anonymous?) author of “Deuteronomy,” dear reader?


The one aim of these financiers is world control by the creation of inextinguishable debts.—(Henry Ford, America industrialist and philanthropist)


And yet, “The Devil fools with the best laid plans.”—(Neil Young)

*  *  *  *  *

Debt-token money is a “jewish”-trap set for every Gentile nation with enough Gentile whores and traitors in public office to permit, approve, authorize, warrant or ordain this monetary trap. The “jew” thus buys or is granted a debt-token money-monopoly from public enemies in public office.

The debt-token monopoly-money “jew” then deliberately and knowingly creates or prints and lends less money than the Gentile nation needs to repay him. For the “jew” lends only “principal” (the amount of the loan). And yet the wily “jew” demands both principal and “interest” (a yearly profit which is a percentage of the loan (“principal”) as re-payment in return. And profit is alone what “interests” the profiteering “jew.”

And (as we’ve seen) the “jew’s” profit is not merely “interest,” but also “principal.” For the debt-tokens (“principal” and “interest”) with which the Gentile nation’s citizenry repays the “jewish” crown costs them their blood, sweat and tears to earn (and hence repay, via taxes). But his debt-tokens costs the crown “jew” merely the price of paper and ink (and printer’s labor).

But the “jew” indeed charges an annual rent for the use of his debt-tokens. And this annual rent or fee for the use of his token money is also called “usury.” So the guileful and ensnaring “jew” prints (creates) and lends the Gentile only token-“principle,” yet in return demands not only this token-“principle,” but also (yearly, and nonexistent) token-“interest” (usury, rent).

Do you see the sociopathic “jew’s” debt-token trap? It’s visible from the very beginning. Didn’t your president and Parliament see this also when they sold, traded, gave or surrendered your nation and your future to this debt-token anti-Christ? As intended, there are (even from the beginning) simply never enough “jewish” debt-tokens for the Gentile to ever repay the ensnaring “jew’s” entrapping loan— ”principle” plus “interest.” This of course guarantees the Gentile’s inability to repay the “jew’s” debt-token loan, and hence guarantees the “jew” the “legal right” to seize the Gentile’s “mortgaged” or “collateralized” property (i.e. his nation) for his loan “default”—i.e. the Gentile’s “fault” of being unable to do the impossible—to repay debt-tokens which never even existed in the first place—debt-tokens which the “jew” never even created nor loaned to the Gentile. (How very “interesting”!)

So again the wily “jew” demands more tokens from the Gentile than the “jew” creates and lends him!—and so more debt-tokens than even exist to ever repay! And so debt-token money is an obvious “jewish” trap! And since the only money is this “jew”-lent debt-token, monopoly-money, there has, is and will never be enough money to repay the “jew.”

And so again Gentile loan-“default” and “jewish”-seizure of the poor Gentile’s pledged, “mortgaged” or “collateralized” property is certain. This is one of the hidden purposes of “jew” debt-token money—to exchange worthless “jew” token- or paper-money for real Gentile property. (The “jew” does the same with his “paper-gold” (for your real and true gold.) It is monetary fraud, disguised and secret theft, and legalized robbery. Can you see that, dear reader? Its vitally important for you, your family, your property, your liberty and you future that you do!

*  *  *  *  *

So “jew” debt-token money is clearly a trap for Gentiles. Yet so-called Gentile “leaders” do not even warn their people of the danger as good shepherds should. Thus such Gentile misleaders are either stupid incompetents or deliberate traitors. They are either ignorant of the predatory “jewish” menace, or else they are mercenary hirelings of the anti-Christ enemy—“jew”-purchased political prostitutes—public enemies in public office—political agents in secret league with the sinagog of Satan—false shepherds working with, for and under these anti-Christ wolves—leading trusting (if not gullible) Gentile lambs neither to pleasant pastures nor still waters, but to “jewish” (monetary, economic, political, social) slaughter.

In either case (of ignorant incompetence or traitorous malevolence) these Gentile misleaders clearly should never, ever be in official positions of power over Gentiles. And any such officials reigning currently or in future must be dethroned immediately and by any means necessary, and dutifully replaced with wise and brave, loyal and true shepherds of Gentiles.

(Simply look and see what the SuperNazi demons apparently, allegedly did to the American president, Lincoln (1861-65), for his monetary “crime” of issuing his own debt-free token money, instead of dutifully borrowing debt-money from these supernational “jewish” banksters.)

And hear the 3rd American president, (1801-09), Thomas Jefferson:


I consider the fortunes of our republic as depending on the extinguishment of the public [i.e. gov’t–Ed.] debt before we engage in any war. If the debt should once more [as during the revolution from England–Ed.] be swelled to a formidable size, its entire discharge [payment–Ed.] would be despaired of, and we shall be committed to a career of debt, corruption and rottenness, closing with revolution.

We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our election between economy [debt-freedom–Ed.] and liberty, or profusion [of our own (debt-free) property or substance–Ed.] and servitude [toward our lenders or creditors–Ed.]. If we run into such debts as that, we must be taxed in our meat and in our drink, in our necessaries and our comforts, in our labors and in our amusements, for our callings and our creed [?], then we will have no time to think, no means of calling mismanagers to account [because ruling “mismanagers” shall be the hand-picked agents of the national creditors, and hence the “official” enemies of the American people–Ed.]; but must [like every Amerikan president since Woodrow Wilson (and 1913)–Ed.] merely be glad to obtain subsistence by hiring ourselves to rivet their chains to the necks of our fellow sufferers.


For, “The borrower is servant [‘slave’–By.] to the lender.”—(Proverbs 22:7)


So, since there is intentionally, deliberately, designedly never enough debt-token money to repay the debt-token “jew,” the most the deeply debt-ensnared Gentile nation can do to keep from being “foreclosed” (confiscated, seized, dispossessed, robbed, auctioned—short of disowning or repudiating the national debt—the only ultimate solution) is to keep up the annual “interest” payments. (This again is euphemized (by the “jew” and his Gentile puppet-gov’t agents) as “servicing the [national] debt.”) But national “foreclosure” is sure and inevitable because the debt-token “principal” can simply never be repaid, as there simply is not enough debt-tokens to do so, and shall never be. For every debt-token which is ever paid the crown in annual “interest” payments (i.e. in “servicing the debt”) is a token taken from this “principal” loan, a token taken out of circulation, even existence. And before long all debt-tokens in existence become a tiny fraction of this accumulated “principal” loan, (a.k.a. the “national debt”). So of course the debt-token loan or debt can never be repaid. But again this was visible, deductible, apparent from the very beginning, from the very first debt-token money loan, or “principal.”

*  *  *  *  *

Can you now see the supreme and self-damning folly of, e.g., renting or leasing gambling “chips” (or tokens) for your gambling house, and paying (as use-fee or “usury”), e.g., 10% annually of the marked or face value of those chips, just so your casino customers would have chips or tokens to gamble with? But why not make (or commission) (and hence own) your very own gambling chips (of metal, plastic, wood or paper), and hence use them as long as you like for free, and so without ever having to pay any token owner or lender even a penny of “usury” (for their use or usage)?

For the chips, coins or tokens have little to no intrinsic value. (That’s understood by the word, “token.”) For they are neither gold, nor silver, nor platinum. And so it makes no sense to rent or borrow them (for a rental fee called “interest” or “usury.”) For you can create and use your own tokens for free until they wear out. And then you can make (or commission) some more.

And wouldn’t you think a fellow gambling-house owner a fool if he seriously proposed borrowing some of your chips or tokens at even 1% “interest” or usury yearly? (Would you then set him straight, enlighten or inform him, or separate the monetary fool from his money?)

But in their dark, Satanic loyalty and devotion to their “jewish” masters, traitorous Gentile officials and governments have visited this evil and far worst upon their citizens. For they tax or compel them not only to pay the yearly “interest, ”rent, or usage fee on the “jew’s” debt-token monopoly-money, but also the “principal.” I.E., not only are the poor, fleeced citizens annually compelled or taxed to pay (as “interest” or usury) a yearly percentage of the marked or face value of the worthless tokens they (by these “their” “legal” “representatives”) are thus compelled to use as money, even monopoly-money, but they are even compelled to pay the entire face value or “principal” of the “jew’s” debt-token money—tokens the royal “jew” loans his puppet gov’t—tokens which both these two public enemies then compel us all to use exclusively—tokens which we ourselves could have created, made, manufactured or commissioned for next to nothing, and hence owe neither “jew” nor Gentile as much as a penny for our honest, ample and stable, debt-free token money.

The public or citizenry are like a gambling-house owner. For they too need chips or tokens to work, play or trade with. Let’s call their joint, “Casino Royale.”

Can you (placing yourself in the place of the “royal” “jew,” or one of his “official” or “representative” bone-breaking thugs) imagine the difficulty of having to persuade (and not at the point of a gun) an honest, intelligent, self-respecting and customer-loving gambling-house owner (such as yourself) that he should not create, own and use his own gambling chips for free, but he should instead borrow them from you (or your evil master) for the price of (not only 10% of the face value of the gambling chips yearly for as many years as he wanted, or was thus forced, to use or employ them), but also a one-time (or even repetitive) payment of 100% of the face value of the tokens or chips? Wouldn’t the casino-man think you, the proposer of such a damning deal, were drunk, or kidding, or “jewish”? Yet the “jew” has persuaded Gentile officials to so contract with him, and to so condemn their own Gentile citizen-subjects into this damning-“jew” debt-bondage!

But how? (By “jew” deceit, bribery, blackmail and extortion of stupid, venal and traitorous officials—many of them agents of the “jew” placed by him into office for this very treacherous purpose of serving their anti-Christ master, owner, buyer and debt-enslaving the Gentile public.)

And where does the Satanic “jew” find and purchase all these traitorous and demons Gentile whores and officials? He buys them. He blackmails them. And he makes sure all elective public offices are auctioned off (to the highest bidders of political “advertising” propaganda). And hence (within the “jewish” electoral or political system) only political prostitutes run for public office. And hence (with precious few exceptions) only such demonic creatures are ever elected, and hence ever occupy public office. Simply review, e.g., the “presidential” Amerikan prostitutes since 1913, the year Woodrow Wilson and his Parliament instituted their “jewish” national “central bank,” and hence inaugurated and coronated anti-Christ Amerika’s still-reigning, corporate king, crown and dynasty.

Which brings us to the “jewish” “central bank.”

*  *  *  *  *

In this chapter I hope to show the reader (with his or her kind permission) how both “central” and “commercial” banks are fraudulent “jewish” institutions, but that Gentile “Savings & Loans” banks are of an entirely different breed, being of an entirely different parentage. (And hopefully we shall all see how the fruit is and must be of its good or bad tree, and how monetary honesty is the best “public policy.”)

“Savings & Loans” are honest lending institutions which do not print or create money (like the “central” banks), nor do they “create” and lend non-existent or “credit” money (like the “commercial” banks).

The “central” banksters are institutional frauds and incorporated counterfeiters of their theft- and trap- or predatory-money. This debt-token monopoly-money is a conception, creation, invention and perpetration of supernational, imperialistic or “beastly” Satanists, of Satanic, demonic or anti-Christ “jews.” (Apo./Rev. 13:11-18) It is their evil creation, their demonic “product,” their poisonous fruit. (Matt. 7:15-20 & 12:33)

And “commercial” banksters “create” and lend “credit” or “bank-book” money “based” upon this fraudulent “central” bankster money.

And “central” and “commercial” banksters may indeed be one and the same sociopaths, thieves, frauds, criminals. For the latter are known, knowable or discoverable, but the former are not. For they are the Law, or are above the national Law; and they prefer to remain concealed, hidden, anonymous, unidentified and undetectable within the darkness or shadow of their “central” incorporation.

*  *  *  *  *

This Satanic “jewish” creation, this “central banking corporation” is the only token-money creating group or entity, power or “authority,” crown or throne within (or rather over) the (monetarily) subjected Gentile nations. In other words, the “jewish” “central banks” are the “incorporated” crowns or thrones of the Gentile nations. These SuperNazi anti-Christs are the real but hidden government(s) of the Gentile nations. And the elected national governments are in fact their traitorous puppet governments.

And these anonymously incorporated “jewish” crowns, these irresponsible, unanswerable, imperious, dictatorial, fraudulent and predatory debt-token, monopoly-money creating corporations, these “central banks” are the “banks of origin,” the “banks of issue,” the only creators and sources of all the money within their respective realms, and hence the only determiners of the money amounts or volumes (and hence the money values) within all the “jew”-subjected Gentile nations.

And that’s not good at all, but even far more evil and harmful than you perhaps realize. For the only origin or source of debt-tokens is also their only and inevitable destination, the national “central” banksters. For a debt-token is a loan, and loans must be repaid or returned (to their lenders). And so the monopoly debt-tokens are indeed returned to their only and inevitable destination, (the “central’ banksters), and by their only borrowers: the national puppet-gov’t and the “commercial” banks.

The national puppet gov’t borrows and spends this “central” money, and taxes the citizenry to pay some of it back. (But to pay all these debt-tokens back is entirely impossible, as afore-explained.) And “commercial” banks or banksters likewise borrow this national monopoly-money (from these “central” banksters), but they do pay it all back, and with all “centrally” demanded “interest” besides. For “commercial” banks have “legal” power to lend this “central” bankster monopoly-money to the clueless citizenry, and to demand “interest” or usury besides or atop. And “commercial” banksters have “legal” power to “foreclose” and seize the “collateralized” or “mortgaged” properties of any and all their “defaulted” borrowers, thus insuring their “central” banksters get all their monopoly debt-tokens back, plus all their demanded (yet non-existent) “interest”-tokens.

And these unloaned (and therefore “non-existent”) debt-tokens are (and must be) taken from their only other possible source, avenue or conduit (besides the “commercial” banks)—i.e. from those debt-tokens loaned out by the national (“central”) banksters to their national puppet-gov’t, and thus spent into national circulation.

And so the national monopoly debt-tokens are “royally” or “centrally” distributed among the monetarily ensnared Gentile public by puppet-gov’t borrowing and spending, and by “commercial” bank borrowing and lending. Therefore, aside from all the “jewish” (“central bank”) debt-tokens spent into circulation by the national puppet-gov’t, (and thus indirectly distributed among the public via gov’t venders and gov’t (“federal” or imperial) employees), the “commercial” banks lend this national debt-token monopoly-money directly to the citizenry. And (aside from a few individual lenders), the “commercial” banks must borrow this monopoly-money from (where else?) the “central bank,” the “bankers’ bank,” the “bank of banks,” the only or monopoly “bank of issue” (i.e. paper-money-creation). And commercial banksters then lend these monopoly debt-tokens directly to the Gentile public at higher rent, usury or “interest” rates or percentages than they pay the “central” banksters to borrow them, and from which higher rates they derive their “commercial” profit. (And that’s not all. See their “credit money” below.)

*  *  *  *  *

And again there are only two channels or avenues of “issuance” or distribution of this debt-token monopoly-money of (and from) this Satanic, national, “jewish,” “central bank.” The monopoly debt-tokens of the “central” banksters are either loaned to their puppet-gov’t or to (their?) “commercial” banks. (Both are perverse or crooked “jewish” institutions, the former traitorous, deceitful and predatory, and the latter merely deceitful and predatory.) And both perverse institutions borrow “their” debt-tokens directly from this national, monopolistic “central bank,” this “bankers’ bank,” this “bank of banks.” And so the Gentile public get “their” money (i.e. “their” Satanic, “jewish” or anti-Christ debt-tokens) only indirectly or secondarily: either via “their” national puppet-gov’t’s spending them (into circulation) and/or the “commercial” banks’ lending them (to them).

And so the anti-Christ “jew’s” “central bank” lends directly to his puppet Gentile gov’t, and to his “commercial” banks, but not to the Gentile public. The “jew’s” “commercial” banks lend to the Gentile public. And so the “central” bankster lends to the public only indirectly. He uses the intermediary of his “commercial” banks—who must first borrow his monopoly debt-tokens, and then may lend them to the public, and very fraudulently and very profitably, and with their Satanic king’s (if not also their corporate father’s) direction, supervision and blessing.

*  *  *  *  *

For “like father like son,” both banks (both “central” and “commercial”—and I’ll bet the former own the greatest of the latter) can and do “legally” create “credit” money (out of nothing). The “central” bank’s “credit” money is merely paper, and the “commercial” bank’s “credit” is nothing at all, and yet it is said to be “based” upon the former. Go figure! But know that “money” or “credit” (“fractionally”) “based” upon “credit” is no more than fraud (“fractionally”) “based” upon fraud.

That is, both banks can and do “legally” pretend to possess and lend out more debt-token money than they actually possess to lend out—but in the case of the “central bank” this hardly seems necessary, since at any time it can print up (or order its puppet government’s printing office or “treasury” to print up) as many paper-debt-tokens as it commands and wishes to exist and to lend out—and upon which paper-“basis” and “fractional” “backing” the “commercial” banks create and lend their multiples of “credit” “money.”

That is, the “commercial” banks have the permission of the “Law’” (i.e. of the national crown or the “jewish” “central” bank via its national puppet-gov’t, its Gentile fronts, its parliamentary, presidential and judicial officials, lackeys, whores and traitors) to lend out to the public up to ten times more imaginary “credit” money as debt-tokens presently in their possession. These “central” debt-tokens allegedly, supposedly, imaginably “guarantee” or “back up” this “commercial” bank “credit” money.

These debt-tokens are said to be this “commercial” “credit” money’s “fractional reserve,” precisely as the “jew” once claimed his gold to be his “fractional reserve” for his multiples of paper-promises to pay gold which he created, printed, signed and lent, in fraudulent exchange for real and true Gentile gold, plus golden “interest” besides or atop, of course. Again we see “jewish” lies based upon “jewish” lies based upon “jewish” lies. When, where and how shall this evil ever stop? For surely the Devil and Its children will never stop themselves! (John 8:44) For they’ve always been on a Satanic or “messianic” mission from Satan, to kill God and forever usurp His earthly kingdom (or “vineyard”—Matt. 21:33-46) Thus they will need to be stopped by someone(s) sufficiently Godly, righteous, strong and brave. But where is Siegfried, St. George or that white-horsed Fellow whenever you need Him to slay the Dragon? (Apo./Rev. 2:9, 3:9, 13:1-2, 19:11-16 & 20:1-2)

Imagine, dear reader, the enormous fraud of claiming token-money (money of no real worth) as the “backing,” the “basis,” the “reserve,” “guarantee,” “surely” or “collateral” for yet even more worthless money—“credit” money or “bankbook” money—“money” “created” simply by writing numbers into a bank-book or typing them into a computer!

(And yet this debt-token-money of the “central” banksters’ is merely numbers printed on paper. Should we have faith or belief in that, dear reader? Should we credit the likes of that?—much less any “credit” “money” “fractionally based” upon this mere paper-money? I don’t say so. But what do you say?)

The “commercial” banks have the “legal” permission to perpetrate this monetary or banking fraud simply because they have the (fraudulent) “central bank’s” permission to do so. The “central” bank is the “commercial” bank’s lord and master—and often its owner (if I’m not mistaken). One “bank” is the “central” creator or father of the “commercial” other.

The “central” bankster controls and dictates the “commercial” bank laws—as he dictates all other laws within his (or their) kingdom (or state…of fraudulence, predation, darkness). For the “central” bank or bankster (thus possessing the supreme or royal power(s)—to create money, to tax, to make war, to kill, etc.) is the national crown or king of all “public’ officials and subject-citizens living within his “royal” monetary realm, and hence under his sovereign majesty’s (political/economic/monetary) crown, throne, “authority” or power.

For the money-power is king. And “he who pays the piper [or the ‘public’ official(s)] calls the tune.” And it is the servant (however “public” or private) who accepts his master’s token money, and never the reverse. And so this debt-token creating and lending “jew” tells his Gentile puppet-government exactly what to do. (And this indeed they dutifully do. For “he who pays the piper calls the tune.”)

And so all Gentiles who “worship [this] mark of the beast” worship this Satanic “jew” and his father besides. And all Satanic idolaters are thus being monetarily mislead down into a[nother] “jewish” hell on earth—the eternally-coveted, “messianic” or Satanic, imperial or imperialistic, supernational or SuperNazi world-kingdom of the God-damned, “beastly” anti-Christ “jew.” (Apo./Rev. 13:11-17) Is this not true? And can I get a witness…(or two?)

*  *  *  *  *

The “jewish” “Abominations of Desolation” called “Central Banks”

The term “central bank” is a euphemistic understatement that (as “centrally” intended?) fails to truly or accurately capture, express, describe or “do justice” to the actual nature and character of this corporate creature or “beast,” and its monstrous weapon: debt-money, or more precisely, debt-token, monopoly-money. For ’tis a “beastly” monopoly-money (“mark” or “stamp”) whereby we unwitting or unwilling citizens (via “our” (or rather “our” “central” bankster’s’) traitorous and peremptory “public representatives”) are all together damned into a bottomless, unfathomable and unpayable pit of “public” and/or “national debt.”

And this “central” misnomer is all for a very good (or rather evil) reason or cause. It is so this “central bank[ster]” creature, monster or beast might not be popularly spoken of nor perceived as it really and truly is. For to popularly understand or to truly see, perceive or recognize this “central” beast is for all good men to take us arms against it, and hence to slay this monetary dragon, which would indeed be bad for the dragon and Its “chosen people,” but good for everyone else, i.e. (Gentile) humanity. (Apo./Rev. 2:9, 3:9 & 13:1-18)  For these supernational “central” banksters, their SuperNazi “beast,” and their “beastly” debt-token, monopoly-money, “mark or “stamp” are all “jewish,” anti-Christ, Satanic, ant-Gentile and therefore anti-humanity. Is all this not precisely so?

A monopoly “bank of issue” (i.e. money-creation) is not merely a “central” bank; it is the “central bank”; it is the only bank. (For this alone is the definition of “monopoly”: “to sell alone”—from the Greek “monos” (alone) and “polein” (to sell). And what is being monopolistically “sold” (or rather rented) is money. And so all the other so-called “banks” (whether “commercial” or “savings”) within a monopoly bank “system” (or rather realm) are merely the various “retailers” (re-sellers) of this “central” (bankster’s) monopoly-money. For there simply is no other money to lend, sell or rent—except for the fraudulent, non-existent or imaginary “bank-credit” money “created” and lent by “commercial” banksters. But even this is multiplee “based” upon a fraudulent “fraction” of the monopoly-money of the central bankster. And so all other banks are retail branches or outlets of this corporately concealed, anonymous, irresponsible or unliable “central” bankster—if not (in the case of the largest “commercial” banks) his secretly owned “subsidiaries.”

And so the monopolistic nature of a “central” bank(ster) is not evident in its name—much less the fact that this monopoly-money is loaned into existence, and hence is a debt-token, monopoly-money—the most evil, predatory, “beastly,” Satanic or “jewish” money possible.

And hence its “central” (bankster) origin is not only its only or monopoly origin. It is also its only, eventual and inevitable destination. For it is a debt-money. And all debts must be paid—plus all “centrally” demanded, un-lent (and hence non-existent) “interest.” But this is of course impossible for any (Gentile) nation or public. Do you perceive the “central” trap or web, and hence the “central” spider yet, dear reader?

But a monopoly-money does indeed “issue” forth from a “central” source as from a hub of a wheel spoking outwards towards its affiliated extremities on the rim of its realm.

Or else it springs forth from atop its sovereign mount or most “royal” fount and from thence flows downward to all those subjects within its (political/monetary/economic) realm who feel the need to drink. (And not to drink is to die of thirst.)

Methinks this to be the truest meaning and depiction of “trickle-down economics”—although this term is used to describe the vast “federal” expenditures (of “publicly” borrowed “central” bankster debt-money) made by national puppet-gov’ts—vast expenditures which the “trickled-down” (or rather urinated on) public or nation must yet “principally” repay in full, plus all non-existent “interest” besides or atop.

“Central” bankster monopoly-money comes down from its only source and “central” crown as from the top rung of a monetary ladder; or else from the supreme or crowning-capstone of a pyramid. And within its realm all other moneys and users thereof are by definition “crimes” and “criminals.” Or in other words, only its money is “lawful money” or “legal tender for all debts.”

Monopoly-money is like the only well or spring to which all who would drink the water of life must come. And yet this monetary spring is completely unnatural, artificial and man-made, legalistic, coercive or “legislative.” (See “…And Never a Monopoly Coin of the County Realm” below.)

*  *  *  *  *

It would be a far better world for you and me if things were called what in fact they are. Then we’d recognize them far sooner, and far better know how to deal with them or react to them.

And so the “central” liars and thieves at the big-money top dictate their false money tune to their agents of monetary-jive below. (See “presidents,” “parliaments,” “treasurers,” “economists” and/or “economics professors.”) And the rest of us far beneath the “central” top-stone of this monetary (economic, political and social) pyramid called the “national economy” are thus forever bound or doomed to hear no other monetary/economic tune. And the poor, dumb, miseducated student seldom thinks or sees beyond, above or through whatever his misdirecting “economics’” teachers have taught him. (But lack of originality or independent thought is nothing new.)

What then shall we call this “central” bank? How about the “only bank” (of money-creation or “issue”), the “monopoly bank,” the “beastly,” the “jewish” or the anti-Gentile bank?

And though the creators, owners, operators and players of this “beastly,” debt-token, monopoly-money “racket” are not a “mob” of Sicilian-Italian mobsters, gangsters or “godfathers,” but in fact a supernational cabal of “jewish” gangsters, mobsters or banksters, where in Hades in Elliot Ness to touchingly “clap irons” upon these “untouchables”?—upon these imperious dictators of “jewish” “laws” which only Gentiles are “legally” bound to obey? (I.E. supernational “jewish” laws or dictates against (Gentile) “hatred,” “racism,” lying, “spreading of false news” or slander etc.—as if “jews” did none of these things, or were not the greatest practitioners and offenders thereof.) For there are two kinds or species of laws: one for the “jews” to safely ignore, and the other for Gentiles to dutifully obey…or else.

But how about a supernational law against supernational or SuperNazi war-mongering, against “central” debt-token monopoly-moneys, “central” banksters or bankering, and against their traitorous national puppet-gov’ts?

But one cannot realistically expect salvation from Damnation, deliverance from the Devil, nor honest money from Its monopoly-money “beast,” Its world-wide “sinagog of Satan,” or Its “royal,” dynastic and SuperNazi cabal of “central,” debt-token, monopoly-money “jews.” (Apo./Rev. 13:11-18, 2:9 & 3:9)

*  *  *  *  *

Again, this Satanic “jewish” creation, this “central banking corporation” is the only token-money creating group or entity, power or “authority,” crown or throne within (or rather over) the (monetarily) subjected Gentile nations. In other words, the “jewish” “central banks” are the “incorporated” crowns or thrones of the Gentile nations. These SuperNazi anti-Christs are the real but hidden government(s) of the Gentile nations. And the elected national governments are in fact their traitorous puppet governments.

And the international, supernational or imperial “jewish” banksters obtained this “royal” power, this supreme “authority,” this exclusive “right” to print or create this monopoly-money (out of nothing but paper and ink) from traitorous Gentile officials (parliaments, presidents and “supreme court” judges) who gave it to the “central” banksters for next to nothing, or sold it to them for the proverbial “bowl of pottage.” (Genesis 25:27-34) (Bad deal, dark day; see the Lindbergh quote.)

*  *  *

Do you see, dear reader, what political “representation” can do to you and yours?

(“What remedy then?”)

“Represent” yourself, then! And coin yourself and your fellows some honest token money, if you haven’t enough gold or silver coin to go around and do the job of making all desired exchanges within your common marketplace or state. For the alternative is mere barter, and hence stagnation.)

*  *  *  *  *

And here’s the zillion “dollar” question: Is this mere paper monopoly-money of these imperial, “beastly,” SuperNazi “jews” then spent (or freely-distributed) into existence and circulation within and among the Gentile nations? Or is it nor rather lent into existence (by the national, “central,” incorporated “jewish” crowns), and hence borrowed into circulation (by their national, traitorous, “jewish” puppet-gov’ts)?

*  *  *

But did the “jews” ever kindly, selflessly or “disinterestedly” give anything away to Gentiles? Were they ever the source of any truly good things?—much less of any good things given away for nothing? (And don’t say Moses or Jesus or their respective books, for we have only Moses or Jesus to thank (or, if you like, to blame) for same.)

Consider: Would the supernational “jews” have taken the pains and spent the coins to obtain this supreme or royal political power, “authority” or “right” (to create or print the monopoly-paper, fiat- or token-money of the Gentile nations) in order to do them good?—in order to provide the Gentiles with an honest, ample, stable, trustworthy, debt-free token-money? Or did the “jews” merely solemnly wear and piously pretend to do this monetary favor for the Gentiles, both before and after obtaining this their exclusive “right” or royal “authority” to make or print their paper- monopoly-money?

Am I kidding or what?—that I would ever imagine or expect such “disinterested” altruism or genuine philanthropy to come from Satanic, Talmudic or anti-Christ “jews”? But many young and misguided readers have yet to differentiate the angelic or shepherd-like words of the anti-Christs from their demonic, wolfish, predatory deeds. (Matt. 12:33-37) For the two are precise opposites; the former lies conceal the latter truths. Altruistic “jewish” lies and pious “jewish” pretenses are merely generous “jewish” masks and philanthropic “jewish” perfumes demonically deployed by the Devil’s disciples to conceal and cover the ugly, stinking “jewish” truth.

For anti-Christs say and promise many good things. But they do not do these good things—(such as, e.g., providing honest money for Gentiles to use). (Matt. 23:2-3) And there’s the rub, the lie and the deceit! The enemies of God or Godness nearly always pretend and always claim to do good, and nothing but good. But they seldom to never ever really do so. Is this not so?

Is it not the most Satanic or Satan-like of souls who are apparently the most Godlike of all? Or do I misread the divine masks and pretenses of Satan’s humanoid sons? (2 Cor. 11:13-15) (And no I haven’t forgotten the Roman “holy father-pope” and his “cardinals,” “bishops,” etc.) These human demons are known far more by their deeds than by their words. For their words are holy lies and beautiful masks to conceal, perfume and cover their evil deeds and hideous faces. And they themselves are the demonic spawn of their false, pretentious, mass-murderous Father of lies. “Like Father, like son.” And so we see their evil fruit is and must be of their Evil tree. (Matt. 7:15-20 & John 8:44)

*  *  *

But why, one might ask, don’t Gentiles create and use their very own and honest money, instead of borrowing and using (or rather being “legally” (or parliamentarily and presidentially) forced to borrow and use) this fraudulent theft- and trap-“money” of God’s demonic enemies?

Gentiles don’t do so for the very same reason they don’t create their very own mass-media, or political parties, or free and independent states. And this is because Gentiles are the mental and physical, psychological and political subjects or slaves of the SuperNazi “jews.” Gentiles no longer think for themselves. They are afraid to. They are terrorized by “jews,” and hence terrified of the truth. (But “jewish” terror is nothing new. (John 19:22, :38 & 20:19; Acts…8:1) Not to mention the torturous and mass-murderous “red terror” of their “Soviet Union.”)

Gentiles are possessed by Satan and Its “chosen people” (via their mass-media monopoly). They have placed their blind and foolish faith and trust in Evil. They actually believe and trust in Evil’s lies, slanders (see/hear their “holocaust”), tricks, traps and money. They actually believe, trust or “credit” Evil’s money. Thus the Gentile nations are spiritual, psychological and ideological slaves of Satan’s imperial or “beastly” spawn. They are the monetary (and hence political) slaves of the supernational or SuperNazi sinagog of Satan, who historically rose to power (over the imperial “beast” they superseded—the Roman Catholic Church) via their fraudulent international money, “credited” and used by Gentile traitors, dupes and fools. (Apo./Rev. 2:9 & 3:9)

Do you not see how the nations currently trust, believe in, “credit” or “worship” the monopoly-“mark” or “stamp” of this currently reigning empire or “beast”?—which “mark” is the debt-token, monopoly-money of the “beastly” or imperialistic anti-Christ or “jew”? (Apo./Rev. 13:16-18) (Not to mention the “social security” number which this “beastly” anti-Christ or SuperNazi “jew” forces upon every one of his monetary (and hence political) subjects.)

*  *  *

(“OK, so Goodness cannot possibly fall from Evil’s tree. But what’s the difference whether these monopolistic ‘jewish’ money-tokens be given, spent or lent into existence or circulation within the Gentile nations?”)

Much! This monetary distinction is indeed much ado about something! For one monetary road leads upward toward Gentile prosperity, national independence and international peace, and the other leads downward into hellish “jewish” domination and world-war, downward to total Gentile dispossession, ruination, enslavement or death. (See “jewish” “democracy,” Marxism and/or “communism.”)

(“OK, so which money or monetary road is which? And how can we possibly make the switch, if and when we find ourselves woefully mislead, officially betrayed, and hence traveling down the wrong road?”)

Once one knows which is which, one practically knows how to make the switch.

But for now, almost everyone already knows the difference between gold and paper money, between “specie” and “fiat” or token money. (And “paper-gold” is of course not gold but paper-money, a paper promise to pay gold “upon demand.” But who but a monetary fool would ever “demand” paper instead of gold, or prefer paper-money over gold?)

But everyone (and for his very own sake) must also be able to distinguish between a debt-token money and a non-debt (a debt-free or a debtless) token money. For only the latter token can possibly be honest, if only it be ample and stable, and non-coercive or non-monopoly.

A token which is lent into existence or circulation is a debt-token. But a token which is spent (or freely distributed) into existence is a debt-free token.

A debt-token represents (or rather is) a “public” debt to a “royal” or “central” crown (i.e. token creator), and lender or debtor. And so this debt-token must be repaid back to its royal source, its only origin, its “central” throne or corporate crown—(plus non-existent “interest” tokens to boot!) For that is the dark and evil deal which the dark and evil “central” crown or corporate king forces upon the public via his (clearly not the public’s) “public servants,” “public officials” or “public representatives.” For why would the public desire or wish to contract, condemn or to damn themselves and their descendants into unpayable debt-bondage (to some anonymous “central” corp.)? It just doesn’t make cents.

But a debt-free token is scot-free. It represents no public debt, and therefore entails no token repayment (neither of “principal” nor (non-existent) “interest”), and hence necessitates no token return to its/their monetary crown, creator(s), source, origin, mint or printing press. Therefore debt-free tokens (unlike debt-tokens) remain in circulation and perform their purpose as money (tokens of exchange) until they wear out and are replaced. For there is no debt attached to their creation, and hence they have no need nor compulsion to return to their “royal” or “central” creator(s), lender(s) or debtor(s). And hence debt-free tokens have nowhere to go or return to but round and round our marketplace or ourselves.

I may borrow tokens from you or you from me. But the tokens we both use are not borrowed but “debt-free.” Hence so are we, monetarily.

And so long as our token money is and remains honest (i.e. debt-free, stable, ample and non-monopoly), then such a money is therefore trustworthy, and worth its weight at least in silver, regardless of who trusts or mistrusts it, credits or discredits it, believes or disbelieves in it. And it is precisely just such a money which I am proposing, promoting and attempting to describe within these very “wicked” pages. (Therefore read on, dear reader.)

But a dishonest token money of course should be discredited, disbelieved and mistrusted as soon as humanly possible, as soon as it is truly seen or recognized (to be debt-token, variable, unstable or inconstant, insufficient, etc.).

And so there’s the (infinite) difference between “jewish” and Gentile token-money: one is a debt-money and the other is not; one leads downward to dispossession and the other upward to prosperity; one is a diabolical fraud, theft, and trap, and the other is not; one is evil and the other is not; one is from the Devil (or Its “chosen people”) and the other is not.

Which do you prefer for you and yours, dear reader? And would you be a “central” bankster over the others if you only could?

*  *  *  *  *

And so the “central” bankster is also the sole controller of the flow, the supply, the amount or volume of the (“jew”-debt-monopoly) money within the monetarily-damned Gentile nation.

(“But what does it matter how much money is circulating at any given time? Or what difference does money-volume make?”)

Much! For the money-volume or amount in circulation controls or dictates the prices of all things (for sale): the more money, the higher (the price of the thing(s) for sale); the less money, the lower. More money bids up the prices of all things (in that general public auction we call the “marketplace” or the “economy”), less money bids prices down.

And even more importantly or consequently, is this money supply (and hence price level) to be stable or variable? A variable, unstable or inconstant money supply (and hence money value) is of course untrustworthy. For who knows what such a money will be worth tomorrow or the next day?

And a debt-money is always variable or inconstant by nature, essence, being. This is because debt-tokens are always returning back to their “central” source (and ultimate destination) in “interest” and/or “principal” payments, thus reducing (“deflating”) the supply, thus changing (increasing) the token’s value. Furthermore, new tokens must periodically be borrowed (from the “central” token crown by its “royal” puppet-gov’t) to keep from running out of tokens entirely, thus increasing (“inflating”) the supply, thus changing (decreasing) the token’s value.

And a variable money supply is the ultimate speculative tool or predatory weapon, whereby the money is acquired or “bought low [i.e. when most plentiful] and sold high” [i.e. when most scarce].

And so aside from the fact that debt-tokens are debt-tokens, and hence fraudulent and hence untrustworthy, debt-tokens are always inconstant, variable or changing in number, volume or amount, and hence ever-changing in value, and hence never trustworthy for this reason also.

Do you see? (“O say can you see…?” …I’m afraid so.)

*  *  *  *  *

This deceitfully or misleadingly-named “central bank” is in fact the only money creating power or “authority,” crown or throne, group or “corporation” within (and thus above) the subjected Gentile nation. To call it the “only bank” would therefore be much closer to the truth. For it is the only source of all the money used within the nation. And all other banks, lenders and spenders must use its “royal” or “central” (monopoly) money, and only its money. For (upon its fraudulent and fascistic face) it declares itself to be “legal tender for all debts public and private.” For this “jewfish” “central” bank corp. creates all the money “legally” used within that (monetarily-subjected) Gentile nation.

And so this “jewish” “central” bank is in fact the national Gentile crown. For it (they) alone possess the supreme, sovereign or “royal” power or “authority” to coin or print all the nation’s money, and hence their money, hence their fraud-, theft- and trap-money, their “debt-token” money.

Yes that money is in fact a fraudulent and predatory money, a trap- and theft-money, a debt-token monopoly-money, a Satanic, “jewish,” anti-Christian money.

For this evil fruit must naturally be of and like its evil tree. (John 8:44) For how can good come from evil, or evil from good? (Matt. 7:16-20 & 12:33-35)

*  *  *  *  *

And the corporately-concealed (but certainly Satan-like and “jewish”) inventors, creators and owners of this “central” and corporate evil, this noxious, poisonous, fraud-, theft- and trap-money, have obtained (and to this day have maintained) this monopoly right or exclusive privilege to create or print all the Gentile nation’s money—and out of nothing but mere paper—and by way of (who and what else?) treasonous, anti-Gentile, anti-national and anti-Christian Parliaments, presidents and “supreme” courts. For by such national, racial and religious traitors as these (demonic, officious and treacherous Gentiles) was the supreme or sovereign “royal” power or “authority” of the imperious anti-Christs’ obtained. And by such Gentile traitors as these was it to this dark and evil day maintained. I refer to those traitorous Gentile officials who (to rule for “one hour with the beast,” the SuperNazi “sinagog of Satan”—(Apo./Rev. 17:12-14, 2:9 & 3:9), formerly transferred, gave or sold (to that imperious anti-Christ nation) this supreme or godlike power, this royal or kingly “right,” this sovereign “authority” to make, create or print the (evil “jewish”) money of the Gentile nations. And I refer as well to all those current, present, contemporary public enemies within public office who to this day continue to allow, permit or facilitate these “central bank corps., ” these institutional abominations of Satan’s “beastly” world-wide sinagog, to continue to reign over the “jew”-fleeced and “jew”-dominated (if not yet “jew”—enslaved) Gentile nation(s), over which they, as public officials, officially and nominally preside (for their corporately-concealed and “central” “jewish” whore-masters). For all such traitorous Gentile parliaments and presidents suck off the SuperNazi “jew.” And that’s not very nice. And yet that’s both the job, and the “job description.” Is this not precisely (though metaphorically) so?

And so we can all clearly see the international enemies of the Gentile nations are not only within their national gates, they sit upon their national thrones, they occupy their highest national offices. And we see within all the (Gentile) nations under all the (“jewish”) “central” crowns, banks or corporations, that none other than national public enemies have been and have remained in national public office ever since the dark day of the (parliamentary and presidential) birthing of this supreme, royal or “central” abomination, until this far darker, far more indebted and far more conquered or subjected day.

*  *  *

(Revisit, if you will, the prescient or prophetic warning of old man Lindbergh upon the treacherous, whorey, prostituted floor of the “jewish” or anti-Christ American Congress…in 1913. Things are far worse now.)

But the American parliament didn’t heed Lindbergh, nor serve their country nor their public. For they treacherously preferred to heed, obey, serve and further their hidden “jewish” masters, buyers, purchasers or pimps. And so they betrayed and sold their country, their public and their (European) race. And so has every “jewish”-Amerikan parliament and president since that time. Is all this not precisely so?

And so to this day this “central,” “jewish,” monopoly-money creating bank, this “Federal reserve Corporation,” is in fact the “jewish”-Amerikan crown, throne and king—who/which has dictated (via his/its parliamentary and presidential traitors and whores) all domestic and foreign Amerikan policy since that time. (See e.g. “racial integration” and world wars I and II.) For he or they who create all a nation’s money can buy up all its whores, traitors and “public” offices.

*  *  *

And so the “central bank” corp. is the national “bank of origin,” the national “bank of issue,” the “bank of banks,” the “bankers’ bank,” the only or monopoly printer, creator, source, origin and distributor of all the (“jewish,” debt-token) money of all Gentile nations, which have thereby become “jewish” nations. Did you know that, dear reader? And now you know how that was done. For “he who pays the piper [or buys the whorey and traitorous president and parliament–Ed.] calls the tune.”

And again this demonic and cacophonous tune is called “sucking the jew” or “kissing his ass”—as medieval “witches” were said to kiss the Devil’s ass in the woods at midnight. But these modern witches (parliamentary, presidential and/or judicial) are even more demonic or Satanic than those sadistic, bloodthirsty Roman priests or the alleged witches or “heretics” whom they persecuted, tortured or otherwise “saved” to death, thus metaphorically drinking their life-blood. (Apo./Rev. 17:3-9)

Just look how your presidential and parliamentary “representatives” thus service their Satan-like masters, thereby betraying you and yours every minute. For that’s their job: to serve and further the SuperNazi empire of the anti-Christ “jews” at the expense of (who else?) all the Gentiles! How very “presidential”! How very “statesmen-like” of “our” highest elective national officials or “public servants” to thus suck off the “beastly,” imperial, SuperNazi “jew(s),” in order that they may “rule for an hour with [or rather under–Ed.] the[ir] beast.” (Apo./Rev. 17:12-14)

Hence the “whore of Babylon” is not the only whore in Babylon.

*  *  *  *  *

And so this “jewish” “central” bank is in fact the national Gentile crown. For it (they) alone possess the “royal” power or sovereign “authority” to create, coin or print money, hence their money, hence their fraud-, theft- and trap-money, their “debt-token” monopoly-money. (For the fruit is and must ever be of its good, bad or mediocre tree.)

Or were you expecting Godness, honesty, good will and benevolence to come from Satan’s “chosen people”? And if so, why? Because you believe in their “divinity,” their anti-Christ slander, propaganda and blasphemy? (Whom do the anti-Christ demons hate and slander more: Jesus or Adolf? And what’s the difference?) Methinks it far better to believe and trust in God rather than in His demonic enemies and their father, the Devil. (John 8:44) (But it’s your heart and your head. And therefore you’ll believe, trust or credit whomsoever you will, “no matter what the Man says. He says…”)

Why trust the untrustworthy? Why believe the unbelievable? Why believe, trust, credit or “worship” the monopoly-money, “stamp” or “mark” of the imperious anti-Christ “beast,” the SuperNazi sinagog of Satan? (Apo./Rev. 13:15-18)

*  *  *  *  *

And so ever since the Gentile gov’ts (through treasonous, venal mercenary “public” officials) had given or sold (to those corporately-concealed supernational “jews” called “central banks) their nations’ sovereign “right” or royal “prerogative,” their peoples’ supreme “authority” or kingly power to create, print or coin their own money, these traitorous Gentile puppet-govts (as loyal and dutiful and yet treasonous agents of that imperious, “beastly” sinagog of Satan) have been borrowing these (debt-)tokens (from their “centrally” incorporated supernational masters) instead of simply creating, printing or coining their very own (debt-free) token money for next to nothing—just as these supernationally interlocked (and intermarried) “central” banksters currently do, and have always done.

For as we can all plainly see, the debt-token monopoly-money of these currently reigning, “centrally”-incorporated, supernational “jewish’” banksters is no more than their specially-marked paper, which promises to pay nothing at all, much less anything of any real value—as their fraudulent “paper-gold” once promised. For their malevolent purpose is as it always was, to exchange false jewish” values for true Gentile ones—i.e. to trade fraudulent “jewish” paper-money for valuable Gentile property, labor, land, gold and silver, etc.

Hence this current “central” “jewish” “money” is neither real nor true money, neither gold nor silver “specie,” nor even fraudulent (because inflated) promises to pay same. But it is a merely symbolic, imaginary, political money, a mere “fiat” or “token” money. But as it is loaned into existence (by the national or “central” crown to its traitorous puppet-gov’t and whore), it is a “debt-token” money. And since it declares itself to be “legal tender for all debts public and private,” it is therefore a “debt-token monopoly-money,” a “legally” or parliamentarily commanded, mandated or “fiat” money which is therefore a “crime” (for all (monetary) subjects/citizens of the “central” crown) to refuse or not to use. But surely only a predatory trader or robber forces his deal or exchanges upon others, his trading “partners,” his victims, his prey.

Wake up and smell the “central” “fiat.” Methinks it stinks like “jewish” “sheat.”

*  *  *

But surely the Gentiles could coin their own (debt-free) token money as cheaply as the supernational “jews” print up their debt-tokens (to lend to their traitorous puppet-govts). And then via spending these debtless tokens into circulation, honest Gentile gov’ts, crowns or officials could thereby gain or reap for nothing (but the small cost of creating them) the exchange value of these tokens, thus “buying” from their productive public (with these debt-free tokens) whatever they wanted or needed at the. (Alternatively, the Gentile nations could freely and equitably give these tokens away to their citizens, (at so many tokens per citizen). Or they could give some and spend some tokens into circulation.)

But the debt-free Gentile governments should then require that these honest and debt-free-tokens of theirs be returned to them as taxes, refusing all other moneys as payment, even “specie.” For this makes the (otherwise worthless) tokens desirable, valuable and necessary for all taxpaying citizens to acquire, at least around tax time.

In other words, an honest, debt-free token-money need not be a monopoly-money. But it must be one which the gov’t exclusively requires as taxes, declining all others, even real money, even gold and silver. For otherwise the citizenry might not use the debt-free tokens at all, perhaps having been (falsely) persuaded that they’re dishonest, fraudulent, variable, untrustworthy.

For why be more dictatorial, coercive or officious than you absolutely have to be? For a little of that goes a very long way. And an overly-coercive public official soon loses his public welcome.

(And although all “government” is “legalized” or officious coercion, coercion itself (“official” or not) is the sign and method of the predator, robber and rapist. And yet whatever minimum force or coercion is necessary to take, seize or otherwise acquire or secure your homeland, breadland, motherland or fatherland, and to defend your state of freedom or independence from all adversaries, and to cast out or repel your natural, tribal or racial enemies, cannot possibly be avoided in this world of strife and struggle for land, space, bread and life.)

Requiring your taxes be paid only in your debt-free tokens is coercive of officious enough. And it leaves your public free to judge the value and credibility of your money, and to trust and prefer, and otherwise choose and use whatsoever money they damn-well please.

(An honest token money is also valuable in itself, so long as it remains honest—(i.e. debt-free, ample and stable). But it will be voluntarily used by the public only if and so long as they freely believe, trust or credit it as such. And it goes without saying that the public should never credit a dishonest token money, nor trust an honest token the moment it becomes dishonest.)

But instead of doing all or any of this, treacherous Gentile gov’ts have abdicated their divine, royal or kingly powers, have sold their sovereignty of their nations, have betrayed their peoples, races and fellow-citizens, have surrendered the properties, lives and futures of their clueless and foolishly-trusting publics to the internationally Satanic “jew(s)”—granting to him (or them) alone this exclusive, “royal,” sovereign power (“authority” or “right”) to create all the nations’ money—AND TO LEND IT TO THEM. Hence all this “jewish” debt-token monopoly-money, this coercive, imperious, “mark of the [imperial or SuperNazi–Ed.] beast.”)

And of course and naturally the supernational “jew” had long sought, bribed, blackmailed and otherwise intrigued for this sovereign Gentile power (of monetary creation) until he had at last acquired it—and from which royal power he will not easily be parted.

(See e.g. the probable monetary murder or assassination of “honest Abe” Lincoln (1865) for his intra-national “crime” of asserting Gentile sovereignty, i.e. of an nationally elected “public” official printing up his own debt-free token money (“greenbacks”) and spending them into national circulation, hence with neither “interest” nor “principal” ever due to any supernational “jew.”)

*  *  *  *  *

Consider: Did the SuperNazi anti-Christ seek and obtain this sovereign Gentile power (of monetary creation) so he could serve and further the nations of humanity? or was it not rather to advance himself, his race and their Satanic or “messianic” “religion,” their pro-“jew,” anti-Gentile, racist plot, their “beastly,” imperial or SuperNazi agenda? Was it not so this anti-Christ “messiah” could become the emperor or king of all the Gentiles?—i.e. their “central” corporate crown(s), their supernational government(s)? Was it not so the anti-Christ nation could “communistically” or “messianically: own everything and everybody that wasn’t a “jew” in good (or rather evil) standing? Was it not so the anti-Christ “jew” could become the Satanic emperor or SuperNazi “messiah” of all the Gentiles?


…it was said by the prophets that we were chosen by God Himself to rule over the whole earth. [from Satanic protocol #5]


Surely there is no need to seek further proof that our rule is predestined by God? [Surely, if “by God” the “jew” means Satan and/or the “jew” himself–Ed.] Surely we shall not fail with such wealth to prove that all the evil which for so many centuries we have had to commit has served at the end of ends the cause of true well-being—the bringing of everything into order? Though it will be even by the exercise of some violence, yet all the same it will be established. [pr. 22]


what will our position be then, when we [“messianists”–Ed.] shall be acknowledged supreme lords of the world in the person of our king of all the world…. [pr. 12]


Ever since that time [of the “French” revolution–Ed.] we have been leading the peoples from one disenchantment to another, so that in the end they should turn also from us in favour of that King-Despot of the blood of Zion, whom we are preparing for the world. [pr. 3]


The supreme lord [anti-Christ or “jew”–Ed.] who will replace all existing [Gentile–Ed.] rulers, (dragging on their existence among societies demoralized by us, societies that have denied even the authority of God, from whose midst breaks out on all sides the fire of anarchy), must first of all proceed to quench this all-devouring flame [“of anarchy”–Ed.]….

This Chosen One of God is chosen from above…. They [brutish “jewish” revolutionary forces—Ed] have overthrown all forms of [Gentile–Ed.] social order to erect on the ruins the throne of the King of the Jews

Then it will be possible for us to say to the [Gentile–Ed.] peoples of the world: “Give thanks to God and bow the knee before him who bears on his front the seal of the predestination of man to whom God himself has led his star that none other but Him [who? God or this “messianic” “jew”?–Ed.] might free us from all the before-mentioned [“jewish”–Ed.] forces and evils.” [pr. 23]


…it is probably all the same to the world who is its sovereign lord, whether the head of Catholicism or our despot of the blood of Zion! But to us, the Chosen People, it is far from being a matter of indifference.

Per Me reges regnant. “It is through me that Kings reign.” And it was said by the prophets that we were chosen by God Himself to rule over the whole earth. God has endowed us with genius that we may be equal to our task. Were genius in the opposite [i.e. Godly and Gentile–Ed.] camp it would still struggle against us, but even so a newcomer is no match for the old-established settler; the struggle would be merciless between us, such a fight as the world has never yet seen. [See e.g. “jewish” England verses Napoleon Bonaparte or “jewish”-Amerika and England verses Adolf Hitler (and hence World War II)–Ed.] Aye, and the genius on their side would have arrived too late.

The wheels of the machinery of all States are moved by the force of the engine, which is in our hands, and that engine of the machinery of States is—Gold [and “jewish” “paper-gold” “fractionally-based” upon gold—i.e. false (inflated) paper-promises to pay gold; and nowadays (since we are far more naïve, trusting, gullible and credulous than those Gentiles who came before us), “jewish” debt-tokens, i.e. paper-promises to pay nothing at all, mere paper “money,” lent to us Gentiles collectively via our traitorous “jewish” puppet-gov’ts, and via “jewish” “commercial” banks–Ed.]. [pr. 5]


And this fraudulent “jewish” monopoly-“money” is the “mark” or “stamp” of the Apocalyptic, SuperNazi, “beastly,” “jewish” anti-Christ, and of his mass-murderous, blood-thirsty “jewish” “beast” or empire. (Apo./Rev. 13:11-18 & 17:1-18)


When the King of Israel sets upon his sacred head the crown offered him by Europe he will become patriarch of the world. [protocol 15]


The King of the Jews will be the real Pope of the Universe, the patriarch of an international Church. [pr. 17]


For one two-horned Apocalyptic “beast” shall have replaced another. For an imperial “jewish” anti-Christ shall (and has) supersede(d) an imperial Roman anti-Christ. Is this not so? And was this not predicted some nineteen centuries ago? (Apo./Rev. 13:11-18)

*  *  *  *  *

As the imperious and mass-murderous two-horned “beast” of John’s Apocalypse, (which looked like or pretended to be a gentle “lamb” (if not the very Lamb of God), and yet which "spake as a dragon” or “like a serpent” (By.)—as this former and now superseded “beast” is and was (unless I’m wrong) the personification or symbolization of the Roman papacy, so this other, currently-reigning, latter-day “beast” is the personification or symbolization of this dynastic, SuperNazi “jewish” bankster. (What’s his name again: “Bauer,” “Rothschild” and/or “Red Shield”?) Methinks both two-horned Apocalyptic “beasts” are symbolic or metaphoric powers or demons representing or personifying thoroughly Satanic institutions, evil forces, poisonous lies and blasphemous pretensions. (Apo./Rev.13:11-18) And (again if I’m reading his book right) both are also the “false [or ‘pretended’–By.] prophet” of the Apocalypse or Revelation of John the “beloved” apostle. (Apo./Rev. 19:20)

Know, dear reader, that in John’s prophetic book this two-horned earth-beast is singular or one. But methinks it is a twin, double, composite symbol. And the same goes for the greater, seven-headed, ten-horned sea-beast: Methinks it is a composite symbol for both the formerly supreme Roman Catholic empire and the currently supreme “jewish”-Amerikan empire. (13:1-10) For obviously this latter “beast” (or empire) has historically superseded the former Roman, imperial, supernational (or SuperNazi) “beast.”

And this greater sea-“beast” is served by the aforementioned lesser two-horned earth-“beast,” a kind of Satanic high priest, a “false [or “pretended”] prophet” (19:20) who has wondrous, miraculous or illusory powers (via his “divine-communion” wafer-god and/or his fraudulent “paper-gold”) to deceive (and who exercises mass-murderous, “beastly” or imperial powers to coerce) all the faithless, Godless world to follow, serve and worship this supernational or imperial “beast” via the reception or acceptance of his or its mysterious imperial “stamp” (By.) or “mark” placed in their right hands (like money?) or in their foreheads (like faith, belief, credit?)—without which “beastly mark” “no man might buy or sell.” (13:11-18) (Off-hand, it sounds like some “beastly” monopoly-money to me!)


And he [“it”–By.; the two-horned earth-“beast” and “false [or “pretended”–By.] prophet” (19:20)–Ed.] causeth all, both small and free, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in [“to have a stamp put on his”–By.] their right hand, or in their foreheads: that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast or the [“social security,” national, supernational, imperial or “beastly”?–Ed.] number of his [“its”–By.] name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count [“calculate”–By.] the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his [“its”–By.] number (is) [666–Ed.] Six hundred threescore (and) six. [Apo./Rev. 13:16-18]


If seven is supposedly the number of God, of divinity or righteousness, then is six not the number of the Devil, of demonism or evil, of the “dragon” or “serpent” (13:2 & 20:2) and Its empire or “beast” and/or “false prophet” (19:20)?

(And by the way, could the latter “false prophet-beast” be the Devil (“dragon” or “serpent”) Itself, incarnate as a man, a human, but a very “beastly” human? And if so, why did he or it come to earth, or rather fall from heaven? (12:1-13) (Methinks because Somebody forcibly cast it out… and down!) And what happens to him or it when he dies, as all flesh must? (19:20, 20:10, 20:1-3 & :7-10)

And so I think both Apocalyptic “beasts” of chapter 13: are double or composite symbols or metaphors.

And so methinks the latter “jewish” empire or “beast” has historically overtaken the former Roman “beast.” The imperial, “beastly,” “catholic” or universal Roman Church of Satan has now historically been superseded, surpassed or supplanted by this imperial, “beastly,” supernational or SuperNazi sinagog of Satan (2:9 & 3:9): and not by the blasphemous power of the Roman “pope’s” sacrilegious wafer-god, but by the pretentious power of the SuperNazi “jew’s” “paper-gold: merely one demonic pretence over another, which only fools or children could ever believe or credit. (Matt. 18:6)

The imperial (Jew York & Jerusalem) sinagog of Satan, by “virtue” of their debt-token monopoly-money, their “beastly” mark or imperial stamp, (not to mention their nuclear bomb), have now arisen above the imperial Roman Church of Satan, as the latter once upon a time rose above many “Christians” by “virtue” of their wafer-god, which (via the “virtue” of the “beastly” “lamb-dragon’s” magic words), appeared like “fire [or rather “lightening”—(Strong’s Greek concordance #4442)–Ed.] to come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men.” (Apo./Rev. 13:13-14)

And so the “false or pretended prophet” of the former “Christian” “beast” or empire presently bows before, reveres or worships the “false prophet” of this latter “jewish” “beast” or empire. See the one wail prostrate, pray, petition and beg forgiveness of the other before his almighty “temple wall.” (But no matter to me nor thee, dear reader, ’tis merely one anti-Christ worshipping another.) See how the “holy see,” the anti-“Christian” Father-“pope” bows down in humility before the SuperNazi “jew,” shoving his penitent prayers into the temple-wall of the anti-Christ idol, begging forgiveness on behalf of the followers of Christ—as if this (former) Roman papal-“beast” were some kind of agent, representative or spokesman for God or His faithful, and as if it were the Christian who Historically crucified the “jew,” and not vice-versa, and as if it were not this very Satanic “jew” and his imperial Roman tool who crucified the Christian on their common cross.

See how this “holy father”-“pope” still pretends to be a (if not the) “lamb,” and yet still “speaks like a dragon.” For he remains a faithful spokesman for his father the Devil. Is this not so? Or don’t I know one “false prophet-beast” from the other?

*  *  *  *  *

Again, as to the true motivation(s) of the currently reigning “beastial” or imperial anti-Christ: Did this latter Satanic anti-Christ, this SuperNazi “jewish” “messiah,” not seek and acquire this supreme, sovereign or royal power of monetary-creation of (and hence over) the Gentile nations so that (out of mere paper) he could create his previous fraudulent “paper-gold,” and now his current fraudulent debt-token monopoly-money, to then lend this theft- and trap-“money” to traitorous Gentile puppet-governments (and hence officially-betrayed Gentile nations)—demanding in return both the eventual return of the entire loan (its “principal”) as if it were something of value like silver or gold, and also a annual percentage of that “principal” loan (which the “jew” calls his “interest”)? Is this not precisely so? Or do I misunderstand and hence misrepresent the supernational anti-Christ?

For the Satanic and SuperNazi “jew” is indeed very “interested” in the “wealth of [Gentile] nations”—that it might become his wealth, his property, his stolen and/or robbed possessions, his plunder or booty. The anti-Christ, as always, is very “interested” in money, wealth, profit and (most of all) power.

(And the world-wide power of the SuperNazi anti-Christ keeps all justice or retribution from him, as it also keeps all his evil or injustice in power or effect. And the anti-Christ’s power lies within his false, imperial “beastly” money, whereby he purchases officious whores and mass-murderous mercenaries (who “worship” or credit his fradulent money) to do his evil, imperial, world-wide bidding.)

And what did this filthy rich SuperNazi “jew” do to gain all these valuable Gentile properties? After bribing and/or blackmailing traitorous Gentile Parliaments and presidents, he simply supplied the token-monies of the debt-entrapped Gentile nations.

And again, were (and are) the tokens supplied by the SuperNazi anti-Christ debt-tokens or debt-free tokens? (Is the fruit not of the tree?—the product not of the producer?—the act not of the actor?)

And what’s the difference (between debt- and debt-free tokens)? I hope, trust and pray you, dear reader, well know by now.

And if the SuperNazi anti-Christ were ever really and truly “interested” in providing the Gentile nations with trustworthy money, as he solemnly promised, would his token money not always have been debt-free, honest, ample and stable? Of course it would have, but of course it wasn’t. For he was its father, its creator, its maker, and all fruit is and must be of its tree.

*  *  *  *  *

And again why did the Satanic “jew” for so long crave, covet and seek this royal or kingly power to create all the money within the Gentile nation-states? Why? So he could do the Gentiles good, as he said he would? So he could become a “philanthropist,” a “humanitarian,” as he has always pretended to be? So the supernational or SuperNazi “jew” could bless the Gentile nations with honest, ample, stable money—as he solemnly promised.

But of course the Devil (and Its kindred and/or “chosen” people) will always promise the Gentiles “salvation.” (What else?) For “salvation is of the Jews.” (John 4:22)

What e.g. did the SuperNazi “jews” promise the pre-“Soviet” Slavs? And what did they deliver? Was it not the exact opposite: i.e. mass-murder, dispossession and enslavement of the Gentiles by the “jews”? But would you, dear Gentile, go willingly into the Devil’s kingdom if It or Its “chosen” people truly and honesty and described it to you beforehand? And so of course the demonic sons of their Father of Lies (John 8:44) promise the Gentiles salvation, and heaven on earth, and the kingship, lordship or “dictatorship of the proletariat,” etc.

And so of course the anti-Christs promise(d) the Gentile nations honest “jewish” money? (What else?) And of course no so such thing was ever forthcoming from such a people! On the contrary, for all fruit is and must be of its tree, hence naught but evil fruit falls from this evil “jewish” tree.

*  *  *  *  *

Way back in Judea the Satanic or anti-Christ “jews” even cheated their own people by making them exchange their “profane” gold and silver coins for the “sacred” (and of course worthless) token-money of the temple priests (hence pocketing the golden difference) before their “religious” dupes were allowed to buy their sacrificial animals to bleed and kill for their apparently bloodthirsty god of Moses, supposedly residing within their bloody temple.

But all the while the real McCoy would of course “have mercy, and not sacrifice.” (Matt 9:13 & 12:7; Hosea 5:4-7) For the god of the “jews” was never really God, on the contrary. (John 8:44) For Jesus of Nazareth was the god of Moses, whom the anti-Christs (and hence anti-Mosites) always blasphemously pretended to serve,…even unto this very dark and latter day. (John 8:23-24, :28 & :56-59)

And so of course the sons (and daughters) of Satan recognized, acknowledged or “knew not the time of their [divine–Ed.] visitation,” i.e. the time(s) when Jesus of Nazareth visited their “holy” city and entered their “divine” temple, which (contrary to their “sacred” book of “holy” lies) was the only time the real McCoy was ever really inside their temple. (Luke 19:44) And so of course the hateful, murderous, deicidal enemies of God (and the god of Moses) chased God out of their Godless temple with malevolent rocks. (John 8:58-59) For what else could God expect from the seed, the spawn, the children and devotees of His enemy, Satan the Devil, a warm welcome perhaps? (John 8:44) But we all know far better than that.

For how can the Devil or Its genetic spawn be God so long as God exists? But so long as Godness lacks the power to dethrone Evil, Evil shall continue to reign and occupy God’s earthly kingdom as if It (or they) were God or “God’s chosen people.” (Matt. 23:2, 21:33-46 & Luke 19:12-27)

Gentiles, shall we not now dethrone Evil?—at least to the modest extent that we finally procure an honest money for ourselves and our descendants? and repudiate “our” “national” or “public debt(s)” due to this false and “beastly” money of these SuperNazi anti-Christs?

*  *  *  *  *

And so these “jewish” “central banks” are in fact the national banks of the national Gentile governments—which are in fact “jewish” puppet-governments. For “he who pays the piper [or buys the politicians–Ed.] calls the tune.”

(And this, by the way, is what the SuperNazi anti-Christs mean by their beloved “democracy.” They mean “jewish” dictatorship (over Gentiles)—whether via “jewish” “capitalism,” plutocracy or moneyocracy, (i.e. via nothing but “jewish” money within national Gentile circulation), or via “jewish” “communism,” (i.e. via nothing but “jewish” “public officials” or “public servants” within national Gentile “public office(s).”)

And this supernational or SuperNazi “jewish” dictatorship (disguised as “democracy”) has been the political reality ever since the national Gentile governments took their royal crowns (their sovereign powers of monetary creation) off their own heads to place them upon the heads of their “royal” or “central” “jewish” purchasers, pimps, masters, supplanters, usurpers, and successors. This was via the treacherous parliamentary creation and traitorous presidential recognition of these anonymously incorporated national crowns, which in reality are internationally interlocked “jewish” (“central banking”) corporations, and hence imperial or “beastly,” supernational or SuperNazi “jewish” dynasties. (See e.g. the “Rothschilds,” “Warburgs,” etc.)

*  *  *  *  *

For whoever creates or makes, coins or prints the (monopoly) money of any state or kingdom is clearly its sovereign lord, its royal king, its supreme master or “monarch.” For (like taxation, conscription, or war-waging) monetary creation is among the ultimate or highest, the most royal or sovereign powers or “authorities” within (or rather over) any kingdom or state. Such supreme powers are symbolized by every state or kingdom’s “royal” crown, regal throne, sovereign scepter or national flag.

For it is the master who creates or makes the money. And it is his servant who accepts or takes his money. Is this not obvious? And therefore whoever accepts and uses this money, or is powerless to refuse it, (and especially those who borrow this money from its creative or sovereign source), thereby prove themselves the subjects of this monetary crown, and his “royal majesty’s loyal(ist)” servants.


That the king’s child sets himself above other children [or the “jewish” “central” banksters above the Gentile citizens and nations–Ed.], even this is his act, which secures to him the [political, monetary & economic–Ed.] precedence; and that the other children [or citizens–Ed.] approve and recognize this act is their act, which makes them worthy to be—subjects. [Max, p. 190-91]

*  *  *  *  *

Thus this “jewish” “central banking” corporation is the Gentile nation’s corporate crown, king and/or dynasty—ever since the traitorous Gentile gov’t took its sovereign crown (money-creation power) off its own unworthy head, and “legislatively” (parliamentarily and presidentially) placed it upon the head of its “jewish” purchaser(s) and usurper(s), and hence upon their currently reigning anti-Christ king(s).

(For it is the master who makes or creates his own token money, and his servant who takes or accepts his master’s token money, instead of making his very own, as he should, and perhaps formerly did—like these “jewish” puppet-govts and/or these “jewish”-money-indebted, -entrapped or -enslaved Gentile nations). And again this awesome power to create money is among the highest, most supreme, more godlike, kingly, or royal of all possible powers.)

(But this “central” bank corp. is of course not called the “crown” (outside of England or the “city of London”)—neither by the reigning king-“jew” nor his loyal or “royal” anti-Christ servants. For Evil always disguises, conceals and misnames Itself (see or hear, e.g., “God’s chosen people”) and also Its sins, crimes, evils—and often by slandering Its victims. (See/hear Evil’s “holocaust” (of Germans and German cities—(not to mention the Japanese.)

And so we see the “jewish” “central bank” is a group, corp. or body far above the Gentile government, which is the “central” crown or corp’s “official” and “public” servant, subject and puppet. And so the elective Gentile gov’t is really and truly the “jewish” puppet-gov’t. For not only would only such national traitors and public enemies serve such a Satanic master, but only such demonic creatures would ever get elected. For all “public” offices within Satan’s states, kingdoms or nations are either appointed (by the Master’s sons), or else auctioned off (to the highest bidder(s)—with the most money). And whom, dear reader, could that possibly be, but he or they who make or create all the money?

And (as far as I know) no Gentile official or citizen knows or can find out exactly which Satanic-“jew” banking-family dynasties own “his” particular nation’s “central bank.” And similarly no Gentile government, official, citizen nor subject is permitted by its “jew” master to find out how much Gentile wealth this royal “jew” has profited, stolen, robbed or looted since he was granted this sovereign, kingly, royal power of debt-token creation. For all this and far more the “jew” keeps secret. For the “jew’s” “central bank” corp. has never been “audited” by his puppet-gov’t. For the royal “jew” has never given his “public” or official servants this command, and never will. And that, dear reader, you can surely credit, believe and bank upon, up until that fanciful day when Darkness will willingly come into the light, thus exposing and revealing Its hideous Self to all with eyes to see.

(Or shall the Devil (and/or Its own) suddenly someday repent, reveal all their sins, and beg forgiveness from their surviving victims? I think, bet and bank not. How about you, dear reader?) At any rate don’t hold your breath waiting, as you’d be dead in a minute or two.

*  *  *  *  *

And so this corporate “central bank” is the Gentile (puppet-) govt’s only bank, and really their only source of money. For ultimately, where else can the gov’t (or any citizen) acquire this monopoly money but from its only source…and ultimate destination? For though I may borrow from you, or you from me, we both must borrow, directly or indirectly, from this monetary monopoly, until such time as we create our own (hopefully trustworthy) common money. And though the puppet-gov’t may borrow from its citizens, both derive their common money from one common source…and destination…the national monopoly debt-token crown.

And so this “central” or national crown-“jew,” this wily corporate “royal” lends his (puppet) Gentile government the “money” it/they need to operate. For without this royal “jewish” money, this national puppet-gov’t could not even “pay” themselves (for the great disservices they dutifully inflict upon the public at their “central’ master’s command), much less could they pay anyone else to similarly do the supreme, “royal” or sovereign bidding of their corporately-concealed “central” or national master.

E.g. the “royal,” “central,” national “jew” pays his prostituted and traitorous parliament and president (with his debt-token monopoly-money), who in turn pay their “beastly,” imperial citizen-soldiers to invade, conquer and occupy Europe, the middle east, etc., etc. etc.

Thus all “worshipful” or dutiful servants of the SuperNazi “jewish” “beast” are paid with this “beastly” “jewish” money which the Gentile puppet-gov’ts dutifully borrowed from their national or “central” (and yet SuperNazi or imperial) “jewish” master(s). (Apo./Rev. 13:15-18) For these anonymous “central banking” corporations currently reigning over the Gentile nations were commonly conceived and created, and are commonly owned, interlocked and managed by one and the same group of very nasty, very anti-Christ, very anti-Gentile, and very imperial, imperious, SuperNazi and “beastly” “jewish” dynasties.

*  *  *  *  *


And from the time these national or “central” “corporate” monsters were parliamentarily, legislatively and “legally” created, they have only grown yet more monstrous, viceous, evil, predatory. For this is the nature of Evil; it grows and spreads like fire, war or plague.

E.G. the “jewish”-Amerikan “central” bank, crown or throne, (called the “Federal Reserve Bank,” parliamentarily and presidentially created in 1913), initially printed (and lent its national puppet-gov’t) “paper-gold,” i.e. paper-money promising to pay gold to each and every bearer “upon demand.” But soon the “central” banksters stopped even pretending their paper-money was “good as gold.”

It never really was of course. For several times more paper was always “centrally” printed and lent into national circulation than the incorporated, anonymous and irresponsible banksters ever had gold to “back” or “redeem.” But then if they ever really had the gold they pretended to have, and were honest traders instead of “jewish” thieves, they simply would have paid their debts in gold, instead of mocking, cheating and putting off the Gentiles with their fraudulent paper money, instead of “tendering” their mere paper-promises to pay gold some other time.

For all along the thieving intention, purpose, fraud and scam of these “central” banksters (yet still reigning over the Gentile nations) was of course to exchange their fraudulent “jewish” paper for genuine Gentile gold, and also to be able to print up their paper-money at will, (since they couldn’t really and truly print gold), and to thereby “inflate” and “deflate” their paper money at will, thus causing or creating “depressions” whenever they wished to fleece the Gentiles completely via by “foreclosing,” seizing or buying up damn-near all their real and true values, properties and estates with their false and fraudulent “jewish” paper-money—which was “legally”-necessary because (thanks to the “jewish”-Amerikan presidents and parliaments since 1913) their “central” debt-money was a legal”-monopoly. Hence all we poor fools, dupes and suckers had to have it, to get it, to obtain it at all costs, to keep the wolf (i.e. land-lord, tax-man, sheriff and/or “foreclosing” bankster “jew”) from our monetarily besieged doors. For such is the power of monetary scarcity, draught, “deflation,” or “depression.” And it is no accident, natural occurrence nor “act of God,” but of the Devil’s own “chosen people.”

It’s the same old “jewish” scam, exchanging their false or frasulent money for your real and true money, their token money for your gold and silver, their worthless paper money for your and my labor, wealth and property.

Before they could buy the temple’s animals for sacrifice according to Moses’ law, the Jerusalem temple “jews” (“sitting in Moses’ seat”—Matt. 23:2) would make all the other nominal Mosites change (or exchange) their gold and silver money into (of for) their token temple money. (For all world’s other monies and animals were of course not nearly “divine,” godlike” or “holy” enough to be used or sacrificed within their “holy” temple.) And in this “holy” way the temple priests and their “money-changers” cheated the people of much gold and silver. And in this way “my father’s house” became a “den of thieves,” via this “fraudulent [‘jewish’] money” or this “mammon of unrighteousness.” (See Mark 11:15-18, Matt. 21:12-13 & Luke 19:45-48)

*  *  *

For the children of this world [and of their Dark Father Satan (John 8:44 & 12:31-36)–Ed.] are wiser than the children of Light.

And I [Jesus-God–Ed.] say unto you, Make to yourselves friends [“out of fraudulent money”–By.] of the mammon of unrighteousness; that, when ye fail [“when it gives out”–By.); and you are homeless and penniless–Ed.], they may receive you into everlasting [“eternal”–By.] habitations. [THIS IS A JOKE !: Who says God has no sense of humor?–Ed.]

He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much. [“and he who is fraudulent about a trifle is also fraudulent about a great thing. So if you have not proved faithful about fraudulent money who will entrust you with the real?”–By.] If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true (riches)? [Who but a ‘religious’ fool would give you gold or silver for your fraudulent temple tokens?–Ed.] If therefore ye have not been faithful in that which is another man’s [“vineyard” and/or kingdom (Matt. 21:33-46)–Ed.], who shall give you that which is your own?

No servant [however “public,” “representative,” parliamentary, presidential, judicial, etc.–Ed.] can serve two masters [i.e. both God and Satan; Christ and anti-Christ; Gentile and “jew”; the national Gentile public and the “central” “jewish” crown–Ed.] : for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to [“be attentive to”–By.] the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. [“you cannot belong to God and money.”–By.]

And the Pharisees [“being money lovers”–By.] also, who were covetous, [and who “religiously” insisted on exchanging their “fraudulent money” for “real”—i.e. their cheap-metal money, their worthless (yet “sacred”) temple tokens for the “profane” (and yet “coveted”) gold and silver coins of the devotees of the god of their glorious golden temple–Ed.] heard all these things: and they derided [“sneered at”–By.] him. [Luke 16:8-14]


And why not? For was God not speaking of them and their like?

And so therefore it is clear that you cannot serve both “fraudulent money” and God. But how about honest money? Can you serve both God and honest money? Would a Godly earthly city or state even use money? If not, what then? And if so, what kind of money: “fraudulent” or honest? And what’s the difference? And if you don’t know, then how do you know which god you’re truly serving? Don’t God and Satan (and/or Its “chosen people”) each have their own respective monies: one “fraudulent” and one honest? And which is which? But surely fraudulent money is neither God’s nor His “chosen” people’s.

Given the supreme power of money, and especially of evil, malevolent, predatory, fraudulent or theft-money, it is possible to have, build or maintain a Godlike (good, just, righteous) kingdom or state upon dishonest money? Can a Godly state be based or founded (or even maintained?) upon “fraudulent” or dishonest money? No, because the power will go from the people or citizens to the crown or source of this fraud,- theft- and/or trap-money. Such is the great power of money, (especially monopoly-money), and of its creator(s).

*  *  *  *  *

Christian America, e.g., was based or founded upon honest money, but was not maintained or kept upon it. Hence the dawning, creation or usurpation of “jewish”-Amerika, and especially after 1913, after the parliamentary and presidential creation and inauguration of that ex-Christian nation’s debt-token, monopoly-money crown, its “jewish” “central” bank, its “Federal Reserve Corporation.”

As the fruit is of the tree, so the money is of the god or deity which “sanctifies” it, and of the king or “royal” who “legalizes” it. The money of the Amerikans says upon its face, “In god we trust.” And yet this is clearly a “fraudulent money.” No? And so now we know (if we didn’t before) in which god the Amerikans truly trust. It is the god of their fraudulent money, their false mammon-god. It is their “Uncle” Satan.


The [“jewish”-Amerikan–Ed.] Treasury prints “In God We Trust” on our currency. God is indeed trustworthy, but trusting an intrinsically worthless currency takes an awful lot more than faith.—(Peter Kershaw, from his Economic Solutions)


(So let us therefore pray for deliverance from Evil, and for honest, Godly Gentile money. Let the “jews” serve whatever mammon-god they will. But let us have our own honest money, and thus serve God instead of Satan and/or Its “jew.” He who uses the false, “fraudulent” and “beastly” monopoly-money, “mark” or “stamp” of the imperial, SuperNazi, Satanic “jew,” serves, strengthens and furthers the Satanic “jew,” and also “reveres” or “worships” the fraudulent “beast” and the “dragon” or false god of the Satanic “jew.” What’s It’s name again? (John 8:44 & Apo./Rev. 2:9, 3:9 & 13:15-18)

*  *  *

And of course before long (within 20 years) the Amerikan “central” bankster “jews” had printed up, lent and nationally circulated far more “fraudulent money” or “paper-gold” than they could ever, ever “redeem.” And so upon his accession or inauguration, they had their president Rosenvelt declare a “national banking emergency” and invalidate their fraudulent “paper gold,” thus officially declaring it “legally” irredeemable. But that wasn’t all. They also had him “legally” rob all the Gentile citizens of all their gold (at an exchange rate 20.67 pieces of ex-golden “central” bankster paper (“dollars”) per ounce of genuine Gentile gold). It then became a “crime” for Amerikans to own gold: the crime of “hoarding.”

Question: Was (is) the imperial, “beastly” or SuperNazi “jew” at all guilty of this crime of which he accused and condemned the Gentiles? Was it not his secret desire, aim and purpose to rob, acquire and hoard all the gold of the Gentiles? Is that not what motivated him to order his national presidential agent, whore and traitor to declare it a “crime” for Gentile Amerikan citizens to own any gold? I say “Gentiles,” for were any Amerikan “jews” “prosecuted” for refusing or failing to surrender all their gold to the “central” (or “Federal Reserve”) bank of this extremely “covetous,” imperious or “beastly” “jewish”-Amerika (at the official exchange rate of 20.67 fraudulent paper “dollars” per golden ounce)?

(For up until this time (1933) an American “dollar” was Congressionally defined as so many grains of gold or silver. But from that time to this, a “dollar” meant nothing at all. For American money had become completely “jewish.” It was now purely paper, completely “fiat,” totally token money. It had hereby become a debt-token, monopoly-money. And the central banksters could now “inflate” (and hence depreciate) their paper “dollars” without limit, since they were no longer legally bound to exchange or “redeem” them in gold coin.

And yet these monetarily-, officially- and “legally”-enslaved Amerikan fools imagined they were free. But in truth they were not even free to own (or “hoard”) gold or “real” and/or “true” money.” (Luke 6:11)


They keep you doped with “religion,” sex [sports–Ed.] and T.V./

And you think you’re so clever and classless and free./

But you’re all f---ing peasants as far as I can see./

A working-class hero is something to be./

A working-class hero is something to be./

—[Johnny (“Moondog”) Lennon]


And yet these crazy, “free and independent” Amerikans (who cannot think for themselves, and hate anyone who can, and who hate the truth, and anyone who dares tell it to them) imperiously presumed to imperiously spread their national “freedom,” “independence” and “liberation” around the world which they had conquered (twice, so far), for their Satanic, anti-Christ, “jewish” masters—that all the globe might be as free (or enslaved), as blessed (or as cursed) and as saved (or damned) as they themselves were.

And militarily, politically and monetarily damn the world the “jewish”-Amerikans surely did. For “misery loves company.”)

(See e.g. “jewish”-Amerika’s world war II, and their “liberation” of eastern Europe, their “occupation” of western Europe, their “democratization” of Japan, their world-wide, imperial imposition of their “fraudulent” “jewish” “money” (at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, U.S.A., 1944), etc., etc., etc.)

For so much did Amerikan devotees of their “Uncle” Satan (and of Its “chosen people” and sinagog (Apo./Rev. 2:9 & 3:9) love, value, revere and “worship” their SuperNazi imperial “beast,” and its imperious or “beastly” debt-token, monopoly-money, that they insisted all the world (which they had just conquered for their “Uncle”) accept Its/their imperial or “beastly” “mark,” their supernational or SuperNazi “jewish”-Amerikan “stamp,” their debt-token monopoly-money (as the Gentile world’s “reserve currency”)—as if this imperious, “beastly,” “jewish” paper-money were honest, creditable and trustworthy, or “good as gold.”

And so in 1945 the “jewish”-Amerikan “beast” or empire began to do to the entire Gentile world what the “jewish”-Amerikan “central” bank had done to American citizens from 1913-33, i.e. to impose their “paper-gold” monopoly-money upon them. Is this not so, or do I misread them? (Apo./Rev. 13:11-18)

And the only people in the world who were ever permitted (by this “jewish”-Amerikan “beast”) to exchange or “redeem” its paper-money “marks” or “stamps” (for or with the gold it pretended to be) were (you guessed it) the “central” “jewish” banksters of the other Gentile nations, who again were (and remain) the same dynastic SuperNazis who own(ed) “jewish”-Amerika’s “central” bank. So go figure.

In other words, the Gentile citizens of the world which the “jewish”-Amerikan “beast” had conquered in 1945 were never for a moment permitted to exchange any “jewish”-Amerikan paper-“dollars” for the gold they pretended to be—as the Amerikan citizens were permitted from 1913 to -33.

And so the gold which once had belonged to Gentile America and her once free and independent citizens and which was robbed from them in 1933 by the “jewish”-Amerikan “central” bank, the “Federal Reserve Corp.,” (via their “public” or “executive” agent in Washington, president F.D. Rosenvelt) at the rate of 22.67 “fiat” or debt-token paper-“dollars” per gold ounce, was gradually and secretly transferred to the imperial, supernational and/or “beastly” “jewish” banksters.


At the end of 1949 the U.S. stock of gold (about 700 million ounces, equivalent to $24.6 billion at $35 per ounce) comprised nearly 70 percent of the total gold holding of all free-world governments and central banks. [p.7]…


August 15, 1971 President Nixon unilaterally closed the “gold window” by refusing to have the [U.S.–Ed.] Treasury [and not the U.S. “central” bank, mind you–Ed.] redeem in gold any [more–Ed.] foreign-held dollars. At that time, the U.S. monetary gold stock totaled about 292 Million ounces (which decreased to 274 million ounces after February 1972, when the United States honored a repurchase agreement with the IMF). At $35 per ounce, these holdings had a value of $9.7 billion. Short-term liabilities [meaning both “dollars” and U.S. “bonds”–Ed.] to foreigners then were estimated to total about $60 billion [i.e. over six times more gold that the U.S. Treasury had left–Ed.], about two-thirds of which were owed to foreign official institutions [i.e. “central” banks, the I.M.F. and perhaps the “World Bank”–Ed.].

[Can you follow the “yellow brick road,” dear reader? It went from the officially-robbed Gentile American citizenry, to the U.S. Treasury, to the supernational “jewish” “central” banksters of the world, including and (doubtlessly especially) the “jewfish”-Amerikan banksters.

And note how these SuperNazi “jews” have never accused nor condemned themselves for thus “hoarding” (the Gentiles’ ) gold. Nor would they be willing to surrender any or all of their ill-gotten gold to any truly Gentile gov’t at the “official price” of 35 or 42 paper-“dollars” per ounce. Why is that, dear reader? Why is what is “good” for the Gentile not also “good” for the “jew”? Why does the “jew” not do what he preaches to the Gentile?—(or rather commands, coerces or compels the Gentile to do)? Why not at last give the SuperNazi “jew” a golden taste of his very own “medicine”?–Ed.]

The repudiation by the United States of its obligation to redeem dollar claims in gold marked the collapse of the Bretton Woods system. [A Monetary Chronology of the United States; A.I.E.R., Mass., U.S.A.,1989; p. 7 & 11]


By 1971, more than half of the gold supply that was forcibly taken from U.S. citizens in the 1930s ended up in the vaults of foreign central banks. This was the biggest bank heist in world history. [R. S. Salsman, Gold and Liberty; A.I.E.R., Mass, U.S.A., 1995, p. 76


Thus by 27 years after the international (or rather imperial) Bretton Woods “agreement” (of 1944), most of this ill-gotten U.S. Treasury gold had been secretly, stealthily, furtively transferred to the SuperNazi dynasties of the world’s “jewish” “central” banksters—the only earthlings privileged to draw upon it at the agreed-upon exchange rate of 35 “jewish”-Amerikan “dollars” (i.e. paper-“notes” of the “Federal Reserve Corp.) per weight ounce. (For all national Gentile gov’ts (elected or not) under “jewish” “central” banks are in fact puppet-govt’s, and hence traitorous.) (E.G. 95 million ounces were transferred abroad in 1958-59 alone.—ibid. p. 2 & 7-8) (So go see all the gold that’s not in Fort Knox, Tenn.)

(This golden hemorrhage was finally stopped by president Nixon in the 1971, when he finally “closed” this international “gold-window”—(open for foreign “central” banksters only). And since that time the world’s token “currencies” (no longer measured in or “backed” by “jewish”-Amerikan paper-“dollars”) have “floated” against one another, and have (as always) been valued and measured by their true golden value—i.e. by how many tokens it takes to buy a ounce or gram of pure gold.)

And though the “jewish”-Amerkan “central” banksters have claimed since 1973 that 42.22 of their debt-token, monopoly-money, paper-frauds are worth an ounce of gold, all the world knows much better. And though in 1974 American citizens were once again officially or legally permitted to own gold (i.e. real money), they naturally fear another “central” confiscation, and at this “official [and extremely false] price” of 42.22 “central” paper-frauds per ounce. What’s that saying?: “[if] Once, shame on you; [but if] twice shame on me.”)

*  *  *  *  *

And that’s how the “royal” dynasties of the corporate “jewish” “central” banksters came to own, control and rule the Gentile nations.

And toward that usurpatious and Satanic end the SuperNazi banksters had their Amerikan president Wilson wage their world war I to “save the world for democracy”—i.e. to dethrone all Gentile royalty, that this dynastic, SuperNazi, “jewish” “royalty” might (via their “central bank” corps.) “democratically” usurp and endlessly occupy all the thrones of all Gentile nations—thus imperially conquered by Amerikan “weapons of mass destruction” or “mass murder,” and hence also by this “central,” “beastly,” fraudulent debt-token monopoly-money of these “beastly,” SuperNazi or “messianic” “jews.” Do you see?

For only genuine Gentile superiority or royalty (and comparable “weapons of mass-destruction”) could possibly have stopped these Satanic or “messianic” SuperNazis from conquering all God’s globe. (See “jewish”/Satanic protocol #5 below.) And so that’s why the “jews” want(ed) to kill and depose all Gentile royalty, and to impose their “jewish” dictatorships (called “democracies”).

And this murderous “jewish” hatred for all real and true Gentile superiority, excellence or royalty is nothing new, but is old as the “jew.” (See e.g. their Satanic bible (called “Talmud”) wherein Satan’s demonic spawn had written, “Kill the best of the Gentiles”—(so that these “jewish” beasts might best enslave or devour the rest of the Gentiles). (John 8:44)

Is all this not precisely so, or do I misunderstand these imperial anti-Christs or SuperNazi “messiahs”?

*  *  *  *  *

And so only for 20 years (1913-33) did the “central” bank (and national crown) of “beastly” or imperial “jewish”-Amerika pretend their paper-money was “good as gold” (within Amerika). But beginning in 1933 and their “jewish”-Amerikan president Rosenvelt, who came from Wall Street, Jew York City, home of the headquarters of the national “jewish” crown or throne, the “Federal Reserve Corp.”—(but then all presidents under “central” banks[ters] are “jewish”-presidents; for “he [or they] who pays the piper calls the tune.”)—the “central” banksters’ golden pretense was discontinued, and the Amerikan citizenry were officially and “legally,” presidentially and parliamentarily, “centrally” and nationally robbed of all their gold at the official rate of 20.67 “central” bankster paper-frauds per ounce. (See, if you please, The Great “jewish”-Amerikan Gold Robbery of 1933: or the Tyrannical U.S. Presidential and Congressional “Anti-Hoarding Act” within the Appendix.)

And since that most tyrannical time (1933) the Amerikan “central” banksters have created, printed and lent the Americans (via “their” puppet-gov’t and “commercial” banks) nothing but mere paper-money, mere “fiat” or token-money, money of no real or intrinsic value, mere debt-token, monopoly-money, paper money promising to pay nothing at all, but merely proclaiming upon its fraudulent face to be “lawful money” and “legal tender [i.e. legally unrefusable payment–Ed.] for all debts public and private,” and hence a monopoly-money, thus outlawing all others, including all honest monies. Just consider the Satanic or “jewish” enormity of that: a false and fraudulent money which thus “legally” outlaws all real and true money, (i.e. gold and silver coin), and all (other) honest money, (e.g. any debt-free, non-monopoly, ample and stable token money).

Hence Evil, Darkness, Falsehood, Fraudulence and reigns via Its outlawing and banishment of all Light, all Truth, all Honesty and all Godness. And hence to worship the Law, the “sacred” will, the (presidential, parliamentary and/or “judicial”) command(s) of Evil is to worship Evil Itself. No? Or it is rather Godlike or good to rob all the citizenry of all their valuables, of all their real and true money, all their gold and silver, and to “legally,” forcibly, violently replace it with a worse than worthless paper-money, a fraudulent theft- and trap-money, a debt-token, monopoly-money? Is this not the very work of Evil? Of course Evil never reveals Itself, never publicly confesses Its sins, never takes off It’s Godlike mask. (And therefore someone other than Evil must always do so.) But does this Satanic pretense (to be Godlike) make Evil any less evil?

All this “jewish”-Amerikan evil was done under the demonic, “executive,” presidential pretense of a good shepherd protecting his flock from a “national emergency,” a “banking emergency,” an official shortage of gold.

“Hi, I’m an official short on gold and silver,” or “I’m officially short of gold and silver, therefore surrender all of yours to me now (or within 30 days), dear citizen, subject or comrade, or go to my jail for ten long years, or be fined 10,000 of my new purely paper-“dollars,” or both, and of course lose all your gold and silver besides. How dare you even think of ‘hoarding’ your gold or silver valuables from me. For I have great need of them, and use for them, and most of all, desire for them.”

Does that sound like a good deal to you, dear reader? Does that sound like the speech of the Good Shepherd to His flock, or of the Satanic Wolf to Its prey? Surely this was an “official” robbery disguised as something less, something else, i.e. a “national emergency.” Do you see what evils you receive, dear reader, for worshipping this false god of “nation”? For Evil thereby visits Its evils upon you. Do you not see how the idolatrous Americans were repaid for their national (indeed imperial) idolatry? (And besides this almighty “national emergency,” beware also the demons, “national security,” “executive order(s),” etc., etc., etc.)

*  *  *  *  *

And so ever since parliamentary and presidential installment or inauguration of this national or “central” corporate crown within (or rather over) the imperial “jewish”-Amerikan “beast” in 1913, and especially since 1933, all honest money has been a “crime” therein, it being money other than this monopoly-“mark of the beast,” this “legal tender for all debts public and private.” For only this evil, fraudulent, “beastly” money of “Uncle” Satan’s “beastly” “chosen people” has been the “lawful money” within (or over) all it’s (monetary) realm, over all its land and all its (subjected) people, who have thus “lawfully” and dutifully “revered” or “worshiped” this false and “beastly” “mark” or “stamp,” this evil, debt-token, monopoly-money without which “no man might buy or sell”. (Apo./Rev. 13:15-18)

And via the Bretton Woods (New Hampshire, U.S.A.) “agreement” near the Satanic “jewish” end of world war II (1944), this damned, unredeemable paper-money of the “jewish”-Amerikan empire became the “paper-gold” “reserve currency” of all their imperially conquered (and hence subjected) Gentile nations, all the nation-states then unfortunately fallen under the “weapons of mass-destruction” and/or “mass-murder” of the supernational (or SuperNazi) “jewish”-Amerikan “central” banksters, and hence under their imperious “stamp,” their “beastly” “mark,” their evil monopoly-money.

In other words, instead of gold being (as always) the only real and true, consensual and voluntary money of the Gentile nations, in 1945 the “jewish”-Amerikan “beast” or empire (based and headquartered in Jew York City, Babylon (Apo./Rev 17:—19:3) imposed its “beastly” paper (or “paper-gold”) upon all the Gentile world it had conquered as their new (and imperial) “money,” their new (false and “beastly”) “gold,” their “reserve currency,” the “jewish”-Amerikan paper-“dollar.” For this Satanic “jewish”-Amerikan “beast” had conquered God’s globe. And therefore it imposed it’s “beastly mark” upon the conquered Gentile world—that this imperial “beast” might all the better dominate, steal, rob, enslave or kill all the Gentiles, and especially God’s people, the “best of the Gentiles.” (Is all this not precisely so?) (Apo./Rev. 13:1-18)

For the imperial conqueror (and/or “occupier”) imposes not only his language upon his newly acquired subjects—(that they may understand his commands), and not only his imperial (form of) government—(that all governments might be his puppet-govts), or that all the world may be “made safe for democracy,” and hence “safe” from all sovereign, free or imperially-independent, patriotic or nationalistic monarchs, autocrats or “dictators”—(as if “jewish” dictators were not dictators, as if “democratic,” “socialistic” or “communistic” tyrants were not tyrants)—but perhaps also his “fiat” (“command”) or token-“money.”

(For surely neither gold nor silver need ever be “imposed,” enforced, commanded nor coerced upon anyone, conquered or free.) And naturally such a “fiat” money would be of the nature and character of its creator/imposer. (Who/what else?) And of course a debt-token money is infinitely more predatory that the non-debt or debt-free variety, and a monopoly-money outlaws or criminalizes all others. Varied are the ways, modes or methods of predation, and sometimes as subtle, unnoticeable or stealthy as theft. (See also “inflation.”)

So the imperial or SuperNazi “jewish”-Amerikan “beast” imposed its monetary “stamp” or “mark” upon its world, “without which no man might buy or sell.” (13:14-17) And the “beast” proclaimed its paper-“dollar” “good as gold.” But who could fight or contradict this SuperNazi Amerikan “beast”? (13:4)

But of course the “beast’s” paper-“dollar” was never “good as gold.” For if it were, the “beast” would have always paid in gold, instead of in its fraudulent paper-“money.” But unlike paper-money, gold cannot be printed ad infinitum. We saw above how the “jewish”-Amerikan “central” banksters could only pretend their “dollars” were redeemably “good as gold” for merely 20 years, from 1913 to 1933, at which time they not only declared otherwise, but had their presidential or “executive” agent rob or confiscate all the citizens’ gold (and silver) at 20.67 paper “dollars” per golden ounce, (and .50 per silver).

And the occupation “marks” of the imperial “beast” from Bretton Woods’ were likewise unredeemable by any citizens, American or otherwise. For they were only “good as gold” to the “jewish” “central” banksters of the “beast’s” empire, and for only 25 years, at which time (1971) they too were declared no longer “redeemable,” no longer “good as gold.”

(For without hereby explaining why, it is the dark and evil nature of the Devil’s people’s “mark,” “stamp,” or debt-token monopoly-“money” that it soon be “inflated” (and hence be rendered worthless) far beyond any possibility of “redemption,” golden, silver or otherwise. But see “The Impossibility of Repayment” and “The Unpayable Debt, the Annual Deficit and the Infinitesimal Currency-to-Debt Ratio.”)

And so as the “central” Amerikan “beast’s” first “central,” national or “Nazi” “dollar” was only allegedly “good as gold” for 20 years (from 1913 to 1933), so likewise its second “central” (and yet imperial, supernational or SuperNazi) “dollar” was only imaginably “good as gold” for 25 years (from 1946 to 1971). But it was “redeemable” only by the SuperNazi “beast’s” fellow “jewish” “central” banksters. In this way, the gold robbed from the Gentile American citizens in 1933 was secretly and stealthily transferred to the “jewish” “central” banksters of their Satanic, “beastly” world.

And again these national, “central” corporate monsters are owned and controlled by the same very nasty, dynastic, supernational or SuperNazi “jews” who together constitute the imperial “beast” or corporate super-monster mentioned in John’s Apocalypse—(if I read it right). (So don’t look now, but, “Apocalypse now”! Bummer!)

(And see also if you please, “The Beast from Bretton Woods,” yet lurking within the Appendix.)

(And note how the new “Euro” claims to be “good as gold” (because “fractionally” “backed” by same), and yet is “redeemable” or “convertible” by no one, neither citizen nor official, neither Gentile nor “jew.” What are we to make of this purely credit money, dear reader? Should we credit it, trust it, believe in it? I say no, because it is a debt-money loaned into existence. It would take years (if not decades) for the Euro to become as “inflated” (and hence as worthless) as the “jewish”-Amerikan paper-“dollar.” And so the Euro is presently the lesser of the two evils, to which many are now switching as their “reserve currency.” But the Euro is a debt-money, and hence a trap-money, and hence no damn good either.

Whether we know it or not, what we need, if we haven’t sufficient gold or silver coinage, is not a debt-paper money “fractionally” “based” upon “specie,” but a debt-free, ample and stable, non-monopoly, token-money.)

*  *  *  *  *

And so, since even “the best of the Gentiles” (including Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Otto Von Bismarck and Adolf Hitler) have not yet been able to permanently save their people from the SuperNazi anti-Christ (Apo./Rev. 13:11-18), this wily, supernational, corporately-concealed and “legally” irresponsible (or “unliable”) “jew” still to this day “centrally” prints and lends his Gentile puppet-governments all “their” money to operate—the only money these subjected Gentile nations are “centrally” permitted to use (by these their respective national “jewish” crowns—and especially now that the supernational, “beastly” or imperial Amerikan “dollar” has fallen from golden grace). It being the only money within each Gentile nation sporting his imperial “jewish” majesty’s sovereign “stamp,” his royal “mark,” his only “lawful money” within his royal realm, his only “legal tender for all debts public and private.”

And therefore this monopoly money of his SuperNazi “jewish” majesty is therefore the only money of his “royal” or loyal, lawful or obedient (but virtuous?) subjects.

For the monetary master is he who makes or creates (and even lends) all the money within his royal realm. And his monetary subjects are all those who take or accept (or even borrow) his majesty’s money, his royal “mark,” his sovereign “stamp.” (My wish and hope, purpose and point is that “we the people” or we the citizenry should ourselves become this monetary crown, this royal throne, this sovereign scepter, and hence now and forever create for ourselves an honest, ample, stable, debt-free token money. We’re damned if we don’t.)

But because all fruit is and must be of its tree, this “royal” or “central” “jewish” “money” is naturally the most evil and predatory “money” possible, and ever yet known to man or beast. It is the most viceous, malevolent, poisonous and ensnaring “money” ever yet conceived and perpetrated—by who or what else, but Evil and/or Its children? And of course I refer to this “jewish,” debt-token, monopoly-money.

Thus enthroned nationally and supernationally, this “centrally”-incorporated anti-Christ “jew” blows these “loyal” Gentile nations of his the only monetary air they are ever allowed to breathe. He grants them (or else withholds) the only monetary food they are “centrally” allowed to eat. (See e.g. his “jewish” majesty’s monetary droughts, “recessions” and/or “depressions.”) For his “royal” debt-money is the life-blood and the breath-stream (and the very death) of his (Gentile) nations. This SuperNazi anti-Christ is their Satanic host, their only source of monetary (and hence economic) life. He is their earthly god or idol. And they are his “royal,” loyal, worshipful devotees. How very divine (or rather demonic)!

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:…” (Hosea 4:6) Not to mention lack of courage and Godness.

For the self-damned and “public officially”-betrayed Gentile nations thus revere or “worship” the imperial stamp or “beastly mark” of this supernational anti-Christ. (Apo./Rev. 13:15-18) For without his “royal” or “central” monopoly-money the Gentile nations are next-to-nothing. For how could they eat? How could they breathe? How could they live? How could they survive, produce, trade or prosper without the Devil’s (or Its “chosen people’s”) monopoly-“mark” or “beastly” “money”?

(Or so the dumbfounded Gentiles dutifully imagine, as if they could never, ever make or create, coin or print their very own (and debt-free) token-money.)


But why should you not create a new money? Do you then annihilate the ware in taking from it the hereditary stamp? Now, money is a ware, and an essential means or competence. For it protects against the ossification of resources, keeps them in flux and brings to pass their exchange. If you know a better medium of exchange, go ahead; it will yet be a “money” again. It is not the money that does you damage, but your incompetence to take it. Let your competence take effect, collect yourselves, and there will be no lack of money—of your money, the money of your stamp. [Max, p. 274]


The love of it may be, but money itself is not the root-source of all evil. (1 Tim. 6:10) But Evil’s money is the root-source of much of Its power, and hence money (and the ignorance thereof) can indeed be the root-source of much evil.

But until such time as the Gentiles wise up about money, dethrone their “royal” or “central” “jewish” banksters, and cast out their elective, appointive or “official” collaborators—(those national, racial and religious traitors yet befouling the Gentiles’ “public” offices—or else destroy, abolish or abandon these treacherous thrones or “public” offices altogether), these Satanic “jewish” “central” banksters (by Satanic “virtue” of their “beastly” money) shall remain the supernational (or SuperNazi) “sinagog of Satan” reigning far above the gov’ts of the Gentile nations—who shall therefore remain their official puppets, their dutiful, lawful or loyal subjects, their obedient “public” servants, and hence the traitorous national agents of these supernational anti-Christs, these SuperNazi banksters of this “beastly” or imperial “sinagog of Satan.” (See Apo./Rev. 2:9 & 3:9, and see World Wars I and II, Wilson, Rosenvelt, Churchill, etc.)

For no Gentile I know knows nor can find out exactly which “jewish” (banking family) dynasties own his particular nation’s “central bank,” nor those of the other (Gentile) nations. (See “corporate anonymity and irresponsibility.”) And no Gentile government, “public” official or (public) “servant,” no taxman, treasurer nor “security and exchange commissioner” is or was ever permitted (by his or their “royal,” “central,” corporately-concealed and irresponsible “jewish” master) to “audit” or examine the ownership or financial records of these “central,” national corporate crowns, to find out exactly which SuperNazi families own it, and exactly how much wealth these anti-Christ predators, monsters or “beasts” have profited from the Gentile nations since they were officially and traitorously granted this supreme, sovereign or “royal” power of monetary-creation over the monetarily-entrapped, “democratically”-destroyed, and officially, parliamentarily and presidentially-betrayed Gentile nations. All this historical light and truth the imperial anti-Christ and SuperNazi “jew”-“beast” keeps a dark secret to himself, a secret from all Gentiles, official or otherwise, a “state secret” deeply hidden within the bottomless pit of darkness wherein he and his Father dwell and prosper. (John 8:44)

*  *  *

And again this is because “he who has the gold” (or in this case the specially “stamped” or “marked” paper) “makes the rules,” and/or “he who makes the money commands he who takes his money.” But this is true only for those self-damned idolaters who worship (and hence serve) “money,” instead of mastering it or making it serve them.


Money will cease to be the master and become the servant of humanity. Democracy will rise superior to the [tyrannical, imperial, SuperNazi, “jewish”–Ed.] money power.—(Abraham Lincoln)


OK great, but when? (Lincoln tried and Lincoln died, but at least he really tried. And that’s more that we can say for any “public servant” since his time—with the brilliant exception of Adolf Hitler of Germany (1933-45). And as the SuperNazi anti-Christs conspired to destroy the debt-free paper- or token-money of the former, so also with the latter. Bummer! And every kingdom of “Camelot” the Gentiles create, the SuperNazi anti-Christs seek to destroy! I would that a Troy could be built to everlast. Don’t you? But where could we find such a blueprint or plan? And what human stones could so nobly stand?)

*  *  *

Yet the Light of Truth and the power of exposure remain the mental or spiritual antidote to Evil’s great power of Darkness and Lies. And for which dark cause Evil makes Itself “the [‘jewish’–Ed.] king of all media,” monopolizing all publicity, controlling all public expression, silencing, censoring suppressing, outlawing and persecuting (“prosecuting”) all genuine Light and Truth. Thus does Evil continue to thrive within Its darkness, Its deceits, Its frauds, Its thefts, Its tricks, Its slanders and all Its other lies, evils and offenses.

(And so some Gentile or other should write a book or something at the very least explaining (and hence exposing) this evil, entrapping, debt-token monopoly-money of this “beastly,” SuperNazi, anti-Christ “jew”-bastard of Satan the Devil. Don’t you think? Can I get a witness (or two)?) (John 8:44 & Apo./Rev. 2:9, 3:9 & 13:15-18)

*  *  *  *  *

The “Legal Tender” of the “Central” (and Supernational) “jewish” Banksters

Again, a “central bank” is the money-power, the crown, the throne, the king, the dynasty of a kingdom or state. It is a privately-owned (“jewish”) for-profit corporate “creation” or “legal entity” possessing (as it were) the Parliament-granted or sold exclusive privilege or power to create and to lend its debt-token monopoly-money to its puppet-gov’t, and to its “commercial” banks, and hence indirectly or secondarily to the entire Gentile public, its royal subjects, who are forbidden by law (and hence under pain of punishment) to use any other but this royal, “jewish,” debt-token, monopoly-money, this “legal tender [i.e. legally-unrefusable money–Ed.] for all debts public and private.”

Could there possibly be a softer phrasing, a more indirect or more euphemistic way of declaring it criminal to refuse one’s “money”?—and debt-token money at that! Is that demonic lawyer talk or what?

“Tender” means “money” as in Article 1, Section 10 of United States’ Constitution, 1787-88):


No State shall…coin Money; emit bills of Credit [i.e. create, print and pass, transfer, trade or spend I.O.U.’s or paper-promises to pay gold or silver (i.e. “issue paper money”)–Ed.] ; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender [i.e. a Money–Ed.] in Payment of Debts;…”


And “legal” money is the softest way of declaring it a crime to refuse it. A popular dictionary defines “legal tender” thus: “money that may be legally offered in payment of an obligation and that a creditor [i.e. payee–Ed.] must accept

To “tender” something means to offer it, as to “tender one’s resignation.” It is derived from the Roman word, “tendere,” (“to stretch or extend”). (See also a “tender offer.”)

Another popular dictionary says of “legal tender”: Law . [i.e. a legal term–Ed.] That currency, or money, which the law authorizes a debtor [i.e. payer–Ed.] to tender and requires a creditor [i.e. payee–Ed.] to receive in [or as–Ed.] payment of money obligations.”

*  *  *  *  *

The “Central” Banksters’ Tyrannical, Wolfish Face ever-Lurking under their “Democratic” Shepherd Mask

And so therefore, when the proposers of this national monetary crown, this “central-bank(ing)” idea, and of this “debt-token” money (and you can be sure they have not and will never thus plainly, descriptively and honestly name, call or term their dark and malevolent proposals), promise(d) that their new money scheme would deliver a plentiful and stable (and of course honest) money supply, and hence prosperity for all its users, they of course knew better than anyone else that they were/are lying through their predatory bankster teeth. But they were/are of course hoping, betting and banking that you, dear public, do not know who and what they really are and truly intend to do to you and yours, and that you cannot possibly see through their fog of pleasant words and false promises of economic, monetary and political deliverance and salvation.

For of course the Devil (and its demons) always and characteristically promise salvation. That is their method of operation (“m.o.”). (See also “jewish” Marxism or “communism.” Did they, do they, not promise “jewish” heaven on earth? And what did they actually deliver if not Satanic, “humanistic,” “messianic” and “jewish” hell on earth?) And so of course the debt-token, “central” bankster, SuperNazi “jews” always promise honesty, stability, prosperity to all who use (i.e. are forced to use) their money. But what else can you realistically expect from Darkness, Malevolence, Evil: Truth, Light, Benevolence?

And from the “protocols” of Satan’s sinagog, (Apo./Rev. 2:9 & 3:9),


From all this you will see that in securing the opinion of the mob [i.e. the Gentile majority (via the “jewish” monopoly of all mass-media)–Ed.] we are only facilitating the working of our machinery, and you may remark that it is not for actions but for words issued by us on this or that question that we seem to seek approval. We [“jews”–Ed.] are constantly making public declaration that we are guided in all our undertakings by the hope, joined to the conviction, that we are serving the common weal [i.e. the welfare of the Gentiles–Ed.]. [13]


In order that the true meaning of things may not strike the goyim [“cattle,” livestock, Gentile slaves–Ed.] before the proper time [of the inauguration of the Satanic, “messianic,” and SuperNazi “jews’” world-empire–Ed.] we shall mask it under an alleged ardent desire to serve the working classes and the great principles of political economy about which our economic theories are carrying on an energetic propaganda. [pr. 6]


*  *  *  *  *

But in truth a debt-token monopoly-money “trust” is a contradiction, an oxymoron. For it simply cannot be trusted—no more than a hungry wolf with a little lamb.

And any “government” (elected or not) which borrows tokens into circulation, (instead of simply creating, spending and/or freely distributing them), is by definition, not a “democratic,” populist, “working class” or shepherd-like gov’t, but is in fact (a servant or puppet-gov’t of) an infinitely extortive, elitist and predatory gov’t—and hence kingdom or state. And the monetary crown or throne which lends these tokens (to this “gov’t”) is clearly the author of all this evil, and the master of all these political whores and official puppets.

The bought mouthpieces of the debt-token monopoly-money crown or “central bank,” in professing (not that “money must forever be separated from elections, so that public office/officials may never again be the purchased tools or weapons (of big money)”; nor that “public officials should no longer be the purchased prostitutes of big money’s (i.e. the “central” banksters’) money”; but, on the contrary,) that (due to the democratic or demagogic tendencies of politicians) “economics and monetary policy must forever be separated and protected from elected officials, politics and politicians,” thereby tacitly confess and admit (along with their anti-democratic political elitism) that popularly-elected public-officials simply cannot be trusted (by these “central banksters”) to run their “central banks” of their (“jewish”) nations as they (their owners) would have them run—i.e. for maximum profit.

(And this “untrustworthiness” is especially true of genuine pubic servants—for which the predator and/or tyrant must always beware, and defend himself. For surely a good and loyal Gentile official (in faithfulness to his people instead of their “jewish” lords, owners or masters) would replace his “jewish” nation’s debt-token money with the debt-free, Gentile variety. And there’s the honest, ample, stable money which these monetarily-damning demons merely promise(d) to give, provide or deliver to you and yours, dear reader.)

Thus, in this critical issue (of their “central” bank’s management or control) the debt-token money-masters are plainly anti-democratic and elitist, whereas elsewhere they ever proclaim their “democratic” and “public-serving” principles, tendencies, intentions and (monetary) policies—so long (of course) as all public office (and hence all public officials) are up for auction and sale to the highest bidders—i.e. to them—simply because they have the most money to bid—simply because they are the money’s creators, masters, printers, gods). For they themselves, and no others, and for the mere cost of paper and ink, print up their debt-token monopoly-money to lend to all their political subjects, and (upon their debt money’s inevitable return to its source, i.e. to themselves) to buy up these their “elective” prostitutes in public office, along with any and all other people and things for auction or sale within the market. (And what is not? but what is priceless.)

(And hence I say, public office should be taken off the auction block, whereupon it should never have been placed, by (who else?) the money power, the “central” banksters. And public elections should be tax- or publicly-funded, at least to the extent that a candidate can at least get his (or her) message heard and printed for all electors who care to hear, read and know every candidate’s official positions, proposals, intentions or policies.)

*  *  *  *  *

And so any government or official (elected or not) who borrows tokens into circulation is (though doubtlessly denied ad infinitum) really, truly and clearly a public enemy in public office, and an official, political prostitute of this monopoly-money-creating power, this corporate crown, this hidden, shadow- and super-gov’t, this invisible, puppeteer-gov’t (of the elected, visible but puppet-gov’t).

For again the servant takes the money, from his master who makes or creates the money. And if the servant created his very own money, he would thereby become his very own master. But so all such “public servants” who serve “central” banksters are really and truly public enemies in office. And when your votes no longer count, dear citizen, what then can you do but count your bullets? So dismiss, depose, dethrone or fire “your” “representatives,” represent yourself once again, make your own honest, debt-free money, and thus take back from your official enemies your lives, your properties and your destinies.

And from the 8th “protocol” of the sinagog of Satan, and concerning their purchasable, bribeable blackmailable and traitorous Gentile tools in public or “administrative” office:


the goyim [traitorous Gentile officials–Ed.], who are accustomed [by their concealed “jewish” masters–Ed.] to perform their administrative work without giving themselves the trouble to think what its [“jewish”–Ed.] aim is, and never consider what it is needed for. The administrators of the goyim sign papers [“jew”-written laws, decrees, orders, etc.–Ed.] without reading them, and they serve either for mercenary reasons or from ambition.…

For a time, until there will no longer be any risk in entrusting responsible posts in our States to our brother-Jews, we shall put them in the hands of persons [traitorous, mercenary and (above all) blackmailable Gentile officials–Ed.] whose past and reputation are such that between them and the people lies an abyss, persons who, in case of disobedience to our instructions, must face criminal charges or disappear—this in order to make them defend our interests to their last gasp. [#8]


And any power (throne, office, gov’t) which creates and loans tokens (i.e. debt-tokens) to its subject-citizens (instead of simply creating and spending and/or freely distributing them) cannot be a shepherd-like, populist or people’s gov’t, but is surely a wolf- and predator gov’t (doubtlessly disguised), and most likely a “jewish” gov’t (“capitalist” and/or “communist”) well concealed behind and above an (or rather its) “elective” puppet gov’t.

*  *  *  *  *

Protocols of “jewish” Misdirection and Political/Economic Benightenment (of Gentiles)

On “jewish” misdirection of Gentiles into Satan’s sinagogic or “messianic” hell on earth:


In order to distract people who may be too troublesome [i.e. knowledgeable, truthful–Ed.] from discussions of questions of the political [or economic/monetary–Ed.] we are now putting forward what we allege to be new questions of the political, namely, questions of industry. In this sphere let them discuss themselves silly!

…The part played by the liberals, utopian dreamers, will be finally played out when our [“jewish,” imperial, SuperNazi, “messianic”–Ed.] government is acknowledged. Till such time they will continue to do us good service. Therefore we shall continue to [mis]direct their minds to all sorts of vain conceptions of fantastic theories, new and apparently progressive: for have we not with complete success turned the brainless heads of the goyim [i.e. Gentiles–Ed.] with progress, till there it not among the goyim one mind able to perceive that under this work lies a departure from truth in all cases where it is not a question of material inventions, for truth is one, and in it there is no place for progress. Progress, like a fallacious idea, serves to obscure truth so that none may know it except us, the Chosen of God, its [truth’s–Ed.] guardians.

When we come into our[“jewish,” imperial, SuperNazi, “messianic”–Ed.] kingdom our orators will expound great problems which have turned humanity upside down in order to bring it at the end under our beneficent rule. [I.E. Satan’s anti-Christ and “messianic” demons shall then solve the problems they have hitherto deliberately created (in order to confound and enslave the Gentiles).–Ed.]

Who will ever suspect then that all these [Gentile nations, officials–Ed.] peoples were stage-managed by us according to political plan which no one has so much as guessed at in the course of many centuries? [pr. 13]


On inculcating the false after “extirpating” the true, so again speaks the Satanic “jew”:

we [“jews”–Ed.] shall further undermine artfully and deeply sources of production, by accustoming the workers to anarchy and to drunkenness and side by side therewith taking all measure to extirpate from the fact of the earth [i.e. mass-murder, exterminate, “holocaust”–Ed.] all the educated forces of the goyim [i.e. Gentiles–Ed.].

In order that the true meaning of things may not strike the goyim before the proper time [of the inauguration of the Satanic, “messianic,” and SuperNazi “jews’” world-empire–Ed.] we shall mask it under an alleged ardent desire to serve the working classes and the great principles of political economy about which our economic theories are carrying on an energetic propaganda. [pr. 6]


On the further mislearning of “political economy” from the “learned elders of Zion”:

The wheels of the machinery of all States are moved by the force of the engine, which is in our hands, and that engine of the machinery of States is—Gold. The science of political economy invented by our learned elders has for long past been giving royal prestige to capital. [i.e. money (“specie,” “fiat,” gold, “paper-gold,” debt-tokens, etc.)–Ed.] [pr. 5]


Translation: The “jew” has always worshipped money (i.e. the god of Mammon). The “jew” has always been a “philistine”—a worldly-minded, materialistic, sensualistic swine.


We shall surround our [imperial, “messianic,” SuperNazi, “jewish”–Ed.] government with a whole world of economists. That [“jewish” world-conquest & -gov’t–Ed.] is the reason why economic sciences form the principal subject of the teaching given to the Jews. [by whom/what? their Father Satan? (John 8:44)–Ed.] Around us again will be a whole constellation of bankers, industrialists, capitalists and—the main thing—millionaires, because in substance everything will be settled by the question of figures. [pr. 8]


…it is probably all the same to the world who is its sovereign lord, whether the head of Catholicism or our despot of the blood of Zion! [?] But to us, the Chosen People, it is far from being a matter of indifference.

Per Me reges regnant. “It is through me that Kings reign.” And it was said by the prophets that we were chosen by God Himself to rule over the whole earth. [Apo./Rev. 2:9 & 3:9)–Ed.] God has endowed us with genius that we may be equal to our [Satanic or “jewish”–Ed.] task [of deceit, treachery, theft, war-mongering, mass-murder, world-conquest or “revolution.”—Ed]. Were genius in the opposite [i.e. Gentile/divine–Ed.] camp it would still struggle against us, but even so a newcomer is no match for the old-established settler; the struggle would be merciless between us, such a fight as the world has never yet seen. [See e.g. “jewish”-England verses Napoleon Bonaparte or “jewish”-Amerika and “jewish”-England verses Adolf Hitler (and hence World War II)–Ed.] Aye, and the genius on their side would have arrived too late. [pr. 5]


Let’s hope not! (as we all patiently await the arrival of this elucidating and liberating Gentile “genius”)!

*  *  *  *  *

Who or what would possess a self-provident citizenry to ever desire a debt-token money? Why, dear reader, would inhabitants of a state or kingdom desire (“interest”-evaporating) tokens of exchange which thus they could not even keep in circulation?—and thus temporary, unstable, volatile tokens—tokens which do not belong to them—tokens which they rent instead of own—tokens which they must periodically, inevitably and dutifully return to their “royal” “jewish” creators, owners and lenders in the form of usury, rental or “interest” payments?

(For recall that a debt-token’s source is also its destination. And again, at an annual rate of 10%, there’d not be a single debt token left after ten years, and every year would bring a worsening drought gradually leading to a dropless desert. Who on earth would want to go there? or move his family there? or desire such a desert-money to move into his county-country?)

And so now the tokens of exchange are here, and now they’re not?!—via these mysterious and cyclical “booms and busts,” floods and draughts? And so now (by the benevolent will of the monetary crown) we subject-citizens can freely produce and exchange, but later suddenly, unexpectedly (and by the malevolent will of the very same crown) we find we cannot make monetary exchanges, due to the sudden and mysterious disappearance of the tokens, but must barter with each other—but cannot barter with the banker and the taxman—who (via the sheriff) come to seize and auction our “mortgaged” and “tax-leaned” properties?

And perhaps even bartering is then (as “black market”) disparaged, demonized, outlawed or forbidden us money-parched citizens by the crown’s taxman. Or perhaps he demands a tax accounting and % of every trade or barter made? (To be paid in what? chickens or eggs?) And so perhaps even the barter trades (which we are now reduced to for lack of money) are declared illegal and/or taxable. And so they must be made in the darkness of the “black” (or free) market, far beyond the eyes of the crown’s extortive taxman. Again, who wants to go there or to that state? Or have that state of affairs come to you?

(The “market,” by the way, is wherever buyers and sellers meet to make exchanges, deals, trades. The “market” is wherever things are bought or sold. Today, even computer “cyberspace” has become a marketplace.)

*  *  *  *  *

Again, what kind of people would want such a money (and lender) as a debt-token-money? What kind indeed but fools or masochists? And what kind of leader would desire, suggest or propose such a money for the damnation of his people? Or would not expose such a money for good of his people? What kind indeed but a treacherous leader?—a predatory wolf in shepherd’s clothing?—a public enemy in public office?

What “fiscal,” economic and monetary madness is this? What creditor or lender malevolence is this? And what debtor foolishness or masochism! Surely such citizens know not what they do (to themselves)! And their pied-piping misleaders, what do they know of what they do to those who follow along entranced by their maddening monetary song and dance? And who has mislead this crazy, foolish, mad and masochistic public if not the “central banksters,” their secret agents, and their political prostitutes in public office?

And as the official public enemy himself would surely never expose his own (or his master’s) economic and monetary scam, predation and sabotage, hopefully some “treasonous” orator or writer or other may well might. But if the “royal” trap-theft- and money power has completely bought up all mass-media, and all “economists,” teachers or writers within its/their completely deceived and darkened debt-token realm, how then could the Light of Truth ever possibly shine over or through such incredibly high and thick (and “protective”) walls of demonic Darkness and Deceit? (Hell, I don’t know. Do you, dear reader?)

*  *  *  *  *

The Presidential Traitors, the “jewish” “Central” Banksters and Satan’s Anti-Christ, SuperNazi, Sinagogic “Beast” and Its Monopoly-Money “Mark”

Wake up Gentiles! The “presidents” and Parliamentarians of “your” “jew”-sucking, anti-Christ kingdoms or states are (and for generations have been) merely the visible puppets and masks of “your” real and true (but masked and hidden, and “jewish”) gov’ts, crowns, kings and dynasties. I refer to those shadowy “central bank” corps. with the “divine” or “royal” power or “right” to create or manufacture “your” debt-token monopoly-money—the evil and entrapping coin of their (and hence not “your”) realms.

Again, whose realms? The “jews’” realms. For such is the most supreme or “royal” power within a state or kingdom—the power to coin or print all the money (within that state or kingdom). For the master makes his very own money, and his servant accepts or takes his master’s money, thus approving and confirming both roles, thus certifying his own servitude and his master’s mastery, thus authorizing the crown’s debt-token money, and thus legalizing this “royal” monetary theft, robbery and trap of the nation and all its citizenry. And this to you, dear reader, I say “your” Parliaments and presidents have done to this day.

*  *  *  *  *

And again, this “royal” “jewish” money is a debt-token money. And do you know, dear reader, what a deep and dark entrapment that particular monetary beast entails? To perceive from all angles is from thence to know from whence the beast came, and hence to whence it must go.

And a Jew N. debt-token money is the ultimate and final destination, aim and “mark” of the supernational (or SuperNazi) beast. For like a letch with a virginal maid, (and hence from “base” to base), Satan and Its kindred proceed by degrees. And after their European national “central banks,” and now after their very own “Euro,” (doubtlessly a debt-token, and doubtlessly created and owned by none other than those former (and current) “central” banksters of Europe—Rothschild and co.’s ant-Christ relatives and friends—and none of mine), the Devil’s SuperNazi beast shall now doubtlessly attempt to create a world-wide, debt-token, monopoly-money.

(“One mark to find them./ One mark to blind them./ One mark to mark and in all darkness bind them.”) (Apo./Rev. 13:11-12 & :15-18)

(“Thus, did the great Guile-Masters,/ Their toils and their tangles set;/ And, as wide as was the water:/ So wide was woven their net.”)—(R. Redbeard)

The Gentile presidents (and all lesser officials or officers of so-called “Gentile” nations, states or kingdoms) are in truth secret, traitorous, anti-Christ agents of these dynastic “jewish” crowns (“central bank” corps.)—which are secret, anonymous, nasty, evil, interlocking, supernational (SuperNazi) and Satanic “jewish” dynasties. And these demonic families are and sit at the apex or high point of Satan’s pyramidal “illuminati.” And these “humanistic” demons comprise the head of the Apocalyptic and supernational “sinagog of Satan” (Apo./Rev. 2:9 & 3:9), which itself is the head, heart and mind of Satan the Dragon’s SuperNazi “beast.” (13:2-4)

For like father, like son. (John 8:44)

*  *  *  *  *

Just try it, just try to find out who owns (the stock of) your state or nation’s “central bank” corporation. (It’s also called the “Federal Reserve Corp.” within anti-Christ or “jewish” Amerika.) Just ask “your” “representatives” (president, Parliament, treasurer, tax-man, “securities and exchange’ commissioner, etc.) to see your “central bank’s” corporate income tax returns for this or any other years past. Just ask your state’s stock-market authority (the gov’t department supposedly keeping track of who owns, holds and sells each and every stock and bond within your state) who owns “your” nation’s “central bank” corp., And I’ll bet you’ll either find “your” “public officials” do not know (and hence cannot tell you), or else do know but will not tell you, and will never give nor report any information about the owners of that particular (and supreme or “central”) corporation and stock. (For the servant’s job is to serve his master. And “your” official’s boss is not you but the “jew.”) Or loudly, publicly ask your “representative” gov’t to reveal who owns each and every stock certificate of the “central bank” of (or rather over and above) your state or nation, and then see what (doesn’t) happen. And watch your back.

I’ll bet “your” gov’t probably won’t even know to tell you—(unless the particular official you ask (e.g. the visible operative of this privately-owned “central” bank—the official dictating the “interest rate” or the “usury” percentage this “bank of banks” charges your nation’s “commercial” banks—(called the “discount rate” in anti-Christ Amerika) is one of these secreted conspiratorial owners and/or insiders, and then he’ll feign ignorance, and lie to you, perhaps declaring that the central bank is the government—which it is—but not in the conventional sense. For “your” elected gov’t is not really your gov’t, but merely a mask- and puppet-gov’t of your real gov’t. Your elected (and appointed) public officials are merely the visible puppets and political whores of your hidden but real and true government, crown, king and dynasty—the “central bank” corp. And thus your public officials are your public enemies in office.

And though “your” political puppets know little to nothing of their string-pulling master, and will dutifully report even less than they know, surely these puppets well know the Satanic race and religion of those upon whose strings they dance, and for whose pleasure and profit they serve. (John 8:44) And so “your” elected or appointed “representatives” well know what they are, and whom they have sold their souls (and your liberties, properties and futures) to, and hence whom they have chosen to betray in order to “rule and hour with [for, under] the beast” of Satan the Apocalyptic Dragon, and Its sinagog. (Apo./Rev. 17:11-14)

From Satanic “protocol” #4,

…and that leads inevitably to despotism—not any longer legal and overt, and therefore responsible despotism [autocracy–Ed.], but to unseen and secretly hidden, yet nevertheless sensibly felt despotism in the hands of some secret organization or other, whose acts are the more unscrupulous inasmuch as it works behind a screen, behind the backs of all sorts of agents, the changing of whom not only does not injuriously affect but actually aids the secret force by saving it, thanks to continual changes, from the necessity of expending its resources on the rewarding of long services. [I.E. Gentile agents are always and inevitably betrayed for their long-term loyalty and service to Satan’s “jews” and sinagog.–Ed.] Who and what is in a position to overthrow an invisible force? And this is precisely what our force is. Gentile masonry [and officialdom–Ed.] blindly serves as a screen for us and our objects [aims–Ed.], but the plan of action of our force [i.e. these very Satanic “jewish” “protocols”–Ed.], even its very abiding-place [Jew York City, London and/or Jerusalem?–Ed.], remains for the whole people an unknown mystery. [pr. 4]


A “beastly,” “jewish,” Babylonian mystery, which some Gentile, therefore, ought to make plain, reveal, expose.

*  *  *  *  *

Consider: If the “central” bank is truly your elected government, then how can the government owe itself anything? How can the left hand of the gov’t owe the right? or the right hand pocket of the gov’t be indebted to the left? If the gov’t is really and truly “of, for and by the people,” then how on earth can there be any “national debt” owed by the citizenry to “their” government (i.e. themselves) for the use of their own token or “credit”-money? How can token money be lent into existence by the government to itself, or by the people to themselves? For surely lender and borrower (creditor and debtor) cannot be one and the same, but must be two, separate and distinct parties. Or how can you possibly lend yourself money?

And since the money lent you and yours is merely a valueless token or “fiat” money (not of gold or silver, but of mere copper, nickel and even paper), then why has there never been a debt-free token-money circulating within your state?

Because your concealed and unknown crown and king would never have it so, because he is (and has always been) a Satanic wolf and “jewish” predator. That’s why.

In truth “your” nation’s monetary puppet-master (crown, throne, king) has lent its puppet-gov’t its (debt) tokens. And you and I, by “jewish” “law,” must pay them all back, plus “interest.” But far more tokens are owed (by us Christians to our anti-Christian crown and king) than we can ever repay. For we owe far more tokens than even exist, or ever did. And there’s the “jewish” rub, trap and the monetary scam. (“See the glory of the royal scam.”)

But should the borrower not pay his own debt, rather than foist his debt upon another? Then in truth and justice it is none other than “our” puppet-gov’t whores in public office who owe their “jewish” monetary whore-master (pimp, crown, king, dynasty) all debt-tokens he ever lent these his official prostitutes, and our official enemies.

Or if you prefer to believe it so, and so credit the puppet-gov’t prostitutes and their pimp-master with the monetary “truth,” and hence freely accept the debt-burden which both parties charge and burden you with, and thus debit, saddle and burden yourself with this alleged debt-token debt, then, as you wish, it is you, the unofficial pubic, who owes (but cannot ever pay) this pimping, puppeteering “central banking” “jew” every damn last debt-token ever by him lent and borrowed in your name by his official whores and puppets in public office. But why thus damn yourself? For surely this serves neither you nor God, but Satan, Its “jews” and their traitorous and sociopathic Gentile officials.

(Do you see how it matters to you, dear reader, whatever you believe or do not? Can you see what evil you can do to yourself by crediting liars with truth, or thieves with honesty?

Consider: Does God feel dutifully obliged to fulfill or pay the promises, debts or obligations made by blasphemers or enemies in His name?—who thus abuse and desecrate God’s name in vain (by making promises in His name)? (See or hear, e.g., the demonic blasphemy of “God’s [‘jewish’] chosen people” or the Roman “holy father” or “vicar of Christ.”) Then why should you, dear reader, feel obligated to pay debts or fulfill promises made by others in your name?—vain and official promises made by your official and public enemies in your thus officially- and publicly-abused name?)

But I myself, don’t say that you, dear reader, owe the debt-token money “jew” even a penny for all his theft-money loans to his official, puppet-gov’t whore, but that these two public enemies and conspirators owe you and yours far more than both could ever repay…not counting “interest.”

*  *  *  *  *

The Gentile Puppet-Gov’t’s “Bonds” Dutifully Surrendered to, Held, and Sold at Will by the “jewish” “Central Bank”

A “bond” is a written promise to pay a specified amount of money at or before a specified date, with periodic usury or “interest” payments along the way to the loan’s “maturity”—the day the “principal” or face-value of the loan is due to be repaid to the lender or bond-holder.

Now, believe it or not, for every token borrowed by your puppet government from your real government (the corporate crown or king, the money-creator in or above your state), a bond of equal token value is written and submitted or paid by your puppet government to their monetary masters, your real government, the “central bank” corp. And the “central bank” can either then hold this bond(s) to “maturity,” or else sell it beforehand. (The “central bank”/corporate crown calls this buying and/or selling of its puppet-gov’t bonds, its/their “open market operations.”) And so the corporate crown’s “principle” loan is thereby paid in full (in puppet-gov’t bonds) “up front” at the time of the debt-token-money loan—with periodic “interest” or token-rental payments to follow—as previously explained.

But why this prepayment in full instead of merely offering (“tendering”) and accepting borrower-“collateral” against “default” to be held as repayment assurance (“surety”) by the lender for the duration of the loan, as both “commercial” and “savings’” banks do? Because both dark parties of this dark deal (i.e. both puppet-master and puppet-gov’t) damn-well know (but don’t want you to) that no debt-token money loan can ever possibly be repaid in full; that’s why.

(For again, only debt-token “principal” is created and loaned into existence, but “principal” plus “interest” is demanded in return as repayment. Thus (as is known from the start by both “royal” lender and “official” borrower) full debt-token repayment is impossible. And hence prepayment in full is demanded and received in puppet-gov’t bonds—i.e. promises to pay yet more non-existent debt-tokens—which shall thus need to be borrowed from the crown for this future payment to be made at the time of the bond’s “maturity.”)

And yet the “central bank” corp. calls this puppet-gov’t bond-prepayment “collateral.” Why? Again, to hide the truth, that’s why. For Evil deliberately kicks up sand us all to blind, us all to bind. And Darkness casts all manner of darkness, dust, smoke and fog between Itself and our benighted eyes for to hide Its dark Self and dark doings behind in complete and total darkness blind. For Evil all-too damn-well knows we can’t even fight what we can’t even see.

But again, for every token thus loaned into existence (by the privately owned and operated “central bank” corporation—your real and true (but concealed and unknown) king and crown)—a corresponding “bond” is traded, given or paid by the puppet-gov’t AT OR BEFORE THE TIME OF THE LOAN as if “collateral” for the loan or debt—a loan which both parties of this Devil’s bargain damn-well know shall never be repaid, simply because it never possibly can, because far more debt-tokens shall be owed than shall ever even exist. And so, though they are thus misnamed as “loan collateral” or “surety” to thus deceive us mere earthlings and Gentiles, these government bonds prepaid by the puppet-gov’t to its “central banking” lord, god master and employer, are really not “collateral” at all, but are pre-payment, up-front and in full, for all loans of the crown’s debt-token-money.

*  *  *  *  *

And these anonymous puppet-gov’t bonds are then either held to “maturity” or anonymously sold to buyers worldwide (via the “open market operations” of this anonymous “central bank” corp.).

And thus the national debt is then owed to these identifiable bond-holders. And so of these secondary bond-holding individuals and corporations your stock and bond exchange authority or department can and perhaps will inform you of. But of the “central bank” corporation who sold the puppet-gov’t’s bonds to these private citizens or lesser corporations, nothing shall ever be reported—nor perhaps even known by your puppet government. And so the “central bankers” are secretly pre-paid up-front for their debt-token money. And thus the “central” banksters remain anonymous or unknown, and thus protected from public recognition and retribution—unlike the historically previous “jew” money-lenders plainly well known to their once royal borrowers, or debtors, the Gentile kings—whom their “jewish” lenders or creditors eventually beheaded, deposed and supplanted and replaced as the dynastic and yet anonymous “central bank” corporate crowns of the “jew”-possessed Gentile nations. (For incorporation is a mask offering Evil anonymity and irresponsibility.)

(And by the way, in the old days the debt owed to the “jew” died with the Gentile king who had borrowed it. But nowadays the “jew’s”-debt lives on, for it is owed by the entire Gentile “nation.” And (unlike the king) the nation never dies. (For the debt owed the (now corporately-masked) “jew” is contracted by elective “representatives” (i.e. the incorporated “jew’s” purchased political whores in public office, his secret agents) in the name, honor and credit of the Gentile collectivity or “nation.”) As so either Evil lives and learns, and/or Godness is being gradually manipulated down the darkened garden path toward Evil’s “jewish” (“capitalistic,” “collectivist,” “communist,” “messianic”) hell on earth.)

In other words, the “national debt” is not entirely, necessarily nor directly owed to the “central” banksters, but to the holders of the governmental bonds to whom the “central bankers” have sold them. (Puppet-gov’t bonds are also sold directly to the public, as explained above.) Thus semi-innocent Shylocks are left holding the bag of bonds for the thoroughly-guilty “central” bankster Shylocks who had sold them to them, and thus skated away, apparently-innocent.

In this way, the central banksters draw or suck great quantities of their debt-tokens out of public circulation at once, thus creating a money shortage, “recession” or “depression” at will. This “open market” sale of puppet-gov’t bonds is also done so that, if and when the taxpaying public ever wake up and realize that they have for generations, indeed centuries, been thieved and robbed by their anti-Christ, wolfish and “jewish” crowns, being thus for so long forced to exchange their valuable time, effort, products and services for worthless debt-tokens which any honest and Gentile government could have created and publicly circulated for next to nothing, not only will they refuse to pay a penny more of the “national debt” (thus rendering the puppet-gov’t bonds worthless), but they may also demand of the crown the return of all their (and their ancestors’?) stolen wealth. But at that time of public enLightenment you can be sure the holders of the national debt-bonds shall not be these sly and “royal” Shylocks at all. For by then they shall surely have slyly sold all their bond holdings to the public—(as with any other worthless stock these Devil’s demons “pump and dump”). And those then left holding the worthless bag of puppet-gov’t bonds shall be those fools whom this corporate crown, this “central bank” had previously sold their worthless puppet-gov’t bonds—thus again by corporate anonymity and irresponsibility (or unliability) subtly striving to protect themselves from (Gentile) exposure, justice and retribution.

(Again be it said and acknowledged that puppet-gov’ts can and do sell their bonds directly to the public, or that the public can and do lend money to their” puppet-gov’ts. And thus not every puppet-gov’t bond in circulation necessarily came by way of the “central” banksters, or were necessarily and secondarily sold by them to the public.)

*  *  *  *  *

 Ye have sold yourselves for naught [i.e. for nothing (but an empty Mosaic bowl of anti-Christ or “jewish”-pottage)–Ed.]; and ye shall be redeemed without money.” (Isaiah 52:3)


How can you or I possibly pay back a value (plus “interest”) which was never really given or lent us in the first place? If nothing of value was really and truly lent, then nothing of value is really and truly owed.

You, Gentile, don’t owe the “jew” “money” lenders anything at all. In truth, they owe you what they have stolen and defrauded from you and your ancestors.

Likewise, how can you or I owe “reparations” for an offense (such as the “jewish”/German “Holocaust”) which never really happened? Yet the ceaselessly and stridently-demanded “reparations” are indeed due, and for countless crimes which have indeed been perpetrated against “humanity.” But they are not owed to the “jew” by the Gentile, but to the Gentile by the “jew.” And they are not owed the ceaseless “jew” accuser by the ceaselessly-accused German, nor the Gentile “borrower” from the “jew” “lender—but precisely vice-versa.

For by far the greatest criminal race (and therefore the greatest owers of reparations for past offenses) are not the slandered, besieged and blackmailed Germans, nor the “jew”-cheated and “indebted” Gentiles, but are precisely that Satanic race of slanderers and thieves, God-haters, killers and usurpers, anti-Mosites and the Christ-killers whom God incarnate identified as such. (John 8:44) These then are the real and true race of thieves, slanderers and murderers and offenders. These are the true owers of infinite racial “reparations.” And as all debts must be paid, so these “jewish” debtors must pay in full. And these greatest of offenders must likewise be paid back in full and just retribution, and perhaps with “interest” atop or besides.

And so if mankind truly wants Justice to ever again live and reign in this world, then they must first give Justice birth, and see to it that It ever breathes. And (even barring the racial punishment and “reparations” which deceived humanity has ever demanded of the “jew”-slandered and mass-murdered Germans) Gentile mankind must at the very least stop (arrest) the Satanic “jew” in the wolfish tracks of his eternal career of ceaseless and limitless evil against God, truth and humanity, return the “jew’s” robbed and stolen property to the descendants of its rightful owners, and see to it that the demonic “jew” can never thus devil us humans again!

*  *  *  *  *

And the “jewish” “Commercial” Bank(s)

The anonymously and irresponsibly corporate national, “central” and “jewish” money crown, throne, scepter, king or dynasty loans his debt-token monopoly-money to his “commercial” banks, who in turn loan these “central” or “royal” monopoly debt-tokens to the wolf- or “jew”-fleeced Gentile public.

Thus the royal or sovereign national crown does not deal directly with his/its/their political/monetary subjects, the public, but works only through its “royal” or “central” intermediaries, the “commercial” banks(ters). In the same way that the Roman Catholic layman or woman cannot come into direct contact with his or her false gods or catholic idols, (i.e. the “pope” or the “communion”-wafer-god or what have you?), but has his “divine” or papal “communion” only via those “divinely” or papally-chosen intermediaries, the Roman priesthood, so in similar manner, the religious (economic, political and/or monetary) devotees of the imperial or supernational “beast” are said to revere or “worship” his or its monopoly-money, “stamp” or “mark.” (Apo./Rev. 13:1-18, 16:2 & 14:11)

Do you have it? Do you use it? Do you “worship” it, dear reader? For within the kingdom or empire of the “beast.” only the payer-money with its royal or “central” stamp or mark is “legal.” (And see dear reader, if you can, the “Beast from Bretton Woods,” yet lurking deep within the Appendix.)

“Who’s that I see walking through these woods?/ Why, it’s little red-riding hood!”—(Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs)

*  *  *  *  *

The Fraudulent Origin of “Fractional Reserve” Lending/Banking

One must build his house or kingdom upon rock for it to long stand against the crashing waves or shocks of centuries. (See e.g. God’s “millennial” or Apocalyptic kingdom upon earth. (Apo./Rev. 20:1-9) But who (other than a mind “divine” like Socrates’) could write or draw a spiritual foundation or blueprint for this millennial or apocalyptic kingdom of God on earth? What’s its/his name again? (Apo./Rev. 3:12) And surely the citizens of such a “divine” city-state or kingdom must likewise be divine, as surely as a marble cathedral cannot be composed of mud-bricks.

And can such a “divine” state or kingdom be founded, as are our states today, upon all this fraudulent “jewish” money? I trust you well know the answer to that. Or shall money be used at all within God’s millennial earthly kingdom? Why not? Or what else? And therefore a Godly money, an honest money, an ample, stable, trustworthy money, and therefore not a fraudulent “jewish” money. (Revisit Luke 16:8-4 above.)

And so one’s nation, city, house, or county surely needs a stable money—one that retains its value over time. For (to avoid barter and stagnation) money is necessary, essential, indispensable, vital, crucial, fundamental and basic. And so any stable or lasting kingdom, nation or state must be based or founded upon a stable or lasting (and hence trustworthy) money, as well as superior citizenry. For nothing less will do, serve or last.

*  *  *  *  *

(Recall the word “economy/economics” (“oikonomia”) literally means “house management,” and is derived from the Greek words for “house” (“oikos”) and for “manager” (“oikonomos”).

And so any power, “authority” or government whose token-money depreciates, devalues or falls over time is plainly either a poor (or malicious) manager for thus incompetently (or deliberately) impoverishing “his” house, his city, his kingdom or nation.

(See e.g. all the monies of all the states or kingdoms willingly or unwillingly engaged in World War II, and note the only one whose money kept its value all the while, and thus was trustworthy, honest and true as its leader or governor. I speak of course of Germany’s “mark,” before the invading, conquering, “jewish”-Amerikan imperial or SuperNazi “beast” had imposed its/their fraudulent “occupation marks” upon the defeated, starved and prostrate German survivors. (Apo./Rev. 13:15-17) For the German “mark” was not a debt-token money, not the money of the “jew,” but a Gentile token money, both honest and true.)

For any power, “authority,” gov’t or throne which forces a debt-token money upon its subjected citizenry is no honest nor faithful shepherd nor protector vigilantly guarding the nation’s door, but rather an all-devouring wolf or beast roaming free and unchecked throughout the national house, and doubtlessly assisted by its wolfish and traitorous “public servants” and/or “public officials.” For you can know a man by his money.

*  *  *  *  *

And I say “token” money, (and hence not “specie” or gold), because gold always retains its value, because its value lies within it, or rather is it. “Specie” is intrinsically or internally valuable, but “fiat” or tokens merely extrinsically, externally or politically valuable (or not). And hence gold remains the one stable marker and lighthouse within this ever-fluctuating coastline of inflatable (and hence depreciable, receding, or falling) token-currencies. See how they fall. For these declining token-moneys are measured daily within the “jewish” “city of London” against, by or in comparison to this one stable yardstick (or meter) of gold. Thus it is these token moneys, much more than gold, which change or fluctuate, and which sometimes rise for a short while, but mostly fall almost all the time.

(“I was shopping at the grocery store. The prices higher than they were before./ Old man asked me, ‘Why it it more?’”) See monetary “speculation,” and the declining value of your state’s (debt-)token over time.)

(And recall that all debt-token monies are necessarily and unavoidably “inflated” into worthlessness over time. This is necessary to keep the monetary fraud or scam alive. For otherwise the debt-token supply would soon run out entirely, due to the periodic repayments of the borrowed debt-tokens (both “principal”- and (non-existent) “interest”-tokens) to their only “central” source…and hence inevitable destination. Thus even more debt-tokens must periodically be borrowed (by the national puppet-gov’t from its “royal” or “central” national monetary master). And hence we see the hitherto unexplained “phenomenon” of debt-token “inflation” and depreciation or decline into near total worthlessness over time. Bummer! See above for more details.

And recall that all debt-tokens are necessarily and unavoidably unstable, inconstant or variable—due to these periodic “deflationary” “interest” payments and to those “inflationary” puppet-gov’t borrowings (necessary to keep the debt-token supply from running out entirely) to and from the nations’ “central” banksters.)

*  *  *  *  *

Again, one can print paper and mint worthless metal coins (i.e. tokens) ad infinitum, but one cannot conjure gold nor silver coins into existence. Many have tried, but all have failed. But the thieving “jew” will always continue to try. For such is (his and his Father’s) nature, character, seed. (John 8:44) Witness his (and his Father’s) temple-money. Witness his “paper-gold” which he proposes to exchange for your real and true McCoy. Is this not “jewish” theft, dear reader,? And so paper for gold is not a good trade, except of course for the thieving “jew.” So think twice, dear Gentile, won’t you?

But back when gold and silver coins were in common use, (before the SuperNazi “jew,” via his “paper-gold,” stole and pocketed most of them), there was great “specie” fraud, counterfeiting, manipulation and theft by the wily “jew.” For the thieving “jew” would create and lend ten times or so more “paper-gold” (paper promises or “I.O.U.’s” to pay gold) than the son of a bitch had gold to pay. And his golden promises, his “paper gold” money, his gold and silver “notes” or “certificates” (pay gold or silver “to the bearer on demand”) were foolishly accepted as if “good as gold” by trusting Gentiles who gullibly, credulously believed in the honesty, integrity and credibility of the thieving “jew” and his fraudulent money.

Thus the counterfeiting “jew” would receive genuine Gentile gold repayment (both “principal” and “interest”) for the loan of his fraudulent “jewish” promises, his counterfeit “paper-gold.” (As if gold could be paper, or paper could be gold. And as if the wily “jew” could be trusted.)

Thus in this way (and within merely one loan-period) the thieving “jew” would steal from Gentiles up to ten times more gold than he even possessed to loan out, if he lent out any gold at all. For again the wily “jew” would lend out his fraudulent “jewish” paper to be repaid in genuine Gentile gold. Again, see how the thieving “jew” exchanges his false “jewish” “values” for real and true Gentile ones?! No wonder the wily “jew” came to possess nearly all the world’s gold. He thus stole it!

(And aside from “jewish” theft of Gentile gold and silver, there also was (is) “jewish” robbery. See e.g. his “communism” or “soviet unions.” And as we have seen, , in 1933 the “central” American “jewish” bankster (via his presidential agent) officially forced the Gentile, at gunpoint, to accept his fraudulent “jewish” paper for all his genuine Gentile gold and silver. Was that nor robbery?

But then any coerced “trade” or forced “exchange” is really and truly robbery, and the opposite or antithesis of (free) trade. Furthermore, any forced or coerced social interaction or intercourse (official or not) is a kind of predation and/or rape. (See “Free Association verses Predation.”)

*  *  *  *  *

The wily “jew calls his monetary fraud of printing and lending out up to ten times more paper promises to pay gold (or silver) than the actual gold in his possession,” his “fractional reserve system” of “banking.” I call it his “thieving system of money fraud and bank theft” simply because that’s what it is. And until we start calling things what they are, and seeing things as they are, we can never possibly improve things, nor ever possibly escape this dark “jewish,” “communist” state of theft, robbery, dispossession and enslavement of Gentiles. We must first see the “jewish” spider web in order to avoid it. And we must first understand the “jewish” debt-token money trap in order to escape it.

And believe it or not, dear reader, what the “jew’s” fraudulent “paper-gold” was to his “fraction” of real gold, his current fraudulent “commercial”-bank “credit-money” is to his debt-token- or debt-paper-money. I.E., the latter frauds were (are) the “fractional basis” or “reserve” for the former frauds. What gold was to “jewish” paper (“money”), this paper is now to “commercial bank credit money”—(which, believer it or nor, exists merely as numbers written in “commercial bank” ledger books, account books or computers)! Hence we see “jewish” fraud (“fractionally”) “based” upon “jewish” fraud “fractionally”) “based” upon “jewish” fraud! Hence we see “jewish” fraud multiplied again and again! Can you believe that, dear reader? What Satanic “jewish” “hootsba”! The “jew’s” worthless, baseless, debt-token paper-money is now cited as the “fractional reserve” or “fractional basis” for a multiple of up to ten times more baseless, fraudulent, worthless, monetary hot air called “commercial bank credit money”!

One “jewish” lie or trick is thus predicated and based upon another. And the road to “jewish” damnation is a gradual, centuries’ long, step-by-step walk out of and away from God’s garden pathway toward Satan’s lifeless desolation, toward Its “jewish-communistic” slave state, toward the Devil and Its “chosen people’s” “messianic” or Satanic earthly kingdom, toward their “beastly.” world-wide, imperial, SuperNazi, hell-hole! (See e.g. the “Soviet Union,” the “League of Nations,” the “Amerikan Union” and the “United [or rather Jewnighted–Ed.] Nations.”)

And this past fraudulent “jewish” “paper-gold,” like this present fraudulent “jewish” debt-token monopoly-money, was (and is) permitted or “authorized” by public enemies within public office (see the Lindbergh quote), by national and racial traitors in positions of high “authority,” by Gentile anti-Christs in secret league with Satan’s “chosen people.” And therefore all these present Gentile traitors in high or national “public” office have all simply gotta go from where they never should gone in the first place, nor have ever been tolerated to go, nor to suffered stay, occupy, reside and fester.

*  *  *  *  *

“Red Symphony (X-Ray of Revolution)”


The following is from a transcript of a Soviet interrogation of a former Soviet ambassador to France and England, Paris and London, one Christian Georgievitch Rakovsky, an original Bolshevist and Trotskyite who, along with others, was officially purged and “show tried” by the Stalinists in 1938. His life was spared by Stalin in exchange for this very testimony, of which only two official copies were made, one for the Soviet interrogator, (Gavriil (“Gabriel”) Gavrilovitch Kus’min, a.k.a. Rene Duval), and one for Stalin himself. But recognizing its historical significance, an extra carbon-copy was unofficially made and secretly kept by its preparer, a Russian Pole named Dr. Landowsky, a medical doctor who two years earlier had been pressed into service by the Soviets to assist in these kind of secret political police interrogations. The secret transcript was found by a Spanish volunteer (from which side I do not know) on the body of the doctor in a hut on the Leningrad/Petrograd war-front, taken back to Spain and published in Madrid by Don Mauricio Carlavilla in the 40th chapter of book entitled Sinfonia en Rojo Mayor. (I know not what year.)

This Red Symphony (X-Ray of Revolution), as the secret transcript came to be called, was translated into English from both Spanish and Russian editions by linguist and author George Knupffer, who had earlier written an excellent book on recent history entitled The Struggle For World Power: Revolution and Counter-Revolution, (Omni Pub., Cal., U.S.A., 1958). This English translation was apparently made at the initiation and request of author and publisher Des Griffin, and was included in chapter 12 of his book, Fourth Reich of the Rich, (Emissary Pub., U.S.A., 1988 Ed.), from which source I have derived these few sketchy details.

Not having been there, I cannot vouch for the absolute historical authenticity of this document. But like the Protocols of Zion, this Red Symphony surely rings true to me. And as “the proof is in the pudding,” so the truth is in the telling. So let us listen if we please for the enlightening voice of truth…


R[akovsky, Christian Georgievitch].-….The international essence of money is well known. From this fact emerges that the organization which owns them and accumulates them is a cosmopolitan [international, supernational or SuperNazi–Ed.] organization. Finances in their apogee—(as an aim in themselves, the financial International)—deny and do not recognise anything national [i.e. “Nazi”–Ed.], they do not recognize the State; and therefore it is anarchical and would be absolutely anarchical if it—(the denyer of any [Gentile–Ed.] national State)—were not itself, by necessity, a [supernational or imperial–Ed.] State in its own basic essence. The State as such is only power. And money is exclusively power.

This communistic super-state, which we are creating already during a whole century, and the scheme of which is the International of Marx. Analyse it and you will see its essence. The scheme of the International [“essence of money”–Ed.] and its prototype of the USSR—that is also pure power. The basic similarity between the two creations is absolute. It is something fatalistic, inevitable, since the personalities of the authors of both was identical. The financier [of “communism”–Ed.] is just as international as the Communist. Both, with the help of differing pretexts and differing means, struggle with the national bourgeois [or Gentile–Ed.] State and deny [indeed, destroy–Ed.] it. Marxism in order to change it into a Communist State; from this comes that the Marxist must be an internationalist; the financier denies the bourgeois national State and his denial ends in itself [in himself, in his monetary quest for absolute world power, empire, “dictatorship of the super-national proletariat”–Ed.] ; in fact he does not manifest himself as an internationalist, but as a cosmopolitan anarchist… That is his appearance at the given [or present–Ed.] stage, but let us see what he really is and what he wants to be. As you see, in, [Gentile or “bourgeois” state–Ed.] rejection there is a clear similarity individually between Communist-internationalists and financial-cosmopolitans; as a natural result there is the same similarity between the Communist International and the financial International...

G[avriil Gavrilovitch Kus’min].-This is a chance similarity subjectively and objective in contradictions, but one easily eroded and having little significance and that which is most radical and existing in reality.

R.-Allow me not to reply just now, so as not to interrupt the logical sequence... I only want to decipher the basic axiom: money is power. Money is to-day the centre of global gravity. I hope you agree with me?

G.-Continue, Rakovsky, I beg of you.

R.-The understanding of how the financial International has gradually, right up to our epoch, become the master of money, this magical talisman, which has become for people that which God and the nation had been formerly, is something which exceeds in scientific interest even the art of revolutionary strategy, since this is also an art and also a revolution. I shall explain it to you. Historiographers and the masses, blinded by the shouts and the pomp of the French revolution, the people, intoxicated by the fact that it had succeeded in taking all power from the King and the privileged classes, did not notice how a small group of mysterious, careful and insignificant people had taken possession of the real Royal power, the magical power, almost divine, which it obtained almost without knowing it. [ I very much doubt that. Read “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”–Ed.] The masses did not notice that the power had been seized by others and that soon they had subjected them to a slavery more cruel than the [Gentile–Ed.] King, since the latter, in view of his religious and moral prejudices, was [morally, spiritually, mentally, psychologically, virtually–Ed.] incapable of taking advantage of such a power. So it came about that the supreme Royal power was taken over by persons, whose moral, intellectual and cosmopolitan qualities did allow them to use it. It is clear that this were people who had never been Christians, but cosmopolitans [i.e. international “jews”–Ed.].

G.-What is that for a mythical power which they had obtained?

R.-They had acquired for themselves the real privilege of coining Money. Do not smile, otherwise I shall have to believe that you do not know what moneys are... I ask you to put yourself in my place. My position in relation to you is that of the assistant of a doctor, who would have to explain bacteriology to a resurrected medical man of the epoch before Pasteur. But I can explain your lack of knowledge to myself and can forgive it. Our language makes use of words which provoke incorrect thoughts about things and actions, thanks to the power of the inertia of thoughts, and which do not correspond to real and exact conceptions. I say: money. It is clear that in your imagination there immediately appeared pictures of real money of metal and paper. But that is not so. [For “credit-money” is money too.–Ed.] Money is now not that; real circulating coin is a true anachronism. If it still exists and circulates, then it is only thanks to atavism, only because it is convenient to maintain the illusion, a purely imaginary fiction for the present day.

G.-This is a brilliant paradox, risky and even poetical…

R.-If you like, this is perhaps brilliant, but it is not a paradox. I know—(and that is why you smiled)—that States still coin money on pieces of metal or paper with Royal busts or national crests; well, so what? A great part of the money circulating, money for big affairs, as representative of all national wealth, money, yes money—it was being issued by those few people about whom I had hinted. Titles, figures, cheques, promissory notes, indorsements, discount, quotations, figures without end flooded States like a waterfall. What are in comparison with these the metallic and paper moneys? [What are the metallic and paper moneys in comparison with these? [other paper-“instruments” or “financial moneys”]–Ed.] … Something devoid of influence, some kind of minimum in the face of the growing flood of the all-flooding financial money. They [the non-, un- or anti-Christian and cosmopolitan beheaders and usurpers of Gentile kings–Ed.], being the most subtle psychologists, were able to gain even more [wealth and power–Ed.] without trouble, thanks to a lack of understanding. In addition to the immensely varied different forms of financial moneys, they-created credit-money with a view to making its volume close to infinite. And to give it the speed of sound…it is an abstraction, a being of thought, a figure, number, credit, faith... ,

Do you understand already?... Fraud; false moneys given a legal standing.... using other terminology, so that you should understand me. Banks, the stock exchanges and the whole world financial system—is a gigantic machine for the purpose of bringing about unnatural scandals, according to Aristotle's expression; to force money to produce moneys—that is something that if it is a crime in economics, then in relations to finances it is a crime against the criminal code, since it is usury. I do not know by what arguments all this is justified: by the proposition that they receive legal interest... Even accepting that, and even that admission is more than is necessary, we see that usury still exists, since even if the interest received is legal, then it invents and falsifies the non-existent capital [i.e. “credit-money”–Ed.]. Banks have always (by way of deposits of moneys in productive movement) a certain quantity of money which is five or perhaps even a hundred times [?] greater than there are physically coined moneys of metal or paper. I shall say nothing of those cases when the credit-moneys, i.e. false, fabricated ones, are greater than the quantity of moneys paid out as capital [meaning what? Gold, silver, paper-promises to pay same, paper or cheap metal tokens?, What?–Ed.]. Bearing in mind that lawful interest is fixed not on real capital but on non-existing capital, the interest is illegal by so many times as the fictional capital is greater than the real one.

Bear in mind that this [“capitalistic” “jewish” debt-money–Ed.] system, which I am describing in detail, is one of the most innocent among those used for the fabrication of false money. Imagine to yourself, if you can, a small number of people, having unlimited power through the possession of real wealth [i.e. true money? gold and silver? Upon which their “false-money,” paper-money or “credit-money” is “fractionally based”–Ed.], and you will see that they are the absolute dictators of the stock-exchange; and as a result of this also the dictators of production and distribution and also of work and consumption. [For money is paramount. Money is the driving horse and not the driven cart. Money is the oil or gas which lubricates, fuels and drives the economic engine.–Ed.] If you have enough imagination then multiply this by the global factor and you will see its anarchical, moral and social influence, i.e. a revolutionary one... Do you now understand?

G.-No, not yet.

R.-Obviously it is very difficult to understand miracles [of deceit, deception and false faith, belief or credit in false money or false “credit”–Ed.].


R.-Yes, miracle. Is it not a miracle that a wooden bench [in Wall Street, New York City–Ed.] has been transformed into a temple? And yet such a miracle has been seen by people a thousand times, and they did not bat an eyelid, during a whole century. Since this was an extraordinary miracle that the benches on which sat the greasy usurers to trade in their moneys, have now been converted into temples, which stand magnificently at every corner of contemporary big towns with their heathen colonnades, and crowds go there with a faith which they are already not given by heavenly gods, in order to bring assiduously their deposits of all their possessions to the god of money, who, they imagine, lives in the steel safes of the bankers, and who is preordained, thanks to his divine mission, to increase the wealth to a metaphysical infinity.

G.-This is the new religion of the decayed bourgeoisie?

R.-Religion, yes, the religion of power.

G.-You appear to be the poet of economics. [See also Byron and Shelly.–Ed.]

R.-If you like, then in order to give a picture of finance, as of a work of art which is most obviously a work of genius and the most revolutionary of all times, poetry is required. [from Fourth Reich of the Rich, 1976, p. 244-46]


*  *  *  *  *

On the Folly of Crediting “Jewish” Falsehood and Fraud


Credit is belief or trust. It is derived from the Roman verb “credere,” (“to believe” or “to trust”). And so “credit” is belief, faith or trust in something or someone.

Crediting someone or something is trusting or believing in them. But be very wary and very careful of who and what you believe, trust or assume, dear reader. For what you believe can set you free (if true) or enslave you (if false). If you e.g. believe that your properties and liberties (or “rights”) are gifts of men to you and yours (via “constitutions,” legislatures, presidents, judges, “public officials,” etc.), then you are every moment in grave danger of losing all these good things, and by these very same officious human means. For as “the Lord gives, and the Lord takes away,” so doth Man, if he be the god, idol or supreme being (within his earthly state or kingdom, instead of God).

And faith in one fundamental falsehood (individual or racial equality, e.g.) is the father of many others, and many errors, and much pain. For false premises must logically lead to false conclusions. And weak, unsound or false foundations have been known to cause houses or states to fall down (upon the heads of all dupes, fools or weaklings therein). (Bummer!)

*  *  *  *  *

Again, crediting someone is believing or trusting in him. To credit someone is to believe or trust he will do whatever he says, or will pay whatever he promises to pay, and whenever he promises to pay it.

Hence (monetary) “credit” is a verbal or written promise to later pay for whatever you are granted or “sold” today. And so “credit” is a “bond,” whether spoken or written. For as “a man’s word is his bond,” so his written word, his signature, is also his bond. And written promises or “promissory notes” are also called “credits,” “paper-instruments,” “paper-moneys,” “notes,” “bonds,” etc.

So a “bond” is “credit,” and therefore not payment. It is a written promise (signed by the debtor or borrower, and held by the creditor or lender) promising to pay a specific amount of specific money on a specific future date, and perhaps also specifying periodic “interest” payments to be paid on specified dates during the “life” of the loan, before the bond’s “maturity” or repayment date.

And a bank “note” is also “credit,” hence not payment. It is a written promise (signed by the banker) to pay so much gold or silver coin to the “bearer on demand.” And so whenever or wherever the “bank-note” bearer is denied his gold or silver, faith has been broken, and his trust and “credit” has clearly been misplaced in false or fraudulent paper-“money.” And so that bank’s “note” or credit-“money,” having “defaulted” on its promise to pay real money, and so being nothing but fraudulent paper, is therefore really fraud- or theft-money, and hence should not be “credited,” trusted nor believed by any potential “bearers” or acceptors. For to accept as payment and to pass on or pay known counterfeit or fraudulent money is to support and further the monetary fraud, and to cheat those new “bearers” of that false “credit” money.

How then can any token money (which, by definition, promises to pay nothing at all to its bearers) be called “credit” or “credit-money”? For what is promised? Or what shall later be paid? Merely more tokens?

Or does the bearer “credit” these tokens with honesty? Does he believe or trust they shall keep their value over time, and not “depreciate”—at least until he is ready to spend them?

And is he wise to thus trust or “credit” the token? It depends upon the token, and hence upon the token’s creator, “bank” or “crown”—whether or not he (she, it or they) be truthful, honest, trustworthy, credible. And if these “royal” or ‘central” token manufacturers and distributors hide themselves from you, if neither you nor your “public servants” know who they are, nor can “legally” find out or discover them, are these monetary lords likely to be truthful, honest, trustworthy and credible? Methinks not. For things of light come into the light, but things of darkness stay in the darkness, so as not to be seen, recognized, punished. (John 3: 20-21) Beauty fears them not, but hideousness hides from all light, all mirrors, all cameras, all eyes.

So token-money may perhaps be honest, trustworthy or creditable—but surely no more so than its creators—as all fruit must be of its tree, or all actions of their actors. But surely any token-money which the public is “legally” forced to accept cannot be credible or trustworthy. And this kind (or species) of token-money is called “fiat” (or “command”) money. For all (“its” political subjects) are commanded to accept this “fiat” as money or payment—as e.g. the “continental” paper-“dollars” of rebel America’s “continental congress,” or the present paper-“dollars” of “jewish”-Amerika’s currently reigning “central” banksters.

But why, dear reader, would any honest money ever need to force itself upon its bearers? The honest man freely trades with voluntary partners. But the robber robs them with his “fiat” money, his “lawful money,” his “legal tender for all debts public and private”—of which it is a (political, monetary, economic) “crime” for “its” (or its creators’ ) political subjects to ever refuse as payment, i.e. as money. And so we see the “royal” robbers, liars, frauds and thieves make it a “crime” for their subjects to ever distrust, disbelieve or discredit them, and hence refuse their “fiat” money.

*  *  *  *  *

Credit is belief, trust, faith. Therefore if people don’t believe, trust or have faith in you (rightly or wrongly), you simply have no “credit” with them. And to force your “credit” upon them is to rob them, as to force your commands or “laws” upon others is to subject or enslave them, as to force your “love” upon unwilling bodies is in fact to rape them.

It is one thing to ask or beg another for credit, i.e. to trust and believe in you, to believe and trust you shall do or shall pay whatsoever it is you promise or say. But it is quite another to demand, wrest, extort or extract this belief, trust, faith or “credit.”

It is one thing to ask others to accept your paper-credit, your paper-promises, your paper-“money,” but it is quite another to demand or force their acceptance. Again, the word for such paper-“money” (and robbery) is “fiat” or “command” money. It is also called “lawful money” or “legal tender for all debts public and private.” (See e.g. the fraudulent face of the “jewish”-Amerikan paper-“dollar.”)


The [“jewish”-Amerikan–Ed.] Treasury prints “In God We Trust” on our currency. God is indeed trustworthy, but trusting an intrinsically worthless currency takes an awful lot more than faith.—(Peter Kershaw, from his Economic Solutions)


So you can’t force your “credit” “money” on others. You can only rob them, and/or leave them with your verbal or written promises to pay them later, just as general George Washington did via his “continentals,” which he claimed were “good as silver.” (Needless to say, they weren’t.) (Hay, “liberation” armies got to eat too! For they too “march on their stomachs.”) And so we see that even for Georgie Washington, or he who “couldn’t tell a lie,” that…


No man’s credit is as good as his money.—(Edgar Watson Howe, 1853-1937)


(Yes, and “a bird in the hand” is worth the two promised you.)

*  *  *  *  *

Again written “credits,” “bonds” or “promissory notes” generally specify three things: (1.) the future date of payment; (2.) the kind of money to be paid (i.e. gold, silver, etc.—wherever alternate or competing moneys are not criminalized or outlawed by any “legally”-dictated monopoly-money, or “legal tender for all debts”); and (3.) exactly how much of that specified money is to be paid on that future day of reckoning or “settling of accounts.”

And again you cannot force someone (“legally” or not) to freely, willingly or voluntarily “accept” your “credit” or credit-money. But, as with any other robber, if you have sufficient might you can indeed force or compel others to involuntarily or unwillingly accept your “legal tender for all debts,” your “legally” unrefusable “lawful money,” your “lawful,” “command” or “fiat” “money”).

*  *  *  *  *

And aside from “credit,” yet having the same Roman root (“credere”), the word “creed” comes from “credo,” (“I believe”). Therefore whatever you truly believe is your “creed.” (The apostles of Jesus, I’m told and I hear, had a “creed,” an “apostles’ creed.”)

Yet “If…there was to arise in the Jewish people a society which should spread a new faith over the earth, these apostles could in no case remain Pharisees.” [Max, p. 210]

But again credit (credibility) or trust (trustworthiness) cannot be bought and cannot be forced, coerced or compelled, no more than a woman can be forced to trust her rapist, or a little lamb the predatory wolf who tears her limb from limb. (Nor, by the way, can love be forced. For love is voluntary or free given, hence never forced, coerced or rapaciously taken.)

Can people therefore be compelled to believe or to credit the Devil or the “jew,” much less to love them? Hell No! But (can they be) compelled to fear, obey, or pretend to believe them? Certainly! Just look around you. But to really and truly trust, credit or believe them? No, no way.

“To have a friend, be a friend. If you seek trust of us, then be trustworthy. Or if you want credit, then be credible.” All well know these sayings are true, but what Gentile will dare say them to the Satanic “jew”?

So doesn’t the Satanic “jew” (like his Father) well know that we Gentiles are merely fearfully pretending to believe in him, in his anti-Christ slanders and murders of God and of Godly, patriotic Gentiles, in his self-alleged “divinity” or “chosenness”?—at least until such time as we “jew”-terrorized (and hence terrified of fearful) Gentiles can boldly cast off our (monetary, political, economic, mental, cultural, psychological or spiritual) chains, or at least can fearlessly say to the SuperNazi anti-Christ, “We ought to obey God rather than men,” (Acts…5:29) and/or “ourselves rather than ‘jews.’” For the Satanic “jew” has always ruled by fear, intimidation, terror and murder. (John 7:13, 19:38, 20:19, etc.)

And yet the Satanic “jew” has always inexplicably pretended to be fighting against terror and evil, and for God and/or the good cause (of Justice, Humanity, etc.). And why this blasphemous or impious pretense? Because he truly is the son of his Father of lies, that’s why. And why do so many “jews” lie, slander and murder like the Devil? Because they are like the Devil, their Father, their Patriarch, their Maker, their Prototype. (John 8:44)

But of course that’s the exact opposite of what Satan’s people preach of themselves—that they are by far the most Godlike of humans, (the “chosen people,” “God’s favorite” race, etc.) But in truth Satan’s “chosen people” are easily more Satanic than the worst of the Gentiles (the Negroes) with whom they have naturally and aggressively forged racial (i.e. “racist”) alliances against the rest of us Gentiles. (Apo./Rev. 2:9 & 3:9) Is all this not precisely so?

And as the Satanic “jew” arrogates all Godness or holiness to himself, so he likewise claims all “humanity,” all credit, all truth, all virtue. The demon always covets and seizes the highest “moral” ground as his very own, (see “Zion”), and will never share it with any one—least of all God. For this “highest moral ground” is Satan’s son’s Satanic throne. And whether his pious pretence be “divine” or “human,” “messianic” or “communistic,” “religious” or secular, it really is one the same Satanic “jew,” one and the same self-deifying son (or daughter) of Satan. For the fruit is and must be of its tree. And Evil (Godness or mediocrity) is as Evil does.

*  *  *  *  *

So why, dear reader, does the Satanic “jew” always demand we Gentiles forever trust or “credit” him with truth, honesty and integrity in all things, and yet will seldom ever credit us Gentiles with anything (which doesn’t secretly originate or come from him)? (I mean crediting us Gentiles with the truth, e.g., with the ability to seek and find the truth, the political “right” to think, speak, publish and act for ourselves, the divinity of Jesus-God, etc.) Is it because, as the “jew” suggests, we Gentiles are such bigger liars, frauds, cheats and falsifiers than he, and this is why he cannot possibly or safely believe, trust or credit such pathological liars as we with much truthfulness, trustworthiness or credibility? Or is it vice-versa? Is the truth not the exact opposite?

Why, I ask, is there little to “jewish” credit for any and all independent Gentiles—i.e. all those who are not fools nor cowards nor secret or covert “jewish” agents, servants or “fronts”? Is it not all the better for the Satanic “jew” to lie to us with, and to hatefully dismiss our Gentile truths as hateful, slanderous lies! For what concord have truth and lies, God and Satan, Gentiles and “jews”? For hideousness must either condemn the mirror of truth (for its “slanderousness”) or else itself (for its ugliness)!

And is this fierce and constant “jewish” demand to be believed, trusted and credited in all things as if he were God Himself—(otherwise attacking and persecuting any and all Gentile doubters, disbelievers, contradictors or disprovers as demons, “haters” or “anti-semites”)—is this “jewish” intolerance and psychological tyranny, this “jewish” speech-control and thought-control, this spiritual dictatorialness or mental “fascism” not part of Evil’s dark method, scheme, strategy, assault or attack upon us Gentiles? For Evil must at all costs keep us Gentiles from the truth which sets us free, and which discredits Evil and dissolves Its throne.

*  *  *

Again, why does the Satanic “jew” hardly ever believe, trust or credit us Gentiles with truth, honesty or trustworthiness, yet (either personally or via traitorous Gentile officials, i.e. official Gentile traitors) declares it a “crime” for us Gentiles not to believe, trust or “credit” him in any and all things his divinity, his “chosenness,” his godness or Satanic majesty condescends to inform or to command us? (His hateful racial slanders, his war stories, his atrocity propaganda, his “hollowhoaxes,” e.g.)

(For is it not a “crime” within all “jewish” states to disbelieve, disprove or discredit his war-atrocity propaganda, his slanderous “Holocaust,” etc., and/or to hate the “jew”? And is the former “thought crime” (of doubting the “Hollowhoax”) not cited by the “jew” as positive “proof” of the latter “thought-crime” (of “hating the ‘jew’”)? Therefore according to the “jew” (and his desire, command, law or dictate) to disbelieve the “jew” is to hate the “jew”?—i.e. to believe the “jew” could tell a lie, slander or be mistaken. (Moses certainly thought so. “Thou shalt not bear false witness…,” etc.) Thus, according to the Satanic “jew,” it is not hatred, slander nor “defamation of the dead” to slander or defame deceased Germans with “gassing” and/or “cooking” “jews” in “ovens,” but it is “defamation of the dead” not to believe so. (Deut. 19:16-21) (What a “jew” is the “jew”!)

But where, within this currently reigning SuperNazi “jewish” empire or “beast,” is it a crime for “jews” to hate (or disbelieve) Gentiles?

(I speak of the crime of “anti-Gentilism”? Have you ever even heard of such a thing, dear reader? If not, why not? Because it doesn’t exist? Or because the “jew” controls everything you see, hear and read? (Hence naught but “anti-semitism” here, there and everywhere.) But study the history of the anti-Christ, e.g., or read his “jewish” bible or “Talmud” to see that anti-Gentilism does indeed exist, and is most ancient, most “jewish,” most vehement and virulent.)

But does the “jew” not hate the Gentile far more than the Gentile hates the “jew”? Then why is the “jew” not punished for his “hate-crime”? Because the “jew” is the only “law-giver,” (official) accuser, “prosecutor,” judge, jury, jailer and “executioner”? Because it is nowhere a “crime” for “jews” to hate Gentiles, but only for Gentiles to hate “jews”? And does this legal omission not prove that there are no truly Gentile states nor kingdoms left standing upon this earth?

But is it not unjust for us Gentiles not to give the “jew” just what he gives us? Or for us to fail to treat the “jew” (whether Godlike, Satanic or mediocre) just exactly as he treats us? And is this not (Mosaic) justice: “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”? (Exodus 21:23-25, Levi. 24:19-23 & Deut. 19:19-21) Are we Gentiles not Mosites? I guess not!

O for a genuine Gentile leader of his own nation, or better yet, of a “United [Gentile] Nations Org.,” who’d publicly say to the SuperNazi anti-Christ: “Jacob, do you know what’s even worse, more evil, and more deserving of punishment than anti-semitism? It’s Anti-Gentilism. Because in my house, at least, the “jew” is not above the Gentile, but is merely a guest within his kingdom, who had better behave rightly, or get the hell out, and stay the hell out. And very good riddance!”

But it won’t likely happen soon. And do you know why? Because of the monopoly-money (“mark” or “stamp”) of the imperial, SuperNazi, anti-Christ “beast,” and because his supernationally or imperially-interlocked “central banks” are yet still reigning over the monetarily-dominated, -entrapped, -cheated, -dispossessed and -enslaved Gentile nations. (Apo./Rev. 13:11-18) And hence because the Gentile is not even master in his own house, home, kingdom, nation or state. And now you know why, dear reader. It was because the Gentile (via “his” parliament and/or “his” president) lost his “royal” power to coin his own money; and because the Gentile credulously “credited” the “money” of the “messianic” or Satanic anti-Christ, the imperial or “beastly” SuperNazi; and/or because the Gentile was impotent to refuse this “beastly” “credit” money of this SuperNazi “jew,” this debt-token monopoly-money of his, his “lawful money,” his “fiat” money, his “legal tender for all debts public or private” (within his “jewish” realm, kingdom or state). For the realm of the king or emperor extends just as far as his token or “fiat”-coin (of his realm).

*  *  *  *  *

And therefore we all live (not in a yellow submarine) but in Satan’s “beastly” “jewish” empire. And in this evil empire the Satanic “jew,” just like his father, arrogates all “credit” (Godness, virtue, credibility, truthfulness, trustworthiness, etc.) to himself, and declares all distrust and disbelief in him to be a “crime,” and sanctimoniously persecutes it (them) out of existence, as if he (rather than his incredulous Gentile victims) were the victim. Thus the Satanic “jew” is a spiritual dictator or psychological tyrant who tolerates no Gentile freedom of thought, belief, nor “conscience”—much less of speech, publicity or publication.

(But this is not what the Satanic “jew” says he does, mind you, but it is indeed what he does. For a liar’s words and deeds are antithetical, opposite, contrary. And so all this liar’s speeches about “freedom of speech” are merely to guarantee his own, and to cover his extreme intolerance and “fascistic” censoriousness of any and all Gentile freedom of speech. (If you doubt this, see e.g. “jewish” “Press Intimidation and Censorship” within the upcoming Political Appendix.) For the Satanic “jew” hates the truth like the Devil hates holy water, like Darkness hates Light, or like hideousness hates the mirror, along with all eyes that can see, and the candid portraitist, the photographer, the truthful writer. “Damn your eyes” says Evil, yet not to Itself in the mirror, but to any and all souls Godly or good enough to see through Evil’s (beauty) masks, lies, slanders and tricks. And “jew”-hated and —persecuted worst of all are those clear eyes and minds who communicate their truthful vision to other Gentiles.

As far as the Satanic “jew” is concerned, the racial “problem” is not that he (having been caught red-handed in so very so many lies, deceits, slanders, tricks, evils, murders, mass-murders, etc.) has little to no credibility left among the Gentiles, and so can hardly get his latest lies believed or “credited”—(again because, like his genetic Father, he is far too well known as a very big liar). But no, the “jew” pretends the racial “problem” is that the “hateful, racist” Gentile doesn’t believe in him anymore. (But that’s only right. For “if once, then shame on you, you shameless ‘jew,’” but if twice or thrice, then shame on me, a stupid G.”) But the point for Satan’s spawn has never been the truth, but whatever self-serving “jewish” lies they can deceive, trick or (failing that) force or terrorize Gentiles into believing—or at least fearfully pretending to believe. (See/hear their “Holocaust,” their “divinely” preferred or “chosen race,” etc., etc., etc.) I mean whom are you going to believe, God or the “jew”? (John 8:44 or 8:48) Take your pick! Make your choice!

And for the Satanic “jew,” the “crime” is not that he is a vile criminal (liar, cheat, thief, robber, murderer, mass-murderer, etc.) and therefore cannot be safely trusted by God, man nor beast. But no, the “jew” pretends the “crime” is that the Gentile neither trusts nor believes in him anymore. And so Satan’s slanderous son instead declares Gentile distrust and disbelief in him to be the “crime,” a crime of discreditation against him and his entire race, and hence a racial or “racist” crime, the crime of “racism.” According to the anti-Christ “jew,” the racial “crime” is not his very own “jewish” criminality (his Satanic seed, nature, character—John 8:44), but rather the Gentile’s distrust and disbelief (and hence “racial hatred” of) him.

And so long as the slanderous “jew” remains the sole official accuser, judge, jailer and murderer (“executioner”) in and over the Gentile nations, this official, criminal, judicial and “legal” abomination shall remain firmly in place. Thus under such “judicial” demons as these it will never be a “racist” crime for “jews” to slander the German race with “the holocaust,” nor to mass-murder Germans and their cities from the sky—(i.e. to “holocaust,” “burn,” “sacrifice” and “offer” their burnt corpses to their “jewish,” British and Amerikan god, Satan).

Thus the son of Satan dismisses or whitewashes his limitless vice or criminality (his predatoriness, deceitfulness, hatefulness, malevolence, racism, etc.) while ceaselessly accusing, slandering, criminalizing and “legally” persecuting his Gentile victims (for his own slanderous, displaced or “projected” “jewish” criminality)! And so rather than apologizing to the Gentile and humbly begging his forgiveness for being such a son of Satan, the Satanic “jew” (forever true to form, always playing the victim, demanding “reparations,” etc.) forever demands the exact opposite, and persecutes the Gentile for seeing, perceiving, thinking and knowing the Satanic “jew” to be who and what he is. (John 8:44) Because Godly eyes see through “jewish” lies and disguises, the Satanic “jew damns his Gentile eyes. What’s wrong with this picture, dear Gentile?

And so of course the Satanic “jew” proclaims it no crime for himself to distrust, to disbelieve or to “discredit” the Gentile—(for which his mass-media monopoly is most useful, see e.g. the present day credit or credibility of Lord Adolf Hitler, due to this constant “jewish” defamation or slander)—but only vice-versa—i.e. only for the “hateful” and/or “racist” Gentile to distrust, disbelieve or discredit the “jew.” (Yet liars justly have no credibility.)

And not content with slanderously discrediting the Gentile, the “jew” “legally” persecutes and murders him. (Hear e.g., the anti-Christ’s “Holocaust” slanders, and see his “kangaroo” courts, his propaganda “trials,” his Soviet/Amerikan “show trials” with their foregone conclusions, capped by his “legalized” lynchings of his Godly Gentile opponents, as at Nuremberg, Germany in 1946.

(For who else but God’s apostles would best oppose these sons of the Devil (John 8:44), and hence be by them so intensely hated and slandered, so vehemently hunted, so ferociously persecuted, and so violently murdered? And yes, even down to this very latter day! For contrary to the deicidal anti-Christ, Jesus-God or the Life never really died. You go Jesus!) (Apo./Rev. 3:12 & 19:12)

*  *  *  *  *

And so what others believe about you (rightly or wrongly) is your “credit” or “discredit.” But what kind of spirit, mind or psyche demonizes, slanders, persecutes and murders (even “legally”) those who doubt, disbelieve or discredit him?—as if they had no “lawful” “jewish” “right” to think, judge and decide for themselves! And they don’t—so long as the “jew” is the Law! So stop worshipping the Law you self-damning idolaters! Satan’s law or command has always been: “If you can’t or won’t say nice things about me, then you’d better say nothing at all, or I’ll cut out your tongue!” And so the Slanderer’s son ceaselessly “criticizes” God and the Gentile, yet tolerates none. So go figure! 666! Like father, like son! (Apo./Rev. 13:1-18)

And here’s the point: Evil (the Enemy, Devil or Slanderer, and hence Evil’s seed, children or kindred) seeks to “credit” Itself in your eyes and judgment, and to “discredit” or slander true Goodness or Godness. (John 8:44 & :48-49) Evil seeks to completely reverse and transpose right and wrong, truth and falsehood, light and darkness, the divine and the Satanic. And therefore Satan and Its human demons would have you view them as God and His “chosen people.” (And they will “legally” persecute you if you do not.) Furthermore, Satan and Its demons would have you view God and the Godly as Satan and the Satanic. (And they will “legally” persecute you if you do not.)

(Recently there was a Gentile American woman in Milwaukee who didn’t hate Adolf Hitler nearly enough to suit the anti-Christs, for she was alleged to have privately said a good thing or two about the man. And so they took her baseball team away. How could any Amerikan have a baseball team if he (or she) didn’t hate Adolf (or Jesus)? So strict or intolerant is “jewish”-Amerikan “morality.” For all Gentile subjects within “jewish” kingdoms must vehemently hate whom and whatsoever the anti-Christs dictate. And this of course is called (“jewish”-Amerikan) “freedom of conscience,” of thought, of speech, etc.)

And for this very evil cause of transposing all good and evil, Evil (and Its kindred) seeks to control all speech, all thought, all communication, all public expression, all print, all mass-media, all radio and television. And why? So only Its lies (about Itself) and Its slanders (about Its hated enemies) will ever be heard, and (hopefully) believed, trusted, “credited.” Thus Evil hopes (via Its media-monopoly) that you, dear reader, will believe in the “Godness” of Evil and the “evil” of Godness. (I myself yet harbor some doubts.)

Consider: Why does Satan’s, anti-Christ, “jewish” world hate Lord Adolf Hitler so very much? (For those “six million” “jews” who were never “gassed” in “chambers” nor “roasted” in “ovens”?—(as if they were good eating or something—as if the Gentile and not the “jew” were the cannibalistic beast!) And is this absolute anti-Christ or “jewish” hatred of this Ger-man not Satanic tribute and dark proof of his Godness and worth?

For who but the anti-Christ “jew” has thus slandered or “discredited” the Gentile Lord so? And how so, but by possession of all Gentile mass-media, and of all high Gentile “public” offices/officials?

And likewise via Its mass-media monopoly, Evil would very much like you and yours to “credit,” trust or believe Its lies about everything, and especially about Itself and Its Godly (but greatly slandered or defamed) opponents. In fact Evil makes it a “crime” for you and not to believe in Its slanders of God, of Jesus, of Adolf, of Germans, of Christians, of Arabs, of Mohammedans, etc., etc. And again Who or What else could better oppose Evil than God or Godness? and thus above all others “earn” and suffer the Devil’s (and Its “chosen people’s”) demonic hatreds, slanders and persecutions? Think: Whom do the anti-Christs hate more: Jesus or Adolf? And what’s the difference?

Evil wants to possess the minds of you and yours completely. Evil wants you to see everything Its way, the way It pictures, portrays and “presents” everything to you. (See Evil’s “Holohoax” “cinema,” and Evil’s near monopoly of all television, radio, mass-media, etc.)

By why? Why does Evil thus need to control and dictate all things, and hence to conquer, subject and control all things? It is not Evil’s great fear of freedom, of truth and of justice? For consider: Godness or goodness doesn’t fear justice. Beauty doesn’t fear being seen. And Truth doesn’t fear truth, nor debate, nor disproval, debunking nor exposure. Why should it/ they? But Evil, Ugliness and Falsehood fear all these good things.

Similarly truth-seekers and truth-tellers don’t fear truth, nor debate, nor freedom of thought, “conscience,” speech nor press. Why should they? For such good things can only bring them closer to their desire, truth. But Satanic liars fear all these good things, as well they should. For these things can only bring others closer to the truth—by which light and truth liars and their lies are thereby disproved, debunked, exposed, and they know it. And hence Satanic liars insist upon their strict censorship and/or official dictation of all “truth,” and hence their Satanic persecution of all their doubting, unbelieving, incredulous or “unfaithful” subjects. (See e.g. “holocaust deniers” or Hitler non-haters.)

*  *  *  *  *

Evil very much wants you and yours to believe in Its “truth” and It’s “salvation,” (see e.g. Its “dictatorship of the proletariat”), and to “credit” Its lies, Its slanders, Its “golden” paper promises, Its “beastly marks” or Its debt-token monopoly-moneys. In fact there is no end to the false and evil things which Evil wants (or commands) you to think, to believe and to do. And there is no end to the good things which Evil wants to take from you: your life, your liberty, property, credibility, reputation, etc. Nor is there any end to the evil things which Evil wants to do to you and yours: i.e. to slander, to defame, dispossess, rob, imprison, enslave, torture and/or murder you and yours.

For Evil (and Its “chosen people”) “religiously” desire, as always, to usurp and reign as God. And It (they) desire, as always, that their Satanic or “messianic” world-kingdom, empire or “beast” shall be endless, limitless or eternal. (Matt. 21:33-46) And therefore they need to conquer and subject you and yours to do that. (And therefore world wars I and II, etc.) And therefore if you’re any good or any obstacle to them, they vehemently hate, slander and persecute you.

(Do you not remember their “soviet man,” their “soviet state” and/or “society,” their alleged end of all Gentile History, their supposed pinnacle of all “human evolution,” their inauguration of their “messianic” or Satanic, “humanist” or “communist,” worldwide or SuperNazi “beast” or empire?)

Well they haven’t yet given up their fervent or “religious” hope to conquer God’s globe, usurp His throne, and reign in His place forever. For that’s simply who and what they are: the sons and daughters of their Father, Satan. (John 8:44) Is this not so? Or do I misread them?

Yet it remains much more difficult for Evil to do Its evil or perpetrate Itself upon the world if you and yours simply place little to no trust, faith, belief, nor “credit” in It and Its “chosen people.” And hence they declare your doubt or disbelief (in them and their lies) to be a “crime,” an “offense,” an evil, etc. (The “crime” of “holocaust” doubt or denial, e.g.) But good for you, fellow-“criminal”! For when you believe in the Father of lies or in Its sons (John 8:44), you are being foolish, gullible and “credulous,” and you and yours are being woefully mislead to your earthly, political, familial, racial and national destruction. (Again see the “soviet” [or amerikan] man,” within his “jewish” chains or within his “jewish” grave.)

Far better, methinks, to be destroyed doing the work of the Lord than that of His slanderous enemies, the Devil and Its “chosen people.” For I doubt that “when ye fail, they…[will] receive you into [their] everlasting habitations.” (Luke 16:9) For their “beastly” world-empire shall not long last.

But I’ll bet you can’t convince any of your nationally traitorous, “jew”-sucking, “public” officials of that! For they have indeed chosen their Satanic master…and hence their just reward and desert.

*  *  *  *  *

You don’t have to believe Evil’s lies, dear reader. And of course it’s far better for you and yours that you don’t. (For we all act upon our beliefs.) But belief alone cannot save you from earthly Evil. For you must also possess physical power to defeat or repulse earthly Evil. For as with a little lamb within the powerful paws or jaws of a wolf, nothing less than sufficient physical force can ever set you free from Evil’s predatory grasp. Is this not obviously so?

It is not enough that you know the Devil and Its “chosen people” want to damn you and yours, dear reader. For you and yours must possess sufficient power to escape their very powerful grasp, to defeat them, to stop them from attacking you and yours. And you must stop looking up at the sky for heavenly angels to come and save you and yours from earthly Evil, simply because it isn’t going to happen, never has and never shall, simply because angels don’t exist, and never have. On this old earth, and with God’s help, you are, we are, going to have to save our own wicked asses.

And to spurn or refuse to recognize any genuine help, divine or human, spiritual (mental, intellectual) or physical, is simply not in your earthly interests. Wisdom, guidance and good counsel are good things, vital things, essential, crucial, indispensable things. But it takes wisdom to recognize wisdom, and there’s the rub. (Matt. 11:19 & Luke 7:35) And it takes (mental) courage and strength to hang on to wisdom in the furious face of Evil’s mental, spiritual or religious persecution.

For Evil well knows Its best interests lie within Its lies, Its tricks, Its deceits, and in your undoubting (if not fanatical) faith in them. (See e.g. Its persistent and slanderous “holocaust” propaganda.) It very much matters to Evil what you think, believe, credit, value. For Evil seeks and craves to possess the minds of you and yours. (All the better to damn you with.) (Note if you will, Evil’s mass-media monopoly and spiritual intolerance (even hateful slander, criminalization and persecution) of all significant disagreement, contradiction and especially disproof.) And note that media-monopoly is clearly not about any genuine search for truth, (for truth need only speak and be heard to be known by its own), but about the dictation and enforcement of lies (“truth-dictation”), and the “legal” criminalization persecution of truth and all its speakers, tellers, harborors. (Just see what Evil does to Its “holocaust” doubters, deniers, disprovers or debunkers.)

*  *  *  *  *

Distinguishing “Central Bank” Debt-Tokens from “Commercial Bank” “Credit-Money”

“Token” money is not real money. That’s understood (because expressed) in and by it’s very name. But perhaps “false-money” or “pseudo-money” would be a better term, because more expressive and accurate. But what crown or money-power (however honest and true) is going to proclaim (on its very face) its token-money to be “false”? So perhaps we should be satisfied if they be plainly stamped and labeled merely as (debt-free) “tokens.”

For real money is, consists or is made of real and true value (like gold or silver), and so it is neither a token money, nor a mere (paper) promise to pay real money—such as a gold or silver “certificate” or “credential” “certifying” to you the bearer, upon it’s paper face, it’s alleged, professed, promised gold or silver worthiness and credibility. (Yet liars can lie as well (or better) on paper as in person. Just read any “jew’spaper”)

“Credit” is simply a noun or verb form (as “to credit”) of the noun, “creed”—all from the Roman “credere,” “to believe” or “to trust.”

So is token money a “credit” money? Yes because it is not real but merely imaginary or “make-believe” money, but only if you “credit,” trust or believe that the tokens in question are really and truly value or “money.” But beware: For lies and falsehoods (as well as truths) are often credited as truths. Or only if you trust in the token’s lasting value can it truly be a “credit” money to you.

But if you do not trust the token money, and yet you are forced to accept it, then for you it is not “credit” but “fiat” (or “command”) money.

Non-debt-token-money may be trustworthy or creditable for a while, but all have eventually been created and spent (“inflated”) into worthlessness.

But debt-token money is by its very nature always a fraud, a theft, and a snare, and so should never be credited nor trusted. And yet if one foolishly does so, then for him it is indeed a “credit” money. For to credit or discredit (believe or disbelieve, trust or distrust) are merely mental actions, opinions, convictions or thoughts. And one may indeed believe, think or imagine falsely. (See e.g. “the Hollow-hoax.”)

And so, though the debt-token “jew” proclaims his money to be true, only a fool would “credit” or believe it so. And as one towering “jew” lie is based upon another (as is his monetary tower of Babylon), the “jew” reserves the term “credit” not for his debt-tokens themselves, but for his non-existent and imaginary tokens “based upon” or “backed by” them, which the son of the Liar lends out to unknowing fools or knowledgeable victims. Just ponder the enormity of this towering “jewish” fraud and lie: using his debt-tokens as the basis, “reserve” or “backing” for yet more “jewish”-“money.” “Jew”- lies based on “jew”-lies based on “jew”-lies. As the “jew’s” “paper-gold” or paper-promises to pay gold were based on the gold he claimed to have “in reserve,” “backing” his paper, his “paper-gold,” so now the bastard claims his “bank credit” or “credit money” is “based upon: and “backed by” the debt-tokens he claims to have “in reserve.” What an incessant “jew” is the “jew”!

He pretends these imaginary or “credit” debt-tokens are real debt-tokens, and that (when you “take out” a loan from his “commercial” bank) he has “deposited” these imaginary debt-tokens in your imaginary “account”-box within his bank. And there they sit awaiting your withdrawal, or so the lying, thieving “jew” would have you believe. But in fact the “deposit” and the “box” are a lie and do not even exist.

Question: When you, dear Gentile, lend the “jew”-banker money, and you place or “deposit” your money with him, would he mind or be offended if you proclaimed your money to be invisible or imaginable? i.e. to be a “credit money” which he simply needs to have more faith or belief in to see, perceive or credit it as real and true money?—and so to later repay you with real and true money…plus interest?


The [“jewish”-Amerikan–Ed.] Treasury prints “In God We Trust” on our currency. God is indeed trustworthy, but trusting an intrinsically worthless currency takes an awful lot more than faith.—(Peter Kershaw, from his Economic Solutions)


You know the answer, dear reader. And so why don’t we Gentiles give the “jew” his very own answer back?

*  *  *  *  *

Yet gold (and silver) used to be the (“fractional”) basis of “jew” (“paper-gold”) money back when the Gentile was wiser and less trusting or less mentally-dominated (and hence deceived) by the “jew” that he is today. At that time the “jew” would issue and lend the trusting, credulous, gullible Gentile up to ten times more counterfeit paper promises to pay gold than the “jew” had gold to pay, and yet demand (and receive—upon pain of confiscation of “mortgaged” “collateral” or “security”) Gentile re-payment in gold—thus thievingly exchanging false “jewish” promises to pay gold (i.e. “paper-gold”) for real and true Gentile gold.

But today’s Gentile is even more gullible than was yesterday’s. For today’s “jewish” money is not a even a (false) promise to pay the Gentile gold or silver or anything of value. Today’s “jewish” money is purely and merely token-money. It has no real or inner value. It is “backed” by nothing at all. It is merely printed paper. It is also a “fiat” (commanded or imposed) monopoly-money. The Gentile is thus forced by the coercive power (of what used to be his government) to use only the “jew’s” inconstant, fluctuating, untrustworthy token-money for all his trades, exchanges, purchases.

But even worse, today’s “jewish” token-money is a debt-token money, rather than a non-debt, debt-free or debtless token money. What’s the difference? Much! (Re)read above.)

*  *  *  *  *

Is it not credulous foolishness to credit (believe, imagine, trust) paper promises to pay nothing (i.e. neither gold nor silver) as if real and true values? How about “crediting” further promises based upon these promises to pay nothing? Is this not even far more foolish?

Yet the Gentile does this to his loss, and to the gain of the wily, deceitful and unwisely “credited” “jew.” And the Gentile does this because he (like a child) foolishly “credits” the “jew” with being as honest and trustworthy as the Gentile himself. (For the child (and/or adult) “projects” himself upon the world, or assumes the world is like him—whether good or bad, Godlike or Satanic.) And likewise, the “jew” “discredits” or slanders the Gentile with being as untrustworthy as the “jew” himself. Thus each projects himself upon the other. Hence the former confers a undeserved blessing (upon the “jew”), and the latter a undeserved curse (upon the Gentile).

Yet, just as he did in the old days with his gold and his “paper-gold,” this unbacked, unredeemable, worthless token-money is claimed by the wily “jew” to be the rock-solid “basis” or “backing” and “fractional reserve” for his “credit money”—which has no substance whatsoever, not even paper. I.E. what gold was to “jewish” paper or “paper-gold,” this worthless paper- or token-money is to “jewish” “credit money.” All “jewish” “credit money” is merely a written or typed entry in a bank’s ledger-book or computer. That’s all “jewish” “credit money” is. It’s not even paper. It’s not even worthless metal. It’s not even a token-money. It’s purely imaginary! It doesn’t even exist! And yet token-money is the “basis,” the “backing” or the “fractional reserve” for this non-existent, ethereal, airy “credit money” which exists (like all other “jewish” lies) only in the minds of foolish, credulous or gullible Gentiles. Why do we do this to ourselves? It is because we are fooled by lies, ruined by ignorance, or “destroyed by lack of knowledge”? (Hosea 4:6) Then perhaps we’d better get some, but where? Is if because we believe, credit or have foolish, ruinous faith in lies, frauds, and phoney money? If so, then we had better (via the truth that sets men free) lose our false faith as soon as possible.


The [“jewish”-Amerikan–Ed.] Treasury prints “In God We Trust” on our currency. God is indeed trustworthy, but trusting an intrinsically worthless currency takes an awful lot more than faith.—(Peter Kershaw, from his Economic Solutions)


So surely we must not be deceived by “jewish” lies and misleading labels (e.g. “bank deposits” or “bank reserves”). And surely we must not confuse the “jew’s” “bank credit” or “credit money” with his token-money. For token-money is not at all what the wily “jew” means by his “bank credit money.”

For clearly all token-money (whether paper, plastic or cheap metal) is “credit” money—i.e. worthless money (foolishly or wisely) “credited” with worth (or not). (And I hope again to show it is indeed possible for (non-debt) token money to be of true and trustworthy (and even lasting) worth and value. And this strictly conditional truth I intend to more clearly demonstrate, along with the infinite chasm between debt-free and debt-token money.)

And (as with non-debt or debt-free token-money), what is this “jewish” debt-token money if not “credit” money?—not real but merely alleged, symbolic, token, fiat, unbacked, unredeemable credit money—and that only for the Gentile foolish enough to credit the lying, thieving, fraudulent “jew” with trustworthiness, truthfulness, honesty and honest money. But credit-money as the “basis,” “backing” or “reserve” for more credit-money? Token-money as the basis for more (and even more insubstantial, ethereal or imaginary) token-money? What fool could ever believe or “credit” such nonsense?

So, “paper-gold” money, based upon or consisting of false promises to pay real (gold and silver) money, is fraudulent enough! But “bank credit” money based upon promises to pay no real money at all, is even more fraudulently baseless, and hence totally unbelievable and completely incredible! Believing in false promises is foolish or credulous enough! But who can possibly believe in non-promises? Can you perceive the enormous fraud? What a “jew” the “jew” is! His tokens, his promises to pay nothing are his alleged “basis,” his “backing,” his “reserve,” his “surety,” his “collateral” for his creating up to ten times more “credit”—which is/are merely bookkeeping and/or computer entries made by the “jew”-bankster whenever some borrower takes out a loan. The “bank credit” money is “created” simply by writing it down in a book or typing it into a computer. This “credit money” exists because the “jew” says it does? What magic is this? Not magic, but fraud, illusion, sleight of hand. The wily “jew” must be watched every minute, or better yet, banished altogether (along with his debt-tokens and his “bank credit” money). (And very good riddance! There let him defraud himself. There let him loan his “money” to himself.)

And the “fractional” basis for this “jew” “bank-credit” money is not even honest, Gentile, debt-free tokens, but “jewish” debt-tokens. Thus “jewish” lies based upon “jewish” lies, and “jewish” fraud standing upon “jewish” fraud, and “jewish” theft predicated upon “jewish” theft! What a “jewish” house of “jewish” cards is a “jewish” “bank” or state!

Could you imagine trying to pay the paper-boy a dollar “backed” or “reserved” by a dime—i.e. paying him a dime instead of a dollar? Would he not notice the 90% discrepancy, shortage, cheat, theft? Then why don’t we notice the fraud of the “jew’s” “fractional reserve” “system” of thievery? It is because, like the cheating carnival sharper with his three thimbles and pea, we get lost in all his speedy distractions and misdirections of our eyes, and hence find ourselves lost in his too quick sleight of hand, and our confusion? And is that not the banking-“jew’s” intention, to cast sand in our eyes, to confuse and to cheat us?

And the “jew’s” words or terms are likewise intended to misdirect, deceive and confuse us. (Again see or hear “bank deposit,” “bank reserves,” “bank credit” or “credit money.” And know that neither “token,” “debt-token,” or “debt-free token” are “jewish” terms. For they’re far too clear for the thieving, “banking” or carnival “jew” to ever find useful within his Satanic “trade.”)

*  *  *  *  *

The “Commercial” Bank “Credit-Money” Fraud, Scam, Theft

And all the “commercial” (as distinct from the “savings’” banks) “create” this “credit” or “bank credit” money” “based” upon their debt-tokens in possession. Again via book- or computer-entries they “create” up to ten times or so as much “bank credit money” as they have paper- or token-money to “fractionally” “base” it upon, or “back” it up with, precisely as the “jewish” “central banks” formerly created up to ten times as much (fraudulent) paper-money as they had gold or silver to base it upon, “back” it up, or “redeem” it with. (Thus more “jewish” lies based upon “jewish” lies, fraud upon fraud, and theft upon theft.)

*  *  *  *  *

And so we see essentially the very same “jewish” theft, scam and “fractional reserve” fraud—both by the “jewish” banks or “central banks” (of paper-money creation or “issue”—when they were “fractionally”-“backed” by gold or silver), and by the “jewish” commercial banks (of “bank-credit” creation)—(both, by the way, doubtlessly often owned by the very same culprits). But we mere citizens have no way of knowing for sure, as the owners of the “central bank” corporate crown is a “state secret” which probably not even the state itself (i.e. any Gentile official) knows. And so although I’ll bet you can’t find the names of the dynastic owners of the “central bank” corp. from any Gentile state official within your state—(as this “crown secret” is probably carefully kept from the puppet gov’t officials and all other lesser crown subjects), yet among the registered, discoverable and hence knowable owners of the biggest “commercial” (and international) banks of your state you shall most likely find your prime suspects for the dynastic “jewish” owners of the corporate (and supernational) crowns of the “jew”-owned and controlled states. But (like boxes within boxes or eggs within eggs) you may have to look within corps. within corps. within corps. to find the actual names of certain well-concealed individuals. For corporations are the “legal” masks of Evil and Its demon seeds.

Today the Satanic, “messianic” or SuperNazi “jew’s” “central bank” creates and lends his debt-token monopoly-money to his puppet-gov’t and (his?) “commercial” banks. And these debt-tokens are supposedly “based” upon his Gentile puppet-gov’t’s bonds—which again are the Gentile nation’s “collateral” for the crown loans of this “royal,” “jewish” thief, and which are merely I.O.U.’s or promises to pay yet more of this “jewish” debt-token money—which the royal “jew” shall therefore lend his puppet-gov’t when the time is ripe for his bonds to “mature,” and hence are due to be repaid him in full by his puppet-gov’t. But again there is no state official over the “central bank” or the “jewish” crown to ever check to see if the crown were ever “inflating” (creating and lending tokens) over any “fractional” limit (of puppet-gov’t bonds) it may have imposed upon itself, if any.

*  *  *  *  *

Again, the puppet-gov’ts and their “jewish” crowns well know the debt-token loans shall never be repaid, but only interest, which shortly becomes staggering, as the puppet-gov’t must keep borrowing more tokens to pay the bonds it must always gives as “collateral” for each new crown loan or “principal.” But this in not true of the “commercial” banks. They must repay fully repay all loans (both “principal” and “interest”) they borrow from the monetary crown—the only ultimate source and destination of all debt-tokens within its state, realm, kingdom. And we have seen that these “commercial” banks then “create” “bank-credit” money based upon (and limited by) the amount of the crown’s debt-token they possess at the time. That is, they can only “create” so many times or multiples of “credit money” as they possess debt-tokens—in the same way that the “jew” could only safely lend so many times more “paper-gold” as he had gold to “back” or “redeem” his paper promises to pay (or repay) gold on demand, should any of his “paper-gold” holders ever seek to claim their gold the wily “jew” was supposedly holding or safe-keeping for them.

(And by the way, all this “commercial” bank “fractionalism” or “fractional reservism,” is jealously dictated, watched and supervised by the monetary crown itself. (For again, he who creates or dictates the money is king, or dictator.) Even the “fractional reserves” (i.e. the debt-tokens) for this “commercial bank-credit” money are deposited with, and hence held by, the crown itself. And the monetary crown dictates at all times how much “reserves” the “commercial” banks must have deposited with it—or, in other words, the outer limits of their “credit money” expansion, “creation” and lending.)

*  *  *  *  *

We have seen that the “jew” used to lend out several times more gold (via his “paper-gold”) than he had gold, and thereby stealing golden “principal” plus “interest.” And as long as “jew’s” “paper-gold” holders asked of him no gold, he got away with his golden scam and theft. And we have likewise seen that the “jew” now fraudulently lends out several times more “commercial bank credit-money” than he has “central bank” debt-tokens (to “back up” or “redeem” his “bank credits”).

But because the “commercial” banks “create” and lend so much more (in fact so many time more) debt-tokens than they even possess, why then are they only rarely caught short of debt-tokens by depositors or borrowers who want to withdraw them? And the answer is: Because they all do it; because all the “commercial” banks perpetrate this bank fraud of lending out (via “credit” money) several times more debt-tokens than they even possess, (that’s what their code name means), their mutual fraudulence cancels each other out, thus:

“Commercial” bank “depositors’” generally pay their larger debts, bills and purchases by “check” instead of “cash” (crown debt-tokens), and their bank-checks (of “commercial” bank “credit-money”) generally cancel each other out. And so little “real” money (debt-tokens) need change hands among the various “commercial” banks. And that’s how they get away with “lending” nonexistent debt-token money—i.e. “bank-credit” money.

But this answer doubtlessly requires some explanation or elucidation:

A “depositor” is someone who leaves or “deposits” something somewhere, or with someone—e.g. money in a (money) “bank,” or with a (money) “banker.” But the “commercial” banking “jew” reverts and perverts this word and concept by pretending to have himself deposited real debt-tokens within an “account” or “deposit box” created and reserved specifically and exclusively for anyone and everyone who borrows money from him. But in fact this is all a lie and a bank fraud. There is no deposit box. And there has been no deposit. The wily “jew” has merely pretended to have left each and every debt-token which the borrower has borrowed from him within an alleged but imaginary or fictional deposit box.

And a “check” is a bank depositor’s order to his bank/banker to pay the designated payee a specified number of the tokens which he has entrusted, left or deposited with that bank/banker. But in the case of the “commercial” bank borrower, the debt-tokens have supposedly (but not really) been deposited by the “commercial” bank lender within the borrower’s nonexistent “deposit box”—upon or against which the borrower then writes his “checks” to withdraw his money to pay his bills, debts, purchases. In other words, “commercial” bank “credit” money is and must be in the form of a “checking account,” because the credit” money doesn’t really exist, like metal or even mere paper-tokens exist. Again the latter tokens are the “backing,” “foundation” or “reserve” for the former “credits.” And if “commercial” bank borrowers demanded real token money (supposedly sitting in their “deposit boxes”) to spend or pay their debts instead of simply writing checks against their “checking accounts,” the “commercial” bank would soon be out of tokens. And hence its scam, theft and bank fraud would soon be evident and exposed—again as if all a banking “jew’s” “paper-gold” holders demanded the gold the “jew” was supposedly (but not really) holding “on deposit” for them. But as long as this does not happen the “golden” or “commercial” gets away with his theft, scam and bank-fraud.

And so because all the “commercial” banks perpetrate this theft and fraud (that’s what they mean by “commercial”), they get away with it, because their “depositors” or “account holders” generally pay their larger bills, debts, purchases in or by “checks.” And these various “commercial” bank “checks” (from the various “commercial” banks) generally and mutually cancel each other out. And so little to no debt-tokens (actual “money”) need change hands between the “commercial” banks whenever they “settle accounts.” For this reason the “commercial” bank “credit” money (which again is nonexistent, imaginary, fictional, fraudulent) is also called “check-book” money. It is also called (“commercial”) “bank-ledger” or “bank-book” money, meaning it exists only on paper or in bank records as an ledger or book entry.

Again, the various “commercial” bank-“checks” (which are a bank depositor’s orders to his bank to pay the designated payee a specified number of the tokens which he has left or deposited in that bank, or (allegedly, supposedly) vice-versa) drawn on these various commercial bank-created “credit”-accounts usually cancel each other out, so that banks usually do not have to send each other much token money to settle their accounts with (or debts to) one another at the end of the banking day or week. That is to say, simply stated, the sum of all checks drawn from “commercial” Bank A accounts and deposited in “commercial” Bank B are usually close to equal to the sum of all checks drawn from Bank B accounts deposited in Bank A. So at the end of the banking day, week, month, or whenever they periodically “settle accounts,” one “commercial” bank usually owes the other banks few to no tokens at all. And the monetary scam keeps sailing along.

And as long as all the bank-account holders or “depositors” do not simultaneously demand all their bank-held tokens (as they formerly did not all at once demand their bank-held gold) there will be enough token money in circulation to meet their traffic and exchange demands, and so the “fractional reserve” fraud will not be discovered. I mean the fact that “commercial” banks don’t nearly have all the tokens they claim to have, nor all the tokens they pretend to lend out—in the same way and spirit that the “jew” was pretending to lend out gold, when in fact he was merely lending out paper, paper promises to pay gold, or “paper-gold.”

*  *  *  *  *

And how then can “commercial” banks lend out money they don’t even possess? Via our ignorance about it, and/or our impotence to stop it. They need our gullible Gentile faith to believe in their “jewish” “bank credit.” Whenever we take out a loan, they again pretend to deposit that token money in our “deposit accounts”—which, again are empty. Heck, even our own “deposit accounts” wherein we think we’ve left our money for safekeeping, usury or the convenience of writing checks against it, are in fact empty boxes. In fact, they’re not even real; but imaginary or false boxes—as with the former imaginary or “credit” gold and the current imaginary or “credit” tokens. For what counts with the liar, the fraud the swindler or “confidence” man is not the truth, but whatever lies can get his intended (or “marked”) victims, fools and dupes to believe.

What gold was to the “jew” paper gold of yesterday—(its “basis,” its “backing” or “fractional reserve”)—“jew” paper promises to pay nothing is to the bank-created money called “credit” of the “jew” today. I don’t have to tell you that the “jew” banker receives token money as payment for his credit money—as he once received real gold as payment for his paper money. For “exchanging false values for true” is the name of the game of the “jew.”

For even though the “jew” debt-token money (much less “bank credit” money) is a fraud, yet the Gentile had to work hard to acquire it. So the “jew” gets the Gentile’s services, products and property for nothing but his false paper-money and/or false “credit”-money. What a fraud and thief is the wily “jew”!

*  *  *  *  *

And by moving this golden “fraction” and basis for the “jew” paper-money, the amount of money in circulation was manipulated. By gold movement, money supply would dry up here but well up there, creating drought, stagnation, depression, bust, foreclosure and confiscation here and boom and prosperity or flood there. (See the “Protocol” excerpts on gold below.)

So likewise the “jew” does via his debt-tokens and his “bank credit” (“based” upon them) what he once did to his gold and his paper (“based” upon his gold)—i.e. manipulate the money volume (up and down) toward even more theft, predation, robbery—toward “speculative” “boom and bust” cycles.

For he who controls the money-water controls all (economic) life. The money-flood lifts all boats, and the drought drops them. Why did the “jew” do this? How did this profit the “jew”?

Why does he do the same thing with the present token money basis for his credit money, that he once did with the gold basis for his paper money promises to pay gold?

“Why does the ‘central’ corporate ‘jew’ manipulate the national money supply?” Not to pray (to God) but to prey (upon the Gentiles).

“And how?” (See below.)

*  *  *  *  *

How the Corporate Crown Controls and Manipulates Its “Royal” or Monopoly Supply of Debt-Tokens: (Let us Count the Ways)


[This chapter properly belongs under “Central Bank,” but is instead placed here after “Commercial Bank” because the reader must first understand the “commercial” bankers’ “credit money” to understand all (i.e. #3) of this chapter.–Ed.]

*  *  *  *  *

Recall that the variability of monetary amount or volume (and thus the consequent variability of monetary value—higher or lower) is necessary for monetary “speculation”—(i.e. for buying money “low” (when plentiful, and cheap) and selling it “high” (when scarce, and expensive).

Recall that monetary stability is the end or death of “speculation.” And that’s why money speculators are haters and enemies of honest, constant, stable money—but will never say so, nor why.

And recall that the debt-money crown, king or master (and any other “insiders” he’d care to inform or “tip”) is in the very best position to speculate on his money—knowing precisely when his money amounts (and hence values) shall rise and fall, in response to his (“inflationary” and “deflationary”) decisions or policies.

But exactly how does he make all this happen? How does he influence (indeed dictate or control) the amount of his monopoly debt-tokens in circulation at any time?

*  *  *  *  *

Know then, that the “central bank[st]er,” the debt-token monopoly-money creator (printer) and lender, controls the amount of his debt-tokens in circulation in three ways, employed separately or together all at once for simultaneous, instantaneous, maximum and disastrous effect:

(1.) By dictating the usury or “interest” rate at which he lends the gov’t and the commercial banks (many of which he secretly owns) the use or rental of his debt-money.

(Again, this is called the “discount rate” within “jewish” or anti-Christ Amerika, and by its “central” bank or “Federal Reserve Corp.” officials? But why? Is this “discount rate” really such a bargain? Or is this merely the all-devouring “Beast” or “Dragon” calling its belly “Salvation” again?)

Whenever the debt-money spider wants to increase the money supply and encourage borrowing, thus placing the credit or debt-hook in the public’s mouth, he lowers his usury rate to his “commercial” banks. And whenever he wants to drain the money lake and reel the debt-hooked fish in (i.e. to “foreclose” on their loan “collateral” of “mortgaged” properties), he instantly raises his “interest” rate above the ability of his debtors to pay off their loans.

*  *  *  *  *

(2.) By buying and selling his puppet- gov’t’s “bonds” (promises to pay so many specified debt-tokens at specified future date(s), the crown at will creates instant “inflation” or “deflation” (monetary flood or drought) to the precise extent of his malevolent intent.

*  *  *

These puppet-gov’t bonds are the very collateral the “central” bankster demands before he lends his puppet-gov’t his debt-tokens—which, by the way, both parties well know can never ever be repaid. For the annual “interest” alone on any debt-token loan shall (within a few short years, and barring new loans or “principals”) evaporate the entire loan to its last drop or token. At 10%, 10 years; at 81/2%, 12 years; at 5%, 20 years.

(Thus we see, by the way, all debt-token money is inherently and necessarily variable, inconstant and unstable (in amount, volume or number, and hence value.)

And thus the crown bankster demands and receives (“up front” and in full, and at the time of this debt-token loan) repayment for his entire loan or “principal.” And this “up front” repayment is misnamed and disguised as “collateral” or “surety” against “default”—“just in case” this puppet-gov’t debtor were to ever fail to repay this certainly unpayable debt-token “principal”). (For unpayability is the very nature and essence of debt-token money—as both parties of this dark deal (but nor the public) well know.) And this “up front” repayment is in the form of these puppet-gov’t bonds.

(Thus we see political, economic and monetary fraud, theft and robbery from beginning to middle to end of the debt-token money scheme and regime. And besides, to pay in full for something “up front” or at the time, is clearly not a loan, but a purchase.)

*  *  *

And so when the debt-token king wants to create an instant money drought, he simply sells his gov’t bonds at the public exchange or “open market”—thus drawing and draining his debt-tokens out of circulation. Thus does the debt-token master catch within his net all manner of gasping, flapping, waterless fish, and/or the spider all flies within his web unseen.

(“Thus, did the great Guile-Master,/ His toils and his tangles set;/ And, as wide as was the water:/ So wide was woven his net.”)—(R. Redbeard)

*  *  *  *  *

(3.) Finally the monopolist “central” bankster—the “bankers’ banker”—“the lender of last resort”—(and the only real, ultimate and possible source (and destination, by the way) of all money within his kingdom, realm, state)—dictates to his “commercial banks” (through his corporate agents) exactly how many of his debt-tokens (as a % of all of tokens they presently hold) they all must keep inactive or “on reserve” with him, or within his “central” vault.

Recall the crown’s debt-tokens are the “fractional reserve” or “basis” for the “commercial” bankers’ “creation” and lending of their imaginary, fictional and fraudulent “credit money.” For this command or permission they have received of their father.

Thus the higher % of (his) debt-tokens the crown demands (of his children, the “commercial” banks), to keep inactive with him, the less “credit” they can possibly “create and lend out to the public; and the lower, the more. And thus (by these “reserve” requirements) the crown controls the “expandability” of his “commercial” banks’ or banksters’ “credit” money.

What gold used to be to “paper-gold,” debt-tokens are now to (“commercial” bank) “credit” money. What gold was to paper, paper is now to nothing (i.e. “credit.”) What gold used to be to “paper-gold” or promises to pay gold—(i.e. its basis or backing, the “fractional reserve” upon which these false paper promises were (not) “based”), debt-token-paper-money is now to the “credit money” (or book/computer entries) of these “commercial” banks. And so we see lies “based” upon lies upon lies, and fraud upon fraud upon fraud

The less gold a thieving banker had to “base” and lend his fraudulent paper-promises to pay gold (upon demand) on, the “less paper-gold” he could safely lend out (at profit or “interest”—of course). Likewise the less debt-tokens the “commercial” banker has on hand to cash checks (upon demand), the less “credit money” he can safely lend out. See how one lie leads to another? See how Darkness gradually leads the public step by step down the “garden path” to the Devil’s tree of sin, deceit, dispossession, and enslavement?—of political, economic and monetary death and damnation?

*  *  *  *  *

Again, these three methods are either employed one of by one or all together to produce the exact effect the debt-money king or crown desires to impose upon his economic/political subjects: monetary flood, monetary drought or something in-between.

All citizens living under a debt-token crown or king are unwittingly living under a monetary volcano whom and which they don’t even know. They are unknowingly skating on thin ice under a monetary sun so powerful, if he so chose, he could melt their support in a matter of days. No pharaoh of old never had such power as this “central” bank “jew” in his debt-token tower.

*  *  *  *  *

(The “jewish” “Central” and “Commercial” Banks(ters) Verses the Gentile “Savings & Loans”

We have seen that “central” banks “of issue” (i.e. of paper-money printing—of debt-token monopoly-money creation and loaning) and “commercial” banks are both “jewish” banks. They are the poisonous fruit of a poisonous tree. They are masked, concealed and “incorporated” groups of fraud, theft and deception. They create token and “credit” money out of nothing, and lend or exchange it for real Gentiles’ value—the real value of the Gentiles’ work and produce which they are (by their “jewish” gov’ts, or rather tyrannies) forced to exchange for this worthless, fraudulent, “jewish” debt-token, monopoly-money.

On the other hand, “Savings & Loan” banks and “Credit Unions” are not “jewish” but Gentile creations and institutions. These groups or corporations do not (fraudulently) lend out more money than they possess, nor do they create token or “credit” money out of nothing but mere paper and ink. But these honest groups merely lend out money their depositors have entrusted, left or deposited with them, and no more. These are honest Gentile groups (profit or non-profit) merely serving as intermediaries between lenders and debtors.

Their only fault is being compelled to lend out this fraudulent, entrapping, evil, “jewish” debt-token monopoly-money. And this is because no other money (and certainly no honest money—whether token or specie) is “legally” allowed to exist as “legal tender” by this masked, Satanic, corporate crown, by this evil “jewish” bankster, king or dictator within his kingdom or state.

And so (under every “jewish” crown, king or dynasty, and hence within every “jewish” kingdom, realm, state) all the money within every “savings’” bank (and hence not merely some “commercial” “fraction”) must have come from or originated in this monopolistic crown and king, this sole token money-creator, this “central bank corp.” Again the “savings’” banks are Gentile, but the “commercial” banks are “jewish.” And only the latter possess, enjoy and exploit the “jewish” crown’s favor, blessing and permission to “create” and to “lend” out “credit” money (“fractionally” “based” upon its “royal” debt-tokens).

And besides, I’ll the bet the crown secretly owns the biggest “commercial” banks within its realm. And there’s its “royal” “interest” in them. So discover these “commercial” bankster-owners, and discover your anti-Christ “royal family.”

Can you dig it? (I knew that you could.)


*  *  *  *  *

So “Savings & Loan” banks or “Credit Unions” have no such license to steal as “central” and “commercial” banks. (The distinction is, “credit unions” are private “Savings & Loans,” for members only. Whereas “savings’” banks are public, or open to everyone.) Unlike “commercial” banks, “savings’” banks have no blessing (license, permit, right) from the “central bank corp.” (crown and monetary god) to “create” “credit” money, and to loan it out for profit, i.e. “principal” plus “interest.” As the “jewish” “central” banks once created and lent out paper (“paper-gold”) for gold, so today the “jewish” “commercial” banks “create” and lend out “credit” money for debt-tokens.

(Thus “Savings & Loans” hold little to no “interest” for the “central” and “commercial” banksters and thieves. “Savings’” banks are not these monetary thieves’ creations, agencies and means (to steal and defraud the public). For “savings’” banks are honest and Gentile.

All the money “Savings & Loans” or “Credit Unions” possess to lend out is by the public (or its members) saved and deposited within them, and thus lent to the banks for the profit of “interest” or “usury.” I.E. the “Savings & Loans” and “Credit Unions” pay “interest” (usury, money-rent) to their depositors’ money, and they charge an even higher usury percentage or “interest rate” to their borrowers or debtors. And this extra “interest” money pays the bank’s employees, its operating costs, and profits the bank’s owners. “Banking” is institutionalized usury. It is a business for profit.

Again, no “credit” money is created by a “Savings & Loan” bank. Thus every token loaned out (to a borrower/debtor) is a token loaned in by a depositor/lender (or owner/stock holder). In other words, all “savings’” bank “deposits” are real deposits (by real depositors). (Whereas, “commercial” banks, as you recall, pretend to deposit (real) money within borrower’s “accounts,” or “account boxes” or “deposit-boxes.” But in fact they “deposit” nothing but “credit,” and hence nothing at all. And there are no “account-” or “deposit boxes.”—a fact which “Savings & Loans” freely and honestly admit, even in their very names.)

And as every token loaned out by a “Savings & Loan” is token loaned in (by its owners or depositors), if all these creditors or depositors ever demanded their deposits back at the same time, the “Savings & Loan” simply could not repay them. Therefore their contracts with their depositors often stipulate a term of time before they can withdraw or demand their money back (with usury), and/or often permit the bank to delay or defer this repayment for a time after the depositor’s demand (in order to regather the amount demanded). For the “cash on hand” at a “Savings & Loan” is truly a fraction of the money deposited or loaned it—the remainder having been loan out, and hence not presently in its possession. (Hence it’s name, “Savings & Loan.”) (See Frank Kapra’s 1940’s movie or photoplay, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”)

But let that be the only “fractional banking” ever to be permitted or allowed within your debt-token realm, and hence your debt-free, independent and prosperous county or state.

*  *  *

This “savings’” bank “fraction” or proportion (of “cash on hand” to cash owed its depositors) similarly corresponds (but in an honest way) to the dishonest “fraction” of gold held by “jewish” banksters of old to “redeem” or to pay-out gold “on demand” to the multiply-defrauded holders of its “paper-gold”—its fraudulent (because multiple) paper-promises to pay far more gold upon demand than the golden “fraction” the “jew” actually held on hand.

I refer to the specious “specie” bank-“notes” printed and lent out by these “fractional reserve” bankers and thieves, back when paper-money at least promised or pretended to be “redeemable” or “good as gold” (or silver). And upon this “jewish” fraud and theft of gold, the dastardly “jew”-bastard of bank-“credit” was misconceived and born—being likewise “based” upon some small “fraction” of paper-money on hand for to pay out or “redeem” this multiple of “credit” money which these “commercial” banksters “create” and “lend.” As “jewish” paper was traded for Gentile gold, so now” jewish” “credit” is traded for Gentile-held (but “jewish”) debt-tokens.

And so we see this “Savings & Loan” honesty is non-existent within “commercial” banks—which “create” and “loan” out this non-existent, fictional, fraudulent and “credit” money, allegedly tied to and “backed