Money Matters


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Money Matters. 1

Introduction: What is Money?. 2

Money verses “Credit”: What is “Credit”?. 11

What is “Central Banking”?. 16

How “Central” “Banking,” Money-Lending or Usury is Perpetrated. 30

From the “Central” “Jewish” Horse’s Mouth—as if You Needed to Hear It 32

To Be Placed Under “False Solutions”: Don’t get Fooled again by “Paper-Gold” or any allegedly “Gold-Backed Currency” 33

And What is “Commercial Banking”?. 41

Deceitful Semantics. 41

What is “Fractional Reserve Banking”?. 45

“Commercial Banking” Historically Preceded “Central Banking” 47

The Endless “Cyclical” “Booms” and Busts” of “Commercial” Bankster “Credit” “Money”: The Amerikan History of Jewish-Money from “Paper-Gold” to Completely Fictional and Immaterial “Credit” 52

More “Credit” is not the Monetary/Economic Answer, but rather the “Commercial” Part of the Problem.. 59

“Commercial” “Banking”: Still Hiding in Plain Sight 61

“Public” Schools Make Public Fools. 63

Obama to the Rescue?. 68

“Commercial” Usury, Money-Lending or “Banking” verses Honest and Trustworthy Banking. 71

The “Central” Banksters, the US President and the US Congress move to Destroy the very last Outpost and Vestige of Honest Money and Honest Money-Lending (or “Banking”) in America (1980) 74

Obama to the Rescue (II)?. 83

On the Close and Intimate Relationship between “Central” and “Commercial” Usury, Money-Lending or “Banking” 87

The Historical Amerikan Progression and Monetary Degeneration into “Babylon the Great Whore” 94

Money Supply Manipulation: “Inflation,” “Deflation” and “Speculation” 106

“Central” Bankster “Deflation” and their Great Money Draught or “Depression” of the 1930s. 106

What is Money “Deflation”?. 107

How “Deflations” and “Depressions” are Deliberately and “Centrally” Perpetrated and Inflicted. 110

Who or What caused the “Great Depression” of the 1930s?. 114

“Central” Bankster “Inflation” to the Rescue?. 122

Laughing All the Way to Their “Central” and “Commercial” Banks. 126

By the Law of Money Supply and Demand, “Inflation” = Theft 130

The US “Consumer Price Index” from 1913 to 2009. 140

The US “Central” Banksters: “Maintaining, Promoting and Ensuring Price Stability” since 1913 (?) 144

Historical Conclusion. 161

A Little Monetary American History. 167

Benjamin Franklin’s “Colonial Script” 167

From General George to Imperial Commander-in-Chief Lincoln. 173

From “Revive Lincoln’s Monetary Policy: an Open Letter to President Obama,” by Ellen Brown. 186

So Precisely How Much Honest Token Money is Necessary and Sufficient, Then?. 197

Why the Americans should have Listened, Trusted and Followed their “Founding Fathers” Ben Franklin and George Washington instead of Wilson, Rosenfeld and the anti-Christ Gang. 207

What We Should do Now. 211

Conclusion. 217

Appendix: 223

“Communism”: The Ultimate and Inevitable “Inflationary” Upshot, Result and Conclusion. 223

Why Obama Knows Exactly What He’s Doing (to US) 227

Why All These Enormous Annual U.S. Budget Deficits?. 233

Rosenfeld’s Satanic Legacy: the Imperial War Machine/“Economy” of the United States. 241

Chapter Epilog: Ron Paul and the US Congress to the Rescue?. 259

And why “jewish” “Capitalism” is merely an Earlier Stage and State of “jewish” “Communism” 265

On “Stimulus Bills” and Communized or “Socialized Medicine” 273

The Real and True, Never-Spoken but Ever-Present Reason for “Obamacare,” etc. 280

The “Jewish”-“Capitalist”/“Communist” Conclusion?. 306

And what exactly is “Communism” anyway?. 308

“Divide and Conquer,” or “Jewish” World Conquest via Their inter-National, intra-National, inter-Racial and inter-Racial Division of the Gentiles. 324

A Note on “Communist” “Education”/Indoctrination. 343

And on the Educational Solution: Competition. 351

…Verses Tweedledom and Tweedledee. 354


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Introduction: What is Money?

Money Matters and/or Why Money Matters: Something you need to know even if you don’t even know you need to know it.

So read me and find out if I lie or speak true.

If the former then I’ve wasted your time and your energy. But if the later then I’ve saved you, your family and your country.

Take a chance then: Read me.

*  *  *  *  *

 “The Riddle of Money,” by Anonymous:


Dug from the mountainside, washed from the glen,

Servant am I or master of men.

Steal me, I curse you.

Earn me, I bless you.

Grasp me and hoard me, a fiend shall possess you.

Live for me, die for me,

Covet me, take me,

Angel or Devil, I am what you make me.


(But I, for one, would once again make money the servant of men, as well as their friend.)

*  *  *  *  *

“When money speaks the truth is silent.”—(Russian proverb)


(I.E. money buys lies, and hence liars, liars-for-hire. (See “lawyers.”)

This saying should be engraved in stone over the entrance of every American college and university, as well as the US Congress and White House.)

*  *  *  *  *

“Money is the god of our time, and Rothschild is his Prophet.”—(Heinrich Heine)


(And note well how the “high priests” of this “beastly” Rothschild god come down from his super-national mountain top with his/their very latest monetary/economic commandments, incomprehensible pseudo-remedies and other “purposeful obfuscations.” (Apo./Rev. 13:11-18)


*  *  *  *  *

“The deepest depth of vulgarism is that of setting up money as the ark of the covenant.”—(Tomas Carlyle)


(See Moses.) And that is precisely what the Americans (and other “jewish”/anti-Christ nations) did when they demonically enthroned and accepted “jewish” money—(i.e. “central” monopoly debt-token-money)—in 1913. And this is the “beastly” money “Devil” which the Americans made and unleashed upon the Gentile world via three World Wars (so far).

*  *  *  *  *

“Mammon [i.e. ‘jewish’ money–Ed.] holds the one outpost Christianity has not been able to conquer.—(Anonymous)


(“Christianity” must first comprehend or understand “jewish” money before it can “conquer” or replace it with honest money.)


*  *  *  *  *

“Money is an amoral instrument, and like science serves good and evil alike. There’s no such thing as dirty money; the stain is only on the hand that holds it as giver or taker.”—(A.M. Sullivan.)


(Honest money is “an amoral instrument.” But not “jewish” money. “Jewish” debt-money is far beyond “dirty money.” It is evil money or “Devil” money—(the money of Satan and Its very own)—whom it exclusively serves furthers and enthrones over all. (John 8:44) And I will prove it to you. All you need do is listen. Can you do that? Or would you rather be damned by the Devil and Its “beastly” money?)

*  *  *  *  *

“So often times it happens, that we live our lives in chains, and we never even know we hold the key.”—(the Eagles)


(And one of those “keys” be honest money and honest money-lending, “banking” or usury.)


“So when you hear it thundering don’t run under a tree. There’ll be pennies from heaven for you and me.”


(It’s thundering out there. Can you hear it too? Then let’s go out and gather some pennies for me and you. And maybe you will even spare a penny for me thoughts. But you needn’t, ’cause they’re free—like those pennies from Heaven for you and me.)

*  *  *  *  *

As the anonymous Riddler above alludes, “Money” used to be gold and silver coins.

And “bank notes” used to be paper-promises to pay gold and/or silver coins “on demand of the bearer.”

And this most important distinction was succinctly expressed in that poem by Edward Lear:

The Owl and the Pussy-Cat went to sea

In a beautiful pea-green boat:

They took some honey, and plenty of money

Wrapped up in a five-pound note.


Their money was gold and silver coins. And their money was wrapped up in paper. It was a paper-promise from a bank to pay five pounds of silver coins “to the bearer on demand.”

And so “bank notes” didn’t used to be money. They were merely paper-promises from banks to pay money. And hence a golden coin in the hand (or the paw) was all-too-often worth two or more bank-notes (paper-promises) to pay one.

But what passes for “money” nowadays are bank notes promising to pay nothing at all. They make no promises whatsoever to pay real value to their holders, keepers or bearers “on demand.”

And so what used to be paper-promises from bankers to pay real money “on demand” is now popularly mistaken to be that real money itself. In other words, what were once merely paper-promises from money-lenders, usurers or “bankers” to pay something of real value on demand (like so many gold or silver coins) are now foolishly mistaken to be the very fulfillment of those promises.

So how did this incredible reversal and inversion of the very essence and definition of “money” occur?

And so for a money-lender, usurer or “banker” to merely say or promise that he is going to do something (or pay something)—is for him to do it, and to have done it? He doesn’t need to do it or pay it, mind you. He merely needs to say or write that he will do it—and “poof” it is done? What kind or species of magic is this? (It’s “jewish” of course!) And our Gentile debts to them cannot possibly be paid in this magic way. For we Gentiles foolishly accept their monetary lies and frauds, but not vice-versa. Actually, they and their “democratic representatives” have made it a “crime” for us Gentiles not to accept their monetary lies and frauds. (See their “central banking” and their “commercial” “credit” counterfeiture and usury.)

And so the usurer’s mere word or promise is gold?—just as his paper-promise to pay gold was once believed to be “good as gold”? That’s what they said, and still say, in their deceitful way.

And just look who believed and believes in them. We Gentiles did, and still do. But we never should have, because they always lie, cheat, deceive trick and us. It’s what they do because it’s who and what they are. (Matt. 7:15-20)

Our belief or faith in Evil, Its children and their lies and tricks is Satanic. (John 8:44) We should not credit nor believe in them. For, as we shall see, it is precisely by this very Satanic belief of ours (in them) that we Gentiles are collectively damned—we, and all our posterity! But I would not have it so. How about you?

Then listen and learn of your self-liberation and earthly salvation. For Truth, Justice and Salvation is the very opposite of the “jews” and their money…and all their “democratic representatives.”

*  *  *  *  *

I want to talk to you today about money.

And whether you know it or not, you desperately need to know about money. For is it precisely by your ignorance of money that your racial and national enemies have been able to cheat, to thieve, to extort, rob and debt-enslave you, your children, your parents, your grandparents and even your ancestors. Ignorance is not necessarily bliss. And monetary ignorance is certainly not bliss, but rather self-damnation at the hands of all those who would do so.

They know what they’re monetarily and economically doing (to you and yours). You don’t. And that’s your problem—your monetary/economic problem. You have no idea of the evils they do and have done to you and yours via your ignorance about money—and especially about their evil money.

So let’s do something about that today, shall we?

And all you need to do is listen.

Is that too much to ask?

*  *  *  *  *

Honest money keeps its value over time. Dishonest money does not. Honest money is therefore trustworthy, and dishonest money is therefore not.

Honest people need honest money. Honest money is in an honest man’s interest. (Pun intended.) Dishonest money is not in the interests of honest people, but rather of dishonest thieves and cheats. And the most effective way for dishonest people to cheat and steal from honest people is via money and usury (money-lending or “banking”).

And again, dishonest money does not keep its value over time. The longer you keep, hold or trust a dishonest money, the less it is worth, and the more you are therefore and thereby cheated.

Wouldn’t you feel cheated if someone who owed you ten “dollars” paid you only five and called it even, or called the debt paid in full? But this is precisely what happens with a money that loses its value over time. I mean when and wherever the ten “dollars” that you’re later “paid” with is worth only half of what you were originally owed. And you should feel cheated whenever that happens, because you are.

But perhaps you don’t know whom or what to blame.

(Is “inflation” the culprit? If so, where does this “Inflation” live, that we may arrest and try him for monetary theft?)

What am I saying? You should blame the creators of this untrustworthy and dishonest money. For money doesn’t just fall down from the sky like “pennies from Heaven.” Money is a creation of men. But of honest or dishonest men? That is the question. Again, look at the money. If it is honest, then so are its creators. And if it is dishonest, then so are its creators—and perpetrators.

Any money that you and yours are forced to use cannot possibly be honest—just as surely as rape or robbery are what they are precisely because they’re involuntary, coerced, and therefore predatory, like dishonest money.

And was there ever an honest money, which therefore kept its value over time, which people were violently or “legally” forced to use, and forbidden to use any other? No.

So what kind or species of money are you presently using? And why are you using it?

Is it dishonest? And are you forced to?

Who on earth would use a dishonest money if he were not forced to?

And who would not create and use an honest money if he were free to?

Perhaps someone who didn’t know how?

Then why not learn how, now?

*  *  *  *  *

So what is money? What is it?

Is money evil? Is money or the love of it truly “the root of all Evil”? (I Tim. 6:10)

If it’s Evil’s money, yes. (For all fruit is and must be of its tree. Matt. 7:15-20)

But not all money is Evil’s money—nor Its “chosen people’s.” (John 8:44)

And therefore not all money is evil.

And just try to have a marketplace, state, nation or society without money. (See e.g. the “great [and world-wise] depression” of the 1930s.)

And so Mark Twain was right: “The lack of money is the root of all evil.”

And so money can be good. And honest money is good—whether you love it or not.

But what exactly is honest money? Honest money keeps its value over time. And as long as it does so, it remains honest. And the minute it doesn’t, it becomes dishonest, and untrustworthy. It’s as simple as that?

So what kind or species of money do you use?—or are forced to use? Good or Evil? Honest or dishonest? Trustworthy or untrustworthy?

Methinks it is far truer to say that the root of all Evil is not money, but rather ignorance or lack of knowledge about money—and especially about dishonest, fraudulent “jewish” money.

For “mien volk are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”—(Hosea 4:6)

So let’s do something about that, shall we?

*  *  *  *  *

Have you ever heard the saying that, “If the common people ever came to understand the evil money they are forced to use, there would be a revolution before morning”?

So let the revolution begin! And let the revolution be live! (Right on, soul brother!)

*  *  *  *  *

So what is it? What is money?

Money is a means and a medium of exchange, trade or commerce. Money is both a standard of value and a store of value. Money is stable, durable, permanent, uniform, divisible and portable.

And therefore the American “dollar” is not “money” because it is not stable, because it does not keep its value over time, and therefore is neither a store of value nor a standard of value. See how it constantly varies from year to year. See how it greatly declines in value over time. The longer you hold it, the more its value shrinks in your hand. Who but a monetary fool could ever trust such a money? And why is it so very untrustworthy?

But what may object and say: “Yes, because it does not keep its value, the American dollar is therefore not a standard of value. But surely it is a measure of value. For things are priced, valued or measured according to it.”

Really? Does the French meter change, vary, shrink or grow over time? How about the English yard or foot? (Imagine your foot growing at your age!) What about the French liter or the English quart or gallon? Does the French gram or kilogram lose or gain weight over time? And how about the English ounce or pound?

No, no, no and no. For these are real and true standards—unlike the American “dollar,” which keeps losing its value or “purchasing power” over time.

Does anyone else remember the 5¢ American candy bar? I miss it. My missing teeth miss it? Where did it (and they) go? And how much does it cost now? (Around 75¢ to a “dollar.”)

And that’s the American “dollar” for you? It’s a thief. It has stolen 14 to 19 candy bars for every 1, and 70 to 95¢ for every old nickel. The American “dollar” is a whore in a milk-white wedding gown. She says “In God she trusts,” but in Satan she rusts. I don’t want her. You can have her. And good riddance.

For I prefer an honest money, a stable money, a money I can trust, a money that doesn’t change, decline or lose its value over time.

And where can I find such a money? Does such a money even exist today? Certainly not in Amerika, unless we ourselves create it.

And that’s what I want to talk to you about today—and propose to you today: The creation of an honest money for ourselves, our children and our children’s children; the introduction of honest money into America—after all these decades of an ever-declining, ever-unfaithful and untrustworthy US dollar.

But what exactly are the qualities or properties of honest money?—the kind or species of money which most of us would want for our children, and for ourselves?

That is our next logical step towards monetary honesty, soundness and stability, and hence towards our economic prosperity. For how can (or could) we ever prosper with a money that shrinks in our hands?

*  *  *  *  *

First of all, must money be intrinsically valuable?—like gold or silver coins?

Notice I didn’t say a paper-promise to pay gold or silver coins—because these are clearly merely paper. Throw them in the fire and where is your gold and silver then? And these are merely paper-promises. And as anyone who’s ever read newspapers knows, people can lie on paper as well as in person.

And once upon a time, even American “dollars” used to promise this (gold and silver coin)—until they stopped doing so in 1933—because the banksters or paper-promisers printed up far too many more paper-promises to pay gold than they had gold to pay. (So much for golden paper-promises or “paper-gold.”)

Not even the brand-new Euro is a paper-promise to pay gold or silver coin. It is not “redeemable” or “convertible” into real money or “specie.” It is therefore merely a token money, a paper-money. It is intrinsically worthless. And as we shall see, it too loses its value over time. And so what I’m saying to the Americans applies also to the Europeans, and to many, many other monetary losers upon God’s good earth.

But can we agree that token, non-“specie” or intrinsically worthless money can indeed be real and true money?—if it is a true standard and a true store of value?—and only so long as it remains so? For this is what I propose. For there is not enough gold and silver coin to go around. And so therefore we must use tokens.

Just look around the world. Is there any other kind or species of money in use today but token money? Or what country today uses gold or silver coins instead of token coins? Or what state or country uses gold or silver money instead of token money?—money made of cheap metal, of paper, or even of plastic?

(I prefer the former. And that is what I propose—cheap-metal money, token money.)

For if we can all agree that an ample and stable token-money is a real and true money indeed, then we can all have one. For we can create one ourselves. And so long as our token-money remains stable, honest, ample and true, then it meets our money definition, and our money requirements, and is good enough for us.

Again, “stable” means the money’s value never changes, neither up nor down. And “ample” means its amount is sufficient for us to make all our desired deals, trades or exchanges—night or day, summer or winter, spring or fall, and at full employment and productivity or not. And if a money is both ample and stable, then its also honest and trustworthy—so long as it remains so, and only so long as it remains so.

And exactly how can we do that? How can we create our very own honest, ample and stable token money.

That is precisely what I propose to teach you all today.

(I suppose you could have eventually taught yourself. But I can’t wait forever. And neither can you. For you and yours are presently monetarily entrapped and hopelessly debt-enslaved. And that’s because of the “jewish” money you’ve been “legislatively,” “democratically” and tyrannically forced to use. And you need to do something about that. So why not try honest money?)

*  *  *  *  *

But first, for the skeptics among us, let us first be sure that we need a money—a means and a medium of exchange. For there’s no sense in us trying to get, make or create what we don’t even need, right?

And didn’t “Karl Marx” (i.e. Mordecai Levy), that genetic rabbinical “jew,” and all his “Marxist” or “communist” followers behind him, solemnly promise us all a money-less society?—a love society?—a society of charity, sharing and caring? A society where everything would be free and we wouldn’t ever need any money?—nor therefore to compete with one another for money?—nor for the good things of God’s good earth?

It sounds Heavenly, doesn’t it?

And is that what this Marx and his kind or kindred delivered to those Gentiles who foolishly fell for his demonic lies and his Heavenly lures?

Hell no! They delivered a Hell on earth! And their money was called the “ruble.” And they hogged it all to themselves, and all other property besides—and even the very Gentile people whom these Marxist “jews” had solemnly claimed they had come to save! For these “jewish” Marxists or “communists” enslaved everyone but themselves! They enslaved all the Gentiles within their Satanic grasp. And they mass-murdered tens of millions of them! And that is certainly not the Gentiles’ idea of a Heaven on earth, now is it? But it evidently is the “jews’”!—or at least those “jews”! And are there any “jews” who are not like Marx and his mass-murderous  kind, who are anti-Marxist or anti-“communist,” or who publicly point their Marxist “communist” evils out to us Gentiles? (No, no and no, right?)

On the contrary, the “jews” clearly love to falsely accuse or slander us Gentiles—and especially the Germans, if you notice—for what they themselves did (in their “Soviet Union”), and do (in their “Israel”), and forever intend to do to us Gentiles!

So let that be a Historical lesson to you and yours: The Devil and Its kindred (John 8:44) promise salvation, heaven on earth, a “worker’s’ paradise,” a “moneyless society,” a “love society,” etc., etc. But they never deliver it! And they never even intend to! It’s merely their Satanic lure. All the better to damn you with—monetarily, economically and politically.

(So read George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” and smarten up.)

*  *  *  *  *

And so is a moneyless state or society even possible on this earth?—a state or condition of moneylessness?

It certainly didn’t happen in Marx and Lennon’s “Soviet Union,” which was advertised as and promoted to be a money-less state and society. (So go figure.)

But on the other hand, yes. And it (this state or condition of moneylessness) was called “the great depression.” (And it was a drag, as the kids say, and a bummer!)

Again, money is merely a means or a way to for us make our deals, trades or exchanges with one another. Just try making them without money.

Again, it’s been done. It was called “the great depression.” And do you know what happened?

Not a heck of a lot. For money is to an economy what oil is to a machine. Money is an economic lubricant. Take the money out of the machine, and what happens to it? It screeches and grinds to a halt.

So what happened without money? Factories became idle. Fields lay fallow. (Fallow fields.) And yet people desperately needed factory goods. And people went hungry.

So go figure. Because there was little to no money to make deals or little to no means to make exchanges—exchanges weren’t made. (Later we’ll see exactly why there was a great lack of money, and hence a “great [economic] depression,” or a great economic stagnation, stifling and inactivity.)

And so people were reduced to bartering with one another during this “great depression” Because that’s all you can do when you and your countrymen have no money—unless of course you create your own money—which is what I am publicly proposing. But barter is trade or commerce without money: exchanging things for things, services for services, things for services or services for things.

(“So what’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with barter?”)

It’s woefully inefficient. It’s stagnating. Just think about it: Bartering means that before you can make a deal, before you can “sell” anyone your product or service, you first need to find a barter-partner, someone to barter with, someone who wants what you make and who makes what you want, or who wants what you do and who does what you want done. And so way too much of your time and energy is spent searching for trading or barter-partners instead of doing you work, producing your goods or performing your services—for cash-money on the counter or barrelhead.

Think about it: Are you going to keep making or producing whatever it is you make: shoes, tables, chairs or whatever—if you can’t sell them? Are you going to keep increasing your unsold inventory ad infinitum—(storing it who-knows-where?)—in order to keep busy and not become idle? And how could you even pay your suppliers (of leather, wood, nails or glue, etc.) if you have no money to pay them, because your would-be customers have no money to pay you?

And as with you, so with everyone else in a moneyless market-place, state or society—in any state or condition of moneylessness. Stagnation and idleness all around: That’s what happens without money. That’s a barter economy. It’s better than nothing. It’s better than no commerce or economy at all, but barter is inefficient, unsatisfactory, in adequate and disappointing.

*  *  *  *  *

And so this old song lyric is (metaphorically and “economically”) true:


“Money makes the world go round, the world go round, the word go round. Money makes the world go round. It makes the world go round.”


*  *  *  *  *

And so we see what happens to us and our “economy” without money. Money is a economic lubricant. Money is the oil of our economy. It is vitally necessary. Money is a necessary tool or means of exchange. And if you don’t believe it, try living, producing and trading without it. It’s a bummer, man!

No money equals barter. Barter means no money. And barter or moneylessness means stagnation and produces idleness, inactivity, joblessness, non-productivity.

But money makes everything easy. Money makes deals, trades or exchanges easy. (But what else would you expect from a “means or medium of exchange”?)

With money people come to you and simply buy your products or services. They simply put their cash-money down upon your counter. You don’t have to go out looking for them. They come to you. You just keep on making whatever it is you make, or doing whatever it is you do, and as long as they too can earn or acquire money, and think that you’re good, or the best deal they can get, then they’ll come to you. And vice-versa. And that’s commerce.

And again they get their money the very same way you get yours—if not from Daddy then by producing desirable goods or services. But you don’t need to know about that because you’re not bartering with them, because they have money, because the oil of the economy is freely circulating within the economic machine, because an ample and stable money supply exists within the state, the society, the marketplace.

The wealth is not in the token money, but in the societal productivity, the desirable goods and services of all those productive citizens living in a state of honest and ample money, who can therefore produce, sell, earn and buy to their hearts’ content. And there’s the general circulation of wealth, and hence the general or societal prosperity. You see? The wealth is in these good and desirable products and services, and in their general circulation among all their producers, by way of honest ample and stable money.

So who would possibly be against that? Would you believe “central” and “commercial” banksters, and all their “democratic” “representatives” and “public servants”?

And so what is necessary—(and hence what we require and will create, for ourselves and our posterity)—is an ample or sufficient supply of money. We need enough money for us all to make all the deals, trades or exchanges we ever want to make—and then some for good measure. We never want to be forced to resort to barter for lack of money within our common market-place, state or realm. And so I propose to coin, create, distribute and maintain a certain specific number of monetary units or coins per citizen or resident of our common realm, 100 e.g.

And so what we are searching for is the coin of our realm.

Can you see that? If so, don’t let it get away. We’ll give it a nice home.

*  *  *  *  *

And by the way, “economics” is Greek for “house management.”

The word “economy/economics” (“oikonomia”) literally means “house management.” It is Greek. It comes from “oikonomos” (“manager”) and “oikos” (“house”).

So let’s get our house in order, shall we?

And shall we “manage” our “economy” with honest or dishonest money, and with honest or dishonest money-lending, usury or “banking”? (From the benches or “banco”s upon which the usurious “jews” of Venice would lend money to the Gentiles.)

*  *  *  *  *

Our money should be honest. It should be ample. And it should be stable.

(For how can an unstable money, or a money which keeps losing its value over time, possibly be honest, and hence trustworthy and desirable? It can’t, right?)

So what kind or species of money do you presently have? And what kind do you want?

Or who wouldn’t want an honest money?

Again, “central” and “commercial” banksters and all their “democratic” agents, “representatives” and “public servants”—who are clearly really our public enemies befouling our public offices. They don’t want us to have honest money. They want to forever continue to “democratically,” “legislatively” and tyrannically force their false and dishonest money upon us and our children. For in this way they steal our productivity and collectively debt-enslave us Gentiles. So who would want that? Who would want to do that to us, and why? Clearly and by definition—only our public, national and racial enemies.

*  *  *  *  *

And so whether we know it or not, or want to know it or not, we all need money to make our daily deals, trades or exchanges with one another. We all need this means or medium of exchange called “money.” Without it “were dead in the water,” stagnant, and in the “doldrums.”

But what kind of species of money?

We agreed on a token money, right? For there is simply not enough gold or silver coin to go around.

And so that leaves a non-golden or non-silver money, a money of no real or intrinsic value, a token money.

But what kind or species of token money?

(“There are kind or species of token money”?)

Yes, there are two kinds. One leads upward toward general or public prosperity, happiness and security. And the other leads directly downward into public debt, Gentile national bondage, enslavement and despair.

The former is a Gentile money and the latter is “jewish.”

Does the public even know the difference?

(If they did, would they be in the monetary/economic condition that they are today, and have been for generations? I don’t think so. And if they did know, that “revolution before morning” would have happened a long time ago.)

Of course, if you had a choice, and hence did not live in or under a “jewish” “democracy,” you would choose the prosperous money.

But would you even know it if you saw it?

No? Then I will draw you a picture of it. So you’ll know.

Honest Gentile token money is debt-free. It is not loaned into existence, and hence it need never be paid back (plus “interest”) to the Satanic “jews” that lent it.

And honest Gentile token money is both ample and stable. No matter how long you hold it, keep it or save it, it never loses nor changes its value. And this stability is of course what makes it trustworthy, and is the only thing that makes a money trustworthy.

And this of course is the very opposite of what we presently have, and have had for generations. (Bummer!)

And so Honest Gentile token money is debt-free, ample and stable.

*  *  *  *  *

Money verses “Credit”: What is “Credit”?

“Credit” is from the Roman word “credo,” meaning “I believe”—as in “the apostles’ credo.” And “credere” means “to believe” and “to trust.”

We give people “credit” for the “good” things they do, and “blame” for the “bad.”

“Credits” appear at the end of movies.

To “discredit” someone is to publicly prove him wrong, or else to malevolently make him seem or appear a liar, false or deceitful, so that no one will “credit” what he says, or even listen to him.

And so Evil or the Slanderer (and Its kind) often tries to “discredit” Truth-tellers because It cannot disprove their truths. And this “discrediting” is based upon the assumption that all fruit is like its tree, all thoughts are like their thinkers, all actions like their actors, and all words like their speakers. Like father, like son; like creator, like creature. And so if the speaker can be publicly discredited, then the public will not even listen to him, assuming his words will be as false as he. And so in the way the discreditor or slanderer does not need to disprove the Truth-teller’s truths.

*  *  *  *  *

In money or economics, as in money-lending, usury or “banking,” to “credit” a borrower is to believe and trust that he will repay the lender in full, plus all usury or “interest.”

(And this the usurer, money-lender, “banker” or “creditor” never does, since he demands “collateral” of all his borrowers, and thus positions himself to seize this “collateral” should any fail to repay in full.)

And to “credit” a money-lender or usurer is to believe or trust that he is honest and that his money is money indeed, and hence not false, fraudulent nor counterfeit.

And that’s where trust, belief and “credit” is woefully misplaced.

For “credit” is counterfeit money, created or printed by the usurer or “money”-lender, and lent to the borrower.

When money was gold and silver coin, “credit” was paper-money printed (counterfeited) and lent by the usurer.

And when money became paper-money, or when paper-money became money, “credit” was nothing at all. And so I can’t say this “commercial bank” “credit” was ever “created”—unless to write numbers into a bank ledger book, or nowadays to type numbers into a bank computer, is to “create” or counterfeit “money.” But it is “credit” in the sense that countless monetary/economic dupes and fools trust and believe that this “credit” is truly money, that they have been lent it, and hence that they must pay it all back in paper-money, plus all paper-money “interest” or usury.

And so there is money and there is “credit,” or false money. And formerly this false (“credit”) money pretended to be gold, but presently this false (“credit”) money pretends to be paper-money. Both are clever counterfeits lent out to “credulous” fools in exchange for real and true money paid via “principal” and “interest.”

And so because “credit” is not money, therefore it is false money, counterfeiture and fraud.

And because “credit” is not money, and yet it is “lent,” therefore “credit” is always “inflation.” “Credit” always increases the supply of “money”—or what passes for money like clever counterfeits. And therefore—(by the “economic law of [monetary] supply and demand”)—“credit” always decreases the value or “purchasing power” of money. In other words, money “inflation” is or causes higher prices—just as money “deflation” is lower prices.

“Credit” creation, fabrication or counterfeiture, and hence “inflation,” is the cause and “substance” of all “booms.” And it’s sudden and deliberate withdrawal is the cause of all “busts.” And there’s all your “business cycles.” They are all deliberately perpetrated by counterfeiting “creditors,” fraudulent usurers, aka “bankers.”

Lending money is much like spending money. But “lending” “credit” is both counterfeiture and “inflation.”

“Credit” is the creation or counterfeiture of false money which is lent, just as counterfeiture is the creation of false money which  is spent. Both increase or “inflate” the volume, amount or supply of money, and hence both depreciate the value of that money. But “credit” demands to repaid in real money, whereas other counterfeiters are simply glad to get away with it, by exchanging their false money for things of true value, just as the “creditor” or “commercial” “credit” counterfeiter and “lender” demands real and true money (plus his “interest”) as “repayment.”

And so “credit” is theft, fraud, counterfeiture and inflation.

Paper-money counterfeiters and lenders were simply called “bankers.” But “credit” or “credit money” counterfeiters and “lenders” call themselves “commercial bankers.” The latter is a modern continuation of the former counterfeiture, fraud, theft and extortion or robbery or  usurers, money-lenders or “bankers.”

The former paper-money “credit” was based upon gold. This “paper-gold” falsely claimed and pretended to be “good as gold,” and demanded gold as repayment.

And this modern “commercial” “credit” is based upon paper-money. It pretends to be as good and as valuable as paper-money, which it demands in “return.”

Both are “jewish” creations, counterfeitures, frauds, thefts, and robberies extortions or (of Gentiles). Both are loaned into existence and circulation. And the aim and purpose of both “credits” is to exchange false “jewish” values for true Gentile values.

*  *  *  *  *

And so all “credit” is fraud and counterfeiture because it is all false money.

“Credit” is theft because “borrowers” don’t know this, and pay real money in “return.”

“Credit” is extortion or robbery because all those who refuse, fail or “default” in their real and true money “repayments” are “legally” robbed by their “creditors.”

And “credit” is “inflation” because it increases the money supply, and hence decreases the money value, just like any other false and undetected counterfeit money.

And hence “credit” is the nothing within all “inflationary” “booms” or “credit bubbles.” And its sudden withdrawal is the cause of all “busts.”

And so “creditors,” usurers or “bankers” are the perpetrators of all “business cycles,” i.e. “credit booms” and “credit busts.” They first “inflate” the money supply, thus raising prices and making everything expensive. And then they inevitably withdraw their “credit” and hence “deflate” the money supply, thus dropping prices and making everything cheap—for them to buy at “pennies on the dollar.”

“Credit” and “creditors,” usurers or “bankers” are therefore public enemies, along with all the politicians and “legislators” who legitimize them and their monetary/economic crimes, thefts and predations.

And what are these political demons doing now after their latest “business cycle,” “credit boom” and “credit bust” or “crunch”? They are borrowing and lending boatloads of “public money”—(i.e. for the taxpaying public top repay)—in hopes that these “creditors” or “commercial bankers” will create and “lend” us more “credit,” and thus take us all on a brand-new “business cycle.”

*  *  *  *  *

What’s wrong with this monetary/economic picture, dear readers?

Why not use money instead of “credit”?

Why not use only money instead of “credit”?

Why not exclusively use money?—and hence no more “credit”?

Why not outlaw “credit” and hence “creditors” or “commercial bankers?—for all the true and compelling reasons mentioned above?

Why not have an “economy” without “credit” and hence endless “business cycles,” “booms and “busts”?

Why not have an “economy” without “inflation” and “deflation”?

Why not have an “economy” without money value decrease nor increase?

Why not create and keep a money which always keeps its value?

Why not have an “economy” with a stable or unchanging money instead?—and therefore an honest, trustworthy and “credible” money instead of what we presently use?—because we the people are tyrannically, “democratically,” “legislatively,” congressionally, presidentially and demonically forced to use it?

Because we Gentiles are too stupid to create and employ an honest money?—and hence a money of our very own?

That’s what the “jews” and their “representatives” want us all to believe—that we all desperately need their “credit,” their “credit cycles,” their “booms” and “busts,” and all their self-alleged monetary/economic “wisdom,” “guidance” and “governance.”

But we don’t.

(Simply look at “your” “national” or “public debt”? What kind or species of “guidance” is that? (“jewish”) And exactly where is it misguiding or misleading you and yours? (Into a “jewish” Hell on earth; into “jewish” enslavement, “communism” and tyranny.)

They say without their money we Gentiles can do nothing. They say we need their “credit,” and we can’t possibly have an economy without their “credit money.”

I say their “credit” and debt-money is of the Devil. And our stupid Gentile faith, “credit,” credulity or belief in them, their debt-money or “credit,” and their “representatives” is precisely what has damned us all politically monetarily and economically. But I would not have it so. And I would remedy this “jewish” debt-money damnation of the Gentiles.

We Gentiles need these people like we need demons constantly sucking the monetary life-blood out of us, and “cyclically” preventing us all from breathing economically whenever they wish. What we need to be free and rid of all these public predators and enemies.

We do need money, as demonstrated above. But we don’t need their money nor “credit.” In fact we Gentiles can’t survive (much less prosper) with their evil debt-money, because it’s a Satanic “jewish” plague! And that’s precisely why they “legislatively” force it upon us Gentiles!—and make it a crime for us Gentiles to refuse it.

What we Gentiles need is honest money, honest money-lending, usury or “banking,” and hence an honest and trustworthy market-place or economy.

And we obviously can’t get any of that from WashingtonDC, nor from anti-Christ America’s state capitols. And so we ourselves must give it all to ourselves and to our children—via our very own “self-representation.” For it is precisely by being “democratically” “represented” that all these “jewish” knives have been “legislatively” stuck into our Gentile backs. But I for one would not have it so.

So why not create a money of our very own, a public money? And therefore a unborrowed or debt-free public money?—which we the people therefore need never repay (to any “creditors,” counterfeiters, usurers, money-lenders or “bankers”)? A token money—i.e. not a gold nor silver money, but merely a cheap metal money—which we the people can easily coin and freely distribute among ourselves in sufficient quantity for all our desired deals, trades or exchanges?

So why don’t we the people create an honest debt-free, ample, stable token money for ourselves and our posterity?

Keep reading to learn exactly how.

(PS: It ain’t rocket science, so we won’t need to kidnap any more Germans.)

*  *  *  *  *

Again, in summation, all “credit” is debt-money. It is loaned into existence. But more than what is loaned is demanded (by the “creditor”) in return. For that is the “creditor’s” or usurer’s “interest.”

When money was gold or silver coin, that’s precisely what the “creditor” demanded as his “interest”—gold or silver. And because all the borrowers of his paper-money “credit” had long ago spend it, that paper-money, the “creditor” therefore demanded his “principal” loan back in gold or silver.

And there’s the fraud, theft and extortion, and the true “interest” of the “creditor,” usurer or money-lender—to exchange his paper-money “credit” or “paper-gold” for gold.

If an honest usurer has gold to lend, then he lends gold. But a dishonest usurer lends mere paper, called “credit,” and he demands gold (“principal” and “interest”) in return. And he gets it, because the politicians are on his side and in his pay.

Nowadays “money” is merely paper, or paper-money—which used to be called “credit” and which used to promise to pay gold and silver coins “to the bearers on demand.” And so because paper-money is now called “money,” what therefore is presently called “credit”? Would you believe that modern “credit” or “credit money” not only promises nothing, but that it doesn’t even exist? It doesn’t even posses that substance or reality of paper! (It’s true. See below for more.)

*  *  *

And because all “credit” is debt-money loaned into existence and circulation, all “credit” is therefore “inflation.” “Inflation” increases the amount of (what passes for) money, which therefore reduces the value (or “purchasing power”) of all that other money in circulation.

And because the usurer or “creditor” demands more that whatever he lend out—more than merely his “principal” loan, but “interest” besides or atop—and “hopefully” real and true money instead of his false “credit” money—therefore all “credit” usury is ultimately deflationary. It reduces the amount of money in circulation, because it goes into the coffers of these “creditors.”

And there’s your “inflationary” “booms” and “deflationary” busts.” There’s your “business cycles.” They are the economic crimes of “creditors,” counterfeiting usurers, “credit”-money creators and lenders.

Both “central” and “commercial” “bankers” are “creditors.” The create “credit,” the counterfeit “money.” And they demand real and true money or value in return. And they get it, because all the politicians, with precious few exceptions, are on their side and in their pay.

*  *  *  *  *

I think “banking” is OK. And by that I mean placing your money in a safe place for safe-keeping, paying someone to keep it safe and to pay out your occasional money-orders or “checks” to third parties.

For otherwise you’d need to keep all your money with you at home or at your place of business—which is unsafe, both from thieves or burglars and from robbers or “home invaders.” (Matt. 6:19-21) And otherwise, instead of simply writing and paying out money-orders or “checks,” you’d need to carry large amounts of money along with you whenever you wanted to purchase something expensive, like land or a house, a car or a diamond ring.

And so “checks” are used instead, which are written money orders to your money safe-keeper or “banker,” instructing him to give so-and-so (your payee) so much money out of the total amount which you have placed or “deposited” for safe-keeping with him, your “banker,” your money-keeper and money-disperser. And so he must keep continuous track, count or “account” of all your money “deposits” and “withdrawals.” He must keep a continuous record or “running account” of how much money you’ve placed with him or entrusted in his “bank,” and how much you’ve withdrawn or paid out in “checks.” And so should you, to be sure he is not miscounting, mistaken or stealing from you.

And naturally you must pay your money-keeper and -disperser for this service. (For few to none serve for free or for nothing. For each serves himself first and foremost in all he does and chooses to do. And that includes both me and you.)

(“Then why do you write these books which no one publishes and no one buys?—and which the authorities wish did not even exist?”)

My payment or reward is clearly not of this world.

*  *  *  *  *

And so I am not at all against “banking.” On the contrary, I’m for it, and for the above reasons.

What I am against is dishonest “banking.” I am against “bankers” who steal or rob your money. Such are literal bank-robbers. I call them “banksters.” It rhymes with gangsters. And these criminals are indeed organized together in gangs.

Nor am I against money-lending—no more than I am against money-giving. Should a loving, caring and provident father, e.g., not give money to his children?—or lend it if he needs it back?

But should there be money-lending for profit?—for usury or “interest”? Should money-lending be a “business”?—a “for profit” business? Should usurers be tolerated in your county, state or country?

(Jesus makes a joke about it. (Luke 16:9, :1-9) And Mohammed says no. But I’ll leave it up to you, whichever way you want to go. (See Shall There be Usury in Your County?: The Pros and Cons of Usury.)

*  *  *  *  *

What I am surely against is dishonest money-lending.

Lending false or counterfeit money e.g. is dishonest money-lending or usury.

“Credit” e.g. is false money. It is false money lent out to receive, demand and extort real and true money or value in return, plus “interest.” (And this is the essence of both “central” and “commercial” money-lending, usury or “banking.”)

And pretending to lend money, and yet to demand all that alleged money back (plus “interest”), is obviously also usurious dishonesty, theft and/or robbery.

(“That’s ridiculous! How could someone possibly pretend to lend money? And how could a ‘borrower’ not know that he was never lent any money? And how could and would any ‘borrower’ be willing to ‘repay’ a loan (plus ‘interest’) which he was never even lent”?)

There’s a saying: “Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

And so, believe it or not, and as explained below, Evil has found a way  to pretend to lend you and me money—and of course to demand all this alleged money (plus usury) “back” in “return” for this nothing. And this of course is Evil’s (profit) motive. For otherwise Evil would profit nothing.

And this pretentious money-lending (and theft, extortion or robbery) is called “commercial” money-lending or “commercial banking.” (See “What is ‘Commercial Banking’?” below.) And these banksters call the money they pretend to lend us “credit.”

(Again, “credit” is from the Roman word “credo,” meaning “I believe”—as in “the apostles’ credo.” And “credere” means “to believe” and “to trust.”)

Evil wants us all to believe Its lies and slanders, It’s tricks, Its frauds and Its false money. (See John 8:44 & Apo./Rev. 13:16-18)

But if you know (and hence believe) the Truth instead of Evil’s lies, then the Truth thus sets you free indeed…from Evil’s lies. (John 8:32)

And freedom of speech is of course necessary for the Truth to freely speak and be heard, thus disproving, debunking and dispelling Evil’s lies and slanders. And so Evil is of course and naturally extremely, violently and rabidly censorious.

(See e.g. Jews against Academia and “B’nai B’rith’s” “A.D.L.” Silences Liberty’s Lobby: A Case Study in (Quasi-Legal, anti-American, anti-Constitutional) “Jewish” Censorship of Gentiles)

And another kind or species of false and fraudulent money-lending is called “central” money-lending or “central banking.”

And this too is an invention of Evil and It’s “sinagog of Satan.” (Apo./Rev. 2:9 & 3:9) And this “central banking” is also “jewish,” anti-Gentile, anti-Truth, anti-Christ and anti-God. (For all fruit is and must be of its tree. Matt. 7:15-20) And this “central” “jewish” abomination is the subject of the following chapter.

*  *  *  *  *

What is “Central Banking”?

“The borrower is servant [or debt-slave–Ed.] to the lender.”—(Proverbs 22:7)

*  *  *

The U.S. Constitution of 1787 begins with these three words, “We the People”.

And with your permission, I will repeat them, and refer to you and me and everyone who agrees with our honest money as “we the people.”

We’re still tying to “form a more perfect union.” And we can’t ever do so without an honest money. For money is the very foundation of any state or society, as well as any “economy.”

What happens to a house without a stable and trustworthy foundation? And so a false or dishonest money similarly leads directly, inescapably and inevitably toward national, social and political destruction—as well as economic ruination. And so an honest and trustworthy money is absolutely necessary for national success, political stability and economic prosperity. And there is no substitute. So accept none. But first you must know the difference. You must be able to discriminate. Between honest and dishonest money.

An honest money keeps its value over time. A dishonest money doesn’t.

And so the Americans e.g. have had nothing but dishonest money for generations.

And how about your country’s money? Is it honest or dishonest? Is trustworthy or not?

If it doesn’t keep its value, its clearly not trustworthy.

*  *  *  *  *

What would you think of a gambling house or casino that paid “face value” for its gambling chips or tokens? You know—$5 for a $5 token, $10 for a $10 token, $20 for a 20, $50 for a 50, $100 for 100, $500 for 500, $1,000 for 1,000, etc.

You’d think they were crazy, right? For the tokens only cost a few pennies to manufacture, no matter how many zeroes are stamped or printed upon them. I mean a $1,000 token would cost no more to make or manufacture than a $1 token.

If e.g. the tokens cost 25¢ a piece, then a casino paying “face value” for a $1,000 token would be overpaying the token’s manufacturer or supplier $999.75, and hence 3,999 times, and hence by 399,900%.

Can you see that? Not a very good deal or trade from the casino’s point of view, is it?

But an unbelievably “good” deal for the token-money-manufacturer, right?

And now here’s the kicker: Did you know that “we the people” (in our supreme monetary ignorance) do the very same?—that we pay “face value” for our purely worthless token money—“our” intrinsically worthless paper-money or paper-token-money?

It’s true. We the foolish people pay “face value” for our paper-money.

(For every money which is not intrinsically valuable, is therefore of merely symbolic value, of merely imaginary, political or token value. And therefore it is a token money, unlike all gold and silver coins. And as paper-money is merely paper, even if it’s paper-face promised you the entire world, paper-money is therefore a merely symbolic or token money. And aside from a few silver coins, now long since gone from circulation, the Americans have had nothing but paper-money since 1933, when their “jewish” president Rosenfeld and their United States’ Congress so decreed it—and since every subsequent US president and Congress later agreed with it.)

And so all American money is merely paper-money, merely a token-money. It is intrinsically worthless. All American money is merely paper with numbers printed upon their paper-faces, thus decreeing their alleged value. And yet we the clueless people pay “face value” for these purely paper-“dollars.”

And did you further know that “we the people” do even infinitely worst than that?

Once again, it’s true.

For not only is our money a mere token or worthless paper-money, it is a debt-paper-money, a debt-token money.

For instead of buying our monetary tokens (at face value), we borrow them!

We the Gentile people borrow them from the “jews” who print and lend them to us.

And not only do these “jews” laugh all the way to the bank. They are the bank!; the “central” bank; the monopoly bank; the “bank of issue”; the only or monopoly American “bank of issue”; the only source of all “our” money, our “jewish”-Amerikan “dollars”—which are therefore debt-“dollars.”

For a debt-money is loaned into existence and circulation. And all such monetary debts must be repaid, plus any and all “centrally” demanded “interest” or usury.

Now don’t misunderstand me. I don’t mean me borrowing money from you, nor you from me. I mean me, you and everyone else in the country—I mean “we the people” being forced (by all our evil “representatives” and traitorous “public servants” in “Washington”) to borrow all “our” so-called “American” money from that  “centrally” masked and corporately anonymous group of inter- or rather super-national bankster “jews,” who print or manufacture all “our” paper-token-money, and then lend it to us at face value, plus “interest” or usury—and again by way of all “our” evil and traitorous US “representatives” and “legislators” who are in secret league and confederacy with these “central” super-national bankster “jews,” and who have been so since their “legislative” enthronement over us in 1913, and hence their first World War against God’s Gentile globe beginning the very next year.

*  *  *  *  *

(“I don’t quite understand,” one might object. “And bad as paying face value for our paper-money clearly is, when we could obviously print it ourselves for next to nothing, exactly how could borrowing our state or national paper-money be infinitely worse than that? For what could possibly be worse than that?”)

Good question; let’s do the math, shall we?

*  *  *  *  *

But before we do so, let’s take simple notice of the obvious fact that any people, nation or state which borrows “their” (worthless token) money, instead of simply creating, coining or printing it themselves, is an extremely poor excuse for a state. It is in fact a slave state—a “failed state”—a state, people and nation in bondage to this foreign money power, this foreign sovereign crown, from which it borrows all its state money.

And all those states, nations and peoples who do this, but are not even aware that they do this—(perhaps even madly fancying themselves free)—are totally ridiculous as well as incredibly stupid.

But infinitely worse that this political abomination is any such monetarily enslaved people, nation, state or empire who not only crazily imagine themselves to be free, but who violently crave and ceaselessly plot to make the entire world every bit as “free” as them, and who imperiously, peremptorily and mass-murderously claim and pretend to do exactly that—(to be violently “liberating” the entire Gentile world to be “free” like them—as the Americans do, and have done for generations and for their three World Wars)—are not only incredibly stupid, unbelievably ridiculous and violently insane, but are an absolute standing menace to the freedom and prosperity of God’s entire Gentile globe.

And this again is American history since 1913 and their first World War “to make the world safe for democracy”—i.e. to violently, imperiously and mass-murderously impose their anti-Christ’s masters’ “beastly” monopoly debt-token money (and imperial puppet-gov’ts) over God’s entire Gentile globe! (Apo./Rev. 13:1-18)

And all because these violently stupid and clueless Americans don’t understand their money—their “central” “jewish” monopoly debt-money. And furthermore, they don’t even want to understand their money! For they are deaf, haughty and even hateful and hostile to anyone who would teach them. And therefore, far worse than mere monetary ignorance is such violent, mass-murderous and globally imperious ignorance and arrogance!

And so anti-Christ or “jewish” Amerika is not merely a “failed state,” as they say. It is in Historical fact a failed empire, and a long-standing threat and “beastly” menace to the liberty and prosperity of God’s entire globe!

*  *  *  *  *

But now back to the question: How is borrowing all your state or national money—(all your state or nation’s token-money or paper-money)—infinitely worse than paying full “face value” for it?—which is clearly crazy.

OK, let me explain; and bear with me while I do so.

How many citizens or residents are in your state? And how many units of money do you desire or require for each and every one of them, on average?

Let’s say there are 1,000,000 residents (and hence money-users or money-needers) living within your state, living inside your political borders, by which you separate yourself from the world at large—and necessarily coercively or violently. Not that you don’t let people out, like the “Soviet Union” or some other prison-state or state-prison, but that you don’t let just anyone and everyone in, but instead choose to “protect and defend your borders,” your political, national, state or county borders. And good for you and yours, because, as History teaches us, that’s the only way to become politically, nationally, socially, racially or tribally sovereign, free and independent in this hard and heartless old world.

And let’s say that you estimate that each resident in your state will need an average of 100 units of money in order to have enough (money) for all desired deals, trades, exchanges or transactions to easily take place within your state—in other words, so that no desired deals can not or will not take place for lack of money.

(For again that is precisely what a “depression” is: A lack of money; a decrease or “deflation” of the money supply to the point of monetary strangulation—of national or “economic” stagnation, inactivity, idleness and non-productivity; a decrease of the oil of money to the point where the engine of the economy, or the economic engine, screeches and grinds toward a complete halt; and hence when, and by necessity, the insufficiency of barter takes the place of money, of a common means and medium of exchange.)

And remember, we’re talking hypothetically about borrowing all our state or national token money, instead of crazily paying “face value” for it—much less implementing our monetary/economic solution and political/earthly salvation by ourselves printing or coining (and therefore owning) our very own money, our very own debt-free, public money.

And so 1,000,000 residents or money-needers times 100 units of money per resident equals 100,000,000 needed units of money—which therefore “need” to be borrowed from “your” country’s “central” or monopoly “bank of issue.” And so they are.

And what will the usury or “interest” rate on this “central” monopoly debt-money be? For a debt-money is also lent, borrowed or rented out to exact a profit called “interest” or “usury.”

That’s up to your “central” lender, your sovereign, your crown, isn’t it? For since he is the only money-creator (and hence “central” lender) within your state or country—(which is therefore really his state and country)—it’s either “his way or the highway,” isn’t it? It’s either his money (at his usury rate) or no money at all.

(Again, this power or “authority” of money creation is the highest, most kingly or sovereign power. How is it you don’t know about this? Clearly, because your “central” bankster sovereign doesn’t want you to. And who says it doesn’t matter from whom our money comes or flows?)

But let’s say “our” “central” bankster demands 5% “interest” or usury per year. And so, after the first year, 95% of that original “central” loan or “principal” remains for “we the people” to make all our deals or trades with one other. And after 2 years, 90%; after 4 years 80%; and after 6 years, 70%. Do you see where this is going? Right back where we started from: Without any money or tokens of exchange to make our deals or trades with one another.

After 10 years, half of the money is gone.

(Think of those nature films documenting a gradual and relentless drought in Africa or wherever. This is a money draught, gradually leading toward economic “recession” and “depression,” stagnation and death.)

And so finally, after 20 years at 5% usury per year, all that debt-money, the entirety of all that debt-money—(congressionally or parliamentarily borrowed by “we the people” from “uncle” Satan-knows-whom)—has been dutifully returned to its only or monopoly source, the “central” bankster(s).

For the only, “central” or monopoly source of all the debt-money is also its only, ultimate and monopoly destination. For that is the nature of debt, and hence of a debt-money. The monopoly debt-money enters by being  borrowed, and it leaves by being paid back. Again, the debt-money enters (the state, market-place or “economy”) by being “publicly” (or governmentally) borrowed. And it leaves (the market-place or “economy”) by being “publicly” (or governmentally) paid back.

Think of water in a kitchen sink. This “central” faucet or spigot is also the “central” drain. The larger the drain-hole at the bottom, the faster the water is drained and the sink is completely emptied. And this “central” drain is not only the annual “interest” on the monopoly debt-money, it is also the entire “principal” which must be repaid when due. And that’s a great big hole and drain indeed! And so the only, “central” or monopoly source of all this debt-money “water” is also its only, ultimate and inevitable destination—exactly kike Satan the plumber designed it.

(And by the way, its clear from here that a debt-money can never be a stable money—a money that keeps its value over time—just as surely as the water-level in a sink or a bath tub is raised (by the “central” borrowing faucet) and lowered (by the “central” debt-money drain). And that inconstancy is clearly the antithesis of monetary stability, which would here be represented by an ever-constant or unchanging water-level—i.e. by so many ample debt-free tokens per resident (100 e.g.)—instead of this constantly changing and ever-manipulated debt-money water-level—via this “central” faucet and drain—with both ports clearly and obviously under the complete control of this “central” debt-monopoly-money master, creator and lender or usurer.)

*  *  *  *  *

And so that’s where all the monopoly debt-money goes—back to its “central” creator, originator and usurer or lender—and hence exactly the way this evil “central” spider intended, planned and designed it.

And there’s the “great [and world-wide] depression” of the 1930s. For aside from this “principal” debt-money drain, this great world-wide money drought or “depression” was also deliberately caused or perpetrated by the prohibitively high usury or “interest” rates collectively, collusively and oligopolistically demanded by the super-national “central”-bankster “jews,” who were (and remain) tyrannically enthroned over the Gentile nations, their “jew”-decapitated kings and their monetarily dethroned dynasties.

For the money creation power is sovereign or supreme. It is the highest power in any state. It is the crown. And hence it is literally what the British (i.e. the “jewish”) “central” banksters call themselves: “the [British/English] crown.”

And so the super-national or Super-Nazi bankster “jews” collectively and conspiratorially shut down all their “central” debt-money faucets via their prohibitively high “central” usury rates. And yet their “central” drains remained wide open for these banksters to accept, receive, suck or vacuum in all their “outstanding” “principal” and “interest” payments, thus emptying out all their national Gentile money-sinks. Do you see?

And so in this deliberate and malevolent way, these “jewish” “central” banksters can, and do, repeatedly create their mysterious money-shortages, “recessions” “depressions” and “business cycles.”

You’d think the Gentiles would eventually get wise, smarted up, or that some “public servant,” “reprehensive” or professional “economist” would publicly point this out to them. But alas, they clearly have no “representatives” nor “public servants.” For they’ve all evidently been purchased by these “central” banksters. And hence they are all national, racial and religious traitors. Can you see that?

*  *  *  *  *

And so, after 20 years of a annual 5% debt-money drain, “we the people” are left without a dollar or a dime collectively left among us, for us all to make all our deals, trades, exchanges or transactions with one another. And so we’re all right back where we started from. Can you see that?

And yet, and yet, 100% of the original “central” loan or “principal” is still owed by “we the people” to you-know-whom. And this usury is still forever ticking upon it! And there’s the Devil’s “interest”! And it thus “compounds” eternally!

Do you now see why borrowing our money is infinitely worse than paying face-value for it? Can you smell the “central” “jewish” rat yet?

(If not, then you must have no nose. But let’s keep nosing around anyway.)

*  *  *  *  *

And at 10% percent usury, all that “central” monopoly debt-money would be gone in 10 years. That’s right, it would take only 10 years for the entire loan or “principal” to return to its “central” “jewish” source…and destination. And again all that money would still be owed, and with the “interest” forever ticking upon it…or until our earthly salvation by What’s-His-Name? (Apo./Rev. 3:12 & 19:12)

And so I’m not merely speaking metaphorically when I refer to our earthly (monetary, economic and political) damnation by this “central”-bankster Devil and Its “chosen people.” This is the Satanic reality. This is the earthly and monetary Truth. And it’s a very old Truth.

(You’d think “we the [Gentile] people” would have learned it by now, or been taught it by now, instead of being forever destroyed or damned for our lack of monetary/economic knowledge. (Hosea 4:6)

And so Evil (and Its demons) have never been more in control of God’s good earth that It (and they ) are today. And they did it all through their evil money, their “beastly” or imperial debt-monopoly-money or “mark.” (See Luke 4:5-8, John 8:44 & Apo/Rev. 13:1-18)

*  *  *  *  *

And besides, and ignoring “interest” or usury for just a moment: Borrowed money must eventually be paid back or returned, Right? And so how much money is left after “we the people” have paid back all the debt-money which we allegedly borrowed from our mysterious and monopolistic “central” banksters? Absolutely none, right? And so that leaves “we the people” exactly where we started from: Without money and hence in a primitive and inefficient state of barter.

And so it’s should be clear to one and all that a collectively-borrowed money—(from Satan-knows-whom; and only Satan and Its demonic kindred would ever conceive, create and lend such a money)—won’t do at all!

Such a debt-money is clearly hopeless, vain and useless from the very beginning—as well as being a “jewish” trap.

For since the usury or “interest” starts ticking away from the very beginning of the “central” loan, our alleged Gentile public debt can therefore never be repaid. For both “principal” and “interest” are “centrally”-demanded, but only the “principal” is “centrally” created, printed and lent to “we the people” via our evil, traitorous and “democratic” “representatives.” Such is the “jewish” abomination called “representative government” and “democracy.”

And so how can “we the [Gentile] people” possibly pay back this “jewish” “interest” money that never even existed in the first place?

Only the “principal” ever exists. And as we have seen, that is soon “centrally” consumed, eaten up and returned to its “central” source via annual “central” “interest” demands (and hence payments).

And yet the (possibly no-longer-existent) “principal” and the (never-existent) “interest” are both “centrally” demanded from us!

And so these “central” bankster demands are clearly impossible to meet! And this was obvious and deductible from the very beginning of this “central” debt-money scam. It’s the very Evil nature, character and terms of the deal—of this “democratic” deal with the Devil and Its “chosen people.” (John 8:44)

Do you see the problem? Or do you still insist that you are not ruled (and therefore damned) by demons in high places?

It’s worse than sending us out to bring back the wicked witch’s broomstick!

But it’s the wicked witch which has tyrannically, “legislatively” and “democratically” forced all us Gentiles to borrow her money, and only her money, her debt-money, her “central” monopoly debt-money!

Again, the “interest” alone will soon “centrally” consume (and return) the loan—leaving us all without money, and yet allegedly owing this entire “principal,” now entirely non-existent, plus all the (non-existent) “interest”…eternally ticking away…into the infinite “compound interest” of our racial, national and religious enemies…and also God’s.

Hence I say this “beastly” “jewish” “central” monopoly-debt-money is a Satanic “jewish” trap—because it is.

*  *  *  *  *

And what happens to all those borrowers or debtors who cannot pay their loans back, plus all the demanded usury or “interest”?

Their properties are “legally” seized by their “creditors” and auctioned off to pay their debts, right?

And our traitorous US “representatives” contract and take out all these “central”-bankster loans of theirs “for” us, in our national name, and “in the full faith and credit of the United States.” Right? And “we the [American] people” are the “United States.” Right?

And so there’s the “collateral” of the US “central” banksters’: the “United States”—and hence everything and everyone in it, and hence “we the [American] people,” our properties and our liberties.

And so what “we the [US or American] people” desperately need is a change of name, an honest money at long last, a public repudiation of “our” alleged “national” or “public debt,” and hence a brand new and honest deal, and hence not merely just another “jew” deal!

*  *  *  *  *

And don’t look now, but these super-national or Super-Nazi “central” bankster “jews” are using their Jew N. to “foreclose” upon entire Gentile nations!

For this is the true meaning, purpose and intent of all these Jew N.’s “sanctions,” seizures, auctions and transfers of the national resources of the Gentile nations (even including their water)—due to their alleged “national defaults” on Jew N. (i.e. “World Bank” and “International Monetary Fund”) loans.

This national and international borrowing and lending is tricky business—a very tricky business—and a “jewish” business.

And what these Super-Nazi “central” bankster “jews” ultimately crave and plot is to violently, tyrannically or “legislatively” impose a global “beastly” “jewish” monopoly debt-money upon all the Gentile nations!

“One money to find them./ One money to blind them./ One money to mark and in all darkness bind them.” (Apo./Rev. 13:11-12 & :15-18)

*  *  *  *  *

But one might rightly object to the above explanation of why borrowing one’s national paper-money is far worse than stupidly paying full face value for it, by saying the following:

“Surely the central-bankers aren’t going to let all their monopoly debt-money evaporate, dry up, or go down their ‘central’ drain like that. Surely they’re going to lend ‘we the people’ more of their debt-money long before that—if only so we don’t see the truth you’ve just clearly shown us about the nature and practice of their debt-money system, and hence their debt-money trap.”

That’s right! That’s right! Good point! (Why didn’t I think of that?)

And the longer this “central” debt-money scam of theirs continues, the greater our alleged “public” or “national debt” becomes, and the more impossible it is for “we the people” to ever pay it.

(So why try? Why try to do the impossible? Is this not the very definition of an “exercise in futility”? And would we not have a better chance of stealing the wicked witch’s broomstick? So why not try to do that instead?)

But in fact our “centrally”-alleged “public debt” was unpayable from the very beginning—even from the very first hour. For again only “principal” is “centrally” created and lent to us. But both “principal” and “interest” are “centrally” demanded in return. I.E. “we the people” are “centrally” commanded to repay “interest” money which was never even created, printed and lent, and hence which never even existed. And as we’ve seen, these “interest” payments alone will entirely, gradually, inevitably and mathematically consume that entire loan.

And yet this entire loan remains unpaid and the Devil’s “interest” forever ticks away upon it—unless and until God puts a stop to it! For our “democratic” or “republican” “representatives” aren’t ever going to! On the contrary, they’re the very racial and national traitors who mislead us all into this bottomless and unfathomable Hell-hole! They’re the very demons who been secretly working with (and for) the Devil and the “jews” from the very beginning of their common debt-money scam, theft and trap!

*  *  *  *  *

And so gradually over time, this unrepayability of this allegedly “national” or “public debt” becomes more and more obvious to one and all.

Let’s take e.g. the case of the evil empire. All we need do is divide the alleged “national” or “public debt” by all the U.S. “dollars” in existence to see how many times over it is impossible for “we the people” to ever repay this alleged and Satanic “jewish” debt.

Let’s do the math, shall we?

As of July 2, 2009, and according to the United States’ Treasury—(, “The Debt to the Penny and Who Holds It” page)—the “Total Public Debt Outstanding,” i.e. the total amount of US Treasury debt or bonds which “we the people” are supposed to repay, is $11,489,560,999,310.74, or 11.49 trillion U.S. “dollars.”

And, according to the St. Louis branch of the U.S. “central” bank, the total amount of U.S. paper dollars in existence with which to pay that “public debt,” has just recently risen from approximately $800 billion to $1.8 trillion. (See chart.)

*  *  *  *  *




*  *  *  *  *

And this first figure (of $800 billion) is essentially confirmed by wikipedia, (, from their article entitled “Money Supply.”

(I.E. there were approximately 760 billion U.S dollars in existence in January 2007.)

*  *  *  *  *

*  *  *  *  *

The “currency component of the U.S. money supply” means paper dollars. And they are appropriately colored green.

And by the way, these are world-wide figures. These refer to U.S. dollars wherever thy may be in the world.

OK, so there are presently around 800 billion or .8 trillion U.S. dollars in existence worldwide for “we the people” to pay the current U.S. Treasury debt of 11.49 trillion U.S. dollars.

So if we simply divide the latter by the former, i.e. 11.49 by .8, we get 14.3625.

This means the present US Treasury debt is over 14 times greater than the amount of US dollars in existence to pay it.

And so if some magic vacuum machine could magically suck up all the U.S dollars in existence all around the world, collect them into a great big bag, and deliver them the U.S. treasury toward its “public debt,” more than 13 times more dollars would still be owed.

And “we the people” wouldn’t even have a dime left between us to make all our deals with one another. And so we’d be right back where we started from, without a public money and hence reduced to barter, stagnation, idleness and depression.

And so the current US gov’t or Treasury debt is more than 13 times impossible for “we the people” to ever repay.

So why even try?

So let’s not go there. Let’s come out of this evil empire with it’s “beastly” money. And let’s instead enter a honest state of honest money, honest money-lending, usury and “banking,” and hence a state or condition of general or public prosperity.

*  *  *  *  *

But someone might object to my use of the lower of those two numbers of 2009 “dollars”—i.e. $.8 instead of 1.8 trillion.

For if we divide the present alleged “public debt” ($11.49 trillion) by that larger number ($1.8) we get only 6.38 instead of 14.4  And this means or suggests that the present debt is only 5.4 times impossible to ever repay.

It admittedly looks that way. It indeed seems or appears from this calculation that the U.S. puppet gov’t could thus “centrally” borrow its way out of its “central” debt. For 14.4 has thus been reduced to 6.4, and hence from13.4 unrepayability to 5.4, by simply borrowing, increasing and “inflating” the U.S. debt-money supply from $.8 to 1.8 trillion.

Yes, it looks that way, but it isn’t. You just wait and see. For very same principle applies as from the very first hour of that ruinous and treasonous (1913) enthronement of this US “central” bank, these US “central” banksters, and hence of all this “central” US debt-money: The longer this debt-money is used, and hence the more of it that is borrowed, the more impossible it is to ever repay it.

(But again it was impossible from that very first hour. For such is the very nature of any debt-money, as shown above.)

And so $.8 trillion has recently become 1.8 trillion US debt-“dollars”—and in the only way possible, by “centrally” borrowing them into existence from their “central” “jewish” source…and inevitable destination!

And so more than twice as much “principal” (and therefore “interest”) has recently, secretly and mysteriously been contracted by the US Congress and presidents Bush II and Obama, via their U.S. treasurers, Paulson and Geitner, with their common “central” debt-monopoly-money master, Bernanke.

For 100% of this $1 trillion ($1.8 minus .8 trillion) was borrowed (from you-know-whom and what) into that long-looted and empty, bankrupt and depleted U.S. treasury. And therefore all these current $1.8 trillion U.S. debt-“dollars” are going to disappear down that “central” debt-money drain (via U.S. Treasury bond “interest” and “principal” payments) faster than they ever did before—in fact more than twice as fast! In other words, this “central” bankster drain has just gotten more than twice as big and wide as it was before this latest monetary/economic crisis!

And so, if you have opened eyes, you will soon see how that multiple public or national unrepayability will soon rise far over 13 times!

(See below for much more historical data on this.)

Lesson: One cannot borrow oneself out of debt. Nor can a group—(such as “we the people,” or the Americans, or the long-treasonous and “jewish” gov’t of the United States)—ever borrow themselves out of debt—and especially if they are borrowing debt-money. For debt-money is a “jewish” trap from the very beginning—as well as “jewish” fraud, theft and extortion.

*  *  *  *  *

That’s right, “central” “jewish” monopoly-money is a debt-, theft- and trap-money.

It’s a debt-money because it is, because it is loaned into existence and circulation.

It’s a theft-money because the enormous profits these “central” “jews” make are not earned, nor even understood by “we the [Gentile] people.” They receive an entire “principle” (plus “interest”) of our Gentile wealth, productivity, life, energy, blood, sweat and tears. And for what? For nothing. And that’s theft, as well as extortion or robbery.

Again, the US “central” banksters pay the US Treasury 4¢ for every US “dollar” bill they order them to print up, no matter how many zeroes are printed upon it. Then they loan these US “dollar” bills to the US Treasury (Congress and president) in exchange for that exact amount in US Treasury bonds, likewise printed up by the US Treasury. And the banksters can either collect the “interest” on these US bonds all along the way toward their “maturity” date, their “principal” repayment date. Or else they can sell them at any time along the way, thus mysteriously sucking, drawing or vacuuming yet more of their US debt-“dollars” out of their US market-place or “economy.”

Do you see? Do you see how it matters a great deal what kind or species of money you use—or are “legislatively,” “democratically” or tyrannically forced to use. All monetary fruit is and must be of its tree. (Matt. 7:15-20) And all these Amerikan debt-“dollars” are “jewish” fruit from the tree of “jews.” I, on the other hand, am proposing Gentile money—honest, ample, stable, debt-free token money.

And this “jewish” debt-money is a trap-money because it cannot possibly ever be repaid. Only “principal” is lent, but both “principal” plus (non-existent) “interest” is “centrally” demanded in return. And so the alleged “national” or “public debt” grows and grows and grows into infinity, national enslavement and/or “jewish” “communism”—or divine salvation—just as the Germans were saved by their Leader, until the entire “jewish” debt-money world invaded, conquered, mass-murdered and perpetually occupied their divine German state or kingdom.

(So who mislead us into “jewish” monopoly-debt-money trap, but racial/national traitors and our public enemies? And who kept us in that “central” “jewish” debt-money trap all these years, decades and World Wars, but our presidential traitors and our parliamentary/congressional public enemies?)

And these Satanic “jewish” banksters think they’re so clever because they’ve thus deceived, fooled and trapped us. And they think we Gentiles rightfully deserve all these “jewish” evils, they’ve thus ceaselessly rained down upon us, because we’re too stupid, ignorant, trusting and gullible not to notice what they and their “beastly” or Satanic money have been doing to us for all these decades!

*  *  *  *  *

“It’s [not] the economy, stupid!”—as the Clintonites used to say. It’s the money! It’s “jewish”! And so therefore is the economy, and the gov’t, the whole God-damned country! Super-bummer! And again this has been the same old story since 1913, and throughout all these three “jewish”-Amerikan World Wars against God’s Gentile globe and His honest money.

If only the Americans had known the difference between good and evil; God and the Devil (John 8:44); honest money and “jewish” money; freedom and (debt-money) enslavement! But they chose instead to “worship the mark of the beast”—as did all those others all over the world who accepted their “beastly” or imperial U.S. debt-money—which is Satanic and “jewish.” (See Apo./Rev. 13:11-18 & :4 & An Apocalyptic Beast or Two)

*  *  *  *  *

Let me clearly show you all how the longer a “jewish” debt-money is tyrannically, demonically or “democratically” inflicted upon a Gentile nation (or empire), the more impossible it is to ever repay that “jew”-alleged “national” or “public debt.”

Let’s go back to April, 2006, when the U.S. Treasury reported its debt—(or rather ourpublic debt”)—to be $8.4 trillion, and when all the dollars in existence worldwide amounted to around $670 billion or $.67 trillion worldwide—(likewise confirmed or seconded by both charts above).

And so at that time, and as sure as math, there were 12.5 times more U.S dollars owed by the U.S Treasury than U.S. dollars in existence. And hence the impossibility of repayment factor at that time was 11.5 times—as reported in my Monetary/Economic Problem, (and the Honest Money Solution)—available for free download from

(So what are you waiting for? Some boring lecturer to stop lecturing?)

Now, presently, in autumn of 2009, the impossibility of repayment factor is 13. How long will it be before we, and all the Gentile world besides, figure out that this is never ever going to be repaid?

But again, this was logically deductible from the very beginning. For it is the very nature of a debt-token-money—a money which is loaned into existence by the supernational or Super-Nazi “jewish” banksters to “we the [Gentile] people”—via all “our” evil, treasonous, tyrannical and “democratic” “representatives” within all “our” “jewish” parliaments, congresses, presidencies and prime ministries.

*  *  *  *  *

And also reported in that book of mine is the alarmingly rapid growth of this U.S Treasury debt, this alleged US “public debt.” According to its own figures, the trillion dollar mark was reached sometime between Sept 30, 1981—when the “public debt” was $997,855,000,000.00 ($.998 trillion)—and Sept. 30,1982. when it was $1,142,034,000,000.00 ($1.14 trillion).

And from there the growth was just astounding. The US “public debt” passed the $3 trillion mark in 1990; $4 trillion in 1992; $5 trillion in 1996; $6 trillion in 2002; $7 trillion in 2004; $8 trillion in 2006; $9 trillion in 2007; and $10 trillion in 2008. And again the U.S Treasury’s “public debt” is presently $11.49 trillion dollars.

Have you got $11.49 trillion U.S. dollars, fellow citizen, so we can get this “public debt” off our backs?

Me neither.

(In fact, there’s presently less than $2 trillion in existence worldwide.)

And so payment of this “centrally” alleged “public debt” is not only impossible, it is multiply impossible. Can you see that? Can you do the math?

So what should we do?

Let us declare a “moratorium” on the payment of this multiply unpayable “public” or “national debt.” Let’s indefinitely “suspend” these payments—both “principal” and “interest.”

Let’s all come out of the evil, “beastly” “jewish” debt-monopoly-money empire and henceforth own nothing at all—neither “principal” nor “interest.” (Apo./Rev. 13:11-18) How does that sound to you?

And let’s create our very own debt-free public money for ourselves and our posterity, within our very own debt-free state or kingdom. Let’s distribute, circulate and use or employ this honest debt-free public money of ours. What do you say?

Does the world belong to Satan or to God, and to the “jews” or to us Gentiles?

We don’t owe them! They owe us!—as do all their God-damned, “democratic” and “beastly” debt-monopoly-money “representatives” and “legislators”!

Would you just love to “give” them a law or two?—for a “legislative” change?

*  *  *  *  *

And all this “jew”-alleged “public debt” (to all these supernational or Super-Nazi “central”-bankster “jews”) could easily have all been avoided if “we the [Gentile] people” had simply created our very own public money—our very own worthless token-money—and hence had never owed anyone any “principal” nor “interest”—anyone such as all these supernational debt-money demons (and their Gentile collaborators—their four-legged presidents, parliaments and prime ministers) who conceived and perpetrated this “beastly” and Satanic “jewish” debt-money trap upon us Gentiles, our ancestors, our grandparents, our parents and our children.

So why didn’t our Gentile forefathers simply do so? What were they lacking? Monetary knowledge? Or political independence?

We Gentiles were (and are) destroyed for lack of knowledge—(about money, about the “jews” and all their monetary and usurious tricks)—and for lack of the political liberty, freedom and independence to do the right, the true and the honest thing: i.e. to create and use an honest money, and to tolerate nothing but honest money-lending, usury or “banking.”

Ignorance, both political and monetary, is not necessarily bliss. And so we Gentiles were (and remain) politically “represented” (i.e. oppressed, thieved, robbed and enslaved) by “jews” and their evil, traitorous Gentile agents, servants, “representatives,” “presidents and “prime ministers.”

(For such is “jewish” abomination called “representative government” or “democracy” which they and the Amerikans have been imperiously, militarily and mass-murderously inflicting upon God’s entire globe for almost a century now.)

*  *  *  *  *

Again, the “jewish” central” bankster and his money is both the origin and the inevitable destination of all nations ensnared within his monetary cobweb.

Have you ever seen F. Kapra’s 1946 photoplay, “It’s a Wonderful Life”?

There’s a scene where the Gentile protagonist resists the evil bankster’s attempt to tempt (indeed to buy) him and his loyalty with bags of bankster money—(like some evil, venal and traitorous U.S. politician, congressman or president). And since 1913 there have been no others!

And the cinematic Gentile thus responds:


You sit around here and you spin your little webs and you think the whole world revolves around you and your money. Well, it doesn’t, Mr. Potter! In the…in the whole vast configuration of things, I’d say you were nothing but a scurvy [“low, mean, vile, contemptible”–Ed.] little spider!


Yes, but these God-damned, anti-Christ, Super-Nazi “jewish” spiders are presently sitting on top of God’s world. (Luke 4:5-8)

And they got there via their evil monopoly debt-money, their “beastly mark.” (Apo./Rev. 13:11-18)

And I’m trying to show you all how the demons weave or spin their monetary webs—both locally, nationally and globally, and both “centrally” and “commercially.” For by getting their traitorous, demonic and “democratic” “representatives” to tyrannically or “legislatively” force us all to use their evil “jewish” debt-money, and only their evil “jewish” debt-money, they thereby force the Gentile world to revolve around them and their money—their God-damned, “beastly” Satanic money! Indeed, that’s their entire point, purpose, aim and intent! And the “jews” have succeeded!

Just try to have and “economy” without money. As we saw above, it’s like trying to run a machine without oil. And just try “economy” with “jewish” money! You end up debt-enslaved, “jew”-conquered and “jew”-conscripted like the Americans, and others!

Such is “jewish” “democracy” and “representative government.” The “jews” tolerate no other “representatives” and “representation” but their own. They simply buy all the elections and “public offices” with their God-damned “jewish” money! And therefore “jewish” “democracy” is in fact “jewish” dictatorship and racial tyranny—as in their “Soviet Union,” which they likewise called “democratic,” and presently their American “union.”

And so the Gentiles and their nations have both been monetarily ensnared and politically destroyed by their ignorance or lack of knowledge of all these evil “jewish” things. For ignorance is not necessarily bliss.

But I would not have it so. I would not have my people destroyed for lack of monetary knowledge.

In fact, I would not have any people, any nation or any state destroyed or “jew”-ensnared for lack of monetary knowledge. For they, like the Americans, will only serve and further the “jews” in their greater and greater global evils and crimes against both God and humanity.

But I would rather, once and for all time, have “mien volk” and every other “volk” break free and out of the sticky web and the evil orbit of their Satanic “jewish” racial and national enemies.

And how? How else but by the Truth? How else but by understanding this evil “jewish” theft-, trap- and debt-money?

The “jews” have a saying: That they racially succeed over us Gentiles by way of deception. And they do. And they “legally” monopolize, seize and control all Gentile communication toward that very Satanic “jewish” end.

But we Gentiles succeed via the Truth, and the courage to seek it, to find it, to speak it and to act upon it.

(“But the Jews make Truth (and hence Free Speech) a crime—a Truth crime!”)

Of course they do! That’s their “democracy”! That’s what they mean by “democracy”! It’s a Satanic abomination—as in their “Soviet Union.”

And they continually crave, plot and act to violently spread this political abomination of theirs all over God’s globe. (Apo./Rev. 17:1-18) And they’re presently on their third World War to do just that—“to save the world for democracy”—to “democratize” the globe—i.e. to conquer the world for themselves, the “jews,” the “sinagog of Satan.” (Apo./Rev. 2:9 & 3:9)

And they start their World Wars via their mass-murderers (see e.g. their “Pearl Harbors” of 1941 and 2001), and their mass-murderous lies and slanders against innocent (or far less guilty) Gentiles. (See e.g. their “9/11.”) And they say this current World War III of theirs will go on forever and ever. (For “Sin, Evil and/or Terror never dies!”)

*  *  *  *  *

How “Central” “Banking,” Money-Lending or Usury is Perpetrated

We saw above how the US Treasury is the money-printing office of the US “central” banksters.

We don’t exactly know who they are (nor have been since 1913) because they’re a corporation—a most sovereign, royal or kingly corporation. There is nothing in “jewish”-Amerika above them. And the US Congress and president, who in 1913 “democratically” enthroned them, are far, far below them. (See those traitorous dogs lap.)

For such is the supreme power of money creation, and especially monopoly money creation—much less debt-monopoly money creation.

And hence the US “central” banksters—(who call themselves “the Federal Reserve Corporation”)—have never been supervised, investigated nor “audited” by their most common and unsovereign servant and puppet, the elective United States’ gov’t. For these American pawns do not dare question their king—much less supervise, investigate, interrogate or “audit” him.

But here’s how their “central” monopoly debt-paper-money scam works:

The US “central” banksters order their servant, the US Treasurer, to print up their money for them, their US dollar bills for them, and to put his US Treasury mark, stamp and signature upon these specially marked pieces of paper. They pay the Treasury 4¢ for each and every US dollar bill for this service, no matter how zeroes are printed upon them. For the extra ink needed for these extra zeroes is negligible.

And so the US Treasury delivers these US “dollar” bills to their only “central” customers, the US “central” banksters.

Now what? Now the US Treasury must borrow them. For the US gov’t and the American people, like any and all other people, need money to made all their deals, trades or exchanges.

(“Wait a minute! The US Treasury, which is the US government, now borrows the very money they just printed and sold for 4¢ apiece, from the very people they just sold it to?”)

That’s right.

(“But that’s crazy!”)

Tell me about it. Yes, it’s crazy, for America and the Americans, but not for the people they sold their US Treasury money to. And they of course are the very “jewish” people who conceived, originated, proposed and paid for this all-too-crazy arrangement—i.e. this “jewish” purchase of Gentile America’s sovereignty, crown and national honor —which therefore no longer exists, and hasn’t since 1913.

Do you see? Do you see this great big anti-Christ/“jewish”-Amerikan whore? (Apo./Rev. 17:1-18)

So here’s how the US gov’t borrows their money—instead of simply printing up their very own paper-money like Lincoln did: They order their Treasury to print up US Treasury bonds equal to the amount they want to borrow from their “central” “jewish” money-masters and “democratic” kings—the exact amount of the loan they want their “central” banksters to loan them, and for “we the [American] people” to repay, plus “interest,” of course.

(“Bonds” are signed paper-promises to pay a specified amount of money at (or before) a specified future date, called “maturity,” plus usury or “interest” all along the way.)

And so the Americans are paying more than face value for all the paper-“dollar” bills they themselves printed up and sold to their “central” “jewish” money-masters (and lenders) for 4¢ apiece. For these US bonds are “interest bearing.”

Can you see that? Can you see how crazy that is? And remember the casino analogy above.

If e.g. the US gov’t wants to borrow $1 trillion from their “central” Super-Nazi king or emperor, then they print up and pay him $1 trillion worth of US gov’t/Treasury bonds, and all usury or “interest” all the way toward its/their pay-date or “maturity”—i.e. the day when the US gov’t must pay their “jewish” emperor $1 trillion US “dollars”—which of course can only come from this very same “central” source (and destination) of all US “dollars”—which are “central” monopoly debt-“dollars.”

Do you understand? Remember the “central” money faucet, sink and drain analogy above.

And of course, these US Treasury bonds are sellable or “negotiable.” They can be sold at any time. The “central” banksters don’t have to wait until their pay-date “maturity.” And when they do so they thereby subtly drain US money out of the US market-place or economy. And this is a very useful trick whenever they want to create a “recession” or “depression,” like they did in the 1930s, along with raising their “central” usury or “interest” rates to prohibitively high levels.

And so the US debt-money quickly goes down the “central” drain from which it came, both via these “mature” pay-date US gov’t/Treasury bond “principal” repayments, and via the “open market” sales or public auctioning of these US gov’t bonds, by their owners and holders, the US “central” banksters, prior to their pay-date or “maturity.”

Do you see?

I hope so. The future of your posterity and your country depends upon it.

*  *  *  *  *

And so, dear reader, is your country a debt-money country?

And if so, is your country’s money a monopoly-debt-money or a debt-monopoly-money?

Is it “centrally” loaned into existence and circulation?

Is your country debt-monopoly-money-enslaved to corporately concealed and “legally” immune “central” “jewish” bankster kings?

Ask your “democratic” congressman or “representative.”

He or she may pretend not to know what you are asking, in order to continue to conceal the answer…and the “central” Truth about your abominable “jewish” state.

And that’s “jewish” “democracy” for you. It is national debt-enslavement heading straight towards “jewish” “communism”—sanctimoniously disguised as “democratic” freedom and liberty. You and yours have the “democratic” “freedom” to be forced to use only “jewish” debt-money, and so be perpetually damned! And so “democracy’s” “representatives” are the demonic agents of this ever-damning Devil and Its “chosen people,” as they all tyrannically, “legislatively” and “democratically” impose their monopoly debt-money to forever damn you and yours! (John 8:44)

*  *  *

And here’s another question:

Does your country have a “national debt” or a “public debt”?

And if so, how much is it?

And how much of “your” national money is in existence?

Ask your national treasurer, president, prime minister, finance minister or exchequer.

They may pretend not to know what you’re asking, in order to continue to conceal the answer.

Is “your” alleged “national” or “public debt several times greater than all “your” nation’s money put together? Or if all of that money could somehow be collected together and delivered to your national creditors or bond holders—(thus leaving you and your countrymen with no money at all, to do what you all need money to do for you)—would you and your countrymen still allegedly owe several times more money?—several times more money than exists?

If so, then your country must be a “central” debt-money country.

Then stop paying. You don’t owe anything. You are victims, and your “democratic” predators owe you. Your “central,” “representative” debt-money predators owe you and yours much more than they can ever pay. But don’t let that stop you from trying and collecting.

*  *  *

What you and yours need, as always, is honest money, honest usury and honest “representation”—and therefore self-representation and nothing but.

It’s precisely because the “jews” and their evil, traitorous, “democratic” “representatives” have for so log falsely claimed, peremptorily pretended and violently insisted upon “representing” you and yours, that their “central” debt-money knife has for generations been “democratically” sticking in your collective national backs, and you’re alleged “national” or “public debt” has crashed and crushed you all underground.

And so do something about that at long last! “Represent” yourselves!—instead of being “represented” (i.e. betrayed) by your anti-Christ and anti-Gentile “jewish” public enemies. Introduce honest money and honest money-lending (usury or “banking”) into your countries or counties, and forever banish their Satanic “jewish” antitheses and all its pestilent carriers!

*  *  *  *  *

From the “Central” “Jewish” Horse’s Mouth—as if You Needed to Hear It

From “jewish”-Amerikan “central” bankster “chairman” and spokesman Ben Bernanke’s Oct. 15, 2007 speech to “the Economic Club of New York”:

(Note: “Liquidity” is the ability to sell something (an “asset”) quickly and easily , i.e. to convert it into money. The “liquidity” of an “asset” is a matter or question of degree. If money is “liquidity,” and it is, then “liquid assets” are like ice cubes. They are close to money.)


the Federal Reserve [i.e. the US “central” banksters–Ed.]…. its dual mandate to promote maximum sustainable employment and price stability. [More on this below.–Ed.]

…. In its supervisory role, the Federal Reserve—like other bank regulators—attempts to ensure that individual banks maintain adequate liquidity on hand [i.e. sufficient “reserves” of US debt-“dollars”–Ed.] and make provision to raise additional funds quickly when the need arises. We must be wary of a subtle fallacy of composition, however. Even if each market participant holds a significant reserve of what—in normal times, at least—would be considered highly liquid [i.e. sellable–Ed.] assets, for the system as a whole the only truly liquid assets are cash and its equivalents [like US Treasury bonds–Ed.]. The quantity of cash assets in the system [i.e. the national economy–Ed.] at a [i.e. any and every–Ed.] point in time is, in turn, essentially fixed, being determined directly or indirectly by the central bank.

[That’s right, because all US “dollars” come from only one, single, monopoly source—these anonymous “jewish” US “central” banksters. And because all these US “dollars” are “centrally” lent into existence and circulation, therefore they are all debt-“dollars.” And therefore it is the US “central” banksters—and only the US “central” banksters—who “determine” how many US debt-“dollars” are in existence and circulation at any time, and at all times.

And so what this US bankster naturally and deceitfully doesn’t mention is that all this US money is in fact a debt-money “centrally” loaned into existence and circulation. And hence it is constantly leaving, existing and draining out of “the system” via “central” “principal” and “interest” demands and payments.–Ed.]

Thus, whenever an investor sells less liquid assets [which are, by definition, quickly and easily sellable for cash-money–Ed.] to raise cash, the cash holdings of other market participants are reduced by an equal amount. [Again because, “The quantity of cash…in the system at a point in time is…essentially fixed…by the central bank.”–Ed.] Consequently, in highly stressed financial conditions, when the marketwide demand for liquidity [i.e. money–Ed.] rises sharply, one of two things must happen: Either the central bank provides the liquidity demanded [i.e. the debt-money–Ed.] by lending against good collateral, or forced sales of illiquid assets will drive the prices of those assets well below their longer-term fundamental values [And that’s clearly and decidedly not “price stability.”–Ed.], raising the risk of widespread insolvency [bankruptcy–Ed.] and intensifying the [lack of money or “liquidity”–Ed.] crisis. If the [lack of money–Ed.] crisis becomes sufficiently severe, history suggests that damage to the broader economy is likely to follow.

*  *  *  *  *

And that “economic damage” is called “depression.” It is monetary/economic stagnation, inactivity, stillness, idleness and non-productivity. (And when no wealth gets produced no wealth gets distributed or “exchanged” (via money).

The bankster “jews” pretend monetary/economic “depression” is an “act of God.” And they falsely claim it’s “cyclical,” like the four seasons, with or without Frankie Valley.

But “depression” is really a malevolent act of Satan’s “chosen people.” (John 8:44) It is caused by a lack of money—their “beastly” “jewish” debt-money—their “central” bankster monopoly debt-money—which keeps going back down the “central” drain from which it came.

Like Amerikan politicians, “jewish”-Amerika’s anonymous and irresponsible “central” banksters never need actually deliver the goods they solemnly promise—such as “maximum sustainable employment and price stability.” All they need do is solemnly promise them.

Do you see the long standing political/monetary/economic problem?

And so what is the solution?

What else but honest money and honest usury? And you all well know by now exactly whereto go, aside from this book, to find everything you need to know and do about that:  I’ll leave the Light on.

*  *  *  *  *


To Be Placed Under “False Solutions”: Don’t get Fooled again by “Paper-Gold” or any allegedly “Gold-Backed Currency”

And so we’re agreed we need a token money, right?—a honest, ample, stable, debt-free token money. For there is simply not enough gold or silver coin to go around.

And by the way, and in this connection, don’t be fooled again by the paper-gold scam of the thieving “jewish”-Amerikan “central”-banksters—who, in agreeing and lamenting that there is not enough gold or silver coins to go around, claimed to have found a monetary solution “as good as gold”—their “paper-gold”—their worthless fraudulent and thieving paper-promises to pay gold to the bearer “on demand.”

(And this was merely a modern version of an old “jewish” trick, fraud and theft—the exchange of their worthless paper-money for genuine Gentile gold and silver. See The Trouble with Gold.)

One who has gold to pay, pays gold. But those who don’t, either don’t buy, or they pay golden-promises instead.

And thieves and “jews” who don’t have gold to pay—or who have gold but don’t want to part with it—pay golden-promises instead to all those foolish enough to accept them. I.E. they exchange their false “jewish” paper-promises to pay gold for real and true Gentile gold. And there’s the “jewish” theft.

And these thieving “jews” also lent these golden-paper-promises of theirs, and demanded real and true gold in return, with golden “interest” or usury besides. And there’s the “jewish” theft “compounded”!

And these thieving “jews” even got their traitorous “representatives,” parliaments, kings and presidents to make it a “crime” for any Gentile to refuse to accept their fraudulent paper-promises to pay gold or silver on demand. This happened in (and to) America 1913, and thus “legislatively,” congressionally and presidentially transformed that formerly Gentile country into “jewish”-Amerika, and hence this abominable and Satanic “jewish”-Amerikan “beast” or empire. (Imperial bummer!) And these anti-Christ Amerikan beasties are on their third World War now. And they promise us it will be perpetual, never-ending and eternal. (Can’t wait!)

And of course, and as they always did before 1913, these “jewish” US “central” bankster thieves lent out far more golden promises to pay gold than they had gold to pay. (This again was to steal Gentile gold, to exchange their fraudulent paper for actual gold and silver coins.) And when they were at last found out, after 20 years of their golden thievery, after fruitless “runs” upon their fraudulent banks by Americans trying to retrieve their golden coins from these bankster thieves, instead of coming out of their thieving banks or counting houses with their hands held high, and instead of begging the Gentile American public for forgiveness for their 20 year crime spree of monetary fraudulence, paper-money counterfeiter and golden theft, these thieving “jewish” bank robbers instead came out metaphorically shooting, falsely accusing their Gentile victims of “hoarding” all the gold they hadn’t yet stolen from them, and demanding that all this gold (and silver besides) that still remained in the hands of the Gentile Americans be surrendered to them at once!

And they employed their “jewish”-Amerikan president (Rosenfeld) and their anti-American Congress to decree it so, to “legalize” this “central” bankster robbery, and hence to make it a “crime” for any Gentile not to do so—(the alleged Gentile crime of “hoarding”)—of hoarding the gold and silver that these “jew” bankster thieves and robbers thus coveted, stole and “legally” robbed.

So what do you think about that?

It’s true, and it’s “jew.” It’s what they call their racial “hootsba”!

(See The Great “Jewish”-Amerikan Gold Robbery of 1933 at

And so this golden-paper or paper-gold scam of the “jewish” “central”-banksters lasted for 20 years—from 1913 to 1933—when their presidential liar and thief-in-chief—(a fellow Wall St. “jew” named Rosenfeld, who called himself “Roosevelt,” so the Gentiles wouldn’t know who and what he really was, and where his racial and “communist” sympathies really lied)—demanded that all the gold and silver still held by Americans (i.e. Gentiles), all their gold and silver which hadn’t yet been stolen by these “central” bankster “jews”—be immediately surrendered to him and his fellow “jews” in exchange for yet more of their fraudulent paper-promises to pay gold on demand—except that they had then stopped pretending that they would do so, that they would ever again “redeem” their fraudulent “jewish” “paper gold” with actual gold. And countless clueless and idolatrous Gentile American fools and idiots did exactly as their “jewish” pharaoh commanded of them! And they thought it “patriotism” to do so!

And if Satan was their father/pater, then I guess that’s so. (John 8:44) But in not, then not. And if only their uncle, then maybe.

And these same “patriotic” American fools would later rush to fight Rosenfeld and Churchill’s World War II against God and His Gentile globe—when, after their deliberate and super-nationally orchestrated money-drought or “depression” of the 1930s, Rosenfeld and his “central” bankster allies would once again release their monopoly-debt-money oil to lubricate, grease and fire up their World War II machine.

If only the idolatrous Americans had sought, found, revered and valued Truth instead of their anti-Christ or “jewish” president Rosenfeld and his lies! (But there’s no accounting for American taste. And yet there will be an accounting.)

And this “jewish”-Amerikan president Rosenfeld ordered his U.S. Treasurer (and Treasury) to be the collection agent (and agency) for all this presidentially and congressionally confiscated Gentile gold and silver, which was soon secretly transferred over to the “jewish” “central” banksters.

And this shows you which was (and is) the master, and which is (and remains) the servant. For the master makes or creates the money. And the servant accepts or takes this money, his master’s money. For this money-creation power is supreme or sovereign. And no sovereign, king, president or emperor can wage war without it—as Lincoln clearly well knew, and hence created how own.

There is no higher or greater political power that the sovereign power of money-coining or -creating—and especially the creation of a “central” monopoly debt-token or debt-paper-money—which is a supremely evil or Satanic power—and which therefore should never be tolerated by anyone, nor allowed to exist anywhere on earth. So supremely evil and terrible is this “jewish” power, authority and tyranny. And this sovereign power was sold or transferred by the American Congress and president to a corporately concealed group of super-national or Super-Nazi “jews” in 1913, and by every traitorous US president and Congress since then. And there have been no others. And that’s modern American history. The history of a “failed state,” and of an extremely evil “jewish” empire.

And again this 1913 US “central” monopoly debt-money was fraudulent “paper-gold,” It was mere “jewish” bankster paper which promised to pay gold, but didn’t. They conspiratorially craved and plotted to thievingly exchange these worthless “jewish” paper-promises of theirs for genuine Gentile gold and silver coins—which is exactly what they did for 20 years until Rosenfeld’s “banking holiday” of 1933, when this “central” “jewish” lie and golden pretense could no longer be maintained by these “central” “jewish” gold and silver thieves.

And so yes, American “dollars” used to promise gold and solver coin—until they stopped doing so in 1933. And by “they” I of course mean their creators and lenders, “jewish”-Amerika’s corporately-masked “central” banksters.

*  *  *  *  *

And yet, and yet, these “central” “jewish”-Amerikan  banksters continued to lend Gentile America their paper-“dollars” as if they continued to be gold!—as if they had any real or intrinsic value!—even after their “central” perpetrators no longer even pretended that they possessed any such value (in 1933)! And again this was only because these US “central” bankster “jews” could no longer possibly continue their golden “jewish” pretension!

(For Satanic “jews” never stop lying, slandering nor pretending for Truth’s sake, nor Justice’s sake, nor for God’s or humanity’s sake, but always and only for their own Satanic sake! (John 8:44)

And so they had their “jewish”-Amerikan president (Rosenfeld) decree a US “banking holiday” (of “suspended specie payments”) which lasted forever.

And so their fraudulent, thieving “paper-gold” could no longer even pretend to be golden. And yet once again the anti-American and anti-Gentile US Congress and president went along with this golden “jewish” pretension, and continued to declare it a monetary “crime” for any Gentile not to use or to refuse this now admittedly (because undeniably) mere paper US money!—and a debt-paper-money at that—and even a “central” monopoly debt-paper-money!

But of course the monetary crime was really and truly this “jewish” debt-money—this “central” monopoly debt-paper-money! And the real criminals were (and remain) the US congress, the US president(s), and of course these corporately masked and “legally” immune US “central” banksters.

Do you not see or recognize the enormity of this monetary crime?

Here they are (since 1933) lending “we the [Gentile American] people” mere paper-money, merely specially-marked paper, which they call “dollars”!

And surely these bankster “jews” could never have gotten the Gentiles to accept this mere paper-money of theirs if they had not preceded it with their “paper-gold”—and not only from 1913 to 1933, but even long before that.

(And so “commercial” “jewish” bankster fraud and theft historically precedes “central” “jewish” bankster fraud and theft. See below.)

For golden idolatry and thievery is the one true “jewish” religion. (See e.g. Moses and his “chosen people,” with all their golden Egyptian “spoils,” at his “divine” Sinai mountain, along with Shall there be Usury within your County?: The Pros and Cons of Usury.)

Do the “jews” not even name themselves after these golden gods or idols of theirs: Gold, Goldberg, Goldstein, Silver, Silverberg, Silverstein, etc., etc., etc.? Is that therefore not devotion?—their real and true devotion, religion, idolatry?

And both these pre- and post-1933 US “dollars” were debt-“dollars.” But the former, unlike the latter, pretended to be “good as gold” and “redeemable” for or “convertible” into gold.

But our ancestors would never have accepted this mere “unbacked” paper-money after 1933, not being nearly so ignorant as we are about money and “jews”—or rather about “jews” and their money, both being thieving and fraudulent. And the latter (money) being the rotten fruit of the former. (Matt. 7:15-20)

*  *  *  *  *

So why, after 1933, didn’t it dawn upon the Gentile Americans that they could just as easily print up their own mere paper-dollars, like Lincoln did, and hence not borrow them from these US “central” bankster “jews,” and hence never own them any “principal” nor “interest” for printing up and lending them these mere US paper-dollars?

For the evidently clueless and/or cowardly Gentile Americans were collectively borrowing these mere paper-“dollars”—(from their only “central” “jewish” source (and destination) and via their traitorous “jewish” president Rosenvelt and their anti-American Congress)—as if they were worth something, or as if any paper-money which they themselves could just as easily create or print wouldn’t be every bit as good—in fact, infinitely better. For theirs needn’t be—(in fact couldn’t be)—a debt-money.

For how could any public money be owed by the public to the public? No, public money is obviously owned by the public. That’s its very definition. That’s what makes it public money. And therefore public money can never be borrowed from any other group or party—such as the “jews,” or such as any “central” “jewish” money-crown, foreign Super-Nazi “jewish” throne or sovereign “jewish” printing press.

The Americans always had a printing press in their Treasury. And so they always and easily could have used that “public” press to print up their very own paper-money—for the cost of paper and ink—instead of borrowing their paper-money from an evil foreign power, race and nation. (That is surely what Ben Franklin would have done. See his “colonial script” below.)

For only a foreign, anti-American and most evil power would ever have lent them such a money, a debt-token-money. And only monetary fools or cowards would ever have borrowed it—or have permitted, tolerated or suffered their traitorous “public servants” or “democratic representatives” to borrow it “for” them—(to repay, plus usury or “interest”). (Can you see that?)

And again, and believe it or not, this evil, foreign, anti-American and anti-Gentile “jewish” money-creation power, “authority,” crown or throne, employs the US Treasury as its printing press, and compels the US Treasurer to print up all its/their “central” monopoly US debt-money, paying him only the cost of paper and ink—which presently amounts to about 4¢ for every paper-“dollar”-bill—no matter how many zeroes are printed upon it.

And these “central” anti-American banksters also compel the US Treasury to print their official seal upon every one of these US debt-“dollar”-bills, and the US Treasurer to sign them all (in “facsimile”), so that the clueless Americans will be deceived that this is exactly the kind or species of money that I just now described and proposed above: a public money, a money created by and hence owned by the public, and therefore not a money borrowed into existence from this evil, foreign, anti-American and anti-Gentile “jewish” money-power, crown and throne.

(Just look on the front side of any US “dollar” bill to see this truth for yourself. The official US Treasury seal is centered on the right, in green, with US Treasury signatures underneath and on the left.)

*  *  *  *  *

And so once again we can clearly see that the king, the sovereign or the master makes the money, and all his servants take, accept (or borrow) his money. For this supreme or sovereign power of money creation is what makes him their master. And their acceptance of this sovereign and his “money” is what makes them all his servants or slaves.

And so a truly free or sovereign people would have to have their very own (sovereign) money, wouldn’t they?

And again, not even Amerikan emperors (called “presidents”) can wage their imperial World Wars without their “jewish” master’s money, and hence permission, if not “central” command. For they are all clearly much less powerful than Lincoln.

It’s one thing for a sovereign, king, emperor or “president” to print or coin money and say to his subjects, his money-acceptors, “There, I’ve paid you.” And it’s quite another thing, and quite another sovereign, who makes his all subjects borrow his money, and even to decree it a “crime” for them to accept and use any other kind of species of money—i.e. for a sovereign to “legally” decree or “legislate” his debt-money into a monopoly-money. And that’s exactly the kind or species of money (and hence sovereign) that the Americans have, and have had, since 1913—a “jewish” debt-token, monopoly-money!

And the Americans are so crazy, blind and stupid, that they don’t even know they have a king, a “jewish” king, a “central,” foreign, corporately concealed, masked, and anonymous “jewish” king.

And the Americans are so crazy, they think they’re free! They cast off their British king (George III) in 1776, only to enthrone a “jewish” one in 1913! (“Out of the frying pan and into the fire.”)

And since their “legislative” enthronement of their “central” “jewish” king and his monopoly debt-money in 1913, the Americans have been so completely crazy, that they’ve imperiously, violently and mass-murderously demanded that God’s entire Gentile globe must then, now and forever join them in their alleged “freedom”—to be as “free” and “democratic” as they—i.e. to likewise be ruled, yoked, bonded, owned, possessed and damned by their anti-Christ debt-monopoly-money king, emperor or “beast.” (Apo./Rev. 13:11-18)

And the demonically insanely Americans are presently on their third World War to make all this happen, to enslave the entire Gentile globe under their “central” foreign “jewish” emperor-king. And they say this latest World War of theirs, demonically based upon their mass-murderers, terrors, lies and slanders of 9/11/2001, will go on forever and ever. And that’s modern “jewish”- or anti-Christ Amerikan history for you! (See 9-11 Truths & Realities Verses 9-11 Lies, Slanders & Appearances.)

So you can’t convince me it doesn’t matter what kind or species of money a people, nation or evil empire use. (Apo./Rev. 13:1-10)

The Americans are clearly collectively incapable of seeing through the lies, tricks and pretensions of the “jews” who rule them, and who dictate and control their very “jewish” thoughts, minds and souls. The Americans are demonically possessed by those very “jewish” falsehoods, lies and slanders. (See e.g. their “9/11/2001”—which is their Satanic “jewish” pretext, pretension, slander and pseudo-justification for their pre-planned and never-ending World War III.) And so America’s national stupidity and demonic “jewish” possession remains a standing menace and a permanent threat to the life, freedom and prosperity of God’s entire globe!

It would be bad enough if the Americans had only damned themselves in their national isolation. But that “legislative,” congressional and presidential self-damnation was merely step one in this endless American nightmare. For these self-damned Yankees ceaselessly crave, violently conspire and mass-murderously strive to imperiously damn everyone else on the planet along with themselves—to live and die under the alleged “freedom,” “liberty” and “democracy” of their anti-Christ “jewish”-Amerikan emperor—(whom these violently insane or demonically possessed American morons don’t even know exists, and who reigns supreme or sovereign over them)—and his “beastly” monopoly debt-money.

And so it’s not enough for the Americans that they have damned themselves, both politically and monetarily. But they obviously very, very much desire to damn everyone else on earth as well! And they call it salvation, world “liberation,” world “democratization,” etc.

And so we have the demonic world damnation of Roman Catholicism and Mohammedanism under a new disguise—this anti-Christ or “jewish”-Amerikan “liberation” and “democratization.” “Tend your own garden” or “Look to your own salvation” means nothing to these pompous people. For they violently and demonically insist upon “saving” us all. And so only an idiot, retard or religious fool doesn’t know and can’t see that this is demonic damnation disguised (as you-know-what).

And again, aside from this American stupidity, idiocy, arrogance, and murderousness, all this global or Super-Nazi “jewish” evil stems from the “jewish” money, which buys the American Television, the radio, the congress/parliament and the presidency. And so it’s no wonder nor mystery that this bloody, imperial anti-Christ Amerikan queen-empress is called a whore, the great whore of Babylon, “the mother of harlots and [political, “democratic,” “jewish”-Amerikan–Ed.] abominations of the earth.” (Apo./Rev. 17:1 to 19:3)

I’ve repeatedly told the Americans that they should take their “public offices” off the “jewish” auction blocks; take God’s broadcast airwaves from the “jews” and their US congress; politically “represent” or decide for themselves; and create and use their very own honest (debt-free, ample and stable token) money. But they’ve repeatedly refused to hear and to heed me. And so I can’t save them from the “jewish” Hell which they thus insist upon heaping upon themselves and their children—and the entire Gentile world besides!—which will therefore, as before, need to defend and save themselves from the Amerikans, their “freedom,” their “democracy,” their invisible “jewish” “beast” or emperor and his “beastly” debt-monopoly-money.

*  *  *  *  *

And so it’s infinitely better to have or employ no parliament, no congress, no president nor pharaoh at all, than to suffer under such traitorous “jewish” monstrosities as have destroyed America since 1913—and most of the Gentile world besides!

And so the point and Historical lesson is: Don’t ever let the “jews” do that to you and yours again. Don’t ever fall for that “golden-paper” trick again!—not to mention any mere paper-money lent to “we the people” as if it too was “good as gold.” (See above.)

The Gentile Americans were destroyed by the “jews” for lack of knowledge—monetary, economic and political knowledge. (Hosea 4:6) And so you can’t convince me that (monetary, economic and political) ignorance is bliss. Just look at the Americans. Do they seem happy to you? And just look at their countless imperialist murder and mass-murder victims! (See e.g. Allied Terror-Bombing During World War II.)

(And these demonic wolf-men and -women take very careful, vile, violent and a most censorious precaution that their Gentile prey never hear or see anything at all but what they  themselves (the “jews”) tell them and what they themselves show them—via their “jew” TV, their radio, their jewspapers, their “public schools,” etc. For otherwise their Gentile prey might see and hear the Truth. Do you see? And do you hear?)

And the “jews” believe (and secretly tell each other) that if the Gentiles are so stupid, so clueless, so foolish, so gullible and so trusting as to actually believe their “jewish” lies and slanders, and to be so completely fooled by their “jewish” tricks and traps, than the Gentiles therefore deserve to be so deceived, tricked, fooled, thieved, robbed and destroyed by the “jews,” and that God must therefore be on their racial side in somehow secretly helping the “jews” thus deceive, fool, trick and trap, thieve, rob, dispossess and enslave the Gentiles—as if they truly were the two-legged animals, the human livestock, the “cattle” or the “goyim” which these wolfish “jews” hatefully call them. (See e.g. their Satanic Bible called “Talmud.”)

“Jewism”: It’s a Satanic religion of racial predation upon all humanity. (John 8:44)

And methinks humanity ought to defend themselves!

And the very first defense is the Truth, and hence the freedom to speak, hear, write, read or broadcast It, which is therefore a “crime” in all “jewish” states.

And don’t look to the Jew N. for your global salvation from anything or anyone, such as the anti-Christ or “jewish”-Amerikans, their imperial “democracy” and their evil “beastly” debt-money. For the Jew N., their “World Bank” and their “International Monetary Fund” etc., are also Satanic “jewish” creations! These are all the evil tools of this “beastly,” imperial or Super-Nazi “sinagog of Satan” and their Satanic “jewish” debt-money. (Apo./Rev. 2:9 & 3:9)

And so it is not only the Americans who have been fooled, bought and damned by the Satanic “jews” and their Satanic debt-, theft- and trap-money.

*  *  *  *  *

And don’t be fooled by the brand-new Euro (of Europe’s “central” bankster “jews”). For it is merely a poor-cousin variation of this old “jewish” “paper-gold” trick, theft and fraud—of their false paper-promises to pay gold “on demand.”

For these “euros” do not even make this golden promise. They do not even promise or pretend to pay any gold whatsoever “to the bearer on demand.” They do not “redeem” their “paper-gold” into real and true gold. They never “convert” their allegedly golden Euro into gold. So what’s that all about?

They merely profess, say or claim that their Euro is “good as gold,” and is “backed by gold,” and expect us Gentiles to believe it.

But we know, better, don’t we?

And exactly how far has the value or “purchasing power” of this “Euro” fallen since its enthronement or inauguration?

The following is from the French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies,


1 euro of year                          is equal in 2008 euros to

2008                                        1.000

2007                                        1.028

2006                                        1.043

2005                                        1.060

2004                                        1.080

2003                                        1.103

2002                                        1.126


For from here we can most clearly see what is clearly not as “good as gold”—this brand-new “Euro.”

Note well how it took 1.126 2008 euros to equal (the purchasing power of) 1 2002 euro.

In other words, a 2008 Euro could buy only .874 of what a 2002 Euro could buy.

If we use the American cent or percent scale, the 2008 Euro was worth less than 88% or 88¢ of the 2002 Euro. That’s a loss of 12%, 12¢ or 1/8 of its value in only 6 years!

And note the gradual, incremental, year-by-year erosion of the Euro ’s value or “purchasing power.” There’s wasn’t a year when it didn’t lose value. Every year it’s worth less and less. There was a 2.8¢ loss from 07 to 08; a 1.5¢ loss from 06 to 07; a 1.7¢ loss from 05 to 06; a 2¢ loss from 04 to 05; a 2.3¢ loss from 05 to 04; and another 2.3¢ loss from 02 to 03.

Do you see a pattern here? The “Euro ” is losing about 2¢ or 2% of its original value every year: 98, 96, 94, 92, etc. etc. etc. And so at this rate will have lost half of its value in 25 years, and in 50, its entire value. But I’ll bet you it won’t take nearly that long for the “Euro” to completely lose itself, i.e. for the “jews” to completely cheat the Europeans out of 100% of “their” money’s value.

For like the American “dollar,” the “Euro” is a debt-money, but not yet a monopoly debt-money.

And so what kind of a future is that? What kind or species a money is that? And what kind of a future can be had based upon a money like that? It’s a “jewish” future based upon a “jewish” money!

Simply recognize money as the very foundation of any state or kingdom. Evil money, evil kingdom; Good money, good kingdom. So get a monetary/economic clue, create yourselves an honest money, use it, and thereby provide a free and prosperous future for yourselves, your children and their children.

And so, like the American “dollar,” what you don’t want to do is to save Euros. For they are both “jewish” debt-monies. They are secretly lent into existence by evil “jewish” “central” banksters to their evil European agents, “representatives,” parliaments, presidents and prime ministers.

And so we see once again how this “central” “jewish” debt-money shrinks in your hands. The longer you hold it, the more you lose. It’s value or “purchasing power” is annually stolen by an increase or “inflation” of the total money supply, and hence a reduction of the value of each monetary unit—whether “Euro” or “dollar.” Neither is stable. Neither is a standard of value. And therefore neither is a true money.

I wonder how the 2009 Euro compares to the 2002—or how much value was lost during 2009. What do you think? I’ll bet you it’s more than 2¢ or 2%.

(And see On the Brand-new “Euro”, available for free from you-know-whom and where.)

*  *  *  *  *

So forget American dollars, and European Euros, and create yourselves a money worth saving, keeping, coining and using. Make yourself an honest, ample, stable, debt-free money. And it will cost you nothing more than the cost of coining cheap metal tokens, and of spending, distributing or simply giving them away to yourself, your loved ones and your fellow citizens.

For such is token money. It’s not intrinsically worth anything at all. (Hence the term “token.”) But methinks an honest (and hence stable) token money is worth its weight in silver coinage—for just as long as it remains so.

*  *  *  *  *

And What is “Commercial Banking”?

“Finance is a gun. Politics is knowing when to pull the trigger.”—(the Godfather III)

(OK, so what is “finance”?)

*  *  *

Deceitful Semantics

Who but a public enemy or an enemy of the people could possibly be against “commercial banking”?

For commerce is trade, and trade is good, right?

We all buy and sell things—if only our labor. And it is precisely by this trade or commerce that we all prosper, right?

So who could possibly be against “commerce,” trade, and the buying and selling of things? Who but an enemy of our prosperity could possibly be against “commercial banking”?

And yet the monetary/economic truth is the exact opposite—of what this terminology would mislead us to believe and expect.

*  *  *  *  *

As with so many other things, and especially dark, deceitful or fraudulent things, “commercial banking” is not what it seems to be, nor presents itself to be. For its name is a mask, a lie, a deceit.

First or all, although commerce is the first half of “commercial banking,” commerce or trade is not at all the same as “commercial banking.” On the contrary, the latter is the enemy and destroyer of the former.

Secondly, what is “banking”? As we saw above, “banking” is a euphemism for usury, which is lending money for profit, or demanding more money back than what was lent. And this “more” or this “profit” is called usury or “interest.”

“Commercial banking” or usury, as practiced in America since 1933, is complete fraud and theft. For nothing is truly lent. And yet the entire “principal” plus “interest” is demanded in exchange for this nothing. And that’s deception, fraud and theft.

And so “commercial banking” needs a new name, and a true name.

For it is the bastard brother of “central banking”—or rather of “central” banksters—since neither created themselves, but are both malevolent creations of “jews.”

In fact, “commercial” banksterism historically (and necessarily) preceded “central” banksterism. For the Gentiles would never have accepted the latter before the former. But they should never have accepted either, as we shall continue to see.

*  *  *  *  *

And so both “central” and “commercial” banksters, along their political “representatives,” always attempt to deceive us Gentiles via their very deceitful language. They don’t call things what they are. They call or name things what they’re not. Their very language is intended to deceive us. (See e.g. their “public option” or “single payer [health insurance] system” below.)

Such is the language of deceitful “jews,” thieves, frauds, tricksters, “con men,” lawyers, politicians, robbers and extortionists. And so of course their speech, terminology and language is as deceitful as they are, and is malevolently intended to trick and confuse us.

It is the verbal or literal counterpart of the cheating trickster with three thimbles or shells (and two hands) concealing a pea, or the NYC street-cheat “playing” “three card Monty” on unsuspecting tourists.

So let’s see if we can see where, how and why they hide the monetary Truth from our eyes!

*  *  *  *  *

(His is not a game of chance, but rather a “shell game.” And his hands are indeed quicker than your eye. Just watch all your money disappear, and hopefully all your foolish trust or credit as well.)

*  *  *

Shell Game: 1. a swindling game in which spectators are challenged to bet on the location of a small object ostensibly [but not really–Ed.] concealed under one of three cups or nutshells manipulated by a sleight-of-hand operator; thimblerig; 2. any game or scheme in which the customers are victimized

*  *  *  *  *

(Cover from The Week of April 30, 2010)

*  *  *  *  *

And therefore both “central” and “commercial” “banking” or banksterism are “shell games” victimizing their customers—not to mention the “investment” banksters.

And whether we want it or not and like it or not, Gentiles are the victimized customers of these “central” and “commercial” banksters—thanks to their “jewish” “democracy,” their “representational government” and their “legislation.”

For we are all tyrannically forced to use their “central” monopoly debt-money. For it is a “crime” to refuse or not to use this “central” and monopolistic “legal tender” of theirs “FOR ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE”!

And even if we wisely refuse to borrow from “commercial banksters, we must all still suffer from their ever recurrent or “cyclical” “busts” of our Gentile economies, and hence our entire nations.

You’d think that periodically and “cyclically” getting busted by “jewish” banksterism would eventually get to be “wearing thin,” like that old Grateful Dead song. But this bankster BS just keeps on rolling along.

*  *  *  *  *

But to get back to language: What is “finance” or “financing”?

As in the ads that say, “Buy now or enroll now: Financing is available,” financing is money-lending at “interest,” aka usury. The borrower/debtor pays for using the lender/creditor’s money. The borrower/debtor must pay back the entire loan (called “principal”) in full, plus all the contracted annual usury (called “interest”)—which is an annual percentage of the entire loan or “principal.”

And so “finance” or “financing” is money-lending or usury. It is also concealed and euphemized as “banking.”

And so a “financier” or a “banker” is a usurer. He is a money-lender for profit or for “interest.” His “interest’ is his profit. His profit is his “interest.” He is very interested in profit.

And believe it or not, some “bankers” or “financiers” lend nothing at all. Some “financiers” or “bankers” merely pretend to lend—and yet (in whatever “jewish” states wherein such practices are not criminal) they “legally” demand (and receive) all the “principal” they pretend to lend, plus “interest” on that phony loan or “principal.”

And these usurious frauds, thieves and extortionists call themselves “commercial bankers.” But I call them “commercial” banksters—because it rhymes with gangsters.

For they are gangsters indeed, along with all the “public servants” who “legalize” and “permit” their usurious “racket,” and hence protect them from all their “anti-racketeering” laws, which they never apply against themselves nor against these banksters, and hence only against their common victims.

*  *  *

So what is the “Banking committee” of the United States’ Senate and the “Financial Services committee” of United States’ House of Representatives?

As with the US Congress itself, the primary aim and purpose of these Satanic, “jewish,” anti-Gentile and anti-American committees of Congress is to continue to authorize, preserve, protect and further both “central” and “commercial” money-lending, usury or “banking”—which are nothing but “jewish”-money frauds, deceits, tricks, thefts, robberies and extortions.

*  *  *

And what is the “Financial Services Industry”?

Note how their name (“industry”) suggests that they make things, produce things, contribute things to our economy and to our collective wealth like some benevolent factory. But nothing could be further from the truth. And that of course is precisely why these bankster thieves tell this particular lie. They don’t give, they take. They never give, they always take. That’s their “business”—taking, stealing, extorting and robbing.

And this “Financial Services Industry” may also be implying that all industry or factory production would grind to a screeching halt without them and their “central” or “commercial” debt-money. And this too is a big lie. It is true only in so far as they and their God-damned United States’ Congress and presidents make it a “crime” for us to use any other money but theirs. And they simply, mysteriously, deliberately and malevolently withdraw their debt-money from circulation, like they did to create their “great depression” of the 1930s. (See above.)

But secretly draining the oil out of a machine, factory or entire industry is not the same as being productive—but is, on the contrary, preventing that very production. And squeezing the breath out of a state or nation’s throat is not the same as creating oxygen and simply letting people breathe. And this is what I’m teaching and telling you all to do—to create your very own monetary oil and oxygen. For just look what happens to you and yours without it! It’s not a pretty sight! In fact it’s downright “depressing”!—for me and for you!

Yes, money is necessary. Yes, without money any state, market-place or “economy” would strangle, stagnate or stifle. For again money is to an economy what oil is to a machine (or an “industry”).

But what kind or species of money are we talking about?

Honest or dishonest? Gentile or “jewish”? Debt-free money or debt-money—(i.e. “central” monopoly debt-money and “commercial” “credit”)?

There’s the most major and fundamental fork in the road. One road leads upward into local, tribal, racial, national and public prosperity. And the other leads downward into unplayable “public debt” and national enslavement.

So do you know the one road (and money) from the other? You should by now.

These “jewish” bankster thieves and their evil gov’t servants, agents and “representatives” (congressmen, presidents, prime ministers, etc.) outlaw, criminalize and persecute honest money out of existence; “legislatively,” tyrannically or “democratically” force everyone to use only their debt-money (such as the US “dollar”); and thus pretend to be the very cogs of industry, and boldly but falsely proclaim that we the Gentile people and our economy could not possible survive without them and their money. But this is like blood-suckers or vampires publicly proclaiming that their weak and pale victims couldn’t possibly live without them. And so once again the truth is the exact opposite of what they say. But what can we realistically expect from such creatures of Darkness? The Truth? The Truth about all the countless “jewish” evils they ceaselessly do to us Gentiles? Never.

And so this “Financial Services Industry” is a blood-sucking club of usurious, fraudulent, thieving and extortionate “jews.”

*  *  *  *  *

Is it possible for anyone to be an honest money-lender, usurer or “banker”?

Yes, so long as the money is honest (i.e. debt-free, ample, stable), and therefore not loaned into existence like “central” bankster debt-money and “commercial” bankster “credit” debt-“money.” And so long as the usury or “interest” rate is not excessive.

(See e.g. George Bailey of Bedford Falls and the Bailey Building and Loan.)

And exactly how much “interest” is too much “interest”?

You tell me. You be the judge.

(And see Shall There be Usury in Your County?: The Pros and Cons of Usury.)

*  *  *  *  *

What is “Fractional Reserve Banking”?

As mentioned above, “banking” is usury.

And as mentioned above, there were once gold and silver coins in general circulation within (and among) Gentile states.

And the “jews” sought to steal these coins by trading their paper-promises (to pay gold or silver coin) for them, and by lending their paper-promises for them. This was their “paper-gold” which claimed to be “good as gold.” But it was not. It was merely a “jewish” means to steal Gentile gold and silver.

The “jews” would lend out several times more of their fraudulent paper-promises to pay gold than they had gold to pay. And so their usurious profit was pure gold, and often even their pure-paper “principal”—which of course would be long spent by the poor and cheated Gentile borrower or debtor. And so the “jewish” bankster could refuse (as untrustworthy) any and all “paper-gold” but his own, for this “interest” and “principal” “repayment,” and thereby “profit,” steal, extort or rob pure gold (and silver) for his worthless paper. Do you see?

But the bankster “jew” would always need to keep some gold or silver coins on hand to “redeem” his “paper-gold.” For if word got out that he had no gold to “redeem” or “convert” his “paper-gold” into gold, or if he simply refused to do so, then the Gentiles would no longer trust him, and there would be a “run” to his bank by his Gentile victims to demand to exchange his “paper-gold” for the real and true gold which they solemnly promised, upon their paper-faces, to “pay to the bearer on demand.”

And so this “jewish” gold thief, usurer or bankster always needed to keep enough real money (gold or silver coin) on hand to “convert” or “redeem” his fraudulent paper-promises by any holders or “bearers” of his paper-money who came into his “bank” and so demanded it. And he called this real money his “fractional reserve.” This was his “fraction” of real and true money upon which the “jew” would “base” his multiple (and hence fraudulent) “golden” paper-promises upon. And his fraudulent ratio of “paper gold” to actual gold would be up to ten times or more. In other words, the “jew” would print, sign or authorize, and lend out up to ten times or more of his “paper-gold” promises (to “pay gold to the [holder or] bearer on demand”) than he had actual gold to pay to those holders or bearers of his paper-promises.

And so the “jew” would print and lent out up to ten times or more “paper-gold dollars” for ever dollar’s worth of gold or silver coin that he actually had, owned or possessed. And so the more gold he thereby stole from his clueless Gentile borrowers/debtors, the more “paper-gold” he could safely “base” and further lend upon it. And the more his ill-gotten gold hoard grew, the more of a “fraction” or “fractional reserve” he thus possessed to “base” his fraudulent multiple of false paper-promises upon. Do you see how this “gold bug” “prospered” in his golden theft?

Think of an inverted or upside-down pyramid—a pyramid “based” or standing upon its pointed head: The larger its golden top-stone or capstone—(representing this “fraction” of real money, this “fractional reserve base”)—the larger the fraudulent paper-money pyramid multiply “based” upon this golden capstone. Do you see?

And so this was the “jewish” essence, practice and origin of what they call their “fractional reserve banking.” And they, being evil, never call the evil things they do what they really and truly are. And so this is therefore left to a Gentile, or else to a good (or so-called “self-hating”) “jew”—whom and which I have never heard? Have you?

*  *  *  *  *

And so “fractional reserve banking” is both fraudulent “jewish” money-creation (or counterfeiture) and fraudulent “jewish” money-lending (or usury). Can you see that?

The money-lending or usury is hidden in the “jewish” word “banking.” (From the benches or “banco”s upon which the “jews” of Venice would lend money to the Gentiles.)

And this usury is fraudulent because what is lent is not real money, but false money, false “jewish” paper-promises to pay real golden money “on demand.” And there’s the fraudulent “jewish” money creation, aka counterfeiture.

And this “jewish” “paper-gold” counterfeiture is multiply “based” upon a mere “fraction” of real and true money (gold and silver coin).

And this false “jewish” money multiplication is hidden in the deceitful “jewish” phrase, “fractional reserve.” And its fraudulent “jewish” lending or usury is hidden in the deceitful “jewish” phrase, “fractional reserve banking.”

And so we see that Evil never calls Itself what It truly is, nor truly says what It truly does.

And so the very people whom Jesus-God called the “sons of their father the Devil,” call themselves “God’s chosen people.” (John 8:44)

So whom should we believe: God or these Satanic “jews”? Just think about that: The very people who tortured, crucified and murdered God, and whom God Himself describes as the demonic spawn of His eternal Enemy, Satan the Devil, have always blasphemously claimed and demonically pretended to be the most Godly, most Godlike and most God beloved people who ever existed, But these are of course merely lies of these Satanic children of their Father of lies.

And have you heard the ones they tell about their racial victims, the Germans? (They’re a real gas!) (Learn about all their “holocaustic” and genocidal Allied Terror-Bombing During World War II.)

*  *  *  *  *

“Commercial Banking” Historically Preceded “Central Banking”

Again, as explained above, there is money and there is “credit.”

And when money was specie (gold and silver coin), paper-money was “credit.

And when, in 1933, by US Congressional and presidential decree, paper-money became “money”—or “money” became mere paper-money—“credit” became literally nothing—nothing but numbers written in bank-ledger books, and later numbers typed into bank computer screens and hard-drives. (So go figure.)

And so when money was gold and silver coin (“specie”), “commercial” banks printed and lent paper-money.

It was fraudulently claimed to be “good as gold” and “remediable” or “convertible” into gold (or silver) coin “on demand of the bearer” or holder. But it wasn’t, because the “commercial” banksters printed (i.e. counterfeited) and lent out several times more of this fraudulent “paper-gold” than they had gold. But then that was their entire “jewish” point and purpose: To steal Gentile gold; to thus stealthily exchange their false, fraudulent and counterfeited “paper-gold” for real and true Gentile gold.

And this former “paper-gold” counterfeiture and usury was similarly called “commercial banking.”

And so the “jewish” fraud and theft remains the same; only the “fractional backing” has changed. For what was once gold or silver coin is now merely “central” bankster paper, i.e. debt-paper monopoly-money.

*  *  *  *  *

And here’s the historical proof: From Liberty and Power: The Politics of Jacksonian America, by Harry L Watson, 1990, p. 35-37:


Even more than improved transportation facilities [roads, canals, ports, etc.–Ed.] , money and credit were the driving forces behind the transformation of the American economy. [p. 138]

[“Money and credit,” huh? So what’s the difference then?–Ed.]

Money in the antebellum United States [of the early 1800s, before Lincoln’s “civil” war against the sovereign southern states–Ed.] consisted of paper currency and specie, or gold and silver coins. Issued [i.e. stamped and coined–Ed.] by the federal government and foreign nations, specie was valued for certain transactions [like international “trade imbalances,” “deficits” and “surpluses”–Ed.] but was also scarce and cumbersome to use. Most daily transactions were conducted with paper money [or “paper currency”–Ed.], which was issued not by the government but by the commercial banks.

[“Issued” here means printed and lent into circulation.–Ed.]

…. The [“commercial”–Ed.] banks made their loans by issuing their own notes [i.e. their golden IOUs or “paper-golds”–Ed.], which were paper certificates supposedly convertible [in]to specie on demand and which therefore passed [or circulated–Ed.] as money. The borrower spent his notes for goods and services, and the notes began to circulate in the community.

There was no specific [legal–Ed.] limit to the volume of loans that a [“commercial”–Ed.] bank could make, and it was expected that banks would lend out far more than they could ever redeem in specie at any one time. [This is the “fractional reserve system”—or  rather the multiple fraud, theft and counterfeiting system of “jewish” usury or “banking.”–Ed.] As long as the ratio between the specie in the bank’s vaults and the volume of its notes in circulation did not become excessive [like e.g. 1 to 12, or 1 to 15, or even more–Ed.], the banks was usually sound, but the temptation to lend extensively and to profit from the resulting interest [and “principal” repayment in gold–Ed.] sometimes led bankers into perilous waters.[?]

[No, it was these “commercial” banksters who thus mislead the public, their state or locality, and their entire economy into “perilous waters,” where these “credit” money sharks were thus poised and waiting to devour them whole—via their abrupt, deliberate and severe “credit” “contractions” leading straight towards sudden money scarcity or “deflation” (and hence price reductions) and general “depression.”–Ed.]

When too many [“commercial” or “business”–Ed.] loans were made and [hence–Ed.] too many [“paper-gold” or “credit”–Ed.] notes were issued, business temporarily boomed under the generous [?] supply of money and prices tended to rise [via the “economic law of [money] supply and demand”–Ed.]. Inflation [an increased or excessive amount of money in circulation–Ed.] could be followed by severe deflation [a decreased or insufficient amount of money in circulation–Ed.], however, and then the economy settled into depression.

[And there’s your “business cycle,” your “boom” and “bust.”

And precisely why and howcould” deflation” “follow” “inflation”?—or “depressions” follow “booms.” This the author dies not ask, much less answer.

They’re deliberately caused by these “commercial” banksters and their “credit” or “credit money.” And therefore these are “credit cycles” of “credit booms” and “credit busts”—aka “credit expansions” and “credit contractions” or “crunches.” (See the Monetary/Economic Problem for much more on these deliberate, malevolent and predatory “jewish” “business cycles.”)–Ed.]

The greatest fault of the paper money system was this tendency to instability.

[I.E. to “credit boom” and “credit bust” the market-place or “economy.” Not to mention these “commercial” bankster thieves, frauds and counterfeiters thus exchanging their false values for real ones, and their mere paper-promises for gold and silver coins.–Ed.]

…. Matters became worse in a panic, when note-holders lost all confidence that the banks could redeem their notes and converged on banks to demand specie. [See “bank runs.” This is the “bust” “phase” of the recurrent “credit cycle.”–Ed.] When that happened, even the soundest banks quickly exhausted their reserves of [gold or silver–Ed.] coin and “suspended specie payments.” In other words, they simply refused to pay specie in exchange for their notes. [I.E. all their paper-promises to pay specie to their holders, owners or bearers on demand. So much for their promises.–Ed.].

While the banks refused to honor their obligations, they were very strict on those who owed them money, because the banks’ own creditors were being stringent. [(?) And hence not at all because these “commercial” “bankers” simply wanted, as always, to exchange their golden promises or “paper-gold” for gold?—to fraudulently and extortionately exchange their false “paper-gold” for the real and true gold of the Gentile suckers who trusted them and their “credit” “money”?–Ed.] With the commodity prices depressed [reduced or “deflated,” via the economic “law of [reduced money] supply and demand”–Ed.], however, debtors had little means of repaying their loans and frequently lost their property to the banks [who seized and sold it as repayment for these alleged debts–Ed.]. Many borrowers therefore suspected that the panics were simply cooked up by that banks as pretexts to seize the farms and shops of honest [but indebted (if not cheated, thieved and robbed)–Ed.] citizens. Some bankers were indeed dishonest, but personal immorality was not al the root of the problem.

[Nonsense! All “commercial” usurers, “bankers” or “credit” “money”-creators, printers and lenders were and are dishonest and immoral! For it is all “commercial” fraud, theft, counterfeiture, extortion and/or robbery!

Did we not just read what happened—or rather what these “commercial” “bankers” did—to all their alleged “debtors” who could not possibly “replace” the paper-money of these “commercial” counterfeiters, usurers, thieves and robbers with gold or silver coins?

For surely these golden “debtors” had long spend all the “paper-golds” that their particular “commercial” banksters had lend them. And all these banksters were not legally obliged to accept the “paper-gold” of any other “commercial” bankster—knowing all-too-well what these “paper-golds” were truly worth—about 10% (or even less) of what their thieving paper-faces claimed they were worth!

And although its name has not been changed, “commercial” banksterism is even far worse today. For today’s counterfeited “credit” “money” is not even paper. And it promises absolutely nothing at all—much less any gold or silver. In fact, today’s “commercial “credit” or “credit money” has no real existence whatsoever! (How’s that for fraud?) And its “fractional backing” or “base” is merely worthless paper-money—“central” monopoly debt-paper-money.–Ed.]

The alternating rhythm of boom and bust was an inevitable feature of the early capitalist economy, but the nature of the business cycle was not widely understood and there was widespread confusion about the remedy for the recurring pattern of monetary instability.

One possible source of relief was the Bank of the United States, chartered by Congress in 1816 for a twenty-year period. [p. 35-37]

*  *  *  *  *

(Believe that one, and the author (Watson) will tell you another.

And Andy Jackson didn’t believe it either.)

*  *  *

And so we should all give up trying to understand, throw up our hands in collective despair, and collectively surrender our lives, our children, our properties, futures, “economies” and countries to “central” banksters as a “possible source of relief” from this unfathomed, most mysterious and publicly unexplained “alternating rhythm of boom and bust”?

Because the trickster/bankster’s “hand is quicker than our eyes,” and because we can’t see exactly how he is cheating us, therefore we should all trust him with absolute monetary/economic power over us as a “possible source of relief”?

I don’t think so. What do you think?

I think we should keep trying to understand the monetary, economic and bankster problem. And I think we should introduce honest money and honest usury into our respective countries. What do you think?

*  *  *  *  *

I’ve heard that, “The wise man has the power to reason away what seems to be.”

So let’s see if this be so, and where can we find this “wise man”?

And if we can, will he accept our highest public office(s)? And will he take our public check or money-order for his monetary, political, economic and/or “financial services”?

*  *  *  *  *

Let me then throw my top-hat or coon-skin cap into the ring: (Me & Andy had to chase that critter and half a mile for it. And he still refused to sell it to me! Dang!)

Anyway, I think (and hence say) that this “alternating rhythm of boom and bust was an inevitable feature of” “commercial” “credit” creation, counterfeiture and usury. It’s like a malevolent accordion of “credit” “inflation” (“credit boom”) and “credit” “deflation (“credit bust”).

But if this “alternating rhythm of boom and bust” truly was “an inevitable feature of the early capitalist economy,” then therein is the definition of “capitalism.” It is “jewish capitalism,” “based” upon fraudulent “jewish” “credit” creation (counterfeiture) and usury (lending).

And so exactly how is our latter-day “capitalist economy” any less “boom and bust,” “jewish,” fraudulent, deceitful, predatory, etc.?

“…but the nature of the [boom and bust] business cycle was not widely understood and there was widespread confusion about the remedy for the recurring pattern of monetary instability.”

Nor is this “boom and bust” “business cycle” very widely understood today, or we wouldn’t all be presently suffering under this latest, most recent and current “credit crunch,” “bust” and “recession,” now would we?

Because if it was popularly understood, then there would be no “credit,” but only money—and not this private “central” monopoly debt-money, but honest, ample and stable debt-free public money.

But yes, of course: The monetary/economic/“capitalist” problem must first be understood, before a solution or “remedy” (if any) can possibly be seen, conceived, publicly proposed and implemented.

So what was (and remains) the basic monetary/economic/“capitalist” problem?

It is not this “alternating rhythm of boom and bust,” this “recurring pattern of monetary instability,” and this general lack of understanding of “the nature of [this] business cycle”?

And so what is the cause of this “recurring pattern of monetary instability”? Or of what does this “monetary instability” consist? Or what are these “cyclical” “booms” (and hence busts) made of?

Is it not this “commercial” “credit”?—the presence and the sudden (“busting”) absence of this “credit”?

“The greatest fault of the paper money system was this tendency to instability.”

And this “paper money system” was the “credit system” of the “commercial banks,” right?

I mean the money was gold and silver coin, and hence this “paper money” was therefore not money but “credit” or counterfeit money, created and lent into existence and circulation by these “commercial” bankers.

And so the “substance” of these recurrent “booms” was this “paper money” “credit.” These were “credit [paper money] booms” and “credit [paper money] busts,” right?

And so this “credit” is both the money “inflation” (increase) and the money “deflation” (decrease). It is this “cyclical” money “boom” and “bust.”

And so there’s the author’s “credit” or “paper money… instability.” The amount or volume of this “paper money” “credit” was being manipulated by “commercial” bankers, and hence the “economy” was being “cyclically” played (opened and closed, “boomed and busted”) like an accordion. And so therefore was the prices of all things for sale, and not merely “commodity prices.”

And, by the economic “law of [money] supply and demand,” “inflated” (or “boom”) money is depreciated money. And “deflated” (or “bust”) money is appreciated money.

(“Demand” means a need, a request or an order—as when you “order” something in a restaurant or from a catalog.)

It’s one thing to watch prices rise and fall, and hence to “speculate” upon them. And it’s quite another thing to thus force, compel or make prices rise or fall, by usuriously, counterfeitingly or “commercially” manipulating the amount or volume of “credit” or money in the economy. (Do you see?)

And so therefore the monetary/economic/“capitalist” problem was “credit”—aka “commercial banking,” usury, “paper-money” counterfeiture and lending. And therefore the monetary/economic/“capitalist” solution was (and is) the end of all “credit” and “commercial banking.”

Can you see that? Does that make cents to you?

*  *  *  *  *

(“But what then shall we all use for money if you will thus do away with credit?”)

What else but money? And what else but honest money?

Money is money. But credit is usurious counterfeiture multiply “based” upon a “fraction” of money, and fraudulently and thievingly used to exchange or trade for money.

In the old days, before the “jews” thus stole all the gold, it was (“commercial” bankster) paper-money in thieving exchange for money (gold and silver coin). And nowadays it’s (“commercial” bankster) “credit” in thieving exchange for paper-money—which is an abominable “jewish” “central” monopoly debt-paper-money!

What they did and still to this say do to us (and get away with) simply because we Gentiles don’t understand the “jews” and their “money”! And if we ever did there’d be a Gentile “revolution before morning”! But we still don’t, and so the “jews” still keep on laughing all the way to their banks.

*  *  *  *  *

Again, “the nature of the business cycle was not widely understood and there was widespread confusion about the remedy for the recurring pattern of monetary instability.”

So how has that changed, then? It hasn’t, right?

And why not? Why else but because all your politicians, your “economists,” your “economics’ professors” and your “central” and “commercial” “bankers” are all your public enemies? They never have and never will present you and yours with the monetary/economic/“capitalist” solution (of honest public money), simply because they are the monetary/economic/“capitalist” problem! Can you see that simple truth?

Your leaders are misleaders. Your “democratic” “representatives” are forcibly, violently, “legislatively” and tyrannically misleading you into “central” monopoly “jewish” debt-money, and hence unpayable “national” or “public debt,” and hence ultimately into “jewish”-Marxist, “communist” totalitarianism and tyranny. (See below.)

*  *  *  *  *

The Endless “Cyclical” “Booms” and Busts” of “Commercial” Bankster “Credit” “Money”: The Amerikan History of Jewish-Money from “Paper-Gold” to Completely Fictional and Immaterial “Credit”

We’ve all recently heard of this world-wide US “real estate bubble,” right?

And a few short years before, there was that “ bubble,” right?

So what does this mean?—this “bubble”? And “bubble” of what, exactly? Of what do these “bubbles” consist? What are they made of, if anything? And who’s blowing them?

*  *  *  *  *

Note well how none of your alleged “experts,” “economists,” “representatives,” politicians, presidents nor prime ministers ever answer these questions, nor even attempt to. In fact, they never even publicly acknowledge these questions, much less ask them.

So why is that? It is because these questions are stupid, pointless, vain, unworthy, unimportant and a waste of time? Or because they’re absolutely not? Is it because they lead us towards the monetary/economic truth, and truth leads us toward monetary/economic solutions, and monetary/economic solutions are not at all what these alleged “public servants” are all about?—but rather the very opposite?—the official public perpetration, infliction and mystification of all these monetary/economic problems (without apparent solutions)?

But there are monetary/economic solutions—which they obviously don’t want you to know about. But first the monetary/economic problems must be publicly acknowledged, addressed and understood. And hence such questions must be publicly asked and correctly answered. But by whom? Certainly not by anyone on your television sets nor in your “public offices.”

*  *  *  *  *

As with monetary “inflation,” think of “credit” balloons. These “bubbles” are filled with the same thing that fills “inflationary” balloons: mere air, air-money; and “credit,” “commercial credit.”

We now know where all the paper-money “centrally” comes from, and hence where it all eventually goes, returns, ends up. For such is the nature and behavior of all debt-money, and hence of a debt-money nation or “economy.” Debt-money is of course theft- and trap-money. It is completely evil, Satanic and malevolent. And as all fruit is and must be of its tree, debt-money is every bit as “jewish” as it is completely evil. (Matt. 7:15-20 & John 8:44)

And so all such “jewish” debt-money states, nations or “economies” come and go, move and stop, “boom” and “bust” or “bubble” and “pop” via the imperious whims of their “central” “jewish” debt-money masters—from whom all the money flows, and hence to whom all the money goes, and so from and to whom all people and things must come and go.

For such is the “central” money web of this anti-Christ spider. And none but “outlaws” and barterers can move without this “central” spider’s permission, or maneuver around him and his almighty monopoly debt-money.

*  *  *  *  *

The “jews” call these ever-recurrent monetary or “credit” “bubbles” of theirs “booms,” and their eventual burstings, “busts.” Taken together, the “jews” call them “business cycles.” And they cannot be separated. For they are two sides of the same fraudulent “jewish” coin; two “jewish” bookends of that same God-damned old story; monetary “inflation” and “deflation,” economic “boom” and bust, the “jewish” predatory cycle which they call their “business cycle.”

For their eternal “business” is to rob and steal from us Gentiles.

(And you desperately need to know exactly how they do this, so that you and yours can finally put a stop to it. Does that make cents?)

And the “jews” want us Gentiles to believe that these cyclically recurring “booms” and “busts” of theirs are natural and unavoidable—like the four seasons. But they are not. They are not heartless acts of nature nor of God. They are heartless acts of “jews”—evil, deliberate, malevolent and predatory acts of “jews.” They are monetary/economic crimes against humanity, “jewish” crimes against Gentile humanity. And they are avoidable via honest money and honest money-lending usury or “banking.”

The four seasons are “acts of God.” The springtime and the harvest time are “acts of God.” But “booms,” “busts, “bubbles” and “burstings” are the malevolent acts of malevolent “jews.” What they are and have been endlessly doing is deliberately increasing and then decreasing—or “inflating” and then “deflating”—their evil monopoly debt-money supply, and hence our evil debt-money economy and nation.

Imagine someone with malevolent hands permanently encircled around your neck—thereby restricting, permitting, choking or stopping you breath as he arbitrarily chooses and malovently pleases. And that’s this “central” bankster “jew” for you!

*  *  *  *  *

And so concerning these endlessly recurring “jewish” “business cycles,” their periodic and “cyclical” monetary “booms” and “busts,” “bubbles” and burstings: Their “boom” or “bubble” is their false or phony-money creation or counterfeiture, and their fraudulent usury or lending of it. And their “bust” is the sudden removal of all this “jewish” money and/or “credit” from the Gentile locale, nation or “economy.”

They call the former “inflation,” and the latter “deflation.” And this is all deliberate. It is their “jewish” “inflation” and sudden “deflation” of what passes among the clueless Gentiles for money—i.e. all this false, evil, counterfeit “jewish” money.

Again, think of a balloon. And what is inside these “inflated” balloons is little more than “jewish” gas. It is false and usurious “jew”-money, debt-money, money lent into existence and circulation.

So where does all the air or money go when this monetary/economic balloon pops, bursts or “busts”?—or rather is “busted” by its bankster creators and lenders? It clearly goes out of this “jewish” balloon, and out of the Gentile market-place or “economy.” But where? Where else but into the bank vaults or treasure chests of these very same banksters—in the form of “principal” and “interest” payments of previous borrowers/debtors.

It has been truly said that “wars are the Jews’ harvests.” And so are their “business cycles.”

*  *  *  *  *

And so in Historical review, and as mentioned above: What the “jewish” banksters used to do back in their “golden age” was to bring a hoard of their gold into an area, a region, a city-state or a county, and to create, print and lend out a multiple of their false paper-money promises supposedly “based” upon it, thereby creating a “boom,” an “inflated” false-money balloon. And so this alleged “prosperity” or “boom time” would continue until the “jews” decided to end or “bust” it by suddenly withdrawing their golden “base” of “prosperity,” and taking it away to another region to once again perpetrate the very same “cyclical business” scam.

And so almost all the alleged “prosperity” of these cyclical “booms” would of course end up in the hands of these bankster “jews,” in the form of Gentile gold, via their golden “interest” and golden “principal” “repayments,” as well as via the “jewish” bank foreclosure and confiscation of the “pledged” or “collateralized” properties of all the countless and clueless Gentiles who couldn’t possibly “repay” them, because these same bankster “jews” had made damn sure that there was little to no money left in circulation for them to repay them. Hence they were monetarily/economically “busted” by these bankster “jews.”

But the prosperity was always and only Gentile prosperity—the prosperity or productivity of Gentiles, which the “jews” kept stealing, extorting and robbing by “cyclically” and suddenly removing all their fraudulent “paper-gold” money, and then later replacing it, and then later suddenly removing their phony money, ad infinitum.

In other words, there was nothing magic about the “jewish” money. It fact it was fraudulent.

But money was (and is) absolutely necessary for commerce, productivity and hence prosperity. (See above.)

It was just that the Gentiles didn’t have enough gold or silver coins or “specie” money (for full or sufficient productivity, commerce, and hence prosperity). And they didn’t have enough sense (or cents) to create and use their own very non-specie or token money, like Abe Lincoln did, and like Ben Franklin approves and encourages below.

And so the wily “jews,” with their fraudulent “paper-gold” or “golden paper,” would thus cyclically “expand” and then “contract” the Gentile economies (productivity and prosperity) like some Satanic accordion, and hence devour them like some Satanic whale.

But again and again the productivity and prosperity was always and only Gentile. The only thing that the Gentiles were lacking was an honest money—an honest (and hence Gentile) debt-free, ample and stable token money.

Do you see?

(“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”—Hosea 4:6)

And ignorance is not necessarily prosperity.

So get a clue, why don’t you?

*  *  *  *  *

In other words, the bankster “jews” would “cyclically” entice or tempt all the Gentiles to borrow from them via relatively low usury or “interest” rates.

And so their latest economic “boom” would begin when the anti-Christ banksters would once again condescend from their Satanic money-mount to once again permit the clueless Gentiles to breathe, by granting/lending the Gentiles enough money to produce and to trade. So thanks, ye golden “jew” gods?

(But again what the Gentiles were borrowing (“jewish” “paper-gold”) had little to no real value whatsoever. But what they had to pay the “jews” in return obviously did—which was of course their entire “jewish” point and purpose, and their golden “jewish” theft.)

But then when this usurious low-“interest” hook was firmly stuck in nearly every Gentile’s “booming” mouth, the “jews” would simply reel the Gentiles in, and all their pledged properties besides, via their sudden “deflation” of their debt-money supply.

(For that’s what all their fraudulent “paper-gold” was, a debt-money lent into existence and circulation. And it is the Satanic “jewish” nature and practice of each and every debt-money to keep returning to its usurious “jewish” source via “principal” and “interest” payments. And so after the usurious “jewish” debt-money faucet was suddenly, mysteriously and unanimously shut off, the debt-money drain was of course still wide open. That never closes. And that clearly, deliberately can malevolently creates an acute money-shortage, “recession” and “bust.”)

And so after the “jewish” money “boom” came the inevitable “jewish” money “bust.”

(And so the obvious economic/monetary answer and solution is an unchanging or stable (debt-free) Gentile money which neither “booms” nor “busts,” “inflates” nor “deflates,” “expands” nor “contracts.”

Can you see that? The why can’t your “representatives”? Because they don’t “represent” you, but “jew”?)

For via their suddenly higher and higher usury or “interest” rates, the “jew” banksters would thus discourage borrowing, or else refuse to lend altogether, perhaps citing e.g. “insufficient collateral,” “surety” or Gentile property for them to seize or “foreclose” upon. And so they would thus stop lending out their “paper-gold,” and hence stop creating, counterfeiting or “inflating” it.

(End of “boom”/beginning of “bust.”)

But they of course didn’t stop demanding all their golden “interest” and “principal” “repayments” from all their clueless Gentile debtor-victims with all those usurious “jewish” hooks deeply imbedded in their bleeding mouths. For again that was the secret “jewish” point and purpose of all their fraudulent “paper-gold.”

And as the “jew”-“inflated” monetary/economic balloon or “bubble” thus bursts into this “jew”-money “deflation,” so do the prices of all things for sale. (And who or what isn’t?) And this “inflation” to “deflation” change in the supply of this fraudulent “jewish” debt-money, directly causing this abrupt “boom” to “bust” plummeting of the prices of all things for sale—(via the simple “economic law of [money] supply and demand”)—is of course the “jew” banksters’ “cyclical” “harvest”—as well as the very opposite and antithesis of monetary stability, which is the very necessary essence, heart, soul, quality and condition of any and all honest money—which we’ve obviously never going to get from the “jews” and all their “democratic” “representatives.” (And what political “representative” or “public servant” isn’t?) For honesty can only come from a honest tree.

And so the bankster “jews” thus repeatedly or “cyclically” “bust” their all-too-trusting and unsuspecting Gentile borrowers/debtors. For the scarce and “deflated” money they still allegedly owed these bankster “jews” is then worth far far more than it was before it was thus mysteriously removed, reduced, decreased, evaporated, vacuumed or sucked out of the local market-place or economy.

And again the same goes for all the local prices of things: They quickly fall from high to low. Their once “inflated” prices are suddenly and mysteriously “deflated”—but not the “prices” nor the “principals” of their “outstanding” “commercial” loans. These didn’t budge nor fall at all. And yet all was still allegedly owed, and “commercially” demanded—to be paid on time with much more valuable or “expensive” money—via the “natural law of [money] supply and demand.”

And so the local bankster “jews,” who all-too-well knew when, how and why this latest “cyclical” “bust” would come, having secretly planned, conspired and perpetrated it themselves, and having thus stolen or extorted most of the gold and silver coin out of the local economy, would then hoard or sit upon all this stolen specie in their demonic possession—or else move it out to another state or locale to therein perpetrate yet another “paper-golden” “boom” and “business cycle.”

And of course these banksters would continue to demand and collect on all their “outstanding” loans and usurious (“principal” and “interest”) debts from all their hapless and clueless Gentile borrowers/debtors. And so these bankster “jews” would thus be in a position, having deliberately and malevolently maneuvered themselves and their Gentile prey therein, to buy out, for “pennies on the dollar,” all the goldless local Gentiles desperate for cash, and to “foreclose” upon and confiscate all the pledged or “mortgaged” properties, homes, lands and businesses of all their “defaulted” Gentile debtors, who could not possibly repay all their alleged debts to these “jewish” banksters in these greatly “deflated,” scarce and hence most “expensive” or valuable “dollars.”

*  *  *

“Inflation” rewards or favors the borrower/debtor, because he pays off his debt with (more plentiful and hence) “cheaper” money. And “deflation” rewards or favors the lender/creditor, because he is paid off with much more (scarce and hence) “expensive” money. Do you see?

These “jewish” “business cycles” are all about the “cyclically” repetitive “jewish” manipulation of the supply of money or “credit”—from high to low, from “inflation” to “deflation” and from economic “boom” to “bust.” These are “jewish” crimes against the Gentiles, their properties, energies, labors and products, and against the “natural law of [money] supply and demand.” Only when the two are and remain in constant agreement and equilibrium is the money stable, and therefore honest and trustworthy. And aside from being totally dishonest, all debt-money is inherently unstable and therefore untrustworthy—as explained above via the faucet, sink and drain metaphor.

The only “cycles” that should ever be are the four seasons, and hence the naturally changing demands (and hence supplies, produce or products) that accompany them. But these repetitive “business cycles” are completely unnatural, artificial, manipulative, malevolent, predatory and “jewish.”

It is also rightly said that, “Wars [among Gentiles] are the Jews’ harvests.”

We merely need enough money for all desirable deals at full activity or productivity. We don’t need the “jews” manipulating the supply of money to steal and rob our Gentile productivity and property.

*  *  *

Such are these black spiders and their monetary web—thus “cyclically,” repeatedly and endlessly “busting” us Gentiles and stealing our properties.

You’d think we Gentiles would have “wised up” by now, understood what’s repeatedly happening to us, how, why and by whom, and hence solved this monetary/economic problem long ago—this “jewish” problem—of this “jewish” debt-money, counterfeiture and usury.

*  *  *

And so all those who say that we should all return to a “gold-backed currency,” if we really want a honest, stable and trustworthy money and “economy,” are either “jews” or their evil Gentile “fronts,” agents or representatives—or else they are simply monetary/economic fools who refuse to learn from history, or even to take notice thereof. I mean the history of the “jews” and all their “cyclical,” endless, countless, monetary, economic, usurious and political crimes against humanity.

Again, there’s simply not enough gold and silver on the planet to coin into money to make all our desired deals or trades at full activity or productivity. And so that’s precisely where the thieving “jew” comes in with his fraudulent, counterfeited and usurious (or lent out) “paper-gold.”

But whatever kind of species of money is used, “jews” will always seek ways to pervert, exploit, manipulate and profit by it. For “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Let’s see them therefore try to pervert my honest (debt-free, ample and stable) token money into something like them.

But when- and wherever “jewish” money is used, or “legislated,” and hence all honest money is outlawed as a crime, that country, state or evil empire is thereby dammed.

And that’s American history, folks! (I didn’t make it. I just report it.)

And so you can’t convince me that the money doesn’t matter. For I know better, And now so do you. You’ve got to know the vast and opposing difference between honest and dishonest money and money-lending, usury or “banking”—in short, between Gentile and “jewish” money and usury.

*  *  *  *  *

And it is said, and I don’t doubt it, that when the bankster “jews,” in their deliberate, countless and endless “business cycles,” once again monetarily “busted” the Americans and their “economy” in 1907, that they had a secret plan to present to the US gov’t yet another false solution and false promise of monetary honestly and stability, and hence of national economic prosperity, if only the US gov’t would grant them all monetary/economic power over all the United States, in the form of a “central bank,” which would print and lend out all the nation’s money.

And yes of course they said it would be “good as gold,” and “backed by gold.” But of course it was merely “paper-gold”—like all the “jewish” paper-money that had preceded it.

And this “central” “jewish” “paper-gold,” this “central” debt-monopoly-money fraud and theft, this false “jewish” promise and golden pretense lasted only 20 years—from 1913, when Wilson and his anti-American Congress OK’d it, to 1933, and their president Rosenfeld’s “banking holiday” and golden confiscation of all the remaining Gentile gold which these “central” “jews” had not already stolen. (See above.)

And of course there has not been any other kind or species of American president nor Congress since Wilson but “jewish” ones. And therefore they all were (and remain) anti-American, anti-Gentile, anti-honest money and anti-honest money-lending, and therefore anti-Justice and anti-Truth.

For the king or sovereign makes or creates the money. And his subjects, “public servants” and/or “representatives” take or accept his money. And they “democratically” decree it a “crime” for us all to create and use our very own money instead.

*  *  *  *  *

And so in 1933, as explained above, this “central” “paper-gold” simply became paper. The golden “jewish” pretense was no more.

And yet it continued to be “centrally” loaned into existence and circulation!—and even as monopoly money—a monopoly debt-paper-money!

*  *  *  *  *

“So what’s wrong with that?, the idiots will ask—as well as the traitorous agents, representatives” and “public servants” of this evil, foreign “jewish” sovereign.

So why don’t we Gentiles ever learn?

Are we stupid or something?

Or is it because we are “democratically” “represented” by “jews” and their (anti-Gentile) agents?

Then why don’t we “represent” or decide for themselves from now until eternity?—and hence choose honest money and honest usury instead of “jewish”?

*  *  *  *  *

There’s a saying, “There’s nothing new under the sun.”

And there is also nothing new under the “jew.”

But I’d like to help you get from under that anti-Christ monster and emperor “beast.” (Apo./Rev. 13:11-18) So listen:

After their long success with their first money-fraud, their “paper-gold,” which culminated in their “central” “paper-gold,” the bankster “jews” applied their fraudulent “fractional reserve system of banking” to yet another “jewish” kind or species of counterfeiture and usury, which they call(ed) “commercial banking.”

This was the same name they had used before when they lent out their “paper-gold” for golden “interest”—if not also “principal.” (See “Commercial Banking Historically Preceded Central Banking” below.) But it was not the same thing.

In other words, their “credit” used to be this paper-money or “paper-gold.”

(Who but a fool could ever believe, trust or “credit” such “jews”?)

But when, in 1933, gold was presidentially and congressionally declared to no longer be money—(but rather must be immediately surrendered to them and their US treasurer, but really to their anonymous “central” “jewish” sovereign)—then pure paper-money (promising absolutely nothing) became American money, and “credit” became absolutely nothing at all, not even paper.

Let me explain further so you don’t misunderstand this most important “central” point, fraud and monetary/economic crime: What gold was to their “paper-gold,” their mere paper-money would now be to their “credit” “money”: its “fraction,” its “base,” its “fractional base,” “fractional backing” or “fractional reserve.”

(But what this really and truly was was multiple fraud and counterfeiture. But Evil never truly describes Itself and Its actions.)

What gold was to their “paper-gold”—(i.e. its alleged “fractional base,” “reserve” and “backing”)—their mere paper-money—(i.e. their “central” debt-paper monopoly-money)—would now (and forever?) be to their “commercial” “credit” “money.”

And so just as the “central” bankster “jews” would fraudulently print and lend out several times more “paper-gold” than they had gold to “redeem” them, so now the “commercial” bankster “jews” would “create” and “lend” out several times more “credit” than they had “central” paper-money to “redeem” “them.”

(And there’s all your “credit bubbles”…and hence their inevitable “busts,” “pops” or “burstings.” This is the evil work of the “commercial” banksters and their “credit.” Can you see that?)

And again this “commercial” “credit” has absolutely no existence whatsoever! It is not even paper—like “central” bankster debt-paper monopoly-money. It is merely numbers written by “commercial” banksters in their ledger books, or nowadays on their computer screens and hard-drives.

And so American money got progressively further and further away from reality, truth and value. Can you see that?

And both “central” and “commercial” moneys are debt-moneys loaned into existence, with this “commercial” bankster “credit” being multiply and fraudulently “based” upon a mere “fraction” of the former “central” bankster monopoly debt-paper-money.

And so this was (and remains) monetary/economic fraud “based” upon fraud, deceit “based” upon deceit, lies “based” upon lies and theft “based” upon theft. It is all rotten “jewish” fruit from the rotten “jewish” tree of lies, tricks, frauds, thefts, etc. Like Father, like son(s). (John 8:44 & Matt. 7:15-20)

*  *  *  *  *

And the very latest “jewish” counterfeiting and usury (or “banking”) fraud is called “securitization.” This is the “bundling” and selling of “credit” or “commercial” loans for others to collect the “principal” and usury on.

And via this latest “jewish” bankster fraud, the Devil’s spawn can “commercially” “create” and “lend” our far more than ten times more “credit” or “credit money” than they have “central” paper-“dollars” to “back” up or “redeem” them, because, thanks to this most recent “jewish” miracle of “securitization,” (Apo./Rev. 13:11-14 )—this grouping and selling of their “credit” loans for others to collect (“principal” and usury)—they don’t ever need to “redeem” them, because they’re not their loans anymore, because they’ve sold them.

(And there’s “your” recent world-wide, “jewish”-Amerikan “housing bubble.” And the very same goes for any and all other kinds of “commercial credit” loans: car loans, credit-card loans, student loans, etc., etc.

This is “commercial” “credit” counterfeiture, usury and “securitization” ad infinitum.)

And so once again, American money and money-lending, usury or “banking” is ceaselessly getting further and further away from truth, reality and value.

So who’s driving this? Gentiles? Hell no!

It’s not that these most recent “financial products” of “jews” could were not formerly conceivable (by “jews”). It’s just that no Gentile people or nation was as stupid and as politically corrupt or corruptible as the Americans and their “democratic” form of government.

And again this usurious and counterfeiting “jewish” crime is once again euphemized, denied and concealed as “securitization.” As if it makes us Gentiles and our “economy” all that much more “secure.” How little that word describes what it really and truly is, and does—or rather what these bankster “jews” and their “representatives” really and truly are, and do.

*  *  *  *  *

And so this evil “jewish” “fractional reserves system of banking” (i.e. usury or money-lending) was and is not only perpetrated by the “central” “jewish” banksters, but also by their partners in monetary crime, the “commercial” banksters. For the latter “inflate” the former’s “central” monopoly debt-money many times over.

And there’s “your” monetary “bubble,” your “credit bubble,” your monetary “inflation” (and hence your higher prices); your “real estate bubble” and your “ bubble.” They’re all deceitful and deliberate “jewish” frauds and thefts produced by this supposed “jewish” “miracle” of “credit.”

“Deceitful” because most Gentiles don’t know anything about this “jewish” “miracle” of “commercial” “credit.” (See “‘Commercial Banking’: Still Hiding in Plain Sight,” below.) And “theft” and “fraud” because these “central” and “commercial” banksters “jews” are getting a very big something—(our Gentile wealth, properties, energies, labors, products and services—and even our very counties, countries and natural resources)—for absolutely nothing.

We Gentiles don’t need “jewish” “credit.” I.E. we don’t need “jews” manipulating our money supply (and hence the prices of our products, services and properties). We don’t need bankster “jews” endlessly, periodically and “cyclically” “busting” us and our “economy.” All we need is a sufficient supply of honest (debt-free and stable) Gentile money for all our desired deals at full “economic” activity, employment and productivity. Period.

*  *  *  *  *

More “Credit” is not the Monetary/Economic Answer, but rather the “Commercial” Part of the Problem

More “Credit” is not the Monetary/Economic Answer, but rather the “Commercial” Part of the Problem; The other Part being the “Central” Part.

*  *  *  *  *  *

And so all these politicians and all these “economic/monetary experts” have currently got most of us believing that we are all currently in economic dutch or limbo because these “commercial” banksters won’t lend us their “credit.”

If only they would lend us their “credit,” then we could all merrily begin our (i.e. their) very next “business cycle.” And we (and our “economy”) would once again have the money to work, produce and prosper. (?)

(As if we Gentiles, with the right leadership, couldn’t make the very sky rain down “pennies from Heaven” anytime we wished.)

*  *  *  *  *

And by the way: Why don’t these “commercial” banksters “lend” us their “credit”?

(I put the word in quotes because, since “credit” is nothing, therefore they “lend” us nothing. And yet, when they do, they demand (and receive) real paper-money in return. And there’s their “commercial” fraud, deceit, theft, extortion and robbery.)

It is merely because they and their “toxic assets” have cast themselves and their corporate “balance sheets” so far into “the red,” into a secret hidden bankruptcy or insolvency, and hence in such dire need of money, that they can’t even think of lending us any of their “credit” at this time?

For all these “commercial” banksters can presently borrow US paper-“dollars” from the US “central” banksters for 0.5% or ½% annual “interest.” And that again is the “fractional basis” for the multiple fraudulence and counterfeiture that is their “commercial” “credit.”

And so, evidently, they’re not lending us their almighty “credit” because it’s presently not in their “interests.” (For when did banksters ever voluntarily do anything that wasn’t in their “interests”?)

Evidently, because they can presently profit or “earn” more by not “lending” us their “credit.”

Because this is evidently the monetary “deflation” and cyclical “bust” phase of their ever-recurrent “business cycle.” And so they’re apparently keeping or hoarding all the money (and “credit”) they possibly can. For paper-money is surely still constantly pouring into them and their bank vaults from all their countless former “credit” borrowers, and hence debtors or paper-money owers.

And so they’re evidently presently “speculating.” They’re watching all their “deflationary” prices go down, down, down. They’re watching the money-water in their economic sink go lower and lower and lower—as we poor and clueless Gentiles gasp, struggle and fight with one another for what we sorely lack, to keep our “creditors” and landlords off our back.

And when this water level is low enough for their taste, desire or pleasure, when they can once again buy up the country for whatever few cents on the dollar they’re waiting to buy it up for, and hence their “commercial” harvest time” or season over, then perhaps they will once again condescend to “lend” us their “credit.” (But they have no “credit” nor credibility.)

And hence their “business cycle” will begin all over again. And won’t that be our national, monetary and economic salvation?

Hell no! Try honest money and honest money-lending, usury or “banking.”

And try self-“representation,” so these “democrats” can never again forcibly and tyrannically impose their “beastly” monopoly debt-money and “credit” upon you and yours!—and so you never again need to walk about with their “representative” and “democratic” knife stuck in your back!

(And see The Monetary/Economic Problem for further information, details and instructions on how to do this in your locale or county.)

*  *  *  *  *

And so to get back where we were before the above interruption or aside: Your national (and local) misleaders are keeping you and yours as far away from the monetary/economic solution (of honest debt-free public money) as they possibly can, in thus publicly clamoring for “commercial” credit” as if it were our monetary, economic, racial and national Gentile salvation. Can you see that?

They’re all saying that “credit” is not the monetary/economic problem, but rather the solution.

And I’m saying the exact opposite: “Credit” is the problem. “Credit” clearly caused this latest “credit crunch,” and hence this latest cyclical “bust” and economic “recession.” And hence end or termination of “credit” is the solution, along with the termination of all “central” bankster monopoly debt-money.

Out with the bad money, and in with the good. Out with the Satanic “jewish” money, and in with the Godly Gentile money. Out with the private “jewish” debt-money, and in with the public, debt-free Gentile money.

So which of us is right and true, dear readers? You be the judge.

(I’m obviously decided, “biased” or “prejudiced” on the matter, and so I can’t possibly be the judge. As if all “judges” are not decided about things, such as their “authority” to judge, and even to judge things of which they know little to nothing. And they often proudly point to this personal ignorance of theirs as their very right and authority to judge such matters.)

*  *  *  *  *

These politicians, “democratic representatives” and public misleaders are saying: “If only we could get the commercial bankers to lend us their credit money! (And after all, we borrowed and lend them $trillions in that very hope!)”

(Why then didn’t they make it a public condition for those public/gov’t loans?)

But I’m saying that’s OK, because the “commercial” banksters don’t really lend us anything anyway! They merely pretend to! And the money they pretend to lend they call “credit.” And yet they demand real and true money (plus usury) in return! And so this is clearly bankster fraud, deceit, theft and robbery.

And so far as the citizenry believe these “commercial” banksters and this US gov’t, the Devil has convinced the damned that there can be no salvation without them. (Can you see that?)

But we the Gentile people need their “jewish” “credit” like we need another “cyclical” “boom” and “bust,” and like we need to be cheated out of our Gentile wealth and productivity by exchanging it for their “jewish” “credit.”

“Commercial” money-lending, usury or “banking” is, as always, of the Devil and Its sinagog, and the United States’ gov’t—and the American state gov’ts. (Apo./Rev. 2:9 & 3:9)

And so what we Gentiles need, as always, is honest money and honest money-lending, usury or “banking”—i.e. an abrupt and final end to “jewish” money and “jewish” money-lending—i.e. an eternal end to all “central” “jewish” debt-money and to all “commercial” “jewish” “credit money” “creation” and “lending.”

And until you can see that, dear Gentiles, you will never save ourselves, because you cannot even see that you’re damned!—much less to know by whom, why and how.

(It’s the money! The “jewish” money! It’s as evil, damning and demonic as they are! For all fruit must of necessity be of its tree.) (Matt. 7:15-20)

*  *  *  *  *

“Commercial” “Banking”: Still Hiding in Plain Sight

I have found that even “commercial” bank employees, with whom I have raised the subject, do not know the difference between “commercial” “banks” and “Savings and Loans”—that the latter loan out actual paper-money, while  “commercial” banks “create” and “lend” what they call their “credit,” that this “credit” is multiply “based” upon a “fraction” or “fractional reserve” of actual paper-money, and that they demand real paper-money “principal” and real paper-money “interest” in “return” for their “credit” “loans.”

*  *  *  *  *

Would you agree with me, dear readers, that the vast majority of people simply don’t know what “commercial banking” and “commercial credit” is really and truly all about?

So why is that? It’s not that it isn’t a matter of public importance and public consequence, is it? Then why is the public so incredibly uninformed, clueless and ignorant about these most important public matters?

Why else but because the US gov’t and the American state gov’ts, along with the TV and radio broadcasters, simply and clearly don’t want the public to know?

For the former have their “public schools” to which all the children must perforce attend and “learn” from.

And all the American TV and radio stations and networks are owned, operated or controlled by the “jews.” And so there is no “news” but “jew” “news,” and no “programming” but “jew” “programming” (of us Gentiles and our children).

*  *  *

There are e.g. all these American television programs supposedly, ostensibly and allegedly teaching the public about money, like e.g. that PBS “jewess” Ormand, right?

But did they ever once inform you about “commercial banking”?—much less about “central banking”?

No, not even once. And so again, why is that? Because It’s not important? Because its not a matter of public importance? Or because it is?—but they clearly don’t want you and yours to know anything (truthful) about it?

So what does that tell you about American television and American “news programs”?

This: That they never tell you what you most need to know. And yet they always pretend to. And they thereby intend to forever draw and distract you and yours away from what you all most need to know: the Truth about money, usury, “9/11,” their “war on terror,” etc., etc., etc.

And therefore even if you didn’t know that they’re completely “jewish,” American television and American “news programs” are entirely misleading and deceitful—exactly like American money and usury, “9/11” and this everlasting “jewish”-Amerikan “war on terror.”

Coincidence? Hell no!

The mass-media is to a nation (or empire) what a mind is to its body: Its thinker, its deliberator, its judge and its animator.

And that’s precisely why so many Gentile Americans are demonically possessed by the Devil and Its “chosen people.” (John 8:44)

*  *  *  *  *

And as with American television and radio stations and networks, newspapers and politicians, so also with American gov’t school books, teachers and classrooms. They’re all “jewish” or “jew”-approved—which is the same thing. And hence they always lie, and never tell the truth about the most important things or subjects—like God, history, politics, money or economics. For all the very fraudulent money which buys, bribes or pays for all these very deceitful people and things, comes from its only “central” monopoly source: the “jews.”

(Simply note how along with their money and banking,” their three “jewish”-Amerikan World Wars, and their Satanic Jewish Holocaust, the Truth is never ever spoken, heard nor presented in anti-Christ Amerika’s classrooms nor TV screens. And this is absolutely no accident, but rather absolute Satanic racial dictatorship.)

And it is a Satanic testament to the deep density of this mental, intellectual, psychological and spiritual “jewish” Darkness and Falsehood ever-reigning over America that simple Truth and Light, such as clearly expressed and presented by yours truly, with more that ample proofs and evidence, is greeted with such moronic incomprehension, such scoffing incredulity and even haughty Amerikan hostility.

It is one thing know you don’t know. And it is one thing to be completely wrong about a thing—or even almost everything. But it is quite another to believe that you are completely right about everything, and hence to violently hate and combat Truth—whether it be about money, economics (“house management”), government, “9/11, 2001,” God, History, or whatever.

And so all this is more that merely stupidity. It’s also cowardice and demonic “jewish” possession of the collective American mind.

So what they need is an exorcist.

(Does “father” Von Sidow still make house calls?)

*  *  *  *  *

“Public” Schools Make Public Fools

And though the truth about “central banking” is almost nowhere to be found in “jewish”-Amerika, some American “public” or gov’t school books half-tell the truth about “commercial banking” and hence “credit.” (But if you blink or yawn, you’ll miss it completely. For it passes by so quickly.)

Here’s from a book used in the NYC gov’t school system, e.g.:

It’s from Economics for Everybody; by G. Antell and W. Harris; Amsco School Publications, NYC, 2007; p. 79–81:


How Commercial Banks Create Money

Having read this far [i.e. up to page 79–Ed.], perhaps you [the readers–Ed.] believe that only the government can create money. This is not the case. A great deal of the money in circulation is created by commercial banks.

[True, if by “the government” the writers mean the “central” banksters. But they don’t. And so they grossly mislead the children here. Why? Because they simply don’t know? Or because they lie?

And any vestigial or residual U.S. Treasury “notes” or “certificates” are way, way, way, way, way less than even one per cent of all U.S. “dollars.” And that’s why I haven’t even mentioned them until now. (But see My Kennedy Error.)–Ed.]

Commercial banks often make loans to businesses. [Hence the name. But also to individuals.–Ed.] When a business firm borrows a sum of money, the bank places it on deposit in the firm’s checking account [at that bank.–Ed.] The business withdraws the money as it needs it.

[The authors once again just mislead or lied to their young and impressionable readers. For they just described what an honest bank does, a Gentile bank, a “savings and loan” or a “credit union.” They either hand their entire paper-money loan over to their borrowers, or else they keep it “on deposit” for them, to indeed withdraw it as they need it.

The authors’ deceit here is in the word “deposit.” The “commercial” banks don’t “deposit” anything when they “loan” “money.” That’s what they want you to believe! They merely pretend to!

Again, they “lend” out several times more “money” than they actually own or possess to lend. In other words, they fraudulently pretend to lend…and to “deposit.”

And now the authors combat themselves by momentarily telling the truth about a “commercial” loan of $15,000 to a pair of jewelry store owners.–Ed.]

…. The $15,000 was deposited in their checking account at the bank. [There’s that lie again! These authors can’t even tell the truth without lying!–Ed.] As the various shipments of [jeweled–Ed.] merchandise [which they’d ordered–Ed.] were received, the [“commercial” borrowers–Ed.]…wrote out checks in payment of the bills. [And–Ed.]…they repaid the loan with the money they had received from the sale of the jewelry.

[But there was no loan. And so the commercial banksters defrauded these supposed “borrowers” out of $15,000, plus “interest.”–Ed.]

In this example, a very interesting event occurred. The country’s money supply was increased by $15,000 for a short time, and the government had nothing to do with it. The money was not taken away from anyone [This is the closest the authors come to stating the simple fact: That the “commercial” money or the loan never really existed!–Ed.]—therefore, the bank created $15,000! Commercial banks all over the country do this every day. They create checkbook money by granting loans. Of course, as loans are repaid, money is taken out of circulation.

[Not really, except in the sense that $15,000 US paper-dollars went from one pocket into another—from the borrowers to their “commercial” bankster. Again, the “checkbook money” or “credit money” was never real. It never existed.

But what the authors said is true of all the US debt-“dollars” retuning to their only “central” source (and inevitable destination) via “principal” and “interest” payments. For when this “centrally” loaned out US debt-money is eventually paid back, plus (non-existent) “interest,” all this US monopoly debt-paper-money is thereby “taken out of circulation.” And this is the “central” drain pipe I spoke of above—through which all the “central” US monopoly debt-money, formerly lent out via the “central” faucet or spigot, must inevitably return to its/their “central” masters, creators and lenders.–Ed.]

Thus, the…[borrowers’–Ed.] checking account balance was reduced by $15,000 when they repaid their loan.

[Wrong again. It was reduced when and via their writing checks against it, their “drawing” upon it, their “wr[iting] out checks in payment of the[ir] bills.” It was their alleged debt to their “commercial” bankster that was reduced by $15,000 when they gave him $15,000 for his loan of absolutely nothing to them.–Ed.]

…. There is a limit to the amount of money a [“commercial”–Ed.] bank may create because there is a limit to the amount of money it can lend. [Say rather “pretend to lend.”–Ed.] Remember, a bank must keep some money—reserves—on hand to meet the demand of its depositors.

“How a [“Commercial”–Ed.] Bank Creates Money Through Loans”… [Antell & Harris, 2007, p. 79–81]


*  *  *  *  *

(End of excerpt.)

There are far more errors or falsehoods than truths expressed by these two writers in this short except from their American “public” school book. But my point was to show that even a gov’t school or “public” school book can at least admit the big truth that “commercial” banks “create” and “lend” “checkbook money.”

*  *  *

And about that above-admitted “limit to the amount of money a [‘commercial’–Ed.] bank may create because there is a limit to the amount of money it can lend.… [because–Ed.] a bank must keep some money—reserves—on hand to meet the demand of its depositors.”:

Note firstly that this supposed money (“credit”) allegedly “created” is the very same money allegedly “lent.” This is the “commercial” bankster’s double-crime of usurious counterfeiture.

Again, just as thieving and fraudulent “jews” would print and lend out several times more (“paper-gold”) promises to pay gold than they had actual gold to pay out or “redeem” their paper-promises—demanding and receiving (from their Gentile victims) real and true gold (plus golden usury or “interest”) in return for their false and fraudulent paper-promises—so likewise these “commercial” banksters lend out several times more imaginary money—(“check book money,” “credit money,” “bank-ledger money” or “computer data entry money”)—than they have actual paper-money to pay out or “redeem” it—all the while demanding real and true paper-money from their victims—(their entire alleged “principal” plus “interest”)—in return for this nothing they thus pretend to lend them.

Their euphemism is that they lend their “credit” out to the public. But the public doesn’t know what this means. And if they did, they’d explode! (And “central banking” is even more outrageously fraudulent, deceitful, theiving and predatory.)

For just as the “jew” was limited in his golden fraudulence by the occasional need to “redeem” his false golden promises to their bearers, so the “commercial” bankster is limited by his having to pay out actual paper-dollars via the checks written by his duped borrowers upon or against his fraudulent “credit” loans, his non-existent “deposits,” his “checkbook money.” Ten times is usually the limit—the limit of their fraudulence. I.E. ten times more golden paper-promises than gold; and ten times more “credit money” than paper-money.

But the “commercial” banksters have recently extended the former limits of their “credit” counterfeiture and usury via their “securitization” (i.e. “bundling” and selling) of their “credit” “loans.” (See above.)

And the bankster jew” calls his lack of gold or paper-money his “fractional reserve.” But what it really is is his multiple fraud and theft. And he calls this multiple banking fraud of his his “fractional reserve system.” (Again, see above.)

Now you might think that the “commercial” bankster would soon run out of real paper-money via all the checks (or money orders to pay so-and-so so many paper-dollars) written out by his “credit” or “checkbook money” borrowers, but the fact is that—(aside from a few honest Gentile “Savings and Loans” and “Credit Unions”)—all the other banks are also “commercial” banks perpetrating the very same monetary fraud. And so relatively little paper-money actually passes between these “commercial” banksters. And the little paper-money that does pass between them is done via a “check clearing house”—which periodically tabulates and balances all the checks between all the “commercial” banksters, such that those banksters who received or took in more “commercial” bank checks in that period than they sent out (via their “credit money” borrowers), will receive that difference or discrepancy in paper-money. And vice-versa: Those who sent out more “commercial” checks than they received must pay out that same amount is actual paper-money. And in America this “check clearinghouse” is none other than the “central” bankster. And these “commercial” banksters are his so-called “members”—the members of his exclusive “central” club of monetary frauds and thieves.

*  *  *  *  *

Usury or “interest” is profit indeed. But modern “commercial banking” is ALL profit and nothing but. For nothing is lent. And yet the entire imaginary “principal” is demanded in return (for what was never lent)—plus “interest” besides or atop—or else the “commercial” bankster confiscates and sells his alleged debtor’s property or “collateral.”

In short “commercial banking” is theft, extortion, and a racket. There ought to be a law against it. But alas, in all “jewish” states or countries, the “central” and “commercial” banksters (via their “democratic representatives”) dictate or “make” all the monetary/economic laws (and most others besides)—which are therefore “jewish” laws by origin, definition and spirit—and which are therefore evil, tyrannical, offensive, predatory, anti-God and anti-Gentile.

And that’s all human “law” is: Someone’s will deified or sanctified. Some group, faction, party or race’s commands sanctified or deified into this false god of LAW. (Shall we therefore pray to it, worship it, petition it? Hell no!) And in anti-Christ or “jewish”-Amerika, and elsewhere, that racial faction is the “jews” and/or “Israel.”

And they call it “democracy,” “representative democracy.” And exactly who is “represented” besides the “jews”? No one. No Gentile. Certainly not me or anyone like me. And therefore we must now and forever “represent,” govern and decide for ourselves. To Hell with “democracy” or “communism”! For that’s clearly where it comes from, and wherein it ceaselessly, malevolently and tyrannically strives to drag us all down.

And so all debt-moneys (whether “central” or “commercial”) are predatory rackets.

And yet these parliamentary, congressional, presidential and ministerial whores of banksters, national traitors and “legislative” demons of “democracy” declare laws against “racketeering” which they apply e.g. against abortion opponents or protestors, but never against themselves nor their “central” and “commercial” “jewish” bankster masters, pimps and purchasers! (So go figure.)

It has long been said that, “He who has the gold makes the rules.” This means that gov’t is a traitorous whore for sale to the highest bidder. And who has more money than he who makes or creates all the so-called money? And though many have tried, none have ever been able to conjure up gold or to transform lesser metals into it.

But the “jew” invented “paper-gold” by fraudulently, deceitfully, thievingly and incredibly “transforming” his worthless paper-promises into gold. And nowadays the mere “central” paper-money (or even “commercial “credit”) of this anti-Christ Lord is sufficient to purchase gov’ts, public enemies in “public offices,” and other racial/national traitors and whores. In fact, gov’t traitorously, “legislatively,” dictatorially and “democratically” enthroned this anti-Christ “beast” and his kind or species of so-called “money” in 1913—and every year and “administration” thereafter! For this monetary “beast” and his “central” monopoly-money “mark” is still to this day reigning over us all. (Apo./Rev. 13:11-18)

*  *  *  *  *

And so even though the complete and total fraudulence of “commercial banking,” “credit” counterfeiture (“checkbook money” “creation”) and “lending” is thus sort-of or half-way admitted here and there, as in that NYC gov’t school textbook above, most Americans (and many other Gentiles) are entirely and blissfully unaware of it—and especially those who go to gov’t schools and watch a lot of “jew”-TV—and there is no other kind or species of TV (and radio) in America, or rather in “jewish”-Amerika. And so, because they seldom to never hear or read anything to the contrary, the vast “democratic” majority of  Gentile dupes and fools think “commercial” “banking” or money-lending is honest and trustworthy, fine and dandy. But nothing could be further from the truth.

And so monetary/economic ignorance is not necessarily bliss. For it can clearly ruin you and your nation financially, economically, socially and politically—just as America and many other formerly Gentile states have been ruined. In short, money matters. For money is the very foundation of all states, kingdoms and “economic” “houses.”

And even fewer Gentiles know the truth about “central banking.” For that is written almost nowhere, and taught by almost no one—and certainly no one working for (or in) any “jewish” governments, “legislatures,” offices or agencies.

And so along with all others I’m aware of, even college textbooks, that NYC gov’t school book above also doesn’t tell the truth about where and from whom all American “dollars” come into existence, and exactly how they do so. I mean the plain truth about “central banking,” money-lending or usury. I mean the truth about the “central” banksters: That they create and lend monopoly debt-money to “we the [clueless] people” via our traitorous “jewish” parliaments and presidents, and thus “democratically” debt-damn us into multiply unpayable “public debts” and their “jewish” Marxist “communism.”

Let me, ah, prove it to you, and from the very same NYC gov’t/“public” school book above:


The 12 Federal Reserve Banks get their supplies of paper-currency [i.e. American paper-“dollars”–Ed.] from the [U.S. Treasury’s–Ed.] Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington D.C. [Antell & Harris, p. 79]


And that’s it. That’s all they have to say on this all-important subject of where all the American money comes from. (And most other school text-books say even less.(

Two things: The “central” and super-national “jewish” banksters “legislatively” tried to get only one “central” bank in 1913—as they did in Europe, England, France, Germany, etc. But certain pro-American U.S. Congressmen (like old man Lindbergh) stood up against it and prevented them. And so they had to settle for 12 branches. But these 12 US “central” banks branches were always controlled by the New York branch or headquarters.

(And by the way, it’s former boss, a “jew” of course, is now the treasurer of the United States, courtesy of a Kenyan named “president Obama.” So go figure.)

And what these authors also fail to tell the school kids is the deal that these two parties, groups or entitles—(the U.S. gov’t/Treasury and the “central” banksters)—make in that transference of U.S. “paper-currency.”

Again, the U.S. gov’t and Treasury is merely the money-supplier and printing-vender for the real and true power in America—the power that truly creates the American money—the “jewish” “central” banksters. And they pay the Treasury whatever it costs them to make or print their U.S. “dollars”—with their U.S Treasury seal and signature upon them so we Gentiles will mistakenly think it’s our public money—again 4¢ or so per US “dollar” “bill” or piece of paper-money—no matter how many zeroes are printed upon it. For extra zeros don’t cost that much extra ink to print upon “our” US “dollar bills.”

And so yes, it’s true that “The 12 Federal Reserve Banks get their supplies of paper-currency” from the US Treasury. But there’s a great deal more to the deal than that, which these two writers completely fail to mention. They even fail to mention that there is any deal between these two parties at all.

*  *  *

And so once again we see that one can lie by omission as well as by commission. But I guess that’s how one gets the US and state governments to buy one’s books, and hence to force one’s writings upon all-too-trusting “public school” children—by simply not telling the truth! For, as with an individual, the more evil a group, nation, state or empire is and has done, the less they can afford to tell the truth about themselves, the less they can stand anyone else telling the truth about them, and knowing about them, and the more they will thus lie (and commission fellow liars) about themselves.

(As with “Soviet Union’s” “history” books, so with the “Amerikan Union’s” “history” books. They’re packs of lies, slanders, falsehoods and omissions. Far too many crimes and evils to conceal.)

*  *  *

But again here’s the kicker: When the U.S gov’t/Treasury needs money to “conduct their business”—which is every second of every day—they don’t simply print their own paper-dollars like former U.S. president Lincoln did, and simply spend these paper-dollars into circulation.

No way! For that’s what any sovereign would do!—any crown, any king, or any “republican” state or “democratic” country wherein “we the people” are truly the masters!

And so, as explained above, the US gov’t goes and borrows these US “dollar bills”—at face value plus “interest”—from these “jewish” central banksters—from the very people they just printed them for and sold them to, for the mere cost of printing, paper and ink! And again, as explained above, the US gov’t pays these “central” banksters in U.S. treasury “bonds” or U.S. gov’t promises to pay the full “principal” amount of the loan at the time of its “maturity”—plus all the specified “interest” or usury all along the way towards that day.

And these U.S. Treasury bonds are printed up by that very same US Treasury printing office or department which prints the “central” bankster debt-“dollars” with the U.S. Treasury seal and the US Treasurer’s signature upon them—and which the above authors correctly identify as the U.S. Treasury’s “Bureau of Engraving and Printing.” But simply note all the vitally important things they don’t correctly identify, nor even mention. And this, I maintain, is lying by omission, or else professional ignorance.

And of course all these U.S. “dollars” to pay off these U.S. bonds or promissory notes to America’s “jewish” central banksters must ultimately come from their only possible source, their monopoly source, their “central” source—these very same “jewish”-American central banksters.

The master makes or creates the money, and his servants take or accept his money.

*  *  *

(But one might object: “But wait a minute. I know for a fact that the U.S. Treasury—which is the U.S. gov’t—borrows dollars from the American public, and from foreign nations as well. And they do this by printing up and selling them their US Treasury bonds.”)

And I respond: You’re right. That’s true. But where and from whom do all these US “dollars” come?—with which these people and these nations buy these U.S. Treasury bonds?—i.e. which they thus lend to the U.S. Treasury, which is the US gov’t, by buying their bonds?

From none other than these “jewish”-Amerikan “central” banksters—i.e. from their “Federal Reserve Corporation.”

And exactly how do all these U.S. “dollars” come in existence?

They are all loaned into existence by these “jewish”-Amerikan “central” banksters. They are the sole, single, monopoly source (and hence the only and inevitable destination) of all these “jewish”-Amerikan debt-“dollars.” For such is the nature and practice of debt—repayment—and hence of all debt-money, and of all monopoly debt-money, such as this abominable “jewish” US “dollar.”

Again, the only (or “central”) source of all the US money is the only source of all the US money. And it’s a debt-money. (So see at last the endless ramifications of that!)

So isn’t it obvious who’s master and who’s servant here? Can you smell this “central” monetary rat yet? And a “central” web-weaving spider is a pretty good metaphor too.

And we don’t even really know who these “central” “jewish” Amerikan kings really are! For they are above the U.S. gov’t, which is their elective puppet-gov’t! And they are above the law! Or rather they are (and dictate) the US law (to their “legislative” puppets)! And they are corporately concealed, masked and anonymous. And they are “legally” or “legislatively” immune, irresponsible and unliable for all their monetary, economic and political crimes against the Americans and the rest of humanity. Or so say their evil and traitorous US puppets.

*  *  *  *  *

Obama to the Rescue?

Obama to the Rescue? Will Obama’s “credit” “multiplier effect” really and truly “fix the banks”?

*  *  *  *  *

And here’s their latest presidential agent, a Kenyan named Obama, in an April 14, 2009 speech, as published by his White House (


And although there are a lot of Americans who understandably think that government [i.e. U.S taxpayer–Ed.] money would be better spent going directly to families and businesses instead of to banks—one of my most frequent questions in the letters that I get from constituents [or “a lot of Americans”–Ed.] is, “Where’s my bailout?”—and I understand the sentiment. It makes sense intuitively, and morally it makes sense, but the truth is that a dollar of capital in a bank can actually result in $8 or $10 of loans to families and businesses. So that’s a multiplier effect that can ultimately lead to a faster pace of economic growth. That’s why we have to fix the banks.


And there again, hiding in plain sight, is the “fractional reserve” or multiple fraud of the “commercial” banksters—who are president Obama’s real and true “constituents”—along with the “central” banksters, of course.

Or should I provide a translation?

“The truth is that a dollar of capital [i.e. US “central” monopoly debt-paper money, deposited or invested–Ed.] in a [“commercial”–Ed.] bank can actually result in $8 or $10 of loans [of counterfeited “credit” or “credit money”–Ed.] to families and businesses. [Which must be repaid with actual money, plus “interest.”–Ed.] So that’s a multiplier effect that can ultimately lead to a faster pace of economic growth. That’s why we have to fix the banks.”

This “multiplier effect” is none other than this multiple “credit” counterfeiture, fraud and usury that I have been telling you about. And it mysteriously sucks multiples of real paper-money (it’s “fractional base”) out of the economy, the marketplace, the pockets, wallets and purses of the clueless Gentiles.

So why would any state or society need this “multiplier effect” of such counterfeit money?

And isn’t this “credit” “multiplier effect” (of the “commercial” banksters) the very cause and substance of the “credit boom” and “housing boom” that just recently “crashed” or “busted”? Then how can the very cause of a disease possibly be its cure? Or how can an addict possibly be “fixed” or cured by the very thing he’s addicted to?

Neither Obama nor anyone else can possibly ever “fix the banks” via “commercial” “credit”—much less by “maximizing” it. Obama can’t save us from “commercial” bankster fraud, “credit” counterfeiture, usury, theft and extortion by “maximizing” it, but only by minimizing it, outlawing it, eradicating it as the monetary/economic plague it is and always was.

*  *  *  *  *

And why on earth would this “commercial” “credit” “multiplier effect” “ultimately lead to a faster pace of economic growth”? On the contrary, this is usurious counterfeiture, theft and extortion of real paper-money out of the economy and into the pockets of these “commercial” banksters!

If Obama’s argument or presumption is that there presently isn’t enough money in the national (or imperial) economy, as in the “great depression” or money draught of the 1930s, and that therefore the nation (or empire) is in dire need of this money “multiplier effect,” then the only true answer to such a monetary scarcity—(if real, or even if not)—is an ample or sufficient amount of honest (debt-free and stable) money. Is than not plain, clear and obvious?

So long as the money supply is ample or sufficient for all desired deals, trades or exchanges at full economic activity, employment and productively—and hence at the very fastest possible economic “pace,” speed or velocity—then we don’t need any more money. (For that’s the very definition of “ample” and “sufficient.”)

But what we never need is a debt-money—neither “central” nor “commercial.” And this alone is what this Obama presidentially proposes to “multiply.”

Debt-money sucks money out of the economy, and thereby slows its “pace” towards complete stoppage, stagnation, recession, depression.

And finally, the one and only way to “fix the banks” is to make them honest—i.e. to introduce honest money and honest money-lending (usury or “banking”) into “jewish”-Amerika—in place of all this “central” and “commercial” “jewish” fraud, counterfeiture, theft and extortion. Everything else is just presidential (and congressional) B.S.

We don’t need bankster “jews” “expanding” or “contracting” (i.e. manipulating) our money supply (and hence our “economy”) via their “credit” and/or their “central” debt-money.

We don’t need their “multiplier effect.” We don’t need their “credit” multiplication and subsequent division, i.e. their alternating monetary/economic “credit booms” and “credit busts.”

We need stable money and a stable economy. Stable money is honest money. And honest money is debt-free.

*  *  *  *  *

“Commercial loans” or “credit” “loans” are also misleadingly call “business loans”—as if we’d all lack business activity without them. “…the truth is that a dollar of capital in a bank can actually result in $8 or $10 of loans to families and businesses. So that’s a multiplier effect that can ultimately lead to a faster pace of economic growth.”

If businesses, like certain profligate individuals, don’t want to save up for their purchases, but rather to borrow money instead towards their instant gratification, then they will surely do so, or at least try to. But let them borrow only real and true money from honest usurers. Let all banks be akin to “Savings and Loans” and nothing but. To Hell with all “central” and “commercial” “banking,” counterfeiture and debt-money thievery and entrapment!

*  *  *  *  *

The Americans are baffled, bamboozled and bewildered by this latest presidential agent of “central” “jewish” banksterism because they don’t clearly understand money and usury (money-lending or “banking”)—and especially “jewish” money and usury. And so they can’t see how this latest “central” bankster agent is lying to them, deceiving them and so woefully misleading them. (But then that’s his presidential purpose, job and function, isn’t it?) He moves the thimbles so fast the public can’t possibly see under which, in any, the monetary/economic truth lies hidden. This Obama is a “purposeful [and presidential] obfuscator” of the Greenspan type or stripe. (See below.) But again so is every Amerikan president and Congress since Wilson. “Central”-“jew” sucking, and hence traitorous anti-Americanism and anti-Gentileism, is the unstated, but all-important, job requirement.

And so almost all “jewish”-Amerika’s other politicians, “representatives,” “public servants,” television and radio “news” readers, “jewspaper” “reporters” and “public school” “teachers” similarly serve to perpetually keep all the Gentiles in monetary ignorance, economic stupidity and deep (spiritual, psychological, intellectual and mental) Darkness.

The Americans have woefully misplaced their faith and credit in “jews,” in “jewish representatives,” in “jewish democracy” and “jewish” falsehoods, lies, slanders—instead of in Truth and Light. And so they thereby condemn themselves and their poor children to live under them and their violent and haughty (monetary, economic, political and historical) ignorance and stupidity.

*  *  *  *  *

“Commercial” Usury, Money-Lending or “Banking” verses Honest and Trustworthy Banking

A friend doesn’t pretend to lend another friend money, call it “credit,” and ten demand of his friend as much money as he pretended to lend, plus “interest” or usury.

And yet this is precisely what “commercial banks” or banksters do, except that they generally don’t pretend to be your friend.

If two trustworthy friends or relatives lend each other money, they simply lend each other money. There are no tricks involved. There’s no pretension. There’s no deceit. There’s no counterfeiture. There’s no fraud. And usually there’s no “interest” or usury. (For “Neither a borrower nor a lender be.”) Their only “interest” is in helping one another.

*  *  *  *  *

And the same is true of Gentile banks, except that they charge “interest,” and thereby seek to make a usurious profit, as do all their depositors.

They are (or were) called “Savings and Loans” or “Building and Loans,” “Mutual Savings Banks,” and “Credit Unions.” They are also sometimes called “Community Banks.”

Their vital distinction (from “central” and “commercial banks”) is that they are honest banks. They don’t create (or pretend to create) money. They don’t lend money they counterfeit or pretend to create. And they don’t lend money that they don’t even own or possess to lend.

What is loaned out by “Savings and Loans” is merely what has been deposited in them. There are no tricks, no deceits, no monetary fraudulence and no monetary thefts nor extortions. They don’t pretend to loan you money they don’t even possess, but only what has been deposited and entrusted in them by others for that very purpose—as clearly expressed in the “bank run” scene from Frank Kapra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life,” 1946:


CHARLIE: [a panicked S&L depositor, one among many other panicked depositors packed inside the “Bailey Building and Loan,” all clamoring all at once to withdraw all of their money out at once—most of which had of course already been loaned out, and hence was simply not present on the premises nor in the bank safe for George Bailey to return it all to them at once. For that’s the whole point and purpose of a “savings and loan” or a “building and loan” bank, as George explains:–Ed.]

CHARLIE: I’ll take mine [deposit money out right–Ed.] now.

GEORGE BAILEY: No, but you…you…you’re thinking of this place [this “Bailey Building and Loan”–Ed.] all wrong. As if I had the money back in a safe. The money’s not here. Your money’s in Joe’s house…(to one of the men) …right next to yours. And in the Kennedy house, and Mrs. Macklin’s house, and a hundred others. Why, you’re lending them the money to build, and then, they’re going to pay it back to you as best they can.[?] Now what are you going to do? Foreclose on them?


*  *  *  *  *

Again, honest Gentile banks or “Savings and Loans” don’t pretend to loan you money they don’t even possess, and then demand the entire alleged “principal” (plus “interest”) from you in return (for their nothing).

For this is the case with “commercial” banks. These are “jewish” banks. And they are fraudulent. When they loan money, they don’t really loan money. They merely loan you “checkbook money” or “credit.” That means no money at all. And so “commercial banking” is all based upon the “jewish” deceit and pretension that they are loaning you real money. But they’re not.

As recently publicly admitted by the American president in “Obama to the Rescue?” above, these “commercial” banksters lend an ignorant public up to ten times  “credit” or “credit money” than all the actual money that they have (hold, own or possess) to lend. And in return for this nothing which they “lend,” they demand real and true money, plus usury, from all their alleged “debtors.”

“Commercial banking” (money-lending or usury) is “jewish” scam. They lend us Gentiles absolutely nothing, a specified amount of nothing called “credit”— specified amount of completely imaginary money which they call “credit.” And yet they demand that exact specified amount back from their “borrowers” and alleged debtors in real money, plus real money “interest” or usury!

And all because we Gentiles believe, trust and “credit” these “jews” with loaning us real and true money, we thereby condemn ourselves and our children via our false faith, our false creed and our false belief. (But that false creed or religion is really “jewish.”) For we are “jew”-deceived and “jew”–defrauded. And so our Gentile faith and credit is thus woefully misplaced in this demonic spawn of their father of lies, slanders, tricks and murders. (John 8:44) For we are trusting the untrustworthy. We are trusting monetary frauds and usurious thieves. We are trusting “credit” counterfeiters and “lenders.” So it’s no wonder we are cheated every time and with every “loan.”

You don’t believe me? You were never taught this in your “public” or gov’t schools? You never saw this on “jew” TV? Should that surprise you?

Then consider this: If you were a sociopath pretending to lend out ten times or so more money than you actually possessed to lend to your duped borrowers/“debtors,” would you broadcast it to the world? Would you want them to know that you were cheating and defrauding them, and exactly how your were doing it? Well then, neither do these “commercial” banksters, nor their “central” “jewish” fathers, selves, brothers and/or cousins.

For money buys everything up for sale or auction. And that of course includes public offices (and hence “public officials”), broadcast licenses, and “democratic representatives” who either “grant” or withhold broadcast licenses to their purchasers or “petitioners”—who are clearly all liars by omission or commission, or else we would all know all about “central” and “commercial banking,” wouldn’t we?

*  *  *  *  *

Do you see how extremely important and consequential the money is? The money is the very foundation of the house. (Remember that “economics” means “house management.”) And so because the money is “jewish,” the house is Satanic. And that’s the American house for you; it’s “jewish”-Amerikan. And it’s not the only one in the neighborhood with a Satanic/“jewish” debt-money foundation.

And so our “democratic” managers have “managed” us Gentiles straight into Hell on earth! They have “managed” to “legislatively” and monetarily bind and deliver us Gentiles straight into the very jaws and claws of Satan and Its “chosen people.” (John 8:44) So how “representative” was (and is) that? And how “democratic” is that? Totally?

And this is the very abominable and “beastly” form of gov’t that these “democratic” demons violently crave to imperiously and mass-murderously impose upon every Gentile nation on God’s good earth! And they’re on their third World War now to make this happen!—“to make the world safe for [their imperial] democracy”—i.e. for their “beastly” debt-money. (Apo./Rev. 13:1-18 & 17:5) And they say this last World War of theirs will last forever. I.E. that their world conquest and occupation will last forever. But let’s all hope not. Let’s hope we will all withstand and outlast them all instead.

And a good way to do that is to introduce honest money and honest money-lending (usury or “banking”) into your locality, to forbid all these “jewish” abominations, and to educate the “jew”-deceived and benighted public on the vast difference between the two kinds, types and species of money. Again one leads upward to national prosperity and freedom, and the other leads downward into national debt-bondage and “jewish”-“communist” enslavement (as demonically intended).

*  *  *  *  *

(But some clueless Gentile might perhaps object: “If what you say were really true, then why is this the first time I’m hearing this? Why wouldn’t someone, if not every broadcaster, have repeatedly broadcast it to the world as a “public service announcement” etc., so that everyone would know? It’s certainly important enough!”)

Because those who control broadcasting (radio and television) don’t want the world to know. Because there is no TV but “jew” TV! (Did I not just answer that?)

For these “central” and “commercial” banksters have bought up entire Satan-damned countries via their fraudulent debt-money and their counterfeit “credit.”

And so God’s airwaves are therefore occupied “jewish” territory—as are “your” Gentile parliaments, prime ministers and presidents. For they gave or sold all these “broadcast licenses” to the “jews”—as if they were theirs to give or sell.

And so, thanks to these “democratic” demons, neither God nor the Truth has a “broadcast license.”

And so there is no “news” but “jew” “news.” For that’s “all the news that fits” their Satanic racial agenda, and the only “news” they ever allow to be broadcast, seen and heard.

And so there is no “programming” but “jew” “programming” (of us Gentiles and our children).

And so you never hear Truth on God’s airwaves, but only “jewish” falsehoods, lies and slanders.

Have you e.g. heard the one they ceaselessly tell about (and against) the Germans? Something about “gas chambers”? Who on earth hasn’t, repeatedly and ad nauseum?

*  *  *  *  *

And when was the last time you ever saw a life of Christ movie on broadcast TV around Christmas time, or Resurrection time, or any other time?—like e.g. Zeferrelli’s “Jesus of Nazareth” or Max Von Sidow’s “The Greatest Story Ever Told”? (And don’t hold you breath waiting to see Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ.”)

You can’t even remember when, it’s been so long, right? So why do you suppose that is?—if not for the very reason I’m telling you?

Is it because the Christians don’t ever want to see these films any more?—nor to allow their children to? Or is it because the “jews” don’t want the Christians (or any other Gentiles) to see these films, and because the “jews” have usurped all “broadcast licenses” for that very evil purpose, among countless others? (For the mass-media is to a nation what a mind is to its body: its spirit, its thinker, its mover, shaker and animator.)

The “jews” (via their evil and traitorous “democratic representatives”) have usurped all God’s broadcast airwaves. And they have outlawed and criminalized the use of any and all broadcast frequencies they don’t use as the “crime” of “broadcast piracy”!

(See The Political Problem for much more on this.)

And so the monopolistic “jews” don’t want you and yours to see these Christian films, or any other allegedly “anti-Semitic” films, but rather only what they themselves will “produce” and will “present” to you and yours, and nothing but, so the “jews” can thereby possess and damn your Gentile minds, bodies and souls—spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically—and hence to perpetually keep you and yours as far away from God, Salvation, Truth and Justice as their “jewish” falsehoods, lies and slanders can possibly accomplish for them!

It wasn’t enough for the “jews” to racially monopolize the money. They had to monopolize all communications and politics too. And though neither should have ever been for sale, they bought the latter via the former—via their “beastly” debt-monopoly “mark” or money. (Apo./Rev. 13:11-18) But such is “jewish” “democracy” and “representative government.”

And so the “jews” and their “democratic representatives” don’t need to fool and deceive all of the Gentiles all of the time, but merely most of them around election time.

*  *  *  *  *

It’s not that the Truth is never, ever spoken nor published. (See “‘Commercial’ ‘Banking’: Still Hiding in Plain Sight” above.) It’s just that It’s so seldom spoken, heard, published and read in comparison with all the “jewish” falsehoods, lies and slanders. (And again It’s never broadcast.)

(And yet countless Americans saw and heard the American president on April 14, 2009, didn’t they? The “jewish” TV networks didn’t censor his live speech. But perhaps the public didn’t understanding the meaning or significance of his few and fleeting words on the subject of “commercial credit.” Again, I explained them above.)

If you heard or read the very same thing repeated by a hundred apparently different sources, and the contrary only one time from only one source, then which story and which party would you believe?—the one or the many?—the many or the lone dissenter?—who somehow slipped past the monopolistic and censorious “iron curtain” of “jewish” broadcasting and publication? (Take e.g. their endlessly repeated stories about German “gas chambers.”)

(“But how could these stories about German gas chambers possibly be false? For I’ve seen, heard and read nothing else but, since I was a very young child”?)

Easy, by controlling all communication, by “managing” all the “programming.”


By buying everything—and especially the government!

(“But how? How is that possible? How could one single racial minority, faction or party accumulate so much money?”)

Easy, by creating, manufacturing or printing it. It’s only paper. And they call it “banking,” “central banking.” (See above and below.)

Smarten up, fellow Gentile—(of whatever race, nation, God or religion)—before it’s too late!

*  *  *  *  *

The “Central” Banksters, the US President and the US Congress move to Destroy the very last Outpost and Vestige of Honest Money and Honest Money-Lending (or “Banking”) in America (1980)

In their deceitful parlance, language and terminology, the “central” and “commercial” banksters and all their political “representatives,” call their fraudulent and thieving money-lending businesses “banks,” and all honest money-lending businesses “thrifts.”

In this way they seek to conceal the real and true distinction between them: that “Savings and Loans” (or “thrifts”) are honest banks and money-lenders, while “central” and “commercial” banks are of course not.

For their very language is intended to deceive. It is the language of “jews,” thieves, frauds, tricksters, “con men,” lawyers, politicians, robbers and extortionists.

*  *  *  *  *

To save your money (instead of spending your money) is to be “thrifty.” And so banks wherein real and true money is kept, “saved” or “safe-kept” are called “thrifts” by the “commercial” banksters—i.e. those who pretend to lend such real and true money (as “thrifts”), but who don’t—and hence are therefore monetary liars, frauds, counterfeiters, thieves and extortionists.

*  *  *  *  *

Was this below the “legislative” end of “Thrifts,” “Savings’ banks,” “Savings & Loans,” “Buildings & Loans, “Mutual Savings banks,” “Credit unions,” and/or “Community” banks?

Must all “Savings & Loans” then, now and forever become “commercial” banks?—via this  presidential and congressional “legislation” which they called their “Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act”?

You be the judge.

*  *  *  *  *

From Economics by C.R. McConnell and S.L. Brue; 1990, 11th edition; Ch. 15, “Money and Banking”:


In 1980 [under president Carter’s watch–Ed.], the Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act [DIDMCA–Ed.], authorized all depository institutions to provide checkable deposits…. [Note: “Authorized” is not “commanded” nor “ordered,” but merely “allowed” or “permitted.”–Ed.] In 1986, all interest rate ceilings and minimum balance requirements on these accounts were eliminated. The result of all this is that the earlier distinction between commercial bank checking accounts (demand deposits) and the savings deposits of thrift institutions has been virtually erased. While a decade and a half ago it was appropriate to define money as “currency [i.e. paper-money–Ed.] plus the demand deposits of commercial banks” [i.e. all “credit”–Ed.], that definition must read “currency plus all checkable deposits”. [p. 282]


Although it is clearly impossible to “deposit” something that doesn’t exist, these “checkable deposits are “deposits” of “credit” “created” and “loaned” out by both “commercial banks” and “thrifts.” For “that…earlier distinction…has been virtually erased.”

*  *  *

And from McConnell and Brue’s Economics’ Glossary:

Currency: “Coins and Paper money.”

Thrift institution: “A Savings and loan association, Mutual savings bank, or credit union.”

Depository institution: “A Firm that accepts the deposits of Money of the public (businesses and persons); Commercial banks, Savings and loan associations, Mutual sackings banks, and Credit unions.”

*  *  *

Yes, depositary institutions” by definition accept deposits (i.e. money from the public). But if they are “commercial banks” they also “create” “credit” “deposits.” I.E. they “create” false, fraudulent and non-existent money (called “credit”), which they pretend to “deposit” in their bank, whenever they pretend to lend that “credit” out to someone. (This again is a “jewish” perversion of the word “deposit.”)

And again a “checkable deposit” is the “credit money” or “bank checkbook money” multiply based upon the fraction (or “fractional reserve”) of real and true money or “currency” held by the bank—and upon or against which the “commercial” borrower writes checks.

And “A checkable deposit is merely a bookkeeping entry.” (p. 284)


DIDMCA permitted all depository institutions to offer checkable deposits. But in extending the privilege of offering checkable deposits to the thrifts, DIDMCA requires in turn that the thrifts be subject to the same [“reserve ratio”–Ed.] limitations upon the creation of checkable deposits as apply to commercial banks. [p. 292]


This means that the monetary fraud and theft is “centrally” limited by a “centrally” dictated multiple. The fraudulent “creation” of “checkable deposits” or “bank checkbook money” loaned out to borrowers may only be up to so many (“centrally” dictated) times the amount of actual money or “currency” possessed by the “commercial” banksters/lenders and “credit” counterfeiters. And this relation between a “bank’s” “central” paper-money and its “commercial” “credit” multiple is called its “reserve ratio.”

And so these “central” “limitations” (on “commercial” “credit” counterfeiture and usury) are called “reserve requirements”:


DIDMCA expanded the lending authority of the thrifts so the S & Ls and mutual savings banks can now make consumer and business loans [i.e. create “credit” and “lend” out “checkable deposits”–Ed.]. DIDMCA has also made the S & Ls and other depositary institutions subject to monetary control of the Federal Reserve System [i.e. “jewish”-Amerika’s “central” banksters—corporately masked and anonymous, and hence legally immune, irresponsible, unanswerable and unliable–Ed.]. In particular, the thrifts now must meet the same reserve requirements as commercial banks, and the thrifts now can borrow from the Fed. [p. 296]


Again, this was merely the latest variation on the old, fraudulent and thieving “jewish” theme of “fractional reserve banking.” Only the “fraction,” “base” or “fractional base” for the multiple “commercial” counterfeiture has been changed. Formerly this “fraction” or “reserve” was gold; and its “credit” multiple was “paper-gold.” But now, since 1913, this “fraction” or “reserve” is mere paper-money (“central” debt-paper monopoly-money); and its “credit” multiple is absolutely nothing at all. It’s not even paper. It is merely numbers written in bank-ledger books or typed into bank computer screens and hard-drives.

*  *  *  *  *

And what was the result of this obvious attempt by the US Congress and president in1980 to destroy the very last vestige of honest banking (S&L) in America?

Well, for one thing: (From “From Confrontation to Collaboration? Banks, Community Groups, and the Implementation of Community Reinvestment Agreements,” by Alex Schwartz of the New School for Social Research; published and copywrited in 1998 by the Fannie Mae Foundation (All Rights Reserved) within their Housing Policy Debate, Volume 9, Issue 3, p. 633):

the number of savings and loans declined by 52 percent and commercial banks by 30 percent from 1980 to 1995 (Avery et al. 1997), although not all of these institutions participated in mergers; many went out of business. [p. 633]


And this “DIDMCA” was (and is) part of what is euphemistically called gov’t “deregulation.”


The proliferation of CRA [“Community Reinvestment Act”–Ed.] agreements since the mid-1980s stems from several developments. One is the deregulation and [hence the consequent–Ed.] rapid restructuring and consolidation of the financial services sector, including the bank and thrift industries. Because CRA enables community groups and other organizations to challenge bank mergers and acquisitions as well as applications to expand interstate banking, the industry’s restructuring has given community groups numerous opportunities to negotiate CRA agreements. For example, the number of savings and loans declined by 52 percent and commercial banks by 30 percent from 1980 to 1995 (Avery et al. 1997), although not all of these institutions participated in mergers; many went out of business. [p. 633]


*  *  *  *  *

And so what was the presidential, congressional and bankster motive for thus “legislatively” tempting all the honest American bankers (Savings and Loans) into dishonesty “credit” counterfeiture and usury, and thus steering them all towards extinction? Did the “commercial” banksters think or fear that they were losing paper-money to these honest usurers, and thus decreasing the “fraction” or “base” of their multiple “credit” fraud, “commercial” counterfeiture and usury?



Now you might think that the “commercial” bankster would soon run out of real paper-money via all the checks (or money orders to pay so-and-so so many paper-dollars) written out by his “credit” or “checkbook money” borrowers, but the fact is that—(aside from a few honest Gentile “Savings and Loans” and “Credit Unions”)—all the other banks are also “commercial” banks perpetrating the very same monetary fraud. And so relatively little paper-money actually passes between these “commercial” banksters.…


But if that was the “commercial” banksters’ motive, I don’t believe it’s true, because, except for the “interest,” all traditional Savings and Loans lend out the very same amount of paper-money that they get back in return via “principal” repayments.

But as for the “central” bankster’s’ motive: We just read it above: “DIDMCA…made the S & Ls and other depositary institutions subject to monetary control of the Federal Reserve System.”—i.e. the anonymous, sovereign and most royal US “central” banksters.

The S & Ls used to be free. But naturally the “central” king of all American “banking” fraud, counterfeiture and usury wanted then, now and forever to be the sovereign lord of all the lesser bankster frauds and thieves—along with every other American, of course.

*  *  *  *  *

I naturally did not always know the fraudulent nature of “commercial” “credit,” and hence of the vast difference between “commercial” banks and “Savings and Loans.”

I remember in the early 1990’s when I went to a “commercial” bank in Manhattan called “Manufacturers Hanover” to cash out a NYC check in my name, simply because “Manufacturers Hanover” was the name on the city check—and hence was the city’s business bank, or one of them. I made sure to arrive with two proofs of identification, so I wouldn’t be turned away. But I was turned away anyway because “Manufacturers Hanover” said I didn’t have an account there.(?) Not knowing why they were refusing me, I politely pointed out that I was holding a “Manufacturers Hanover” check from NYC with my name on it, and hence not merely from some possibly dubious private party. But I was told that was irrelevant, that I must go to my bank to cash my “Manufacturers Hanover” check. I told them I didn’t have a bank, that I didn’t have a bank account. (I didn’t.) They told me I must go get one then in order to cash my “Manufacturers Hanover” check. And when I politely asked “Manufacturers Hanover” why they wouldn’t cash a NYC check from the city’s “Manufacturers Hanover” bank account, with my name upon it, and with my identification papers before them, they would merely say, without any further explanation, that it was their “bank policy.”

I was flabbergasted. I don’t remember if I asked them if I could open an account there (to get my check cashed), but when I went to other banks to open an account, one after another (with my two or more forms of identification), I was dismayed to be repeatedly told that I could not do so because I didn’t have a bank account elsewhere??? (Can you believe this? I was amazed. I thought I was Franz Kafka cast into a “catch 22” banking maze. Why shoulod I need a bank account elsewhere to open a bank account here or there?)

I don’t remember if I was directed there, or if simply by accident or serendipity that I walked into a “Dime Savings’ Bank” branch on Brooklyn’s Avenue J and Ocean Ave. And they at last let me open a saving’s account there.

(And by the way, I had previously opened a saving’s account at the “Bowery Savings Bank” branch across from Grand Central Station, and for that very purpose—to cash checks. But my small account of around $50 had been consumed or devoured by the bank in “fees” for the alleged infraction of being an “inactive account,” and thereby closed out, terminated, ended. They did not inform me of this. I found it out on my own. (Bummer!)

I have never heard or read of anyone else having this banking problem—much less any explanation thereof. Hence my amazement. But the only thing that makes any sense to me—(in retrospect, and now that I know the difference between honest and dishonest usury)—is that the “commercial” banks did not (and do not) want to part with any paper-money—(even when presented with their very own bank-checks from their very own depositors)—because paper-money was (and remains) their “fractional base” for their multiple “credit” counterfeiture and fraudulence—which they use to steal and extort paper-money—the very stuff they refused to hand over to me. But that of course was not their explanation, but merely, as they told me, their “bank policy.”

(Here’s my “bank policy”: No more “central” nor “commercial” usury, money-lending or “banking”! For it is all fraud, deceit, theft, extortion and/or counterfeiture! Only honest money and honest usury!)

And so there’s a reason or explanation for everything. But the darker the reason(s), the less true (or nonexistent) the explanations of Darkness for Its darkness. For Darkness is all about hiding Itself and Its deeds, and hence about giving false “explanations” whenever compelled to do so. And because Darkness will never reveal Itself and Its deeds, therefore something or someone else must. But whom or what, dear readers?

And the “Dime Savings’ Bank”—with its beautiful headquarters’ building on Fulton Street (near Flatbush Ave.) in Brooklyn—was, in the late 1990s and to my great displeasure, swallowed up by “Washington Mutual Saving’s Bank”—which was surely a pseudo-“saving’s bank” via “DIDMA”—and which recently destroyed itself, via its own greed, fraudulence and “commercial” “credit” counterfeiture, during this latest monetary/economic crisis.

And so the big bad fish thus devour the good little fish. And honest usury is thus displaced by dishonest “commercial” usury and “credit” counterfeiture, fraudulence, theft and extortion. And sure as “DIDMA” this is surely no accident.

But I, for one, would not have it so. I want honest money and honest “banking,” and nothing but. But where can anyone find such a good thing in these “United States of America”?—or elsewhere? (Bummer!)

*  *  *  *  *

And “DIDMA” also ended all “federal” “interest rate” limits. And it imperiously struck down, voided or criminalized all American state “interest rate” limits. (It clearly doesn’t pay to lose a war—“civil” or not.) Money lenders could now charge whatever usurious rates they pleased—or “whatever the market will bear”—which means the absolute most that desperate people will pay—just like any other “loan-sharking” gangster/bankster.

And this, after all, is why money-lenders are money-lenders. This is why they got into the business of money-lending in the first place. This is what really and truly “interests” them.

*  *  *

“Depository Deregulation and Monetary Control Act of 1980. Allowed institutions to charge any interest rates they chose.”—from Michelle Minton’s 2008 article on “The Community Reinvestment Act’s Harmful Legacy”

There’s more on Congressional banking “deregulation” below. But now back to by McConnell and Brue’s Economics:

*  *  *

Prior to DIDMCA…national [“federally chartered,” -licensed or -permitted American–Ed.] banks were required by law to be members [i.e. subjects–Ed.] of the Federal Reserve System, while state banks had the option of joining or being non-members.

In the 1970s the Federal Reserve System experienced a rather sharp decline in its membership. By the close of the 1970s less than 40 percent of all commercial banks belonged to the Fed [i.e. were subject to the US “central” banksters–Ed.] The primary reason for this decline was the member commercial banks were required to deep a deposit or “reserve” at the Federal Reserve Banks which does not earn interest income. The high interest rates of the 1970s [due to the high “inflation” (and hence money depreciation) rates of the 1970s–Ed.] made the opportunity cost (the foregone interest income) [not to mention the income from “credit” “creation” (counterfeiture) and “lending”—this fraudulent and larcenous “checkable deposit” income–Ed.] of membership very high. The consequence was that many [state chartered–Ed.] banks withdrew from the Federal Reserve System and therefore the ability of the Fed to control the banking system and the money supply was weakened. DIDMCA [i.e. the evil “jewish”-Amerikan Congress and president–Ed.] responded to this problem by requiring [“centrally” dictated–Ed.] reserves for all commercial banks (both state and national banks) and for all other depository institutions [like S&Ls–Ed.], whether or not they are official members of the Federal Reserve System. [And so via DIDMCA all banks became at least unofficial members or subjects of the US “central” banksters.–Ed.] The act also permits all depositary institutions to borrow from the Federal Reserve Banks and to have access to the Fed’s check-clearing facilities. [See above.–Ed.] As these legislative changes were phased in during the 1980s, the prior distinctions between member commercial banks, nonmember commercial banks, and the various thrift institutions tended to disappear. [McConnell and Brue, p. 296]


And so the “central” banksters—via their political agents: the US Congress and the president—tyrannically or “legislatively” forced the honest bankers into their fraudulent system. But they also enticed them in by permitting them to similarly cheat the public by magically making “credit” money out of absolutely nothing, “lending” it out to the public, and “legally” demanding (and receiving) real and true money (plus “interest”) in return for this nothing of theirs.

And although, along with Antell and Harris above, these authors (McConnell and Brue) likewise admit that “a checkable deposit is merely a bookkeeping entry,” they also fail to tell the truth about “central” bankster money—that it is loaned into existence—like all these “checkable deposits” of “commercial” banksters—and however many “S&Ls” or ex-S&Ls who have decided to join them in their usurious fraud, counterfeiture, thefts and extortions of all their customers.

And so once again we see that lies—(in this case, “central” bankster lies)—can and are told by both omission and commission. And this is precisely what I mean about the great lack of monetary/economic (historical, etc.) Truth in “jewish”-America, and wherever else “jews” are thus “centrally,” Satanically, “legislatively” and “democratically” enthroned.



The first point to recognize is that the major components of the money supply—paper money and checkable deposits—are debts, or promises to pay.

[Yes, but whose debt?—and whose promises to pay whom, and what?

“Central” bankster paper-money is borrowed money. It therefore represents the alleged debt which “we the people” allegedly owe our “central” “jewish” kings (plus non-existent “interest”)—just as the “credit,” the “checkbook money” or the “checkable deposits” of the “commercial” banksters, represent the debt which their borrowers allegedly owe them in real paper-money (plus “interest”).

But these authors are saying the exact opposite. They haven’t kept up with the times.

When paper-money was first introduced, it indeed was a usurer’s paper-promise or banker’s “IOU” to pay real money “to the bearer on demand”—i.e. so much gold or silver, duly purified, weighed and stamped into coins.–Ed.]

Paper money is the circulating debt of the Federal Reserve Banks.

[Again, this was true for 20 years, from 1913 (when Wilson “legislated” or “validated” them) and 1933 (when Rosenfeld repudiated them)—as paper promises to pay so much specified, purified and weighted gold and/or silver coin.–Ed.]

Checkable deposits are the debts of commercial banks and thrift institutions [since 1980’s “DIDMCA”–Ed.].

[Absolute falsehood and nonsense! The debt, as every “commercial” bankster will tell you, “belongs” only to his “credit” customers, “borrowers” or “debtors”—and especially if you’re one of them! In fact, he won’t let you and yours forget it, until he gets his money or seizes his/your “collateral.”–Ed.]

Furthermore, paper currency and checkable deposits have no intrinsic [real or actual–Ed.] value. A $5 bill is just a piece of paper [since 1933 and Rosenfeld–Ed.], and a checkable deposit is merely a bookkeeping entry. And coins, we already know, have an intrinsic [metal–Ed.] value less than their face [or governmentally dictated–Ed.] value. Nor will government redeem the paper money you hold for anything tangible [or valuable–Ed.], such as gold. [McConnell and Brue, p. 284]



If currency and checkable deposits have no intrinsic characteristics which give them value and if they are not backed by gold or other precious metals, then why are they money? What gives a $20 bill or a $100 checking account entry [into a “commercial’ bankster’s ledger or computer–Ed.] its value?….

[What else but (political) tyranny and/or our (monetary) stupidity?–Ed.]

Legal tender

Our confidence [?] in the acceptability of paper money is partly a matter of law; currency has been designated as legal tender by government. This means that paper currency [is a “crime” to refuse–Ed.] must be accepted in the payment of a debt or the creditor [usurer or money-lender–Ed.] forfeits both the privilege of changing interest and the right to sue the debtor for nonpayment. Put more bluntly, the acceptability of paper dollars in bolstered by the fact that government says these dollars are money.

[Not merely “says,” but “commands.” (See “fiat.”) And not just any paper-money, like your or my paper money, or this or that state or county’s paper-money, but the debt-paper monopoly money (the US debt-“dollars”) of the Super-Nazi “jewish” masters of this traitorous “central” puppet-gov’t of these United States.–Ed.]

The paper money in our economy is basically fiat money [commanded, coerced, involuntary money–Ed.]; it is money because the government says it is, not because of redeemability in terms of some precious metal. [And not because of any consumer choice. There is no American competition in money.–Ed.] The general acceptability of currency is also bolstered by the willingness of government to accept it in the payment of taxes and other obligations to the government [like fines, fees, etc.–Ed.]. [McConnell and Brue, p. 285]

*  *  *  *  *

Yet another gross understatement. For the elective, “democratic” “jewish”-Amerikan puppet-gov’t will accept no other money but that of its foreign, “central,” SuperNazi “jewish” bankster masters.

Again and as always, the master makes or creates the money, and his servants take or accept his money. And if that money-master be absolute, sovereign, monopolistic or “central,” then his servants, such as the US gov’t, will accept no other money than his—and will even outlaw all others, exactly kike the US gov’t. Is this all not precisely so, or do I misunderstand?

*  *  *

And by the way, this is precisely the coercive limit of my proposed honest (debt-free, ample and stable) token money—that it be officially/governmentally demanded and required in taxes, i.e. that no other kind or species of money be officially accepted in the payment of any and all gov’t taxes, fines, fees, “obligations,” etc. For, aside from its total honesty, integrity and trustworthiness—so long as this money absolutely keeps its value—this also makes this (tax) token money valuable, desirable, necessary. For every citizen must acquire it to pay his taxes—or else must lose or forfeit his property or freedom. For such is the “legalized” robbery that is “taxation.” (See The Monetary/Economic Problem (and Honest Money Solution)

*  *  *

But aside from this, a free citizenry should be free to accept and to use (and even to create) whatever money they may choose—as their medium(s) of exchange, their store(s) of value and their standard(s) of value.

They’re their values, right? So why in Hell shouldn’t they be free to choose whatever “stores of value” they may choose?—to best insure these values of theirs?

And obviously they’re going to want, to choose and/or to create a money that keeps its value over time. I mean, who wouldn’t?—besides banksters, money “speculators,” and all their evil “representatives,” politicians, “democrats” and “republicans”?

And who but a monetary thief or robber could or would ever insist otherwise?—that the citizenry be tyrannically, “legislatively” or “democratically” forced to unwillingly and involuntarily accept and use his money instead of their own choice—and only his money instead of any other?—and hence that all citizens should thereby become his subjects—the monetary/political subjects of his monopoly money crown, throne, scepter, “royalty,” sovereign power or “authority”?

(And again this US monopoly debt-“dollar” is neither a store nor a standard of value. For the longer you keep it, the more you lose of it, as this non-“store” of value is mysteriously shrunken down into nothingness by the “central” money thieves who create or “issue,” lend and control it, and by all the “commercial” thieves who “create” and “lend” their “credit money” in fraudulent, thieving and extortionate exchange for it. (Bummer!)

And again, what kind or species of gov’t would ever command, decree, dictate or “legislative” a monopoly money? What kind or species of gov’t would make it a “crime” not to accept and to use their money, and only their money—or the money of their “central” “jewish” masters?

And the answer is clearly and obviously a “jewish” gov’t, a predatory gov’t, an evil gov’t. Certainly not a Gentile gov’t—and certainly not a good, benevolent, honest nor trustworthy gov’t. For a debt-money simply must be a “legal” or tyrannical monopoly money. For otherwise the public simply wouldn’t use it, but would clearly prefer an honest, ample and stable money that kept its value instead. For to use such an evil “jewish” money is to be publicly entrapped by it via these multiply unpayable “public debts,” and/or into these bottomless pits of “national” Gentile indebtedness? And who would want that?—besides these “central” (and super-national) “jewish” debt-money lenders, their evil, traitorous, anti-Gentile puppet gov’ts, and their Jewnighted Nations’ Organization?

But if, when and wherever a money is truly good, honest and trustworthy, then there is absolutely no (evil) need to force or compel people to use it. They’d be fools not to use it—in their mad preference for some lesser, less honest, less trustworthy money—or even for some completely evil or “jewish” money like “jewish”-Amerika’s “beastly” or imperial debt-token “dollar.” But they’d be free to be such monetary fools.

Like any other superior product or service, there is no (evil) need to force people to buy it. If you are good, and especially if you are the best, then people will come to you freely or voluntarily, if they are wise and have eyes. But he who is evil or predatory must deceive, trick or force people into becoming his victims.

But all monopoly money is evil money. All monopoly money is predatory money. All coerced, dictated, involuntary, “legislated,” commanded or “fiat” money is both evil and predatory. For if it weren’t, it wouldn’t be coercive, would it?

*  *  *  *  *

(“I don’t know. But what a hypocrite you are! For didn’t you just say that you would force the citizenry to accept your money?”)

No, I said that I would force them to pay their state or county treasurer in “my” honest (debt-free, ample, stable token) money. And therefore they’d be forced to acquire enough of it to pay him. But otherwise they’d be free to use buttons or acorns for money if they mutually wanted to. (And it only “takes two to tango,” right?)

For “my” honest money is not a monopoly money. (And no honest money can be. For coercion and predation are one.) And so long as it remained honest, and so long as the citizenry could not themselves create a more honest and more trustworthy money, then I suppose it would be in their selfish “interest” to use “my money” for other debts and other exchanges as well as for taxes. (And that, again, is my monetary, economic and political hope and intention—to create an honest money.) But they would naturally remain free not to do so. If they can create a more honest money, then let them use it. But if they can eventually see that “my” money keeps its value over time, and is therefore trustworthy, and more trustworthy than whatever money(s) they’re using, then why wouldn’t they use “mine” so long as it remained so? They’d be monetary/economic fools not to, wouldn’t they? But then that’s what they are today, aren’t they?

*  *  *  *  *

And so what kind or species of money do (or must) you use, dear readers?

A monopoly money? A debt-monopoly money? A debt-token monopoly-money?

Then why not create and use an honest (debt-free, ample and stable) token money for yourselves, your children and your posterity instead?

(Because it would be a “crime” and would make you a “criminal” to ever do so?)

But surely it must be your state, your gov’t or your “legislature” which is “criminal”—or rather evil, predatory, malevolent.

*  *  *  *  *

So why not do you and yours a favor at last?—all for the meager cost of coining (and distributing) your very own honest county or country coins—which keep their value over time, and over generations, and hence are trustworthy, for just so long as they continue to do so, and not a moment longer! For honest money is as honest money does.

(Can I get a political, monetary and economic “Amen”?)

*  *  *  *  *

Obama to the Rescue (II)?

And finally, from a June 17, 2009 speech by US president Barak Obama entitled, “Remarks by the President on 21st Century Financial Regulatory Reform,”

(Note: A “regulator” is an official of the US gov’t or of the US “central” bank. And the latter is clearly lord and master of the former.)

His pseudo-majesty, US president Obama:


We’ve seen that structural deficiencies allow some companies to shop for the regulator [and certainly the “credit-rating agency”–Ed.] of their choice—and others, like hedge funds, to operate outside of the regulatory system altogether. We’ve seen the development of financial instruments, like many derivatives [“mortgage-backed securities” e.g.–Ed.], that are so complex as to defy efforts to assess their actual value. And we’ve seen a system that allowed lenders to profit by providing loans to borrowers who would never repay, because the lender offloaded the loan and the consequences to somebody else.

[This was (and is) called “securitization.” (See below.) And it was and is completely legal. And it is OK, fine and dandy with Obama and the US Congress.

And again this is precisely how the “commercial” “credit” “lenders” were subtly permitted to further minimize their “capital reserve ratio”—or “fraction” of actual US paper-money—in relation to their fraudulent multiples of their completely unreal, phony, imaginary and counterfeit “credit.”

And so this “securitization” was precisely how the US “commercial” banksters created, blew up or inflated their all-too-big “credit bubble” with a much tinier “fraction” or ratio of “central” US paper-money (to their “commercial” “credit”)—and thereby made it that much more impossible for their “credit” borrowers/debtors to ever find or earn enough real US paper-money to ever “repay” these “commercial” banksters (their “credit loan” “principals” plus “interest”)—or to “repay” whoever these “credit” counterfeiters and fraudulent usurers sold their “mortgage-backed securities” to.

In other words this “securitization” was precisely how the US “commercial” banksters created, blew up or inflated their all-too-big “credit bubble” into a much higher and greater multiple of “credit” than would otherwise have been possible—and hence a “multiplier effect” far higher and greater than the factor of 8 or 10 which Obama mentioned above.

(How much higher? I don’t know? I’m asking.)

And so “securitization” is indeed “a multiplier effect that can ultimately lead to a faster pace of economic” disaster! And “That’s why we have to fix the banks.”

But this Obama will never tell you that. Nor will he ever truly “fix the banks.” He will merely pretend to—even while further empowering them over us Gentiles.

For “to fix the banks” one must fix the money, as well as all the usury. And this Obama is an secret agent and servant of “jewish” money and “jewish” usury. (Just look at his presidential monetary/economic appointees. Duh?)

And therefore, rather than justly placing this “commercial” bankster “credit” blame squarely where it belongs, upon the US “commercial” banksters, and hence upon the US gov’t which authorizes or “legalizes” this “commercial” banksterism, what does this Obama do? He “federally” outlaws, de-permits, de-“charters” or de-authorizes the very last vestige of honest money-lending or “banking” in America!!

(So where do they get these people? Goldman Sachs?)

And again these honest banks are called “Savings and Loans,” “Buildings and Loans,” “Mutual Savings Banks,” “Credit Unions” or simply “Thrifts.” (See above.) And they don’t fraudulently pretend to create and lend that fictional money which “commercial” banksters call “credit.” “Thrifts” lend only real and true money, which depositors have truly deposited with them and entrusted to them for that very purpose. (See George Bailey’s speech above.)

And so here Obama wants to “federally” destroy or “decharter” all “thrifts,” and by-all-but slanderously blaming and scapegoating them for the “commercial” banksters’ “credit boom” or “housing boom,” and their consequent and inevitable “credit-bust,” “credit-crisis” and/or “credit-crunch.”

(And if you doubt this, then simply reread the presidential sentence before and after this long editorial interruption and commentary: “we’ve seen a system…. And that’s why…”)–Ed.]

And that’s why, as part of these reforms, we will dismantle the Office of Thrift Supervision and close loopholes that have allowed important institutions to cherry-pick among banking rules. We will offer only one federal banking charter, regulated by a strengthened federal supervisor. We’ll raise capital [i.e. real US debt-paper-money–Ed.] requirements for all depository institutions. Hedge fund advisors will be required to register with the SEC.

*  *  *  *  *

And so once again we see that injustice, presidential or otherwise, is and must always be based upon truthlessness, falsehood, slander and lies.

(And this Obama similarly retells the “9/11” lies and slanders of his presidential predecessor, Bush II, in similarly pseudo-“justifying” their common, eternal, “democratic” and “republican” World War III against all the completely innocent Mohammedans whom they both thus presidentially slander in their demonic unison and Satanic (Amerikan) union! “Democratic” or “republican”: What’s the difference? They’re both “jewish,” anti-Christ, anti-God and anti-Gentile!)

(And that’s why freedom of speech or expression is so vitally important everywhere and at all times. For otherwise such Satanic “jewish” lies and slanders thus live unchallenged, uncontested and perpetually enthroned. Have you heard the ones the “jews” and their demonic “representatives” tell against the Germans? Who hasn’t, right?)

*  *  *  *  *

So let’s review, shall we? First comes the US (presidential and Congressional) permission for honest usurers, money-lenders or “bankers” to exist. And then one day it thus presidentially goes away!

Do you see how that works? First “uncle” Satan “permits” you to exist. And then later “uncle” Satan simply ceases to!

(And It/they do the very same thing with guns, the “second amendment,” and the US constitution in general. There is also e.g. no constitutional freedom of assembly (“first amendment”) in Bloomberg’s Jew York City. It’s a “crime”—the “crime” of “unlawful assembly.”)

First “uncle” Satan (via DIDMCA in 1980) “legislatively” permits S&L or “thrifts” to become “commercial banks,” to “create” and “lend” “credit,” and hence to destroy themselves and to become subject to the US “central” banksters.

And now, almost 30 years later, 30 years after DIDMCA, are there so few honest banks and usurers left in “jewish”- or anti-Christ America that “uncle” Satan (via Obama) can now and forever thus disregard their existence altogether? Heaven forbid!

*  *  *

It should be mentioned that at least some American states still allow or permit some S&Ls or “thrifts”—(and hence honest money-lending, usury or “banking”)—to exist within their borders.

But all honest money has of course been banished from America (by all US presidents and Congresses) since 1913.

And so some “thrifts” will still exist in America despite these malevolent intentions of president Obama and his “jewish” god, Satan the Devil, and It’s demonic, Satanic, anti-Christ or “jewish” sinagog. (John 8:44; Apo./Rev. 2:9 & 3:9)

But what else can we expect from this far-too-long line of presidential sociopaths who tyrannically or “legislatively” “gave” us both “central” and “commercial” “banking,” usury or money-lending?—and hence this US monopoly debt-“dollar” and this “commercial” “credit”?

*  *  *  *  *

And so this Obama reminds me of the antagonistic “commercial” bankster, Mr. Potter, in Frank Kapra’s movie/photoplay, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” 1946, whose screenplay was written by one Philip Van Doren Stern, based on the his story “The Greatest Gift.”

Potter wants to destroy the one and only honest-money lending bank in Bedford Falls, the “Bailey Building and Loan.” And Potter sits like a patient spider on its board of directors for that very purpose. Let’s listen in:


DR. CAMPBELL [chairman of the directors of the “Bailey Building and Loan” of Bedford Falls–Ed.]: Now we come to the real purpose of this meeting––to appoint a successor to our dear friend, Peter Bailey [father or George, brother of Billy, and co-founder (with Billy) and recently deceased executive officer of the “Bailey Building and Loan”–Ed.].

POTTER: Mr. Chairman, I’d like to get to my real purpose.

MAN: Wait just a minute now.

POTTER: Wait for what? I claim this institution is not necessary to this town. Therefore, Mr. Chairman, I make a motion to dissolve this institution and turn its assets and liabilities over to the receiver.

UNCLE BILLY (angrily): George, you hear what that buzzard…

LAWYER: Mr. Chairman, it’s too soon after Peter Bailey’s death to discuss chloroforming [or burying–Ed.] the Building and Loan.

MAN: Peter Bailey died three months ago. I second Mr. Potter’s motion.

DR. CAMPBELL: Very well. In that case I’ll ask the two executive officers [George and Uncle Billy Bailey–Ed.] to withdraw.

(Dr. Campbell rises from his seat. George and Uncle Billy start to collect their papers and leave the table.)

DR. CAMPBELL (continued): But before you go, I’m sure the whole board wishes to express its deep sorrow at the passing of Peter Bailey.

GEORGE: Thank you very much.

DR. CAMPBELL: It was his faith and devotion that are responsible for this organization.

POTTER: I’ll go further than that. I’ll say that to the public Peter Bailey was the Building and Loan.

(Everyone looks at him surprised.)

UNCLE BILLY: (trying to control himself): Oh, that’s fine, Potter, coming from you, considering that you probably drove him to his grave.

POTTER: Peter Bailey was not a business man. That’s what killed him. Oh, I don’t mean any disrespect to him, God rest his soul. He was a man of high ideals, so-called, but ideals without common sense can ruin this town.

(picking up papers from table) Now, you take this loan here to Ernie Bishop… You know, that fellow that sits around all day on his brains in his taxi. You know… I happen to know the bank [of Potter–Ed.] turned down this loan, but he comes here and we’re building him a house worth five thousand dollars. Why?

(George is at the door of the office, holding his coat and papers, ready to leave.)

GEORGE: Well, I handled that, Mr. Potter. You have all the papers there. His salary, insurance. I can personally vouch for his character.

POTTER (sarcastically): A friend of yours?

GEORGE: Yes, sir.

POTTER: You see, if you shoot pool with some employee here, you can come and borrow money. What does that get us? A discontented, lazy rabble instead of a thrifty working class. And all because a few starry-eyed dreamers like Peter Bailey stir them up and fill their heads with a lot of impossible ideas. Now, I say…

(George puts down his coat and comes around to the table, incensed by what Potter is saying about his father.)

GEORGE: Just a minute––just a minute. Now, hold on, Mr. Potter. You’re right when you say my father was no business man. I know that. Why he ever started this cheap, penny-ante Building and Loan, I’ll never know.

[That’s not entirely true. For earlier in the photoplay we hear the old man say to his son George, whom he had asked to once again come to work for him, and was rebuffed: “You know, George, I feel that in a small way we are doing something important. Satisfying a fundamental urge. It’s deep in the race for a man to want his own roof and walls and fireplace, and we’re helping him get those things in our shabby little office.”—as George had referred to it.–Ed.]

But neither you nor anybody else can say anything against his character, because his whole life was…. Why, in the twenty-five years since he and Uncle Billy started this thing, he never once thought of himself. Isn’t that right, Uncle Billy? He didn’t save enough money to send Harry to school, let alone me.

But he did help a few people get out of your slums, Mr. Potter. And what’s wrong with that? Why…. Here, you’re all businessmen here. Doesn’t it make them better citizens? Doesn’t it make them better customers? You…you said… What’d you say just a minute ago?…They had to wait and save their money before they even ought to think of a decent home. Wait! Wait for what? Until their children grow up and leave them? Until they’re so old and broken-down that they… Do you know how long it takes a working man to save five thousand dollars? Just remember this, Mr. Potter, that this rabble you’re talking about…they do most of the working and paying  and living and dying in this community. Well, is it too much to have them work and pay and live and die in a couple of decent rooms and a bath?

Anyway, my father didn’t think so. People were human beings to him, but to you, a  warped, frustrated old man, they’re cattle. Well, in my book he died a much richer man than you’ll ever be!

POTTER: I’m not interested in your book. I’m talking about the Building and Loan.

GEORGE: I know very well what you’re talking about. You’re talking about something you can’t get your fingers on, and it’s galling you. That’s what you’re talking about, I know.

(to the Board) Well, I’ve said too much. I… You’re the Board here. You do what you want with this thing. Just one thing more, though. This town needs this measly one-horse institution if only to have some place where people can come without crawling to Potter. Come on, Uncle Billy!

(George leaves the room, followed by the jubilant Uncle Billy. Potter’s face is grim with hatred. The “frustrated old man” remark was gall in his veins.)

POTTER: Sentimental hogwash! I want my motion…

(He is interrupted by a babble of talk, as the directors take up the argument.)

*  *  *  *  *

“Buildings and Loans” should never be “executively,” presidentially nor congressionally destroyed nor dissolved. For they are the only honest-money lending banks left in America.

It is the “central” and all the “commercial” banks which should be “executively” or presidentially destroyed, along with all their monopoly debt-money and “credit.”

And if you all elect me to be your very next US emperor, I’ll do it, so help me God. And should they oppose me, and they will, I’ll run roughshod over the God-damned United States Congress and “Supreme Court.”

Can I get and “Amen”?

(PS: And I’ll give you all honest money too. Or rather I stop anyone and everyone from stopping you from giving it to yourselves…and to your posterity.)

*  *  *  *  *

On the Close and Intimate Relationship between “Central” and “Commercial” Usury, Money-Lending or “Banking”

Indeed, the latter historically preceded the former. And the former changed the “fractional base” or “reserve” of the latter from gold to mere “central” debt-paper-money. And both are debt-moneys loaned into existence and circulation. And both, of course, are entirely “jewish,” and completely fraudulent.

For all fruit is and must be of its tree. (Matt. 7:15-20) And this is all “jewish” theft via “jewish” money.

And therefore always insist on Gentile money, and therefore (always insist) on Gentile governments, Gentile “legislatures” and Gentile laws or dictates—if you cannot or will not govern yourselves, and which I highly recommend.

*  *  *  *  *

And believe it or not, sometimes the US “central” banksters merely lend their “credit” instead of their “central” monopoly debt-paper-money. (So what’s the difference between “commercial” bank “credit” and “central” bank “credit”? Absolutely nothing, except for the “creditor.”) But they can’t do that all the time or we the people would shortly run out of money—via it all going back down the “central” drain to the “central” banksters in “principal” and “interest” payments.

And here’s the proof:

From a “jewish”-Amerikan network (CBS) TV interview (and propaganda piece): “Ben Bernanke’s Greatest Challenge: Fed Chairman Discusses Recession, Financial Rescues And Recovery In Wide-Ranging 60 Minutes Interview,” with “correspondent” Scott Pelley, CBS TV, March 15 & June 4, 2009:


…. In the midst of the crisis, Bernanke had freedom to act immediately—he doesn’t need permission from Congress or the president. [Such is the supreme power or “authority” of money- or monetary-creation. And if we the people did it we’d be jailed as “counterfeiters.”–Ed.] While they debated on Capitol Hill, Bernanke cut interest rates nearly to zero; then he used Depression-era emergency powers to launch a dozen rescue programs of his own. There was support for money market funds, mortgages, short term lending to small business, and support for auto loans, student loans and small business loans—commitments of a trillion dollars, doubling the size of the Fed’s balance sheet.

Asked if it’s tax money the Fed is spending [or rather lending–Ed.], Bernanke said, “It’s not tax money. The banks have accounts with the Fed, much the same way that you have an account in a commercial bank.

So, to lend to a [“central” “member”–Ed.] bank, we [US “central” banksters–Ed.] simply use the computer to mark up the size of the account [i.e. the debt or “debit account”–Ed.] that they [that “member bank”–Ed.] have with the Fed. It’s much more akin to printing money than it is to borrowing.”


It’s both: This “central” bankster “credit” is thus “created” and “lent” to their “member banks.” And this “central” bankster act “akin to printing money” is in fact identical to and indistinguishable from the “commercial” banksters’ “creation” of “credit.”

And so yes, for the “central” and “commercial” bankster-lenders, “It’s much more akin to printing money than it is to borrowing,” since they lend nothing at all—as Bernanke just now acknowledged, confessed, admitted.

They simply type numbers (of “dollars”) into their computers—and “poof!”—that precise amount of money has thus been “centrally” created and lent. Just like magic, huh? No wonder they call it “credit.” For without faith, Satanic faith in these “jews” and their tricks, lies, and “credit money,” no one could ever possibly believe in it or them. And why should they? And surely only dupes and fools ever did.

And before computers, the “central” banksters and their “commercial” brothers or selves used to write numbers (of “dollars”) into their usurer record books or bank “ledger” books. And they demand(ed) all that imaginary money be paid “back” to them in real money, plus “interest.”

But not for their “central” and “commercial” borrowers or debtors is it “much more akin to printing money than it is to borrowing,” since they must pay back that thing called “principal” in real and true money—(i.e. the entire amount the “central” (and “commercial”) banksters have thus pretended to lend)—plus all their “centrally” (and “commercially”) demanded “interest” or usury.

And so “central” money-lending is indeed akin to “commercial” money-lending. The latter in fact historically preceded the former. And both are of course “jewish” frauds and thefts. Both demand actual money (plus “interest) in return, but sometimes—(not always, as Bernanke just admitted)—the “central” bankster lends out actual paper-money, of which he is the only or monopoly source, and which he buys from the US Treasury for 4¢ a piece or “dollar bill”—no matter how many zeroes are printed upon it.

CBS (continuing):


“You’ve been printing money?” Pelley asked.

“Well, effectively,” Bernanke said.

[The money he’s “effectively” printing (and lending) is called “credit,” exactly like the “commercial” banksters do, as Bernanke just acknowledged or admitted above.–Ed.]

“And we need to do that, because our economy is very weak and inflation is very low. [And so a “weak economy” means a shortage of money. Or a shortage of money causes a “weak economy.” And so the question becomes: How do you have a state or economy without any such periodical shortage of money? Or what kind or species of money is always ample or sufficient “for all debts public and private”? (See above for answer, if you don’t already know.)–Ed.] When the economy begins to recover, that will be the time that we need to unwind those programs, raise interest rates, reduce the money supply, and make sure that we have a recovery that does not involve inflation.”


And so the problem, according to Bernanke, is “deflation” or money-scarcity. He’s claiming there’s presently not enough money or “credit” in the American economy. (See the current $1.8 trillion chart above and below.)

But truckloads of debtors’ money are indeed presently being paid into the vaults and coffers of the “commercial” banksters in order to avoid “credit” loan default, foreclosure and property seizure. And these banksters are not presently lending it back out, nor even “creditizing” it.

And methinks this is happening for at least two big reasons: 1.) In order to resupply their recently depleted or very low paper-money supplies or “capital ratios.” And so there’s a deep, black, bottomless “commercial” hole and paper-money pit.

And/or 2.) In order to thereby greatly decrease or “deflate” the US money-supply; decrease prices; make it difficult or impossible for their “credit” “debtors” to ever repay them in this scarce US paper-money, and hence to “foreclose” and seize their pledged, mortgaged or collateralized properties; and in general to thus buy up a monetarily depleted, parched or “depressed” America for “10¢ [or so] on the dollar.” (See their “great [‘central’ and ‘commercial’] depression.”)

But with honest (debt-free, ample and stable token) money you always have the two political/congressional “mandates” mentioned below: full employment without money “inflation” (and hence money depreciation)—or rather you never suffer any unemployment, inactivity nor non-productivity due to any lack of money, because there never is any such lack. (For that is the meaning and definition of “ample” or “sufficient.”) Nor is there ever any money value depreciation or decline. (For that is the meaning of “stable.”)

But how could any honest and trustworthy money ever possibly lose its value or depreciate?—unless it first became dishonest and untrustworthy? For such stability is the very essence, condition and definition of monetary honestly and trustworthiness or “creditworthiness”—and its very “jewish” antithesis, opposite, enemy and destroyer.

CBS (continuing):


He’s not kidding about printing money: the Fed issues [i.e. loans–Ed.] U.S. currency, which is why it says “Federal Reserve Note” on all the bills in your wallet.

[Hence this “central” US monopoly debt-money.–Ed.]

The Treasury Department’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing is just a few blocks from Bernanke’s office.

[This is the US “central” banksters’ money-printing shop or vender, which prints up the “central” banksters’ US “dollar” “notes” for 4¢ a piece (as reported on an earlier “60 minutes” “report”)—no matter how many zeroes are printed on them.

So how’d you like to get that deal for yourself?—which every US Congress and president since Wilson (1913) have given to these (corporately masked, anonymous, immune and unliable) US “central” banksters?

Note well the US Treasury seal on the right-front-side of every US “Federal Reserve [debt-‘dollar’] Note,” along with the signatures of two US Treasury officials: the Secretary of the Treasury (bottom right) and the Treasurer of the United States (bottom left).

And so we clearly see that the US servant (Treasurer, president, Congress, citizenry) makes this US money (for 4¢ a piece), and the US master takes this US money (for 4¢ a piece).

So which would you rather be?

And me? (Neither. I’d rather make my very own debt-free public money.)–Ed.]

The Fed’s [1913–Ed.] mandate from Congress is to put enough money in the system for maximum employment, but not so much that it sets off inflation.

*  *  *  *  *

That last CBS statement leaves much to be desired. For much more is unsaid and concealed than said or revealed.

This “inflation” (or increase in the US money supply) means that the US money supply is constantly inconstant, changing, variable—like water in a kitchen sink with the “central” faucet on, or the “central” drain open, or both. Can you picture that?

And this “central” US debt-monopoly-money is entirely antithetical to an honest money, which is and must stable or constant in its amount or volume, and therefore in its value or “purchasing power.” (For the latter is a function, consequence and result of the former—via the natural economic law of [money] supply and demand.”)

And honest token-money is also ample and debt-free. “Debt-free” means it is not loaned into existence—like “central” paper-money and “commercial” “credit.” And “ample” means there’s enough of it for “maximum employment” or full economic, productive and commercial activity. And any small alteration or adjustment in this ample honest money supply is due merely to an increase or decease in the population—as periodically discovered and publicly reported via a public head-count or census—with so many honest tokens for each and every resident. This is the general money need or “demand”—which the honest public money supply precisely supplies without any other addition, subtraction or variation.

And so this honest money-water level never really changes. It is constant. It is stable. It never really rises nor falls—and neither therefore does the honest money’s value. And this constant value (or “purchasing power”) is precisely what makes the money honest, trustworthy and valuable, And so a “stable” money means there’s never any “inflation” (increase) nor “deflation” (decrease) in the supply of money—which is precisely correlated to the population.

*  *  *

(And therefore no money must never be allowed to depart, leave or exit this realm of honest money—of this honest money realm. For that would naturally amount to money reduction or “deflation.” And so departing foreigners must by law exchange their honest domestic money before departure. And foreigners or foreign states must by law leave their domestic money with the honest-money state-bank or treasurer.

And the same goes for any and all county trade-deficits with foreign states or counties: These foreign surpluses in county money must be kept on account in the county treasury; to be converted, if at all possible, by the county treasurer into foreign money(s) desirable or acceptable to that foreign state; or else to be eventually used for further foreign purchases of county goods and services.)

*  *  *

But a debt-money supply is naturally, characteristically and unavoidably inconstant, unstable and variable; and so therefore is its value. As both shown and explained above, a debt-money always loses its value over time! It may be “centrally” “deflated” from time to time, but its long-term certainty is to be “centrally” “inflated” into complete worthlessness.

A “central” debt-money is constantly being manipulated by its “central” creators, “issuers,” lenders via their “central” debt-money faucet (lending) and their “central” debt-money drain (“principal” and “interest” repayment demands). And manipulation is the very essence, practice and method of “speculation”—i.e. “buying low and selling high.” And since money buys everything (for sale), therefore debt-money is the ultimate “speculators’” tool or means, and debt-money manipulation is their ultimate “speculative” means or method. (Can you see that?)

*  *  *  *  *

And so what CBS blatantly and deceitfully conceals from its viewers is that all this “central” US money (and there is no other) is a debt-money, a monopoly debt-money, and all else that this “jewish” debt-money beast entails.

CBS merely tells us that this “central” “jewish” debt-money is “put…in the system”—i.e. the nation, the economy, the market-place! But they never tell us how it is “put…in the system”—as if that was irrelevant; as if that didn’t matter; as if that wasn’t a matter of public importance or “interest”; and as if that wasn’t “news”! What a gigantic CBS lie of omission!

Again, this “central” US money (and there is no other) is “put…in the system” in one way and one way only: by lending it in, by “central” bankster usury. For the US “central” bankster’s money is a debt-money, a monopoly debt-money! And therefore it is loaned into existence and circulation! And therefore, like a sink without a cork or a stopper, all that debt-money must inevitably return to its “central” origin (and “central” destination) via the gravity of all the “centrally” demanded “principal” and “interest” payments.

(Can you see that? CBS is clearly hoping you can’t, and is moving its shells or thimbles around and around to conceal this big big truth from you and yours.)

And only the “principal” ever exists (or existed). Only the “principal” is ever “centrally” loaned out—to the US gov’t, to “commercial” banks, and now even to non-banks. And yet more than “principal” is demanded in return. And this “more” is called usury or “interest.” (I could add “profit.” And that would be true, but a bit misleading. For the whole damn “principal” is profit too!)

In fact, usury alone will mathematically consume (and “centrally” return) the entire loan (“principal”) in matter of years. At 10%, 10 years. At 5%, 20 years. At 20%, 5 years. And yet this “central” “principal”-debt allegedly remains, and the “central” “interest” on it ticks away eternally.

Do you see the problem? And do you not think the “central” bankster sees it too?

How could he not? It’s his “beastly” and Satanic “jewish” “system”! It’s his “central” debt-, theft- and trap-money! He and his kind conceived and designed it for you and yours! And it’s his “legal” monopoly!—his “central,” “legal,” “democratic,” “republican,” Congressional and presidential US debt-monopoly-money!

And his Satanic “jewish” attitude is that if the Gentiles are too dumb, too stupid, too foolish, too gullible, too deceivable, uneducated and uninformed to understand him and his money, and hence too uninformed to prefer honest money and honest money-lending (or “banking”) instead of him and his evil “central” debt-money; and if they are too “democratically” betrayed and mislead by their (i.e. his) corrupt political system, “public servants” and anti-American “representatives,” then they therefore all deserve him and his evil “jewish” monopoly debt-money!

And this evil “jewish” spirit and predatory attitude is very much like that of humans who imagine they can do whatever evils to animals they wish to do, and are naturally inclined to do—if only they indeed can; if only they can get away with it; if the animals cannot stop them, evade them or somehow escape them and their hooks, traps, tricks, deceits, weapons and/or poisons.

(And CBS, PBS, ABC and NBC, etc., etc., etc. are definite spiritual poisons.)

In other words, the Satanic “jews” give themselves Satanic permission to do whatever evils they wish to do to us Gentiles, to murder God and conquer His worldly kingdom and everyone in it by any means necessary, and hence to enslave and own us Gentiles or “goyim” like human livestock or “cattle.” And yes, they even think of and call us Gentiles “animals.”

So that’s what the “central” banksters and their demonic kindred think of you and yours—as evidenced by their Satanic “jewish” behavior and their Satanic “jewish” bible (called Talmud”).

But what do you think? Do you and your children truly deserve these “jewish” plagues? Do you deserve this “jew” and his “beastly” monopoly debt-, theft- and trap-money? (Apo./Rev. 13:1-18) And if you and yours are uniformed of it, do you therefore deserve to be entrapped and enslaved by it?

And even if you are informed of it, and hence absolutely don’t want it, but infinitely prefer honest money and honest money-lending (“banking”) instead, do you and yours still deserve to be thus “democratically” damned, coerced, “legislated” and “represented” into “jewish” money and usury?

(Hell no! But that’s merely my opinion. For its your spirit and opinion that matters and is all-too-consequential—to and for you and yours!)

But think that question over well, because upon your answer depends your future—just as your father’s answer and his monetary and political ignorance, gullibility or cowardice damned you and yours into this “jewish” Hell on God’s good earth!

*  *  *  *  *

And so “commercial banking” is indeed very much like “central banking.” It is theft, it is counterfeiture, it is usury, and it is “jewish.” Both are “jewish” creations and thefts. For nothing of value is given, traded or lent. And yet real and true Gentile value is demanded and extorted in return. And although anti-constitutional, this is all completely “legal.” And you know why: For he who makes (or creates) the money makes (or dictates) the laws. In other words, the sovereign is the sovereign is the sovereign.

The “central” and the “commercial” bankster are of one and the same evil spirit. And I’ll bet, in many cases, the two are one and the very same “jew.”

And we could easily verify this if we could only unmask and identify these “central” bankster “jews,” who have always been corporately concealed and “legally” immune, irresponsible and unliable, and have never been investigated nor “audited” by their “central” servants, the “jew”-puppet-gov’t of the United States, nor by anyone or anything else—such as their Jewnighted Nations’ Organization. For such is their supreme or sovereign power. And it is an imperial, supernational or SuperNazi power—which we Gentiles, via a little Truth and courage, could easily take back from these “jewish” “beasts” and their debt-monopoly-money “mark.” (Apo./Rev. 13:11-18, 2:9 & 3:9)

But where on earth, dear Gentiles, can we find such Truth and courage?

*  *  *  *  *

As the Satanic “jew” is the son of his Satanic father (John 8:44), so the “commercial” bankster is the son of his “central” father. (“Like father, like son.”) For both moneys are debt-moneys, loaned into existence. And both moneys are theft-moneys, demanding real and true value for false, fictitious, fraudulent, unreal and untrue value.

Or is the “commercial” bankster the father of his “central” son? You be the judge. (See “‘Commercial Banking’ Historically Preceded ‘Central Banking’” above.)

But “commercial banking” has been significantly changed since (and by) “central banking.” For what was once “commercial” “paper-gold” money is now—(since the “royal” birth and supreme “democratic” ascension of his “central banking” majesty)—merely “credit.”

And that small “fraction” of “central” paper-money upon which the “commercial” bankster now “bases” his multiple “credit” fraud and counterfeiture upon, comes only from this monopolistic “central” bankster. And so what was once gold is now “central” monopoly debt-paper-money. And what was once the “commercial” bankster’s fraudulent and counterfeited “paper-gold,” is now his non-existent, fraudulent and counterfeited “credit.”

And all three (“commercial” “paper-gold,” “central” paper-money and “commercial” “credit”) are debt-monies loaned into existence and circulation.

And all debt-money is counterfeit-, theft- and trap-money. “Counterfeit” because the usurer creates it out of nothing. “Theft” because this counterfeit money is extortionately exchanged for real money or real value. And “trap-money” because more money (called “interest”) is demanded back than is lent. And when it is paid back—(or rather as much of it as can possibly be paid back, the remainder being this ever-ticking and ever-mounting “public debt”)—there is absolutely no money left for the public to make their deals and exchanges. Such is debt-money. And all this was visible or deducible from its very “jewish” beginning.

Can you see that? Then why can’t your “representatives” (see that)?

Because they’re blind? Because they’re stupid? Because they’re willfully blind? And because they obviously don’t “represent” you and yours?—but rather the “jews,” and their money, and their usury?—their “central” and “commercial” counterfeiture and usury?

And so, because the political problem is “jewish” “democracy” and exclusive “jewish” “representation,” the political solution is therefore Gentile republicanism or self-representation.

And because the monetary/economic problem is “jewish” debt-money, counterfeiture and usury, the monetary/economic solution is therefore honest Gentile money and usury.

And so what the Gentile public clearly need is a debt-free token money—a money that is not loaned into existence and circulation (by some evil predatory money-king, -crown or -throne), but rather is merely spent or freely distributed (given) into circulation. After all, it’s worth nothing but the paper or the cheap metal its made of. (Remember the gambling casino token analogy above.)

The public need a public money, a money created by (and therefore owned by) the public, and therefore borrowed from no one, and hence owed to no one—(plus non-existent “interest”).

So how crazy is that? To borrow worthless token money? And even to make or declare it a “central” monopoly-money?—a debt-token monopoly-money?

It’s obviously super-crazy, “democratically” crazy! It’s clearly national self-damnation!—Gentile self-damnation!—under these “central” (and “commercial”) bankster “jews”—via “jewish” “democracy” and “representation”!—which they ceaselessly crave and plot to violently, slanderously and mass-murderously impose everywhere on earth, and hence upon all Gentile nations and persons! And they’re on their third World War to do exactly that! And they say this last one of theirs will last forever. And I don’t doubt that they demonically intend it to. For such Satanic “jewish” evil, deceitfulness and malevolence never dies. (Apo./Rev. 13:1-18 & 17:5)

*  *  *  *  *


The Historical Amerikan Progression and Monetary Degeneration into “Babylon the Great Whore”

It has long been said that, “The golden rule is that he who has the gold makes the rules.” I.E. that gov’t is a purchasable and traitorous whore or prostitute.

And wasn’t it the Rothschild “beast” who said, “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.”

You know what he meant, right? That he himself would be writing or dictating the laws. That this “jew,” via his “money,” could and would control Gentile states, legislatures, presidents, prime ministers, etc.

And was Rothschild right? Is gov’t a whore? (Apo./Rev. 13:11-18 & 17:1-18)

This is certainly true of American gov’t. For that was (and remains) the American experience, and American history.

And so this whore of gov’t once required payment in gold, then merely “paper-gold,” then merely paper-money, and now merely “commercial” “credit.”

She how she (Miss Marianne Liberty) gradually fell: Her “jewish” whore-master once paid her in gold.

(“How they are paid in gold just to babble in the back room all night and waste the time. See the glory of the Royal Scam?”)

But nowadays his mere “credit” is sufficient.

But is it sufficient for the rest of us? That is the question which only we can answer.

So go ahead. His Satanic Majesty awaits your (monetary) response.

*  *  *  *  *

First there was gold—which still remains, and will always remain as long as the earth remains. And that’s precisely why men always made it money: Because it is always and forever; and hence so all their distilled labors and energies would fully remain (and not dissolve, dissipate nor disappear) until they were ready to trade or “spend” them; so they could never be monetarily cheated out of their blood, sweat and tears.

But where there’s a will to cheat or to steal, there’s often a way. And “jews” keep finding or creating these ways. For what’s clearly who and what they are—just as surely as a tree is known by its fruit—in this case rotten monetary fruit. (Matt. 7:15-20)

And so first there was gold, and bankster “jews” used to fabricate and lend out several times more “paper-gold” promises to pay gold than they had gold to lend and to pay—all the while demanding real and true gold from their Gentile borrowers/“debtors” in return, plus “interest.” For that’s precisely where their thieving “jewish” “interests” lie—in thus exchanging their “jewish” paper-promises (to pay gold) for Gentile gold. And these counterfeiting “jewish” thieves and extortionists called themselves “commercial bankers.” (See above.)

And they still remain today, but not the gold. For they have thus stolen it all. And so what was once gold is now the monopoly-debt-paper-money of “jewish” “central” banksters. And so these so-called “commercial” bankster “jews” now lend—(or rather pretend to lend)—several times more “credit” or “credit money”—(which is entirely imaginary, non-existent, fictional and hence fraudulent money)—than they have actual paper-money to lend. And yet they demand this real and true “central” paper-money in “return,” plus “interest.” (And again I am referring to this “central” “jewish” debt-paper monopoly-money.) And they’ll get it too, or they’ll “foreclose” and seize or confiscate all the Gentile “debtor’s” “collateral,” because the God-damned US Law is on their side! For there is not much law left in “jewish”-Amerika but “jewish” Law!—as predicted and explained by Lord Rothschild above! And what is Law but the sanctified or deified commands of would-be gods! To Hell with them all!

Hey, so long as Gentiles keep falling for it, “jews” are going keep doing it. And as long as Gentiles keep “crediting” them, “jews” are going to keep cheating them! It’s who and what they are: liars and thieves, frauds and cheats, tricksters, deceivers and confidence artists.

*  *  *

I’ll explain further: You might recall that the “fractional base” or “reserve” for their “paper-gold” was actual gold. And that this “paper-gold” of theirs was therefore a multiple fraud of usurious counterfeiture allegedly “based” upon their “jewish” “fraction” of actual “jewish” gold.

And you might further recall that, in 1933, their demonic “jewish” president Rosenfeld not only permitted the US “central” banksters to stop “redeeming” and “converting” their fraudulent “paper-gold” into actual gold, but that he and his Congress dictatorially, tyrannically, “legislatively” and “democratically” forced all the Gentiles to sell, trade or exchange all their gold and silver coins for the mere unbacked, goldless and therefore worthless debt-paper-money of these “central” bankster “jews”—via their collection agent (and agency), the US Treasurer (and Treasury).

(It is not known how many cowardly or “patriotically” foolish Gentile Americans actually did so, nor how much gold and silver was thereby extorted by the US gov’t for their “central” “jewish” money-masters. It remains a state secret to this day. See The Great “Jewish”-Amerikan Gold Robbery of 1933 at

But soon after they did so, soon after this “jewish” “deadline” to do so, these “central” US banksters raised their dictatorial “price” of an English ounce of pure gold from 20.67 to 35 of their bogus US paper-“dollars.” And so the Gentiles were even cheated in this way too out of their hard-earned paper-money’s “purchasing power”—by 40.94%, to be precise!

And it was not only the Gentile gold and silver submitters or surrenderers who were thereby cheated by the US gov’t and its central” money-masters. So were all the other holders, keepers or “bearers” of each and every US “central” bankster debt-“dollar—which are debt-“dollars” loaned into existence to “we the [clueless] people” via our “democratic” “representatives” and “public servants” in “Washington.”

For such is money “inflation,” “devaluation” and depreciation.

Again, an honest money keeps its value, and a dishonest money doesn’t.

So you be the judge of the US “dollar.” (And review its historical deprecation above.)

*  *  *

And furthermore, these anti-Americans and anti-Gentiles befouling America’s highest “public offices”—the US president and Congress—agreed and decreed that these US banksters would continue to enjoy their “central” debt-money monopoly over America, even though they no longer even pretended that their fraudulent paper-promises were golden, gold-backed or “good as gold”—which of course they never were.

And this termination of their golden pretension was never for Truth, Justice nor Honesty’s sake, but only because these “central” banksters could not longer maintain their golden or “paper-gold” pretension via any “central” “convertibility” or “redeem-ability” of their bogus paper-promises into gold. And so, because they forever refused to ever again “redeem” or “convert” their bogus “central” US “paper-gold” into gold, they could hardly continue to pretend it was still “paper-gold,” “good as gold,” or “backed” by gold. And so they didn’t, but only because they couldn’t.

And yet this is precisely the golden pretension of the European “central” banksters—that their Euro” is “backed” as gold—even though they have never once “redeemed” or “converted” a single “Euro.”

And the US gov’t—(president, Congress and “supreme court”)—all agreed that that eternal “specie suspension” or cessation was just OK, fine and dandy with them. And not only that, they further agreed (if not decreed) that this goldless debt-paper monopoly-money of these US “central” banksters must continue to be regarded, respected and treated by all Americans as if it were still good as gold—which again, it never was. For they agreed it would continue to be America’s monopoly-money—a debt-paper money as a monopoly-money! And no American president, Congress nor “supreme court” has ever since disagreed with them.

So what does that tell you?

It clearly tells me who the true masters of America are, were and continue to be—and that the elective US gov’t is in fact their puppet-gov’t. For the money-creation power is (and remains) king, sovereign and supreme. And all statements and pretensions to the contrary are lies, falsehoods, camouflage and “jewish”-Amerikan window-dressing.

And most Americans don’t even know they have a king—a “central” anti-Christ “jewish” king! On the contrary, they think they’re free! They imagine they’re free!

*  *  *

So who or what gave them that idea?

Who else but their anti-Christ king and his servants?

But the Americans are clearly not free enough to make and use their very own money. And they’re clearly not free enough to have or employ honest money and honest money-lending, usury or “banking.” For their anti-Christ king will not have it so. And hence this anti-Christ “beast” and his “beastly” servants will not allow them to. And there are no other US servants but his servants. (Apo./Rev. 13:1-18)

*  *  *

And the Americans imagine they’re “exceptionally” blessed! In fact, they think they’re so blessed and free that they can’t possibly stand, suffer, tolerate or allow anyone anywhere on God’s good earth to any less “free” and “blessed” than they. Or so they say.

And so the Amerikans violently crave and mass-murderously plot to make God’s entire globe as “free” and “blessed” as they—i.e. to make their “beastly” “jew”-Amerikan money-king the king of the entire world.

But that’s not how they express it—because they are demonically possessed by their anti-Christ Amerikan king, emperor or “beast.” And hence they wouldn’t know, recognize nor respect the Truth of the matter if someone wrote it all down in a book and gave it to them for free. (Apo./Rev. 13:1-18) For they clearly can’t read.

*  *  *  *  *

And so, during and after 1933, and all the way down to the present day, the United States’ gov’t went along with this pretension of the US “central” banksters that their “paper-gold” was good as gold, even though everyone obviously knew it wasn’t. And furthermore, they (Congress and the American presidents) “legislatively,” tyrannically and “democratically” decreed that this goldless debt-paper monopoly-money of their “central,” anti-Christ, “jewish” money-masters was good enough to continue to base their entire national (or rather imperial) economy upon—which, again, it obviously wasn’t.

(But what is Truth to the US congress and presidents?—but an most annoying obstacle to be overcome, and a most hated enemy to be denied, destroyed, tortured and murdered?)

For the US “central” bankster’s’ monopoly money was always a debt-money—(a money “centrally” lent and governmentally borrowed into existence and circulation)—for we the Gentile people to repay in full—(thus leaving us without any money at all! Duh!)—plus all their “centrally” demanded and yet never-existent usury- or “interest”-money! (So go figure!)

And hence it was always a national debt-, theft- and trap-money! And hence it was never worthy to be the official money or “legal tender” of even the most insignificant and unworthy state, people, society, county or country on earth. (I wouldn’t wish such a money on my most Satanic enemies. For it would only serve (Satan and its “jews”) to make them even more Satanic.) And yet here it was, mere “jewish” paper, even debt-paper, presidentially and Congressionally elevated and “legislated” into a monopoly US currency!—which the imperious Amerikans, via their two World Wars, violently and mass-murderously imposed upon God’s entire Gentile globe!

(See “The ‘Beast’ from Bretton Woods” within An Apocalyptic Beast or Two.)

This is the world-wide worship of the debt-monopoly-paper-money of this anti-Christ-Amerikan emperor, empire and “beast.” (Apo./Rev. 13:1-18 & 17:1 to 19:3)

*  *  *  *  *

And again this Satanic “jewish” enthronement of a debt-paper money-monopoly has remained the monetary case in “jewish”-Amerika since Rosenfeld’s tyrannical 1933 decree all the way down, down and downward to the present day.

Simply review the alarming progression of “jewish”-Amerika’s multiply unpayable “national” or “public debt” since 1913 and 1933—along with the ever-plummeting value or “purchasing power” of this Satanic “jewish” money.

So how can anyone with a straight face ever call the Amerikan “dollar” a store or a standard of value?

*  *  *  *  *

And so the obvious Historical lesson to all of you, from all of this, is that money is truly crucial, important, decisive, fundamental and consequential. Money matters! Money can serve you or damn you, your loved ones, and your entire country too—depending upon the kind or species of money you use—or are tyrannically or “democratically” forced to use!

So why hasn’t that fundamental truth ever been taught in any “public” US gov’t schools?

Simply because it’s the truth; and again, because their anti-Christ king (and his “elective” servants) will not have it taught—nor even any knowledge, admission nor evidence of his existence.

Have you ever heard that the Devil’s greatest lie, asset and advantage is in convincing you, and yours, and all the world besides, that he does not exist? Well, he’s certainly succeeded in America, hasn’t he?

And have you ever heard the Christian parable about the foundations of houses? (Luke 6:47-49)

And what does “economics” mean again? And what does an “economist” do?

(He “manages your house,” your state-house.)

And so what kind or species of money have you and yours?

“Jew” or Gentile, Satanic or Godly, dishonest or honest, debt- or debt-free?

And if “your” state-money is “jewish,” then you don’t have it, it has you, and through it the bankster “jews” have you and yours. But I, for one, would not have it so. But what would you have?

And now you know why money is so vitally all-important, and why your “democratic representatives” have never once publicly pointed this out to you.

Because if they ever did, and as they all-too-well-know, they would all-too-quickly be removed from “public office.” Because American “public offices” (and officials) are neither public, American nor Gentile, but “jewish.” And because if the public ever knew the monetary/economic Truth, there “would be a popular revolution before morning.” And so that’s why the “public [i.e. gov’t] schools” never teach it.

And how dare any foreign Gentile people, nation or gov’t ever desire, wish or prefer honest money and honest usury?

*  *  *  *  *

As with all other things, “goods” and services: if you and yours are forced to buy it or use it, it can’t possibly be any good!

And such is debt-money—any money loaned into existence and circulation. Who but fools (who don’t know any better) and slaves (who don’t have any choice) would borrow and use such a money?

And again by “debt-money” I don’t mean me borrowing from you, or you from me. I mean you, me and everyone else crazily borrowing mere tokens or token money from some shadowy third party—and therefore borrowing tokens which we ourselves could create for ourselves and our children as easily and cheaply as manufacturing casino tokens—and hence never owe any one any “interest” nor “principal” for it.

And again the very worse possible state or form of government is one wherein we the people are forced to borrow all our tokens from a private money crown, throne, king or corporate dynasty.

And this monetary, economic and political abomination is called “democracy.” And it is “jewish,” as “jewish” as its “central” money-king, crown, throne and scepter.

And again and again and again, the entire Gentile world repeatedly see how this anti-Christ Amerikan king, emperor and “beast” (via his evil “democratic” agents, “representatives,” congressmen and presidents) ceaselessly and repeatedly plots and craves “to make the world safe for democracy”—i.e. his “democracy”—his demonic, “democratic,” debt-money world-dictatorship—this abdominal “jewish” debt-money empire which this “jewish”-Amerikan “beast” and his “representative” monsters call their “representative government” and their “democracy.” (Apo./Rev. 17:5)

*  *  *  *  *

Goodness or Godness accepts rejection. Goodness takes or accepts “No” for an answer. Goodness never forces itself on its rejecters.

But Evil does. Evil is a rapist, a predator and a devourer. Evil forces Itself (on Its victims) and calls it “Salvation,” “Liberation,” “Freedom” and “Democracy.”

And Evil also insists upon doing all of the talking—(via Its mass-media monopolization and via Its silencing, censoring, persecuting or crucifying the Truth)—so as to present, describe and define Itself, and Its opponents, and hence to thus make it seem or appear that to reject Evil is to reject Goodness or Godness. But of course nothing could be further from the Truth! And that’s why the Liar and Slanderer always insists on doing all the talking! (John 8:44) So no one ever hears anything nor anyone else—like e.g. the Truth.

Goodness never forces Itself, Its Goodness, on Its rejecters. But Evil never stops forcing Its Evil on Its rejecters (and hence Its victims). But even Evil’s lovers and acceptors are Its victims.

*  *  *

(See e.g. the Americans. And they’re happy as pigs in pig s--t to be manufacturing their “weapons of mass-destruction” and “mass-murder” of other Gentile nations—like the Germans, the Japanese, the Vietnamese, Cambodians, Palestinians, Iraqis, Afghanis, etc., etc., etc.

“Hey, it’s a job! It gets me money for me and my family! And that’s all I care about! Let the rest of the world defend and look out for themselves!”

What sociopathic psychos! See On Recognizing (Demonic) Terrorists (through their Slanderous Masks): “Allied” Terror-Bombing during W.W. II.)

*  *  *

And fools though they must be, God will never force anyone into His Heaven.

But Satan will never allow anyone out of Its Hell, which It calls “heaven,” “worker’s paradise,” “dictatorship of the proletariat,” “democracy,” “representative government,” and the like.

Do you remember how the “jews” would never allow anyone out of their “Soviet Union,” nor their eastern European slave-slave “satellites” (given them by the Americans and the British)? And even some of their fellow “jews” were not allowed to escape or emigrate from their “Soviet Union.” For such is the behavior of “human” wolves, predators, enslavers and devourers.

*  *  *

Truth does not persecute its disputers, doubters or disbelievers. But the Liar and Its kindred do!

Truth merely insists upon having a voice, upon the power or “right” to speak and be heard, read, etc. But he Liar and Its kind insist on doing all the talking, publishing, broadcasting, etc., so that Truth can never be heard nor read. (John 8:44 & 11:45-57)

Truth merely speaks Truth. But Evil violently imposes what It calls “truth.” And Evil outlaws, criminalizes, slanders or demonizes and persecutes all those who do not believe Its lies and slanders. (See e.g. Its “holocaust deniers.”) And this is clearly all according to the lie that Evil cannot tell a lie. (But believe that one, and Evil will tell you another.)

First believe in Its “paper-gold,” and Evil will then tell you of Its goldless paper. Believe in  Its goldless paper, and Evil will then tell you of Its paperless “credit.” So what’s next?—now that Evil is greeted with such complete faith, and God with little to none? (Luke 18:7-8)

And as with all Its other “legislated” “truths” and realities, Evil declares, decrees or “legislates” Its money to be a monopoly! Evil’s subjects may never “legally” use another, nor even think of doing so! For such is monetary “crime” and “conspiracy” or “sedition.” And Evil calls Its political, monetary and economic damnation of the Gentiles “Salvation,” “Freedom,” “Liberty” and “Democracy.”

And Evil, as always, wants to rule over God’s entire globe. (Matt. 21:33-46) And so the Devil and Its human demons are sorely displeased that anyone anywhere on earth should live free from them—and hence not be “saved” by them, and “liberated” by their “beastly” Amerikan money and WMDs! And so Evil is presently on Its third World War “to make the world safe for [Its] democracy.” And Evil (and Its “democratic representatives”) say this present World War (against “Terror,” terrorists, Evil and “evil-doers”) will go on and on and on forever. (For Evil never dies.)

*  *  *  *  *

And the “democratic” majority don’t even know that they’re living in and under monetary/economic tyranny! They don’t even know their have a anti-Christ “jewish” king or emperor, and are living in and under his monetary monarchy. What incredible morons! Where do they get their misinformation? “Jew” TV? “Public” school?

And that, dear readers, is the curse of democracy—that the deceived majority should thus violently, forcefully and “democratically” mislead the non-deceived—and that this majority of fools should thus “democratically,” “legislatively” and tyrannically mislead the wise.

For no one in a “democracy” is permitted to go his own way, as proposed by the Christian in Matt. 7:13-14. And yet “democracy” (which, like “communism,” is tyranny) presents and sells itself as “Liberty.” (Does it not? So go figure.)

Modern mankind have a “jew”-inspired hatred for the individual monarch or tyrant and a decided “democratic” preference for the collective one! As long as their tyrant appear to be hydra- or multi-headed, the fools are content. But what difference would or should it mean to me whether my tyrant be one or many?—or whether my tyrant be “monarch” or “democracy”? And in historical fact, modern “democracies” are far, far more despotic, demanding, predatory and tyrannical than “monarchies” ever were.

So stop this “democratic” ship of fools. I want to get off! Don’t you?

And let the Hell-bent majority go to their “democratic” destination! For they wouldn’t have it any other way. And who could possibly stop their “democratic” self-damnation?—even if he wanted to? As God Will not force people into His Heaven, so He Will not keep them from their chosen Hell. But don’t ever let them “democratically” choose for you too! For where in Hell would that lead you?

And as for me and my house, we will seek, find and tell the Truth. And we will make our own choices and go our own way. For there is no Freedom nor Liberty if not this.

“Democracy” is individual and collective bondage and enslavement disguised as “freedom” and “liberation.” So don’t fall for it, nor be damned by it.

*  *  *  *  *

And speaking of “democratic” enslavement, imperialism, coercion, tyranny and despotism:

An Austrian economist named Ludwig von Mises once wrote—(as translated from the original German)—that:


It is impossible to grasp the meaning of the idea of sound [or honest–Ed.] money if one does not realize that it was devised as an instrument for the protection of civil [or political–Ed.] liberties against despotic inroads on the part of governments. Ideologically it [honest or sound money–Ed.] belongs in the same class with political constitutions and bills of rights.


I wouldn’t be surprised if honest money was invented or devised simply to keep or maintain the value of it…until its inventor was ready to spend it.

But Ludwig is right about despots or tyrants and their fraudulent and coercive money of theft, dependence and entrapment.

Imagine demanding, decreeing or “legislating” that anyone and everyone must use your money, and only your money, “FOR ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE”!

Who but a tyrant (or a “democratic” congress of them) would ever decree such an evil thing?

And I understand that Ludwig von Mises started (or attended) a school called the “Austrian School of Economics.”

(I’d start one myself, but I haven’t got the desks and chairs! And I’m running low on chalk!)

(OK, so we took moment off and had a little fun! Nobody got hurt.)

All right now, back to business.)

*  *  *  *  *

What we Gentiles must forever avoid, shun, outlaw, prosecute and punish are all forms of “jewish” debt-money and “jewish” debt-money counterfeiture, lending, usury or “banking”—an hence all evil gov’ts (or evil forms of gov’t) which force, compel, “mandate” or “legislate” such evil “jewish” money and usury upon us—and hence so-called “democracy” and “representative gov’t.” For they clearly “represent” “jews” and nothing but.

But may we assume that genuine “republicanism”—(as completely distinct from and totally opposed to the “jewish”-Amerikan mockery, affront and antithesis of that very concept, word and name)—necessarily entails honest money and honest usury? In other words, how can anyone ever have, achieve or maintain a republic via debt-money and fraudulent usury? For these evil things destroy republics (such as America was) and create “jewish-Marxist tyrannies and terror-states (like “beastly” or imperial “jewish”-Amerika).

*  *  *  *  *

And so all us Gentiles must somehow come to see and understand the vast difference and unbridgeable gulf between “jewish” money and usury and honest money and usury.

But who can teach us this most vital and important thing, dear readers?

Our  “economists,” our treasurers, our presidents, our prime ministers?

But if that were truly so, then they would have done so a long time ago.

And so who are they really and truly working for?—if not that central “jewish” spider from whom all their money comes?

So who can make this distinction clear? And who can spiritually, mentally or intellectually dispel all these dark centuries of monetary “jewish” lies, deceits, thefts, tricks and traps? Who can brush away the stifling centuries of all these petrifying “jewish” cobwebs—to free us Gentiles at long last from this “central” “jew” money spider’s grasp?

Citizen Obama? Citizen Bush? Citizen Clinton? Citizen Carter?

Will Jimmy Carter build us a manageable house-“economy” composed of honest money and honest usury?

Why not? Because he’s Jimmy Carter?

*  *  *  *  *

“The wise man has the power to reason away what seems to be.”

And will he take our public check for his monetary, economic or “financial services”?

“She [Shirley] has wisdom and knows what to do./ She has me and she has you.”—(Jim Morrison)

So where can we find this “wise man”?

In our universities, in our governments, on our TV screens?

Clearly no, no and no—or we would have already found him, a long time ago.

*  *  *  *  *

Again, first there was gold, then there was “paper-gold,” then mere paper, and now mere “credit.” Thus step by step we Gentles were gradually mislead, distracted and removed from real and true value and payment into false and fraudulent “jewish” money and usury.

There’s a saying, “Where there’s will there’s a way.” And so Evil (and Its demonic) children will thus find a way to pervert almost anything. (John 8:44)

How do you (or “jew”) pervert gold?

Via “paper-gold.”

How do “jew” pervert their “paper-gold”?

Via their counterfeiter and usury; by fraudulently creating and lending their “paper-golds” into existence.

And how do “jew” pervert token-money or paper-money?

Via making it a debt-paper-money, by lending this paper-money into existence; by making this debt-paper money a monopoly-money; and via their “commercial” “credit” “creation” and “lending.”

*  *  *  *  *

And speaking of perverting or twisting what was good and straight: We all know how “dirty old men” secretly crave and strive to sexually succeed with all the young and beautiful maidens whom they secretly lust after, right?—via proceeding carefully and gradually from their first to their second sexual “bases,” then stealthily inching their way towards their third, and finally stealing all their way “home” to their ultimate destination and slimy satisfaction, and hence to the ending or destruction of the virgin maiden.

And furthermore, we’ve all heard of maidens being mislead down the “garden path,” haven’t we?

(I suppose it’s a reference to mythical garden of Moses; his first woman, Eve; and that most subtle, deceitful and misleading serpent, Satan the Devil.)

And so, in much the same way, after and via their “paper-gold,” the political, monetary and psychological stage was set by Satan’s “chosen people” for their very next “evolutionary” step in fraudulent money-creation and usury. Only now their money would have absolutely no reality whatsoever. It wouldn’t even be paper—like their former “paper-gold.”

No, it would be “based” entirely upon “credit” (belief, trust), and hence upon faith, Satanic faith; faith in the “jews” and in their money, and in their money-lending, usury or “banking”—faith in their Satanic “democratic” (“jewish”-Amerikan) form of gov’t; faith in their father or “uncle, “ Satan the Devil (John 8:44); and faith in their long-line of anti-Christ Amerikan presidents and Congresses since 1913. And there have been no others. (See My Kennedy Error.)

And the demons called this new non-existent money of theirs “credit,” and their “lending” of it, “commercial banking.”

And again “credit” (belief, trust) is closely related to “creed” or religion.

And so this is the idolatrous devil-worship of “jewish”-Amerikan “money”—by which the Gentile nations were (and are) subjected to Satan’s anti-Christ “beast” or “jewish”-Amerikan empire. (For to use it—or to be imperiously forced to use it—is to be enslaved by it.) This is the world-wide worship of the debt-monopoly-paper-money of this Satanic “jewish”-Amerikan empire or “beast.” (Apo./Rev. 13:11-18 & 17:1 to 19:3; and An Apocalyptic Beast or Two.)

*  *  *  *  *

Again, the historical progression down the “jewish” “garden path” went from Gentile gold (and silver) coin, to the “paper-gold” (of “commercial” banksters), down to this debt-paper money-monopoly (of “central” banksters), and finally down to this completely non-existent “credit” (of “commercial” banksters), multiply “based” upon a “fraction” of that “central” debt-paper money-monopoly.

And all these three “jewish” moneys were (and are) debt-moneys—worthless debt-moneys made of absolutely nothing of real value, but malevolently conceived, created and intended to be lent, traded or exchanged for real and true value, and hence used to steal or extort real and true value from us Gentiles.

You’d think the extreme pain of this endless “jewish” (political, monetary and economic) nightmare would eventually cause us Gentiles to wake up screaming!

And so, after all this, is it even possible for us Gentiles to be mislead even further down this “jewish” “garden path” toward complete “jewish” racial tyranny—toward a total “jewish”-Marxist-“communist”-“soviet” Hell on earth?

In other words, can the “jews” conceive, devise and perpetrate a even more evil and predatory money than they already have?

I wouldn’t put it past them nor beyond them…and their murderous Father of lies. Would you? (John 8:44)

How about complete and total “credit,” without any paper-money “base” or “fraction” whatsoever? But merely a “credit”-card with your Gentile name and number upon it, by which you are “paid,” by which you “pay,” and hence without which you can neither buy nor sell, and which is controlled by “beastly” computers, and hence which can be changed or nullified at any time by that “credit” creating, giving and taking “beast”?

(I of course hope and pray not. But see Apo./Rev. 13:11-18 and “Red Symphony (X-Ray of Revolution)” within The Monetary/Economic Problem, (and the Honest Money Solution).

*  *  *  *  *

In they had only had the mental/spiritual and physical power, the Gentiles could have turned off this “jewish” garden path at any time or place along the way—via choosing honest money and honest money-lending (usury or “banking”) instead of “jewish” debt-money and usury.

But they didn’t. So why not?

Ignorance? Cowardice? Vice? Veniality? Treason? Treachery? “Democracy”? “Representative government”?

Again, there’s a saying, “Where there’s will there’s a way.” And so Evil (and Its demonic) children will find a way to pervert almost anything. (John 8:44) But let’s see if they can possibly pervert my honest, debt-free, ample and stable token money.

(I’d be greatly surprised. For it would mean that my honest, debt-free, ample and stable token money was not honest, debt-free, ample nor stable—or that my thinking was wrong. But it’s not. If you do as I instruct you, and if ceaselessly stop or prevent all counterfeiture and all “credit,” then you will indeed possess an honest, debt-free, ample and stable token money, and therefore real and true “economic” prosperity.)

The “jews” bore into and work via the Gentile “legislatures” to make “legal” whatever racial crimes and evils they desire to perpetrate upon us Gentiles—like e.g. their “paper-gold,” their “central banking,” their “commercial” credit” counterfeiture and usury, their World Wars, their “patriot acts,” their “democratic” destruction of Gentile constitutions, liberties, rights, etc.

Your evil and traitorous “jewish” gov’ts, dear readers, clearly have no will nor desire for honest money nor honest money-lending, usury or “banking.” For they have sold themselves and their countries—(and hence you too)—to the “jews.”

And therefore you yourselves, dear readers, must supply this benevolent will yourselves, as well as the will to govern yourselves, and hence to no longer be “represented,” “governed,” tyrannized and “democratically” preyed upon by the “jews” and their countless (political, monetary and economic) “representatives.”

And so long as debt-money, “credit” and counterfeiture remains a crime in your Gentile state, and hence is vigilantly eradicated; and so long as your debt-free token money remains honest, trustworthy and true; and so long as you “represent” or decide for yourselves, the “jews” will have a very difficult (if not impossible) time subverting and destroying you, your honest money, and your Gentile state.

But my recommendation is to have and maintain a “jew”-free state—like queen Isabella’s Spain or Lord Hitler’s Germany. For it’s impossible for wolves to prey without human contact. And so you’ll then see what long-distance evils these foreign demons can or will try to do to you and yours from afar—from beyond your protective fences and walls.

*  *  *  *  *

I spoke above of the “dirty old men”—(meaning the “bankster “jews”)—seeking to seduce  maidens, Gentile maidens—and especially the American maiden or virgin. It is certainly no accident that New York City—(and by extension the imperial capitol (“Washington”) and the “jewish”-Amerikan empire or “beast” itself)—is aptly described as a whore, a great whore, in fact the great whore of Babylon, as well as the Devil’s “queen.” (Apo./Rev. 17:1—19:3)

For she thus sold herself generations ago, and has thus whored herself every day from that first day to this latter day, and will doubtlessly continue to do so for as long as she can, and until her very last day. For that is simply who and what she is—Satan’s whore and queen, Jew York City.

And this “great whore”—(who accepted Satan’s people’s money; who tyrannically “legislatively” and “democratically” decreed it a “federal crime” for anyone else not to do so—and not merely the Americans, but all her “beastly” or imperial subjects; and who thereby betrayed and enslaved her country, her countrymen, and a great deal of the Gentile world besides)—is predominantly the United States’ Congress and the US presidency, as well as their abominable “jewish” or “democratic” form of government—which the Amerikans, via their endless World Wars, have repeatedly, imperiously, violently and mass-murderously imposed upon God’s Gentile globe.

But what the Amerikans really and truly came to violently and imperiously impose upon God’s Gentile globe was of course their “beastly” “central” monopoly US debt-money, and their “beastly,” “jewish”-Marxist-“communist,” Super-Nazi form of gov’t tyranny. (Just ask e.g. the Germans or the Japanese. And see Apo./Rev. 13:1-18 and An Apocalyptic Beast or Two.)

And hence this name was written of old upon her (and their) anti-Christ/“jewish”-American forehead: “MYSTERY, BABLYON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” (Apo./Rev. 17:5)

*  *  *  *  *

And finally, from Apocalypse/Revelation 17:18 to 18:8:


And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth [“that has empire”–By.] over the kings of the earth. [17:12-18]

Babylon the great is fallen [spiritually–Ed.], is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils [“a home of demons”–Byington trans.], and the hold [“a haunt”–By.] of every foul [“unclean”–By.] spirit, and a cage [“haunt”–By.] of every unclean and hateful [“odious”–By.] bird. For all nations have drunk if the wine of the wrath of her fornication [“of her rage of unchastity”–By.], and the kings of the earth have committed fornication [“debauched themselves”–By.] with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies [“out of the rush of her luxurious life”–By.].

Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of [“a party to”–By.] her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues [“scourges”–By.]. For her sins have [“been crowded up to the sky”–By.] reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.

Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double. How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.

[“Pay her in the same coin that she paid in [K.J.V. hereby really and truly dropped the prophetic ball (and metaphoric coin)! For in my book her imperial, supernational or SuperNazi power was/is in her debt-token monopoly-money—her “beastly mark.” (Apo./Rev. 13:16-17)–Ed.], and redouble to her the double of her own deeds; in the cup that she mixed in mix a double draft for her; for every bit of her self-glorification and luxury give her as much of torment and mourning. Because she says in her heart, ‘I am an enthroned queen, I am not a widow, I shall not see mourning,’ for this reason her scourges shall come in one day,…”–By.]

Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death [“pestilence”–By.], and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her. [Apo./Rev. 17:18 to 18:8]


*  *  *  *  *

You go God!

And as for paying her back in the very same coin that she paid you and yours in: What kind or species was that coin? Was (is) it not “jewish”? Was it not anti-Christ? Was it not Satanic? Was in not mere paper, debt-paper, “central” monopoly debt-paper, and even “beastly,” imperial, super-national or Super-Nazi anti-Christ/“jewish” monopoly debt-paper?

And so, since she paid you in worthless paper—(in fact, in something infinitely worse that worthless paper)—therefore you can pay her back in worthless paper.

In other words, you and yours owe her nothing, nothing of value. But she owes you much.

*  *  *  *  *

And therefore it’s not only OK or acceptable, but it’s absolutely necessary for you and yours to denounce, renounce and repudiate all your alleged “national” or “public debts” incurred via any “beastly” “jewish debt-money. Why recognize or start off in the debt-hole they thus “democratically” entrapped and collectively buried you all in? Why not thus climb out of it instead?

Why continue to pay an multiply unpayable “public” or “national debt”?

That’s crazy, isn’t it?

So what should we do?

Let us declare a “moratorium” and indefinitely “suspend” these “centrally”-demanded payments—both “principal” and “interest.”

Let’s all come out of the evil, “beastly” “jewish” debt-monopoly-money empire and henceforth own nothing at all—neither “principal” nor “interest.” (Apo./Rev. 13:11-18) How does that sound to you?

And let’s create our very own debt-free public money for ourselves and our posterity, within our very own debt-free state or kingdom. Let’s distribute, circulate and use or employ this honest debt-free public money of ours. What do you say?

And pray don’t exchange your honest coins for any “mark” or “marks” of this anti-Christ-Amerikan “beast” or his Jew York City/“Washington” “whore.” Don’t recognize (much less pay) any “public debts” incurred via this “beastly” debt- theft- and trap-money—other than in the aforementioned worthless and mocking paper.]

That means denying all debts to all “central” and “commercial” banksters. They never leant you or anyone else anything of real or true value. And yet they ceaselessly stole, extorted and robbed nothing but real and true value from you and everyone else. So you don’t owe them. They owe you.

But as for the settling of honest debts between citizens incurred in the old “jewish” debt-money: Simply compare prices between the two monies to determine their correct relation, proportion or ratio. And pay them off in your new, honest and trustworthy Gentile money.

(“What about national bonds or treasury bonds? Surely you don’t mean to repudiate these too?”)

Are “central” banksters not paid in these national treasury bonds?

(“Yes, but what about all the citizens, corporations and foreign governments who bought these national bonds in good faith? And many bought them not directly from the national treasuries or gov’ts, but rather indirectly from the central banks via their ‘open market committees’! Surely you don’t mean to cheat these bond-holders by unjustly lumping them in with the central banks?”)

That is a good objection and a very thorny question. Let the honest money citizenry and states decide for themselves. But for one thing: I suggest the monetarily cheated and debt-enslaved citizenry take careful note of the dates of sale of these bonds to be sure they haven’t been recently sold or dumped on the bond market by “central” banksters to avoid not being paid off (in your honest debt-free Gentile money).

Simply create and distribute your very own brand-new, honest, debt-free county coins. Simply shuffle and deal your brand “new-deal,” the very opposite and antithesis of Wilson and Rosenfeld’s “Jew-deal.”

There was Rosenfeld’s “jewish” “banking holiday.” And here now there is my Mosaic “jubilee.”

So choose.

“A new [honest money] broom sweeps clean.”

*  *  *  *  *

Money Supply Manipulation: “Inflation,” “Deflation” and “Speculation”

“Central” Bankster “Deflation” and their Great Money Draught or “Depression” of the 1930s

It has long been said that, “Wars are the Jews’ Harvests.” But so are “depressions.”

This is because “jews” foment wars and world-wars among the Gentiles, and because they “finance” both sides.

And “jews” cause “depressions” by quickly and mysteriously removing their debt-money and “credit” from Gentile circulation, states and market-places, which greatly reduces or “depresses” the prices of all things for sale in those places, which the “jews” then “cyclically” buy up for “pennies on the dollar.” And this is also why “jews” always inevitably, repeatedly and “cyclically” “bust” all the Gentiles states, societies and economies they thus “boom” (via their Satanic “jewish” debt-, theft- and trap-money).

As money is to an “economy” what oil is to a machine, so money is like breath or blood to a body. You’ve got to have it. There’s stagnation, inactivity and death without it.

And so by “legislatively,” “democratically” and tyrannically forcing their Satanic debt-money upon Gentile societies, the “jews” place themselves in a position to monetarily control the collective breath of those same societies. “Jews” thus permanently (and “democratically”) place their demonic hands upon the throats of all those Gentile societies—“cyclically” letting them breathe and then inevitably stopping that breath. The “jews” “cyclically” let the Gentiles states, societies and “economies” breathe, and then they repeatedly stop their breath. The “jews” repeatedly and “cyclically” let the Gentiles produce, and then they inevitably stop, steal and rob that Gentile productivity. The “jews” repeatedly and “cyclically” let the Gentiles “boom,” and then they inevitably “bust” those Gentiles and steal and rob their productivity. The “jews” “cyclically” let the Gentiles produce wealth, and then they inevitably and repeatedly steal and rob that wealth. For otherwise the “jews” wouldn’t have any—producing or creating no wealth of their own.

And so “depressions” and “business cycles” are the “jews’” harvests. “Jews,” like Negroes, don’t produce anything of value. And so its no accident that these two predatory races are permanently allied in their never-ending Marxist-“communist” race war against all productive peoples, races and nations of the globe—such as Europeans. Look e.g. at their “ex-colonial” Africa. Who is left for them to rob now? (No one productive.) And so they starve now, and endlessly beg us foreigners for “donations”?

And so never producing any real values of their own, the “jews” would therefore possess no values if they didn’t steal or rob “their” values from valuable and productive Gentile peoples, races, nations and states. And so “jews” thus “cyclically” (monetarily and economically) steal and rob real values from all those productive Gentile peoples who do create wealth, values, desirable things, and who are monetarily/economically stupid enough to tolerate or politically, “democratically” or “representationally” betrayed enough to be forced to use “central” “jewish” debt-money and/or “commercial” “jewish” “credit.”

Do you understand?

The money is all important. It is the oil of the industrial machine. It is the breath of the body. It is the blood of the national “economy.”

And so what kind or species of money do you use? And why do you use it?

*  *  *  *  *

What is Money “Deflation”?

Think of a balloon filled with paper-money instead of air. If “inflation” is more money in the economic balloon (or lead zeppelin), then “deflation” is less. “Inflation” is adding or pumping more air-money into the balloon-economy, and “deflation” is subtracting or sqeezing air-money out.

“Deflation” is a money-reduction. And “depression” is a money-draught. Both are deliberately inflicted by the “central” or monopoly source of all the money, which is a debt-money.

And so a “great depression” a great money-reduction or “deflation.” It is like drastically reducing the water level in a fish-tank, or a kitchen sink.

*  *  *

And because the Gentiles generally didn’t recognized nor understand the “central” cause of their “depressing” lack-of-money-problem, “their” “great depression” or money-draught of the 1930s, they couldn’t possibly cure, fix nor remedy it.

And the Gentiles couldn’t possibly find the cure for “their” economic disease because they simply didn’t know the most subtle and sneaky cause of it: “their” “central” monopoly debt-money supply and suppliers—i.e. “their” “central” “jewish” debt-money masters, banksters, usurers, lenders, “issuers” and collectors.

And so other than recognizing its harmful effects: world-wide industrial, commercial and economic, inactivity, non-productivity, stagnation, unemployment and involuntary idleness due to a severe money shortage or draught—because the Gentiles generally didn’t understand the cause of this world-wide money-draught, this economic disease of “theirs,” they couldn’t possibly find its cure or antidote—which was honest (debt-free, ample and stable token-) money and honest money-lending, usury or “banking.”

And so the Gentiles, their families, their towns, their states, their economies and their societies were simply ruined or “destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6)

For ignorance, monetary or otherwise, is not necessarily bliss.

Because the national engines of the Gentile economies suddenly and inexplicably screeched and ground to a halt in the 1930s due to a mysterious withdrawal (and hence lack) of monetary oil, therefore that was the problem. They were using the wrong kind or species of money-oil. It was “jewish.” It wasn’t honest, Gentile nor “Quaker state.” Bummer!

(There was only one Gentile exception to this destructively great “jewish” money-drought of the 1930s. Do you know His Name and most prosperous kingdom, and what happened to Him and to it?)

*  *  *  *  *

*  *  *  *  *

(Note the precipitous decline in the U.S. debt-money-supply between 1920 and 1940, and the 2% “deflation” between 1930 and 1940.)

*  *  *  *  *


(Again, note the decline in the U.S. money-supply from 1920 to 1940.

Do you imagine that was an accident?)

*  *  *  *  *

And so because the Gentile Americans failed to recognize and understand the “central” “jewish” cause of “their” “great depression”—(i.e. “their” severe lack-of-money or pandemic money-draught of the 1930s)—they likewise failed to cure, fix or remedy it.

And if it happened again, would the Gentiles fail again? In other words, have they learned anything during or since that time of great monetary draught? Has all that suffering at the malevolent hands of “jews” and their “representatives” brought or bought the Gentiles any (monetary, economic, political or racial) wisdom?

And of course all their “democratic representatives” in “Washington,” Congress and the Rosenfeld White House either failed or declined to enlighten their Gentile American “constituents” or “representees” on this most important and consequential subject of money and its sudden drought or shortage—being who and what they were (are), and serving and “representing” whom and what they really and truly serve(d) and “represent(ed).”

For their “democratic” job and function remains, as before, only to serve and further Darkness, and hence the “jews” and their “beastly” “mark” or monopoly-debt-money. And this is the Satanic curse and political abomination that is “jewish” “democracy” or “representative government.”

*  *  *  *  *

And so the Gentiles of the 1930s simply didn’t know where all the money suddenly went, nor why. Like fish flopping and gasping at the bottom of a tank, they could clearly see the money was gone, but they didn’t know where, nor why.

But you do. It all went where all debt-money goes—down the always-open “central” drain, via those ever-flowing “principal” and “interest” repayments. For such is the nature and practice of all monopoly debt-moneys—which is a “jewish” creation and perpetration against the Gentiles.

And so the monetary problem was (and remains) the “jews” and their money. The “economic” disease was (and remains) the “jews” and their evil “beastly” debt-monopoly-money. It was, as always, a racial problem. The Gentiles were (and are) “destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6)—about the “jews” and their tricks—in this case, their monetary tricks, their usurious tricks, and their tyrannical, “democratic,” “legislative” tricks.

For they thus secretly shut off their “centrally”-located water faucet or debt-money spigot. And so all the while all this debt-money gradually kept draining down the ever-open hole at the bottom of their “central” debt-money sink.

For that is the nature of a debt-money. It is loaned into existence. And so it must return to its “central” creators and lenders at its appointed time, plus all the “centrally”-demanded (but non-existent) usury or “interest” besides or atop this debt-money loan or “principal.” And so in no time at all the debt-money in the debt-money sink is thus secretly and “centrally” drained out, and we poor Gentile fish are all left floundering, flopping and gasping for breath, fighting one another for this precious money-water, wondering what in Hell happened, what in Hell is happening, and ultimately dying at the bottom of this waterless, “jewish” debt-money sink. And so monetarily/economic ignorance is not necessarily bliss.

And all the “central” banksters of all the “jewish” “democracies” shut their “central” spigots off at the same time.

And they did this in three ways: 1.) by all suddenly raising their “central” usury or “interest” rates to prohibitive levels; 2.) by all selling off their respective national Gentile treasury bonds—(with which they are paid by all their respective “democratic” Gentile puppet-gov’ts for their worthless debt-paper-monopoly-moneys)—thus subtly draining their respective Gentile nations of most of their vital means of exchange, money, money-water or money-oil; and 3.) by all “centrally” raising their “reserve ratios” or “reserve requirements” for all their “member banks,” thus limiting the “credit” counterfeiture and multiplication of all “commercial” banksters by effectively reducing their “fractional bases”; e.g. raising the “central” “reserve requirements” of all “member banks” from 10 to 20% would limit “commercial” bankster “credit” “creation” and “lending” from 10 times down to 5 times (their “central” debt-money “fraction” and/or “base”); for 10 x 10% = 100% and 5 x 20% = 100%

Bernanke speaks of his recently working in concert with other “central” banksters. But this has really always been the case. For they are racially (and even familiarly) interlocked as one big anti-Christ Super-Nazi family. And that’s how they perpetrated their “great [1930s] depression” all over God’s Gentile globe.

*  *  *  *  *

How “Deflations” and “Depressions” are Deliberately and “Centrally” Perpetrated and Inflicted

As I just now briefly described above, these “jewish” “central” banksters reduce or “deflate” their debt-token monopoly-money in three ways. They deliberately create their “central” money-drought in three ways. They secretly withdraw the money-oil from the Gentile “economy” they seek to sabotage in three different ways.

And perhaps I should be more complete and explicit, that you and yours might completely understand.


1.) The “central” banksters increase their annual “interest” or usury rates so high that few to none dare borrow their monopoly debt-money—the only money in existence (by “jewish” law).

And they of course can simply refuse to lend to those who would dare to borrow at their most high usury rates—no matter how much “collateral” these would-be borrowers possessed to “secure” these loans. It used to be that only their Gentile puppet-gov’ts and their “member [‘commercial’] banks” could borrow from their “central” majesties. But they have recently changed that in the US.


2.) The “central” banksters publicly sell the Treasury bonds which they receive as payment from their national Gentile puppet-gov’ts when they loan those Gentile gov’ts/Treasuries their monopoly debt-money—thus subtly and mysteriously vacuuming (and hoarding) giant sacks and truck-loads of their very own “central” monopoly debt-money out of all those Gentile puppet-states, nations, market-places and “economies.”

*  *  *

And in anti-Christ or “jewish”-Amerika, on the command of the traitorous anti-American Congress and president, the U.S. Treasury in “Washington” even prints this debt-money for these “central” bankster “jews.” They print all these “central” monopoly debt-“dollars” for them. And they even put their U.S Treasury mark and signatures upon every last paper-“dollar” bill, to make monetary fools think that this is all U.S. Treasury money—(when in fact none of it is)—and that the Treasury didn’t borrow all this “central” monopoly debt-money from their “jewish” “central” bankster masters—(which they in fact did and do)—at the command of the traitorous anti-American Congress and president.

I.E. the U.S. Treasury is merely the printing service for all these foreign “jewish” US “central” banksters. And so they “centrally” command them exactly what, how, and how many US “dollar” bills to print. And their “central” bankster commands are automatically seconded by their national/imperial Gentile puppet-gov’t, the traitorous anti-American, anti-Gentile and anti-Christian US Congress and president(s).

(Hence the official, deceitful and most misleading U.S. Treasury seal and signatures upon each and every “central” US debt-“dollar bill”. They is there to seemingly reverse who is master and who is servant in America. But as always, the master makes or creates the money, and the servant takes (or borrows) his sovereign or “royal” master’s money.)

And these “jewish” central” banksters pay their printing service, office and vendor, the Treasury of the United States, so many pennies for every paper-“dollar” they print for them—upon their “central” order and command.

A “jewish” TV news program called “20/20,” produced by a “jewish”-Amerikan TV network (and there are no others) called the “Central Broadcasting Company,” recently informed their viewers that each “dollar” thus created by the U.S Treasury costs 4¢ a piece to print, no matter how many zeroes are printed upon it—(just as we saw above with casino tokens). And these paper-“dollars” are merely paper-tokens.

But what “20/20” didn’t tell their viewers is what happens next, who buys these “dollars” from the U.S Treasury for 4¢ or so a piece, to them lend them back to the U.S Treasury/US gov’t (and to their “member banks”) at “face value,” plus “interest.” And there’s a lie of omission that could sink the Titanic—or spawn an evil empire. And don’t look now, but it already has.

Again, the U.S. Treasury is the printing service, office or vender for these anti-American “central” banksters, who therefore pay the Treasury the cost of printing up their US debt-“dollars.”

Just consider for a moment the enormity and audacity of that! Instead of “we the people,” Lincoln-like, simply commanding our Treasurer to coin or print our public money, our worthless token money sufficient for all our “public and private” uses, and which we therefore do not borrow, and hence need never repay to anyone, nor owe any “principal” nor “interest” to any corporately-concealed gang of “central” bankster “jews”—what do we the people do? We do the latter—or rather our “public servants” do it “for” us. They borrow all “our” “public money” “for” us from foreign, international or supernational cabal of Super-Nazi “jews.” (How very thoughtful and considerate of them, don’t you think?) And they “democratically” decree it a “crime” for us to use any other money that this.

Once again, it is not an idle statement that, “If the Gentile people ever came to understand the money which the Jews and their democratic representatives compel or force them all to use, there would be a revolution before morning.”

For this is a debt-money, a monopoly debt-money. But it should be a debt-free money. And the difference between the two in infinite. It’s the difference between public prosperity and public (collective or national) enslavement, via “public debt,” via “central” monopoly debt-money. (See above, and below.)

If the United States and its gov’t was truly “for the people, by the people and of the people”—(instead of for, by and of all these Satanic foreign “jews”)—the Americans would have and use a debt-free money—instead of this “central” US monopoly debt-money. It’s as simple as that. It’s the vast difference between being ruled, dominated and coerced by public servants or by public enemies.

(And again U.S. president Lincoln (1861-65) simply ordered his U.S. Treasurer to print up millions of debt-free U.S. dollars for him to spend in his war against all the would-be free and sovereign southern states of America. And again Lincoln simply spent this (“greenback”) paper-money of his into circulation. (See below.) And hence no Yankee ever owed nor paid any “principal” nor “interest” for the creation and existence of these Lincoln dollars. And that of course is precisely why Lincoln had his Treasurer print them up for him to spend into northern circulation. And that was a damn lot of Yankee rifles, pistols, bullets, fixins, gunpowder, cannons and cannon-balls. Can I get a witness?)

*  *  *

And 3.)

The “central” banksters demand and require that all those banks who borrow their debt-money—called “member” banks—(and again there is no other money or “legal tender”; for the “democratic” (congressional and presidential) “representatives” of these US “central” banksters have seen to that)—must leave a “centrally” dictated percentage of that “central” debt-money with them at all times, which these banks therefore cannot lent out to any of their borrowers, nor misuse as a “base” or “fraction” from which to fraudulently “lend” out a multiple of nonexistent “credit” or “credit money,” “checkbook money,” “bank-ledger money” and/or “computer-entry money.”

(And this US “central” bankster command or demand is called their “reserve requirement.”)


No honest banks (called “savings and loans”) are “central” bankster “members.” Or at least they didn’t use to be before “Washington’s” “Depository Deregulation and Monetary Control Act of 1980.” (See above.) But are there any “commercial” banks which are not “member” banks of this most exclusive and most fraudulent US “central” banksters’ club (for “members only”)?

For both “central” and “commercial” banksters “create” money out of nothing, and lend it (to those who obviously cannot or will not create money out of nothing).

The “central” bankster creates money out of nothing but paper; and the “commercial” bankster out of nothing at all. And hence all his “commercial” believers, “borrowers” and “debtors” share his Satanic faith, creed or “credit.” And both banksters demand real money or real value in return for their “money,” plus usury or “interest.”

Gentile banks and money-lenders don’t do that. “Savings and Loans” don’t do that. The “Bailey Building and Loan” never did that. They are not counterfeiters, thieves, extortionists nor robbers. And they are the only kind or species of banks and usurers that I will have within my state. All others belong in, constitute and perpetrate “jewish” states or empires—like this Jewnighted States of Amerika.

*  *  *  *  *

And so in these three ways these supernational or Super-Nazi bankster “jews”—(to give them back their favorite word)—can quickly, secretly and mysteriously withdraw their “central” monopoly debt-money from the economic engines of all the Gentile nations they thus “centrally” own and monetarily control, thus covertly and deliberately causing them all to screech to a grinding halt. And this is precisely what these SuperNazis did to the Gentile globe via their “great depression” of the 1930s.

(It’s the money! Get a clue! Read a book! Educate yourself! Monetary ignorance is not bliss!)

*  *  *  *  *

And on the other hidden hand, whenever the “jewish” “central” banksters want to increase or “inflate” their debt-money supply, they simply do the very opposite: IE 1.) They decease their “central” usury or “interest” rate. (The “jewish”-Amerikan banksters call it their “discount rate.” It’s the rate they lend their monopoly debt-money out to their “member banks.” It is presently less than 1%. It is .05% or ½%. And that is very “inflationary.”)

2.) Instead of selling them, they buy U.S treasury bonds from the general public—thus increasing the debt-money-supply in the Gentile nation, market-place or “economy.”

And 3.) they decrease their “reserve requirements” for their “member banks,” which are “commercial” banks, thus permitting them to (pretend to) “lend” more of their non-existent “credit”-money, “check-book” money, “commercial”-bank-ledger or computer-entry money—for which these “central” US paper-“dollars” are merely their “fractional reserve” against actual (“check” or “check-book”) withdrawals of actual paper-money by their “commercial credit” borrowers.

*  *  *  *  *

And so it’s all “jewish” fraud based upon “jewish” fraud, and “jewish” theft based upon “jewish” theft. All the debt-paper “dollars” of these “jewish” “central” banksters are fraud and theft. And all the imaginary loans of all the “commercial” banksters, multiply based upon these “jewish” debt-paper-“dollars,” are also fraud, and theft—“jewish” fraud, and theft.

And if the Gentiles had any true leaders, then they’d have true Gentile money instead! They’d have honest, debt-free, ample, stable token-money. They’d have prosperity without monetary debt.

But the Gentiles clearly have no political leaders, only misleaders, and traitors! And they have no political representatives, only misrepresentatives, traitors and agents of the “jews”—who tolerate no other “representatives” nor “representation” but their very own, and who therefore racially own all representatives and hence control all political “representation”! Like everything else, such as God’s airwaves, these racial hogs simply hog everything!

And this is precisely what the “jews” mean by “democracy” and/or “representative government.” It means absolutely no political “representation” for us Gentiles. It is no less than “jewish” tyranny, and it is only one step away from their “communism.” (See Socrates and see below.)

And so the answer to all this abominable “democratic” “jewish” “representation”—and nothing but—is “self-representation.” Does that make sense? Can you see that? If you or I have no political representatives but ourselves—(and I don’t and never did—or where have you ever heard the like of me before?)—then he or she can never stick his “representative” “jewish” knife into my back, nor yours! And all those who would ever try are merely my enemies…and yours!

And what is any and all “central” monopoly debt-token-money if not a “jewish” knife “democratically,” tyrannically and “representationally” stuck into a Gentile nation’s back?

But with our very own self-representation, we Gentiles would then have, enjoy and prosper via honest money and honest usury (“banking” or money-lending). And we would have it in a very short time, if not overnight. But because we have been forever “represented” by nothing and no one but national traitors and our racial enemies, we have had nothing but their Satanic “jewish” money and usury. Do you see?

And so to Hell with “Washington” and most American state capitols! For they’ve gone to the Devil and Its “chose people” a long, long time ago. (John 8:44) I’m not sending them there, mind you. I’m merely recognizing who and what they really are, where they’ve truly gone, how long they’ve been there and who put them there (themselves). For they have sent themselves there, and have thus transformed their imperial and state capitols into their demonic and Hellish pandemoniums. (That’s a Milton coinage from “Paradise Lost.”) So don’ let them drag you and yours down into their (debt-money) pit any more than they already have!

And it was always all about their money. It was all based and predicated upon their money—this evil, “beastly,” Hellish, “jewish” debt-monopoly-money. America was thus destroyed for lack of monetary/economic knowledge. Too bad the Americans had no countrymen worth listing to or following—or else they simply and “democratically” decided not to. And they should never have placed their “public offices” upon the public auction block—where any “central” and/or “commercial” bankster “jew” could easily buy them. And I especially mean Amerikan presidents!—the traitorous “jewish” swine! (See The Political Problem and Solution.)

*  *  *  *  *

Again, he who makes all the money is king, is sovereign, is master. And all who take or accept his money are his loyal “royal” servants.

And the “democratic” US gov’t has always “democratically” decreed it a “crime” for you and yours not to be his loyal “royal” servants—i.e. not to accept and use his “royal” or “central” money, and only his money.

And most Americans are so incredibly stupid and clueless that they don’t even know they have a king/emperor, a “jewish” king, an anti-Christ king, a Satanic king! (But this is clearly deducible from modern Amerikan history. “Who benefits?”)

And this Satanic form of gov’t—(called “representative” “democracy”)—is what this “beastly” “jewish”-Amerikan king or emperor and all his evil anti-Christ servants (politicians, presidents, congressmen and mass-media monopolists) have been ceaselessly, violently, imperiously and mass-murderously inflicting and smearing upon God’s Gentile globe since 1913 and their first World War “to make the world safe for [their] democracy”—i.e. for their “beastly” debt-monopoly-money. (Apo./Rev. 13:11-18) And they’re presently on their third (World War)! And they openly say this one will last forever!

*  *  *  *  *

Who or What caused the “Great Depression” of the 1930s?

From “The New Deal Didn’t Always Work Either,” by Tyler Cowen, New York Times, Nov. 23, 2008:



As Milton Freidman and Anna Jacobson argued in a classic book, “A Monetary History of the United States,” the single biggest cause of the Great Depression was that the Federal Reserve [Corp., the US “central” bank–Ed.] let the money supply fall by one third, causing deflation.

[I would not say “let,” but rather “made” or “deliberately caused”—via their prohibitively high “central” usury or “interest” rate demands; and by selling off their US Treasury bonds to the American public, with which they are paid by their Gentile puppet-gov’t for their “central” monopoly debt-money, thereby subtly draining and mysteriously vacuuming truckloads of their monopoly money out of the American market-place or economy.–Ed.]

Roosevelt’s best policies were those designed to increase [or “expand”–Ed.] the money supply

[And how else could Rosenfeld do that but by borrowing from his fellow US “central” bankster “jews,” and by spending that “central” US monopoly debt-money into circulation?—to thus purchase and promote his “jewish”-Marxist-“communist” Amerikan state via presidentially creating, instituting, establishing and installing his alphabet soup collection of brand-new (Marxist-“communistic”) US “federal” gov’t agencies. Bummer!–Ed.]

….expansionary monetary policy was the key to the partial recovery of the 1930s. [Yeah, try having a market place or an “economy” without money!–Ed.] The worst years of the New Deal were 1937 and 1938, when the Fed [the corporately concealed US “central” banksters–Ed.] increased reserve requirements for banks, thereby curbing [“commercial” bankster “credit” “creation” and–Ed.] lending and moving the economy back to dangerous deflationary pressures.


*  *  *

But the ignored elephant in the “centrally” “depressed” room was (and remains) the US “central” banksters’ usury rates during those most “depressed” years. There’s your cause. (Try to find those most important figures. I tried, and couldn’t.)

But see the “Consumer Price Index’s “Annual Rates of inflation” (from below:

And remember that the opposite of “inflation” (a money-supply increase) is “deflation” (a money-supply decrease), and hence that negative “inflation” is “deflation.”


1929      0.0%

1930     –2.3%

1931    –9.0%

1932    –9.9%

1933    –5.1%

1934       3.1%

1935       2.2%

1936       1.5%

1937       3.6%

1938      –2.1%

1939      –1.4%

1940        0.7%

1941        5.0%

1942       10.9%

1943         6.1%


As you can see, the worse “deflationary” (or money-reduction, -draught or -shortage) years were the early 30s, and the 1937 and 1938 “inflation” rates were 3.6 and –2.1 respectively, thus partly contradicting this NY Times writer, who once again missed the biggest cause of the “great depression,” the “central” usury rate.

*  *  *  *  *

And from “Can the Feds Uncrunch Credit? Maybe—but Washington’s Unprecedented Interventions could make Things much, much worse,” by Nicole Gelinas, City Journal, Winter 2009;

(Note: Nicole makes a lot of cents.)


In its extraordinary actions over the past few months, the American government is trying to do the opposite of what it did the last time an economy-wide financial crisis rocked the country. During the Great Depression, policymakers chose to stand by and watch as banks failed and as spooked savers hoarded dollars, gutting spending and investment. The government, instead of expanding money and credit [which, as you know, is multiply “based” upon a “fraction” of “money”–Ed.], allowed it—indeed, encouraged it—to vanish from the economy. Scholars, most notably the late Milton Friedman, long ago convinced mainstream economic thinkers that this monetary policy blunder pushed the nation and then the world into a long-term contraction [of the money supply, and hence of production, activity, commerce, trade–Ed.] during the thirties and kept it slumping for a decade.

[Freidman was called a “monetarist” because he was one of the few so-called “economists” who recognized the central importance of money. But again, try having an economy without money, or with a crippling scarcity of it. And there’s your “great depression.”–Ed.]

So in the months and years ahead, we will see if a vastly ambitious government expansion of [“centrally”-borrowed (and governmentally spent) US debt-paper–Ed.] money and [“commercial” bankster–Ed.] credit [multiply “based” upon a “fraction” of this “money,” and “lent”–Ed.], probably far beyond what Friedman had envisioned, can fix today’s crisis, in which, after the housing market began to collapse in 2006, private lending and borrowing have screeched to a halt for the first time in modern history.… But there’s no guarantee that any of it will work.

[It can’t possibly work. And it never really did. Just look at what it is. It’s a “central” monopoly debt-paper money, with “commercial” bankster “credit” multiply based upon a “fraction” of it. And so the money’s no damn good, and never was! It’s “jewish,” fraudulent, deceitful and predatory! And so America’s economic foundation (i.e. its money) is no good, and hasn’t been since 1913, at least!–Ed.]

you need to understand money. [You can say that again!–Ed.] Unless we want to barter for everything—I’ll write you this article, and you can cut my hair in return—we need a stable, objective store of value to exchange: in America’s case, the dollar.

[But the Americans haven’t had one (“a stable, objective store of value”) at least since 1913, when, thanks to their US gov’t, their once “sound” and stable American dollar became a “jewish” debt-dollar”—“centrally” loaned into existence and circulation by their corporate kings, the “jewish”–Amerika’s “central” banksters—(via their evil, traitorous, anti-Gentile and anti-American agents: the US Congress, the US presidents and the “supreme [US] justices”)—to “we the [Gentile American] people,” and for us to repay in full, plus “interest,” which is impossible. (See above, and also this ever-mounting and multiply unpayable US “national” or “public debt.”)–Ed.]

As the economy naturally expands—the result of both a growing population and increased productivity, through technology and the like—the money supply, too, must expand.

[Right, you peg your total amount of money (in your political/monetary realm) to the total number of people using it. I.E. so many ample money units per person: 100 e.g. And you always keep all this money inside your market-place, state, society.–Ed.[

…. But the Federal Reserve isn’t alone in determining the [US–Ed.] money supply. [Oh? Do tell. (And recall Bernanke’s admission above.)–Ed.] Regular people, too, must have enough confidence in the Fed’s ability to regulate money to “store” their own capital [money or “purchasing power”–Ed.] in dollars. If they lose confidence in the dollar, they’ll do business in foreign currencies or gold instead.

[But this is a “crime” in “jewish”-Amerika! A “crime” against the US “central” banksters, whose “beastly” monopoly-debt-money proclaims itself to be “LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE.” It’s a monopoly money! And a debt-money. The American people are simply not free to create and give themselves and their posterity an honest, ample, stable debt-free token-money of their very own! And this monetary prohibition and “central” “jewish” monopolization is called “democracy.”–Ed.]

Just think of what has happened in Zimbabwe, where the government’s disastrous mismanagement of inflation has obliterated its citizens’ confidence in the nation’s paper money, leading them to abandon it en masse and destroy whatever remaining value it had.

[I don’t know if Mugabe (Zimbabwe’s black autocrat) is subject to (“jewish”) “central” banksters, or whether he simply over-prints and over-spends his very own brand of national paper-money into complete worthlessness.

But that is indeed the Achilles’ heel of all token moneys—that they can be created (or counterfeited) into worthlessness.

But no one can create gold or silver, although many have tried. (See “alchemy.”) But no state or nation uses gold or silver as its money. All states create and use mere token money (usually paper).

But is it a debt-token money or not? That is the question. And on that answer depends not only that nation’s economy, but that nation’s or people’s future, prosperity and freedom (or enslavement).

And though most African Negroes will hate me for siding with my brother Europeans, whom they have so violently and murderously robbed and dispossessed, and in whose productive absence they now starve and despair—(What? I’m going to betray my family and kindred for Negroes, “jews,” money, power or what-have-you?)—they would be infinitely better off taking my monetary/economic advice and living under an honest (debt-free, ample and stable) token-money regime. And not only for their own sakes, but also for the sakes of their national and tribal neighbors. (You know?)

But has the United Nations’ Org. ever once said so?—much less ever actually and actively promoted honest money in Africa, or anywhere else?

Hell no! And so what does that tell you? What does that prove?

This: That the UN is truly the Jew N.! It is and always was a most malevolent creature, creation and super-national tool of the Super-Nazi (“central” and “commercial”) bankster “jews.”

(Can I get a witness? And can I get an “Amen”?)–Ed.]

…. the Fed and the U.S. Treasury are using a particular handbook: “The Great Contraction,” part of Milton Friedman’s and Anna Jacobson Schwartz’s lengthy A Monetary History of the United States, 1867–1960. Friedman and Schwartz compiled reams of data and historical documents to illustrate a simple thesis: the catastrophe of the Depression wasn’t the natural hangover of the late 1920s speculative excesses, as many believed (and still believe), but the result of the inaction of the Federal Reserve during the early 1930s.

[If by that the writer (Nicole) means, prohibitively high “central” bankster usury rates, then yes. And lets not forget their “central” selling of US gov’t/Treasury bonds.

And like all other Satanic “jewish” moneys, the US “central” monopoly debt-paper money must all-too-soon return to its “central” “jewish” origin (in “principal” (i.e. US gov’t/Treasury bond) repayments)—plus all the “centrally”-demanded usury or “interest” money that was never even “centrally” lent, and hence never even existed!

And there’s the impossibility of repayment and the automatic self-“deflation” of all such Satanic “jewish” debt-moneys. (Do you see?)–Ed.]

The Fed dithered as banks failed. [Just as Nero fiddled while Rome burned! What a fiddler on the roof!–Ed.] A first wave [of banks–Ed.] went insolvent after lending money against speculative instruments like stocks whose values had plummeted. These failures cascaded, though, when frightened depositors, back then without any FDIC-style government guarantee of their savings, rushed to withdraw their money. The panic spread further. Even relatively healthy banks began to fear that they’d be the next to face a run and started to sell off all non-cash assets, like stocks and bonds, so they’d have money on hand in case of depositor panic. This forced selling drove down the prices of those investments [via the “law” of (high) supply and (low) demand; and the “law” of scarce money–Ed.], pushing more banks over the brink and causing yet more dread. As the banks failed, of course, credit dried up. [For these were mostly “commercial” banks.–Ed.] As frantic depositors removed physical dollars, they also took with them, invisibly, all the money that belonged to other savers who didn’t get there as quickly, as well as potential credit that [“commercial”–Ed.] banks might have [“created” and–Ed.] lent to borrowers.

A dismal cycle emerged. The shrinking supply of money and credit [and you all know the difference–Ed.], plus falling asset values exacerbated by the banks’ forced selling, dragged prices down.

…. The Fed [the corporately anonymous, unliable and super-legal or “royal”US “central” banksters–Ed.], Friedman and Schwartz argued, should have asked the Treasury to print up new money and then lent it generously to the banks, so that they would resume lending and borrowing; reinflation, price recovery, and economic recovery would have followed—much sooner than they ultimately did.

[I very much doubt that! This writer (Nicole) is evidently uninformed about “central” money-lending (“banking”). According to every US president, Congress and “supreme court” since 1913, the US treasury/treasurer has no power nor “authority” to create any unbacked paper-money—much less any debt-free paper-money! If they ever “constitutionally” had it in the first place, the US Congress and president (Wilson) sold this supreme and sovereign money-creating power to the Super-Nazi “jews” in 1913.

Lincoln tried, and Lincoln died. They were called “greenbacks.” They were unbacked paper-dollars. But they were debt-free paper dollars. They were neither borrowed nor loaned into existence. That was their very purpose! That was Lincoln’s point! They were simply printed up by the US treasurer, on Lincoln’s orders, and spend into existence by the president, to pursue his “civil” war against the supposedly sovereign southern states of America.

(And so Lincoln and Grant violently and imperiously “proved” they weren’t (sovereign)—that they were not “free” to go their own way, nor to create their own “confederate” money. And so Lincoln and Grant thus violently “proved” that all American states (north, south, east and west) were slave-states after all. Ironic, wasn’t it?)

And no US president since Lincoln has ever tried printing up his very own (debt-free) paper-money. (So go figure.)

Lincoln tried, and succeeded, but died. And some say that’s why. And I don’t doubt it. (See The Monetary/Economic Problem.)

And some say Kennedy tried and died, but he didn’t—try I mean. (See My Kennedy Error.)

On “the Fed’s” orders or commands, the US Treasury does indeed print up all “the Fed’s” money—for 4¢ or so apiece—and with their official US Treasury seal and signatures upon every debt-“dollar bill”—to make it seem that this is all US debt-free Treasury money and not “central” monopoly debt-money. But only “the Fed” lends it.

Perhaps that’s what Nicole means. I’ll bet that’s what Friedman meant.–Ed.]

“Throughout the contraction [of the “central” US debt-money supply in the 1930s –Ed.], the [Fed] had ample powers to cut short the tragic process of monetary deflation and banking collapse,” Friedman and Schwartz wrote.

[Yes, via lowering their “central” usury rate and buying US Treasury bonds from the American public, thereby pumping truckloads of their monopoly debt-money into the American economy. But they didn’t do that, and obviously because they didn’t want to! And so “the Fed,” i.e. the US “central” banksters, clearly wanted this “great depression,” (i.e. this great “central” US money-draught of theirs), which they clearly and deliberately caused!–Ed.]

“Had it used those powers…in late 1930 or even in early or mid-1931, the successive liquidity [or “deflationary” money-shortage–Ed.] crises that are…the distinctive feature of the [Depression] could almost certainly have been prevented…. [Again, see the annual “inflation”/“deflation” figures above.–Ed.] Moreover, the policies required [needed or necessary–Ed.] to prevent the decline in the quantity of money and to ease the banking difficulties did not involve radical innovations.”

[Yes, again, the US “central” banksters kept their “central” usury rates prohibitively high—in order to cause and maintain their great money-draught and consequent (economic) stagnation called “great depression.”

This was their great “bust” after their great “boom”—called “roaring twenties.”

(See The Monetary/Economic Problem and The Great “Jewish”-Amerikan Gold Robbery of 1933.)–Ed.]

In 2002, Ben Bernanke, then a member of the Fed’s board of governors, spoke at a party to honor Friedman’s 90th birthday. Noting that he had first read “The Great Contraction” as a grad student at MIT [Massachusetts’ Institute of Technology–Ed.], Bernanke observed: “I would like to say to Milton and Anna, regarding the Great Depression: You’re right. We [US “central” bankster “jews”–Ed.] did it. We’re very sorry. [(???) As if it was an honest mistake! As if they didn’t know what they were “centrally” doing, nor why they were doing it!–Ed.] But thanks to you, we [US “central” bankster “jews”–Ed.] won’t do it again.”

[That’s because there’s more than one way to scalp or “skin the [Gentile American] cat”—along with the global Gentile economy to boot! For example, the opposite way—“runaway or hyper-inflation,” Weimar or Zimbabwe style! (See the’s “central” US debt-money-supply chart below.–Ed.]

Say this for Bernanke, now the Fed’s chairman: he wasn’t kidding! Six years after his speech, Bernanke’s Federal Reserve, in concert with the Treasury Department, has launched a full-throttle effort to flood the dried-up economy with money and credit  and to prevent millions more jobs from disappearing in the current contraction.

[1.) Note the money as water metaphor. Economic “booms” are money “floods.” And economic “busts,” “recessions” and “depressions” are money droughts.

But again, we Gentiles need neither money droughts nor money floods. We merely need enough money for all desired deals or trades at full employment, (economic) activity and productivity. And we need that ample money water-level to remain ever-stable, constant, permanent. And you know why. (And if not, see above.)

It’s the Satanic “jews” who “need” (and hence perpetrate) these “cyclical” debt-money floods and debt-money droughts, to thus “boom” and bust” us Gentiles, to thus repeatedly steal and rob our (Gentile) productivity, wealth and property.

And I, for one, think someone should put a permanent stop to this “cyclical” “jewish” predation. Should I therefore “call my representative”? (Anyone who ever read any one of my books would know I never ever had a “representative.” Can I get an “Amen”?)

2.) Explanation: “in concert with the Treasury Department” means that one “central” bankster “jew” (Geitner)—whom their boy Obama has placed in and over “our” US treasury—is borrowing from this other “central” bankster “jew” (Bernacke), so that they and their corporately anonymous and legally immune co-conspirators can lend it to (or spend it on) whatever and whomever they please—(e.g. their “commercial” and “investment” bankster brothers, partners or selves); and so that “we the [Gentile American] people”—(in whose public name and “full faith and credit” all this (“central” “jewish” US debt-money) is borrowed)—can pay it all back, plus whatever (non-existent) “interest” or usury money these banksters “centrally” demand of us.

And Nicole now tells us two big truths:–Ed.]

Part of this effort involves aggressively expanding the money supply using the familiar set of tools. The Fed has slashed the interest rate at which it lends to banks so that those banks, in turn, can borrow and lend more dollars [and “commercial” bankster “credit” multiply “based” upon a mere “fraction” of those “central” bankster debt-dollars–Ed.]. It has also deluged the economy with [its/their “central” monopoly–Ed.] money by buying [US Treasury–Ed.] bonds [from the public–Ed.]: stocks of money in checking and savings accounts are now way up.

[If that’s true, then why aren’t the big “commercial” banksters lending? Is it because they’re still “insolvent” due to owning too many “toxic assets”?—and hence are thus accumulating paper-money to “get out of the red and into the black”

Or is it something far more sinister than that? Are the big commercial banksters not lending to deliberately “deflate” the money supply and “depress” the economy, to thereby further “bust” us, to thereby “speculate” with the paper-money they’re thus holding (and withholding), to ultimately to spend it on buying up our “depressed” (low priced) “assets” for “pennies on the dollar?”–Ed.]

The Fed has sloshed the economy with enough money that banks should theoretically lend to one another at a zero percent interest rate. [Not quite, but almost; their “central” usury rate is only ½% or .05%.–Ed.] These actions carry the grave risk of runaway inflation, but they aren’t unorthodox.

…. The overriding danger with everything that the government is doing, though, is that there’s no natural exit strategy. [There never is with a debt-money. It’s characteristically, necessarily and inevitably “inflated” into worthlessness. The “exit strategy” is “communism.” (See below.)–Ed.] While the Depression showed that a precipitous drop in money and credit is horrible, that doesn’t mean that risking severe inflation at a time of economic weakness, maintaining failed ideas, and breaking the national bank [?] over some indeterminate amount of time to maintain an artificial level of credit is better. What if, say, five years from now, it turns out that we’ve spent not only time but trillions of dollars trying to maintain an unsustainable level of borrowing, and it all falls apart anyway [Isn’t that precisely what just happened? Yes…–Ed.]—but with the [elective and visible, presidential and congressional US puppet-–Ed.] government more deeply in hock [to its/their “jewish” “central” bankster masters (than they were before this latest monetary/economic crisis)–Ed.] and hyperinflation destroying confidence in the dollar?

[That is truly the road which Bernacke and Co., Congress and the president, are taking us down. And we will indeed all end up there—unless we first come to understand money and “credit.”

But who can take us to that better mind, dear readers? Who can teach us? And are the other Gentile Americans still too far too full of “jewish” deceit, falsehood, arrogance, ignorance, debt-money and/or the haughty (but illusory) power of US “public office” to listen and learn from him?–Ed.]

…. The real lesson of the Depression may be that there is no straightforward policy fix for such an enormous mess.

[Nonsense, false and untrue! Try honest money and honest money-lending (usury or “banking”). That’s the ticket! That’s the ticket to national prosperity! (See e.g. “Nazi Germany.”) And that’s the ticket out of this “jewish” Hell on earth!

And is this not precisely why these Satanic “jews” so demonically hate and slander this earthly kingdom of God? And why they and their Satanic “allies” mass-murderously, genocidally and “holocaustically” destroyed it? (See On Recognizing (Demonic) Terrorists (through their Slanderous Masks): “Allied” Terror-Bombing during W.W. II.) Because it truly was the proverbial “city on a hill,” and the very last divine Light within this world-wide “jewish” Darkness? (Can I get a witness? And can I get an “Amen”?)–Ed.]

As Lazard Frères partner Albert J. Hettinger, Jr., wrote in the original introduction to Friedman and Schwartz’s masterpiece: “High-powered [debt–Ed.] money, intelligently administered by a regulatory body, can, as the authors point out, accomplish much. It cannot accomplish the impossible.”

*  *  *  *  *

True, but try debt-free money. That’s truly “high powered.” And other than its initial creation and public distribution, it really doesn’t need much “administration” and “regulation.” Just get out of the way and watch that honest money from fly from citizen to citizen towards general prosperiteye. (And see The Monetary/Economic Problem (and Honest Money Solution).

*  *  *  *  *

And so a “great [world-wide] depression” was deliberately perpetrated in the 1930s by the “central” and “commercial” “jewish” banksters of the world.

And again you know what a “depression” is, and what causes it.

For money “deflation” is the opposite of “inflation.”

Think of adding or subtracting air from a balloon or a tire-tube. And that’s basically all token-money is: air; cheap-metal or mere paper, specially-marked, like the “jewish”-Amerikan “dollar”—which is a debt-token-money, and a monopoly debt-token-money. (So go figure.)

A “depression” is a lack of money, due to its reduction or “deflation.” (Again, think of a balloon or a tire-tube.)

And any “deflation” of a token money supply, other than via exportation, is obviously and necessarily caused by the people who create, print or manufacture that money. They simply and secretly decide not to print or coin enough money for the people to make all the exchanges they want and need to make. And hence the monetary oil or lubricant is thus mysteriously reduced, siphoned or drained out of the engine of that economy. And hence that economic engine soon sputters, grinds, screeches and slows down. And it may even practically stop altogether, depending on how much money-oil is left inside it. “Deflation” and/or “depression” is as if the money were somehow secretly sucked out of the marketplace, thus reducing the populace to barter, the workers and producers to involuntary inactivity, and the economy to a most “depressing” stagnation.

And as explained above, this is most easy to do with a debt-money, and especially a monopoly debt-money—such as the Amerikan “dollar.”

*  *  *  *  *

So that’s the how of “deflation” (“recession, “depression”). But as to why anyone—(or rather any sociopath)—would want to do such a “depressing” thing, and what they would or could possibly gain from it, please see my Monetary/Economic Problem and Honest Money Solution (at, as I’m not going to fully re-explain it here, except to say that:

These “central” debt-monopoly-money hoarders thereby get to buy things (and services) from people desperate for money (to pay their debts, avoid foreclosure, eviction, etc.) at “cents on the dollar” or a fraction of their pre-“deflation” or pre-“depression” value. And there’s a motive! It’s a harvest time for demons, monetary/economic predators, vampires or blood-suckers.

And again this is all-too-easy to do when you (or rather “jew”) are the “central” banker—i.e. the only or monopoly source of all the money in the state or society, and a debt-monopoly-money at that!

*  *  *  *  *

“Central” Bankster “Inflation” to the Rescue?

(Don’t count on it.)

And though I could find no official (or even unofficial) figures of annual U.S. “central” bankster “interest” rates during their “great [and worldwide] depression” of the 1930s, it is generally accepted by many respected American “economists” that prohibitively high US “central bank” “interest” or usury rates kept Americans businesses and individuals from borrowing—and hence kept money from “centrally’ entering the (“jew”-damned) country, market-place and economy.

(The official CPI “Inflation”/“deflation” figures from below are an indirect indication that this is what was happening.)

And aside from what we just read above, here’s another recent example of that general recognition: It’s from the New York Times of July 26, 2009; “The Great Preventer,” by that celebrated NYU economics professor, Nouriel Roubini:


…Ben Bernanke….deserves to be reappointed….chairman of the Federal Reserve [Corporation, the U.S. “central” bank–Ed.] when his term ends next January. Both the conventional and unconventional decisions made by this scholar of the Great Depression prevented the Great Recession of 2008-2009 from turning into the Great Depression 2.0

Mr. Bernanke understands that in the Great Depression, the collapse of the money supply [Explain that? How does money “collapse”? (Like the WTC?) And what “central” hole did it all “collapse” or “fall” into? And why?–Ed.] and the lack of monetary stimulus [i.e. U.S. gov’t borrowing and spending—which didn’t happen until their WW II–Ed.] during contractions [in the US “money supply” caused by the aforementioned too-high “central” bankster “interest” demands–Ed.] worsened the country’s economic free fall. [Not “worsened,” created. Try having an “economy” without money.–Ed.] This lesson has paid off. [The lesson that the Great Depression “taught” Ben Bernanke.–Ed.] Mr. Bernanke’s decision to keep [his “central” bank’s–Ed.] interest rates low [indeed damn near zero; see below–Ed.] and [thereby–Ed.] encourage lending has, for now, averted the L-shaped depression that seemed highly likely after the financial collapse last fall.


*  *  *  *  *

(I guess an “L-shaped depression” refers to a graph showing economic activity falling over a cliff into nothingness.)

And this again is what happens when you have no money, no means of exchange, no oil in your local or national engine.

It’s not that there recently was or is a lack of paper-money in the U.S. economy. It’s just that it not being lent. The question is why?

The official US gov’t and “commercial” bankster answer is that because the “commercial” banks were (and remain) so very overloaded and overstocked with fraudulent MBS (and hence “toxic [mortgage, real estate and derivative] assets”) that they hadn’t yet fraudulently unloaded or sold before this latest “crisis” and “credit crunch,” and because their “balance sheets” were (and remain) so incredibly false and deceitful that the “commercial” banksters couldn’t even trust one another, that they therefore didn’t want to lend out any money to “we the people” nor even to one another, even for a short while, and so be stuck without enough real and true assets (i.e. paper-money) to avoid bankruptcy, should any “bank examiner” or anyone else from the gov’t ever truly examine and verify their books, records, balance sheets, business statements and general situation(s).

But there is another possible answer, which I suggested in the City Journal article above. And that is that the big “commercial banksters presently possess sufficient paper-money (and hence multiples of “credit”) to lend to the public, but that don’t want to because they’re “speculating,” they’re deliberately reducing or “deflating” the American money-supply to “depress” the economy and reduce all prices, to thus be in a position to snatch up “depressed” “assets” for “pennies on the dollar” just before they all secretly decide to “boom” the economy (lend money) once again. (See “business cycle.”)

But “we the people” shouldn’t be such pathological borrowers. (“Neither a borrower nor a lender be.”—Shakespeare) But that’s difficult to do when you’re buying a house or starting a business. And only a fool saves “money” that shrinks or “depreciates” in his hand.

*  *  *  *  *

And professor Roubini is right about “Bernanke’s decision to keep [his “central” bank’s–Ed.] interest rates low”.

Just look at Bernanke’s recent “central” bankster usury or “interest” rates—inexplicably and confusedly called “discount rates”—the center column:

From’s article on Bernanke’s “Discount Window”:

*  *  *

Recent changes to rates:


        Date                        Discount rate (change)          Fed funds target rate/range (change)


Jan-July, 2007                      6.25%                                                5.25%

August 17, 2007                              5.75% (-50bp)                                    5.25% (no change)

September 18, 2007              5.25% (-50bp)                                    4.75% (-50bp)

October 31, 2007                   5.00% (-25bp)                                    4.50% (-25bp)

December 11, 2007               4.75% (-25bp)                                    4.25% (-25bp)

January 22, 2008                  4.00% (-75bp)                                    3.50% (-75bp)

January 30, 2008                  3.50% (-50bp)                                    3.00% (-50bp)

March 16, 2008                     3.25% (-25bp)                                    3.00% (no change)

March 18, 2008                     2.50% (-75bp)                                    2.25% (-75bp)

April 30, 2008                        2.25% (-25bp)                                    2.00% (-25bp)

October 8, 2008                     1.75% (-50bp)                                    1.50% (-50bp)

October 29, 2008                   1.25% (-50bp)                                    1.00% (-50bp)

December 16, 2008               0.50% (-75bp)                                    0-0.25% (-75bp)

January 16, 2009                  0.50% (no change)                            0-0.25% (no change)


*  *  *

(Note: “bp” means “basis points.” One percent or one-hundredth (1/100) of one “interest” percent (%) is a “basis point.” In other words, every percent (%) of “interest” is further subdivided into 100 “basis points.” And so e.g. 25 “basis points” = ¼ or .25 of 1% “interest”; 50 “basis points” = ½ or .5 or .50 of 1% “interest”; and so on.

And the “Fed Funds Target Rate” refers to the “interest” or usury rate of overnight loans or very short-term loans between the “member banks” of the “central” bankster’s “system.” Note how it’s a half to a quarter “interest” point (or 50 to 25 “basis points”) below the “central” usury (“discount”) rate.)

*  *  *  *  *

And so “central” bankster’s (Bernanke’s) current “interest” rate is not even 1%, but half of 1%, 0.50% or 50 “basis points.”

And so that’s what the “commercial” or “member” banksters are currently annually paying for every U.S. debt-“dollar” they borrow from the only, “central,” monopoly source of all U.S. “dollars.” That’s only ½¢ or 0.5¢ per year. And so whatever usury or “interest” they charge us on top of that is their “commercial” bankster profit—minus expenses.

And yet they’re not willing to do that? So why not?

*  *  *  *  *

And so professor Roubini is right about “Bernanke’s decision to keep [his “central” bank’s–Ed.] interest rates low”. And you’d also think, along with Roubini, that this would “encourage [commercial bank] lending.” But it hasn’t. So why not? It is because the “commercial” banksters can’t?—as they explain it. Or is it because they won’t?

And if they won’t, then why won’t they? Because there’s far more profit to be taken in not lending? And if so, how so? By “speculating” on US “dollars”?

*  *  *  *  *

And so yes, it’s true: High “central” bankster usury or “interest” rates caused their “great depression” of the 1930s, but not this most recent “financial collapse.”

Again, look at Bernanke’s official debt-money supply chart (below). It’s presently been increased or “inflated” from .8 to 1.8 $trillion. And that means a consequent devaluing or “depreciation” of the “jewish”-Amerikan debt-“dollar” via the simple law of over-supply and demand. In other words, that means higher prices—at the super-market, for example.

And so the “central” bankster “jews” are not presently “deflating” us into monetary/economic Hell, as they did in their “great depression.” They rather “inflating” us therein. (And yet the big “commercial” banksters are not lending. So go figure.)

And again, after the US “central” banksters thus destroy their “beastly” U.S. “dollar” via this present “inflation”/“depreciation,” they’ll soon be coming around as our monetary/economic “saviors” with a brand-new “jew” debt-monopoly-money to forcibly, tyrannically, “legislatively,” presidentially, congressionally and “democratically” condemn us all into using—just as they dictatorially/“democratically” imposed their Jew S. debt-dollar in 1913.

*  *  *  *  *

And so though the “commercial” banksters may publicly cry otherwise, there was (and is) no recent nor present shortage of U.S. debt-“dollars.”

Simply look at the current U.S. “central” bankster (Bernanke’s) official debt-money supply (from the It’s very recently been increased or “inflated” from .8 to 1.8 $trillion. And that’s a whole(sale) lot a “central” debt-“dollars.”

*  *  *  *  *


*  *  *  *  *

And so there was (and is) no shortage of U.S. “dollars.”

The official US gov’t, US media, and “commercial” bankster explanation, once again, is that the big Jew York City commercial banksters got caught with warehouses full of their “toxic [real estate, mortgage and derivatives’] assets” which they hadn’t yet gotten rid of at the time of this latest “crisis” and “credit crunch”—via deceitfully and fraudulently selling them off to all their duped and cheated MBS customers. And hence these banksters needed all the money they could get their hands on, and then some. And so they simply refused to lend “we the people” any of their money—not even their “credit” or “checkbook” money. And they still to this day refuse to do so because they’re still short of US paper-money—or so they say. And so that’s their story and they’re sticking to it.

*  *  *  *  *

And yet these are the very bankster frauds and thieves whom the U.S. gov’t (congress and presidents Bush & Obama) said they desperately “needed” to save (via hundreds of $billions of “centrally”-borrowed US money) so that they, in turn, could then save us, the American public, by once again lending their “credit” us. (See e.g. the “multiplier effect” clause from Obama’s April 14, 2009 speech above.)

And so these “commercial” banksters were lent all this “centrally”-borrowed money. And yet they still won’t lend the public any. (So go figure what’s really going on here.) And our “federal” “public servants” in the White House and the Congress did not think to force these “commercial” banksters to “lend” their “credit” to the American public as a condition of those “public” loans to them.

Bush, Obama and the US congress told us they had to rush, rush, rush to save these “commercial” banksters (and others) in order to save us all from what they had done to us, and to save our “economy”!

But this “economic” “salvation” never happened. And so this clearly was (and is) all false!—and not only because the “commercial” banksters aren’t at all doing what Bush, Obama and the US Congress promised us they would—(and for which they lent them all that “centrally”-borrowed money)—to kindly lend us earthworms their “multiplied” “credit”—which of course created this “credit boom”/“housing boom” in the first place—but also because “commercial” banksterism is a predatory “jewish” plague upon the Gentiles—along with its “central” brother!

*  *  *  *  *

And so our presidential, congressional, “central” and “commercial” “saviors” didn’t save us Americans after all, did they? So should we be surprised? And should the Russians have been surprised that their self-alleged “jewish”-Marxist-“communist” “saviors” never delivered their “worker’s’ paradise”?

(“What’s the one got to do with the other?”)

Are you kidding? They’re both “jewish”! The “American Union” and the “Soviet Union” are both “jewish”! Debt-monopoly-money “capitalism and “communism” are both “jewish”! And the former “financed” the latter.

We can’t possibly save ourselves by saving the Devil, It’s “chosen people” and their evil, “beastly,” debt-, theft- and trap-money. (Apo./Rev. 13:11-18)

On the contrary, to save ourselves and our “economy” we need Truth, Courage, Self-Representation, honest money and honest money-lending (usury or “banking”). And we need physical and political separation from the “jews,” their “central” monopoly debt-money, their “commercial” “credit” and all their demonic and “democratic” “representatives.”

And we will never get these good and Godly things from these “central” and “commercial” “jewish” banksters, nor from all their evil and traitorous agents and “public servants” in the U.S. congress, presidency and “supreme court.”

You don’t get salvation from the Devil, nor Its “chosen people”—nor their “chosen people” (in the U.S. congress and presidency)—and you never shall. On the contrary, you’ll only get more and more of their political, monetary and economic damnation!—of yourself, your loved ones, your country and your countrymen! For all fruit is and must ever be of its tree. And so you can never get Salvation, Truth nor Justice from demons—nor “public service” from such public enemies lurking within “our” “public offices,” and thus striking out at us therefrom.

*  *  *  *  *

Laughing All the Way to Their “Central” and “Commercial” Banks

And these Satanic “jews” secretly congratulate one another for their all-too-clever racial deceitfulness, fraudulence, theft and extortion of us Gentiles. They secretly comfort themselves and reassure one another that this glaring Gentile ignorance of them and their debt-money is their very “jewish” justification for all these monetary/economic evils that they thus perpetrate against us Gentiles—that their racial ability and success in doing this clearly proves their “jewish” superiority over everyone else; the racial inferiority of all their clueless Gentile victims; as well as God’s racial favor for and racial blessings upon them, “His chosen people”; and conversely, God’s “jewish” curse upon all us Gentiles.

But God, as always, says the exact opposite of what these “jews” say—of what they tell themselves and even publicly profess to all us Gentiles. God says their racial success comes from not at all from Him, but rather from the “jews” themselves and from their father, Satan the Devil. (John 8:44) And that divine Truth and contradiction of Satan’s “chosen people” should surprise no one who knows anything about the absolute opposition and contradiction between Good and Evil, God and Satan, and God’s Godly people and Satan’s Satanic/demonic people—who, as always, are recognizable by their “fruits”—i.e. words, deeds, actions, influences and consequences upon God’s world and his true people. (Matt. 7:15-16)

So who are you going to believe? These deicidal crucifers? Or Him Whom these demons crucified, in order to Satanically usurp His worldly kingdom and authority? (Matt. 21:33-46)

And so this “central” monetary/economic curse and trap is not at all divine. On the contrary, it is Satanic. And it is “jewish.”

And that should surprise no one. (John 8:44) No one who can read, no one who can hear, and no one who has faith in what is true—and therefore not in what is “jew.”

*  *  *  *  *

And these SuperNazi “jews” (and all their evil Gentile agents and “democratic representatives”) always pretend that all their monetary/economic predations, their endless “business cycles,” “booms” and “busts” etc., are all unforeseeable “acts of God” or Nature. The “jews” blame their racial evils on God. They demonically blame their racial crimes and evils upon Him Whom they crucified, and upon Him Whom they ceaselessly slander for “gassing six million” or so of the racial/spiritual relatives of these Satanic bastards! (John 8:44)

And then these monetary/economic saboteurs and damners come disguised as (monetary/economic) saviors. They then propose and pretend to cure or remedy the very “depressing” monetary/economic disease which they themselves deliberately inflicted upon us Gentries, by “legislatively” seizing yet more power over us (as they did in 1913)—(“All the better to make it all better,” they essentially say)—and by monetarily stealing yet more property from us Gentiles—by paying mere “pennies on the [depressed] dollar.”

As the honest banker, George Bailey, tells the dishonest “commercial” one, Mr. Potter:


POTTER: George, I’m an old man, and most people hate me. But I don’t like them either, so that makes it all even. You know just as well as I do that I run practically everything in this town [of Bedford Falls or “Pottersville”: It’s up to George Bailey.–Ed.] but the Bailey Building and Loan. You know, also, that for a number of years I’ve been trying to get control of it…or kill it. But I haven’t been able to do it. You have been stopping me. In fact, you have beaten me, George, and as anyone in this county can tell you, that takes some doing. Take during the depression, for instance. You and I were the only ones that kept our heads. You saved the Building and Loan, and I saved all the rest.

GEORGE: Yes. Well, most people say you stole all the rest.

POTTER: The envious ones say that, George, the suckers.


A “sucker” is an American idiom meaning “fool” or “dupe.” A “sucker” is someone who is easily deceived, who believes in lies, and who buys worthless merchandise based upon false or misleading advertising. A “sucker” is gullible, deceivable, trusting, credulous, and naïve.

A “sucker,” therefore, is someone who foolishly trusts, credits and believes in the “jews,” their money and their “banking” system—as well as in their racial deceits, tricks, traps, lies and slanders.

And so the “suckers” during the “great depression” were all those who didn’t know nor see it coming, who didn’t prepare for it, and who were therefore ruined by it—as well as all those who didn’t understand the cause of this “great depression” when, during and after it had come.

For, as always, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6) And the “lack of knowledge” here is of the “jews” and their tricks, their money and their usury (“banking”). So get smart, why don’t you? Read a book. Get wise to the “jews” and all their racial tricks and traps.

And if you don’t think Kapra and Stern’s  “Mr Potter” represented “jew” banksters, then what does this mean:


POTTER: You see, if you shoot pool with some employee here [at the Bailey “Building & Loan”–Ed.], you can come and borrow money. What does that get us? A discontented, lazy rabble instead of a thrifty working class. And all because a few starry-eyed dreamers like Peter Bailey stir them up and fill their heads with a lot of impossible ideas. Now, I say…

…. GEORGE: But he [Peter Bailey, George’s deceased father–Ed.] did help a few people get out of your slums, Mr. Potter. And what’s wrong with that? Why…. Here, you’re all businessmen here. Doesn’t it make them better citizens? Doesn’t it make them better customers?…. Just remember this, Mr. Potter, that this rabble you’re talking about…they do most of the working and paying and living and dying in this community. Well, is it too much to have them work and pay and live and die in a couple of decent rooms and a bath?

Anyway, my father didn’t think so. People were human beings to him, but to you, a  warped, frustrated old man, they’re cattle. Well, in my book he died a much richer man than you’ll ever be!

POTTER: I’m not interested in your book. I’m talking about the Building and Loan.

GEORGE: I know very well what you’re talking about.

*  *  *  *  *

“Goyim” means “cattle”! That’s what “jews” call us Gentiles! They want to own and enslave all us Gentiles as if we were their human livestock—exactly like they did in their “Soviet Union.”

And in their Satanic bible, called “Talmud,” the “jews” repeatedly say that they alone are human, and that all other humans (i.e. all us Gentiles) are therefore merely “animals.” And because we Gentiles are all “animals”—according to this Satanic “jewish” mythology, book and religion—therefore the “jews” permit themselves to perpetrate any and all manner of evils, crimes and offenses against us Gentiles without any sense of guilt whatsoever.

The “jews” thus secretly and “religiously” permit and encourage themselves to prey upon us humans in the same way and spirit that we humans permit ourselves to prey upon fish, chicken, sheep or cattle. (Their only restriction is that no “jew” should ever do anything that would cause us Gentiles to collectively defend ourselves against “jews.” See e.g. the Good Shepherd of Germany.) And so that’s the book Mr. Potter is really “interested” in, and is demonically speaking and acting from. And this Satanic “jewish” spirit, attitude and pseudo-justification for their demonic racial predation upon all humanity is clinically called “psychopathy” and “sociopathy.”

And so that’s the screen-writer’s meaning in contrasting Mr. Bailey and Mr. Potter’s diametrically opposing views of humanity, and hence their consequent treatment of mankind. The Gentile banker is an honest and benevolent humanitarian and philanthropist, while the “jew” banker is a vicious predator and thief. The Gentile thinks humans are humans. And the “jew” thinks humans (i.e. Gentiles) are “cattle”—which in his evil mind (and book) thereby permits him to perpetrate any and all evils against them without any human sense of guilt or shame. And the Gentile’s riches are spiritual, while the “jew’s” riches are earthly. (“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”—(Luke 6:34)

*  *  *  *  *

And again these Super-Nazi debt-money-demons will sooner or later pretend to “fix” their “jewish”-Amerikan debt-“dollar”—(which they are presently hyper-inflating into complete worthlessness)—by “legislatively” or “democratically” imposing a brand-new monopoly debt-money upon us.

And the realm of this new “jew” debt-monopoly-money will be far greater than merely “jewish”-Amerika “from sea to shining sea.” It may extent from the very northern to the very southern tip of the new world. And it may be called the “Amero”—or so the hemispheric (and global) debt-money demons secretly intend.

And to use it—(or rather to be “democratically” forced to use it, by evil, traitorous “jewish” parliaments and presidents)—will be to be damned by it!—collectively, nationally and “democratically” debt-damned by it!—exactly like their old “jew” debt-monopoly-money of 1913, called the American “dollar.”

*  *  *  *  *

You’d think the Gentiles would learn. You’d think bitter and painful experience would teach them a most valuable lesson or two in History, in economics, in “banking,” in “jews” and their money! And yet it clearly hasn’t!

So what’s the true and proper sociological explanation for this glaring Gentile failure to learn from bitter experience? And does the fact that everything the Americans (and others) see on TV, hear on the radio (and most of what they read) is “jewish”—have anything to do with this glaring Gentile American Truthlessness, ignorance, and even demonic possession via this incessant avalanche of “jewish” falsehoods, lies and slanders (about God and His Gentiles—such as the Germans)? (You betcha it does!) For “Garbage in, garbage out!”

For as with their debt-money monopoly, the “jews” have likewise gotten all their evil, traitorous and “democratic” “representatives” to give them ownership control over all God’s broadcast airwaves, by granting them their racial monopoly over all those frequencies that they racially demand, and by “legislatively” forbidding any Gentile usage of any of the remaining frequencies—thus perpetually lying unused and fallow (except by “pirates” or “criminals”)—and which, believe it or not, add up to about 500 times more TV/radio frequency space than all those TV/radio frequencies thus governmentally “granted” or “licensed” in the USA!

(It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. So far do the “jews,” by doing all of the talking, keep most of us Gentiles from the Truth! See The Political Problem and Solution.)

Hell, even American “public” or gov’t school books must all be “jew”-approved before usage in the classroom! And therefore everything is “Holocaust,” “Holocaust,” “Holocaust,” and “Slavery,” “Slavery,” “Slavery”! And hence this ever-gaping “jewish”-Marxist-“communist” eternity of alleged European-American “racial guilt” for—(and hence these endless demands for “racial reparations” to)—all these self-alleged racial victims of us Europeans. This is endless “jewish”-Marxist-“communist” race warfare! (And it is very much like the endless “jewish”-Marxist-“communist” class and gender warfare!) It is it virulent communist propaganda and “jewish”-Marxist dogma of the race-war strain and variety.

But here’s a clue for you all: The new-world slave trade (to both north and south America) was entirely “jewish” from beginning to end! The money to buy the Negro slaves from the African chiefs was “jew” money! The inhumane slave-ships were “jew” ships! And in many cases even the captains of these “jewish” slave-ships were “jews”! So make your racial accusations of “racial guilt” and make your racial demands for “racial reparations,” and begin your racial collections with that most guilty racial party of all by far! And only afterwards should you work your predatory race way down to me and my far less offensive Euro kindred! OK, Kun-ta-kin-tay?

*  *  *  *  *

By the Law of Money Supply and Demand, “Inflation” = Theft

By the Law of Money Supply and Demand, “Inflation” = Theft

(“Demand” means a need, a request or an order—as when you “order” something in a restaurant or from a catalog.)

Debt-Money = “Inflation” = Annual Money Depreciation or Devaluation = Theft

But let me, ah, prove it to you:

*  *  *  *  *

Why are fresh tomatoes relatively cheap or inexpensive at harvest time, and much more expensive in winter time?

It is not because they are plentiful at harvest time and scarce in winter time?

And this is merely an application of the “natural law” of “supply and demand,” right?

Well, the very same truth or “law” applies to money itself. It can be produced or created (“inflated”) into worthlessness. And it can be (and has been) quickly and mysteriously reduced and removed. (But how? And where does it all go? See above.)

But I would never have it so. And these “business cycles” are the evil deeds and predatory monetary manipulations of “jews.”

Of course I don’t want the supply (and hence the value) of money to vary like the seasons, or like tomatoes. Am I some thieving or “speculating” “jew”?

Hell no! And so I want my county’s supply or volume of money to be both ample and stable. For then its value will be stable too. And hence this (debt-free token) county money will be trustworthy, save-worthy and “bankable.”

So who could or would be against that?

Again, thieving, predatory, manipulative and “speculative” “jews,” “banksters” and counterfeiters.

*  *  *  *  *

As a balloon can be inflated or deflated, so can any token-money supply or volume.

And so “inflation” is an increase in the amount or volume of money. (Again, think of a balloon.) And, beyond an ample or sufficient supply of money—(which by definition means enough money for everyone in the state, market-place or society to do, perform or execute all their desired deals or trades at full employment, activity and productivity)—an increase in the amount or volume of money (“inflation”) is inversely or oppositely related to the money’s value or “purchasing power” (per unit). And so the more the money’s supply is increased or “inflated,” the less it is worth, and hence the less it can buy or purchase (per unit, “dollar,” “pound,” “mark,” “euro,” “yen” or what-have-you?). Does that make cents?

And this again is merely an application and example of the “natural law of supply and demand”—in this case, of money supply and money demand (or need). You only need enough money to do all the “economic” things you and your fellow citizens need to do with it. And so everything beyond that is merely extra weight performing no extra service for you and yours. Why e.g. have twice or three times as much money as you collectively need? But exactly how much money is that? How much money do you collectively need? (See below.)

*  *  *  *  *

And so along with the long-gone 5¢ candy bar, consider the first-class U.S. mailing or postage stamp. See from the chart below how their prices rose and rose over time. You had to keep buying more and more 1, 2, or 3¢ postage stamps to paste alongside what used to be a first-class stamp, and for which you had formerly paid the full first-class price. And so money “inflation” (depreciation) was ceaselessly and repeatedly cheating you out of your postage stamps.

And in belated recognition of this ever-declining U.S. dollar, the U.S. post office has only recently began selling first-class stamps which shall supposedly be good “forever”—or as long as “dollars” shall live./




(Again, a “cent” is one percent (1%) of the American “dollar.”)

Note how the incessant price rises begin only after 1913, when the treasonous US Congress and president “democratically” enthroned foreign, super-national, “jewish” “central” banksters over their Gentile country and countrymen—thereby dethroning themselves as well as betraying and surrendering their country to these Super-Nazi “jewish” foreigners. And this “central” American treason was supported, seconded and maintained by every single U.S. Congress and president since then, and without exception!

(So thanks a lot, all you “jewish,” anti-Gentile and anti-American traitors, subverters and destroyers, presidents, congressmen and “supreme court justices”!)


July 1, 1885:              

July 1, 1919:              

July 6, 1932:              

August 1, 1958:          

January 7, 1963:        

January 7, 1968:        

May 16, 1971:            

March 2, 1974:           10¢

December 31, 1975:    13¢

May 29, 1978:            15¢

March 22, 1981:         18¢

November 1, 1981:      20¢

February 17, 1985:     22¢

April 3, 1988:             25¢

February 3, 1991:       29¢

January 1, 1995:        32¢

January 10, 1999:      33¢

January 7, 2001:        34¢

June 30, 2002:           37¢

January 8, 2006:        39¢

May 14, 2007:            41¢

May 12, 2008:            42¢

May 11, 2009:            44¢


*  *  *  *  *

Now see the direct relation between “inflation”—(i.e. an increase in the money supply)—and the prices of things—in this case, of first class US postage stamps.

Here’s more money chasing approximately the same about of things for sale. And so of course and naturally the prices of these things are going to rise accordingly—by the “law” of money supply and demand.

The rising red line is the “inflation.” And the orange upward stepping stair-line is the rising price of US postage stamps.

Note the very close correlation.


(U.S. First Class Stamps vs. Inflation)

(From “Grizzo” at

*  *  *  *  *


So why should the very same thing (or service) cost 2¢ in 1885, 2¢ in 1919, 2¢ in 1931, and yet rise to 44¢ in 2009?

Why should it cost 22 times more to deliver a letter in 2009 than it did in 1919?—or from 1885 until 1931?

Have the letters gotten bigger or heavier? Have the mailmen gotten smaller?

No, the answer is that the money changed, the money supply increased by 22 times or so since 1919, and is about to increase again via “hyper-inflationary” leaps and bounds. (See below.)

*  *  *  *  *

And as with postage stamps, so with everything else for sale—like houses, rent, food, clothing, candy bars, hair-cuts, gallons of gas (petrol), packs of cigarettes and bottles of beer.

There’s a song that goes: “I was shopping at the grocery store./ The prices higher than the time before./ An old man asked me, ‘Why is it more’?”

But the question is left unanswered.

Can you answer the old man?

That’s right, it is due to money “inflation”—an increase in the volume, amount or supply money.

We have way too much of it. All that we need is enough for us to make all the deals we ever want to make. (I should think that 100 units of money per resident should be enough.)

*  *  *  *  *

Take a look at the following charts from

The first shows the average annual American inflation decade by decade since foreign “jewish” “central” banksters were treasonously, “legislatively,” demonically and “democratically” enthroned over America in 1913.

*  *  *  *  *

*  *  *  *  *

(Note the decline in the U.S. money-supply from 1920 to 1940.)

*  *  *  *  *



(Note the decline in the U.S. money-supply from 1920 to 1940.)

*  *  *  *  *

And the second chart or graph (above) shown the “cumulative” or total US money increase or “inflation” from 1913 to 2006. Note how 1913 begins at zero, and how in 2006 “inflation” had increased from 0 to 1930%. That’s an increase in the US money-supply of over 19 times, and hence a corresponding decrease in the value or “purchasing power” of the American “dollar.” And so it’s no wonder that the present US dollar is worth less than 2% of the 1913 dollar.

And again, note the decline in the U.S. money-supply from 1920 to 1940. Do you imagine that was an accident? How could any of this have been an accident? It’s all been very carefully and “centrally” controlled since 1913 by foreign, supernational or Super-Nazi bankster-“jews.”

*  *  *  *  *

And here’s the trillion dollar question: Why all this incessant “inflationary” increase in “our” money supply?

Because it’s not our money, but “jewish.” And because it’s not honest, but fraudulent.

Because that is the nature of this “jewish” debt-money—this “central” “jewish” monopoly debt-paper-money—which your traitorous politicians have tyrannically forced you and yours to use for generations! More and more must of it be borrowed (by these traitorous Gentile puppet-gov’ts in the name and credit of “we the [Gentile] people”) to keep it from all going back to its central source and destination in “principal” and “interest” payments, and to help pay for a higher and higher “national” or “public debt”—due to the involuntary use of this very toxic “jewish” debt-money—which can never ever be fully repaid.

*  *  *

(So why ever try? And why keep trying?

Is it monetary madness? Economic insanity? Collective craziness? National enslavement? I.E. national and political (or “democratic”) debt-money enslavement? All of the above?)

*  *  *

For only “principal” is “centrally” created, printed and lent to “we the people”—via our evil, traitorous, “jewish” “representatives.” And yet both “principal”—(i.e. every debt-dollar ever “centrally” created and lent)—plus nonexistent “interest” is “centrally” demanded in return—by these evil, Gentile-damning, debt-money “jew”-demons. And so over time these “central”-bankster “jews” claim we Gentiles owe them several times more of their “jewish” debt-money that even exists! (So go figure. And see below.)

Again, it’s a trap, a “jewish” trap. To use—(or be “democratically” forced to use)—their evil “jewish” debt-money is to be ensnared and entrapped by it—as well as to be thieved and robbed by it! And that’s Evil (and Its “chosen people’s”) entire point and purpose—to thieve, to rob, to collectively entrap, nationally enslave and “democratically” damn all us Gentiles into these multiply unpayable “public” or “national debts”…to them! (John 8:44)

*  *  *

So how do we Gentiles get ourselves and our posterity out of this evil “jewish” debt-money trap?

1.) We understand it.

2.) We make and use our own money instead—an honest, ample, stable debt-free, Gentile token money.

And 3.) We stop being “democratically” mis-“represented” (betrayed and sold down the river) by evil, traitorous “jewish” “representatives.”

(Download and read my Twin Problems and Solutions from

*  *  *  *  *

It is truly said that the 1913 American dollar—(which was the year that US president Wilson and the US Congress sold America to the Super-Nazi “central” bankster “jews” and their debt-money)—could buy more than 50 times more goods and services than the 2008 American dollar could before this latest (and still current) monetary/economic crisis—in other words, that that 2008 American “dollar” was worth less than 2¢ or 1/50th of the 1913 American “dollar.”

This means that someone who held, kept or “saved” American dollars since 1913, instead of spending them, would get less than 2¢ or 2% back on every dollar relative to what he “paid” for them (via his labor or whatever) in 1913. In other words, he would be secretly robbed or thieved by more than 98¢ on every dollar! And after this latest US money/economy crisis they will get even less! And clueless (or deceitful) people wonder why Americans don’t save!

And this so-called monetary “inflation”—(and hence decrease or depreciation of its value)—is theft.

It is “theft” because the holders of keepers of such “inflationary” money are monetarily cheated or robbed so very sneakily and subtly, and because they don’t clearly see nor understand exactly how they are thus being robbed!—via the natural law of money-supply and -demand (or need).

The longer you hold such theft-money, the more it shrinks in your hand, and the more you are thieved or robbed by its “central” “jewish” creators, perpetrators and lenders.

It’s not enough for the “democratic” “jewish” gov’ts that they boldly tax, take or rob your hard-earned money out of your hands. But they secretly steal it as well, via their “inflation.”

(And as we saw above, they do the very same thing to the brand-new “Euro” and its savers. Such is all debt-money. It’s “jewish,” abominable and completely evil. It’s of the Devil and Its mutually “chosen people.”))

And therefore, as succinctly expressed by a “crazy” Englishman in the 1960s:


“You’ve been living like a little girl in the middle of your little world.

And you’ve worked hard, and you’ve saved and earned. But all of it’s going to burn.

In your mind, your tiny mind, you know you’ve really been so blind.

Now’s the time. Improve your mind. You’ve fallen far too far behind.

[You’re really such a stupid swine!–Ed.]

Ooo, Oo, Oo, Oo!

Fire! Your money will burn!

Fire! Maybe then you will learn!

You’ll see it burn!”


(I’m not sure I like that young man’s attitude. But we get his idea, and fiery point.)

And all the more reason, therefore, to use cheap metal coins for our money instead of paper. For token metal coins won’t ever burn nor turn to ash. You know?)

*  *  *  *  *

And again, every U.S president, Congress and “supreme court” since 1913 have been as treasonous as Wilson and his congressional gang of professional “jew”-suckers. For none have delivered us from the “jews” and their money—their (and hence “our”)—“beastly” debt-, theft- and trap-money. And so that leaves only we ourselves or what’s-His-name? to “deliver us from Evil,” aye men? (Apo./Rev. 19:12 & 3:12)

(Some say US president John F. Kennedy tried and died to free us from Satan’s money. But unfortunately that’s not true. See My Kennedy Error from you-know-where.)

*  *  *  *  *

Again, the American dollar is not a standard. It is neither a standard of value nor a store of value. It doesn’t even like you! The longer you keep it, the more it cheats you. The longer you hold it ,the less it is worth. It shrinks in your hand, unlike gold—which is precisely why gold has always been desired by all men who want their value of their hard-earned money to last until they are finally good and ready to spend it. And who doesn’t? For gold never loses its value. It is the epitome of eternity. It is indestructible. It will last as long as the earth lasts. And so it will last longer than that “rainy day” you’ve been saving your gold money for.

Before they hogged, stole or robbed it all, “jew” banksters used to say their paper-money was “good as-gold.” It never was, of course. (See above.) No “jewish” money ever keeps its value. For it is all debt-money, theft-money and trap-money.

But if you do exactly as I’ve instructed you, then you and yours can and will enjoy the benefits of a token money you can all trust, and hence can safely keep until your “rainy day.”

You can’t do that with “jew”-money. Simply note the ever-rising prices of postage stamps or candy bars.

*  *  *  *  *

As a balloon can be inflated or deflated, so can any token-money supply. As a balloon can be inflated until it pops, so any token-money can be “inflated” into complete worthlessness, like Zimbabwe “dollars.” (And again “token” money means anything other than gold or silver—like e.g. paper.) And this “inflate-ability” is the “Achilles’ heel” of all token-money.

And so most unlike false and fraudulent “jewish” paper-promises to pay gold “on demand,” gold itself cannot be created (and hence “inflated”) into worthlessness.

Now the “jews” may say that my honest token-money, being a token-money, can also be “inflated” into total worthlessness, and that all or nearly all token-moneys end up that way.

To that I respond: The moment any token-money loses (or gains) value due to “inflation” (or “deflation”—or anything else; like foreign conquest), it is therefore no longer honest and trustworthy. And this again is immediately visible to one and all via a general change in prices. And so yes, token-money is, as always, “inflatable” into worthlessness—but not my honest token-money, but only a dishonest token-money—such as any and all “jewishdebt-paper-money.

And yes, all or nearly all token-moneys end up inflated into worthlessness. But almost all of them are “jewishdebt-paper-moneys, or even “central” “jewishdebt-paper monopoly-moneys. And this they must always do, due to their evil and predatory “jewish” nature and character. (See above for how and why.)

But where has my honest (debt-free, ample, stable, token-) money ever even been tried? And is this not why—(other than Hitler’s Germany)—the kingdom of God has never been seen upon His earth? (Can I get a witness?)

*  *  *  *  *

And in response to those who say to me: “How can you say gold always keeps it’s value? How incredibly ignorant! Haven you ever seen the gold-price charts? They’re almost never stable!”

Again, gold keeps its value over time better than anything else on earth. It is incorruptible and eternal. It will never rust nor turn to dust. Gold will last as long as the earth. And though many have tried, gold cannot be created. (See “alchemy.”) And I’ll bet that gold can’t be destroyed either. Let’s see anyone try and succeed. Even “Goldfinger” merely schemed to eternally keep it out of reach.

And because gold perpetually keeps its value, therefore its value isn’t really rising. It’s just that paper-money is almost always falling—and especially debt-paper-money. You know: All that “jewish” monopoly debt-paper-money that all those corporately concealed “central” money demons claim to have loaned to “we the [clueless Gentile] people” via their demonic “democracies,” parliaments, presidents and congresses!

And so when men say that the “price” of gold is rising, they merely mean that this “jewish” debt-paper-money, which they are forced to use to buy gold, is falling. And so gold apparently “costs” more and more and more and more, but only apparently.

And the same goes for houses or land or anything else for sale. Such is monetary “inflation”/depreciation.

During the recent “real estate bubble” e.g. many homeowners foolishly thought that their homes or properties had greatly appreciated or increased in value since the time they bought them—since they were presently “worth” so very much more. But they weren’t. This appreciation was merely an illusion, an “inflationary” illusion—of which they could have easily disabused and liberated themselves by simply considering how much more paper-money they would have needed at that time to buy a house just like to their own in a neighborhood much like their own. Then they would have clearly seen that their house hadn’t really increased or “appreciated” in value at all, but only that the “jewish” debt-monopoly-money that they are “democratically” forced to use to buy it or sell their house (and everything else) had fallen, depreciated, “inflated.”

On the contrary, houses actually lose value or “depreciate” over time—like cars, computers, and most everything else—besides gold. (See “amortization.”)

We Gentiles are constantly fooled by this “inflationary” “jewish” debt-money. It’s not constant. It’s not a standard. It’s not honest. You can’t trust it. It’s “jewish.” It’s “jewish” debt-, trap- and theft-money. And we Gentiles are deliberately and systematically cheated and robbed by our being “legislatively” forced to use it—by our evil, traitorous and “democratic” “jewish” parliaments, congresses, prime-ministers and presidents!

To Hell with them all! And very good riddance! Can I get an “Amen”?

*  *  *  *  *

And as with tomatoes or houses or what-have-you, there is an inverse or opposite relation between the amount or volume of money and its value. The more the money supply is increased, the less that money is worth per unit (“dollar,” “mark,” “pound,” “yen,” etc.)

(It’s enough to make anyone have a yen for gold or honest token-money instead!)

(OK, so we took moment off and had a little fun! Life can’t be all economics, now can it? All righty now, back to business.)

*  *  *  *  *



*  *  *  *  *

Now look again at that central bank chart above. It claims that there are presently over two times more U.S. “dollars” in existence than there were before this current monetary/economic crisis began in 2008 or 07 or whenever. For what was formerly $.8 trillion is now $1.8 trillion. And that’s an “inflationary” increase of over 125% !

What does this mean and portend? This means that prices will soon rise to be over twice as high as they are now.

And why haven’t they done so yet? I guess these new “dollars” haven’t yet “trickled down” to us lower classmen. But they will. You just wait. (And remember I told you so.)

And this is merely the simple relationship between the amount of money in circulation and the amount of things to buy with it. If the money supply increases or “inflates,” so do prices. And vive-versa. Money “inflation” and “depreciation” are two sides of the very same coin, or slash—i.e. “inflation”/“depreciation.”

*  *  *  *  *

And perhaps the best way to perceive and figure this relationship is by way of the average amount of money per person within the state, society, marketplace or “economy”—i.e. by dividing the total amount of money in the state or marketplace by the total number of residents using that money—including children, and even infants. For things are bought for them by their parents.

A stable money has a stable or unchanging relationship between these two things. This means prices in general don’t change, neither upon nor down. And this stability is what makes money a standard of value and a store of value. This alone is what makes money trustworthy—or not.

Like tomatoes at any given time of year, the prices of things should be determined only by their own particular supply and demand—and therefore not by any changes in the amount or supply of money—which should always remain the same—so many ample tokens or money units per user or resident—at maximum “economic” productivity, activity and trade or commerce.

But the supply of “jewish” debt-money is always changing—(via its “central” “jewish” faucet and its “central” “jewish” drain). (Think of a constantly changing water-level in a kitchen sink.) And therefore the value or “purchasing power” of “jewish” debt-money is always changing. And therefore “jewish” debt-money is never stable, never constant, and therefore never trustworthy—for all these reasons as well as all the others mentioned above—the first and foremost reason being that it’s a debt-money loaned into existence and circulation.

But on the other, honest, stable and Gentile hand: Since Gentile money is honest, debt-free ample and stable, it itself never changes nor influences the prices of things. It is only these things themselves which change or influence their prices. It is only the supply and demand of these things for sale that changes or influences their prices. Their prices are never changed by the money that is used to buy or sell them, so long as that money is honest, Gentile and not “jewish.”

So with honest Gentile money you need only worry about the supply and demand of things and services for sale. But with “jewish” money—(aside from it being completely a evil debt-, theft- and trap-money)—you also need to worry about the supply of this “jewish” money constantly changing, influencing and even controlling the prices of things. And so it’s impossible to make future business plans in a “jewish” debt-money state or economy, because you have no idea how this constantly inconstant “jewish” money supply is going to influence the future prices of things. And this is why most usury or “interest” rates are not constant or “fixed” but inconstant, variable or “adjustable.” Do you understand?

*  *  *  *  *

And so for this reason also, honest, debt-free, ample and stable money is the only way to go.

And as concerning the supply and demand (and hence the prices) of particular things or services for sale:

When the general need or popular demand for something remains the same, and its supply increases, then its price falls.

When its demand remains the same, and its supply decreases, its price rises.

When its supply remains the same, and its demand increases, its price rises.

And when its supply remains the same, and its demand decreases, its price falls.

*  *  *  *  *

And this last is the reason why the price of a barrel of oil has recently so greatly fallen—not because its supply has decreased, but rather because its demand has decreased, due to this global monetary/economic crisis. Since so many economic engines are presently slowed down, they don’t need as much oil to run them—nor people to operate them. (And there’s our general “unemployment”—standing in rank just below our “commanders-in-chief” Bush and Obama.)

But with an honest debt-free Gentile money, the general “price-level” or “cost of living” generally remains the same. Why should it rise or fall? Wars? Natural disasters? (Yes.)

Certain things or commodities will occasionally rise and fall, do to their unintended (and seasonal) scarcities and surpluses, but—(barring great wars and natural disasters)—not the general “cost of living” or the so-called “consumer price index.” And these natural and unavoidable surpluses and scarcities are often seasonal: such as fresh tomatoes in winter as compared with harvest time; or eggs under normal conditions verses whenever the chickens go on strike for better pay and/or working conditions. (And who can blame them? But let’s just hope they never get “organized.”)

*  *  *  *  *

And by the way, this gross and constant variability in the value or “purchasing power” of any and all “jewish” debt-money is precisely why such “cost of living” “indexes” or “indices” are necessary. For otherwise, with a honest money, the “cost of living” would neither rise nor fall over time, and hence would not need an “index” to compare one year with another. Can you see that?

What is an “index”?

Because the American “dollar” is not a standard, it is nothing, a variable nothing. It is “worth” whatever you can buy or get for it, precisely like any other fraudulent money, and precisely like counterfeit money. Its value varies from year to year—almost always going downward. And therefore a dollar-year is chosen by which to compare the dollars of all the other years. And this dollar comparison is called an “index.” The chosen year is designated 1. And hence all the other years of the variable or unstable money becomes more or less than 1—such as 1.1, 1.2 or .9, .8. etc.

(One is almost compelled to put the word, “dollar,” in quote marks because it has no meaning. It’s not a standard. It’s constantly changing, and almost always downwards. So what is it? What is a “dollar”?

It is clearly a fraud, a “jewish” fraud, a “jewish”-Amerikan fraud! So to Hell with it! For that’s clearly where it came from—along with “uncle” Satan’s United States’ gov’t!)

Again, what would you think of a quart or a liter that kept changing its volume from year to year?—or a meter or yardstick that kept changing its length?—or a pound or kilogram that kept changing its weight?—like certain ladies are said to keep changing their minds, and hence their partners.

(You’d say, “Hey dude! Be stable.” And the American dollar would likewise be stable—if only it were able.)

*  *  *  *  *

The US “Consumer Price Index” from 1913 to 2009

(Note: I have repeatedly tried but I cannot find the US “central” bankster usury or “interest” rates from 1913 to present. They call it their “discount rate.”)

“…the discount rate (the rate at which the Federal Reserve lends to depository institutions)…—(“central” US “chairman” Bernanke, in London, Jan, 13, 2009)

The farthest back I could find was only to 1971, at ; and back to 1954 at

So I guess they don’t want us to know.

And why not? Methinks because they deliberately caused the “great depression” of the1930s, and because their prohibitive or sky-high “interest” rates during those years would all-too-clearly and easily reveal, show, demonstrate and prove this to be historically true to anyone with “interested” eyes to see. And so they thus simply drop all these most-telling facts down their “jewish” Orwellian “memory hole.”

*  *  *  *  *

But I did find the following at

And so it will have to suffice.

It’s not the “central” bankster “interest” rate, but it is the rate of increase or decrease (“inflation” or “deflation”) in the prices of consumer goods.

The concept of an “index” was introduced above. It’s a way of comparing years in a country using a variable, unstable or untrustworthy money. The money value or “purchasing power” in one year (in this case 2 or 3 years; 1982-84) is chosen to be the “index” or measuring stick for all the others.

*  *  *  *  *

Note: It would also be quite instructive and revealing if, along with this “CP” index, the annual US price percentage increases (or decreases) were simply reported as such, year by year. In this way we could clearly and easily see how much US prices increased (or decreased) year by year by year. And we could also easily calculate the average price increases for a given period of years, such as since the “central” US monopoly debt-money regime began in 1913.

And this is precisely what we see in the right-hand column below.

*  *  *  *  *

“Consumer prices” are averaged prices of “consumer” goods, like food and clothing.

The opposite “inflation” is “deflation”

The opposite of an increase or “inflation” in the money supply is a decrease or  “deflation.” And so an increase or decrease in the money supply causes a corresponding decrease or increase in the value or “purchasing power” of that money—via the simple economic “law” of money supply and demand.

Look e.g. at the extreme “inflation” (and hence money value depreciation) of America’s the World War I years: 1917 (17.4%); 1918 (18.0%); 1919 (14.6%) & 1920 (15.6%). That was Wilson’s 1913 US “central” debt-money at work.

(It “paid” for their “war to make the world safe for [American] democracy”—i.e. their Satanic “crusade” to imperiously impose their “democratic” (i.e. “central,” “beastly,” “jewish”-imperialist monopoly debt-money) form of gov’t upon God’s entire Gentile globe. And so the anti-Christ or “jewish”-Amerikans obviously didn’t stop with their World War I. For the Gentile world was not yet completely “safe for [their] democracy.” And it still isn’t, thanks to God and all His faithful soldiers.)

And note the negative US monetary “inflation” (i.e. “deflation”) of years 1930 (2.3%); 1931 (9.0%); 1932 (9.9.%); 1933 (5.1%); 1938 (2.1%) and 1939 (1.4%).

So that was clearly a severe money drought.

And notice also the great “deflation” of 1921 (10.5%) and 1922 (6.1%).

(And ignore, if you can, those annoying little circles or squares after every number or entry.)

*  *  *  *  *

US Consumer Price Index, 1913–2009,

Base year is chained;
1982-1984 = 100



Annual Average

Annual Percent Change
(rate of inflation)





































































































































































































































































































(*An estimate for 2009 is based on the change in the CPI from fourth quarter 2007 to fourth quarter 2008.

*  *  *  *  *

The US “Central” Banksters: “Maintaining, Promoting and Ensuring Price Stability” since 1913 (?)

And after all the above, here’s the kicker: In 1913, the “jewish”-American “central” banksters were given a Congressional and presidential “commission” and “mandate” to maintain “price stability and full employment” in America.

That was (and is) their stated “central” purpose, function, duty, obligation and commission. That was (and is) the publicly stated reason why the US Congress and the US president(s) gave an anonymous group of super-national “jewish” banksters absolute control over America’s money (and hence economy) in 1913, and every year thereafter.

So, great historical “price stability” since 1913, huh?

(And if you’re not sure about that, then see e.g. the post-1913 prices of postage stamps and/or candy bars above.)

And great “full employment” during that “great depression” of theirs huh?—not to mention the present!

And therefore the real and true reason for the US, Congressional and presidential enthronement of “central banking” (and hence US debt-token monopoly-money) over all Americans was obviously very, very different from the governmentally stated one.

But let’s review those oft-repeated US government promises of “central” “price stability and full employment,” shall we?

*  *  *  *  *

From Wikipedia’s article on the “Federal Reserve System” (


One of the Fed’s [i.e. the US “central” bank’s–Ed.] main roles is to maintain price stability. This means that the change in the consumer price index over time should be as small as possible. The ability to maintain a low inflation rate is a long-term measure of the Fed’s success.

[Why at “low” instead of a no inflation (nor deflation) rate? For isn’t that the very essence and definition of “price stability”?

Note well how this “central” question is never answered (nor even asked) by anyone but me? So why is that, dear readers? Because I’m wrong? Or because I’m right?—and the only one who’s right and true in a world of wrong, false and deceitful “economists,” politicians and “central bank” spokesmen?–Ed.]



Current functions of the Federal Reserve System include:….

■ To manage [i.e. control–Ed.] the nation’s money supply through monetary policy to achieve the sometimes-conflicting goals of

    maximum employment

    stable prices, including prevention of either inflation or deflation

    ■ moderate long-term interest rates

■ To maintain the stability of the financial system and contain systemic risk in financial markets….


…. The American public believed that the Federal Reserve System would bring about financial stability [Really? Where and from whom did they get that idea?–Ed.], so that a panic like the one in 1907 could never happen again; but just 22 years later in 1929, the stock market crashed again, and the United States entered the worst depression in its history, the Great Depression.

[Some say, and I don’t doubt it, that the 1907 money shortage or “panic” was deliberately orchestrated by the big Jew York banksters, in order to present their proposed new “central” bank as the monetary/economic “solution” to America’s “cyclically” recurrent monetary/economic problems.

Note: this is their demonic method of operation: First they deliberately create and inflict a public problem, and then they publicly present themselves as the “solution” to that problem of their own creation—if only they are granted the enormous political power or “authority” they claim they “need” to implement that “solution” of theirs—which of course is no solution at all, but which grants them much more power, to create even bigger problems in the future, for them to once again thus pretend to “solve.”

Watch closely as the “central” banksters will soon propose their brand-new hemispherical (or even global) debt-money to replace their “beastly” and over-“inflated” “jewish”-Amerikan debt-“dollar.”

And what is their current and admittedly perpetual World War III demonically based, predicated and pseudo-“justified” upon? What else but their terrible and mass-murderous “9/11/2001”?

Do you understand? They preplanned both, and perpetrated the latter to justify the former—their eternal World War III against God and His Gentiles. (See 9-11 Truths & Realities Verses 9-11 Lies, Slanders & Appearances.

But here, on the entirely other hand, I publicly point out to one and all this “jewish” debt-money (and “credit”) problem, and my honest money and honest usury solution. And how much political power or “authority” do I ask or demand to implement my real and true monetary/economic solution? None whatsoever. I want no power. And I tell you exactly how to implement this real and true solution for yourselves.

“A tree is known by its fruit,” an actor by his acts, and “That government is best which governs least.”–Ed.]

Some economists including Milton Friedman, Ben Bernanke, Robert Latham Owen and Murray Rothbard believe that the Federal Reserve System helped to cause the Great Depression.

[Yeah, because they secretly and “centrally” withdrew their money—their monopoly debt-money—and hence the oil out of America’s economic engine, which therefore screeched to a near complete stop.

And this Ben Bernanke, a self-professed expert on the “great depression” and the current mouthpiece of “jewish”-Amerika’s “central” banksters, has—(since Dec. of last year, 2008)—kept his “central” usury or “interest” rate (called the “discount rate”) to only .5 %. That’s only ½ of one percent. (Can you say “inflation” or “hyper-inflation”?)

And so Bernanke and his Super-Nazi gang of “central” banksters are doing the very opposite of what they did before and during their “great depression” of the 1930s.

And so there’s more than one way to “centrally” skin the Gentile American cat—and most of the Gentile world besides!—by “deflating” or “inflating” them to death!

And there’s only one way to stop them and escape them: Honest (debt-free, ample, stable, Gentile token) money.

And hence neither they nor any of their demonic “democratic” “representatives,” politicians and Gentile fronts will ever propose such a good and Godly thing (as honest money).

“By their fruits [actions and omissions] you will know them.”–(Matt. 7:20)–Ed.]

…. Milton Friedman alleged that the Fed caused the high inflation of the 1970s.

[Yes, of course they did! For who else possibly could have?

There’s only one US “bank of issue.” There’s only one group who can “legally” create American paper-money. For the US “dollar” is not only a debt-dollar, it is also a monopoly debt-dollar—a monopoly debt-money “centrally” loaned into existence by its only (“central”) creators, printers, lenders…and ultimate and inevitable receivers. (For the source of a debt-money is also its inevitable destination.)

Again, from above: “The quantity of cash assets in the system [i.e. the national economy–Ed.] at a [i.e. any and every–Ed.] point in time is, in turn, essentially fixed, being determined directly or indirectly by the central bank.”—(Ben Bernanke, Oct. 15, 2007)

And simply see the annual CPI “inflation” numbers above: From 1970 to 1981 (inclusive) the cumulative price increases or “inflation” was 94.6%—for an annual average price increase of 8.6% per year. And so the prices of things almost doubled during those 11 years.–Ed.]

When asked about the greatest economic problem of the day, he [“monetarist” economist, Milton Friedman–Ed.] said the most pressing was how to get rid of the Federal Reserve [i.e. the US “central bank,” and hence their monopoly debt-money–Ed.].

[See? There are good “jews.” There are “jews” who tell big truths. But they’re few, far between, and hard to find—and especially among America’s vast multitude of “jewish” “public officials,” “bankers” and “economists.”–Ed.]

In April of 2009 former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker criticized Fed’s notion that a roughly 2% inflation rate [per year–Ed.] is consistent with promotion of price stability, noting that with 2% inflation rate people in a generation are going to be losing half their purchasing power.

[And that 2% annual “inflation” rate is precisely what the “jewish” “central” banksters over Europe (via their brand-new “Euro”) have been perpetrating upon their Gentile victims…so far. (See above.) Coincidence? Or what?

But the US monetary “inflation” or dollar depreciation rate of the “jewish”-Amerikan “central” banksters is, on average, much much higher than 2%—and has been since 1913. (Again, see the historical US “consumer price index” above.)

And so the Europeans can expect the same from their “jewish” “central” banksters—who I’ll bet you are the same as (or very closely related to) “ours.”

All debt-moneys simply must “inflate,” and hence fall in value or “depreciate.” (See above, below and The Monetary/Economic Problem for a full and complete explanation of why.)–Ed.]

United States Congressman Ron Paul, ranking member of the Subcommittee on Domestic and International Monetary Policy (of the House Banking Committee), has also criticized Federal Reserve policy for creating and downplaying excessive inflation.

[See below for more.–Ed.]

*  *  *  *  *

And so one of the two main purposes of the US “central” bank is to maintain price stability—(the other being full employment)—as reaffirmed and maintained by every single US president and Congress and US “central” bankster since 1913.

And so clearly none of these US parties need ever actually do what they solemnly say or promise they’re going to do. They need merely say—what they are obviously never ever going to do—much like a serial rapist who is not considered a rapist so long as he says that he “loves” his victims—the clueless Gentile American public.

And that should stop. But it won’t—because the public won’t stop it—and of course the rapacious, deceitful and mass-murderous “jewish”-Amerikan government won’t and can’t ever stop themselves. And so who or what will stop them then?

*  *  *  *  *

And now a few excerpts on this “central” Congressional “mandate” from the “central” “beast” or horse’s mouth:

From an April 14, 2009 speech in Atlanta, Georgia by US “central” bankster “chairman” and spokesman, Ben Bernanke—(a “jew” of course):


The Fed’s [i.e. “jewish”-Amerikan “central” banksters’ (1913)–Ed.] mandate from the [US] Congress is to promote maximum sustainable employment and stable prices.

*  *  *  *  *

Question #1: What is the difference between “maximum employment” and “maximum sustainable employment”? Which is greater? Which is less? Which is from the US Congress and president? And which is from this “central” bankster spokesman?

I’ll bet you that “maximum sustainable employment” is from these “central” bankster “jews,” that it is far, far less than “maximum employment,” and that they add that adjective to make it seem that they are meeting or fulfilling their congressional commission or “mandate” of full employment, when they are plainly, clearly and obviously not.

This is the equivalent of a football field-goal kicker moving the goal-posts much, much closer to him—close enough to make it seem to his dupes and fools that he can really and truly kick the goal.

And note well how Bernanke repeatedly uses this adjective, this “qualifier,” this reducer. It’s formulaic, and no accident!

And we’ll see below how Bernanke does the very same thing with the adjective “reasonable,” in reducing the original Congressional commission of “price stability” down to his “reasonable price stability.”

*  *  *  *  *

Question #2: How should a “central bank” create, achieve or promote “full or maximum employment”? What does the former have to do with the latter, and vice-versa?

Nothing really, except that the former can stop or prevent the latter—in the same way that “central” hands pressing down against your throat can stop or prevent you from breathing.

As we saw above, money is needed for trade, commerce, making deals. And therefore money is needed for production and employment. For just as an employer must pay his suppliers, so he must also pay his workers—and preferably in money.

But as often happened with the fraudulent and counterfeited “paper-gold” of the fraudulent and counterfeiting “commercial” banksters who historically preceded these “central” debt-paper monopoly money banksters, there often wasn’t enough money in existence and circulation for full employment and/or production.

Again, if someone secretly drains the oil out of the economic machine, it will eventually grind and screech to a halt. The machine (of the economy) needs enough oil to keep it running smoothly and without friction at all times.

This was (and remains) a money sufficiency or supply problem—which I have herein told you all how to solve, and permanently.

And this is precisely what the US “central” banksters—(at the time of their congressional coronation and “legislative” enthronement)—promised to do, but didn’t do: To create and provide enough money at all times for full employment in the United States.

*  *  *  *  *

From a Jan 10, 2008 speech in “Washington” by US “central” bankster “chairman” and spokesman Ben Bernanke:


The Federal Reserve [i.e. “jewish”-Amerika’s “central” bank–Ed.] accordingly has taken a number of steps to help markets return to more orderly functioning and to foster its macroeconomic objectives of maximum sustainable employment and price stability.

…. Monetary policy (that is, the management [i.e. “central” dictation–Ed.] of the short-term interest rate) is the Fed’s best tool for pursuing our macroeconomic objectives, namely to promote maximum sustainable employment and price stability.

*  *  *  *  *

And again from Bernanke’s April 14, 2009 speech in Atlanta, Georgia:


I mentioned earlier that the Fed’s [i.e. “jewish”-Amerikan “central” banksters’ (1913)–Ed.] mandate from the Congress is to foster price stability as well as maximum sustainable employment. The FOMC [the “Federal Open Market Committee”; the supreme decision-making committee, group or soviet of the US “central” banksters’; they dictate their “central” usury rates; they buy and sell US bonds; they dictate the “reserve requirements” of all their “member banks,” etc–Ed.] treats its obligation to ensure price stability extremely seriously. [And isn’t that good to know? At least they’re trying—or pretend they’re trying. For, as we’ve clearly seen above, they’ve never succeeded! But that evidently doesn’t matter to the  Americans—so very “centrally” thieved, robbed, “inflated” and “depreciated.”–Ed.] Price stability supports healthy economic growth, for example, by making it easier for households and businesses to plan for the future.

[As I said above. Not to mention making the money worth keeping, holding or saving “for a rainy day.” For otherwise holding depreciating, “inflationary” or falling money is like keeping a melting snowball in your pocket.

And here “chairman” Bernanke tells a great big lie:–Ed.]

In practice, price stability does not require that inflation be literally zero [Really? I didn’t know that! Do tell. And what a novel concept of “price stability” you have!–Ed.]; indeed, although inflation can certainly be too high [How high is “too high”, then?–Ed.], it can also be too low. Experience suggests that inflation rates that are close to zero or even negative (corresponding to deflation, or falling prices) can at times be associated with poor economic performance.

[This is a very false, specious and deceitful argument! Who said deflation was good? Who said deflation was “price stability”? And who else, besides Bernanke, says “deflation” is merely “low inflation”? That’s ridiculous. Think of a balloon: Letting air out is clearly the very opposite of pumping air in!

It is “price stability” (i.e. honest money; no “inflation” and no “deflation”) that is good! And this is precisely what any and all “central” “jewish” banksters cannot and will never give their national Gentile victims and (political, monetary, economic) subjects. On the contrary, simply look at the historical record of their “central” money “inflation” and hence “depreciation.” And this again is the intrinsic and unavoidable nature and character of any and all “central” “jewish” debt-money. (See above.)

Inflation rates that are either “positive” or “negative”—(corresponding to price increases or decreases, and hence to monetary (or money value) depreciation or appreciation)—are clearly the very opposites, antitheses and enemies of “price stability.” And the more so, the more so.–Ed.]

[“deflationary”–Ed.] Cases in point include the United States in the 1930s and the more recent experience of Japan. [Yes, review that “US Consumer Price Index, 1913–2009” chart above.–Ed.] In their latest quarterly projections of the economy, most members of the FOMC indicated that they would like to see an annual inflation rate of about 2 percent in the longer term.

*  *  *  *  *

Meaning that their “central” US money supply increase or “inflation” is higher than 2% in the “shorter term”—i.e. presently? (You betcha!)

And this is the “central” banksters’ ideal?—that those who trustingly and foolishly keep and save their US debt-dollars will at best lose only 2% of their savings per year—via this subtle and mysterious “central” “jewish” theft called monetary “inflation” (and hence monetary “depreciation”)?

And what does the Historical record say to this “centrally” alleged 2% “that they would like to see”?

(That’s it’s far, far too low. Again, see the historical US “consumer price index” above.)

But why should American money depreciate, reduce or fall at all?

Because it’s a debt-money!!!

Only non-debt moneys can possibly give you “price stability.”

And only non-debt moneys can be honest!

And so that’s what I’m proposing to all Gentiles everywhere—to mint, coin, distribute and employ an honest, debt-free, ample and stable token-money instead.

*  *  *  *  *

From wikipedia’s article on the “Federal Reserve System” (above):


In April of 2009 former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker criticized Fed’s notion that a roughly 2% inflation rate [per year–Ed.] is consistent with promotion of price stability, noting that with 2% inflation rate people in a generation are going to be losing half their purchasing power.


That’s right: 2% x 25 years = 50%.

And 2% x 50 years = 100%.

That means that, at a 2% annual “inflation” rate/loss of “purchasing power,” the Americans would lose all the value (100%) of their money every 50 years.

But of course, and as we have seen, the Historical record is much, much higher than that. So which are you going to believe? The truth and reality of the “central” American past or Bernanke’s future non-promises?

And who would ever want a money like this?—besides the “jews,” the US Congress, the US president, “supreme [US] justices,” etc.—and all their racially/nationally traitorous counterparts in other Gentile countries?

No one, right? For why would a loving father ever condemn his children and posterity with such a money?—or a true patriot his country and countrymen?

And who but a monetary fool would ever want to hold, keep or save a money like this? For by the time you’re ready to spend it, it’s worth much less that it was when you earned it—and which is the very opposite and undoing of why you keep or save your money!

So who stole all that money?—all that “purchasing power”? And how did they do it?


And why did they do it?

To possess and own it instead of you and yours.

Again, it’s the “beastly” nature and practice of all debt-money—of all money loaned into existence and circulation. (See above.)

*  *  *  *  *

And from “jewish”-Amerikan “central” bankster Bernanke’s Oct. 15, 2007 speech to “the Economic Club of New York”:


The Federal Reserve’s [i.e. US “central” bank’s–Ed.] actions to ease the liquidity strains in financial markets [i.e. the lack of money (“central” US debt-dollars) within the usurious American marketplace–Ed.] were similar to actions that [other–Ed.] central banks have taken many times in the past. [See “What is ‘Central Banking’?” and “finance” or usury above.–Ed.] Promoting financial stability and the orderly functioning of financial [usurious or money-lending–Ed.] markets is a key function of central banks. Indeed, a principal motivation for the founding of the Federal Reserve nearly a century ago was the expectation that it would reduce the incidence of financial crises by providing liquidity [i.e. lending its “central” monopoly debt-money–Ed.] as needed.

…. Monetary Policy and the Economic Outlook

The Federal Reserve’s efforts to support the normal functioning of financial markets have as their ultimate objective the stability and efficiency of the broader economy. In addition, of course, the Federal Reserve can adjust the stance of monetary policy by changing its [“central” usury or “interest” rate–Ed.] target for the federal funds rate. The FOMC manages monetary policy to further its dual mandate to promote maximum sustainable employment and price stability.

[The “Federal Open Market Committee” (FOMC) of the “jewish”-Amerikan “central” bank sells US Treasury bonds to the public when it/they want to quickly and mysteriously withdraw, suck or vacuum huge amounts of their “central” US debt-“dollars” out of the American marketplace, economy, state or society. And they buy US Treasury bonds from the American public when they want to do the very opposite—to quickly and mysteriously inject huge amounts of their “central” US debt-“dollars” into the American marketplace, economy, state or society.

These US (Treasury) bonds are payment for all the monopoly US debt-dollars these “central” banksters lend to the US gov’t—who (along with their “constituents”) are evidently too stupid, too traitorous, too cowardly, or too “jewish” to create their very own debt-free paper-“dollars”—and hence never owe any one (such as these anonymous “central” bankster “jews”) any “principal” nor “interest” for their costless creation benevolent and existence. (See above and below.)–Ed.]

…. Regarding the other half of its mandate, to promote price stability, the Committee noted some improvement over the past year in measures of the trend component of inflation, such as core inflation.

*  *  *  *  *

Again, “inflation” is an increase in the money supply, which means a decrease in the value or “purchasing power” of that money, of that monetary unit—in this case this “central” US debt-dollar. “Inflation,” like “deflation,” is the polar opposite and enemy of “price stability.” (See above.)

*  *  *  *  *


And finally, a except from the Feb. 24, 2009 “testimony” (prepared statement) of US “central” bankster spokesmen and “chairman,” Benjamin Bernanke, called his “Semiannual Monetary Policy Report to the Congress,” Washington, D.C.

(Explanation: the “Federal Open Market Committee:” (FOMC) is the “central committee” or highest “soviet” of the US “central” banksters. It/they dictate their “central” usury rate. And they decide when and how many $billions or tens of $billions worth of US Treasury bonds they want to publicly buy or sell in the “open market.” Hence the euphemistic name they give themselves, which like “central bankers,” seeks and strives to hide themselves from Christian elves and Gentile eyes.)

From bernanke20090224a


Faced with the significant deterioration in financial market conditions and a substantial worsening of the economic outlook, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) [of the US “central” banksters–Ed.] continued to ease monetary policy aggressively [?] in the final months of 2008, including a [“central” usury or “interest”–Ed.] rate cut coordinated with five other major central banks. In December the FOMC brought its [“central” usury rate down to 0.5% or ½ percent, and hence its–Ed.] target for the federal funds rate to a historically low range of 0 to ¼ percent, where it remains today. The FOMC anticipates that economic conditions are likely to warrant exceptionally low levels of the federal funds rate for some time. With the federal funds rate [and hence their “central” usury or “interest” rate–Ed.] near its floor…

…. financial conditions have deteriorated. [I.E. “commercial” banksters aren’t “creating” and “lending” enough “credit money” to “centrally” please them.–Ed.] In light of these developments, the Federal Reserve is committed to using all available tools to stimulate economic activity and to improve financial market functioning [i.e. to “improve” “commercial” bankster “credit” counterfeiture and “lending”–Ed.]. Toward that end, we have reduced [our “central” usury rate to ½ or 0.5% and hence–Ed.] the target for the federal funds rate close to zero and we have established a number of programs to increase the flow of credit to key sectors of the economy.


And you all know what this “credit” is, and means.

English Translation (from “jew”-speak into true-speak): The US “central” bank is where all the US money comes from…and where it all inevitably returns. For it is a debt-money.

(Do you foresee a problem with this “central,” congressional and presidential US debt-money “arrangement”? Me too. Remember the “central” sink (faucet and drain) analogy above.)

And by the way, this “central” bankster debt-money is a monopoly-money. It is a “crime” in “jewish”-Amerika to use any other. Look at it for yourself. See where it “says”: “THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC AND PRVATE”.

So whose idea was that, do you think?

For it thus outlaws or criminalizes any and all other money or moneys—such as any honest, debt-free token-money, which “we the [Gentile] people” might easily create (coin and/or print) for ourselves, and give to ourselves, and hence never owe anyone any “principal” nor “interest” for our very own public money—much less to ever owe any corporately concealed and “legally” immune, irresponsible and unliable US “central” bankster “jews”—who would secretly pay, bribe or otherwise direct our national enemies in our “public offices” to “democratically,” “legislatively” and tyrannically compel us all to (borrow and) use their “central” debt-money, and only their debt-money.

And so all the US money comes from (and eventually returns to) only this one “central” (or monopoly) source. (Again, think of a kitchen sink with a “central” faucet and an ever-open “central” drain.) And so what’s constantly returning to these US “central” banksters is all this US monopoly debt-money which was “centrally” loaned out—plus all the centrally” demanded usury or “interest” which wasn’t ever loaned out, and therefore never even existed.

(Now do you see a problem with this “central,” congressional and presidential “arrangement”?)

But the US “central” banksters clearly don’t want to publicly confess or admit that they have, set or dictate a “central” usury or “interest” rate—even if it is “historically low” one. So they don’t.

In other words, they don’t want us Gentiles to know that their US monopoly money is in fact a debt-money loaned into existence and circulation by them, and only by them. And so they seldom to never mention this “central” fact, but instead thus try to deceive us, by merely and inexplicably referring to this “federal funds [interest] rate.”

But of course nothing is ever “centrally,” congressionally nor presidentially explained to us. For if it ever were, “they’re be a revolution before morning.” And so therefore only someone out of government, “politics,” “banking,” “finance” or “economics” could ever possibly be good enough to explain it all to us. But where on earth can we ever find such a creature, dear readers?

And so this so-called “federal funds [interest] rate” is the usury rate which the US “central” bank’s “member banks”—(i.e. the “commercial” banks)—charge one other for very short-term or overnight loans. And so this “federal funds rate” is and must be based upon, and literally dependent upon, the “central” banksters’ usury or “interest” rate, which they almost never admit nor refer to.

(But they call it their “central” “discount rate”—a term which once again is clearly intended to deceive and to conceal the “central” truth and reality of what it refers to: their US monopoly debt-paper-money, and hence their “central” usury demands or “interest” rates.)

And so though this “federal funds [interest] rate” is clearly secondary to and dependent upon their “central” usury “interest” rate, they inexplicably refer only to the former. And now you know why. It’s so you won’t understand what they’re talking about, and what they’re “centrally” and ceaselessly doing to you, your loved ones, your country and your countrymen. It’s what former US “central” bankster “chairman” Greenspan—(yet another “jew” of course)—calls his “purposeful obfuscation.”

(Bernanke continuing:)


…. The measures taken by the Federal Reserve, other U.S. government entities, and foreign governments since September [2008–Ed.] have helped to restore a degree of stability to some financial markets. In particular, strains in short-term funding markets have eased notably since the fall, and London interbank offered rates (Libor)—upon which borrowing costs for many households and businesses are based—have decreased sharply.


I’ll bet you those proverbial “dollars to doughnuts” that this “London interbank offered rates” is merely the English translation of “chairman” Bernanke’s “federal funds rate.”

And again it’s the same explanation: The super-national “jewish” “central” banksters reigning over the clueless Gentile world don’t want us Gentiles to ever know about them and their monopoly debt-moneys.

So yes, the English have a “central” bank, called “the bank of London”—or rather “their” “central bank” has them. In fact the English were “central banking’s” very first victims when they—(or rather when their “jewish” debt-money “crown,” their anti-Christ “royals” and their foreign racial masters)—started this “jewish” “central” “bank of London” in the 1690s.

(Bernanke continuing:)


To further increase the information conveyed by the quarterly projections, FOMC participants agreed [with whom?–Ed.] in January [2009–Ed.] to begin publishing [i.e. making public what had hitherto been their “central” secrets–Ed.] their estimates of the values to which they expect key economic variables to converge over the longer run (say, at a horizon of five or six years), under the assumption of appropriate monetary policy and in the absence of new shocks to the economy.[?]

[And precisely who or what decides or dictates US “monetary policy”—whether “appropriate” or not? Is it not these very same US “central” banksters?

So what is this “central” bankster spokesman saying: That it is indeed possible for he and his “central” US debt-money gang to be “inappropriate,” and/or to dictate “inappropriate monetary policy”?

If so, how very big and truthful of him!

But how could any monopoly debt-money “policy” ever be anything but “inappropriate”?

And how could such a “monetary policy” (and hence its “central” perpetrators) ever stop perpetrating their “new [and endless monetary–Ed.] shocks to the economy”? You know: Their endless “central” “business cycles,” “booms,” and “busts”!–Ed.]

The central tendency for the participants’ estimates of the longer-run growth rate of real GDP [US annual “Gross Domestic Product”–Ed.] is 2½ percent to 2¾ percent; the central tendency for the longer-run rate of unemployment is 4¾ percent to 5 percent; and the central tendency for the longer-run [yearly or annual–Ed.] rate of inflation is 1¾ percent to 2 percent, with the majority of [US “central” bankster/FOMC–Ed.] participants looking for 2 percent inflation in the long run. [Meaning only a “minority” believe, think, say or “project” it will be annually less than 2%.–Ed.] These values are all notably different from the central tendencies of the projections for 2010 and 2011, reflecting the view of policymakers that a full recovery of the economy from the current recession is likely to take more than two or three years.

[Translation: the “inflation” rate of these coming years will by way over 2%.

And you all know why: Because the elective US puppet-gov’t—(whose treasury has been empty and bankrupt for generations, and whose mountainous (and multiply unpayable) debt has been growing for generations)—is borrowing boatloads of money (i.e. US monopoly debt-money) from their masters, these US “central” banksters, to spend into circulation, in hopes of reviving the patient but moribund national economy via this massive debt-money transfusion.

(But such is the anemic and woeful condition of each and every debt-money economy, state, nation or empire.)

And this great increase (or “inflation”) in the US money supply will naturally and unavoidably result in a great increase (or “inflation”) in the prices of everything, and hence a great reduction or “depreciation” of the value of that money—i.e. the unit value of that debt-money “dollar.”–Ed.]

The longer-run projections for output growth and unemployment may be interpreted as the Committee’s estimates of the rate of growth of output and the unemployment rate that are sustainable in the long run in the United States, taking into account important influences such as the trend growth rates of productivity and the labor force, improvements in worker education and skills, the efficiency of the labor market at matching workers and jobs, government policies affecting technological development or the labor market, and other factors. The longer-run projections of [2% annual US–Ed.] inflation may be interpreted, in turn, as the rate of inflation that FOMC participants [i.e. the US “central” banksters–Ed.] see as most consistent with the dual mandate given to it by the Congress—that is, the rate of inflation that promotes maximum sustainable employment while also delivering reasonable price stability.


Isn’t that interesting! “Inflation” is needed, required or necessary to “promote maximum sustainable employment.”

Let’s hear that again: “Inflation”—(i.e. an increase in the money supply, and hence a corresponding and consequential decrease in the unit value of that money)—is needed, required or necessary to “promote maximum sustainable employment.”

I didn’t know that! Did you?

(And I still don’t know that, because it’s simply not true.)

Now why is that? What economic “law” is that? Bernanke’s law?

Why is it necessary to increase or “inflate” the supply of money (and hence the prices of everything) in order to have, enjoy or “promote” “maximum sustainable employment”?

Why can’t we have full employment with an unchanging or stable money supply and hence with unchanging or stable prices?

We can, but not with Bernanke’s money. But he’s never going to tell us that, because that would be telling the truth. And this Bernanke is not “centrally” paid to ever tell us the truth.

And you all know the answer to that “central” question: It’s because you are all “democratically,” “legislatively” and tyrannically plagued with a monopoly debt-money, and hence a constantly changing or unstable money supply, due to an ever-open “central” debt-money drain and a variable “central” debt-money faucet—which is presently open at full blast!

So why can’t we Gentiles simply create and circulate enough honest debt-free public money sufficient for full public employment, activity, productivity and trade at all times?

(We clearly can. And yet we can’t, because our “democratic” “representatives” are violently and “legislatively” dead-set against it.)

Why would we the American people thus choke our economic growth, activity, productivity and full employment by not providing ourselves with a sufficient amount of honest debt-free public money?

(We the Gentile American people wouldn’t, but our “democratic,” anti-Gentile and anti-American “representatives” certainly would. For they have done so without a break since 1913!)

For wasn’t that the very definition above: An honest debt-free ample stable token money more than sufficient for all deals, trades or exchanges at full “economic” activity, productivity employment and trade?

And so once again we see that the basic monetary/economic problem isn’t the lack of money. It’s the kind or species of money. It’s “jewish.” “It’s evil! It’s predatory! It’s a “jewish” monopoly debt-money. It’s a “jewish” theft- and trap-money! It’s a monetary, economic and political plague!

But this “central” hissing “jewish” snake isn’t ever going to tell you that, because that would be telling the truth.

And this is the subtle meaning of “…while also delivering reasonable price stability.”

(There was never any mention of “reasonable” price stability, but merely “price stability” or “stable prices.” See above.)

Again, Bernanke’s “reasonable price stability” can only be placed alongside his “maximum sustainable employment” above. Both words are clearly intended to reduce his “central” “jewish” gang’s Congressional commission or “mandate” (of price stability and full employment) into something far less that it was (and is), so that his and their “central” failure or inability seems somewhat less that it is and always was. Can you see that?

And so “reasonable price stability” really means that “central” debt-money and genuine “price stability” are antithetical opposites and mutual exclusives.

It means you can never have the latter with the former, but only without the former, because the former “beast” naturally, characteristically, necessarily and unavoidably entails permanent debt-money “inflation,” which means permanent price increases, and hence permanent monetary devaluation or “depreciation.” (See e.g. the historical price of US postage stamps above.)

“Reasonable” means you can’t have “price stability” with a debt-money.

“Reasonable” means you’re always going to suffer “inflation”—(and hence higher prices, and hence no “price stability”)—with a debt-money, or under a debt-money regime—such as has been “centrally,” “democratically,” “legislatively,” tyrannically, demonically, presidentially and congressionally enthroned over anti-Christ or “jewish”-Amerika since 1913!

And “reasonable price stability” means 2% or less annual US “inflation”/price increases/“dollar” depreciation.

“Reasonable price stability” means that their “central” “inflation” of some years—(after their present “projections” in the midst of this present “central” monetary/economic “crisis” of theirs)—will hopefully not be too excessive—meaning not over 2% per year—and hence entirely destroying (or rather stealing) the entire value of their “central” monopoly debt-money every 50 years or so. And that’s what this Bernanke calls “reasonable”!

The US “central” banksters have apparently gotten their US puppet-gov’t to accept that their “projected” annual 2% “inflation”/price increases (and hence their annual US money value decreases or depreciations) are acceptable or “reasonable.”

And it is that they don’t “reasonably” think they can e.g. double that 2% “central” “inflation”/depreciation acceptance or admission any time soon?

*  *  *

This allegedly “reasonable” 2% camel-nose is apparently already inside the US puppet-gov’t tent. So how long will it take until this “central” “jew”-camel is entirely inside this congressional tent, and 10% or more annual “inflation” is considered “reasonable” by all the “public servants” therein?

Again, look at the CPI figures above for 1979 (11.3%), 1980 (13.5%) and 1981 (10.3%). That means that 35.1% of the value of every Jan. 1979 US “dollar” was somehow mysteriously gone, lost and stolen by Dec. 1981. That 35¢ stolen from each and every US “dollar.”

Even if your “dollars” had remained all the while within your “safe” or your mattress, and even though your money need never even have be touched by these 35% thieves, yet note well how they can steal all that much (and even more) from you and yours.

And now you know exactly how. And hence you don’t need Gerald Ford nor any other presidential or congressional liar or misleader to mislead or deceive you and yours on the matter. It’s via the “law of [money] supply and demand.” And its via “central” bankster debt-money creation, lending and “inflation”—and also “commercial” bankster “credit” counterfeiture and “lending.”

Again, the US “dollar” is neither a “standard of value” nor a “store of value.” It is untrustworthy money. It is fraudulent money. It is “jewish” money. It is a “jewish” monopoly debt-money. It is debt-, theft- and trap-money.

And therefore you and yours should flee from it, if only you were free to do so, and if only you and your ancestors had not been “democratically” shackled to that evil “jewish” trap-money by all those anti-American and anti-Gentile “representatives” in 1913—and every single “jewish”-Amerikan year (congress, president and “supreme court”) thereafter!

Do you see the political, monetary/economic problem? It is not “democratic”? And it is not “jewish”?

And so what is the political solution if not self-“representation,” self-sovereignty and self-decision? And what is the monetary/economic solution if not honest Gentile money?—honest, debt-free, ample, stable, Gentile token-money?

And so this is precisely what I’m suggesting to you. If you see the problem and you see the solution, then you know what to do. And that’s why all these very good things are so very carefully hidden from you.

*  *  *

And note this similar (and similarly deceitful) subtlety: “The longer-run projections of [2% annual US–Ed.] inflation may be interpreted, in turn, as the rate of inflation that FOMC participants [i.e. the US “central” banksters–Ed.] see as most consistent with the dual mandate given to it by the Congress—that is, the rate of inflation that promotes maximum sustainable employment while also delivering reasonable price stability.”

What does this mean? Why is this sentence so strangely expressed? For this, like all Bernanke’s speeches, is a carefully prepared statement, written by who-knows-whom?, but publicly delivered by their “central” spokesman. And so that precise phrasing is absolutely no accident. So what are they really saying?—without being clear about it? And why are they not being clear about it? Clearly because they don’t want us to understand what they’re saying to us. And so here is yet more “purposeful obfuscation” from an evidently infinite “central” bankster supply.

Is the statement not carefully and deceitfully intended to make the general public take it or understand it the wrong way?—that there shall definitely be no greater than 2% annual “inflations” after 2011?

But is that what these words really and truly mean? Or do they really mean that the US “central” banksters don’t really believe that they can limit their annual “central” US debt-money price increases/“inflations”/depreciations to 2% after 2011, but that that’s merely the limit of their present truthfulness (or rather deceitfulness), because they can clearly “see” that any more than 2% annual monetary “inflation” (instability and depreciation) is quite contrary to or “inconsistent” with their 1913 congressional/presidential “mandate” and “obligation to ensure [US] price stability,” (Bernanke April 14, 2009 above), and hence that to publicly expect, admit or “project” higher than 2% annual price increases/“inflation” rates after 2011 would cause public (and perhaps congressional and presidential) displeasure, if not alarm, and so they are thus simply, subtly and publicly going to lie about it?

If these “central” banksters truly meant that they will certainly cause or create no more than 2% annual US money “inflation” (and hence instability and depreciation) after 2011, then why didn’t they simply and clearly say so? Why did they say what they said instead?

Do you see what I mean? And do you see and hear this most subtle “central” snake?

(Bernanke continuing:)


This further extension of the quarterly projections should provide the public a clearer picture of the FOMC’s policy strategy for promoting maximum employment and price stability over time. Also, increased clarity about the FOMC’s views [(?) or false statements?—intended to better deceive the public?–Ed.] regarding longer-run inflation should help to better stabilize the public’s inflation expectations, thus contributing to keeping actual inflation from rising too high or falling too low. [?]


Yes, the “central” banksters “should provide the public a clear picture” of exactly what they’re doing to them, and how they’re doing it. But they never do, and for obvious reasons.

Isn’t this all about deceiving the public? Or when was the last time the “central” banksters (or their congressional or presidential agents) informed the public that theirs was in fact a debt-money, a monopoly debt-money, and all that that “jewish” “beast” entails?

(Never, right? And yet it is and always was since 1913, right?)

Isn’t everything these “central” banksters (and their “democratic” “representatives”) publicly say and do deceitfully calculated to forever keep this “central” monetary/economic truth away from the Gentile public, to keep them in perpetual darkness, and hence to perpetually avoid that popular “revolution before morning”?

Isn’t Evil all about lying about itself, Its past deeds and Its present intentions or “projections”?

But all one need do is look at their past annual rates of “inflation”/price increases/debt-money depreciations to most realistically “project” their future ones.

And isn’t this “central” public deception, misdirection, confusion and benightment the subtle purpose and meaning of “centrally” writing and publicly professing that “increased clarity about the FOMC’s views regarding longer-run inflation should help to better stabilize the public’s inflation expectations, thus contributing to keeping actual inflation from rising too high or falling too low”?

As this deceitful “central” snake doubtlessly all-too-well knows, “inflation” or increases in the “central” monopoly debt-money supply—(and hence (increases) in the prices of all things that this “inflated” money can buy, and hence decreases in the value or worth of that money)—is not at all a result of “public expectations,” but rather the direct result of the amount, supply or volume of that money in existence and circulation—which is therefore a direct and deliberate act of the “jewish” “central” banksters, from who all money comes, and to whom all that money must ultimately, inevitably and necessarily return. For such is the nature and “behavior” of all monopoly debt-money, and of this “scurvy” “central” “jewish” spider—whose spokesman professes from the other side of his most crooked mouth: “The quantity of cash assets in the system [i.e. the national economy–Ed.] at a [i.e. any and every–Ed.] point in time is, in turn, essentially fixed, being determined directly or indirectly by the central bank.”—(Ben Bernanke, Oct. 15, 2007)

And this false and slanderous charge—(that the Gentile public cause “inflation” via their “expectations”)—reminds me of US president Ford’s (1974-77) public campaign to “Whip Inflation Now”—complete with “WIN” buttons for all us clueless Americans to wear—as if “inflation” were the public’s fault or wrongdoing, and as if only the public could somehow undo or remedy it.

And they can, in a way: Simply by creating, distributing and employing an honest public money instead of this “central” “jewish” monopoly debt-money; simply by creating and using an honest, publicly-owned, debt-free, ample and stable token-money.

But no American president, congressman nor US “central” bankster ever has or ever will tell, show or point that way out to the public. (But see my Monetary/Economic Problem (and Honest Money Solution). And this is clearly because they never want them to get out. Can you se that?

And so beneath all their endless, sanctimonious, peremptory and imperious talk about “liberating the world,” and behind all their endless mass-murderous violence toward that alleged end, the actual truth is the exact opposite: No only will American presidents and Congresses never “liberate” the world, they will never even liberate the Americans—the alleged beneficiaries of all their alleged “public service”! On the contrary, American politicians want to enslave the world, exactly as they have enslaved the Americans—via their “beastly” “jewish” debt-money. And so American politicians are all clearly traitorous, anti-American and anti-Gentile agents of this supernational or Super-Nazi “jewish” debt-money power, throne and crown.

And by the way, the total US debt-money “inflation” (and hence value depreciation) during president Ford’s term (1974-77) was 32.4%, for an annual average of 8.1%. (See the “CPI” chart above.) And so I guess president Ford has his evil reasons for blaming the victims of “American” “inflation” rather than himself, his treasonous US Congress, and their foreign, “central,” “jewish” “inflation”-money masters.

And so US debt-money “inflation” (and hence depreciation) clearly needed to be “whipped” or defeated then, as now. But who in Hell is ever going to show us how?

(I.E. by no longer using—or being “democratically” forced to use—the “jews’” and the Devil’s “beastly” debt-money! (Apo./Rev. 13:11-18)

Our congressmen? Our presidents? Our “central” banksters?

Again, Hell no! For Satan’s “chosen” demons never show anyone the way out of their Hell!—no more than jailers ever “liberate” or show their prisoners the way out of their jails!

For that of course would be entirely contrary to their demonic job, function, purpose and pitch-fork point: To demoncratically mislead, deceive, cheat, trick, betray and enslave us Gentiles via their Satanic “jewish” debt-money; to violently cast us all down into their multiply unpayable pits of “national” or “public debt”; to imperiously and mass-murderously conquer all Gentile nations and violently impose their “jewish” money upon them to thereby cast them all down into their global (monetary, economic, political and “jewish”-Marxist-“communist”) Hell on earth; and to forever keep them there—violently, forcibly, coercively, “democratically,” “legislatively” and tyrannically.

Who was it Who said He came “to preach deliverance to the captives”?

Well, these are the global jailers of all the (monetary and political) captives of this latter “jewish” day and time.

And yes of course they plot and crave to impose a global “jewish” debt-monopoly-money upon God’s entire Gentile globe! In Historical fact, they’ve already done so! (See An Apocalyptic Beast or Two.) But I mean another and a newer one—which is most likely to be preceded by a hemispheric American or “new-world” version of this “central” monopoly debt-money of theirs.

(Bernanke continuing:)


At the time of our last Monetary Policy Report, the Federal Reserve was confronted with both high inflation and rising unemployment. Since that report, however, inflation pressures have receded dramatically while the rise in the unemployment rate has accelerated and financial conditions have deteriorated. In light of these developments, the Federal Reserve is committed to using all available tools to stimulate economic activity and to improve financial market functioning. Toward that end, we have reduced [our “central” usury rate to 0.5%–Ed.] the target for the federal funds rate close to zero and we have established a number of programs to increase the flow of credit to key sectors of the economy. We believe that these actions, combined with the broad range of other fiscal and financial measures being put in place, will contribute to a gradual resumption of economic growth and improvement in labor market conditions in a context of low inflation. We will continue to work closely with the Congress and the Administration [i.e. president/White House–Ed.] to explore means of fulfilling our mission of promoting maximum employment and price stability.

*  *  *  *  *

I don’t want “a context of low inflation.” I want a context (or economy) of no “inflation,” nor “deflation.” I want a money whose value doesn’t change over time. I want a money I can trust. And because all fruit is and must be of its tree, neither the “jews” nor their evil Gentile fronts will ever give you nor me that kind or species of money. (Matt. 7:15-20) And therefore you and I must give it to ourselves, or else continue to be the monetary and political slaves of these anti-Christ demons.

The only way to provide and enjoy “price stability” is by using or employing a stable money. I.E. a money whose amount, supply or volume never changes, but is constantly tied or pegged to the number of people who use it, and hence to the public numbering or census.

A stable money means and requires no changes in the money supply—i.e. no money supply increases (“inflation”) nor decreases (“deflation”)—and hence no (“inflationary”) decreases nor (“deflationary”) increases in the value of that money.

(But “jews” love to manipulate the amount or supply of money because money (which buys all things) is therefore their ultimate “speculative” tool or weapon. And so they “buy [money] low and sell [money] high.” Do you see? (And see The Monetary/Economic Problem (and Honest Money Solution for much more on this.)

And so the only way to provide and enjoy “price stability” is via a debt-free public money—i.e. by creating and employing an honest, debt-free, ample and stable token-money.

And so long as that debt-free public money is ample or sufficient (for all deals or transactions at maximum activity, productivity and commerce), anything less than “maximum employment” will not be due to that money.

But Bernanke’s money—aside from being of the Devil and Its “chosen people” (John 8:44)—can never provide “price stability” because its amount or volume is constantly changing—and hence its (constantly changing) value—due to Bernanke’s “central” debt-money-lending faucet and his “central” (and ever-open) debt-money-draining drain. Again, think of an ever-changing water level within a kitchen sink.

But Bernanke is never going to tell you this, nor that, nor anything truthful and revealing about his “central” debt-monopoly-money. He is never going to point any of this out to you because 1) that’s not his job, that’s not what his corporately concealed and “legally” immune “central” bankster superiors are paying him to do; and 2.) because he and they all-too-well know that if you ever came to understand their “beastly” money, you would then desire and demand an honest and stable money instead of theirs.

We expect “jews” to be “jews” and “central” banksters to be “central” banksters. For they clearly are who and what they are—and could never jump put of their demonic wolf skins. But what’s most astounding and discouraging is how and why no one else will ever tell you the monetary/economic truth—not in the US government, not in Amerikan academia, and not in the Amerikan mass-media. And this shows you, dear readers, if you didn’t already know, the sh-- quality of your fellow countrymen.

(And the very same goes for the almost complete absence of truth in America regarding their almighty and all-“justifying” “9/11/2001.”)

And this “central” “jewish” US debt-money scam can only continue in the very same way that it began—via complete and total public ignorance and benightment about money and usury (money-lending or “banking”).

And so maintaining that public ignorance is Bernanke’s job, function, purpose and intent. He is yet another “purposeful obfuscator,” exactly like his “central” predecessor.

And this “obfuscation” is also the purpose, job and function of all US Congresses and presidents—each and every God-damned one of them—who treasonously enthroned these Super-Nazi bankster “jews” over America in 1913; who treasonously supported and maintained their anti-Christ-Amerikan debt-monopoly-money regime over their clueless Gentile American victims ever since; and who imperiously, globally and mass-murderously extended that Super-Nazi “jew” debt-money regime via their endless World Wars against the as-yet-unconquered Gentile nations. (Have you Gentiles seen “your” “jew”-alleged “national” or “public debts” lately?)

*  *  *  *  *

And therefore, my fellow Americans: Your greatest political problems are your highest “public offices,” and hence your highest “public officials.”

(But what else can you expect when you put your public offices up for public sale or auction? How can they possibly fail to be bought up by big money? And what money is bigger than these very “central” people who make or create (and lend) all money? Duh?)

Your greatest political problem is your “jewish” “democratic” “central” debt-money form of government—which you popularly worship, and which you violently insist must by worshipped by everyone else on the planet—and which political abomination you have been imperiously, violently and mass-murderously imposing and expanding over God’s Gentile globe since 1913, and hence your first World War for your “central” anti-Christ kings—of whose existence and endless reign over you and yours you and yours are not even aware. (Apo./Rev. 17:5, :1-18) So completely darkened and benighted are you and yours.

And if someone should ever dare tell you demonically possessed lunatics the truth of these obviously most important, “central” and consequential matters, you would probably rush in a mad mob to murder him as if he—(and hence not you, your “democratic” “representatives,” and your “central” “jewish” kings)—were the demon(s) from Hell!

So hateful are you demonic Amerikans of genuine Truth and Liberation! And yet you endlessly and repeatedly insist on mass-murderously invading, conquering and occupying the globe and calling it “liberation”!

And many of you Amerikans demonstrate much the same demonic reaction to the Truth about your mass-murderous “9/11”—which your Satanic masters perpetrated and exploit(ed) to wage yet another preplanned “jewish”-Amerikan World War against God’s Gentile world—and which you and your anti-Christ masters say you will perpetuate or perpetrate forever.

*  *  *  *  *

Historical Conclusion

“Representative gov’t” (aka “democracy”) tyrannically, “legislatively” and “democratically” inflicted “central” “jewish” monopoly-debt-money upon the American citizenry in 1913. And then, almost immediately, “jewish”-Amerika launched its first of three World Wars against God and His globe to imperiously impose their “jewish” “democracy” (i.e. monopoly debt-money) upon all their invaded, conquered and occupied Gentile nations.

And so this imperialist “jewish”-Amerikan “democracy”—(imperiously imposed upon God’s Gentile globe by “Washington” and Jew York City)—is none other than the “MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” (Apo./Rev. 17:5)

And its “jewish” “central” monopoly debt-money is the very “mark” of this Satanic empire or “beast.” (Apo./Rev. 13:1-18)

And so it’s obviously not in any Gentile nation’s interest to allow, permit or tolerate such a “beastly” anti-Christ/“jewish” debt-monopoly-money regime, tyranny or gov’t to exist anywhere on earth. For it’s a Satanic political/monetary disease that imperiously, violently and virulently spreads over the earth.

And so this “beastly,” imperialist and super-national or Super-Nazi “jewish” “capitalism” is even worse than “jewish” “communism” because it/they historically “financed,” funded and founded it! And as we will see, the former “jewish” abomination leads (or misleads) purposely, deliberately and inevitably towards the latter(“communism”)—which is an even greater “jewish” racial tyranny or “totalitarianism” (over the Gentiles) than the former (“capitalism”). Hence “jewish”/Jew York “capitalism” truly is the very “MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND [“beastly” political] ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.”

Can you see that? And can I get an “Amen”?

*  *  *  *  *

We have reviewed the stated purpose for the US Congress and president’s “legislative” creation (and enthronement) of “jewish” “central” banksters (and their monopoly debt-money) over America in 1913, and which is the very same false or bogus reason they’ve kept it ever since. (So what’s the real and true reason?)

And that stated purpose and Congressional commission was (and remains) “maximum employment and price stability”—neither of which ever happened! (See the historical American “CPI Index” chart above.)

We know the explanation for this “central” bankster “failure” (to provide “maximum employment and price stability”)—if anyone or any group can be said to “fail” at what they never actually tried to do. But who or what can explain this glaring US gov’t failure?—to ever remedy the situation, to ever replace dishonest with honest money, and to make straight what clearly was, is and must always remain crooked: “central” banksterism and it’s/their monopoly debt-money!

*  *  *  *  *

There is a well-known Christian parable about those who say or promise they are going to do something good or useful, those who go ahead and do it, and those who don’t. (Matt. 21:28-30)

But here in anti-Christ or “jewish”-Amerika are people (institutions, “authorities” or thrones) who do the very opposite of what they promise to do—and not only once, or only for a day, but for nearly a century now!

And so what in Amerikan Hell are we to conclude from all this?

This: Here’s the historical lesson and political conclusion from these glaring historical facts: Neither the US “central” banksters nor their “public servants” and “representatives” (in the American Congress and the presidential White House) need ever do what they solemnly say, profess or swear they are going to do. They need merely say they are going to do these things—these public goods, public services and publicly desirable things. And that mere profession is evidently sufficient for the American public—with all repeated (and even permanent and absolute) failures to do so notwithstanding, ignored and apparently forgotten. These US “public servants” need merely publicly profess they will do such and such, and that is evidently good enough for the lost and clueless American public.

For other than voting out one traitorous “central” bankster agent for another, the Americans seldom to never call their “public servants” to account for their never having done what they solemnly promise to do—like e.g. to “uphold and defend the US constitution”—which (like their tyrannical congressional “acts of patriotism” after their “9/11/2001”) is 100% contrary to what they did in 1913—and every year thereafter—every “jewish” US “central” bankster year, Congress and presidential “administration” thereafter!

For they treasonously, anti-constitutionally, “legislatively,” tyrannically and “democratically” installed, inaugurated and maintained an alien “jewish” money crown, throne and scepter over Gentile America since 1913, and hence their first World War! (They’re presently on their third, which they say will never end! And that’s one promise or profession they truly intend to keep!)

And so in 1913 these alien “jewish” “central” money kings became the secret captains of the American ship of state, dictating both foreign and domestic American policy, and thereby monetarily and politically transforming a once Gentile Christian nation into their evil anti-Christ/“jewish” empire via their three World Wars against God and His Gentile globe.

For the money-creation-power is sovereign or supreme. He is truly king. For he alone creates the money by which the state and “economy” runs. For he alone creates the oil by which the machine runs—and without which it clearly cannot.

And if his “royal” or “central” money be a debt-money, which he lends to all his subjects or pseudo-“citizens” whom he thus entraps and collectively enslaves (via their alleged “national” or “public debt”), then that sovereign is a demon from Hell and an obvious public enemy of that nation and all its people. And so are all his agents, “public servants” and/or “representatives.” For they treasonously and tyrannically (“legislatively” or “democratically”) enthroned him and maintained him!

And so the US gov’t is exactly like their US “central” banksters and their monopoly debt-money. And because the American public is so incredibly stupid, ignorant, clueless and docile, these traitorous anti-Americans in all US “public offices” need never be honest nor true. In fact they never could be honest nor true—seeing whom and what they serve, and hence whom and what they are.

And so though they need never actually do so, all these self-alleged US “public servants” need do is merely to say they are going to do good things for the public or nation—like e.g. to grant them “full employment” and “price stability”—and therefore stable money. (For you can’t have the former without the latter. For the latter creates or causes the former.) But again, a glance at the “CPI Index” chart above will show you they never, ever provided this “price stability.” And hence, politically and historically speaking, they never really needed to! For their dishonest money regime and “representation” was never ever replaced with honest money! And that was the fault of the American public. They never had their political/monetary “revolution before morning.”

*  *  *  *  *

And so if these public enemies in all the US “public offices” merely say that their “central” monopoly debt-money is honest, therefore it’s honest? Does a lie become true because a Roman pope or an American president says so? Did nineteen Arabs with box-cutters hijack airplanes and crash them into buildings because US presidents, the Congress and the “jewish” mass-media all say so?

Hell no! But the clueless (and evidently also deaf and illiterate) Americans don’t think so!—or there would have had that popular money-revolution (and hence political revolution) a long time ago!

And even if one knew nothing about debt-money—what it is, how it works, and what evils it does—how could any money that kept losing its value (“purchasing power” or “price stability”) possibly be honest? If monetary honesty is not “price stability,” or if “price stability” is not monetary honesty, then what in Hell is? Monetary/economic minds want to know!

And yet the Americans keep trusting “their” government! And that’s just politically crazy or insane! Wouldn’t you agree? And what’s that oft-spoken definition of insanity? To keep doing the very same thing and yet vainly hoping for a very different outcome—like e.g. honest stable money, and hence “price stability”; or like a trustworthy American gov’t, Congress or president.

And this sick and crazy relationship between the Americans and their “democratic representatives” is like the counterfeit love of a serial rapist who need never love his victims—(in fact who never could love them, being their rapist and all)—but who merely needs to say that he loves them as he rapes them, and that’s good enough for them, because they have no love nor regard for Truth.

And so most Americans still believe in their debt-money government because they are Truthless and clueless dupes of “jews.” And they’ve been getting politically, “democratically” monetarily and economically raped and pillaged since 1913! So you’d think they would have gotten a clue or two by now! You’d think all that suffering would have eventually taught them something! It’s absolutely astounding how incredibly stupid they are!

Life is all about distinguishing the false from the true, and about seeing, knowing, recognizing or distinguishing lies and slanders from truth. And of this the American public is clearly incapable. (See e.g. their “9/11/2001.”)

And so this American Truthlessness and stupidity is clearly a permanent threat and an established menace to the safety, freedom and prosperity of the entire Gentile globe. For the Americans are on their third World War now. And all were based upon their falsehoods, lies and slanders. Does anyone besides me see a pattern here?

*  *  *

And since these clueless fools never even knew they exist(ed), “jewish”-Amerika’s US “central” bankster kings or sovereigns were (and are) absolutely never called to public account. And I also mean that literally. For they have never been publicly “audited.” (See Ron Paul’s proposal below.)

And even if the American public ever came to know of the existence and crimes of their “central” “jewish” sovereigns, they wouldn’t know exactly whom to call to account for it, their evil money and their evil deeds. For they all are (and always were) corporately masked and hence anonymous. And similarly, they are all “legally” irresponsible, “legislatively” unliable and congressionally/presidentially immune from any and all prosecution or punishment for all the “central” Amerikan/“jewish” evils they do, have done, and will continue to do until their dethronement or the end of America—whichever comes first.

And they are “centrally” hoping for the latter, and to create an even greater and grander (monetary/political) throne for themselves! They are ceaselessly scheming, plotting and planning to further destroy America by submerging or drowning her in a sea of all the new-world countries, into a “jewish” new-world empire to extend from the north to the south pole of the Americas, and to be bound and enslaved by one single “jewish” debt-monopoly-money (the “Amero”?). And these Super-Nazi “jew”-demons c