Constitutional Liberty, Mayoral Tyranny and the NYC Zionist-“Republican” Convention of 2004

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Table of Contents:


Constitutional Liberty, Mayoral Tyranny and the NYC Zionist-“Republican” Convention of 2004. 1

To “Permit” or not to “Permit” Tyranny to Kill the U.S. Constitution. 4

Freedom of Speech, the Road to Truth, the Liberator from Falsehood, Deception, Lies and Tyranny. 12

The Zionist-Republican’s’ “Free-Speech Zone” 14

Freedoms “Permitted” are Freedoms Denied. 16

The “Public” Tyrant’s Shameless, Criminal and Brutal Police Dogs. 21

What is “Zionism”?. 25

“Zion” is (or was) a hill in Jerusalem.. 28

The Eternal Zionist or “jewish” War against Gentiles, and the Zionist-Republican Suppression of All Protestations Thereof 32

And by the Way, what ever Happened to all those War Protest Singers from the Swinging Sixties: Are they Dead? Are they Deaf? Or are they Racist, Zionist Jews?. 35

Is the “Democratic” Party and its (“jewish”) Candidate any less Zionist than the “Republican”?. 37

What Needs to be Done? The Political, Financial and anti-Terrorist Solution: Divest at long last from the Terror-State of “Israel” 40


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New York City’s zionist-“jewish” Mayor Bloomberg recently visited his beloved “Israel,” when and where he publicly informed the “Israelis” that the City of New York was entirely behind them and hence behind their ceaseless wars against the Arabs, thus supporting and encouraging that zionist terror-state in their “holocaust” and dispossession of the Palestinians, and in their further and future wars against the Arabs or the Mohammedans.

And so this “jewish” mayor Bloomberg thinks, proclaims, admits or confesses New York is in fact Jew York. And though this is largely true, this is not entirely true. New York is admittedly largely but not entirely Jew York City. For there yet are many non-zionist Gentiles living therein. And so not every New Yorker is a “kill the Arabs and take their land” Jew Yorker.

Like American itself, New York City is not “jewish” or zionist in terms of popular numbers, but it is unfortunately so in terms of (monetary, economic, mass-media) power and political position—from the “Christian”-zionist president and the “jewish”-zionist mayor on down the official ladders or hierarchies. And there’s the supernational, imperial or “beastly” zionist rub!

So though there remain many decent Gentiles in New York City to this day, unfortunately the city is not theirs, and hasn’t been for generations. And therefore this “jewish” mayor Bloomberg is unfortunately right: the city is his, his race’s, and their foreign nation’s, “Israel’s.” The “jewish” or “Israeli” tail is indeed wagging the American dog, and not only in Jew York City, but also in Washington D.C. (“Bad dog ! Bad dog !”)

Furthermore, this Bloomberg is a billionaire media mogul who, out of his very deep pockets (and via vast political advertising/propaganda) purchased his “public” office, his present political position, his mayoralty. And now the citizens of NYC and the Gentile country are beginning to see why: To serve and further his secret, hidden imperialist-zionist agenda.

*  *  *  *  *

And by thus proclaiming that his Jew York City is solidly behind “Israel,” their zionist agenda, and hence their endless war against the Gentiles, and presently the Mohammedans, mayor Bloomberg has further painted a “bull’s eye” target on this bloody and whorey old city as the financial, economic, cultural (if not political) capital of the very empire which has for decades been funding, supplying (with “weapons of mass destruction and/or mass-murder”) and encouraging this mass-murderous “Israeli” violence against (and dispossession and robbery of) the Palestinians and other Arabs, both Christian and Mohammedan.

And so (for all those who didn’t already know this was so) Bloomberg has thus put a fresh coat of blood-red paint on “Uncle” Satan’s capital city, imperial queen and “Babylonian whore.” What’s her name again? (Apo./Rev. 17:3-7)

But some people, myself included, don’t want the city they live in to be guilty of any more imperial and mass-murderous wars of aggression against the Gentile nations around God’s globe, and thus justly deserving of retaliation in kind, if only token retaliation, to thus pay this murderous, mass-murderous old Satanic “jewish” whore back in her own bloody violent coin (Apo./Rev, 18:4-7). And hence for anyone to paint a fresh new coat of “world-enemy #1” on this murderous and whorey old city’s bare-back is not particularly good for the residents thereof.

And yet here the mayor was in “Israel” doing just that, acknowledging to the world that his New York is indeed Jew York, and allied with her sister in Satan, the “Israeli” whore in their “hundred years’ war” against the Arabs or Mohammedans, which again is merely part of their eternal “messianic” or Satanic war against the Gentiles to conquer their world and reign thereover as demonic and deicidal “jewish” gods over the one true God’s “jew”-bloodied corpse. (What’s His name again?)

But merely to admit that this is so, (that New York City is in fact, truth and reality Jew York City), is surely no crime—(other than a “truth-crime”—i.e. the “crime” of merely telling the truth—which is surely no crime in my law book nor courtroom). But the crime lies rather in making this so, and in maintaining this Jew York, and in supporting, perpetrating and perpetuating this murderous and mass-murderous “jewish”-Amerikan imperialism, or in other words, in filling the cup of this greedy, imperialistic, blood-thirsty old Jew York whore with buckets (and even rivers) of innocent Gentile blood from around God’s Gentile globe. (Apo./Rev. 17:3-7) (See what I mean, metaphorically speaking?)

*  *  *  *  *

An informed voter seldom expects the rich and powerful to personally seek public office. For their usual tactic is to secretly purchase political candidates, and then afterwards to secretly pull their official strings within the dark, unseen. And either way, of course, their secret or undeclared intent is to further enrich and empower themselves at the expense of the public they claim and pretend to “represent,” and have solemnly sworn to serve.

But infinitely worse than these plutocratic pimps are those oligarchs who purchase public offices intending to annul or terminate constitutions, to trample “inalienable” rights under their official hooves, and to obligate or involve their purchased offices, cities, states, nations or even empires in foreign wars for their personal profit or benefit, and even for the benefit or furtherance of foreign powers, races, nations or business interests for whom such treacherous “public officials” (or their purchasers) are secretly, covertly, treasonably working.

Such treacherous and treasonous creatures as these are truly the greatest possible public enemies within public offices. And there ought to be a law against these sort of things, don’t you think? Or one that is actually enforced? But what cop is gonna put the cuffs on Bloomberg, what “prosecutor” accuse and “try” him, what judge “convict” and what jailer jail him?

Whose side are you on, mayor Bloomberg?

But even if he publicly denies it, he’s already publicly declared himself to his “Israeli” brothers, allies or masters—that his city was entirely behind them—and hence entirely behind their continuous genocide of the Gentiles, the Palestinians, the Arabs, the Iraqis and the Mohammedans). But I for one have nothing against any of these Gentile peoples, nothing whatsoever.

(And cities have been bombed for far less than this. See e.g. Dresden, Hamburg, Berlin, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and presently Baghdad.)

And I noticed this predominantly and belligerently pro-“Israeli” foreign policy, this zionist priority, racial loyalty and “jewish” nationalism of mayor Bloomberg’s wasn’t any part of his campaign platform, promises or propaganda.

(But then “jews” have always and everywhere been commonly known to place nothing above themselves, nothing above loyalty to their (international) race or nation, nothing above their racism or their nationalism (“Nazism”), and nothing above their atheistic, Marxist or “communistic” super-racism on the one demonic hand, and/or their “messianic” or Talmudic super-nationalism (or SuperNazism) on the other. And so voters should have known that even if Bloomberg didn’t mention it. And Bloomberg didn’t mention it.)

(But then the mayor’s “democratic” opponent was a “jew” too. So go figure why New York is Jew York, and America, “jewish”-Amerika. For both presidential candidates from both political parties are also both rabid zionists. Foreign readers take not: There are only two political parties in America. And they are both “jewish” and zionist. And for generations now this has been so. And see “What is Zionism?” below.)

And so what this Bloomberg says or promises and what he does or delivers are two very different things. (But New Yorkers already knew that. See below.) But if this Bloomberg had honestly said, that if elected he would annul or terminate the U.S. constitution, would he be the mayor today?

And yet such is his domestic policy, and hence his hitherto hidden agenda—revealed to all with eyes to see on Feb. 15, 2003, by his police around the U.N. building. For the approaching crowds were then threatening “his [tyrannical, anti-constitutional] honor’s” secret, covert and hitherto-hidden zionist foreign policy. And so he had them forcibly turned away, disbursed and disappointed. (See below.)

And hopefully all New Yorkers (and all others besides) can now also clearly see Bloomberg’s also no longer secret foreign agenda, “his honor’s” zionist foreign policy, his racial and national (racist or “nazi”) alliance with “Israel” against us Gentiles: here, over there, and eventually everywhere.

And in that extremely racist, zionist and “Israeli” case, clearly Bloomberg’s Jew York City is not my New York City—(not that she ever really was anyway). Nor, I submit, is she the city of all those who would “peaceably assemble” and/or march within her “mean” streets or parks but for this tyrannical and treasonous “public” official’s adamant refusal (and hence that of his loyalist, zionist, violent and menacing, anti-Gentile and anti-Christ army of blue meanies) to recognize the U.S. constitution and the rights of all citizens. Yes, even the Gentiles. Yes, even the rights of those who disagree with “his [racist, zionist, “jewish”] honor,” and with his racist, zionist, “jewish”-“republican” party. And yes, even within the precincts of this evidently and undeniably Godless, blood-thirsty, “beastly,” imperialistic or SuperNazi city—this anti-Gentile, anti-Christian, anti-Mohammedan metropolis—this “jewish,” “Israeli” and/or zionist city of Jew York, a.k.a. “BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND [political, “democratic,” socialistic, “communistic,” Marxist, “jewish,” Zionist or anti-Christ?–Ed.] ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.”

Did you know that, dear reader? I did. For look, it was written long ago. (Apo./Rev. 17:5)

*  *  *  *  *

To “Permit” or not to “Permit” Tyranny to Kill the U.S. Constitution

And consistent with Bloomberg’s public proclamations or official pledges of unequivocal and total (if not unanimous) Jew York support for “Israel” and the “Israelis” (in their never-ending wars against the Mohammedans), this imperious, zionist, “jewish” mayor has decreed there shall be little to no public protestations, street marches, “demonstrations,” public assemblies nor public speeches in the streets or parks of his imperial city during his (and “hers,” that Babylonian whore’s) hosting of the “republican” convention in this summer of 2004. For “his [unconstitutional, tyrannical, fascistic and imperious] honor” will simply not allow nor “permit” said assemblies, speeches, marches, demonstrations and protestations—as if it were his decision!—as if he were the emperor (and not merely the mayor) of New York! (But shall this mayoral tyranny stand and our constitutional rights and liberties thus fall? That is the constitutional vs. tyrannical question!)

The mayor’s ridiculous explanations are the following: Public marches and assemblies on the city streets are not good for traffic because they block it. (That’s certainly true.) And public assemblies in the public parks are not good for the grass because they trod on it. (That’s certainly true too.) And so therefore the U.S. constitution shall not apply within NYC ! (That’s not quite so true. But we shall soon see whom or what stands where.)

So, on the one hand, and the official side, we have the city traffic, the grass AND THE MAYOR’S ZIONIST AGENDA AND FOREIGN POLICY. And on the other hand and unofficial side we have our constitutional rights to “peaceably assemble,” to publicly speak and to be publicly heard by all who would lend an ear (or two). For some public speakers are honorable men.

*  *  *  *  *

But alas, the park-grass simply won’t tolerate any public assemblies thereupon, and hence it should and must be officially protected from our constitutional rights, liberties, and (most of all) feet.

For grass should be looked at and admired, but never walked, sat nor reclined upon. And especially public grass—(grass seeded, tended, and maintained by public taxes)—should never, ever be used (i.e. abused) by the public. All public grass should be placed within fences or stored behind glass within a modern museum of public grass.

I’m not kidding. This is no joke. (But of course it is a joke—an official, fascistic, tyrannical joke. And yet few people are laughing.)

But clearly this official “love of grass” explanation is ridiculous, and therefore this tyrant in public office should be publicly ridiculed out of office for it. And this storm or chorus of ridicule should naturally begin and be lead by the supposedly free and independent mass-media within this supposed capital city of the “free world’s” media!

And yet it’s not happening. And yet here’s a front-page story, and a “scoop”—which “journalists” otherwise crave and covet. And yet the “jews’papers” and the “jewish” broadcast monopoly (both in and outside Jew York City: i.e. A.B.C., N.B.C., C.B.S., P.B.S., Murdock, etc.) won’t go near it, and won’t hear of it.

So go figure. Is “jewism” zionism, and vice-versa? And if not, then what’s the difference? Why is the “jewish” mass-media protecting this zionist mayor? That is the question. Is it for the very same reason they demanded no proof from the zionist American president for Usama’s guilt for the fallen towers, nor for Iraq’s alleged “weapons of mass destruction”? Is it to silently support “jewish” imperialism, zionism, super-racism or “messianism” around the Gentile globe? Is that why?

And if not, then why not? Because park-grass really and truly is far more important than the city’s citizenry, the nation’s public, and their “inalienable” constitutional rights to assemble, to speak, to be heard, and to listen?

And yet, if you notice, for certain other races, (“jews” or Negroes, e.g.), these broadcast “journalists” and networks make a great big fuss about “civil” or civilian or rights. So why not here, now and in this “civil rights’ case”? Because it doesn’t serve nor further the cause of zionism, “jewism,” “jewish” racism and world-imperialism? Is that not why?

*  *  *  *  *

But let’s further examine Bloomberg’s official “grassy knoll” explanation why anti-“republican” and/or anti-[zionist]war protestors cannot peaceably assemble within his zionist “jewish” city to hear political speeches (anti-war or anti-“republican” party speeches); to distribute or share their political literature; to listen to (possibly political) music and words; to send their strong, forceful, youthful and energetic message to the “republican” party, the nation, the U.N. and all the world (via the mass-media monopoly located within this “cultural capital” of “the free world”—and there’s the “jewish”-zionist ignorance, silence and/or censorship); and to generally and peaceably commune with one other.

Let’s see now; let’s put both contending values on the grand scales or balances of justice.

On the one hand we have the U.S. constitution, and hence “the right of the people peaceably to assemble [for whatever cause or reason they wish to assemble–Ed.], and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” And on the other hand (or in the other corner) we have the city traffic and the green grass of the “great lawn” of central park—(where, by the way, large public assemblies are often held, but only after bribing or paying off the park commissioner(s) for the license, right, “permit” or permission to do so). (See that “Stern” and extortive NYC “public policy.”)

*  *  *

And this is simply because, according to these “park commissioners” (personally appointed by the mayor—and apparently in this particular case to do “his honor’s” anti-constitutional or tyrannical bidding), NYC’s parks are not “public parks.” They do not belong to the public. They belong to “the city,” and hence to these very “public officials, who must therefore be paid or bribed by the public to use, enjoy, or assemble therein. (Again see “Stern.”)

But sometimes the parks’ commissioner (perhaps upon instructions from the mayor) simply refuses to be bribed or paid, and hence denies “permits” for public assemblies within the mayor’s private “city parks”—as is apparently the case this very tyrannical summer.

So you can’t play nor protest in the public park, and you can’t “sing dirges in the dark,” because every night and day and in every bloomin’ way, life, liberty, music and protest must go and stay away. Or so says this fascist, zionist, anti-Christ mayor and his big, fat, portly or porky blue meanies. (But let’s not go away and say we did!)

For the parks are supported and maintained by “public” taxes, and not by the billionaire Bloomberg’s vast private treasury, though “his [imperious] honor” acts as if central park were his personal property or his own back-yard.

*  *  *

And furthermore, those who come a long way to this city to peacefully assemble, to voice their grievances or to protest this evil zionist war of the mayor’s and of his zionist “republican” party, should not be officially prevented from (nor persecuted for) camping in the city’s park(s). One has to be rich to afford these N.Y.C. hotel rates. And (as all the billionaires know, whether mayors or not) most of us aren’t.

Though similarly officially forbidden to do so, the “Yippies”—(a Marxist, “jewish,” anti-Vietnam war, marihuana-smoking, youth protest group, stemming from the 60’s: those “days of rage,” the Chicago democratic convention, “the Chicago seven,” the “jews” Abbie Hoffman, Gerry Rubin, etc)—camped out for days in central park in the 80’s. These remnant “Yippies” were in town for to protest or “demonstrate” in the N.Y.C. streets for a few days, and, though strictly forbidden by the mayor and his officials to do so, they camped in Manhattan’s central park anyway, proclaiming it to be public property, which it indeed is (at least nominally), and hence their “public” “right” to do so. Fait accompli. They were unmolested by the mayor’s police dogs. Perhaps that is the best way to proceed.

(But in this present case, the mayor, being a “jew,” and the protestors, being Gentiles, protesting against a zionist or “jewish” war (against who else but Gentiles?), would (unlike the “jewish” “Yippies” or yesteryear) most likely be attacked by the tyrannical “jewish” mayor’s mercenary, fascistic and violent police dogs, for the great “crime” of “trespassing on public property.”)

But of course, we can all see what the real crime is and who the real criminals are. They are our usurpatious and tyrannical public enemies within public offices. They wear tyrannical badges of authority, and wield fascistic clubs and firearms of oppression. And all the while they deny you, dear citizen, your divine or sacred constitutional rights to “keep and bear arms,” to assemble, to speak to, to hear from and to commune with your fellow citizens, etc., etc., etc.

*  *  *  *  *

But instead of reciting or intoning this ridiculous, deceitful and hypocritical cant about the vulnerability, sanctity or inviolability of public grass, an honest fascist dictator might simply say:


“I hereby deny your constitutional rights to assemble, speak, march or protest within my city, etc., because your weak, pathetic and toothless constitution simply does not apply within my city, my separate realm, my independent kingdom, my sovereign city-state. (Just note how the NY state and the national supreme courts nod in silent agreement with me—in their official approval of my ‘unconstitutional’ decrees). As I and my police totally deny, annul and outlaw your supposedly ‘inalienable’ constitutional right to ‘keep and bear arms’ within my city; and as I (or we) with total impunity arrest, try, convict and jail all those who dare constitutionally ‘keep and bear arms’ within my city—without my prior mayoral permission or my all-important city permit, so I likewise officially deny your supposedly ‘inalienable’ or ‘inviolable’ constitutional rights to march, assemble, speak or listen within my city without my prior mayoral permit or official permission to do so, which I simply and repeatedly refuse to give you. And half of what little I’ve given you you’ve refused. And your pathetic insistence, petition or prayer that your precious constitution is your city permit is a big joke to me and my loyal law enforcers.

“See how I and my policemen piss and on you and your constitutional rights? See how we repeatedly ride roughshod over your alleged liberties? And what are you (or any of your allegedly constitutional representatives or public officials) going to say or do about it? Absolutely nothing, you pathetic weaklings. So shut up, get out of my city, and don’t ever come back. You and your kind are not welcome here. This is my party. This is and my city. I am the host and you are not my guests. You came here to crash my party, to ‘protest’ me, to rain on my parade, to poop on my republican party. So get out of my city and don’t ever come back, or I and my ‘unconstitutional’ and ‘fascistic’ police, judges and jailers will lock you up and throw away the key. Take your all-too-delicate constitution and get the hell out of my town. For both of you are most unwelcome here. Clear enough, you pathetic political and economic losers?”


But a dishonest fascist dictator would (by definition) give false reasons, phony explanations or sham (and perhaps even mocking) excuses for his official denial of the constitutional rights of others. He might, for example, deny the public’s rights to assemble in the public parks by instructing his “parks’ commissioner” to deny the public “permits” in the far greater, sacred or inviolable interests of the park grass. And if that’s not an official joke or mockery, then I don’t know what is.

(For the NYC “parks’ commissioner” is a mayorally appointed “public” office, and hence he’s public official personally indebted to his official appointer and mayoral master for his public livelihood.)


“Hay, somebody’s got to stand up for the grass. [Bloomberg’s slavish ‘park commissioner’ might publicly and ridiculously explain–Ed.] The poor things are defenseless. And they can’t speak nor fend for themselves. That’s where I come in. That’s my job, as I and the mayor see it. I represent the grass. Whereas those who would heartlessly assemble thereupon do indeed have tongues and voices to speak and represent themselves. Let them therefore do so, I have nothing against that, but somewhere off my grass, upon concrete or asphalt e.g., which can’t feel their big, mean, thoughtless, trampling feet, and where no public blades of grass will be harmed, trampled, killed or murdered by the public.

“I’m a public servant. And grass is people too, you know. And they’ve also got civil rights: public rights, city rights, though perhaps not your fancy, dancy constitutional rights. The green blades are my botanical wards, whom I am solemnly sworn to ‘uphold and defend to the best of my abilities so help me God’ (and mayor Bloomberg).

“What’s that you say? The mayor has also officially forbidden all public assemblies off the grass, upon city concrete or asphalt? Hmmm! I’d like to help you, but that’s simply not my department.

“Have you tried the Streets’ Department? What that? They sent you here to me? Hmmm? After the parks and the streets leaves only…? I wonder, can you people possibly walk on water? For I don’t think our mayor holds imperial sway over the East River, the Hudson, or the New York Bay.”

*  *  *  *  *

So much for the grass, the parks, the works of God. But what of the asphalt, the streets, the works of man? As to assemble on the former would indeed harm some blades of grass, so to assemble in the latter would indeed disrupt some city traffic. So both are to be officially forbidden (or rather not “permitted”)?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but methinks there’s only two things a large crowd or multitude can do: They can assemble in one place for whatever cause or reason—(e.g. to hear speeches, listen to music, watch sports games, plays, movies, or whatever). Or they can walk (or march) from one place to another. Or they can do both: They can walk to an assembly, or assemble and then walk, perhaps to another place of assembly.

And so far as he thinks he can get officially or “legally” get away with it (via his “jewish” or zionist Jew York judges) this mayor Bloomberg has largely (though not absolutely) denied the public city “permits” to do either, or both—(as if the public needed city permits to do either, or both). But force or tyranny, by definition, runs roughshod over “sacred” constitutions, “inalienable” rights and/or “inviolable” liberties. (See/hear Max below.)

For anti-war protestors simply have no place (and little to no “civil” rights) within Bloomberg’s Jew York. And his fascist, zionist, anti-Christ police force are always there to back “his [unconstitutional] honor” up.

For opponents, protestors or “demonstrators” against this “jewish”-Amerikan war against Iraq, etc. are evidently considered anti-“jewish” or anti-zionist war-protestors. And Bloomberg, the zionist “jew,” simply and officially wont tolerate any public opposition to or protestation of his “beastly,” imperial, SuperNazi agenda. For the zionist mayor has officially and publicly pledged “his” city to a foreign power, “Israel.” (Was that why “his honor” bought his mayoralty? And did he inform the voters at the time?)

(But “Treason never prospers, for when it does, none dare call it ‘treason’.” For prosperous treason is rather called “Law.”)

*  *  *  *  *

And so therefore there shall be no public marches, no public assemblies and no public speeches within Jew York City—unless of course “his [imperious] honor” wants them, and hence “permits” them.

(E.G. he has once never denied the zionist “Israelis” a permit to march in his city, as they do every year—right up 5th Ave. (Should that surprise anyone?) And does he not also march along with them? (Should that surprise anyone?) So “Israeli” parades, zionist parades, “jewish” parades or anti-Gentile parades are A OK with the zionist, “jewish” mayor. But a Gentile parade, (and therefore an anti-zionist, anti-“Israel,” anti-“jewish” or anti-“republican”) parade? No “jewish” way! And no “jewish” “permit” from the zionist “jewish” mayor.

And so what is the political lesson here? If the NYC mayor agrees with your group, he grants you a “permit” to march or assemble, or to assemble and then march, or to march to an assembly. But if he doesn’t, then he doesn’t, and you and your group are attacked by his vicious police dogs for daring to exercise your constitutional rights (without a “permit”) within this repressive, fascistic, unconstitutional, Marxist, “jewish,” zionist, imperialist, supernational or SuperNazi city, this bloody, guilty, mass-murderous Babylonian whore and queen of her “Uncle” Satan. (Apo./Rev. 17:)

For this is the nature and method of Tyranny: It tolerates nothing but flattery. Tyranny “permits” no disagreement, no criticism, no protestations and no “demonstrations” (against Itself and Its “public policies”—however zionist, “Israeli,” imperialist, SuperNazi, “beastly,” “republican” or “democratic”).

*  *  *  *  *

Also true to zionist form and tyrannical character, on Feb. 15, 2003, just before this latest imperialist “jewish”-Amerikan invasion, conquest and occupation of an (ex-sovereign) Gentile nation, Iraq, this zionist mayor Bloomberg similarly forbade war-protestors to assemble around the “United Nations’” building in east mid-town Manhattan.

(The would-be U.N. petitioners had vainly imagined the U.N. was not the Jew. N., and hence they though it might forbid or stop this latest “jewish”-Amerikan war (invasion, conquest, robbery and occupation) against yet another (ex-sovereign) Gentile nation. And hence they came to assemble to petition the Jew N. to not officially approve, bless or sanction this latest “jewish”-Amerikan war and invasion.)

But mayor Bloomberg had his city police block off access to the Jew N. And he had them misdirect the anti-war multitudes away from the Jew N. building. Northwards towards the Bronx was where I and my particular gang of peaceful strangers were deliberately, deceitfully and cynically misdirected by “his honor’s” violent and menacing police dogs.

And so on that earlier occasion also, precisely like this present one, New York’s zionist-“republican” mayor Bloomberg unconstitutionally forbade us protestors to assemble, speak and hear arguments against his (and his “republican” party’s) zionist, imperialist, SuperNazi war(s) against Gentile humanity anywhere within “his” Jew York City.

In fact “his [arrogant, fascistic and imperious] honor” had granted the public a “permit” to assemble on that day before the U.N. bldg. on the east shore of mid-Manhattan, but the multitude arriving from the west was so big the police forcibly blocked their approach to the U.N., thus preventing their mayorally “permitted” assembly. And the police ordered the public to march away to the north or south, saying they would have U.N. access that way. (But of course they couldn’t, and this was yet another big blue lie.)

And so though the public did not have a mayoral “permit” to march in the streets on that cold winter day. They were ordered, commanded and forced to do so by “his honor’s” police—i.e. to keep moving, to keep from congregating, to immediately walk or march away from the U.N. (Is that ironic?) And though the public did indeed have a mayoral “permit” to assemble on that day, they were prevented by “his honor’s” police from doing so. I remember saying at the time to many strangers with whom I talked, how, it retrospect, it would have been far better to have all assembled within central park’s “great lawn” (to meet and visit with each other, to hear speeches against the war, etc.), instead of being thus cynically misled, dissipated and scattered by “his honor’s” police dogs.

So what’s the “civics’” lesson here? This: The public tyrant in public office will hardly grant you a “permit” at all (to exorcist your “inalienable” rights and liberties within his imperial city). And even when “his honor” does, he might not honor it. (So to mayoral hell with this “permit” business.)

What a political asset, what a “foreign agent of influence” the “Israelis” have in this their  Jew York City mayor—(not to mention that zionist-“republican” tyrant within Washington, D.C.)

*  *  *

And so here in this summer of 2004 we once again observe and suffer these very same official, illegal, unconstitutional, repressive, fascist, Marxist, “communist” “jewish” tactics—now during “his [zionist] honor’s” hosting of his zionist-“republican” party convention within “his” Jew York City.

Bloomberg apparently thinks New York City is his personal property, and evidently his police do too. And the mayor also apparently thinks that he is the personal host of his zionist-“republican” party. And he (and hence his police dogs) will tolerate no other party (such as the people of these United States) to assemble nor convene within his city.

For “we the people” wanna have a political party “convention” and assembly too. But “his honor” says “No,” not in his town, and not at this time. For “his [zionist] honor” will hear, tolerate and “permit” nothing but praise for (and hence neither blame nor protests against) his and his evil, zionist-“republican” party’s imperialist, zionist, “messianist,” “jewish,” supernational, SuperNazi, anti-Gentile, anti-Christian and anti-Mohammedan “hundred years’” war agenda (allegedly against “terrorism”). (But if so, then surely these greatest of terrorists, these imperial or SuperNazi “jewish”-Amerikan, zionist and “Israeli” terrorists, would have to start with themselves, and then work their way down to their “terribly” defensive and reactive Gentile opponents.)

And so to protect his imperialist, terrorist, zionist agenda, Bloomberg and his rabid, fascist police dogs will “permit” no one to rain on their zionist-“republican” parade, nor to protest or “boo” their political convention—much less to crash their “jewish,” zionist-imperialist party.

*  *  *  *  *

Methinks marchers or walkers must naturally take up more (road) space (and hence block or stop more traffic) than when assembled together in one place. And so, if the mayor’s official argument is against the public’s blockage of city traffic, and against the public’s trodding on the public’s grass, then why not simply “permit” the public to assemble in one paved-over public place—such as e.g. Times’ Square (the “crossroads of the world”) or the area around the U.N.? Why?

Is it because the whole world might then see the enormous size of the crowd thus opposing the likes of mayor Bloomberg and their zionist war against Gentile humanity, and hence perceive the enormity of “his honor’s” anti-“representation” and public disservice to the very public he pretends to serve and “represent”?

(But in fact Bloomberg is representing, serving and furthering the zionist minority in Jew York. For “his [racist, zionist, “jewish”] honor” is in favor of and preference for a alien race and a foreign power (“Israel”)—but a race and a power neither alien nor foreign to this zionist, “jewish,” “Israeli” mayor Bloomberg, of course.)

Is this not why on Feb. 15, 2003 the public protesting these zionist “jewish”-Amerikan wars were cynically misdirected and forcibly scattered by Bloomberg’s blue meanies toward the three winds and directions away from their intended place of assembly and petition, the United Nations’ Org.’s building standing on mid-Manhattan’s eastern shore? (For again the public had vainly imagined the U.N. was not the Jew N. See below.)

*  *  *  *  *

I suspect Bloomberg and his subordinate city officials don’t want the protestors of his zionist, “jewish,” “Israeli” wars against the Gentile Arabs or Mohammedans to assemble in one place anywhere in NYC—neither in the street nor in the park. For the bigger the multitude (thus officially or “legally” forbidden to peaceably assemble) the bigger the fascist forbidding them to do so. And the mayor doesn’t want all the world to see just how big a fascist dictator he really and truly is.

For it’s all too plain (for any and all with eyes to see) what a tyrant one is if tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of people are assembled in one place to protest his, her or their party’s obviously unpopular “public policies.” And so tyrannical public enemies within “public” offices simply outlaw, criminalize or refuse to “permit” such public assemblies within public streets, parks or even in rented halls. And they sic their perfidious, treacherous, sociopathic, and mercenary police-dogs upon such “criminals” inside the park, upon the street, or wherever they dare assemble or congregate without a mayoral “permit.”

For the cops are also solemnly sworn in to “uphold and defend the constitution of the U.S., so help…[them] God.” And so by definition the police are “perfidious” and “treacherous” whenever, wherever (and via whoever’s orders) they don’t do so.

(So where in hell is God to help them then?—seeing this anti-Christ mayor of Jew York certainly won’t!)

*  *  *

And by the way, Bloomberg’s predecessor, mayor Adolf Giuliani, was the very same way—though not nearly as bad. Giuliani also did not and would not respect the “constitutional” rights of civilians within his (unconstitutional) city to assemble, to speak, to listen and be heard. He would simply not tolerate nor allow the public assemblies or speeches of those with whom he (or his “jewish” masters) disagreed with enough to officially censor—and again simply by declining or refusing to “permit” them to assemble, to speak or to amplify their voices.

For clearly, if a multitude comes to head a particularly popular speaker speak, only those close enough to him (or her) can hear him without vocal amplification—(and especially if hecklers and would-be censors are within the crowd and determined to stop the speech, and hence to deny the speaker the right to speak and his listeners to hear him).

Censorship, whether civilian or official, is not only anti-free-speech, it is also anti-truth. Censorship is about liars protecting their lies from the truth. Is it not? Censorship is about Darkness’ hatred for the Light of Truth, and about Darkness’ fear of being publicly exposed and seen or for what It really and truly is. Official censorship (whether presidential, gubernatorial or mayoral) is about official possession and control of the public mind, and hence the public body or “body politic.” For if “Out of sight [or out of ear, then–Ed.], out of mind.” (Know what I mean?)

And so mayor Giuliani would similarly sic his two-legged police dogs upon such “politically incorrect” bodies and souls who’d dare exercise their constitutional rights without his prior, unconstitutional, fascistic, dictatorial (and always spatially and temporally limited) mayoral “permission” to do so!

I vividly recall one particularly disgraceful episode and lesson in “civics” officially taught to one and all one fine fall day below city hall, Manhattan, when—(though European or Aryan separatists were officially refused a city permit to amplify their voices for whoever cared to hear them)—several opposing groups of Marxists (who’d assembled merely because these “racist” separatists had announced a public speech, to oppose them and their constitutional rights, and possibly to violently silence them) were evidently not denied amplification permits by the mayor’s office. Or if they did so on their own initiative, they were certainly not molested by the mayor’s police dogs for doing so.

(The “black Israelites” e.g. were there and amplified, and again broadcasted their usual obnoxious, racist message that “the white man is the Devil.” I myself hadn’t know that. And I’ve yet to locate my horns and tail. But you gotta have faith—the belief in things unseen.)

Anyway, it was the social-political event of the season. Anyone and everyone from every group across the political spectrum was there: visiting, communing, discussing, debating, shouting, screeching, preaching, teaching, proselytizing, and selling their literature or giving it away. (The LaRouches, e.g., were giving away their 1992 paperback, The Ugly Truth About the A.D.L. Very interesting! See the Political Appendix for more.)

But hardly anyone could get near (much less hear) those separatists who’d called the public meeting in the first place. The cops had placed barricades everywhere, confining and fragmenting the public into squares behind and within these police barricades, and the crowd was enormous and almost entirely hostile. And so the separatist group failed to be publicly heard. And Giuliani’s city, judiciary and police force succeeded in seeing they were not. First Giuliani denied them an amplification “permit,” and then his police kept everyone from getting close enough to hear them speak. And the fascist bastards in our city’s highest public offices dare call this “democracy,” “freedom,” “America.”

But again the political or “civics’” lesson was (and remains) that your constitutional rights are respected and “permitted” in NYC only if the mayor’s office likes you and your message, but otherwise not. You have no real and true, genuine or “inalienable” constitutional rights here. Forget about it. And that’s neither “democracy” nor “republicanism,” but tyranny, fascism, Marxism, communism, totalitarianism. And by “precedent law,” tyranny unopposed or not overthrown becomes tyranny established. (And there’s the permanent fascist rub and its bloody violent police club!) And so tyranny, totalitarianism, Marxism or communism is nothing new to New York City.

*  *  *  *  *

So do the math or watch the scale. Which dear reader is more weighty, important, vital to a “republic” or a “democracy”—to a republican or a democrat: the sacred and constitutionally-guaranteed rights of civilians to assemble, speak, hear, etc.. Or the city traffic and the park grass? And which is more important or vital to a tyranny or dictatorship, to a tyrant or dictator, disguised as “democrat” or republican,” or whatever the hell he’s pretending to be.

And which is more important to this mayor Bloomberg? Obviously not our constitutional freedoms to assemble, speak, hear, etc. For he has repeatedly annulled, outlawed or criminalized them within his fascist, communist, Marxist “jewish” city. He doesn’t give a central park’s rat’s ass about the park grass. And he doesn’t care about the city traffic, either. And he doesn’t care about the cost to the city. These are merely mayoral pretexts, lies, deceits officially intended to conceal or bury the tyrannical truth. Just note what happens whenever “Bibi,” “Ariel” or one of his othermass-murderous “Israeli” friends or terroristic “dignitaries” come to town: The traffic is blocked for miles around and the extra cops on the taxpayers’ clock are in the hundreds, if not more. (No official mayoral problemo.) Is this not so?

But now at last we’re beginning to see precisely why billionaire Bloomberg thought so much of this city to buy its highest office—(I mean besides to gain yet more money and power, which we always characteristically expect from such plutocratic creatures). But it was evidently and apparently to capture the city’s highest elective office for his beloved “Israel,” and for his race, and to thus help them wage their racist, zionist or “jewish” war against the Mohammedan Gentiles primarily and immediately, and against the rest of us Gentiles later or secondarily.

*  *  *  *  *

Freedom of Speech, the Road to Truth, the Liberator from Falsehood, Deception, Lies and Tyranny

Or, Free Speech Leads to Truth, which is Evil and Tyranny’s Antidote, and so Free Speech (and hence Truth) is Outlawed, Criminalized or not “Permitted,” Persecuted or “Prosecuted.”


Free speech, dear readers, is the fastest, quickest, shortest way to Truth, because all citizens are then free to speak and be heard, and hence the truest citizens, and hence the Truth (or at least the truest truth in the area) arrives to all with ears and hearts to hear It. Bingo!

But Truth does not serve nor further Lies, Deceit, Trickery, Evil, Darkness and Tyranny. On the contrary, Truth undoes, disproves, dispels and exposes Evil, Its lies, deceits and pretenses—by which dark tricks Evil is best served and furthered. And therefore Evil hates, silences, censors, attacks, persecutes (“prosecutes”) and even murders Truth. Evil forcibly forbids or prevents Truth to speak and hence be heard, spread, disseminated, published.

And whenever and wherever Evil is enthroned (as e.g. within Jew York City?) Evil then silences Truth “legally,” officially, dictatorially, tyrannically. For Evil grants simply Truth no “permit” to speak (and thus be heard) within Its realm. For Evil is neither served nor furthered by Truth, nor by the freedom of speech by which road Truth arrives (upon a donkey or whatever). On the contrary, Evil and Its deceits is thus undone, disproved, dispelled, debunked, exposed.

Censorship is about keeping the Truth out of the “public arena,” the “market-place of ideas,” the assembly-hall, the parks and the streets, the city and the countryside. Censorship is the Liar keeping the Truth out of the ring. Censorship is the Liar protecting his lies from the Truth, with which he and they cannot stand, nor withstand.

And why? Because Truth disproves and exposes lies and their Liar(s) for the false things they say and the false things they are. Like a false or phony boxing champion, Evil or the Liar cannot ever “permit” the true champion to enter his ring, to thus publicly beat his deceitful carcass into the canvas.

And so Evil or the Liar therefore forbids (or does not “permit”) the Truth to ever enter his official ring of lies, his “public arena,” his city or his realm. The Liar “permits” only his subordnate liars to repeat his lies, or his official “ringers” to pretend to fight or debate him, and hence to convincingly fall down on cue, or to bow down in apparent assent to and faith in this false champion of ‘Truth,” this tyrannical public Liar.

Evil or the Liar fears and hates the Truth, Its antidote (and the freedom of speech by which Truth arrives) like Darkness or the mythical Vampire fears and hates the Light of the Sun.

But the Truth is neither afraid nor hateful of freedom of speech, debate and publication, and hence the Truth. For what has the Truth to lose? Why should the Truth fear Itself? Why should the Light fear the Light? Why should Beauty hate or fear the mirror (of Truth)?

But Darkness and Falsehood indeed fear, hate and repress and persecute Truth and Light. For they have much to lose from Them: Public disproof and exposure of their lies, deceits and trickery, and hence the loss of their high reputations and political positions. And when and wherever such dark things are enthroned (within public offices: mayoralties, city councils, national parliaments, judgeships, governorships, presidencies, etc.) they then fight Truth and Light officially, “legally,” dictatorially or unconstitutionally.

*  *  *  *  *

Whether we know it or not, dear reader,  neither you nor I can afford to surrender, to lose or to live without the freedoms of speech, of self-defense, of assembly and of association.

For without the former we live in darkness, within the lies of our evil, ugly and tyrannical masters, who are best served and furthered thereby. For the last thing such dark creatures want or can afford is to be publicly seen for what they really and truly are. And so they outlaw (or do not “permit”) freedom of speech, publication, and hence Truth and Light.

And without the latter (to which assembly) belongs we are prey unable to congregate in self-defense. Hence we are raped, robbed, scattered, killed and devoured by our demonic racial or national enemies—who of course and would make it a “crime” for us to ever defend ourselves against them, but of course no crime for them to prey upon us to their black hearts’ content—(precisely as the “Israelis” have always treated, preyed upon and devoured the Palestinians).

To mentally and physically enslave the populace or citizenry, all would-be tyrants must outlaw or criminalize freedom of speech and publication—(whereby the truth “which sets men free” comes to the mentally and physically enslaved); and freedom of assembly—(thus keeping all ears from hearing the truth, and all citizen-slaves deep within their slave quarters); and freedom of association—(by which citizen-lambs freely congregate together and sidestep, avoid or say “No thank you” to their officious, tyrannical wolf).

*  *  *  *  *

Truth is the very best public disinfectant or antidote to falsehoods, lies, deceits, tricks, and hence to tyranny which employs all these. And so the freedom to speak and hear, to write and to read is methinks the very best “public policy.”

And therefore, I don’t give a damn, care nor object if the public want to peaceably assemble to hear e.g. “separatist” talk about how we are far better off by or with “ourselves alone” (“sinn fein”); or to hear speeches about Martians or “aliens,” leprechauns, orcs, elves, hobbits or angels; or to hear speakers advocating, promoting or preaching love, indifference, hatred or war (against e.g. Gentiles, Christians, Mohammedans, Arabs, Palestinians, etc.); or advocating, preaching or promoting racism, nationalism or “nazism,” super-racism, super-nationalism or “SuperNazism” (whether Gentile or “jewish” imperialism, i.e. zionism or “messianism”); or preaching socialism, anarchism, constitutionalism, humanism, communism, Marxism, “jewism,” Talmudism; or pornography, promiscuity, masturbation, homosexuality, bestiality, even pederasty or child-molestation (?); (Note: like violence or war, to publicly preach or advocate all such forms of sexual perversion or debauchery is not the same as publicly showing, practicing or doing it—(even Amsterdam, Holland, Nevada U.S.A. and NY, NY have their pornographic or whorey limits); or advocates of vegetarianism, carnivorism, cannibalism—(well, maybe not cannibalism); also protectionism, free-trade; self-medication, and what-have-you? etc.

Or else to hear arguments against all these things. E.G. to advocate or preach non-violence, or arguments against sex for pleasure, or against warring, attacking, invading, conquering, genociding or “holocausting” Germans, Japanese, Arabs or Mohammedans, etc.

For to publicly speak and to hear for or against such things is the citizen’s’ human or constitutional (if not God-given or divine) liberty or right to do so. And so anyone who prevents this human right to speak and to hear is by definition and enemy of and a criminal against humanity—(a great and powerful god indeed, whose mighty fearsome wrath ’twere best to never incur).

*  *  *  *  *

And again freedom to speak and hear, to write and read is the very best and fastest way to Truth. And so a genuine truth-seeker, citizen, scientist or judge wisely seeks to hear or read each and every description and explanation of the subject or thing, and each and every argument or side of the question or issue—that so he (or she) may hear the truest (speaker, writer, description, explanation or argument). (Why reinvent the wheel?)

But “the Father of lies” (and Its demonic spawn—John 8:44) wants freedom of speech only for themselves, and freedom of assembly only for their listeners. And if the public won’t willingly come and listen to them, then they force them to be its captive audience. (See e.g. “Shindler’s List.”)

And know it or not, and like it or not, and even though Truth may sometimes be ugly or unpleasant to look at, or may leave a bad taste in your mouth like sour or bitter medicine, Truth is of great value and is good for you too. For houses, lives, nations or empires not built upon the solid rock of Truth (however Gentile, “jewish,” American, or “jewish”-Amerikan) cannot long stand. (Matt. 7:24-27) And, whether you know it or not, dear reader, you don’t want you and yours to be caught sleeping inside such a weak and truthless structure when the roof falls or the walls cave in. And they shall indeed cave in.

*  *  *  *  *

And, by the way, what ever happen to that old (“jewish”-Amerikan?) recollection of Voltaire, “I totally disagree with what he said. But I’ll fight to the death for his right to say it”? What ever happened to that? Where did that go? Down Orwell’s “memory hole”? (Yeah, but why?) Why don’t “jews” say that anymore? For surely they used to. So what’s different now?

Was that saying merely one “jew” cynically protecting the extreme or unpopular speech of other “jews”? And now that the American nation (or empire—and especially its empire city) is totally controlled by “jews,” and the American mass-media (based in that imperial city) is totally monopolized, owned or controlled by “jews,” they can now stop their old free-speech pretense, take off their free-speech mask, and (officially, legally) censor, silence and/or crucify the Truth which sets men free (from lies), politically and otherwise, and hence which naturally, characteristically and unavoidably exposes “jewish” lies and liars? (John 8:32)

Is that why? Because freedom of speech/Truth neither serves not furthers Evil, and hence Evil’s false, deceitful, guileful, anti-Christ, racist, anti-Gentile, anti-Mohammedan, “jewish,” zionist, communist, imperialist, messianic” or Satanic causes, agents and/or children,? (John 8:44) Is that why?

*  *  *  *  *

The Zionist-Republican’s’ “Free-Speech Zone”


(“But if, as you say, the mayor of NYC doesn’t want the protestors of his imperialist, zionist-Amerikan war in the middle east against the Mohammedans to march, assemble or protest anywhere within his city, then why has he granted them a permit to do just that on Sunday, Aug. 29, the day before the Republican party convention begins the following Monday?”)


Because he had to (politically). Otherwise it would be too plain and obvious even to pigs that “his honor” is a fascist swine. And so “his [zionist, republican] honor” granted his protestors the most unworkable and inhospitable site possible: Far beyond the pale of settlement and behind police barricades on west street by Hudson river below 14th street, and by the west-side highway running along the shore, and more than a mile from Madison Square Garden/Penn. Station, the site of the zionist “republican” convention. In such a bleak, desolate, depressing, treeless, shadeless, hopeless and unworkable site, the noise of the highway behind them alone will nearly drown out all but the most amplified “free speech.”

And again it’s just a road. And so the huge crowd will be stretched lengthwise north-south along that road. Think about it. It’s impossible, unworkable, hopeless—as cynically, deliberately and malevolently intended by Jew York City officials. (Central park’s “great lawn” and/or Times square are the only two workable sites I know of in Manhattan for such a huge crowd as expected to assemble.)

And yet the mayor and his official lackeys are calling this their “free-speech zone.” In other words, everywhere else in NYC is officially not a “free speech zone.” But of course this applies only to those who disagree with “his [zionist] honor.” For this mayoral “free speech zone” is not for the mayor his spokespersons and his zionist “republican” party to go and speak freely herein, but for everyone who dares disagree with them. Thus all political dissenters or critics of the imperialist, zionist “republican” establishment are officially banished into civic limbo way out in nowhere land where no one else can possibly hear them. (Let them there shout out to the sky, the fishes and the highway.)

And the imperialist, zionist “republican” party is to be held in midtown within Madison Square Garden. And that’s over a mile away from the (non-“republican”) “free speech zone” on Manhattan island’s south-western shore.

In other words, Bloomberg and the other “republican” zionists don’t want to hear a word from their protesting critics, and won’t have to, since they are not invited to their posh party, and shall be forcibly banished therefrom, and shall only be “free” to speak behind the red velvet ropes (or rather the interlocking metal police barricades) over a mile away. In other words, they shall be penned in, contained, confined or imprisoned within the mayor’s “free speech zone” for the duration of their “permit” to speak (to each other). They have no “permit” to move. They have no “free-movement zone.” They have a steel pig-pen wherein they shall be “permitted” to “speak freely,” but shall not be permitted to leave for the duration of their “free-speech” “permit,” after which time they must immediately disperse or face mayoral arrest (for first amendment “crimes” of (peaceful) assembly, movement, speech, etc.).

So much for “Uncle” Satan’s “free speech zone.” But if the U.S. constitution applied within Jew York City, the entire town would be a free-movement and a free-speech “zone” or area. But because it doesn’t all political dissenters against zionist-Amerikan imperialism shall be officially confined within interlocking police barricades out by the west-side highway. And again the mocking mayoral term for this civic imprisonment is “free speech zone.”

(The public has been mayorally “permitted” to march by the Garden that very same Sunday before convention Monday. But afterwards they are “permitted” only to return immediately to their pig-pen out by the noisy, desolate and depressing west side highway: their “free speech zone.”

(What’s that saying?: “[If] Out of sight [or earshot, then] out of mind”; or “In outer space no one can hear you scream.” And that of course is Bloomberg’s precise “republican” point, his malevolent zionist purpose, and his censorious “jewish” intent.

But the zionist-imperialist “jewish” mayor of New York, his zionist officials, and their zionist-imperialist political party, the “republicans,” are, as always, free to speak and be heard anywhere and at any time within Jew York City—as its real and true name would imply.


*  *  *  *  *

According to the U.S. constitution, the entire country (including NYC) is and should always and everywhere be a “free speech zone” and a “free movement zone.” But not according to this anti-constitutional New York mayor and his slavishly obedient fascistic police dogs. And as you know, in politics, physics, astronomy, sociology, zoology, chemistry, or what-have-you? power always and everywhere rules. And so therefore zionist “jewish” tyranny presently resides and reigns over New York, or rather Jew York City. Is this not obvious to all with eyes to see?

And so Jew York City has clearly succeeded from the American Union. And yet the Yankees have not yet invaded. And why not but because “Uncle” Satan approves and intends to annul the U.S. constitution within the entire American nation? Is this not clear to all with ear to hear?

And the false watchdogs of our sacred constitutional rights and liberties, the “supreme justices” of Jew York city, state and “jewish”-Amerika, (much less the racist, Marxist, “jewish,” communist, zionist “A.C.L.U.”) once again not only fail to bark—much less to bite or chase this tyrant away, but by their deafening silence they nod together in subtle approval of this malevolent “jewish” dictatorship and this racist zionist tyranny within NYC.

Hence all of NYC is an anti-constitutional or “no free-speech [nor assembly] zone.” But shall this stand? Heaven forbid!—but not the imperial “jewish”-Amerikan mayor, his zionist judges, and his fascist police dogs. (Woof ! Woof !)

*  *  *  *  *

Then let’s see want we’ve got: We’ve got an imperial zionist-“Christian” tyrant within Washington D.C.. And we’ve got another zionist-“jewish” tyrant in NYC. And the former tyrant is coming up to join the latter for a zionist (so called “republican”) party and convention. And all non-zionists or non-“republicans” are not only not invited to attend, but have been warned away, and shall be caged away, locked away and chased away (or worse) by the mayor’s fascist police dogs should ever they dare leave their (or rather the mayor’s) “free-speech zone.”

And that’s Soviet, communist, Marxist, zionist, racist “jewish”-Amerika for you, dear reader. How’d you like to live there? (Me neither.) So let’s not.

And so we see what’s good for the “re-publicans” (who, by definition, claim to give the state or gov’t back to the public), i.e. to assemble or “convene” in NYC, is not at all good for the public or the citizenry—according the city’s “republican” (i.e. zionist “jewish”) mayor. (So go figure.)

So what the Gentiles need is a political party of their very own, wherein zionists are neither invited nor welcome. Can you dig it?

*  *  *  *  *

(“OK, but why do you put the Jews and Israelis in quotes?”)

(Because I can’t put them in “Free-Speech Zones”?)

(“Fair enough !”)

*  *  *  *  *

Freedoms “Permitted” are Freedoms Denied.

Freedoms “permitted” are freedoms denied. To “permit” speech is to outlaw or criminalize it (without a “permit”). To “permit” public assembly, movement, marches, etc. is the outlaw or criminalize them (without “permits”). To “permit” constitutional rights and liberties is to outlaw (annul and murder) the constitution. (And that’s not very nice.)

As to “permit” gun ownership is to outlaw gun ownership (without a “permit”); and as to “permit” or “license” individual movement (by foot, horse, horseless carriage or automobile) is to criminalize said movement (without said “permits” or “licenses”); so to “permit” speech or to “license” publication(s) is in fact to officially outlaw them (without said “permits).

And therefore to perpetually, entirely and absolutely deny, annul, abrogate, violate, “alienate,” kill and bury these officially “permitted” (or denied) freedoms forever, all the would-be tyrant need do is to never again grant any such public pleas, supplications or “applications” for said “permits” or permissions (to use or exercise any and all such “permitted” “rights”). Can you see that, dear reader? So what we need are absolute rights (or rather powers), and not merely “permitted” (or rather denied) rights. (See/hear “mad” Max below.)

To officially “permit” constitutional freedoms is to officially reduce all citizens into subjects begging their tyrants or sovereigns for the permission or the “right” to use them—(if perhaps only for a few short hours, and within a few short city blocks)—after which all permits and persons must go back into the tyrannical boxes, back into their bureaucratic drawers, and back into their home prison cells. Such is the criminalization and “prosecution” of free-association and public assembly.

Shall this official tyranny stand, dear reader, and hence we and all our rights and liberties fall beneath it, and under its dark and total(itarian) shadow? Why be politically, tyrannically, officially reduced to begging his fascistic majesty for the right, permission or “permit” to exercise our “inalienable” constitutional liberties? Do we wanna go live there, dear readers? Then let’s not and say we did.

And so to “permit” constitutional rights, freedoms or liberties is to outlaw the constitution—which is our permit. And therefore we don’t need no stinkin’ “permits” from presidents, governors or mayors to use or exercise our sacred, “inalienable” and inviolable constitutional rights, freedoms or liberties. And if the supreme or inferior courts and judges of this land were at all pro-constitutional, they would say so too. And any “public servant” who says otherwise is an anti-constitutional tyrant and would-be fascist dictator, an official and totalitarian “clear and present danger” to public liberty and welfare, and an obvious public enemy within public office who should be immediately recalled, and obviously should never have been elected and installed.

*  *  *  *  *

The zionist party (whether “republican” or “democrat”) has purchased or captured key American “public offices” from the president (of the “jewish”-Amerikan empire) on down to the mayor (of the empire city). They’ve got the mass-media, the printing presses, the “public’s” broadcast waves. They’ve got A.B.C., N.B.C., C.B.S., P.B.S. and Murdock all screaming in demonic, terrible, blood-thirsty choral unison to spill yet more rivers of Gentile, Palestinian, Arabic or Mohammedan blood. They’re got “nuke ’em” Limbaugh and “kill the Arabs” Hannity on their zionist talk-radio, WABC—(which, by the way, declared and launched their imperial W.W. II from Madison Square Garden in 1933). (Betcha didn’t know that.)

What they don’t have, dear reader, is you and I: our tongues, our ears, our pencils, our publications, and our web sites. But even their almighty “jewish,” zionist mass-media monopoly is not quite enough for them to totally obliterate your (or even my) itty bitty Truth, dear reader. And so they feel they must outlaw you mouth and your ears, and criminalize your right to assemble, to listen, to speak and be heard, to read and to write. And why? Because you, dear reader (or I, even I), might just speak or hear, read or write the Truth. And Truth sets enslaved or deceived minds free (John 8:32), thus releasing or liberating the Liar’s’ mental thralls and dupes, which thus upsets “Uncle” Satan’s poisonous apple cart. And thus Truth “terrifies” and threatens Evil’s SuperNazi empire: Its tyrannical, mass-murderous, zionist, “jewish,” anti-Gentile, anti-Christian and anti-Mohammedan imperial city, nation and empire. (Apo./Rev. 17:1-7)

*  *  *  *  *

But free people do not need “permits” to peacefully assemble or march, whether in the public parks or in the public streets. (That why they’re called “public.”) And the U.S. constitution is their “permit.” And they need no other. And any “public officials” who say otherwise are tyrannical Marxist, communist, fascist pigs!

For to say they do (need “permits”) is clearly to annul, annihilate or tear up the U.S. constitution, which does not say, dear fellow citizen, that you and your countrymen have an inalienable, absolute constitutional right to assemble, except whenever and wherever any “public official (president, governor, mayor, policeman, dog-catcher or whatever) says otherwise, or denies you a “permit” to do so.

Can you see, dear fellow assembly-person, that the very concept (much less reality) of political “permits” effectively annuls, abrogates our constitution, and all our precious, priceless inalienable rights supposedly granted therein? What earthly good is this, that or any other constitution if you need a (political) “permit” to use it? Do you understand? If this “permit” business stands, the constitution falls. And vice-versa, if the constitution is to stand, (or rather to ever get up on its feet once again), this political “permit” nonsense must fall. And there’s an end to this official mayoral tyranny.

But this billionaire Bloomberg, because he has bought the office of mayor, evidently thinks he has also purchased our constitution and our supposedly “inalienable” rights, which he thus tears up in our astonished faces and violently stamps into the ground under his and his porkmen’s official hooves? But this Bloomberg, and all other emperors and/or fascist dictators, such as those in “Washington,” D.C., are thus officially demonstrating to us all that our priceless rights are indeed “alienable,” annullable, dismissible by imperious edict, dictatorial decree, official “permit” (or denial of same). Shall this Bloomberg stand and our liberties thus fall? Heaven, George Washington, the founding fathers and you and I (even I) forbid !

Correct me if I misread or misquote it, read reader, but methinks Amendment I does not say, “Congress shall make no law…abridging [restricting—(much less forbidding, criminalizing or outlawing)–Ed.] the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for redress of grievances”—unless the mayor of New York City decides, decrees or dictates otherwise. It doesn’t say that. And so, dear reader if the mayor refuses to submit to (indeed annuls, outlaws, criminalizes and “prosecutes”) “the supreme Law of the Land” [U.S. const., Art. 6], then why should the public ever submit to him and his anti-constitutional dictates, his imperial fiats, his fascistic orders or commands, and his violent, fascistic army of blue meanies? (Because they have bloody clubs and guns, and are trained like thoughtless, viceous pit-bulls to use them against American citizens for the “crime” or exercising their constitutional rights and liberties?)

*  *  *  *  *

And so the U.S. constitution, with the divine or sacred rights and liberties guaranteed therein, shall not be “permitted” within Jew York City, and hence shall be officially, politically, tyrannically and “legally” annulled, outlawed, criminalized and “prosecuted”? And the fascist, zionist mayor’s blue meanies shall enforce his anti-constitutional decrees?

What is the political or “civics’” lesson thus officially taught and leaned “right here in river city”? It is this: That Power or Tyranny “permits.” But weakness is “permitted.” That Power grants (withholds or retracts) “rights.” But weakness has its rights granted to it, withheld from it and inevitably retracted from it/them—(just like right here in Manhattan). And that therefore he (or they) who would be free or would have rights must have power to grant them to himself, to keep them by his side, and to perpetually prevent others (i.e. would be tyrants) from taking them away from him. Freedom ain’t free, people. People who want to be free got to make themselves free and keep themselves free. And that’s the Law, the natural Law—sure as life and death, freedom and slavery.

And now this from professor Max Stirner’s The Only One and His Property (a.k.a. “The Ego and His Own”); Leipzig, Germany, 1845:


My freedom becomes complete only when it is mymight, but by this I cease to be a merely free man, and become an own man [a self-owned man–Ed.]. Why is the freedom of the peoples a “hollow word”? Because the peoples have no might! …. Because they are not of the “mighty”! Might is a fine thing, and useful for many purposes; for “one goes further with a handful of might than with a bagful of right.” You long for freedom? You fools! It you took might, freedom would come of itself. See, he who has might [e.g. the mayor of Jew York City with his mighty “jewish” army of “blue meanies”–Ed.] “stands above the law.” [And clearly also above the U.S. constitution, the “the [supposedly, allegedly, imaginably–Ed.] supreme Law of the Land” [Art. 6)–Ed.] How does this prospect taste to you, you “law-abiding” people? But you have no taste!

The cry for “freedom” rings loudly all around. But is it felt and known what a donated [“permitted”–Ed.] or chartered freedom must mean? It is not recognized in the full amplitude of the word that all freedom is essentiallyself-liberationthat I can have only so much freedom as I procure for myself by my ownness [power, mightEd.]. Of what use is it to sheep [in the “sheep meadow,” e.g.–Ed.] that no one abridges their freedom of speech? They stick to bleating. Give one who is inwardly a Mohammedan, a Jew, or a Christian, permission to speak what he likes: he will yet utter only narrow-minded stuff. If, on the contrary, certain others rob you of the freedom of speaking and hearing [such as the mayor of Jew York and his anti-constitutional army–Ed.], they know quite rightly wherein lies their temporary advantage, as you would perhaps be able to say and hear something whereby those “certain” persons would lose their credit. [Did you hear that, dear reader?–Ed.]

If they nevertheless give you freedom, they are simply knaves who give more than they have. For then they give you nothing of their own, but stolen wares: they give you your own freedom, the freedom that you must take for yourselves; and they give   it to you only that you may not take it and call the thieves and cheats to an account to boot. In their slyness they know well that given (chartered) [or “permitted”–Ed.] freedom is no freedom, since only the freedom one takes   for himself (therefore the egoist’s freedom) rides with full sails. Donated freedom strikes [takes down–Ed.] its sails as soon as there comes a storm [e.g. a “terror-alert”–Ed.]or calm [or when the time of its “permit” has “expired”–Ed.]; it requires always agentle and moderate breeze. [p. 166-67]


And again from “mad” Max Stirner,


If the press [speech, assembly or we–Ed.] was to be free, nothing would be so important as precisely its liberation from every coercion that could be put on it in the name of a law. And, that it might come to that, I my own self should have to have absolved myself from obedience to the law.

Certainly, the absolute liberty of the press [speech, assembly or we–Ed.] is like every absolute liberty, a nonentity. The press [speech, assembly, etc.–Ed.] can become free from full many a thing, but always only from what I too am free from. If we make ourselves free from the [politically, anti-constitutionally, tyrannically, dictatorially–Ed.] sacred, if we have become graceless and lawless, our words too will become so.

As little as we can be declared clear every coercion in the world, so little can our writing [speeches or assemblies–Ed.] be withdrawn from it. But as free as we are, so free we can make it too.

It must therefore become our own, instead of, as hitherto, serving a spook [a god, an idol, the Throne, the Crown, the State, the Gov’t–Ed..

People do not yet know what they mean by their cry for liberty of the press [speech, assembly, etc.–Ed.]. What they ostensibly ask is that the State shall set the press free; but what they are really after, without knowing it themselves, is that the press [speech, assembly, etc.–Ed.] become free from the State, or clear of the State. The former is a petition to the State, the latter an insurrection against the State. As a “petition for right,” even as a serious demanding of the right of liberty of the press, it presupposes the State as the giver, and can hope only for a present, a permission, a chartering. Possible, no doubt, that a State acts so senselessly as to grant the demanded present; but you may bet everything that those who receive the present will not know how to use it so long as they regard the State as a truth: they will not trespass against this “sacred thing,” and will call for a penal press-law against every one who would be willing to dare this.

In a word, the press [speech, assembly, etc.–Ed.] does not become free from what I am not free from. [p. 280-81]


(“School’s out for summer. School’s out forever. School’s been blown to pieces.”—Alice Cooper)

*  *  *  *  *

And so, because this fascist, zionist, tyrannical mayor Bloomberg has officially, unilaterally and tyrannically broken any constitutional contract we might have had with him, therefore we have no constitutional duty whatsoever to obey him and his violent, repressive, fascistic police dogs. On the contrary, it is not only our right, but our duty as citizens of these United States to publicly annul, ignore, evade and even to “throw off” such tyranny. Do you doubt this? Then read, if you will, from the American declaration of independence.

(For I dare suppose it is not yet a “crime” within tyrannical, imperialist, anti-Christ, zionist, “jewish”-Amerika to cite or quote it.)


We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with creation inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

That, to secure these [divine, God-given, “inalienable”–Ed.] rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government [i.e. city, county, state, national, super-national or imperial; Gentile or “jewish,” anti-Christ or zionist–Ed.] becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it,…. when a long train of abuses and usurpations pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them [“the people”–Ed.] under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.


Can you dig it, dear reader? (I knew that you could.)

Our rights and liberties are gifts from God (if not also from ourselves and our ancestors). And so whenever or wherever president Bush, mayor Bloomberg or any other so-called “public servant” tries to take them away from us (much less ever succeeds in this evil, demonic and tyrannical intent), it follows they are clearly acting as agents of Satan, as public enemies in “public” offices, and as our official enemies. So let us therefore regard and treat them (and their evil agents) as such.

Note how throughout the 20th century anti-Christ or “jewish”-Amerika’s “Uncle” Satan roved world-wide spreading “freedom” and “liberty,” and all the while tightening Its tyrannical noose around the American citizenry. And now the tyrant’s trap is about to spring, and all true patriots to fall and swing. Far better therefore to hang together than separately, don’t you think?

Welcome to the real world where freedom ain’t free, where life, liberty and property don’t come “guaranteed” or fancily wrapped in some pretty piece of constitutional paper, but has to be fought for and defended (against tyrannical enemies) day after day, by violent tooth, bloody claw and falling gun hammer.

(“If I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the morning…evening, all over this land. I’d hammer out danger…warning…love between my [constitutional, freedom-loving, libertarian, “militant,” “radical”–Ed.] brothers and my sisters, all over this land.”)

And “If I had a bell [a liberty bell—one not quite so cracked–Ed.], I’d ring it in the morning…evening, all over this land. I’d ring out freedom…”)

*  *  *  *  *

(“Tell me what can a poor boy do, except to sing for a rock & roll band,…”)

*  *  *  *  *

The “Public” Tyrant’s Shameless, Criminal and Brutal Police Dogs

I don’t mind fellow citizens being filthy rich—depending on how they got so filthy rich. I don’t wish to excite the jealousy of the poor (“proletariat”) against their (“bourgeois”) ruling class like some Marxist demagogue, communist agitator, or class-warfare practitioner. What I do mind is those filthy rich oligarchs who purchase “public offices” with hidden political agendas—(other than to get even more rich and more powerful, which everyone naturally expects from such plutocratic creatures who think their money can buy everything and everybody).

And money certainly does (and by definition can) buy all whores or prostitutes everywhere—however official or unofficial, uniformed or not. But not every body in Jew York City is a prostitute or a mercenary—(aside from the entire police force, of course).


“Let’s see. What are my choices?: My job, my badge, my position, my salary, my city pension and my welfare? Or your ‘inviolable’ rights as a citizen and your precious constitution?—(which I, by the way, at my induction, once solemnly swore to “uphold and defend, so help me God” (if neither Bloomberg nor Morgenthau).

“No, I never actually read it. I looked at it once, but the words were too big and too hard for me.

“So these are my choices: me or your rights. Hmm…? OK, I’ve decided. (No contest really)

“Hands……up! You filthy citizen! You constitutional terrorist!

“For I’d rather be a ‘fascist pig’ (as my kids say), than defend your rights and lose my pay! It’s who I am. It’s what I do (for money, and hence not for you. Don’t get my wrong. I’m fond of rights, and especially my own, whatever they are and wherever they come from. But your or my rights don’t pay my mortgage. Obedience to my superiors pays my mortgage. And so when and wherever I have to chose, you and your rights are going to lose. Sorry!”


*  *  *  *  *

Non NYC readers probably don’t know this, but last year (2003) this tyrannical city mayor sicced his police dogs upon the city, its people and its visitors to officially and “legally” rob them of their hard-earned money? For billionaire Bloomberg had been spending far more taxpayer money that he was extorting from his citizens (or rather subjects) in taxes. And so he send “NY’s finest” to hold up citizens in the street: to fine folks for non-crimes and misdemeanors: e.g. for honking their horns; for crossing the street anywhere outside of those white “crosswalk” lines you see at intersections; for spitting in the street on or the sidewalk; for riding their bikes on sidewalks; for sitting on subway steps, placing their feet on subway seats, taking up two subway seats, even on near empty trains; for drinking alcohol in public (the anti-“open container” law); and for many other such “crimes.”

(I remember one warm sunny afternoon I was in the park just north of its mid-southern border, above the skating rink, and I was about to wash my hands in a drinking fountain/basin, when a cruiser came into view. And so I waited for it to go by before I dared do the deed. Hey, I didn’t know there was no city law against it. I still don’t. Anyway, that’s how fascistically ridiculous it got, and all over the five boroughs too. Just ask any New Yorker. They’ll tell ya.)

And when confronted with citizen complaints, this Bloomberg denied all knowledge and responsibility for this official robbery of the citizenry. He retorted that the laws were on the books and had been passed by the city council, and that the policemen were merely enforcing these laws on their own initiative, not his.

(Here again the mayor was clearly lying, as he is also surely lying about his allegedly beloved park grass, and as he is lying by omission about his beloved foreign power, “Israel.” What won’t this Bloomberg lie about? The man simply cannot be trusted. “No confidence” whatsoever.)

Clearly this Bloomberg had his aides look through city old city law books to find legalistic excuses for robbing (fining) citizens on the streets, in the parks and on the subways. And clearly he’d ordered his police to enforce these city “blue” laws.

(I’m deducing all this. I’ve never seen this in print, much less ever officially admitted or confessed.)

But neither Bloomberg’s police, nor his judges, nor his city council would dare contradict their imperious mayor, and admit they were merely following “his honor’s” orders. What despicable and official swine!

Even the policemen’s union (or “benevolent association”) wouldn’t dare once bark against this imperious mayor Bloomberg. But robbing citizens on the street with pens and pads and ticket-stubs isn’t particularly “benevolent,” is it? So they should change their name to “malevolent policemen’s association,” don’t you think?

*  *  *

(And what incredibly bad taste, predatory natures, and sociopathic characters these NYC cops must have and be to so serve such a tyrannical and predatory commander-in-chief. These Yankee thugs in blue uniforms are official agents of tyranny and shameless, conscienceless gangsters with badges, guns and clubs. They clearly have no regard whatsoever for the U.S. constitution, nor your or my individual rights and liberties. What official lies, official pretexts and what official crimes won’t such sociopathic creatures perpetrate upon the populace—if only they are ordered or paid to do so, and are sure they can do so with (official and legal) impunity?)

And by the way, this “stick-em-up” on the street mayoral policy (perpetrated by his official cops…and robbers) ceased abruptly a few short months after it began, and without official explanation or mayoral comment. (But then why should “his [truthless] honor” say anything about it—since he has absolutely nothing to do with it?) And yet these alleged city laws were not taken off the city books by the city council who supposedly put them therein—as the mayor alleged. And so why did this official city policy so “spontaneously” begin, and why did it so abruptly end, if not because in both cases this mayor had imperially decreed it so?


“So it shall be written. And so it shall be done. And even if it is written, and I don’t want it to be done within my sacred (if unconstitutional) realm, then it shall not be done, and it shall be unwritten. And even if I recently wrote it myself, or ordered it to be written by my scribes, and hence to be done by my faithful servants, and I have since change my mind divine, then it shall be unwritten, and it shall be undone. And any priest or layman who dares read aloud what I have unwritten (however sacred, hieroglyphic, scriptural or constitutional) shall by my royal servants be quite undone. And any one who dares says otherwise, shall not be wise within my eyes, and shall likewise be undone. For so it shall be written. And so it shall be done.”—(Yule Brenner, pharaoh of Egypt—(as liberally transcribed or dramatically interpreted by mayor Bloomberg, emperor of Jew York)


*  *  *  *  *

But are our constitutional rights to “keep and bear arms” and to “peaceably assemble,” etc. not also “on the books.” So why aren’t they enforced and protected (“from all enemies foreign and domestic”—yes even official, presidential, judicial or mayoral) by the NY city council and the NY city police? Because they’re not on any books which the city council, or city judges or city policemen read, subscribe to, adhere to or believe in?—(all their constitutional oaths to the contrary notwithstanding)? Because the imperial mayor will not have such “civil rights” enforced within his uncivil, unconstitutional and tyrannical realm? Because he has simply decreed otherwise. And because his fascistic forces in their blue uniforms are in lock-step behind their fascistic leader? Is all this not plainly and precisely so?

(Again, what despicable and official swine!)

And so once again we clearly see that “might is ‘right,’ ”; might is “legal”; might is whatever is “enforced”—however unconstitutional, tyrannical or evil. Let us then take this practical lesson in civics or politics to head and to heart.

*  *  *  *  *

In the 1980’s, certain predatory Negroes and Mestizos would extort money from NYC subway riders by menacingly asking them, “Do you have five dollars”? And many intimidated citizens would simply and immediately do as they asked. For though the street punks literally demanded no money, their threatening behavior and menacing tone did indeed demand it.

But this borderline criminal enterprise was put to a stop by one Bernie Goetz, the “subway vigilante,” a “jewish” gunman and subsequent would-be elective public servant. He realistically felt threatened and hence defended himself from several menacing Negro thugs on the subway one particularly bloody evening. And so this particular subway scam screeched to a halt that violent night.

(But I’ll betcha Bernie wouldn’t order his police to officially rob the citizenry on the subways the streets or the parks of the city. No way.)

And Bloomberg’s thugs in uniform did not ask their victims for money, they demanded it—(along with their identification cards)—but indirectly via Bloomberg’s “judges.”

And so unofficial scams are not the only ones rife or rampant within NYC. And so the NYC thereby police proved to the NYC populace that their city government is a criminal enterprise, and that the only difference between them and other punks on the streets or in the subways was that they had badges. And as Bernie forcibly stopped his punks, so can the constitutional citizenry forcibly stop their pigs. But without weapons they can hardly stop these cops and robbers. And if these swine in uniform knew the citizenry, like constitutional Bernie, were armed and dangerous, like them, they’d be less likely or willing to hold folks up on the street or on the subway—not even for their imperial, anti-constitutional and tyrannical billionaire mayor Bloomberg. That’s my theory, anyway.

But then again, the U.S. constitution simply doesn’t apply within NYC, and hasn’t for decades, even generations.

Bernie was arrested, “tried,” “convicted” and jailed for (among other things) possession of an “unlicensed” or “unpermitted” gun or firearm.

“But the U.S. constitution is my gun permit.”

“Not in these here parts, cowpoke. We seceded from the Union a long time ago. But we are the Yankees, and so we didn’t bother to invade, conquer and coerce ourselves to rejoin the American Union, and hence resubmit to its constitution. We force others to unite or join with us. (Get it baby?) But we don’t permit nobody to force us to do nothin’—however constitutional. This is what we mean by freedom of association or union.”

*  *  *  *  *

And so let that be another civics lesson for you, dear reader: Tyranny wants to (unconstitutionally) disarm you and yours (under the precise guise, pretense and pretext of “serving and protecting” you and yours from tyranny, evil, “terror,” and the like).

The Devil wears a halo and the terrible Dragon presents to be the White Knight peremptorily protecting you and yours from the terrible Dragon. See? What’s wrong with this terrible picture, dear reader?

And why dies the tyrant, the Devil or the Dragon seek to disarm you and yours? So that you and yours shall be entirely at their mercy. So they can then officially or “legally” rob, abuse, abduct, enslave, torture and even kill you and yours with complete and total impunity. For once we’re disarmed, what then can we possibly do about or against tyranny? How then can we stop them? By getting out our slingshots, our baseball bats, our Bowie knifes or our pellet guns? Arrows against bullets, and slingshots against zionist or “jewish”-Amerikan “weapons of mass destruction”? So let’s not and say we did.

(By the way, speaking of Bowie knives, did you know that knives with greater than six inch blades are illegal in NYC, and hence a crime for any citizen to possess? And so if Bloomberg’s blue swine only had access to everyone’s kitchen, hundreds of thousands of NYC housewives could then “legally” be abducted and held for ransom until their fines were paid in full. That would help reduce the mayor’s annual spending or budget deficit. So perhaps Bloomberg will instruct his city council to include a kitchen “sneak and peak” clause or “provision” within their very next legislative act of “patriotism.”)

*  *  *

For would-be tyrants seek absolute, total(itarian), anti-constitutional powers over you and yours. For unchecked power has power to do whatsoever it bloody wants. Such is tyranny. And who wants and who strives to obtain such absolute power but those (would-be fascist, Marxist, communist or zionist dictators) who crave to possess, wield, brandish and use such power (against you and yours)? And why? Because you and yours are so “terribly” threatening to their tyranny? Or because tyrants feel so “terribly” threatened by you, your truth, your B.B. gun and/or your Bowie knife? Or because such despotic creatures have black hearts, dark desires, malevolent intentions, tyrannical tendencies and mass-murderous souls?

Study the rise, methods and practices of their “Soviet Union,” which these racist, Marxist zionist fascists now seek to recreate within your “jewish”-Amerikan “Union.”

But methinks what’s truly terrible is citizens without guns to protect themselves from such armed criminals, such predatory police, tyrannical public officials and other public enemies within “public” offices.

And such a disarming state of public affairs as has existed and persisted within NYC for years, decades, even generations, is by definition a “police state,” a totalitarian state, a Marxist, “jewish” or “communist” state. In other words, the communist state of Jew York.

And you don’t want to go there, dear readers, not if you know what’s good for you, and not unless you absolutely have to. And many therein who could make enough money would sure as shooting get out in a hurry.

*  *  *  *  *

What is “Zionism”?

And by the way, what in hell is “zionism”?

“Zionism is racism,” once declared the general assembly (i.e. all the nations) of the United Nations Organization.

(But the U.N.’s “security council,” throne, crown, or “supreme soviet” has always been far too zionist or “jewish” to ever admit or confess it—being comprised of the five (or rather four) “jewish” victors of the second “jewish” world-war against the free and independent Gentile nations of the globe: i.e. “jewish”-Amerika, “jewish” Britain, “jewish” Soviet Union, “jewish” France and communist China.)

And the general assembly of Gentile nations was of course correct is saying that “zionism is racism,” i.e. “jewish” racism. But that simple statement was the most the U.N. has ever said against “jewish” racism, and the one and only time they ever said so. Needless to say, it (they) has never done anything against “jewish” racism or “zionism”—neither in Palestine nor anywhere else—(yet another convincing proof and reason why the U.N. is really and truly the Jew N.).

Yes, publicly admitting or professing the obvious truth that “zionism is racism” was the one and only time the Jew N. tail ever dared bark against its zionist “jewish” creator, master and owner. And though it barked once, and only once, the Jew N. will probably never ever bite its “jewish” or zionist master. It never has. So why should or would it (they) start now, or in future?

And so therefore to look to the Jew N. as a possible solution to the very rabid “beastly” problem which it (they) has always served, furthered and over-fed from its very violent beginning up to its present monstrous proportions, is political madness and the height of international folly. Is it not? You just can’t expect salvation or liberation from the Devil, Its kindred, or their imperial, supernational, SuperNazi or “beastly” tool.

*  *  *  *  *

On the other hand, and to be fair, racism sounds and looks worse than it is. For what is racism if not love of (or preference for) one’s race—as nationalism is love of (or preference for) one’s nation. I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t love or prefer your family, your tribe, your race or your nation, dear reader. That’s your decision and your private business. But if you do love them, I don’t hate you for it nor don’t condemn you for it. Why should I? And why should you? Why should you not love and prefer people like yourself? Why should you feel guilty for loving or preferring your own kind? Why should you hate yourself and your kindred? Are you and your kind so very evil, despicable, hateworthy? Why, dear reader, should you be for my race or for their race (family, tribe or nation) instead of for your own race? These are questions for yourself to answer, AND FOR NO ONE TO ANSWER FOR YOU!

Why should tribes or races be hated, condemned or criminalized for wanting to live together? Why should they be punished and forcibly separated or scattered for their “racism”? No one is suggesting this should happen to “jews,” zionists or “Israelis.” So why should we tolerate the “jews” to say and to perpetrate this (“desegregation”) upon us or our fellow Gentile races?

The Olympic games are presently being held once again, and within their ancient Grecian homeland. Now should you not hope or wish that the athletes of your particular race or nation shall win the games and medals they’re presently competing for, for fear of being hated or condemned by others for thus being too narrow or parochial, too racist or nationalistic? I don’t say so. What do you say?

So how you feel and what you think about yourself, your family, your race or your nation, dear reader, is your very own business and hence none of mine. And vice-versa.

And yet some psychological fascists among us have in the past and will continue to try to dictate and control what you think and how you feel about your race and/or your nation. Is this not so? And so who are these racist dictators or dictatorial racists? Are they the hated Europeans: the French, the Germans, the Irish, etc.? No? Then who are they? Are they Gentiles, Christians or Mohammedans?

And what races are so racist, dear reader, (other than the “jew” and his allied, subordinate and violent pet Negro, of course), as to demand of you (and your race) that you hate your own race in favor of and preference for their race instead of your own? Is this not the very epitome and extremity of racial aggression or racist predation?: To attempt to dictate the very thoughts and feelings and to possess and control the very minds and hearts of those races which these racial or racist predators would thus prey upon?: To demand of preyed upon or enslaved races that they hate their very own kind, race or nation in favor or fear of these very predatory races who thus dictate to them and prey upon them?

Do your racial enemies want (and even demand) that you hate yourself, your race and your nation so that you won’t defend yourself against these your racial enemies? Do your racial enemies war thus against you and yours psychologically as well as physically?

For he or they who think, imagine or believe they deserve to be racially abused or preyed upon are less likely to resist it, and hence to evade, oppose, defy or fight their racial abusers, predators and enemies. (See e.g. “collective, genetic or racial guilt.”)

And so this is where the “jewish” media-monopoly and their control of “public” schooling does its dark, poisonous, racist work and damage. (See and hear e.g. the “jewish” “holocaust” and/or “black slavery.”)

And yet, try as I might, I can’t recall “gassing” any “jews” or owning or exploiting any Negro slaves. Can you, dear reader? And can any Negroes or “jews” really and truly recall being enslaved or gassed? Or do they merely pretend to?

And is my European race or family really and truly more evil, more demonic, more Satanic, predatory or hateworthy than these races who hate, attack and slander them so? Well, let’s see. Let’s put both accuser and accused races upon the racial balances. Lets find out who owes who what. Let’s count the racial offenses of each race, the pros and cons of each, the racial plusses and minuses of each, the relative predatoriness of each, the ways in which the accused races deserve or do not deserve to be thus hated, abused and preyed upon by their racial accusers, extorters, attackers or predators. For this is the way of justice, is it not? And we want to be racially just, do we not? “No [racial] justice, no peace,” right?

And which is the far more racist race, dear reader: The race that’s attacking or invading? Or the race that’s running away (from the race that’s attacking or invading them)?

In this racial light, see e.g. “white flight.” See how they run! How very racist of them!—not to want to be Negro prey, but to desire instead to run away! They should be racially ashamed of themselves, don’t you think?

And note also the current Mexican invasion. Note how the president and the Congress do next to nothing to stop it, but rather encourage it by further talk of alien “amnesty.” How treasonous is that, to draw uncrossable lines of ultimatum within foreign countries, but not draw one across the Rio Grande or boundary between your country and another? (Go figure.)

(But where on earth can the terrorized, robbed, dispossessed and driven out Palestinians go, if not back to their beloved homeland of Palestine?)

*  *  *  *  *

And so I do not condemn racism nor nationalism—(also called “nazism”). But I make a distinction between defensive and offensive racism or nationalism.

When you are attacked, should you defend yourself? How about your family, your tribe, your race or your nation? Should you defend them? Should you defend your race or nation against (what else but?) an offensive, aggressive, invasive race or nation, or empire?

And so “offensive” or “aggressive” racism is invading, conquering, enslaving or otherwise preying upon other races or nations—(and mentally or psychologically as well as physically). And the ultimate racism or nationalism is imperialism, super-racism or super-nationalism (SuperNazism)—whereby one race or nation desires or attempts to conquer all others.

And so where does “jewish” racism or  zionism fall or belong along this continuum of racism or nationalism? Is zionism defensive or offensive racism or nationalism (a.k.a. “nazism”)? And if the latter, is zionism super-racism or super-nationalism (a.k.a. SuperNazism)?

*  *  *

(Do you understand money, dear reader? Do you know that (and how) money rules the world—or rather how money’s makers, creators, printers and lenders rule or control the world? Do you know about “central banking”? Do you know who the world’s “central” banksters are? And of what race? Hint: They’re not Gentiles. They are none other than that most predatory, offensive, aggressive or racist race which conceived, invented and imperiously imposed their “debt-token, monopoly-money” upon us all. (See The Monetary/Economic Problem and the Honest Money Solution. To understand money is to understand the modern world, how it is controlled, and by whom. Whether you know it or not, dear reader, you need to know about money.)

*  *  *

Jews say theirs is a defensive racism or nationalism—if they admit their racism, nationalism or “nazism” at all.

Non-“jews” cannot become citizens of “Israel” (occupied Palestine). That is an “Israeli” law. And even Christian “jews” cannot become citizens of “Israel.” (So much do they hate God or Christ.) That too is an “Israeli” law. And so “Israelis” are both racially and religiously intolerant, exclusive, bigoted, prejudiced.

And yet “jews,” zionists or “Israelis” dare condemn Gentiles for doing the very same thing, for having their own racial or religious laws, preferences, exclusivities. And “jews” even war against Gentiles militarily, diplomatically and/or economically for being racist or having racial laws. (See e.g. Hitler’s Germany or ex-South Africa.) (But note how the “jews’ don’t rail nor war against their own very racial laws (against all Gentiles), nor against “jewish”-Amerika’s racial laws…against Europeans or “whites,” and in favor of “jews,” Negroes and Mexicans.)

And so the very racism, nationalism or “nazism” which “jews” arrogate, take or give to themselves they deny to you and I, dear Gentile. Is that racially hypocritical? Is that a “double-standard”? You betcha! (“Don’t do as I do, do as I command,” barks the “jew” to the Gentile, me and you.)

*  *  *

Zionism is racist because it’s “jewish.” For if it’s “jewish,” how could it not be racist? For “jewism” is a racism or nazism so vehement, so virulent, so heartfelt and extreme that it’s a “religion,” a “creed,” a (racist) “culture,” a racist, nationalist or “nazi” way of life. Is this not plainly and clearly so?

But is zionism a defensive or an offensive “jewish” racism? That is the question.

The zionists (i.e. “Israelis” or “jews”) say they are merely defending themselves against Gentile, Palestinian, Arabic or Mohammedan aggression and “terrorism.” But if so, they why does “Israel” keep growing or expanding into Palestine? If so, why do zionists keep invading, moving into and squatting on Palestinian lands, putting up barbed-wire fences and bringing in “Israeli” soldiers to protect these “settlements”? Is this not terribly aggressive, offensive, hostile, belligerent?

And why aren’t Palestinians similarly “settling” in “Israel”—i.e. invading, squatting, putting up barbed-wire fences and bringing in Arab soldiers to protect them from  “jewish” “terrorists” or “reactionary” “jews”? Why is what is good for the “zionist,” the “Israeli” or the “jew” not similarly good for the Palestinian or Gentile? Why the constant, hypocritical and racist double standard?

Because zionism or “jewism” is racism—and by far the most terrible, virulent, offensive and aggressive racism on the planet. Is this not clearly, plainly and obviously so?

Just count the victims on both sides, dear reader. Just count the corpses, the casualties, the prisoners, the tortured victims both sides, both “jewish” and Palestinian. Just see who are continually losing their land and who are continually, aggressively, offensively taking it from them. It’s abundantly clear for all who wish to see who the real and true terrorists are in Palestine and the middle east. And all this has been plainly so from “Israel’s” violent beginning up to the present day. No?

*  *  *  *  *

Zion” is (or was) a hill in Jerusalem

Where does “zionism” come from, dear reader?—aside from the “jew” or the “Israeli”?

Zion” is the name of one of seven hills or “mountains” within Jerusalem, Palestine. It was captured from the Palestinians (a.k.a. “Canaanites”) by the Hebrew Mosite king David around 1000 B.C. King David built his home upon this “mount Zion,” and he had the holy box or “ark” of Moses (containing Moses’ “prophetic” or “sacred” writings) moved to Jerusalem and up atop this “Zion” hill of his.

And as Moses pretended his god or God lived within his holy box, tent or “tabernacle,” so did the Mosites. And king David’s son and heir, Solomon, had Moses’ holy box moved to another hill within or atop Jerusalem, called “Moriah.” And here Solomon had his fancy temple built around Moses’ holy box. Hence this “mount Moriah” (and not “mount Zion”) is the present “temple mount” of the “jews” and the “noble sanctuary” of the Mohammedans.

Now king David wrote and sang songs or “psalms.” And the 6th verse of David’s 2nd song goes something like this: (Hit it!)


Yet have I [the god of Moses–Ed.] set my king [David–Ed.] upon my holy hill of Zion. I will declare the decree: the Lord said unto me, thou [David–Ed.] (art) my son; this day have I begotten thee. Ask of me, and I shall give (thee) [king David and/or his “zionist” heirs–Ed.] the heathen [i.e. the Gentiles–Ed.] (for) thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. Thou shalt break them [the “heathen” Gentiles–Ed.] with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them into pieces like a potter’s vessel. [song #2:6-9]


King David just loved Gentiles, didn’t he? And he loved to sing his (very own) “holy” praises! Note how blasphemously he thus declares himself God’s son and heir, and thus grants himself God’s Gentile world and every “heathen” thing in it as his (and his heirs’) personal property.

“Just ask the world of me and its yours,” allegedly says the god of Moses to its king David (who put these very words in its mouth)—the king who “set” himself upon the god’s “holy hill of Zion” and with much fanfare moved Moses’ holy box thereto.

Now dear reader, can we safely assume the “zionists,” “Hebrews” or “jews” have not merely been fervently craving or “religiously” desiring God’s world and everything in it—(including all Gentiles or “heathens” as their slaves, “inheritance” or “possession”)—but that they’ve also always been incessantly asking God for it?—insofar as they believed in Him at all. And if so, and David’s lyric is true, then why have they yet to receive their most fervent craving or “religious” desire: God’s world and everything in it?

And by the way, is that not offensively racist, nationalistic or “nazi” to desire to own all other races or nations (and all their property) as your “possession” or “inheritance”? Is this not super-racism, super-nationalism or Super-Nazism? And is there any other (Gentile) race or nation half as racist as these “zionists”? Then why don’t they hate, condemn and punish themselves for their super-racism, super-nationalism or Super-Nazism? Help me understand. Is it because their super-racism is more God’s than theirs? Is it because their SupeNazism is not so much zionist, “Hebrew” or “jewish,” as divine or Godly? Is that why? Is God a zionist SuperNazi, dear reader?

(Methinks this Davidic lyric was, is and shall ever be no more than wishful “Hebrew” thinking, and zionist blasphemy. What do you think?)

And if you’ve noticed, zionists have never been content to wait for “God” to give them His world “for an inheritance.” For methinks they would indeed need to wait forever, and then some. For surely God would never, ever give up His world to them, or even surrender it—on the contrary. (See e.g. Matt. 21:33-46, 9:10-12 & Luke 19:12-15 & :27)

“Zionists” have been forever working, plotting, dreaming, scheming toward that very end: world conquest and enslavement of the Gentiles. (Note how they succeeded within their terribly mass-murderous and predatory “Soviet Union”?)

That’s one reason they hated, rejected, tortured and murdered Jesus-God, because He was not the “messiah” or Davidic king they ordered or had in mind, one who would conquer the world for them and lay it at their cloven feet. But surely God, including the lifetime when He was Jesus of Nazareth, has always had far better things to do with His world kingdom than ever to deliver or surrender it to the demonic spawn of His Enemy, Satan, the lying, slanderous, murderous Devil. (John 8:44) And “like father, like son,” or daughter.

And that, dear readers, is “zionism.” All zionists, by definition, are anti-Christs.

And therefore all so-called “Christian-zionists” are likewise anti-Christs. “Christian zionists” are synonymous with “Christian-Anti-Christs” or “Christian-Satanists.” It’s an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms which makes no sense whatsoever, and which slanders Christians.

*  *  *  *  *

Around 1,100 A.D., the anti-Christ “holy father” or “pope” of Rome seduced European Christians (with false promises of paradise—though perhaps without quite so many virgins to deflower) to “crusade” to capture the “holy land” from the Mohammedans, and hence to walk where Jesus walked.

(But if they had simply asked the Mohammedans nicely, maybe they would have been welcomed therein.)

This mad “crusade” for the Roman “pope” might perhaps be called “Christian.” (“Crusade” comes from the Roman “cruciare,” to mark with the Christian cross or “crux”.)

But this current “crusade” for the anti-Christ “jews” is absolutely Satanic. So lets not go there (again), dear Christians. It’s not you fight—unless you want to help the Mohammedans recapture the holy land for the both of you to peacefully share, once again, as you did before the “jews” invaded in the last century, with their Jew N.’s help, blessing, sanction and cover.

Yet it’s only land, and to worship this “holy land” is a kind of idolatry. And land thus polluted by demonic, two-legged swine for so many decades can hardly be called “holy.” And besides, God left there a long time ago. You’re never even gonna find His footprints therein. So forget about it!

It’s bad enough to want to invade, rob or steal this “holy land” for yourselves, dear Christians, but to be murderous mercenaries for the sake of the enemies of Jesus-God, and to kill or mass-murder Mohammedans for the “jews,” the zionists, the anti-Christs (within Washington, Tel Aviv or Jerusalem) is absolutely evil and positively demonic. So don’t.

And so for all these reasons and more, this “new [zionist or “jew”] American century,” this current “hundred years’ war” against the Mohammedansm is not a Christian “crusade” for “God and country,” but an anti-Christian or zionist “crusade” for Satan, Its world-wide sinagog, and Its beastly, imperial, SuperNazi “jews,” and for that blasphemous “abomination of desolation” called “Israel.” (Apo./Rev. 2:9 & 3:9 & Matt. 24:14-29 & Mark 13:14-25)

*  *  *  *  *

Mohammedans are far more tolerant of Christians or Christianity than are “jews” or zionists. “Jews” everywhere outside of “Israel” are automatic “Israeli” citizens —EXCEPT Christian “jews” or “jewish” Christians. They are not and cannot ever become “Israeli” citizens. Isn’t that interesting, dear readers?

But all non-Christian “jews” everywhere are automatic “Israeli” citizens with dual citizenship, and hence with dual (and rather dubious) loyalty to their respective Gentile nations—loyalty they generally never really harbored anyway. Is this not so? And has this not always been so? See how yet once again they force you and your countrymen to mass-murder for them—as formerly in Europe, Germany and Japan, so now in Iraq.

And since the bastard birth of this “Israel,” the zionists, “Israelis” or “jews” have all but driven the European Christians out of the “holy land” of Palestine. Note how every Christmas eve the anti-Christs, zionists, “Israelis” or “jews” block (Christian) access to Bethlehem.

(And the Arabs who have not yet been genocided by the “jews” have yet remained behind simply because this is their land and they have nowhere else to go.)

And even in Christian countries wherein they reside, “jews” or anti-Christs have outlawed all public expression of Christ and Christianity in all public spaces and places (such as gov’t schools) and at all public events. Is this not so? For “jews” hate God and every mention of His (Christian) name. Even the Christian holy day, which department store “jews” have perverted into a bonanza of commercial exploitation, the anti-Christs have renamed Xmas—thus crossing out the holy name of God they hate so much. So much do they hate and want to obliterate the (old) name of the God—not to mention God Himself. (Apo./Rev. 19:12, 3:12 & John 8:37 & :40)

And therefore for all these reasons and more, it would be far better for all Christians everywhere if the Mohammedans were (once again) to control and possess of the “holy land,” than for these present anti-Christs, these zionists, these “jews” who hate God with all their heartless hearts, malevolent minds and Satanic souls to pollute the land with their continual violence against Arabs and by their very demonic and blasphemous presence.

And these zionists, anti-Christs, “Israelis” or “jews,” who, as always, seek to capture the entire world as their “possession” and to enslave all Gentiles as their “inheritance,” would make Jerusalem or “Zion” their imperial, supernational, “messianic” or Satanic world capital.

*  *  *  *  *

And so zionism is not merely “jewish” racism. Zionism is “jewish” imperialism, “messianism,” super-racism or super-nationalism.

And as nationalism is “Nazism,” it follows that “jewish” imperialism or super-nationalism is SuperNazism. And hence the “jews” have been given their favorite word back, where it property belongs, don’t you think? Or whom does that label or description fit even half as well as they?

Zionism is therefore the most offensive racism because it (they) intends to conquer the Gentile world—as they slanderously charge Hitler intended. But aside from seeking “living space” and farmland for bread in the Ukraine, Hitler’s was a defensive racism, nationalism or “nazism.”

And whether the imperialist “jew” claims to be an atheist, “communist” or humanist, or a zionist or “messianist” makes no real difference whatsoever. The intent and aim of both “jews” is the very same: Imperial, supernational or SuperNazi conquest of the entire Gentile globe—of every other creature, individual, family, tribe, race and nation in the world.

Question: How racist or “nazi” is that?

Answer: Super-racist and super-nazi.

The “jewish” “communists” pretend to be working for humanity, but the zionists for “God.” (But both “jews” are of course really and truly working for themselves, to conquer God’s Gentile world, and to replace God as God.)

The former “jews” are atheist or “secular,” the latter “religious.” (“Israelis” by the way, are predominately atheists.) But they both devoutly desire or religiously crave to either conquer, own and enslave all Gentiles, or else put them in the grave.

The essential difference between “communism” and “zionism” is where the “jews” shall have their imperial world capital. The zionists insist upon Jerusalem. The communists prefer their Jew York City, Moscow, or wherever.

*  *  *

Again, most “jews” and “Israelis” do not even believe in God. They are atheists.

Furthermore, most “jews” and “Israelis” are not even “jews.” They are Gentiles, and hence not “jews” or “semites” (i.e. Arabs). Most “jews” are 8th century Gentile (Turkish-Mongol) converts to Talmudism or phariseeism called Khazars or Ashkenazim.

Furthermore, “Israel” is neither a “republic” nor a “democracy.” It is rather a Marxist or communist state without private property. 90% of all land in “Israel” is state owned or government controlled. It is not owned by “Israelis.” They merely hold long-term leases on the land, 90% of which is owned by a corporate branch of the “World Zionist Congress” called the “Jewish Agency.” The other 10% of “Israel” is owned mostly by zionist or “religious” groups. All land seized by “jews” from Palestinians automatically and immediately belongs to this “Jewish Agency,” which also controls all “jewish” immigration and settlement. No “Israeli” citizens own land. They lease land from this “Jewish Agency” for 20 year or 50 year terms, but never more than 99 year terms, during which time they pay rent to this  “Jewish Agency,” and after which time the land reverts back to this “Jewish Agency,” Palestine’s alleged corporate owner.

Furthermore “Israel” is a (Marxist, communist) dictatorship without jury trials, and with torture of prisoners to “confess” and without possibility to recant, deny or take back their self-damning “testimony” before the judge or panel of judges who thus condemn them upon the “evidence” of this alleged “confession” of “testimony.” Such is zionist or “Israeli” “justice” and “democracy.”

And thanks to “jews,” “jewish”-Amerika is becoming like “Israel,” a terror-state, pretending to protect its citizens from the “terrorism” of the patient and long-suffering enemies they’ve so thoroughly earned, offended, tortured, murdered and terrorized for so long that they’re finally getting a little of their very own (“justice,” “medicine” or “terror”) back. (Matt. 7:1-2 & Luke 6:36-38)

So let’s not go there, dear Gentile Americans. Let’s not become “Israel.” And let’s not be possessed, owned, operated or controlled by “Israelis,” zionists, anti-Christs or “jews.” It’s simply not in our interests, but theirs.

*  *  *

And did you know these facts about “Israel,” dear readers? Then why, with all this obsessive focus on “jews” and “Israel” on television, radio and in print, have you not been informed of these facts? Because they’re not facts but lies of mine? Or because the “jews” clearly don’t want you to know these facts, because they neither serve nor further their dark and evil zionist cause?

And if the latter, than this is clearly deceit by omission by those (“jews”) who control everything you see on T.V., hear on radio and read in print. For only the “news that fits” or furthers the “jews” and their dark agenda do the “jews” ever want you to see, hear or read.

For why would you, dear Gentile, want to sacrifice your tax-money and perhaps even your own or your loved ones’ life-blood for the benefit of those who pretend to be “God’s chosen people,” but who really and truly don’t even believe He exists, much less know or love Him.

And if they did know God, they’d demonically and deicideally hate Him exactly like they hate Jesus-God, whose divinity they’ve always denied. For to admit the divinity of God would be to confess whose “chosen people” and children they really and truly are (John 8:41-44), and Whose proverbial “vineyard” or world-kingdom they’ve always fervently, devoutly, “religiously” and demonically craved to usurp from its rightful Owner, Creator and Heir. (Matt. 21:33-46 & John 1:1-3) (See “jewism” or “zionism.”)

*  *  *  *  *

And so “Zion,” dear readers, is not the city of “Neo,” nor his self-liberating friends. On the contrary (and since you have chosen and taken the blue pill, or whatever), “Zion” is rather the evil imperial city empire of “Neo’s” awesomely powerful and evil enemies.

Is “Neo” therefore a “Neo-Nazi” in a defensive war against these most offensive, aggressive zionist or “jewish” SuperNazis? (Let’s hope so.)

“It ends tonight.” Can you dig it? (I knew that you could.)

*  *  *  *  *

The Eternal Zionist or “jewish” War against Gentiles, and the Zionist-Republican Suppression of All Protestations Thereof

(“But to speak, stand up for or defend Gentiles, Palestinians, Arabs or Mohammedans against Jews is racist!”)

So, to desire your race not be devoured by predatory races is “racist,” but for predatory races (e.g. “jews” and their Negroes) to prey upon you and your race is not? For your race to wish not to be invaded, dispossessed and devoured by “jews” (and their allies) is “racist”? And therefore to separate yourselves from your racial enemies or predators is “racist”? But for “jews” to fervently desire, to “religiously” seek and even to super-nationally succeed in invading, devouring, conquering and subjecting all races, all nations, all Gentiles, all humanity is not racist, because zionism or “jewism” is not racism?

Think again, dear Gentile. And study The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

*  *  *  *  *

The present and immediate concern is for those poor, unfortunate Arabic and Mohammedan Gentiles living within the intentionally terrifying reach, the mass-murderous grasp and the torturous clutches of both imperial “jewish”-Amerika and “Israel”—(the latter “jewish” tail again wagging the former “jewish” dog)—and hence all those Gentiles living under their, long dark and common nuclear shadow. And of course I include all those Palestinians presently and perpetually writhing under the stomping jackboots of “his [zionist] honor’s” genocidal “Israel.”

But ultimately the common concern and common interest is for all Gentiles all over God’s globe to oppose the great racist evil that is “jewish” zionism. For, as always, but especially now more than ever, we are all living within the nuclear sights, and under the dark, Satanic, terrible, torturous and mass-murderous shadow of world zionism, “jewish” imperialism, “jewish” super-racism, super-nationalism or SuperNazism. And this great Satanic evil empire had been growing unchecked for generations.

*  *  *  *  *

And this latest Iraq war, invasion, conquest and occupation is yet another of an endless string of “jewish” wars against Gentiles, or rather the latest episode of their endless, continual, eternal and ancient war against (Gentile) humanity toward their eternally-craved “messianic” or Satanic world conquest and tyranny thereover.

(Even the “Israelis” themselves have publicly admitted that this present war of theirs against the Mohammedans shall last one-hundred years. They mean until they win, and with America’s bloody guilty help of course.)

But let’s not and say we did. We don’t wanna get dragged into it. We want no part of it. We don’t need no more guilt nor innocent blood upon our hands. No way, Hozay, no how; neither tomorrow, yesterday, nor now.

*  *  *  *  *

But the “jewish” “public officials” over Jew York City are doing their best (or rather worst) to see that America and the world doesn’t ever see, hear nor read of the great multitudes who oppose their evil “jewish” war, nor why they oppose it. And as the “jewish”/”Israeli” mayor has informed his racist brothers in Palestine that “his” city was united behind them, so he and his fellow Zionist appointees (via their unconstitutional political repressions) in dark and secret league with their racist brothers atop their national mass-media monopoly (based in Jew York City) are attempting to say that “their” country, “jewish”-Amerika, is also uniformly zionist (i.e. anti-Gentile, anti-Christian and anti-Mohammedan).

And “his [zionist] honor” clearly aims to see there shall be no protestations to the contrary, not in “his” city, the city which he bought like a Babylonian whore. And now we can all see why. To give her yet more innocent blood to drink, and hence be bloody guilty for. (Apo./Rev. 17:3-7) And I maintain to all who will listen that this these endless, countless, mass-murderous and terrible wars against humanity are not in the interests of (Gentile) New Yorkers nor Americans. For “what goes around [eventually–Ed.] comes around.” And “God is not [forever–Ed.] mocked.” Know what I mean?

*  *  *  *  *

And so if the Gentile American public want to protest imperialist “jewish”-Amerikan violence against Gentiles and Gentile nations anywhere in the world, the public are officially, mayorally forbidden to assemble in the N.Y. city streets, such as “times square,” or around the “United Nations” building, because that would block, disrupt or prevent city traffic, which is sacred, unless of course the zionist-“republican” president Bush II is in town, or his and Bloomberg’s good buddies, “Bibi” or “Ariel”, or the “republicans” are holding a party convention.

For these things matter (to the “jewish,” zionist, “Israeli” mayor). But the Gentile public, his imperial zionist majesty’s subjects, plainly do not matter whatsoever. They’re just a nuisance and an obstruction to “his honor’s” imperialist “jewish” agenda against Gentile humanity—both Mohammedan and Christian. And so the people of “jewish” Amerika cannot have their own party, public assembly, nor convention, not within Jew York City, not with this zionist “Israeli” mayor. For every “jew” around the world is an automatic “Israeli,” unless he or she be a Christian. And so every “Israeli” or zionist is an anti-Christian or an anti-Christ.

*  *  *  *  *

The zionist “republicans” are “permitted” to come and peaceably assemble or convene within New York City. So why can’t the citizens of these United States? Because the mayor forbids it? Because the mayor won’t “permit” it? Because the mayor says “No”? But who in hell is the mayor, the governor, the president or any other elective or appointive “public” official to say “No” to the public’s (i.e. your and my) divine or sacred constitutional rights? And beware: Tyranny unopposed is tyranny standing, established, entrenched, reigning.

But if Bloomberg called the public to come assemble and listen to him speak in the park or in the street (in the “great lawn” or before the United Nations’ bldg., e.g.), would anyone (other than the “jewish” media monopoly) bother to come and listen? And would Bloomberg’s police be preventing those who came to hear him speak? Would they be sent or chased away? Of course not! That official, rabid, bulldog treatment is mayorally reserved only for those who disagree with “his [zionist] honor” and his zionist allies—such as e.g. the “republican” (or “democratic”) parties. (Oh yeah!)

But presently within Jew York City all non-zionists are not mayorally “permitted” to assemble. Is this because “his [fascist, zionist, imperialist] honor” doesn’t want the city, the country and all the world to see what a imperious fascist dictator he is, thus riding roughshod (via his police dogs) over the bodies of those protestors whom he dares pretend to serve, to “represent” or to speak for? But their very assembly to hear speakers and opinions other than “his honor’s” damn-well proves or demonstrates that he (and his imperious kind or zionist kindred) do not “represent” nor speak for them at all.

And methinks this zionist, “jewish” mayor of New York simply doesn’t want this glaring fact and reality brought to the city’s, the nation’s and the world’s attention by a large anti-war (or anti-zionist) public assembly. And so rather than admit the enormity of his mayoral tyranny, “his [tyrannical, zionist] honor” instead outlaws his zionist-“republican” party’s protestors, their public assemblies and their constitutional rights, simply by declining to “permit” them.

And again I suspect mayor Bloomberg (and his zionist co-conspirators befouling NYC’s “public” offices) simply don’t want the world to see the enormity of the crowd assembled to oppose them and their zionist-“republican” party: To congregate, to speak, to protest and to “demonstrate” against their violent, mass-murderous, racist, zionist, imperialist, genocidal wars against the Gentiles of the middle east, and elsewhere.

And so once again, as always, we see there’s one law for the zionists or the “jews,” and another law for the Gentiles or everyone else. But what if the zionists or “jews” called yet another war in the middle east or wherever, and no Gentiles came to once again help them kill other Gentiles? Wouldn’t that be nice?

And again these American citizens (or are they Bloomberg’s imperial subjects? That is the question, which if you notice, no Jew York state nor city judges are answering in the public’s or the constitution’s favor) clearly are coming to hear those who indeed do speak for them, or with whom they are in tune or agreement. But the fascistic mayor of NYC will not “permit” it, and he thereby criminalizes or outlaws it, and his violent police dogs stand ready and willing to pummel and abduct any and all practicing U.S. constitutionalists—officially slandered as “terrorists.”

*  *  *  *  *

What a political asset and agent the “Israelis” have in their New York/Jew York mayor! But they’re a foreign power. So there should be a law against that, or at least one that is actually enforced by real and true “law enforcers.” (For see how these false “law-enforcers” enforce fascistic, communistic mayoral decrees while real and true law-enforcers are nowhere to be seen—at least not in this city, this Jew York City.)

And the zionist city council did not object, then and now. And the city’s zionist “judges” did not object, then and now. And the state supreme court of New York, which is sworn to protect and defend our constitutional rights, just like those fascist pigs in the street, did not object, then and now. I’m convinced. New York is indeed Jew York. The mayor wasn’t lying when he told the “Israelis” so (in his own and other words)

But are all these “public” officials “Israeli” agents and/or rabid, belligerent, partisan “jews”? They why don’t they ever perform their sworn duties to “protect and defend” our constitutional rights?—which include the right to “peaceably assemble,” to listen to music, see a play, e.g., or to hear the words of speakers. And yes, even political speakers, and even speakers with whom the NYC mayor disagrees or disapproves—and hence unconstitutionally outlaws or illegally criminalizes for daring to speak without his imperious majesty’s permission, along with his or her hearers for daring to listen (without his imperious majesty’s permission).

*  *  *  *  *

And the almost total silence of the city’s jewspapers (and its “jewish” T.V. and radio monopoly) on these repressive, anti-constitutional, anti-American, fascistic, Marxist, communist or “jewish” political tactics, is absolutely deafening to all (true “republicans,” “democrats,” libertarians and/or constitutionalists) with ears to hear. Deafening and shameful, but not at all surprising. For all “jewish” fruit is and must be of its (intolerant, repressive, fascistic, totalitarian, censorious) “jewish” tree. Consequently, anybody who trusts or accepts this city as any source or news, much less as the “media capital of the world,” has absolutely no sense nor “nose” for truth.

And by the way, this Bloomberg is a billionaire media mogul. He funds the “Charlie Rose” interview show on P.B.S., who, as any objective observer can tell you, is not only a fellow “jew,” but yet another undeclared “Israeli” “foreign agent of influence” likewise located in and broadcasting from this most anti-Christian and anti-Gentile capital city.

And these “jews” didn’t seek, purchase and obtain their mass-media monopoly for nothing, you know, as little as the mayor did his office. (See also Berlesconi of Italy. He’s no Italian, but a zionist “jew” media mogul.) They have evil, secret hidden agendas, of which they never tell you, and for which they forbid or prevent anyone else to tell you, neither in “their” streets, not in “their” parks, nor anywhere else that they own or control, e.g. “their” broadcast airwaves, “their” television, “their” radio, “their” printing presses or internet. Or else they will “legally” persecute you for daring to do so, i.e. to tell the truth about them and their evil, secret, undeclared, unadmitted, unconfessed, repressive, anti-American, anti-Gentile, anti-Christian, anti-Mohammedan, racist, communist, Marxist, “jewish” agenda.

*  *  *  *  *

And by the Way, what ever Happened to all those War Protest Singers from the Swinging Sixties: Are they Dead? Are they Deaf? Or are they Racist, Zionist Jews?

And by the way, where are the “jewish” anti-Vietnam war protestors? And where are all those anti-war “folk-singers” like Zimmerman (“Dylan”), Baez, Peter, Paul and Mary (all “jews”), or Seeger and Guthrie? Where were they during the first war against Iraq? And where are they now?

And why did they never, ever protest against the ongoing “Israeli” genocide or “holocaust” of the Palestinians? Where are all their hammers or bells now as then to “hammer [or] ring out ‘Danger,’ ‘Warning’ and ‘Love’ between my brothers and my sisters [the “jews” and the Arabs–Ed.] all over this land”? Where are all their “hammers of justice,” their “bells of freedom,” their “songs about love between” the “jews” and the Arabs all over this world? Deafeningly silent they are and have always been, about the violent growth and murderous expansion of the terror-state of “Israel,” which has now (via its characteristic terrorism) devoured Palestine almost entirely, and hence has either mass-murdered, driven out or enslaved the “holy” land’s once prosperous and peaceful native people.

(Is this not so? Do you care, dear Gentile American? You should, if only for purely selfish reasons. For look, it is written, that your bloody city, if not your bloody country, and your whole bloody, mass-murderous, “jewish”-Amerikan empire shall eventually be repaid in its/their very own violent coin. (Apo./Rev. 18:1-8 & 19:1-3) Alleluia?)

These “jewish” “anti-war” or “peace-protestors” and their kindred are nowadays (and formerly) nowhere to be seen nor heard. Why not? Why is that? They’re not dead. They still perform here and there. So why don’t they protest against these “Israeli,” zionist or “jewish”-Amerikan wars (against who and what else but Gentiles)? Why don’t they apply or dedicate their protest “hits” against these zionist wars?

Is this not why?: Because they are “jews,” and because these endless wars against Palestinians, Iraqis, etc are “jewish” wars against Gentiles, or rather the continuation of their eternal war against them/us? And so are these alleged “anti-war protestors” racist “jews,” zionists or pro-“Israelis”? Is it not clear and obvious that these “jewish” anti-war protestors were never really and truly against war at all, but only against non-“jewish” wars (like Vietnam)? And hence were they ever more, less or other than sanctimonious posers, pompous pretenders, shameless liars, or in a word, deceitful, guileful, self-righteous and hypocritical “jews”?

All together now, with feeling:


“Where have all the…[“jewish” anti-war protestors–Ed.] gone?/ Long time…[silent–Ed.]/

Where have all the…[“jewish” anti-war protestors–Ed.] gone?/ Long time ago./

Where have all the…[“jewish” anti-war protestors–Ed.] gone?/ Gone…[to Zion–Ed.] for soldiers everyone./

When will they ever learn?/ When will they ever learn?”


(My guess? Probably never. They don’t wanna learn. Perhaps they wanna rule God’s globe from “mount Zion.” Or perhaps they are silent “for fear of the Jews.” (John 19:38 & 20:19)

*  *  *  *  *

And methinks the same is true and hence can be said of the “jewish” media-monopoly, which in the 60’s played up, supported, favorably covered, indeed celebrated the anti-Vietnam war movement.

But see how they all now as one play down, if not ignore, the anti-Iraq war movement, and the “new [“jew”]-American century” and/or the zionists’ or “Israelis” (and hence the Amerikans?) “hundred years’ war” against the Arabs or the Mohammedans?

And for the very same reason: It’s a “jewish” war against Gentiles, and endless “jewish” war. And the American mass-media is “jewish,” racist, zionist, imperialist, false, deceitful, guileful, vile and violent. I’m speaking again of A.B.C., N.B.C., C.B.S., P.B.S. and Murdock, etc.

Just compare the “jewish” mass-media’s “outrage” at the police repression of peace protestors at the democratic party’s  national convention in Chicago in 1968 with their recent convention in Boston and the upcoming republican convention in NYC.

It matters, dear readers, who owns the mass-media, and hence who “reports” (or fails to report) the news, who plays what up and who plays what down, who celebrates this and who ignores that, who is outraged at this and who is not at that, who makes mountains of ant-hills, and ant-hills out of mountains. As the camera lens can and does distorts reality at “long” or “wide” angles, so can and does the “jewish”-Amerikan mass-media monopoly deliberately distort or ignore truth and reality. The mass-media is to a nation what a mind is to its body. And so the “jews” have deliberately and malevolently possessed Gentile America to deceive, misdirect, use, exploit and eventually destroy her in their violent, evil and obnoxious “jewish” cause(s), such as this present (and ever-present) war against the Arab and Mohammedan world.

Let’s not go there, dear Gentile Americans. The Mohammedans and Arabs are not our enemies. They are not “terrorists.” That is merely “jewish” slander—like their “holocaust” slander against Germans. And we have no just cause to hate Mohammedans and Arabs, nor to do them harm, not to wish them evil. But unfortunately (due to our long-time anti-Christ or Satanic support for zionism and “Israel”) the opposite is not true. We must first entirely divest from “Israel,” and then try to wash these rivers of innocent Arabic blood off our guilty hands.

*  *  *  *  *

And the same goes for the “A.C.L.U.,” the “American Civil Liberties Union.” They pretend to protect and defend our constitutional liberties as citizens. But they too are deafeningly silent about this fascist, “jewish,” zionist suppression of free speech within New York City. And no wonder. They’re also a “jewish” organization. And are they not thus revealing their true colors, their real characters, their actual natures, their concealed racist purposes and their unconfessed, zionist agenda to all with eyes to see and ears to hear? For just see and hear how it (or rather they, a group of “jewish” lawyers) do and say nothing against this official suppression and annulment of the U.S. constitution in Jew York City.

But should anyone be surprised the “A.C.L.U.” are a group of false, deceitful, guileful, litigious, extortive and sanctimonious hypocrites with a hidden racial or racist agenda?—a gang of racist, Marxist, zionist “jews” like those alleged “anti-war” folk singers and the “jewish”-Amerikan media monopolists?

*  *  *  *  *

Is the “Democratic” Party and its (“jewish”) Candidate any less Zionist than the “Republican”?

I have spoken of the racist, zionist, “jewish”-“republican” party. But the “democratic” party is no less so, if not more so. Yes, the “republican” and “democratic” parties are both “jewish” or zionist parties, and hence anti-Gentile, anti-Christian and anti-Mohammedan. Their main issue, debate or contention is over which party is going to give more to the “jews.” Is this not so? And hasn’t this been so for generations?

Consider, dear reader: The incumbent “republican” presidential candidate is a zionist “Christian”—(or so he claims). And the challenging “democratic” candidate is a zionist “jew”—(using an Irish name, and pretending to be a Roman Catholic). Thus no matter which zionist wins, the zionists win! The game is rigged, dear readers. The cards are stacked against us Gentiles. We cannot win with either party. And the zionists or “jews” can’t possibly lose. They set it (and us) up that way. They always set it (and us) up that way. For both parties are “jewish,” zionist, anti-Gentile, anti-Christian and anti-Mohammedan monstrosities, and have been so for generations. Is this not so?

*  *  *

So, therefore, what the Gentiles need is a party of their very own. One that works for them. One that looks out for their good and their interests instead of exploiting and using them up for the good of zionistic, “messianic,” imperialistic, SuperNazi or “beastly” “jews” (and hence the “jewish”-Amerikan invasion, destruction, mass-murder, conquest, occupation, displacement and dispossession of Germans, Japanese, Palestinians, Iraqis and other Gentiles).

What then shall we call our party but the “National Gentile Workers’ Party”? Can you get behind that, dear reader? (“Vote for me and I’ll set you free.” “Let my people go, you God-damned, ‘jewish,’ anti-Christ pharaoh.”) (Gen. 3:1-2)

*  *  *

Both the presidential candidates, “republican” and “democrat,” are members of the very same Godless, evil, supernationally subversive and revolutionary secret society called “Skull and Bones,” to which they have both sworn eternal loyalty and secrecy, as part of their dark initiation ceremonies. As with others secret societies this sort, they have sworn under pain of death (by other members or their agents) to place this secret society of theirs above God, country, family, race, nation, anything and everything. This secret society is to be as God to them, and they must obey it unto death.

And true to their dark oaths, neither candidate will discuss their “Skull and Bones” membership, nor what secret plans they have been given (or shall be given) to execute as president of these United States. We can see from retrospect what the incumbent’s secret instructions were. (Transform American “the free” into a police-state or terror-state, and invade, conquer and occupy Iraq.) But do we want to see an elected official’s secret agenda from retrospect? Don’t we rather want to get what we see, and what we’re promised to get by our political candidates for public offices?

We were not promised domestic tyranny by this Bush II. We were not promised a “New [and “jew”] Amerikan century” (of wars against sovereign Gentile nations). We were not promised “Patriot Acts,” nor any invasion of Iraq. And yet we got all these evils, and more.

Do you think these evil plans were not in place (and these evil instructions not given) well before “9/11/01”—the very political pretext to forcibly impose this evil secret agenda as “benevolent” acts against “terror”? This is zionist or “jewish”-Amerikan imperialism or SuperNazism disguised as global or supernational anti-terrorism. This is the “new [and ‘jew’–Ed.] American century.” This is the “new [‘jew’] deal.” But what America desperately needs is a new dealer, and an honest Gentile one, who knows what to do, who says what he thinks, who does what he says, and who says what he does.

The greatest Evil wears the greatest halo (as disguise). The greatest terrorist pretends to be the greatest anti-terrorist. The Dragon pretends to be the White Knight. What else? What better disguise? Isn’t it the very nature, character and method of Evil to play God or angel, and the Dragon to pretend to be the protective White Knight combating the Dragon, peremptorily protecting us all from “Terror,” Evil, “axis of Evil,” etc. Can you see “Uncle” Satan the Dragon through Its White Knight disguises and Godly pretences, dear readers?

And methinks all members of such secret revolutionary societies covertly working for a one-world dictatorship (or “new world order”—Bush I) should be forever barred from holding public offices. (It’s an obvious “no-brainer, isn’t it?)

The zionist-“democratic” presidential candidate now says he would have chosen, elected or voted to invade Iraq (as he did) even if at the time he had known the Iraqis had no “weapons of mass-destruction.” Doesn’t that speak volumes to you, dear reader? Isn’t it obvious? What more do you need to hear from him to know he is not your political answer, not your liberator, and not your friend, but your enemy. And if elected he will prove himself your enemy in office, the highest “public” office in the land. He has a secret hidden foreign policy agenda (and probably secret instructions from “Skull and Bones”) for what he’ll do if elected, and of which, if you notice, he has spoken very little, or next to nothing, thus promising next to nothing and minimally himself committing. (“Mum’s the word.”)

Question: How can a candidate for the highest public office in the nation (or rather empire) possibly get away with that?

Answer: The “jewish”-Amerikan mass-media monopoly lets him.

Methinks “Kerry’s” secret and hidden foreign policy agenda is precisely the same as his “Skull and Bones” brother and fellow zionist imperialist, Bush II: to continue the “new [‘jew’] Amerikan century” of “jewish” or zionist imperialism around the Gentile globe. In other words, methinks “Kerry” is a racist, zionist, SuperNazi “jew” out to conquer the Gentile world for his SuperNazi race, nation and secret “handlers” within (and above) his secret “Skull and Bones” society.

Wouldn’t it be better if public officials were of the same society we are, instead of some secret society out to conquer and corral us all into their “new [jew] world-order”? Wouldn’t it be better if public officials were on our side instead of secretly working against us, to conquer and enslave us all under a brutal, world-wide, zionist or communist dictatorship, a supernational or SuperNazi anti-Christ “jewish” empire, a “messianic” or Satanic “jewish” empire or “beast”? Wouldn’t it be better if the highest public officials within the greatest public offices were not secretly in fact the public’s greatest public enemies?

And since both candidates are clearly zionists—(one incumbent zioinst-“republican” pretending to be a Christian, and the other challenging zioinst-“democrat” pretending to be a Roman Catholic)—surely this highest office in the land cannot fail but to remain in the dark, bloody, evil hands of the zionists, the “jewish” super-racists, the imperialist anti-Christs, the “beastly” and mass-murderous SuperNazis, and hence not to us, dear Gentiles. What presidential skull-duggery, don’t you think?

What Gentile America desperately needs is a Gentile (i.e. non-“jewish” or non-zionist) president. One who is not interested in conquering the Gentile world for the zionistic, communist, “messianic” or Satanic “jews.”

*  *  *  *  *

They don’t tell you nor promise you this, dear reader, (because they know this won’t get your vote, but your goat), and correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s my understanding that after this 2004 election, both zionist candidates for the U.S. presidency (both the incumbent zionist-“republican” and his zionist-“democratic” challenger) intend to impose a universal conscription (a military “draft”) upon all young Americans—young women too, and without any educational or college “deferments.”

(This is surely Soviet, Marxist, “jewish” communism or zionism come to America.)

And this military “draft” is for these (“democratic” or “republican”) zionists to continue to wage their “jewish”-“Israeli,” imperialist, supernational or SuperNazi war of a “hundred years” against the Mohammedans: to invade and conquer them; to occupy them; to impose their “jewish”-Amerikan or zionist puppet-gov’ts upon them; to mass-murder or enslave their citizenry; and to rob their natural resources: oil, gas; and, as always in imperial “jewish”-Amerikan foreign policy, to use these conquered Gentile nations and lands as foreign “bases” to launch yet further invasions and conquests therefrom.

(For the world is a big place for America to conquer for the “jews,” don’t you think? And when and if (during the next “hundred years”) the zionist or anti-Christ Amerikans are done conquering the Mohammedans, then who’s next, dear Gentile? Let’s not got there.)

Do you know what “depleted uranium” is, young American man or woman? It is a poisonous, lethal, deadly radioactive dust. If you breathe it in you will certainly get sick, and perhaps die. And you must breathe it in if you are in a “jewish”-Amerikan battlefield, because “Uncle” Satan’s evil, zionist, anti-Christ empire has been using depleted uranium since 1991, and its first war against Iraq.

“Depleted uranium” is a most hard or dense material, and hence is used as tank armor to keep metal projectiles from penetrating, and also as metal projectiles, (even large bullets), to penetrate the hardest metal (armored tanks, etc). And upon impact radioactive dust particles are released into the air, and hence into your lungs, your skin, the water, the soil, etc. (See “gulf war syndrome.”)

Depleted uranium is radioactive death not only for the soldiers on the battlefield, but especially for the civilian Arabic or Mohammedan populace. Depleted uranium is therefore “jewish”-Amerikan genocide disguised as warfare. And the soldiers or “human resources” of this Super-Nazi, anti-Christ, “jewish”-Amerikan “beast” are “expendable” in the process.

Young Americans, whether you know it or not, you really don’t want to join up or get forced into radioactive mass-murder, genocide and suicide. And if you do, you’ll regret it.

*  *  *  *  *

What Needs to be Done? The Political, Financial and anti-Terrorist Solution: Divest at long last from the Terror-State of “Israel

In “jewish”-Amerika, around 1940, while Hitler was leader of Germany, German holiday and summer-camps for kids were officially closed down, the businesses confiscated, and their leaders jailed. And why? For daring to publicly advocate that Amerika not attack, invade and conquer Germany (again).

But “jews” were never jailed for advocating that Amerika shouldn’t attack, invade and conquer “Israel.” Why not? Why the double standard? Why is what is good for the “jews” not also good for the Gentiles?

And not only has Amerika never attacked nor warred against “jews” nor “Israelis”—(as it has/they have twice warred against Germans and Germany)—but since 1913 and their “jewish” “central” bank, the “Federal Reserve Corporation,” and their world war I against the Gentiles, Amerika has repeatedly warred for the “jews.” It/she has repeatedly invaded, conquered, mass-murdered and occupied foreign Gentile nations for the “jews,” for the international, supernational or SuperNazi “jews.” Is this not Historically so? Just look at W.W. I, W.W. II, Palestine and “Gulf wars” I and now II—(i.e. anti-Iraq attacks, invasions and conquests I and now II).

When and where will this endless, imperialist, supernationalist “jewish”-Amerikan slaughter of Gentiles end? Methinks the sooner, the better. How about you, dear reader?

The truth is that America is spiritually, mentally, intellectually, culturally, psychologically, politically, monetarily and economically possessed by the “jews,” and has been since 1913, and hence is most aptly and truly titled, “jewish-Amerika.” So look out world, “the Devil’s on the loose.”

*  *  *  *  *

New York City has hundreds of thousands of city employees. And those employees have “pensions” for when they retire after so many years of city service. And so the city controls enormous sums lying within these “pension funds,” and hence is free to invest (or not to invest) the pension funds here, there or anywhere around the globe.

Now in the 1980’s, and in a concerted international attempt to bring that Gentile country down, N.Y.C. divested from “racist” South Africa. Furthermore, the city refused to do business (i.e. to buy things) from companies who did business with (i.e. who bought or sold things or services from or to) South Africa, thus “encouraging” if not forcing them too to divest from S.A.

Why then didn’t Jew York City ever divest from the far more “racist,” “oppressive” and “exploitative” terror-state of “Israel”? (Surely the answer lies in the question.) Because New York is Jew York. Because New York is racist. Because New York is “jewish,” zionist, anti-Gentile, anti-Mohammedan and anti-Christian. Is this not clearly, plainly, obviously so?

*  *  *

And are the Negroes of South Africa truly better off now than when the Europeans managed or controlled the country?—which, by the way, was largely vacant when they came, but whose subsequent prosperity attracted many “blacks” to enter and even to illegally sneak therein. Or has South Africa now become like the rest of post-colonial or post-European Africa, (i.e. after the European farmers had been mobbed, robbed, murdered or brutalized, and hence driven out of their cultivated fields by the Negroid natives, who then neglected to farm these vacant European farms, but rather lazily let these richly cultivated fields relapse back into their original natural state, thus yielding nothing but African fruitlessness, poverty, starvation?)

Is Africa now not (after the European light has been violently driven out) a collection of hopelessly violent, chaotic and starving charity or “basket” cases once again returned to their “dark continent,” or reverted to their original state of darkness?

And if one points or looks to Haiti, that black “bastion of democracy, stability, progress and prosperity” in the new world, (not neglect Detroit, MI or Washington, D.C.), what can one say but that “You can take the Negro out of the dark continent, but you can’t take the darkness out of the Negro.”

For order (whether individual, collective, racial, social or political) is genetic, mental, spiritual. And for the fruit (of order, productivity, prosperity) to ever develop, manifest or appear upon a tree, its seed must preexist therein. For the outside is merely the physical manifestation of the genetic, spiritual inside.

(Can you dig it? Can you cultivate it? Can you bring it to fruition? Can you create a “city on a hill”? Not unless it genetically preexists within you and yours?) And so that’s also why “Babylon the Great” must fall, because Babylon cannot long stand, because natural or genetic order is not sufficiently within her. (Apo./Rev. 18:2) (“There’s too many people, making too many problems, with not much love to go around.”—Phil Collins)

*  *  *

But, on the other hand, does anyone seriously believe that the Palestinians wouldn’t be far better off with control, ownership and management of their country back?—a land which was truly and entirely in their cultured and cultivated possession before the “jews” (backed by their Jew N. after W.W. II.) violently, mass-murderously and terroristically drove them out of their ancient homeland, their fields, their farms, their homes, their groves and their vineyards? Does anyone seriously believe that the Palestinians are better off now with the “Israelis” in total control of their country, and them either dead, driven out or living in isolated, zionist-controlled cages or concentrations camps (like Gaza)? Why not just bring in the “jewish” “gas chambers and ovens”?

But the Jewnighted Nations (which created this terror-state of “Israel”) will never allow this return of Palestine to the Palestinians.

*  *  *

And the U.N’s trade embargo or blockade of Iraq after its first war against that Gentile nation (in 1991) caused half a million or so innocent Iraqi civilians to die of starvation.

But the Jew N. has never insisted on disarming “Israel” of its nuclear bombs, nor of inspecting its nuclear “facilities.” Nor has the U.N. even ever publicly acknowledged or proclaimed that these “jewish” nuclear facilities or capabilities exist—much less mentioning the numerous nuclear bombs which have been created therefrom. “Israel” recently released from a long prison term a Christian-convert “jew” for telling the world what he knew of nuclear “Israel.” But the U.N. never said a word about nuclear “Israel.” Apparently it (they) doesn’t read the papers.

Furthermore, the Jew N. has never “resolved” to starve “Israel” into submission to its anti-nuclear “resolutions”? Why not? Why the double standard between Gentile and “jew”? Why is what is good for the Gentiles not also good for the “jews,” and vice-versa? Isn’t it clear, obvious, plain?

*  *  *

And so for all these reasons and more, the U.N. is really and truly the Jew N., as surely as New York is Jew York. For they are both possessed or controlled by “jews.” And things should be truly named and called what they are. Don’t you think?

And therefore to look to this Jew N. for a just solution to this perpetually open, bleeding and festering “middle eastern” sore, this permanently inflamed middle eastern problem, (i.e. this eternal “jewish”/zionist/“Israeli” problem), is like looking to the Devil (or Its SuperNazi “beast”) for spiritual salvation or earthly liberation. Forget about it! It’s a vain, hopeless, fruitless exercise in futility. The Jew N. doesn’t save, it damns.

*  *  *

But Jew York City has indeed showed us Gentiles the way to deal with this terror-state of “Israel”: Internationally divest from that anti-Christ abomination, and refuse to do any more business with any individuals, groups, companies or corporations who do business with “Israel.”

And the JewNighted Nations Org. has likewise showed the world how to deal with this nuclear terror-state of “Israel”: Blockade it, embargo it, boycott it, starve it into death or submission.

And then we can all watch that racist, mass-murderous, terror-state of “Israel” go the way of South Africa. And good riddance. “Mother” earth will be far better off without that evil, viceous, terroristic zionist thorn in her side. The great pain, suffering and world problems that this Jew N. terror-state of “Israel” has caused since its violent conception, birth and expansion are incalculable, inestimable, limitless. Is this not so?

*  *  *  *  *

And finally this: Also in the 80’s, “Little Steven and the Imperials” (with Bone-o) were good enough to conduct a series of concerts to help bring down European South Africa.

And furthermore, they weren’t “gonna’ play Sun Citaaaaay”! But if you notice, they don’t individually mind playing “Tel Aviv,” etc., do they?

They weren’t gonna “stab their [black–Ed.] brothers in the back”. But they’ve evidently got no brown brothers in Palestine, do they?

Where are all the concerts to help bring down the far more racist, zionist, “jewish,” Marxist “Israel”?—the far more evil, predatory, terrible, torturous, murderous and mass-murderous “jewish state”? These “compassionate” artists are their “concerts for justice” are nowhere to been seen nor heard on this front. Why not?

Is it not because these “compassionate artists” are in fact racist, zionist hypocrites like those aforementioned “jewish” folkies? Is it not because they are smug, arrogant, self-righteous and “politically correct” (i.e. “jewish”) Marxists. (For “political correctness” is “jewish” intolerance of the truth.) Note the bloody red stars they wear with arrogant pride.

(Or perhaps some are silent “for fear of the Jews.” (John 19:38 & 20:19) or in fear for their artistic careers and recording contracts? (For many foolish musicians (some even gifted by the Muse) have sold their souls to the Devil or the “jew” for recoding contracts.)

*  *  *

But, since these Marxists or communists were pleased to force the Europeans (who’d preferred to live separate, apart or “apartied”) to live “integrated” with the Negroes, I propose that they, with their families and all their money be similarly sent to live with their black “brothers” in South Africa. Wherein and whereby they may have more than a taste of their very own brand of Marxist medicine. Wherein they themselves may come to live within and enjoy the blessings of that “great society” which they’d so self-righteously force upon us, and which they have indeed forced upon my (if not our) European sisters and brothers. If it’s good enough for the Europeans, it’s good enough for these cacophonous Marxists or communists. That’s what I say.

So, let’s forcibly remove them all from their gated communities where they’ve lived separated, segregated, apart or “apartied” from us regular folks. Let’s make them sell all their homes and all properties within Europe, America, or wherever. And let’s ship them all off (with all their money intact) to their brand new South Africa—the very one they so soulfully sang, played, protested and demonstrated their hearts out for.

For why should the political, social and racial “blessings” which they’ve so benevolently, generously and coercively showered upon others not extend to themselves and their loved ones? And let them never again depart from their black paradise. And henceforth let them “play Sun Citaaaaay” to their black hearts’ content, until they grow old and die within their gated or “segregated” communities within Johannesburg or wherever they choose to settle in S.A., or until their black “brothers” invade, capture, cook and eat them and their loved ones (if only metaphorically, economically or “communistically”)—whichever comes first. Wouldn’t that be justice, both poetic and musical? Wouldn’t that be music to our ears? Wouldn’t that be tasteful?

(And “Would you like some barbecue sauce on your Bone-o burger?”)

*  *  *  *  *