Appendices to the Monetary/Economic Problem:

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II: The Trouble with Gold (is it’s nowadays far too “jewish”)

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Table of Contents:

Appendices to the Monetary/Economic Problem: 1

II: The Trouble with Gold (is it’s nowadays far too “jewish”) 1

Prologue. 1

Beware the “jew”-Bankster’s “Paper-Gold” 6

Why “Fractionally” Gold-Backed Paper-Money is a (“jewish”) Scam, Fraud, Trap. 8

“Fractional” Gold-Money is Manipulable, “Speculable,” Volatile, Inconstant and hence Untrustworthy. 11

And if your County ever Acquires enough Gold or Silver to Coin, do so. 14



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From the Satanic “protocols” of the “learned” Anti-Christ “elders of Zion”:


The wheels of the machinery of all States are moved by the force of the engine, which is in our hands, and that engine of the machinery of States is—Gold. [from” protocol #5 of the Satanic “jewish plot against humantiy]


You [“jewish” initiates–Ed.] are aware that the gold standard has been the ruin of the States which adopted it, for it has not been able to satisfy the demands for money, the more so that we have removed gold from circulation as far as possible. [protocol #20]


In our day the power which has replaced that of the rulers who were liberal is the power of Gold. Time was when Faith ruled....

Whether a [Gentile–Ed.] State exhausts itself in its own convulsions, whether its internal discord brings it under the power of external foes—in any case it can be accounted irretrievably lost: it is on our power. The despotism of Capital [gold, money—Ed], which is entirely in our hands, reaches out to it a straw that the State, willy-nilly, must take hold of [as “jew” loans to somehow buy its way out of its internal discord and into “jew” debt-money domination–Ed.] : if not—it goes to the bottom. [pr. #1]


Thus the Satanic or “messianic” “jew” thinks the Gentile States or nations are “jew”-damned if they do and “jew”-damned if they don’t take the “jew’s” paper-golden money. But I don’t. Ample, stable, debt-token money can work fine for the Gentiles, if the “jews” yet retain all the gold.


In our hands is the greatest power of our day—gold: in two days we can procure from our storehouses any quantity we may please.

Surely there is no need to seek further proof that our [“messianic” “golden”–Ed.] rule is predestined by God? [Surely, if “by God” the “jew” means Satan and/or the “jew” himself!–Ed.] Surely we shall not fail with such [golden–Ed.] wealth to prove that all the evil which for so many centuries we have had to commit has served at the end of ends the cause of true well-being—the bringing of everything into order? [i.e. global “jewish” “communism,” SuperNazi “humanism,” imperial Satanism or “jew”-world “messianism” over all God’s usurped and conquered creation. (See the “Jewnighted Nations”)–Ed.] Though it [“our rule”–Ed.] will be even by the exercise of some violence, yet all the same it will be established [i e. over the “jew”-murdered corpses of God and His Godlike Gentiles–Ed.]. [pr. #22]


…it is probably all the same to the world who is its sovereign lord [?], whether the head of Catholicism [i.e. “pontifex maximus”–Ed.]or our despot of the blood of Zion! But to us, the Chosen People, it is far from being a matter of indifference.

Per Me reges regnant. “It is through me that Kings reign.” And it was said by the prophets that we were chosen by God Himself to rule over the whole earth. God [or the Devil (John 8:44)–Ed.] has endowed us with genius that we may be equal to our task. Were genius in the opposite [i.e. Godly and Gentile–Ed.] camp it would still struggle against us, but even so a newcomer is no match for the old-established settler; the struggle would be merciless between us, such a fight as the world has never yet seen. [See e.g. “jewish” England verses Napoleon Bonaparte or “jewish”-Amerika and England verses Adolf Hitler (and hence World War II)–Ed.] Aye, and the genius on their side would have arrived too late. The wheels of the machinery of all States are moved by the force of the engine, which is in our hands, and that engine of the machinery of States is—Gold. [pr. #5]


Through the Press we have gained the power to influence while remaining ourselves in the shade; thanks to the Press we have got the gold in our hands, notwithstanding that we have had to gather it out of oceans of blood and tears.

[Explanation: Though the press the SuperNazi “jew” has for centuries incited hatred and war among the Gentile nations and then financed them through profitable loans to belligerent governments—all the while reaping immense profits through armaments manufacture and trade—as well as other war necessities sold to the Gentiles at extortionate prices. “Wars are the jews’ harvests” is an historically true saying–Ed.]

But it has paid us, though we have sacrificed many of our people. Each victim on our side is worth in the sight of God [i.e. Satan and Its “jews” (John 8:44)–Ed.] a thousand goyim [i.e. Gentile “cattle,” livestock, slaves–Ed.]. [pr. #2]


*  *  *  *  *

Gold is the closest (material) thing to the eternal on this earth. It lasts forever. It never dies. It does not rust. It melts, but never burns to ash. It shall last as long as the earth. It is indestructible. And that’s what man has always wanted for, as, and in his money: eternity, indestructibility, trustworthiness—so when he’s ready to spend it, its worth every bit as much as he paid for it. And so man has always valued gold, and has used it as money.

But gold has its problems. One problem with gold is that there’s usually not enough to go around, to coin and use as money. (Hence the wily “jew’s” “paper-gold.”) Also, since gold is intrinsic value or real money anywhere on earth, therefore foreigner sojourners or visitors will take (or smuggle, if necessary) your golden coins out of your city-state—(and especially if their exchange, money or coin value is considerably less than their intrinsic or golden value)—thus creating a money shortage within your marketplace or state. And finally nearly all the gold already has been stolen, hogged or hoarded and exploited by the larcenous “jew” (via his “fractional” backing of his paper-“gold” “money”). He has long since thieved this gold from the Gentiles by trading or lending his fraudulent paper-promises to pay gold (his “paper-gold”) for it. Cheap “jewish” paper was thus larcenously traded or exchanged for genuine Gentile gold. (Bad deal.)

And this “jewish” gold-hog has historically used the perpetual shortage of gold to his golden advantage, and to the utter and violent destruction and overthrow of the Gentile. (See the protocols above.) For the wily “jew” has historically perpetrated many a gold shortage to further an dbetter exploit the Gentiles. And then afterwards, as if it were his “kind” solution to his deliberately created problem, the shortage of gold, the wily “jew” had conned, convinced or compelled the Gentile gov’ts (desperate to have a medium of exchange, a money to thus avoid commercial barter, productive stagnation, economic “depression”) to exclusively accept his “paper-gold” (his paper-money-promises to pay gold to the bearer of the “note” on demand) as the Gentile state’s monopoly-money. (See the Satanic “jew’s” “central banking corporations.”) “Good as gold,” he says of his paper-money. And then the golden “jew” has deliberately withdrawn or exported his gold from Gentile circulation and nations, thus deliberately creating a money shortage or drought, and hence the consequent “economic” stagnation and depression.

Thus the son of Satan creates the problem, then pretends to be your deliverer or savior if you will only give him more power (over you and yours). And thus he seizes, extorts or is granted even more power or capability to hurt you and yours. And so he does. That’s what he wanted it for.

And as surely as “the borrower is servant to the lender,” (Proverbs 22:7), the extortive “jew” similarly demands more and more power over the Gentile by virtue (or rather vice) of his alleged indebtedness to him. (“Alleged” I say. For ’tis the “jew” who owes and should be made to pay.)

Do you doubt this, dear reader? Then (via God’s benevolent providence?) let us now overhear the Devil’s son explain his malevolent method to his very own kind in his very own words:

From protocol #29 of the Satanic “jewish” plot against humanity:


The reforms projected by us in the financial institutions and principles of the goyim will be clothed by us in such [remedial, corrective, benevolent–Ed.] forms as will alarm nobody. We shall point out the necessity of [these “jewish”–Ed.] reforms in consequence of the disorderly darkness into which the goyim [i.e. the Gentiles and not these supernational bankster “jews”–Ed.] by their irregularities have plunged the finances.

You [“jewish” initiates into these dark, Satanic mysteries of Zion, these “depths of Satan, as they speak” (Apo./Rev. 2:24)–Ed.] understand perfectly that economic arrangements of this kind, which have been suggested to the goyim by us, cannot be carried on by us. [#29] (“when we come into our kingdom”)


For the Satanic “jew” never drinks the “remedial” poisons he concocts, brews and forces upon us Gentiles.


The wheels of the machinery of all States are moved by the force of the engine, which is in our hands, and that engine of the machinery of States is—Gold. The science of political economy invented by our learned elders has for long past been giving royal prestige to capital [i.e. money (“specie,” “fiat,” gold, “paper-gold,” debt-tokens, etc.)–Ed.]. [pr. #5]


In order not to annihilate the institutions of the goyim before it is time we have touched them with craft and delicacy, and have taken hold of the ends of the springs which move their mechanism. [pr.#9]


Explanation, (or at least one application): the “fractional” “jewish” “spring” moving the “mechanism” of the (“jewish”) money of the Gentile nations:

“Jewish” gold was formerly the “fractional” basis, lever or “mechanism” for all the money once used by the Gentiles—as suggested or prescribed (if not commanded) by the Satanic SuperNazi “jew” himself. This was the “jew’s” paper-gold,” or his paper-promises to pay gold, printed and lent by the ”jew” to a multiple (of ten or so) of its “fractional” gold “backing” (lever, “spring” or “reserve”). And so for every “jewish” coin up to ten or more paper-money promises to pay this coin were printed and lent out to the Gentiles, and so circulated among them. And of course this “jewish” gold was subject to “jewish” bank-withdrawal (or even export) at any time. And there’s the economic sabotage, the money drought, the productive stagnation, “depression,” and the monetary/economic plunder of the “jew.”

They first make you and yours dependent upon their (“golden”) monetary crutch, and then they deliberately withdraw this crutch, causing you and yours, your “economy” and state, to fall down or “crash.” Isn’t that thoughtful of them? (See their Satanic protocols #20 and #3 below.)

In other words, exploiting the weakness (the very essence, nature and character) of their Satanic creation or invention, (this “fractional reserve” money, this “paper gold” of theirs), these sociopathic “jews” could and would then deliberately precipitate, create or perpetrate a money-shortage or “depression” simply by abruptly and concertedly withdrawing all their gold from their banks and/or the Gentile nations. And they could then let their gold sit idle as they watched or “speculated” as the Gentiles dried out and died from monetary-drought, thirst and “depression.” Or they could simultaneously employ their idle gold by importing it into another state, and hence therein create, precipitate or perpetrate a money-flood or “inflation.” And this the SuperNazi demons did. Striking “depression” here, and “inflation” there, and cyclical “booms and busts” everywhere.

And this is precisely why Satan’s demonic spawn invented, proposed and imposed their fractional-specie-backed “fractional reserve” or “paper-gold” moneys upon the sabotaged and cheated Gentile nations.

From the Satanic, SuperNazi “jewish” plot against all humanity:


In our [“jewish”–Ed.] hands is the greatest power of our day—gold: in two days we can procure from our storehouses any quantity we may please. [pr. #22]


And thus begins the “inflation” phase of the predatory “jewish” “business cycle.”

And how many days does it take the SuperNazi “jew” to withdraw or export his gold, and to thereby begin his “deflation” phase?


You [“jewish” initiates–Ed.] are aware that the gold standard has been the ruin of the States which adopted it, for it has not been able to satisfy the demands for money, the more so that we have removed gold from circulation as far as possible. [pr. #20]


Economic crises have been produced by us for [?] the goyim [lit. “cattle,” i.e. Gentiles–Ed.] by no other means that the withdrawal of money [i.e. gold, the “fractional” basis of all “paper-gold,” or paper-money-promises to pay gold on demand–Ed.] from circulation. Huge capitals [i.e. hoarded piles of gold, and/or their “jewish” owners–Ed.] have stagnated, withdrawing money from [Gentile–Ed.] States which were constantly obliged to apply to these same stagnant capitals [i.e. the owners of this deliberately withdrawn gold; the economic saboteurs; the supernational “jewish” banksters–Ed.] for loans. These loans burdened the finances of the State with the payment of interest and made them the bond slaves of these capitals.... [pr. #20]


We shall create by all the secret subterranean methods open to us and with the aid of gold, which is in our hands, a universal economic crisis whereby we shall simultaneously throw upon the streets whole mobs of workers in all the countries of Europe. [Workers who have no clue the “jews” took their gold, created the “economic crises,” and hence “threw” them out into the streets in a blind rage against some Gentile scapegoat or other, whether “royal,” industrial or “bourgeois.”–Ed.]. [pr. #3]


The substitution of interest-bearing paper [debt-token money; paper-money (or “paper-gold”) loaned into circulation;–Ed.] for a part of the token of exchange has produced exactly this stagnation. [via currency reduction (“deflation”) through usury (“interest”) payments for the use or rent of the debt-money, and also by the “jew’s” deliberate and calculated withdrawal of the gold basis for his “paper-gold”—Ed] [pr. #20]


Imagine a pyramid. The larger the pyramid, the larger its top-stone or cap-stone. Or the larger the top-stone, the larger the pyramid. Now imagine this top-stone is a gold-stone, and the rest of the structure is mere paper “fractionally based” upon this golden top-stone. Now turn this pyramid upside-down, so that it is standing on its golden top-stone. And see that all the paper-“money” of the Gentile states rests or is based upon this golden stone. The larger the gold stone, the larger the paper-money supply; and the smaller, the smaller. (This is “inflation” and “deflation.” Think of a balloon of paper-air.) The larger this golden “jewish” stone, the more “jewish” paper-money is thus multiply “based” upon it; and the lesser, the lesser. Hence the wily, sociopathic, sabotaging “jew” is now in a position to change the size of his monetary pyramid at will by changing the size of his golden cap-stone. By depositing or importing his gold “basis” for his paper-pyramid, he enlarges the gold stone and “inflates” his paper-money supply supposedly multiply “based” upon it. And by withdrawing or exporting his gold, he shrinks his golden-stone, and hence “deflates” his paper-money supply. Hence “jewish” “inflation” and “deflation” of the “jewish” monopoly-paper-money multiply “based” upon “jewish” gold.

Do you now, dear Gentile, see exactly whythe gold standard has been the ruin of the [Gentile–Ed.] States which adopted it [at whose suggestion, insistence, prescription, command? (See #29 above)–Ed.], for it has not been able to satisfy the demands for money, the more so that we [demonic “jews”–Ed.] have removed gold from circulation as far as possible. [pr. #20]

In short, these demons of their father, Satan, know exactly what they’re doing. (John 8:44) But you don’t, dear Gentile. That’s your problem. Hence this book.

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”—(John 8:32) Can you dig it, dear reader? I knew that you could.

*  *  *  *  *

And hence I conclude that gold (or silver) money is a fine money indeed, even a “precious” (metal) money, and is far superior to any cheap metal, token or paper-money. For aside from being physically eternal or materially indestructible, genuine gold cannot possibly be counterfeited or created—though countless “alchemists” have long tried.

But “paper-gold” can and has indeed been counterfeited and/or printed infinitum. (See e.g. “jewish” Germany after “jewish” W.W. I.) And this “paper-gold,” this fraudulent, demonic creation of the “jew,” has long been used to exchange “jewish” paper (promises to pay gold) for real and true Gentile gold—(at both golden “principal” and “interest,” no less!). And thereby the thieving “jew” came to acquire, to possess, to hog, hoard and wield almost all of the Gentile world’s gold? Or how else? By honestly earning it?

And this “jewish” “paper-gold” can also be “fractionally” manipulated as described above. And again this was precisely why this fraudulent money, this “fractionally” backed “paper-gold” was “jew”-prescribed (or rather imposed) upon the poor patient Gentiles by the poisonous “jewish” “doctor,” “reformer,” “political economist” and perpetrator of nearly all the monetary/economic evils in this world, and thereby most of its political evils! First the anti-Christ sets the Gentile bowling-pins up, and then he knocks them down.

This monetary/economic poison which the Satanic “jew” brews, prescribes and forces upon the Gentile, he himself never drinks. For the poisonous demon well knows what it is, and hence what he is. But (like his father, Satan) he doesn’t want you to know him, dear reader, nor to ever see him for what he really and truly underneath his “divine,” “anointed,” or “chosen person” mask. (John 8:44) Hence his total censorship or media monopoly as the anti-Christ “king of all media.” For how can Evil continue to damn you and yours if you come at last to see Its/their trap: this bottomless “jewish” pit of fraudulence, deceitfulness, thievery, indebtedness?


You [“jewish” initiates–Ed.] understand perfectly that economic arrangements of this kind, which have been suggested to the goyim by us, cannot be carried on by us. [pr. 29] (“when we come into our kingdom”)


But may these “messianic” or Satanic “jews” never again “come into [Ed.—their imperial, SuperNazi, “messianic” and “beastly” world-] kingdom.” Amen?

*  *  *  *  *

Beware the “jew”-Bankster’s “Paper-Gold”

If one has gold, then one pays in gold. But if one has no gold, then clearly one cannot pay gold. And if the seller will accept only gold as payment, then a would-be buyer without gold simply cannot buy his goods or services. The most a goldless would-be buyer could do would be to offer the seller his (verbal or paper) promises to later pay this gold owed today. And if the seller believes, trusts or “credits” the would-be buyer, he accepts his promise to pay him later. And hence this verbal or paper-promise (“note” or “bond”) is not payment, not in the least, but merely a promise now to make payment later.

And the same is true of the “jewish” banksters’ “paper-gold.” These are merely their paper-promises to pay us their promised gold—either at any time we “demand” it (“note”), or at some specified future time (“bond”). That’s all they are, were, and can be: mere promises to pay, and hence not payment at all.

And yet these false promisers, frauds, and bankster-thieves would have all us incredulous Gentiles believe that their “golden”-paper-promises are payment indeed!: That payment of gold is actually made merely in their “tendering” us their paper-promises to pay us gold!: That their paper-promises to us are somehow the actual fulfillment of those promises!: That their paper-promises to pay us our gold are somehow fulfilled in those paper-promises to do so!: That their paper is gold! That their “paper-gold” is “good as gold”!: That their “paper-gold” is actual “money” (gold or silver) and not merely paper-promises to pay us money!: That our gold, our labor, and our other valuables are “compensated” and “paid in full” merely by their paper-promises (to pay us gold)!

(What golden fraud, magic or alchemy is this? Can one really and truly love another merely by saying that he does, or by promising that he will? Is love no more than a false word or promise? A true man’s word is his bond indeed. But a liar would “pay” you with his false word or “note,” if only you will “credit” him and it. So don’t.)

The bankster swindlers would have us believe that their paper is gold, that their promises to pay us are in fact payments or fulfillments of those promises, and that they paid us whatever they promised to pay us simply because they said that they did. As they pretend to miraculously transform their paper into gold, so they likewise pretend to transform their lies into truths by “virtue” of their “divine” or “infallible” word that whatever they say is really and truly so! (In this demonic spirit of deceit and falsehood see also, besides their “money,” their “divine” self-“chosen” status as “jews” and their hollowhoax slanders of Godly Germanic Christians.)

*  *  *  *  *

Then let the “jew”-banksters in their turn now exchange all their gold holdings or “hoardings” for our paper-nothings. What? They will refuse? They will not “credit” our paper-promises as we “credited” theirs (or rather were officially forced to accept) as “legal tender for all debts public and private”? Why not? Because the “jewish” monetary fraud and liar knows all-too-well what he is and what he does! And so of course he knows far better than to ever “credit” or believe in his very own monetary hoax, racket, scam and swindle. The Devil’s sons will never willingly fall into the monetary trap and bottomless pit of hopeless indebtedness which they’ve demonically constructed to forever cast and damn us Gentiles within!

Then why not (like the Satanic “jew”) declare it a monetary “crime” for him to have, “hoard” or possess gold? Why not (as he did to us—via his “jewish” president and his “jewish” parliament) give him a deadline of 30 days or less to surrender all his gold to us, or else? And all in “fair” exchange, “payment” or “compensation” for our irredeemable “paper-gold,” of course! For fair is fair, and tit for tat, this for this and that for that! An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, a lie for a lie and a truth for a truth!

And yet does this “central” “jewish” bankster to this day not claim we owe himour” “national debt”?—as evinced by his holdings of his (certainly not our) puppet-gov’t’s “bonds” or promises to pay him back, plus (non-existent) “interest”? And all payments are to be in his very own, debt-token, monopoly paper-money—which doesn’t even exist in near sufficient quantities to pay him—because it hasn’t even been borrowed into existence yet (from its only “central” source and hence its only destination)!

Then why not pay him back all at once in his very own fraudulent “golden”-paper-coin? I mean by declaring all our debts to him magically paid via our magical paper-promise to pay these payments? Vwalla! And/or Abracadabra! And “poof”! “Our” (traitorous puppet-gov’t’s) “national debt” is no more!

For what’s good enough for the impoverished Gentile is more than good enough for the bankster “jew.”

*  *  *  *  *

Again, if you have gold, then you pay gold. And if you don’t, then you can’t. The most you can do is to promise (now) to pay gold (later).

But why does the bankster “jew” merely “pay” paper-promises to pay gold (”paper-gold”) instead of actually paying gold? Because he loves gold and hates to part with it! (Does the religious devotee not even name himself after his beloved golden idol or god (of Mammon)? Is his name not often “Gold” or “Silver”?) Because he wants to exchange his paper for your gold! Because he has promised to pay ten times more gold than he has gold to pay! Or because he has ten times or so more paper-gold-promises in circulation than he has gold to “redeem” them with! And because he very much wants to (even forcibly, coercively, officially, legislatively and “legally”) exchange his paper (promises to pay gold) for your real and true gold and other valuables, your labors and other properties, and thus to rob, thieve and swindle you. And that’s not very nice, is it?

And so “central” banksters and other gold thieves and robbers have and have had vaulted hoards of gold, both stolen and swindled, but no intention (if at all possible) of ever paying or parting with this gold, but merely of stealing yours and mine. And so the gold swindler pretends to “pay” us with his “paper-gold.” And there again is the theft and the swindle: that his paper-promise (upon its fraudulent face) is declared the actual “payment,” instead of merely a promise to pay. He pretends and declares his paper is gold or “good as gold.” But in truth a gold coin in the hand can be worth ten or more promises to pay that coin—if the promise come from a thief, a swindler, or a bankster-“jew.”

And so whenever you have a choice, dear reader, always take and keep (or “hoard”) the gold, and leave the paper with its bankster-creator. For if he had gold he would have paid in gold. Or if he had gold, and wanted to part with it, he surely would have done so. But instead the bankster “pays” in paper-promises which he afterwards seeks to avoid fulfilling or “redeeming.” And he proclaims his word or promise to be “good as gold,” and hence demands we be satisfied with that! But can our hunger be truly satisfied upon an empty (gold or silver) plate?

(And here again we see the thieving “jew” privately and religiously practicing what he publicly preaches against—(but only to the Gentile and never to himself). I mean the Gentile “crime” of “hoarding” (acquiring, owning or keeping) gold—of which no “jew” can possibly be guilty, so long as he remains the judge. Yes, gold hoarding is a virtue for the “jew,” but a “crime” for the Gentile—so long as the “jew” is the Law of the land (his “kingdom”), and hence its Judge. For the “jew’s” outlawing of all Gentile gold leaves him all the more to have, to hold and forever behold.

Again, does the religious devotee not even name himself after his beloved gold or silver idol?—to which he is so devoted he would make it a “crime” for you and me, dear Gentile, to own or “hoard” his precious beloved—but not, of course, a crime for himself. For there is one law for the Gentile (to obey the “jew”), and another law for the “jew” (to obey himself). The “central” “jewish” bankster’s purpose is to “legally” make your “hoarded” gold his own (“hoarded”) gold. Is this not precisely so?)

So why ever again take or accept mere paper-promises to pay you gold when you can have the gold itself? For there is a world of difference between the false word or promise of the bankster “jew” and the truth and reality of me and you, and hence between his paper and our gold and silver, our lands and labors, our sons and daughters, etc., etc.

*  *  *  *  *


Why “Fractionally” Gold-Backed Paper-Money is a (“jewish”) Scam, Fraud, Trap

You can’t truly and rightly see and judge false or fraudulent things by their false or fraudulent names or labels, which are of course intended to deceive, to trick, to misdirect and confuse you.

(See/hear e.g. the “Federal Reserve” Bank(s) of Amerika. Or see/hear “God’s chosen people.” Who said that? Who claimed that? God? No. In fact God said the exact opposite. (John 8:44 & :41) Is this not so? And so whom are you going to believe: God? or His hateful enemies, His deicidal crucifiers, His demonic usurpers? (Matt. 21:33-46) Again God, or His Satanic Enemy’s seed, “sons,” descendants and “chosen people”; the self-chosen people; those self-deifying usurpers standing in their haughty triumph over God’s “jew”-murdered corpse?

And so, dear reader, don’t be fooled by the anti-Christ or Satanic “jew”: his lies, his tricks, his traps, his false words, his misleading labels, his deceitful and slanderous names for things. (Have you not heard of his “Nazis”?) And whom do they hate more: Jesus or Adolf?

*  *  *  *  *

Now, a “fractionally backed” specie-money, a “fractional” gold or silver money, is actually a “fiat” or token-money—to the precise extent of this paper “fraction.” Thus a 10% gold-backed money is really a 90% token-money. (This means one golden coin for every nine paper-promises to pay that golden coin “upon [the bearer’s] demand.”) Or a 25% “paper-gold” money is really a 75% paper-paper money. Do you see?

And a debt-token money on top of that! For the “jew’s” fraudulent paper is not merely pretending to be golden, it is also meant to be loaned or lent and hence not merely spent into existence and Gentile circulation. And hence “paper-gold” money represents a debt to be repaid to its “jewish” creator and lender, plus (non-printed, non-issued, non-existent) “interest,”—to be paid in (what else but?) Gentile gold. And there’s the golden theft! There’s the enormous fraud of exchanging mere “jewish” paper for genuine Gentile gold, plus golden usury or “interest” besides or atop! Do you, can you, see that, dear reader? Isn’t that extremely interesting_especially for the “jew”? For this wily, thieving, predatory “jew” wants to trade his worthless paper-“money” for your valuable gold. This is the meaning, purpose and intent of his “paper-gold,” which is merely paper.

And this monetary fraud is most clearly obvious if this “paper-gold” is not at all “redeemable”—like the new “jewish” debt-token called the “euro.” (It is not “jewish”? And is it not a debt-token? Or what Gentile would ever create and perpetrate a paper-debt-token and yet pretend it were golden?) (And so Satan’s bastards and pie-rats must think we Gentiles and Europeans are retarded or something!) (See below for more on the “euro.”)

Just perceive the enormous fraud of lending out ten times or so more paper-promises to pay gold than the lender has gold to pay out or “redeem”!—and yet all the while demanding golden “principal” and “interest” in return for the loan of this fraudulent paper!

*  *  *  *  *

And by the way, before long such a “paper-gold” “money” becomes (and must become) “unredeemable”—as in Amerika. Why? Because it is in the very essence, character or nature of debt-token monopoly-money (of which this “paper-gold” was the very first example) that (aside from being constantly unstable, variable or changing in amount or volume, and hence in value) it must necessarily be “inflated” ad infinitum into worthlessness in order to continue to exist at all.

For debt-tokens must be greatly “inflated” in order to keep from running out of them within a few short years, even to the very last token, due to the money-rent, usury or “interest” payments alone—let alone the repayment of “principal,”—and not to mention the further “inflation” necessary to make, meet or “service” the “centrally” demanded periodic payments on the accumulated “national debt.”

The “national debt” is the sum of all loans or “principals” ever lent by the “central” crown to its national puppet-gov’t. And this “national debt” is reckoned in all “outstanding,” “immature” or unpaid puppet-gov’t bonds dutifully printed and paid to the “central” crown in the precise amount of every new debt-token loan or “principal,” and paid at the very time that loan was contracted (by the puppet-gov’t from its “central” master). Thus a new loan (from the “central” money-master to its national puppet-gov’t), of e.g. one zillion debt-tokens, is paid for (“secured” or collateralized”) at the time of the loan by a puppet-gov’t treasury “bond” (a paper-promise or I.O.U. to repay that loan in full at a specified future date, plus “interest” or usury along the way) made out for one zillion debt-tokens.

And so the “national debt” is the sum of all unpaid, “current” or “outstanding” puppet-gov’t bonds formerly paid, tendered or surrendered to the national crown in exchange for its debt-token loans—(plus any other unpaid or “immature” loans made by private citizens or groups to this national puppet-gov’t.) And again these puppet-gov’t treasury bonds or loans must be continually repaid or “serviced” (in both “interest” and “principal” bond-payments) whenever these payments are contractually “due.” The loan “principal,” the face value of the promise or money-pledge printed or written upon every loan-bond or I.O.U., must contractually be paid whenever that loan or bond “term” is over or “mature” and hence due for repayment, and hence presented for same by the bearer of that bond. (For the original lender and hence bearer of the bond (e.g. the “central” bank) may have sold or transferred it in the meantime.)

And where is all this new debt-token, monopoly-money to come from to pay for all these new debt-token loans (and hence bonds) which constitute this ever-growing “national debt,” but from the monopoly-money’s only source, the “central,” corporate, “jewish” crown reigning over the monetarily-entrapped and -enslaved Gentile nations? And this debt-money’s only (or monopoly) source must also logically be its only, ultimate and inevitable destination. For that loan (bond) and hence debt (of debt-tokens) must be repaid, plus, extra, unloaned, and hence non-existent, “interest” tokens, which therefore must also ultimately be borrowed from this only or monopoly- source of this debt-money, these debt-tokens. Does that make sense? And so how is all this new debt-token, monopoly-money (necessary to “service” this ever-growing “national debt”) to ever come into existence, but as a new and even larger loan (and hence bond or debt) from the national “central” banksters to their national puppet-gov’t? (Again recall or review our example above in “The Impossibility of Repayment: An Illustration.”) Only “principal” “centrally” is lent out, but both “principal” and (non-existent) “interest” are demanded in return. And so naturally the “national” debt gets bigger and bigger and bigger, and so the pit of national indebtedness gets deeper and deeper and deeper. It’s intended to! It’s mathematically inevitable and unavoidable. This is the nature of the debt-token, monopoly-money “beast,” monster or dragon. (Apo./Rev. 13:16-18) Can you see it yet, dear reader? It’s rather important for you that you do. For how can you and yours possibly avoid or escape (much less fight or defeat) a Satanic monster which you can’t even see, and hence don’t even know exists or is there? (“For there is a monster loose. It’s got our heads into a noose. And it just sits there…watching.Steppenwolfen) (And see “The Beast from Bretton Woods” below.)

*  *  *

And so the number of debt-tokens (or, in this case, of “paper-gold” or “golden” debt-tokens) must forever increase or “inflate” in order for the puppet-gov’t to pay off these periodic “interest” and “principal” payments on these ever-present and ever-increasing puppet-gov’t bonds—which are, comprise or add up to the total “national [puppet-gov’t] debt”—whose total amount or “principal” is periodically recalculated, “rolled over” and increased at the end of every puppet-gov’t bond cycle of so many years. It’s like some cartoon snow-ball rolling down an endless hill, thus getting bigger and bigger and bigger, and eventually involving all the citizenry within its cold center, heart, maw or belly. (What escape, then? Honest money then, and national-debt repudiation.)

Hence “paper-gold,” like all debt-tokens, must gradually and increasingly be “inflated” ad infinitum, far beyond the ten times or multiples of its original “fractional” golden “backing.” Hence the inevitable and aforementioned “irredeemability,” “failure,” repudiation, and worthlessness of all “fractional-gold” monopoly-money—of all (debt-token) “paper-gold” promises to pay gold coin to the bearer “upon demand.”

*  *  *  *  *

(As an example, simply look at the Amerikan experience with this “fractional” “paper-gold” (debt-token) monopoly-money. The “paper-gold” of the “jewish”-Amerikan “central” bankster’s was “redeemable” for only 20 years: from 1913 to 1933. Only for 20 years could you take the “royal” or “central” “jew’s” paper-promise to his bank and get your gold “on demand”—as the “central” bankster’s “paper-gold” solemnly promised on its fraudulent face.

But again this inevitably “irredeemable” outcome was logically predictable or deductible from the very beginning of this debt-token, “paper-golden” “central” “jewish” bankster’s fraud in 1913.)

In other words, the  “fractional” golden “backing” of the “central” “jew’s” “paper-gold” monopoly-money must get smaller and smaller and smaller, (1/10, 1/20, 1/30, 1/40, 1/50, etc.). And so his purely-paper multiple must get larger and larger and larger (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, etc.), until the national or “central” bankster announces (perhaps via his presidential agent or “executive”) a “banking holiday” and a “temporary suspension” of gold “redeemability”—which of course is really permanent. And that’s not all.

For then perhaps, as actually happened in “jewish” Amerika in 1933, the “central” anti-Christ bankster(s) will (again via their presidential and Parliamentary agents, whores and public enemies in public offices “executive, legislative and judicial”) issue decrees and/or pass laws “authorizing” the official seizure of (and “compensation” for) all your gold (and silver), dear reader, citing a “national [monetary, economic, banking] crises” and a pressing governmental need for it, declaring it your “patriotic duty” to part at once with all your selfishly-“hoarded” gold (and silver), and threatening “criminal penalties” for your refusal or failure to immediately do so.

(See The Great “jewish”-Amerikan Gold Robbery of 1933 below.)


*  *  *  *  *

In truth the “fractional-gold” paper-money of the “jewish” banksters is a monetary deceit and fraud conceived, intended, created, and employed to exchange or trade (even at the point of an “executive, legislative and/or judicial” gun) their paper-promises to pay you gold (their “paper-gold”) for your real, true and genuine gold, and thus, dear reader, to “centrally” thieve or to “legally,” officially, legislatively rob you of your gold (and silver)—as in “jewish”-Amerika 1933.

*  *  *  *  *

“Fractional” Gold-Money is Manipulable, “Speculable,” Volatile, Inconstant and hence Untrustworthy

And finally, a “fractionally” “golden” paper-money is manipulable, “speculable,” volatile, inconstant, untrustworthy.

By depositing or withdrawing gold from a bank or a bank system, and by importing and exporting gold from an entire nation, oligarchic banksters acting in concert create and perpetrate their “inflationary” and “deflationary” or “boom and bust” “business cycles.” For their gold is the “fractional” “basis” or “backing” of their paper-money, their “paper-gold.” And their paper-money is a multiple of up to ten times the amount of this “fractional” golden-“backing.” And so simply by manipulating (adding or subtracting from) this golden “fraction,” the international banksters manipulate (multiply or divide, “inflate” or deflate”) this multiple of paper-money allegedly “based” upon it and “backed” by it.

Imagine an inverted or upside-down pyramid standing or based upon its head-stone or top-stone. The larger this golden top-stone, the larger the paper-money pyramid “based” upon it; and the smaller, the smaller. And thus the area, size or mass of the monetary pyramid is thus deliberately manipulated or changed by changing its golden top-, summit-, apex- or head-stone.

In this way gold banksters acting in concert can “speculate” in and via their gold-“based” paper-money by importing and exporting, investing and divesting, depositing and withdrawing their golden “fraction,” thus “inflating” and “deflating” their paper-money “based” upon it at will—thus knowing exactly when their “cyclical” paper-money “inflation” and “deflation” will occur, because they will make it occur by thus manipulating their “paper-gold’s” “fractional” golden “basis.”

Thus the “paper-gold” speculators know exactly when to “buy low and sell high.” They buy or trade for their “paper-gold” money precisely when it is most plentiful and hence most cheaply priced (according to the natural “law” of supply and demand). And then they later sell or trade this “paper-gold” when most scarce, and hence most expensive or high-priced—which is precisely when it can buy the most things which (scarce or “deflated”) money can buy—again according to the natural “law” of supply and demand.

(But there’s nothing “natural” about this “fractional” manipulation—except insofar as it is natural for the sons of Evil to think, speak and act like their Father. (John 8:44) For “like father, like son.” Divine, demonic or mediocre is as divine, demonic or mediocre does. And yet it is the very nature, character and practice of the most demonic or Satanic to proclaim themselves the most Godlike and most God-loved, favored, “chosen” or “anointed.”

Thus the golden banksters, predators and speculators are buying or trading for their “paper-gold” at its most plenteous high point or crest—known only to them because they themselves deliberately created this “inflationary” wave by their concerted gold importation or investment. And then afterwards the banksters trade or sell this “paper-gold” of theirs (for all those ultra low-priced things that scarce or “deflationary” money can buy: valuables, heirlooms, houses, homes, farms, businesses, etc.) before it moves upward from its trough or low point—again known only to them because they themselves deliberately create this paper-money drought by their gold withdrawal and/or deportation, which is once again ended whenever they decide again please re-import or re-invest their “fractional” gold “basis” for their paper-money pyramid, which thus again begins (or rather perpetrates) their very next “business cycle.” For theft is indeed the business of the speculative, predatory, gangster-bankster “jew.”

And this “speculative” theft and predation is surely the malevolent reason why the demonic “jew” (perhaps with his Father Satan’s help and inspiration—John 8:44) conceived, invented and perpetrated this fraudulent, “fractionally”-gold-“based” paper-money upon the poor, bewildered, “jew”-thieved, “jew”-robbed, “jew”-dispossessed, “jew”-“boomed and busted” Gentile of the “jew”-damned globe.

And so that’s another good reason why “paper-gold” (paper-money “fractionally-backed” or “based” upon gold) is a monetary trap and plague: It is manipulable, speculative, volatile, inconstant, untrustworthy. Not to mention that it is also all these evil, harmful things because it is a debt-token.

*  *  *  *  *

And from the demonic world-plot of the SuperNazi sinagog of Satan against all Gentile humanity:


The wheels of the machinery of all States are moved by the force of the engine, which is in our hands, and that engine of the machinery of States is—Gold. The science of political economy invented by our learned elders has for long past been giving royal prestige to capital [i.e. money (“specie,” “fiat,” gold, “paper-gold,” debt-tokens, etc.)–Ed.]. [from Satanic “jewish” protocol #5]


You [“jewish” initiates–Ed.] are aware that the gold standard has been the ruin of the States which adopted it, for it has not been able to satisfy the demands for money, the more so that we have removed gold from circulation as far as possible. [pr. #20]


(Hence the deliberate “jewish” “inflation” of gold-”based” or “fractioned” paper-money or “paper-gold.”)


In our [“jewish”–Ed.] hands is the greatest power of our day—gold: in two days we can procure from our storehouses any quantity we may please. [pr. #22]


(Hence the deliberate “jewish” “inflation” of their gold-“based” or “fractioned” paper-money or “paper-gold.”)


Economic crises have been produced by us for [?] the goyim [i.e. Gentiles–Ed.] by no other means that the withdrawal of money [i.e. gold, the “fractional” basis of all “paper-gold,” or paper-money-promises to pay gold on demand–Ed.] from circulation. [pr. #20]


(Hence the deliberate “jewish” “deflation” of their gold-”based” or “fractioned” paper-money or “paper-gold.”)


In order not to annihilate the institutions of the goyim before it is time we have touched them with craft and delicacy, and have taken hold of the ends of the springs which move their mechanism. [pr. #9]


And the “jew”-controlled “spring” which “moves the mechanism” of “fractional”-gold paper-money (and hence all states or economies foolishly, precariously and ruinously “based” thereupon) is…(all together now)…GOLD!

And hence I repeat, “the trouble with gold is it’s far too “jewish.”

*  *  *  *  *

And so hopefully we all now clearly see (unless our Editor has again failed, befuddled or confused us) that a “fractionally” golden (or “specie”-“backed”) money is no good at all, but is rather a “jewish” monetary theft and trap. For “paper-gold” is manipulable and fraudulent, it being an attempt to exchange “jewish” paper for Gentile gold, or false “jewish” paper-values for real and true Gentile values.

*  *  *  *  *

If you have gold, then you pay gold. But if you don’t have gold, then you clearly can’t pay gold, but can at most merely offer a promise to pay the gold later. But a gold thief would surely (if he could possibly avoid it) never pay in gold—neither now or later, but at most merely solemnly promise to do so—offering as “payment” for your golden values now his paper-promises to pay you your gold later—“tendering” to fools his golden I.O.U.’s, his “paper-gold,” which only his dupes and fools would ever accept as “money” from the likes of such a liar and thief.

And thus the wily “jew” intends to trade his “golden” paper-promises for your gold or silver, your labors or products. He comes not to give but to take or to steal your golden values. The bastard of Satan has no intention whatsoever of ever paying his golden debts to you, dear Gentile, by fulfilling his “paper-gold” promises. For (with his Father’s help and inspiration) the Satanic “jew” conceived, created, printed, offered and tendered the latter in order to steal your former. That is the true meaning and purpose of his paper-promises to pay you your gold—i.e. to take or steal your gold (and other valuables).

*  *  *  *  *

And “fractional gold money” is not golden at all, but is merely paper or token-money—to the precise extent or proportion of this paper multiple of that golden “fraction.” Hence “paper-gold” is not gold but paper, not “specie” but “fiat” or token-money. A 10% “specie” money is therefore a 90% “fiat” money. And infinitely worse, it is not a debt-free but a debt-token money. And it is forced upon you by law, a “crime” to refuse, and hence a “fiat” or “command”-money.

(See above for the dark dire and dreaded meaning and implications of this kind of “money.” It is a truly evil fruit from (what else but?) a truly evil tree.)

*  *  *  *  *

As we’ve seen, any “fractionally” “backed” gold or silver money is easily manipulable—and hence very unstable, inconstant, variable, and therefore untrustworthy.

But even if the gold “basis” or “fraction” of redeemable paper-money (or “paper-gold”) remained ever-constant—(a highly dubious proposition, since the importation/exportation or deposit/withdrawal of its precious-metal “basis” is so very profitable, and hence so tempting to every bankster, predator or sociopath)—the paper-money “based” upon this dubiously stable or unmanipulated gold “fraction” is always and everywhere manipulable by a multiple of from one to ten or so. In other words, its “paper-gold” volume or amount can vary, accordion-like, all the way from a one-to-one relation to its golden “basis,” (whereby for every gold or silver coin there is only one banker paper-promise to pay that coin), all the way to a multiple of ten-to-one paper-promises for every golden coin held by the bankster. And so even a paper-money “based” upon an imaginable but highly dubious stable supply of “fractional” gold is manipulable from a multiple of one to ten, and so from a deflationary minimum or shortage of paper-money to an inflationary maximum or excess of it—or anywhere in-between. And so there’s your banksters’ ever-present monetary manipulation of their “paper-gold” from a multiple of one to ten—even unrealistically presuming or foolishly imagining a permanently stable, constant, unmoving and unmanipulated gold “fraction” or “backing” for this redeemable “paper-gold” money.

Furthermore, as a debt-money, a money loaned into existence and circulation by the “central” banksters to their national puppet-gov’t(s), a  “fractionally” golden paper-money would continually fluctuate in volume or amount, and hence also in “purchasing power” or value. This constant instability or fluctuation in monetary volume (and hence value) is due to all the debt-tokens inevitably returning to their only “central” source (and hence inevitable destination) in “principal” and “interest” payments. And it is also due to all the new puppet-gov’t loans necessary to replace them, in order to have (debt-token) money to made deals, exchanges, trades, and hence to avoid barter and its consequent (commercial and productive) stagnation. So there’s the constant “deflationary” decrease and “inflationary” increase in the volume or amount of “your” “central” banksters’ “golden”-paper, debt-tokens.

*  *  *  *  *

So you see it’s really either all or nothing, “specie” or token-money. Golden “fractions” simply won’t do, They will neither serve us nor help us. On the contrary, they are manipulable, volatile, inconstant. And so also is all paper-money (“paper-gold”) multiply(ee) (and precariously) “based” upon these ever-changing “fractions.”

So if you have (more than) enough gold or silver to coin as money within your state or county, then great. But if not, then you obviously can’t. And why ever again trust any “fractionally” “backed” “golden” paper-money—whether of “public” or private creation or issuance? For again you shall do so at your very own peril. And the recent modern history of the  “paper-gold” of the “jewish” “central” banksters should forever serve as a permanent warning against any such “fractionally”-“backed,” precious-metal, paper-money. (See The Great ‘jewish’-Amerikan Gold Robbery of 1933 below.) And as in the past, any “economists” or politicians who advocate this kind of money for you and yours are surely no friends of you and yours, on the contrary.)

So if you have enough gold or silver for your county coin, then great. But so long as gold remains golden everywhere else (i.e. forever), see if you don’t find it nearly impossible to keep your golden coins within your golden county. But unlike any (debt-free) token-money—(whether of cheap metal, plastic or paper), at least your golden or silver county coin shall hardly be subject to any official over-creation (“inflation”) or any unofficial creation (“counterfeiture”). And that’s a very good thing for you and yours. For over-creation or “inflation” has ever been the gradual decline and eventual death (into 100% worthlessness) of damn-near every token money man ever made. And see above for public safeguards against any variation or decline in your county’s debt-free, token money.

*  *  *  *  *

And if your County ever Acquires enough Gold or Silver to Coin, do so.

Gold or silver (“specie”) coins are always more desirable than cheap or worthless metal (token) coins. And this is simply because gold, (though findable, “prospectable,” mineable, manipulable, importable and exportable, depositable and withdrawable), is otherwise not creatable or “inflatable.” And this again is simply because (unlike token-, paper- or cheap-metal money) gold cannot be created (nor even destroyed), printed nor counterfeited, magically alchemized nor materialized, though many have tried.

*  *  *

But paper-money or “paper-gold” is always and everywhere limitless creatable, “inflatable” and counterfeitable. And there’s the “golden-paper” rub!

For “paper-gold” money (paper promises to pay gold )is clearly merely paper—or up to ten times more paper than its “fractional” golden “basis” or “backing.” And therefore “paper-gold” is merely a token money—to the precise extent of its goldless, unbacked or pure-paper “fraction” (or rather multiple). So don’t be fooled: a paper-money, one “fractionally backed” 10% by gold or silver e.g., is therefore a 90% token-money!

But is it a debt-token money or a debt-free token money? Is it “centrally” loaned/“publicly” borrowed into existence and circulation? Or is it spent into existence and circulation? That is the zillion dollar question! (For surely “paper-gold” is not going to be given away, as is possible with (debt-free) token money.)

The new “euro” claims to be a gold-backed paper-currency, and thus a “paper-gold” money. But is it loaned/borrowed or spent into existence and circulation? Think well before you answer. For do you know how much, what and even who is riding on the true answer to that simple question, my dear Europa?

*  *  *

And any “paper-gold,” any “fractional” gold or silver paper-money which is not “redeemable” or convertible (into gold or silver coins) is plainly, clearly and obviously a monetary joke. (See e.g. the brand-new “euro.”) For any such irredeemable “paper gold” (or paper promises not to pay gold) is naturally as creatable and “inflatable” as paper is printable.

And besides, how can the citizen ever know if such a “golden” paper-money is golden at all if he or she can never, ever exchange, convert or “redeem” it/them for the gold allegedly “backing” it— this mere printed paper, this alleged “paper-gold.” Because the banksters have “solemnly assured” the citizen that their paper-money is gold indeed, although not in deed “redeemable”?

Are they kidding? They should be, because that’s a very funny joke, an excellent monetary jest. And you should laugh your head off in their fraudulent faces. For hopefully, dear reader, you all too well know that it is its redeemability alone which keeps “paper-gold” (or silver) (not honest but) from becoming too dishonest, too “inflated,” too numerous and hence fraudulent (to ever be redeemed).

(I say “not honest” because an honest man, trader or banker simply pays gold or silver, rather than paper-promises to pay gold or silver “to the bearer on demand.” And much less does any honest man ever print up and lend up to ten times such paper-promises to pay gold as he really and truly has gold to pay. Nor does an honest man ever demand gold (and golden “interest” besides) in return for this “loan” of this “golden” paper or “paper-gold” of his.)

Surely all “paper-gold” is a monetary fraud which is sooner or later created, printed, lent out and “inflated” far beyond the remote possibility of any redeemability whatsoever. But this was deductible or predictable from its very beginning when it was up to ten times more paper than gold. So I’ll take the gold every single time, ’cause I know “paper-gold” is a monetary crime!

And if this all too dishonest, “overextended” or fraudulent “golden”-paper bankster is at the same time the defrauded nation’s “central” bankster, then, rather than publicly begging national forgiveness for his money-crimes, he simply commands his presidential puppet—(his highest “executive” agent, his national whore and traitor in his nation’s highest “public” office, and I mean “his”)—to declare a national “banking holiday” for a few days or so, after which all redeemability or convertibility of this “central” bankster’s “paper-gold” will be officially, presidentially and indefinitely “suspended”—as is was (and has ever since remained) in “jewish”-Amerikan since 1933. And so ended that imperial nation’s grand experiment with (redeemable) “golden” paper or (convertible) “paper-gold” “money.” And that’s not all “jewish”-Amerika’s “central” bankster did through his nationally traitorous “jewish” president. (See below.)

*  *  *  *  *

But again, this infinite createability or “inflateability” of all token-money (including “paper-gold”) cannot possibly be applied to gold itself. For the unique elemental nature of this very “precious” metal guarantees its uncreatibility or noncounterfeitability. An that’s a very good thing!

And other than the considerable potential for (“jewish”) manipulation of gold by (“jewish”) import and export, deposit and withdrawal, gold’s natural scarcity limits or restricts this regional and temporal “inflateability” and “deflateability”—unless of course one has been so incredibly deceived, tricked or “conned” by the wily “jew” as to voluntarily accept his paper-“money” as if gold. I mean his paper promises to pay gold (or even not to pay gold—as e.g. his brand-new “euro”) as if his paper were gold or “good as gold.” And this “paper-gold” is multiplee “based” upon a “fraction” of real gold. And so the monetary distortions (“inflations” and “deflations”) caused by the import and export, deposit and withdrawal of gold are thus multiplied by the “paper-gold” allegedly (and multiplee) “based” upon its/their golden “fraction.” Do you see?


In order not to annihilate the institutions of the goyim [Gentiles–Ed.] before it is time we have touched them with craft and delicacy, and have taken hold of the ends of the springs which move their mechanism. [from Satanic protocol #9]


The Gentile “institution” here is gold as money, “touched” with anti-Gentile “craft and delicacy” by the introduction and acceptance of “jewish” “paper-gold,” multiplee “based” upon its manipulable (importable and exportable, depositable and withdrawable) golden “fraction,” which is here the golden “spring” which “moves” the “mechanism” of the “paper-gold” of the “central” bankster-“jews,” and hence also all Gentile economies or states so gullibly, credulously, foolishly precipitously and ruinously “based” or unfounded upon such fraudulent, “jewish” paper-promises to pay gold “to the bearer on demand.”

For a gold coin in the hand of a Gentile is worth ten “jewish” promises to pay him one.

And so as concerns this “paper-gold,” what is “inflated” is mostly not gold at all, but merely this fraudulent “jewish” paper—printed, lent, circulated and hence multiplied or “inflated” up to ten times its alleged golden “backing,” “reserve” or “fraction”—which again is indeed manipulable: i.e. importable and exportable, depositable and withdrawable, “inflateable” and “deflateable.”

And there’s the “jewish” “business cycles,” the “booms” and “busts,” the “prosperities” and “depressions.” But genuine prosperity all of the time is much more profitable and “interesting”…for Gentiles. Don’t you think? But this can never be accomplished with “jews” or their “money.” And so which do you prefer, dear reader? Which would you rather have? (Me too!) Let’s call it (Gentile) freedom of association and self-determination. So good-bye and good riddance, “Jacob” & co.! Get out of our “Egypt” and don’t ever come back!

*  *  *  *  *

And if Gentiles are wisely suspicious of the Satanic “jew” and his evil “paper-gold,” and hence unwilling to accept either, an anti-Christ-conquered nation might be “legally” compelled (by (what else?) “jewish” dictate, “law” or decree) to accept the former as “humans” and/or “refugees” and the latter as “money”—as were the Amerikan Gentiles by “their” “jewish” president Rosenvelt in 1933—(who later brought them their world war II, after repeatedly promising not to). Yes, they were “legally” compelled to accept the irredeemable “paper-gold” of the “central” bankster “jew(s)”—IN EXCHANGE FOR THEIR REAL AND TRUE GOLD (AND SILVER)! What a legalistic, predatory, presidential/dictatorial “rip-off”! But as aforementioned, this was an irredeemable or non-convertible “paper-gold”—precisely like their brand-new “euro.” (See the Appendices below)

(So why should the Americans not simply take their grandfathers’ gold back from the SuperNazi “jews,” and similarly mock or “pay” them with some worthless, irredeemable paper-money of their very own concoction? (“For a worker deserves his pay.—Luke 10:7)

And if the Gentiles were to do so, those “central” and “jewish” “gold-hoarders” would at last be unburdened of their all too heavy hoard of Gentile gold. How thoughtful that’d be, don’t you think?—precisely as thoughtful as those SuperNazi “jews” were when they formerly unburdened those “gold-hoarding” Gentiles! And should “compound interest” be demanded besides or atop, to thus profit, “jew”-like, from the ever-ticking clock?)

*  *  *  *  *

Now silver is more plentiful, mineable or accessible than gold. And so silver as a commodity or thing for sale in the marketplace is less constant or stable than gold. And therefore, via the natural “economic law” of supply and demand, silver’s value or “purchasing power” is considerably more volatile, changeable, fluctuable or variable over time than is gold’s.

In fact, gold is said to be the most stable, most constant or unfluctating thing or “commodity” on this earth: The main reason (along with its eternal incorruptibility or indestructibility) why it has been mankind’s money of choice throughout History. And so both gold itself and its value or “purchasing power” hardly ever change. And so whenever you hear of the “price” of gold rising or falling, it’s not really the gold but the paper-money that’s rising or falling. It is far more the fluctuating value (or “purchasing power”) of the paper-money that’s buying the gold, than the gold that’s thus being bought.

Honest, productive, trustworthy citizens want honest, stable, trustworthy money. But monetary predators, thieves and “speculators” want a volatile, inconstant, untrustworthy money which they can “buy low and sell high” and/or manipulate. Which party or faction’s “interests” will prevail in your county, dear reader? That is the monetary, economic, political question.

You know your county token is honest, dear reader, if it is stable, unchanging, constant—if its “purchasing power” or value (via the things it can buy) does not change over time, years, decades, generations. But because the supply and demand (and hence the price or cost) of most things, commodities or services vary or fluctuate, therefore you must measure your token’s stability (and hence honesty) against the most stable, constant or unchanging things, such as gold.

(It’s not your county token’s fault that fresh fruits and vegetables cost much more in winter.)

*  *  *  *  *

Furthermore, it is said that every single, token money (whether of paper, “paper-gold,” cheap metal, plastic, or what-have-you?) has eventually been created or “inflated” into complete and total worthlessness. (See e.g. the rebel American “continental,” the rebel French “assignat,” the pre-Hitler German “mark,” etc., etc. etc.)

But I know of one exception to this token-money or non-golden rule, which no “economist” ever mentions. (And why else but because all such “economists” are either ignorant, cowardly, deceitful and/or “jewish” (“political”) economists?) And that honest token-money which kept its value over time was the paper-money “mark” of Lord Adolf Hitler, 1933-45. So go figure why Satan’s “central” anti-Christs so very much hate and slander this honest money creator. Far better (or rather worse) to thus curse the Light than to suffer their Darkness to be thus illuminated, exposed, outshined! (See “On ‘Honest’ Abe & Lord Adolf’s Shining but short-lived ‘Cities on a Hill’ ” within The Economic/Monetary Problem.)

(And see the ceaseless, endless, repetitive, cinematic, Hollywooden screechings of the anti-Christs against Lord Adolf: “Holocaust,” “Holocaust,” “Holocaust”! Hear Satan’s slanderous, murderous wolves and hell hounds eternally howl and wail against the Good Shepherd of the Gentiles. (John 8:44)

*  *  *  *  *

(“You admit they almost always never last, and yet you yourself advocate a token-money!”)

Yes, I indeed advocate an honest, ample, stable, debt-free, non-debt or debtless token-money, as an alternative to no money at all, (i.e. barter), and in the absence of sufficient gold or silver coinage to make all desired trades, deals or exchanges within the reader’s realm, county, city-state or state.

The reason token-moneys seldom to never last is simply because they don’t remain honest, ample, stable and debt-free—assuming they were so to begin with.

The American “Federal Reserve [Corporation] Note” or paper-“dollar” “bill” e.g. was never honest to begin with.

*  *  *  *  *

Now here’s the point: If—(perhaps through a rich local mine, or a long-term favorable “balance of foreign (or extra-county) trade”)—your county treasury (and hence your county mint) ever acquired enough silver (or even gold) to replace its token money with “specie” coins, then do so. For that “precious” gold or silver coinage shall save your county token (and hence yourselves) from that ever-present, ever-overhanging, ever-threatening  sword of Damocles: token creation or “inflation” into instability, untrustworthiness and even total worthlessness.

And besides this gold or silver county coinage, the other public safeguard against monetary “inflation,” instability and degradation toward worthlessness (and hence economic/political chaos) is popular knowledge of the natural laws of token money, and of how an honest (debt-free, ample and ever-stable) token money can be publicly created, distributed and maintained. For if the majority of the people perceive and appreciate the inestimable value of something so easily attained, accomplished and maintained as an honest token money, then they will “democratically” demand it (of their “public” officials)—or, much better, popularly create it and maintain it themselves.

(For “public officials” generally cannot even be trusted to refrain from harming the public, much less to ever really and truly do them good. In fact “public officials” are the very same public enemies in public offices who have installed and maintained all these evil, “jewish,” debt-token, monopoly-money tyrannies (disguised as “democracies”) which most of us Gentiles are presently groaning under.)

*  *  *

But if your prosperous county and mint were ever to acquire enough “precious” metal to replace their token (cheap metal) coins with “specie,” they must always remember one thing: Their silver or golden county coins must be worth significantly more inside their county than outside it. In other words, they must be worth significantly less outside their county than inside it. For otherwise their “specie” coins would simply leave their county, even if it were declared a punishable crime for any citizen, resident or foreigner to thus remove them.

And so your county’s golden or silver coins must be worth appreciably more inside your county than in all the other counties of the big, bad world outside it. For otherwise travelers and foreigners would simply take your golden coins out of your county to spend them at home or elsewhere, where they’re worth they’re every bit as much. (For gold is golden everywhere. And I understand the same is true of silver.) And so your county coins would simply leave your county. They would emigrate, scatter, disperse, disappear, thus decreasing or “deflating” the amount, volume or number of your county coin(s), thus changing its value, thus destabilizing it. And that’s not good.

And so again your golden (or silver) county coins must be worth significantly more inside than outside your county.

(Note: Some exchange is natural and unavoidable around county borders—assuming each adjacent county employs its own unique coin—whether token or “specie.” But this token exchange between sovereign counties will hopefully balance out, and hopefully those coins temporarily outside the county will eventually return to be spent therein. And this is certainly true if the county coin is a (worthless, cheap-metal) token, and hence as worthless outside the county as a county-bus or train token. And this is most likely true if it be a “specie” coin worth appreciably more inside its county of origin (than outside), but not true if not. And there’s the monetary departure and hence “deflation.”)

For surely if the value of your county’s “specie” coin were worth more outside your county than inside—(i.e. if its token, political or intra-county market-value were worth less than its real or intrinsic “precious” metal value)—then your coins would seem to roll themselves out of your county, to sprout wings and fly away, to seek and find their greater “purchasing power” or appreciation elsewhere. For everyone and every thing likes to be appreciated, and gold and its bearers are no exception.

Hell, forget foreigners, even some of your fellow county citizens or residents would secretly, disloyally, and perhaps even “criminally” melt your golden (or silver) county coins down, or covertly spend them outside of your county, or export them or trade them to outsiders for their intrinsic value, golden weight, or “precious” metal content, if ever their golden content or “specie” value were to rise high enough above their intra-county value or “purchasing power.” For political loyalty, citizenship, civic-mindedness and self-sacrifice have their limits.

And even if your county’s “specie” coins were merely of equal value inside as outside your county, (i.e. if their political or county-market value were equal to their real, intrinsic or “precious” metal value), then there would be no natural boundary or (monetary/economic/political) barrier (but legal threats or cobwebbed laws) to bar their departure from your county—because no natural incentive or selfish reward for keeping and spending them therein.

*  *  *  *  *

(It’s no coincidence, dear fellow citizens, that “good,” “loyal” citizens and their (selfish) interests coincide as one and the same thing, or that selfishness, self-seeking or egotism is the most constant, characteristic and natural human “law.” (For “each is the nearest to himself.—Max)

And not merely in the realms politics and economics is man selfish, but in all other things as well, including philosophy and even religion, which are always and everywhere nothing but selfish.

Why e.g. does man seek wisdom? Because he (the “philosopher”) loves or values it. Because it makes his life better. Because it makes him less of a fool and a loser. Because it points out the way to his success, and thus helps him avoid painful and costly mistakes.

And what does every religious devotee most fervently wish above all things?  Is it not to obtain God’s blessings and avoid His (or Moses’) curses?—whether merely on this earth (like a Mosite) or also after this earthly life (like a Christian or Mohammedan).

Yes indeed, for those of us post-Mosaic Egyptians and post-Hebrews, who are capable of conceiving of true spirituality, of life outside the earthly, physical body, of life without flesh, of spiritual or ghostly life—(and hence of life eternal: can you dig it?)—is our major concern not to avoid the eternally bad place (Hell) and to achieve entry into the eternally good place (Heaven)—and perhaps by bribing the ferryman, doorman or bouncer (Chiron, St Peter, or whoever)? For the former is an eternal pain and bummer, and the latter an eternal pleasure.

Is this natural selfishness not the real and true beginning, middle and end of all our alleged “religiousness”? Or do I misunderstand religions and their devotees?

(“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul [‘self’–By.]? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul [‘self’–By.]?”—(Mark 8:36-37)

If you ruin or destroy your most valuable property, yourself, your spirit or your soul—(perhaps in gaining lesser properties, chasing earthly pleasures or avoiding pains)—how then and with what shall you buy your soul back? If you sold yourself or your soul to the Devil or Its “chosen people,” how then can you ever redeem yourself? (Matt. 4:8-10 & John 8:44)

And so the point of the Christian saying is to maximize one’s profits or minimize one losses. Can you see that?

In other words: Of all the gods of earth and sky, which is most rewarding to me, myself and I? Or which religion is most profitable? That is every devotee’s constant and most “religious” question. Is it not? And knowing this, lo and behold, Jesus-God has thus answered it. He thus spoke to the selfish in their language. Can I get a witness? And can I get an “Amen”?

“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The [Christian] Stranger knows.”

You want to find the god, master or employer who pays best.

You’re not about giving. You’re about getting.

(“But what about all those unselfish ones who give and give and give and give”?)

In exchange for what? In expectation of what reward, or avoidance of what punishment?

See what I mean?

We move or adjust ourselves, our bodies, in the middle of the night to attain as much comfort (or avoid as much discomfort) as we possibly can, without needing to think about it much, if at all. For selfishness is our constant and immutable nature, as is that of all other creatures. But we humans often dissemble, conceal and lie about our selfishness. And why else but to thereby achieve more pleasure or profit, and to thereby avoid more pain or loss?

“What me, selfish? Satan forbid!”

And as with the heavenly or post-earthly state, you want to live in the very best earthly state. But what and where is that? (See Socrates.)

But one’s thing’s for damn sure: It won’t have no “jew” money, no “jew” gov’t, nor no “jew” “representatives,” presidents, governors nor “legislators.”

*  *  *  *  *

And so I say you must give your “specie” county coins a selfish motive, reward and incentive to remain within your county, or else they simply won’t.

If they were worth as much outside as inside your county, why then should they stick around Or why wouldn’t they leave? (Because of a county law against it?)

And if they were worth more outside your county, then surely you’ve practically packed their bags and cast them out. For you’ve thus made the outside world more metallically attractive to your county coins than their very own place of birth or origin.

And if they were worth, say, twice as much outside as inside your county, then they would seemingly sprout wings on their own and fly away toward their greater value and appreciation outside your realm, county, polis or city-state.

And this is merely the converse, inverse or reverse of my basic point: Gold or silver coins must be worth more inside their county of origin, or they will simply leave. And therefore they must be somewhat “political.” Political value must be added to their “specie” gold or silver value.

In other words, even “specie” coins must be somewhat token or political. The intra-county “market value” or “purchasing value” of your golden or silver county coins must always be significantly higher than their intrinsic value—i.e. the mass or weight of the “precious” metal within them.

And so therefore your county’s “specie” coin must always be worth appreciably more (say, 1/3 or more) inside your county than outside it. In other words, the coin’s political or county market value must be appreciably higher than its golden or silver weight, content or value. For otherwise your county and its citizens shall simply lose their “specie” coins to the outside world, the hungry world outside. And so again the intra-county value or “purchasing power” of even a “specie” coin should be at least 1/3rd higher than its inherent value, its “precious” metal weight or content.

(“But how can any coin be worth more than silver, or even gold? And how can any such ‘specie’ coin be worth more inside its county of origin than outside?”)

(See below.)

But hopefully at this point we can all see the wisdom of contriving or arranging to make the county’s “specie” coins more valuable enough inside the county than outside so that they’ll stay inside. Not too much, mind you, but just enough so they never ever want to leave it (so to speak). (For again everyone or everything likes to go and to be where it is most appreciated.)

And so if the political or (intra-county) market-value of your county coin would be at least one-third more than its “precious” metal value, methinks that should be enough.

But again not too much more! For the more its value is political, the less it is a “specie” coin, or the more it is merely a (cheap-metal) token, thus defeating your purpose in going from a metallically worthless or token county coin to an intrinsically worthy or “specie” county coin: which was to escape the ever-possible “inflation” (and hence destabilization, corruption, degradation and ruination) of your (cheap-metal) county coin or token.

And so even a “specie” county coin should never be purely “specie” (gold or silver), but always somewhat political or token, and only in a more valuable, positive, additive or appreciating sense, and never the contrary. Its political or market value should add enough to its “specie” value to keep it within the county.

I don’t mean your gold or silver should necessarily be mixed or alloyed with worthless metal—although that will perhaps be necessary in the case of gold, and almost certainly among the smaller fractions of your golden county coin or unit, unless you simply decide to make these fractions out of silver or even worthless (token) metal instead of gold.

But by saying your county coin should never be purely “specie,” I mean its value as a county coin, its political or market-value within your county, should be worth appreciably more than its intrinsic “specie” value, and hence more than its value outside your county, thus keeping it therein, and thereby keeping your county coin numerously ample, stable, constant and unchanging. And that’s good, desirable and ideal.

*  *  *  *  *

And as promised, here’s how: Even from its very beginning, your honest county token should always remain stable or unchanging in its market-value or “purchasing power.” (For otherwise it is not honest, but variable and therefore untrustworthy.)

And how? Like all other desirable things or commodities, a token’s value is determined by the marketplace, by its supply relative to its demand, or in other words, by the number of county tokens per county resident. Your token’s number should be perpetually tied, fixed, joined, coupled, wedded or welded to the number of residents within its/your realm, (kingdom, county, city-state or state)—(the more, the more, and the less, the less)—with so-many tokens per county resident (100, 200, 300 e.g.)—and with enough tokens divided into fractions to make all the necessary small change for all the desired exchanges: i.e. half-tokens, quarter-tokens, tenths, twentieths (“nickels”), one-hundredths (“cents”)—and even half- or quarter-cents, if necessary—depending upon your token’s value or “purchasing power” (within your county).

For unlike gold or silver coins, your cheap-metal token-coin shall be worthless outside your county—which therefore, unlike gold or silver coinage, keeps them inside.

Now, because the (ideal) token’s value is stable, unchanging and ever-constant over time (because ever-tied to its public “demand” or need), and because gold is also stable, (perhaps even the most stable thing on earth), therefore the relation or ratio of the two (gold and your token) should not vary, diverge nor fluctuate over time. And therefore the price or cost of gold (in your county tokens, or as measured by your tokens) should never rise, fall, move, change, vary or fluctuate (over time)—neither up nor down. (As aforementioned, silver is more variable or fluctuable than gold, and hence more problematic.)

And since gold is most constant in value, and perhaps the most constant of all earthly things, therefore when we say or hear that the “price” or “cost” of gold is rising or falling, this means only that the money used to buy it is falling or rising. This merely means that gold’s monetary measure is changing, because it is not a true and constant measure or standard, like a yard or a meter, a pound or a kilogram. The more a money’s unit (“dollar,” “pound,” “yen,” etc.) falls in value, the more of these units will therefore be required to buy as much gold—or anything else for that matter, such as land, buildings or “real estate.” When a money falls in value (usually via “inflation” or over-production), prices rise. And vice-versa: When a money rises in value (usually via “deflation” or scarcity), prices fall—as measured by that money.

But because your token is honest, and therefore stable or unchanging in value or “purchasing power,” and because gold is too, therefore the price of gold in (or as measured by) your tokens should likewise neither rise nor fall.

*  *  *

And so, dear reader, when you convert your (cheap or worthless metal) county coins or tokens into gold or silver coins, the value of the “precious” metal weight or content which you assign, tie or wed to your brand-new gold or silver coinage should be significantly less than its intra-county value, its county-market value, it’s “purchasing power” within your county. In other words, it should be worth significantly more as a county coin than as a gold or silver coin.

The idea and aim is that your new golden or silver county coin should be of higher enough worth or “purchasing price” inside your county than outside it, to thereby encourage its permanent residence within your county, and to thus perpetually avoid its departure, disappearance, reduction or (monetary) “deflation,” and hence the consequent distortion, disequilibrium and destablilzation of your (mostly “specie”) county coin.

And so the value of your golden or silver coin should be somewhat “token” or political, say, at least 1/3rd higher as a county coin than as a “specie” (gold or silver) coin—or in other words, worth that much more inside your county than outside it, thus “interesting” and rewarding your (mostly “specie”) coin for sticking around your county.

*  *  *  *  *

And this has reportedly been done with considerable success!

Let us e.g. briefly consider the American coinage: For the longest time, its/their silver coins were reportedly mostly “token.” I.E. their political value was much higher than their intrinsic, specie or silver value. And this is exactly what I mean, and exactly what I recommend.

And if this were not so, their silver coins would not have remained in their country. For they would have been taken out, either legally or criminally. For silver is silver everywhere. And so it was only because (and only so long as) the silver American coins were worth so much more inside America than outside America, that they mostly stayed therein, or returned thereto. In other words, it was only because (and only so long as) their silver coins were worth so much more inside America than outside America, that they were spent therein—or else not individually, unofficially and spontaneously withdrawn from circulation by the American citizenry, and privately held (and traded) by them—as they eventually were, when the value of the “inflated,” over-printed and over-circulated paper-“dollar” fell low enough to warrant such private withdrawal. For people will not long be willing fools for wolves and their “money.”

(When a coin’s intrinsic, “specie” or precious metal value becomes higher than its political or “face-value,” it simply stops circulating. For people simply pocket and keep them. And “bad money [thus] drives out good.”)

The following is from an article entitled, “Silver was once Used by Everyone as Circulating Coinage,” from The American Historical Society Coin Collector’s Newsletter; Vol. I, Issue I; no author nor date given, but circa 2005:


at one time all [American–Ed.] coins from the dime to the dollar contained a full measure of ninety percent pure silver.…

[An American “dollar” weighed an ounce, and therefore a silver “dollar” coin contained 90% or 9/10ths of an ounce of pure silver. And the other silver coins were of proportionate weight: a half-“dollar” weighed half an ounce, a quarter” a quarter, and a “dime” a tenth. And again all these silver coins were of equal (90%) purity.–Ed.]

Prior to 1960, when the old solid silver coins were in circulation, nobody thought much about the value of silver in them. For many years the price of that metal was about 37¢ an ounce, which meant that the face value of each coin was far in excess of its silver content. [A coin’s “face value” is of course its political, dictated or “legislated” value—its imaginary or “token” value. And so the point here—(if we can safely believe “The American Historical Society”)—is that “for many years” the American “dollar” was only 37% “specie,” and therefore 63% token! And again I’m recommending that your honest “specie” county coin be at least 33% token, to thereby keep them in the county, wherein they will be worth 33% more. Do you understand? The American silver coinage stayed in American only because (and so long as) it was worth 63% more inside the country than outside it. And when this was no longer the case, America’s silver coins either left the country or were pocketed by her citizens. In either case, they vanished from general circulation.–Ed.] It wasn’t until the early [19] sixties that the value of silver began to escalate to the point where it came close to the face value of the coins.

Even when the price of silver bullion did hit $1.29 or more in 1964 and 1965 [i.e. their real or intrinsic (silver or “specie”) value was worth more than their dictated, political or “face” value. (For 90% of $1.29 = $1.16)–Ed.], few people bothered to think about saving them from circulation.…

[I.E. they became worth more outside America than inside—which is the opposite of what I’m recommending. They became worth more as silver than as American coins.–Ed.]

Then when the [U.S.–Ed.] government stopped making 90% silver coins in 1965 [1964 was the last year–Ed.], everyone took a new look at their money.


Yes, the American government stopped making 90% silver coins in 1965 because they were losing money with every (90%) silver coin they minted. Quite aside from the costs of minting them, it cost the Americans more to buy the silver (to mint their coins) than the “dollar” value they thus stamped upon them.

Again, when silver was e.g. $1.29 an ounce, the (90%) silver content of their “dollar” coin (or all its fractions) was worth $1.16. And so they were at that time losing 16 percent or 16 “cents” on every “dollar” they minted. And so that didn’t last for long.


In the period from 1978 to 1980 the value [of silver in (or as measured by) American paper “dollars”–Ed.] rose steadily to a dazzling high of around $50 per ounce. Refiners [i.e. melters–Ed.] were paying three of four times face value for all the silver coins they could acquire[,] and nearly every old coin was pulled from circulation. [And that was a steal. For if you do the math, a silver dollar coin (or its fractional equivalent) was at that time worth 90% of $50, or $45. And here the melters were only paying 3 or 4 paper “dollars” for them!—for something worth more than ten times that!–Ed.] Since 1980 it has been all but impossible to find any silver coin still in use.


One again, “bad money drives out good.”

Monetary explanation: You (or your gov’t) can print paper ad infinitum—and call it “money.” But you can’t print gold or silver, nor mine “specie” nearly so easily.

And as the paper-money thus increases or “inflates,” the prices of all things must go up, increase or rise accordingly—by “the law of supply and demand.” For a larger supply of money or “dollars” is thus chasing after (and hence bidding up) approximately the same amount of things for sale—i.e. all the goods and services, properties and commodities within the state or market-place—which of course includes gold and silver.

And the same became true of their base metal coins. E.G. the Americans stopped minting their pure copper “pennies” or “cents” (1/100ths of a “dollar) in the late 1950s. For the copper of their “cent” coin had then become worth more than its “face value”: 1% or 1/100ths of a “dollar. And so the Americans at that time started adding zinc to their (less-than-pure-copper) “cents” or “pennies.”

And New York Newsday reported on May 21, 2006 that, due to a rise in the price or value of zinc and copper—in (or relative to) American paper-“dollars”)—the (zinc and copper) “cent” was at that time worth 1.016 cents. I.E. the “cent’s” intrinsic metal value had once again risen above the face, stamped or political value of the coin, and once again because the paper-“dollar” had fallen.

(Better add more zinc, or descend to an even cheaper or baser metal, like steel.)

And the New York Daily News of May 14, 2006 likewise reported that “it now costs more to make a penny than it’s worth. Same for the nickel.…U.S. Mint production costs now total 1.23 cents for each penny and 5.73 cents for each nickel.”

(That’s the cost of the metals plus the cost of minting them into “cents” and nickels.” A “nickel” is five “cents” of 1/20th of an American “dollar.”)

But again, it was never really so much that precious metal or “specie” (gold, silver, copper, nickel) was rising in value, but rather that the American “dollar” was falling, due to being printed or “inflated” into gradual or incremental worthlessness.

(You might compare it over time with the brand-new “Euro,” e.g. See how it falls.

And it’s not that the Euro hasn’t been falling in the 8 years or so it’s been in existence—(relative to the amount of European goods and services it can buy; and there’s a reason and cause for that too)—it’s just that the American “dollar” has been falling that much faster.)

*  *  *  *  *

And so my point is that, due to its inherent or intrinsic value, “specie” (gold or silver) money is better than token money, or money of no intrinsic value—such as paper-money or worthless metal coins.

But even “specie” coins or money should be somewhat “token,” or they will be quietly taken out of out of your realm, state and market-place. For gold is gold everywhere; and so is silver. And so your “specie” coins must be worth considerably more inside your realm than outside it—and enough more to perpetually keep them therein. Again, I suggest at least 33% more.

And so even though, due to its intrinsic value, gold or silver money is far better than token money, don’t despair if you have no gold or silver to coin—as much of the benighted or unenlightened Gentile world did in the dark “jewish” “depression”(or “jewish”-money-drought) of the 1930s.

Because they didn’t understand the monetary/economic problem, the Americans allowed themselves to be deceitfully saddled and politically plagued with a most Satanic “jewish” anti-“solution”: Franklin Delano Rosenvelt and his almighty communist government “remedy.”

Once again, Evil secretly and deliberately created a problem, and then presented Itself as the “solution”—as the rescuing, white-hatted or white-knight Savior. When, if ever, will the stupid Goyim ever learn to understand and recognize the Satanic “jew”?

But if you Gentiles can ever finally free yourselves from your evil “jewish” gov’ts, parliaments, congresses, presidents and prime ministers, and all the rest of your treacherous “representatives” and traitorous “public servants,” then—if you can read and are willing to do so—you yourselves can easily create and maintain your very own money: an honest (ample and stable) token money, and hence a trustworthy and respectable coin and token of exchange of and for your very own (monetary/political) realm, your very own state, your market-place and your “economy.”

So vital and indispensable is money.

And you know precisely where to go to find exactly how to do so:

I’ll be waiting on the porch.

*  *  *  *  *

In conclusion, my point and purpose here, dear readers, is neither to revere nor to worship gold, silver nor anything else in, of, or from this world, but merely to recognize, impart and explain the great need for (and hence value of) an honest, ample, stable, debt-free supply of money, the necessary means of exchange. (For without such a money we are reduced to barter, and hence to (productive, commercial and “economic”) stagnation.) And that’s not good for us, so I don’t want that.

Again, simply recall the world-wide “depression” (deliberate “jewish”-money-drought) of the 1930s. What was the only thing that was missing? And didn’t I just tell you?

I say what I say and write what I write because I can see (and hopefully point out to you, dear readers) the great (and largely intentional) damage done to the people and to their marketplace, “economy” and state due to the lack of such an honest money, and of the simple knowledge of such a money.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:…”—(Hosea 4:6)

And now, dear readers, hopefully so can you, point out the simple monetary Truth.

Only as a precious means to a precious end do I thus dwell on “precious metals”: gold, silver, platinum, palladium, etc. For every other possible monetary commodity is by its very nature potentially, perpetually and infinitely creatable, manufacturable or “inflatable,” even into complete worthlessness.

And all token moneys (except Lord Hitler’s) are said to have thus ended or been destroyed by their (“royal” or political) masters. So great is the official temptation to get something for nothing, or for “public servants” to thus (monetarily) steal from their public.

And so token money is always and everywhere easily creatable, mintable, printable (if paper), “inflatable” and hence ruinableunless the people, the public, the citizenry, the electorate control their “public” money (their “public” mint, their “public” crown), and also well know (and hence perpetually obey) the clear and simple “laws,” truths, constants or realities governing honest (debt-free, ample and stable) token-money.

Is that too much to ask or expect from the public, dear reader: Perpetual knowledge and vigilance against the monetary/political wolf? And yet, as always, “The price [or cost] of Liberty is [and remains] eternal vigilance.” And so it’s in the public’s selfish “interest” to perpetually keep their payments up. And to thus seek, find and abide by real or natural truths is merely the highest, most “interesting” and most profitable selfishness or egoism of all.)

*  *  *

And so its ever-present createability or “inflatability” is the ever-lurking danger for all and any (debt-free) token money: ’Tis its sword of Damocles and its heel of Achilles. (Mortal monetary bummer!)

But on the other and far more treacherous hand, debt-token money is always and everywhere an extremely great evil in and of itself, by vice of its own (or rather its creator’s and lender’s) evil, malevolent, predatory nature, and dark demonic practice. And again this danger is especially acute if the people or citizenry don’t understand money, or are too weak to defend themselves from the monetary “fiat” of some invasive conqueror or usurpatious tyrant.

And so methinks this (political/monetary) danger is best (and perhaps only) averted if the public is perpetually well armed, and hence perpetually capable of repelling all external invaders or internal usurpers. For if so, they could never again be collectively compelled (as at present, via public enemies in “their” highest “public” offices) to “publicly” borrow and coercively use (“for all debts, public and private”) the malevolent, predatory, debt-token monopoly-money of their foreign or domestic enemies, their SuperNazi or “central” “jewish” banksters.

And similarly necessary (for popular political/monetary freedom and prosperity) is that the public perpetually posses a general knowledge of money; of monetary supply and demand; of the necessity for monetary stability over time—(hence its trustworthiness); of the distinction between “specie” and token-money, of the infinite distance and chasm between token and debt-token money; and of the ignorant and ruinous (political/social/monetary/economic) madness of ever again collectively borrowing (debt-) token-money into existence (from (who/what else but?) public predators and enemies; “central” monetary frauds and thieves; social, political and economic sociopaths or psychopaths).

Such evil fruit is and must ever be the product or commodity of as evil a tree.

And so for the citizenry to remain ever-free they must be ever-armed against tyranny, ever-wise about “specie,” as well as token money.

But who on earth can teach or show them what on earth they need to know then?

Presidents, parliaments or courts “supreme” of “central” bankster kings or queens? Public enemies all with “jew” red hands unclean!

*  *  *  *  *